March 17, 2008

Justice, Served

Millions murdered
And you wait in a room
For your chance
To make things right

Exit poles show
They should be overthrown
Unless, of course,
They are our own

This is really about
Figuring out
How to exploit resources
Please don't call me

The Jury

Like cattle
Learning justice
Watching a calf go to the butcher
The outcome to be determined
On one side
Sits a sharp knife and a club
The other offers
The best free can provide
Who will win?
The jury is out

February 2, 2008


more electrons
a faster bit rate
and you lead me

an enemy calls as a friend
and upon reciprication
crying makes it end

January 22, 2008

It's raining...

I hate to reign on your parade
but I've seen enough of you praise
and chest beating charades

October 29, 2007


the format was old and dry
and it had all been said before
mix it up and see what happens
you only stay stale if you want to

the future is yours, and hers
the future will soon be the past
do you want to carry great memories to your grave
or are you consumed by the past?

October 19, 2007

Scary Stuff

one in a million sounds so rare
but if you add up all the ones
scarcity grows scare
being number 1 doesn't make you lucky

so many words
so little wisdom
and amongst the millions
only four mattered

many have died
for the opportunity you had
for which you now stare at
with blind eyes and a broken heart

I should have known it was you all along
here I was blaming myself
and now I am just scared

September 22, 2007

Beautiful Marketing Poem

an apron of asbestos
and hair dye that will cause your death
beauty and accessories fill our dreams
a different time and different place
we didn't know any better

orange trees and agent orange
incendiary bombs rebuild the town
clean air sponsored by carbon monoxide, inc.
a different time and different place
we didn't know any better

Botox and beauty parlors
cook yourself like a chicken for free cancer
cream to turn your skin darker
cream to turn your skin lighter
beauty is uncommon, wherever you are

the grass is greener on the other side
it is unsafe outside
it is unsafe inside
have a toast and drink
its not waste if I can justify it to me

crude and reptilian, but beautiful
how much will you pay to poison yourself
and how much can you pay before
the whitening soap is irrelevant
and it can no longer wash away

August 1, 2007

Information Pollution

amongst the pollution
nothing will ever be complete
and if it is, it will only be for a split second
then it is aged and well referenced, but no longer accurate

not sure if it really matters what surfaces though
people who know less are generally happier

July 5, 2007

The Hollow American Dream

get a loan go to school
get a job to pay off your debts
get a second job to start saving
get a 30 year mortgage. don't lose that job!

to collect to get don't forget
you are the lucky one with toys abound
95% will fail in one way or another, falling through the cracks
but it is (almost) moral legal, fortunes await your future

the psycho homeless guy asked to live on the street
the uninsured who died should not have got sick. his will was weak
the person who reverse mortgaged their home wanted to leave with and leave nothing
you are responsible for everything that happens to you

July 3, 2007

Cracked Egg Plants

passion without profit
leads to cracks in the market
if you lack confidence
the cracks grow

what you see
is but a reflection
too honest to succeed
until the cracks disappear

June 27, 2007

For Rent

loans, hair loss, and insurance
take a gamble and make it pay
click me click me click me

mortgage rates at all time lows
30 years or interest only
hope you don't lose your job

even if you buy you are still only renting
add in taxes and fines and the other cost of life
it was all fine though, he sat atop the ponzi scheme

May 12, 2007


you think you see it all
but there it is again
play the track and hit repeat
listen closely, you hear what you see

share this with a friend
watch it spread
what does it mean
listen closely, you hear what you see

May 9, 2007

As You Once Were

an anomaly
challenged by money
seeking hope, value, and publicity
driven for profit
self congratulatory
changed by money
an anomaly

April 29, 2007

Hi Ruvies

its your fault
its my fault
why does anyone have to be at fault
even perfection has faults

life is too short to place the blame
to yell or fight with someone so special and full of life
the words just aren't write
i just can't right

its easy to be selfish
claiming to be selfless
when you have no sense of self
without you I am nothing

A Diamond is Forever

when the story works
they break their backs
people are killed

price fixing keeps the margins healthy
and makes the market sick at both ends
was it enough? when will it be enough?

