October 31, 2003

My Lady Problems are Solved

Seth Godin has gone a long way to define what a purple cow is. In fact, that is about all he does anymore. Seth's Blog: It's not a cow if I don't think it's a cow

I recently came across an orange cow. Nelly is not yet too big for his britches.

While I was thinking of all the great costume parties I could be going to right now - and saying this was a costume, I realized I couldn't do that every day. Carpe Diem comes to mind, but I am looking for a long term solution.

Sure I could be like Ron Jeromy if I just spent enough times with a pump. And if I increased my size "naturally" 3 inches at a time.


There is a better route though. Nelly has given us what we need, PIMP JUICE. The solution to every mans broken plans. Get some lovin tonight!

BevNET.com - Hip Hop Superstar Nelly Launches "Pimp Juice" Energy Drink

Posted at 8:09 PM


Loosing his hearing did not stop his forward progress. Rush is more of a junkie than I could ever be! Though my other than honorable service defines who I am. Rush only had a disease. I am a drugie.

Anyone know where I can get some baby blues?

look at the comparison between Rush and Courtney

view Shock and Awe: Rush Limbaugh Hearing Loss Timeline

Happy Halloween... Early

The House took a break yesterday when a gun was found on an xray display. The lacidasical guard did not pay enough attention to stop a mass murderer a toy gun from halting the house for a couple hours.

If they care that little about security, then why should you? Halloween Prop Disrupts Workday on Capitol Hill

Posted at 1:28 PM

Did You Pay Your Drug Taxes?

Some states have found new revenue streams to help them through rough economic days. Have you paid your illegal drug tax today?

Kansas Department of Revenue - Personal Tax Types - Drug Tax Stamp

Posted at 1:18 PM

Seth Godin Predicts Future of Internet

I am probably one of the biggest fans of Seth Godin in the world. Consider I have went to two of his speeches in the last month and a half, and have even went to his office.

If you need a copy of Purple Cow just let me know...got plenty of them!

I quit my job am making my first solid attempt at a blog, and have became an internet marketer. At about the same time I am going through fixing up my 300 page search engine marketing web site Seth predicts the internet will become the best direct marketing medium in the world where "it's probably cheaper to constantly measure and evolve and redesign a four page offer site than it is to build the annual 400 page website overhaul".

After I spend about a thousand hours updating my site I am sure I will agree with him.

Seth's Blog: My note to Susan

Posted at 5:30 AM

Why is Peanut Butter So Good

I was a nuclear reactor operator on fast attack submarines. We did not usually have donuts down there...what was I to do.

I generally felt somewhat inadequate with life until I came up with a solution...PEANUT BUTTER

Sure peanut butter tastes great, WE ALL KNOW THAT! There are other reasons peanut butter is good though. Peanuts contain a subtle amount of a chemical called Tryptophan. Its that stuff in turkey that makes you sleepy.

I would sit down at breakfast and throw over a half jar of peanut butter on my waffles. Some of the other sailors were offended. They said comments like "I hope you get fat." Another one of my favorites is "Your going to hell."

The problem with those statements were that I was
1.)already fat
2.)alerady in hell

When people gave me comments like that I would feast off them though. I would point at the menu and say "what are you talking about, its only 348 calories - see waffle with assorted toppings -348 calories."

I continued on a peanut butter rampage the whole time I was on that submarine. The funny thing is it wasn't until years later that I discovered I was using peanut butter (and its tryptophan) to fight off my depression.

Posted at 5:12 AM

Bush you are a humanitarian

Throughout history has there every been an empire which folded in a single day?

Years and sometimes generations are taken to destroy the worlds strongest empires. Even back in the days of the multiweek parites with the vomitorium and orgitory it still took years to unravel the strongest empires.

Recently it became clear to me that bush is a humaniitarian. He single handedly is preventing the slow decline of our country.

I was reading over at Steven Berlin Johnson's blog that there is going to be TV airtime for winner of an open peir reviewed anti-Bush mob spot.

Thank you George for reorganizing the country...maybe you know what you are doing after all :)

Posted at 4:23 AM

Why Me?

This blog is going to be a personal public blog about all things me. When I am happy, you will know. When I am pissed, you will know. If nothing else this will give me a place to display my open affection for peanut butter.

some of my other websites

Drugs, Depression, and Antidepressant Drugs
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Navy Nuclear Power and Navy Nuclear Submarines

Posted at 3:32 AM

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