the blood of a child was spilled
its stored inside this little rock
that will last forever

Do You Believe?

equal rights
more time
listen to me
listen to me

love god
hate men
kill kill kill
as his son wants

the earth is round
as is that noose
now hang him
for suggesting such heresy

help is a word with many meanings
but the helper is rarely wrong
while pushing their worldview
click here buy now

April 21, 2007


like a cartoon character
he ate too much and
stared at a screen with greed
cluelessly collecting commodities

hoping to one day become rich
but he wasted too much
gained too much
and time is too short

he looked over at the one who snored
and realized his treasure is already here

April 3, 2007

I Know I R

a costume was needed to create a stir
but the attention was short lived
they couldn't see past the costume

he took another approach
but language was too chopped to work with
and time was too short

they could consume nothing but bite sized bits
each sounded convenient and true
a self fulfilling prophecy never lies

March 11, 2007

Rocky Road

a rock is nothing but stand
still they stand firm
floating in space
which is made of nothing

unaware of the scars and bruises
they dig a bit deeper
endless beauty
but she only has so much energy

by the time we learn
to say I'm sorry
will it be too late
for her to believe our story

February 19, 2007

Spinning Snowfakes

a cartoon character pulls the rug from under his feet
the crowd goes wild and yells what a feat
the police don't mind the crowds
they have already been paid for

the savvy consumer
learned his daily trivia
and now that its his knowledge
its no longer just trivia

rug sales double
so do hospital visits
and political donations
the media eats it up

could you put this in bold
and delete that line
spin the story
that is where salvation lies

and these bloggers
they do nothing but lie
check their angenda
the fact is they hate patriotism

protect the children
save their minds
our business model is fucked
if they read those blogs

February 7, 2007

Drivel, etc.

connect connect connect
the bigger your footprint
the more you connect

correct correct correct
the more errors you make
the faster you learn

filter filter filter
turn out the noise
listen to love

February 3, 2007

None of Your Business

it sold out
but so did he
no longer the underdog
just a mut

meet and great
eat the meat
how did it taste
what did you eat

the fragil ego
trips on itself
hear my life story
its not just a story

build it up
business and profits
friendship and profits
kinship and loss

make new connections
help old friends connect
but there's always a cost
a disconnect, soon you will be dead

take the edge off
drink the poison
relax and save the night
sleep, sleep the day

her warmth he couldn't describe
using words and other arbitrary lables
a night in hell he felt for making her cry
he had no business acting as though it was right

January 25, 2007

Just Add Water

the upside is right in front of you
but you don't have enough time to enjoy it
projects and deadlines and a better life
it is all working out

you gave me freedom
and you destroyed my life
and you can't believe what you read
you have manipulated far too much

reading about the hypocricy
and writing about the hypocricy
a plesant surprise to once again find your fan club
where giving to libraries is a crime

one dies and another takes his place
given time and you will rise in rank
you are inferior, I think
who frequently asks for your advice

but at least it is (re)packaged well
oh the shiny packaging
that is all anything is
packaging, and the stuff that don't matter

repackage your ideas
and attach a price
do it before someone else does
sell it twice

comprimised art
fights pure ignorance
for minds and hearts
it is all a comprimise

request for a refund
after the chargeback is complete
i don't want my money back
if only you can make me richer than i am lazy

i just want 100 hours of your time
i won't listen
i won't care
i just want your time

nothing is impossible to do
if you think really hard
or can just forget everything
but is this relevant

it is all self promotion
but along the way
do you help people along
or do you just get in the way

have you time for a chat or interview
what's one more hurt
already did three today
I hope this one pays

January 8, 2007

Blissful Smiles

and all she needed was fresh air
and a short break
convinced she was crazy
they locked her away

rehabilitated in a cage
you will get better soon
just hope and pray
and pray

fake boobs and a fancy car
materialism will make you whole
one day you will be a consumer
and it will consume you

but, for now, check your pride at the door
don't try to tuck it away
you are naked
and we do full cavity searches

speaking of cavities
what is up with your teeth
they are the first indication of rust
and the cold winter wears on those bones

nevermind that osteoperosis
brittle bones break
and maybe that will be your big break
hoping it comes together after it all falls apart

worst come to worst better luck next life
you will fit in
half way there
almost ready for a half way house

want to call home?
that love will cost you more than they can get
a perver to pay for phone sex
a dollar a minute is just too cheap

but if you don't exploit the weak
you don't believe in capitalism
if you don't believe in capitalism
you are going to hell

when everything is hollow
how can i smile
when I owe the world
so much more than a smile

December 31, 2006

Professional Liar

you don't have to own a market to control it
and you don't have to control it to influence it
if your influence is proper people will praise it
unaware of anything beyond the tip of their nose

as long as they remain blind
push your wedge
with interest, make them pay for their own self destruction
if anyone understands it too well, kill them for their own good

buy the media
make local monopolies
claim it's death, and
auction it off amongst yourself

amateurs and market manipulators are evil
push professionalism
etiquette and ethics first
right after your self-serving agenda

it should come as no surprise
bankers could never have enough money
no matter how benevolent they are
it is all done in the name of charity

put a man in charge
until you can charge him for being a man
make him a murderer
then hang him for it

select the pieces that fit
change the story
request assistance
and when I don't agree I am a terrorist

sell the story
keep everyone safe
read me my rights
lock me away

pedal your influence
to find the next target
select the next target
and pedal your influence

no surprise he would lie, cheat, & kill for a few scraps
after all, it is what they do at the top
and, for reasons I can't explain, we need them
without debt life is without purpose

December 27, 2006

At Auction

the filling is anything but
the feeling is anything but
and he knew all he could do
was type

he was the type who thought it mattered
disillusioned by thoughts of grandeur
everything comes down to market timing, and sex
somewhere somebody is getting fucked right now

his ignorance was purer than the powder that powered him
sold and sold once again
he found himself at auction
brought by a friend

but he too was a good salesman
who knows his role
if he gets undersold
others will certainly know

December 26, 2006

Do You Hear What I Hear?

A child, a child shivers in the cold
Let us bring him silver and gold
Let us bring him silver and gold
but gold is just a raw metal - cold

believe in someone
someone's value system
and you will be incomplete
in debt, collecting rust

to keep subscribers
they need disease
to keep subscribers
they need wants to be needs

to keep pushing
they need money
to keep pushing
they need blood

you don't need credit
you don't need God
you don't need society
to be in love

Living in Peace

how many died
to show you peace
if you need a salesman
what is the price?

what is wrong
with science
or subjective reality
why must we use evil?

but ideas
ideas live
longer than people

maybe one day
someone will read this
and not realize how flawed
I was when I wrote it

Blind Faith (I Believe in You)

put it into words
the craft of our profession
the religion of marketing
the marketing of religion

thousands of years
of refining your pitch
and still endless conflict
a need for faith

there is nothing wrong
with the message
just the unjust justice
found in blind faith

Spare Change

as long as they pull your strings
you sin when you pay taxes
giving nickels and dimes
won't cause real change

live meagerly with materials
but not with your mind
but not with your dreams
if you wish to be more than a sheep

The Guru

the cracks in your identity
turn to crutches
break your back
and work it off

it is easy to say
what you would do
if you were stuck
wearing my shoes

can you gain influence
without it influencing you?

The World Turns

the sky is falling
the sky is falling in
or maybe
the world is turning

do the math
prop it up
take out a loan
pull in the earth as though you own it

December 17, 2006

Moving On

she came there
the world was serene
while packing his shoes he forgot
what he was running away from

at arms length
a thousand miles away
the sum
doesn't add up

hoping for a clean break
he knew it
his mind was broken
and nothing was ever clean

childish or childlike?
a guru of self loathing and self destruction
types about his crafty types
in an immature market

he deserved jailtime
she deserved better than him
toworrow is already here
he cried, hoping it was for the right reasons

knowing all too well
what would happen
if he
didn't have her

December 16, 2006

I Hate You...

and if you are not like me
you can't love me
and I hate you

for being fake
for lying
for being untrue

your change of pace
your change of identity
killed a piece of me

you make too many plans
and do too much
slow down

you are too easy to love
and I can't let go
I can't let go

when you play
some get sick of the game
and I don't understand good bye

December 10, 2006

Breathe Deep

neon fades into the background
as the background fades into nothingness
you pull it in just long enough to exhale
and then it is gone
breathe deep

Free Market Forces

and the numbers keep growing
because they should
if you question them
you must not understand how important they are

a couple hundred thousand down
a few billion up
couldn't you just print it
without needing to kill?

oil spills

and a different world
is once again the same
but now we react
almost as a pre-act

the laws must change
to keep everything the same
the laws must change
to conserve power

actors lean on one another
both bought by brilliant businessesmen
both hoping to sell
both selling hope

political support
erodes quickly
a leaked paper
says we are not Utopian

democracy, patriotism, pride
how many died?
i paid my taxes
who did i kill

free the market using force
make them see
free markets are unjust
they are just too free

December 9, 2006


kissing a phone
waving at a computer
they always said he was crazy
but he just loved technology


left alone with words
one day someone will find them
and understand they mean nothing
until they are shared

then they will make up
a vocabulary nobody knows
and pretend it means nothing
while they laugh and cry

December 5, 2006

P to E?

i don't recall
with a sheepish grin
he cashed the check
and dropped the bomb

he never killed anyone
a true patriot
he just did his job
he just did his job

wasting no words
verbosely saying exactly nothing
his speech was crafted for that day
proving justice fraud

the answer he questioned
did not answer the question
indeed he knew nothing
why should he

December 4, 2006

I Love You (Enough to go Blind)

I think my mistake
is your mistake
please dont make it again
please dont

I learned this for you
so you dont have to
please dont learn it again
please dont

I dont trust her motive
because I dont trust mine
please dont trust her
please dont

but your wounds and scars are yours
context. please dont take it out of
please dont

November 29, 2006

Alogithmic Love

he was the only one who knew
the difference between content
and what made him content

he saw what everyone was thinking
and they trusted him
to be democratic and efficient

but investors grew worried
that the numbers stopped mattering
they could only research through him

as time passed he taught them
how to rip down authority
as he quietly built it back up again

they soon found
everything was an ad
including this poem

submerged in relevancy
wants are needs
emotions are triggers

the world lacked the necessary guns
to bring justice to the people
who became just another commodity

Talking and Walking

the people talk
and they talk
and they talk about talking

and they walk
and they talk
and they talk about walking

and they run
and they talk
and they talk about running

but after they are done talking
nothing happens
so they stand in line
waiting for their turn

to once again predict the future
to be wrong, to be trusted, to be wrongfully trusted
talking about nothing
waiting for the dust to settle

Dr Trose

right on the money, almost
but without leverage it would all fall to bits
failing to fail
he was once called midas
visionary or full of shit
uncertain...but certain he cant quit

November 25, 2006

Mr Au

make money online
make money offline
he sat there making money
making it all the time

he sold and sold
he slept in gold
and died alone
a total unknown

November 21, 2006


whats that
its empty
its full
take out the trash

and again
its empty
its full
take out the trash

and again
its empty
its full
all he ever wanted was that

November 18, 2006


trading fake gold
writing about the holocaust
if it is done by a program
is anything lost?

at one point people valued people
at one point people valued paper
the monopoly men want you
to believe in boardwalk

November 16, 2006

Who are you?

everyone loves you
but a cat and a dog
but you must impress
to understand the rest

I don't believe
in what I have seen
I look to you
for more than what I can believe

a rythem
a rhyme and beat
treat someone nice
belong to the love of who I want to be

but alas i am me
the more you belong
the less i understand
how you could be this man

November 13, 2006


coffee buffet
mint tea milk tea
it doesnt really matter
even at your worst it was a beautiful day

replacing apathy and poison
with love and reason
ecstacy is not for me
you are my rapture

November 8, 2006

Lost in a Moment

the television was blaring
chatting, drinking, and laughing
there was something in the air

they could not stop looking
what were they watching
why did they care

and you could look away
only for a second
in a coy way

but your eyes could not hide
what you thought inside
the reason they stared

November 4, 2006

What Colors do You See?

what colors do you see?
when did they run dry?
will they come again?
or did you just die?

how do I tell ye
blind faith is blind
when I know you can't see
the bagage in that book

immoral improper impulsive
inefficient inaccessable
what you see in others
exists only in your mind

who are your affiliates?
and why do they believe?
if you change your mind
will they still let you lead?

I was pushed and pushed back
it became me
I lost and had to lose my new identity
to reclaimed my humility and humanity

October 28, 2006


top of mind
front of the line
hurry up heathens
if you believe

if it feels good
it must be right
thank you
for the good time

want more?
it is what you asked for
I have had enough
turn it off, go away

lost in the moment
only for a moment
confusion sets in
if you believe

push pull
push shove
my arms are useless
in stopping wars

physical fears, death and disease
neighbors erase the boundaries
conflict? or clarity
if you believe

barter with your conscience
balance the trade
if you think
it is real

bread and circuses

pixel by pixel
the neon pulls you in
refreshed for another round

and did you see
what he said
let me pull that out of context

you won't remember
where you've been
or why it matters

until it clicks
then the machines
steal your hopes and dreams

October 26, 2006


content with your content?
make a page
make a page

feed the machine
answer the query
answer the query

machines and minds
think what they are told
believe what they read

its a lie
its a lie
but it pays well

he kept writing
long after he had anything to say
not because he wanted to
the market demanded it

October 23, 2006

Latent Relevancy...

I think
just maybe
this is backwards
and it is better that way

I know
they say
this is backwards
but it is better that way

without cause
without pause
without loss

passion beyond words
and all he can do is type
but eventually
someone will find it

This is about how people meet backwards on the web by matching interests rather than being limited by many arbitrary social norms, geographic, or other barriers the real world offer. It is also about how innovating on any front means that people are going to want to ostracize you in spite of your beliefs being more true than conventional wisdom.

The first two stanzas are repetitive to show a sense of self doubt when coming across new this right for me? How can I justify the past if this is how it should be?

The third part is when you allow yourself to fall out of the norms of society you can actually find out who you are. And you have to be willing to be ridiculed and labeled and talked down to in order to create your own value systems and reach your true potential. Most people probably never get past this stage because there are so many business models and social organizations reliant on people not getting past this stage.

The last part is about the fear and frustration knowing that you can't express yourself in ways that other people care to understand, maybe you will never find yourself, or you will be unable to share yourself with others, or even when the right people find you that somehow fate has determined that your paths cross only briefly, and that others who appreciate you may not exist until after your time has come and you are gone. Sorta like how Van Gogh never held his self belief long and was not appreciated much until after he died.

October 17, 2006


put a man in charge
until you can charge him for being a man
cleanse history
and we will understand
the threat is on the perimeter
far off, on foreign lands

I think what makes me so generally disgusted about the state of the world is that the leaders either do not give a shit about it, or they are oblivious the the results of their actions. And I doubt they could be anywhere near as manipulative as they are while remaining oblivious. Which means that if the God they talk about exists these people wake up each day knowing that they are vile human beings destined for hell.

And yet self proclaimed religious people support these leaders? The leaders that kill hundreds of thousands or millions of people and call it collateral damage in a regime change. The leaders who support torture and jailtime without cause. And can use the testimony of malnourished tortured people for justification to kill them. This shit seems like it is straight out of the torture museum I toured in Amsterdam. The only difference is that now it is unacceptable to talk about it, or that language is so chopped up that anyone talking about it is a conspiracy theorist peddling propaganda. And the love or pain you share spreads past those that you touch directly.

The average citizen is too poor, too overworked, too shallow, too self-absorbed, too stupid, too shortsighted, too idealistic, too blind, or too something to put the puzzle pieces together. This isn't one of those 10,000 piece scenic puzzles either. It is a fucking 4 piece puzzle for toddlers.

The world is so vast with so many resources and yet we are wasting it and most people are stuck being cogs. I wish I could somehow change that, but I can't really make the world a better place unless I make myself a better person than I am. Longterm I don't think it is healthy to be motivated by negative stuff, but the transition to positive is probably going to be the hardest thing I ever do.

The Sky is Blue

how are you
how are you
how are you
he was a liar
even on his last day

October 13, 2006

The Crash

slow down
go fast
its not reciprocal
it wont last

it's what you make of it
which is nothing
you don't appreciate anything
even those who give you dreams

people died
for you
have you no shame
nor dignity

you scare me
hey, I scare me too
what's even scarier is
is when I am unafraid

hope and anticipation fade
it's all too boring
he wasn't clever enough
to make it look like an accident

October 8, 2006

Lost & Found

and she was a failure from birth
years in the hospital salvaged her rotten life
she was no good at anything
so she was told...

doubt yourself
let me exploit you
I will build you up
by making you numb

you need to want to listen to me
but she never was a robot
rust replaced her dreams
and so she wanted to wash it away

but she tried and failed
so she settled on forgetting
so she drank to forget
she drank to go away

she nearly died
and died nearly once again
but she failed
and she never knew why

due to no choice of her own
eventually she failed to remember
why she wanted to go away
and what she did while she was away

now the only thing
she wants to forget
is what she did
when she couldn't remember

she belongs in a place
where she has no need
to go away or forget
and she found it inside her head

Buy, Sell, Trade, etc.

and they want to believe
and they think they need
but you no longer need
and no longer believe

I will buy what you sell
as long as you sell it
and I will sell what you buy
as long as you buy it

hearing fraud and half truth
knowing how successful it is
success becomes discouraging
especially as it becomes all encompassing

buy sell trade
feed them hope and purpose
they need it
but don't you too

October 4, 2006

Animal Farm

four legs good
two legs bad
hoist a flag
we are better than man

an anthem of pride
the goal of vengance
everything you tore down
will come again

what you fought against
is what you became
still, you kept fighting
to protect your name

rewrite history
and make amends
trade with your enemies
to help your friends

an arbitrary line in the sand
is washed away
by changing the rules

discipline and obedience
make you more equal
as long as you believe
in someone else's reality

This is like a cliff notes poem of Animal Farm. :)

Once in the Morning...

Metabolic syndrome, or fat and lazy?
depressed? you need a rest
bipolar type two is more like me

but why should I
subscribe to a disease
designed to subscribe
a false fix
that bleeds your wants and needs


And I have known you
for all of a few weeks
And yet I think of you
more than any other

And we haven't even met yet
lest I forget
You may be beyond
any thought I could dream

The sound of your voice
makes me realize
I have missed something beautiful
most of my life

October 3, 2006

My Market

rankings up
sales down
what shall we do

rank better
to offset the loss
rank better
to offset the loss

what scale are you ranking on
and why does it matter how much you sell
if you don't believe in what you push
and why are you pushing
if you don't believe

This is just a rant about feeling guilty for spending time building things outside of my core interests when I could do my core interests far better than I have. Especially because I have not learned as quickly as I would like because I am placing so many peripheral things in my stream of conscience.

September 30, 2006


this is a regime
that has something
something to hide
from the civilized world

I have no knowledge
I just don't remember
good question
let me get back to you on that one

collusion is our business
competition for contracts
and starving stakeholders
who can never get too fat

outsource it
and wrap it in a flag
its all a game
and we need new toys

The first 4 lines is a quote from George Bush, referencing Iraq, although this whole poem and especially that quote could apply to any person or social structure.

This a poem about how everyone does really messed up stuff at some point in their lives. Even as our internal ideals and actions depart from one another, or are accompanied by unintended consiquences, we keep pushing our value systems onto others because we feel we must if we are to be successful.

I can't even count the number of times I have lived wrecklessly or how many people have saved my life in how many ways. I am struggling to find balance, but too many people rely on me or care about me for me to live wrecklessly. I ought to be a bit less selfish and shortsighted.

September 27, 2006

Allrighty Then...

you are doing everything right
and you are doing everything
doing everything right
I look up to you
you are such an amazing person
he eventually got too comfortable and fat
to do anything right

Meeting Cool People

I would never do that
but one time
in the past
a few years back
oh nevermind
well that was in the past
but it is what it is
and I am what I am
and I am better for that

My 12 Step Program

a 24 hours sun
would glow half as bright
and the stars would be
without the night

everyone is like me
until I hurt
then nobody realizes
everyone is like me

unsteady but ready
to make a change
to lose myself
and find my place

step step

September 24, 2006


and when I saw a limo
alongside a mobile home
I was certain
of mixed priorities

but waste is easier to define
when someone else does it
if you doubled the size
would I eat it all

Growing Numbers

Today yesterday tomorrow
its all numbers
focus on the number

don't let your eyes dance
focus on the numbers
they work for you or against
stay focused

do what your told
trust the numbers
up and to the right
it is all about the numbers

endless growth
in your comfort zone
endless growth

September 20, 2006


more feed
more feed
and it feeds into itself

hit the button
hit the button

but its gone
was it wrong

after a while
it all melts away
but so will I

September 18, 2006

Sugar Sugar Sugar Sugar Sugar

Ate real food, sorta recently?

Or Thirsty?
Did you drink?

Or Tired?
Slept in the last day or two?

Or Lethargic?
Without exercise?

September 17, 2006


pushed aside
once again marginalized
no immediate threat
but I'll come again

tainted spinach
won't make me strong
and a drug
won't stop my disease

rip the logic
but you get what you ask for
no immediate threat
but I'll come again

September 9, 2006


good morining to you
good to see you
how are you
and you
thank you
I love you
your welcome
you have a great day
you have good night

nonverbal animal attraction

hello! so exciting to meet you
you too! what do you do
oops, forgot your name
standard procedure
I forget almost everything

I am only ever passionate
about that I don't understand
you won't get close
I like you from afar

if I experienced love
would I still love the idea
or know what it means?

good enough at emulating
that some think I am great
if I didn't feel like a fraud most days

September 7, 2006


grinding teath
at ease
and every other week
I go to a meeting

they are going to fix me
make me unbroken
help me be
be a part of society

bring me back to
to the real world
but every error
is another opportunity

September 5, 2006


your pants are on backwards
and your zipper is down

a crooked swing set?
quit lying

this chocolate milk is rotted?
just drink around that part

lice inspection
guess who failed

what do you mean you can't see
quit lying
just admit you cheated
you are just like your siblings

wow is this kid a genius
why did you stick him in slow learner's class
don't do your homework before I teach you how to

nice shirt
great tie
now tuck in your shirt and tie your damn shoes

close your mouth
chin up
back straight
do you understand me?
chicks are going to start digging you

I bet Aaron would be a fun guy
you like him?
and you like her?
so why aren't you going out?

here is my lunch
on your shirt
detention for you

here is my fist
in your face
a shame I ran away

a drunk
Aaron I am so ashamed
and so am I

scoot back
dirt bag's up
doesn't matter, home run

you have real talent, want a job?
I appreciate your humility
if only I knew what that means

Black Eyes

Through a lense
I view the world
In a way that makes sense

Unafraid to say hello
or much more
but even so
if the passion is non existant
or desire is false
it shows
at least, usually

you can learn a lot
by talking to creepy people
or by being a creep

these old ones are not dark enough
I need a new pair of shades
or to just throw them away


Lose 30 pounds today
the easy way

take a look
at the new you


if I had a million
would I need a billion?

if I had a billion
would I care how I got it?

Nothing @ All

And Some Things
Have to be Broken
for the World to Make Sense

Some Things
Must be
Reduced to Nothing

for Me
to Learn
What They Mean

September 3, 2006

Manufacturing Relevancy

And to what degree
do you trust me
and do you believe
in much of anything
and to what degree

you change
everything you measure
eventually that
will change you

in ways you can't predict

better for some
is only for some
and many things will die
so that you may exist

I hope you don't fuck it up


you are
a product

stay irrational

don't bother me

the patterns
you want
to see
will emerge

as you push
they will

September 2, 2006


old and new
stuck in a sand dune
staying warm in a home made of snow

stripped from the elements
keeping warm
on what is good
what is right
and what is important
me me me

rewrite history
and if you can
make them believe
you have a value system
upon which you can trade

the harder you push
the more they believe
but the more you must make up
to keep selling

stripped from the elements
past the point
of diminishing returns
me me me

technology and evolution
making things better
one day at a time
transcribing words
that will live after you die

believe me
give me
me me me

relationships are removed from random
and the natural order
revolves around profit models
that strip the Earth

you'll soon die

Go go go
on the path
you went
but you are already there

wakey wakey
go go go
more more more
you'll soon die



More More

Less Less


August 21, 2006

Self Analysis

An analysis of self analysis
has caused me to think
self analysis
is often an excuse

the reasoning is a reason
but the reason is an excuse
so self analysis = excuse

does it matter if or why someone likes you
and even if they told you
would you believe them
trust them
and understand them

please do not analyze
my self analysis
using the word analysis
in your comment

analysis contains anal
which is uptight
and is a popular type of porn
which I had to block from being posted to my blog

August 17, 2006

Just Say No

skewed studies
find the funding
was effective
and the results
were as expected

her brain is bleeding
and his mind is melting
a 93.4% chance of going to hell, drain bramaged

pass the law
start a war
cage that man
build a business
quick, while nobody is looking

productivy measured
in units of exploitation
most are in debt,
but why? and to who?

if I can live on a dollar a day
does it mean I am poor
or that I value different things

work longer. work harder.
getting ahead
by selling myself short
one day at a time
hollowed from the inside out

schools funded by sugar water
books wrote by big business
my lotto ticket is a winner

of age to die
but not of age to try
a junky
a conspiracy theorist
addicted to sugar :(

standards and measures
based on fraud
funders keepers
losers weepers

August 10, 2006

Over Easy


the chicken fought the egg
and broke the yoke

August 3, 2006

Have You the Time?

In a rush?
Is your primal brain engaged?
Looking for THE Time?
No clocks
Just a screen
Decorated with Your flag
And flashing yellow text
It reads
*Heightened Security*
If you see any unusual activity
or unattended bags, report
it immediately using a white
courtesy phone.

And yet I have sat in restricted areas
and forgot my bags
for long periods of time
on accident, maybe

but nobody ever mentioned it as suspicious

Indeed, that message is only there
in an environment that is institutionally late
so close to the time
by terrorists and reptiles
to work fears of terrorism
into the reptilian parts of your mind
we are all one

30% Club

It will only ever be
30% of what it could have been
It is largely at fault for its failures
And for those of society
Because it refused to let go
And forget the past
And it believed false stats

I Don't Know Why You Say Goodbye (Hopeless Romantic)

How are you doing.
Great, and you.
Same here.
What's up.

Hey I got to go. I will call you back.

No call.
No point.
No priority.
No purpose.

Opportunity wasted?
Or was it ever there?

Consistantly inconsistant.
It's hard to read.
Hard to speak.
A language I loved.
But never learned.

August 2, 2006

The Federal Reserve

You or I must die
though neither of us know why
some call it pride

fight for those who protect
those who would destroy the world
to not change their ways

they are just getting paid
and deserve the world
because you are dumb enough to give it to them

who cares if the currency is fiat
or oil
or blood
or the melting ice
that will flood your home

every change is just another inefficiency
which can be exploited
for profit
for power

one day society
will base your worth
on your humanity
but it will be long after
this economy has died

The Spare

Who speaks for me
Or the resources I waste
From day to day

I am not eloquent enough
to say what I think
or think what I say

But yet I think
from time to time
that I know some divine way

The day
it was so great
and surprisingly
I never forgot
what I was saying
or thinking

But maybe I should have
and maybe a hammer
needs to strike my face
for me to change my ways
or the way I am or think

Action and inaction
Always all waste
from day to day
in spite of what others say
so much more I could be
I could do

but I never change my ways
and in spite of happiness
It is at best fake
even if it tastes great
just for the day

The sun will rise
and eventually I will die
sure there are excuses
for the things I have done
but like I
they are fake
I was born and remain a mistake

August 1, 2006


A genius
An Asshole
A bit of both

The good with the bad
But which is which
And does it scale

July 23, 2006

Recycled Lyrics

Sideways, drop again
fall across the landfall
wish it would begin

think about the trip
across, and look up again

blind the sky
dream and think
what does it all mean

where it all begins
when it all will end
if it will matter that
that I am again

July 8, 2006


a poor man
trapped in a tin can
can't understand the demands
the world has placed upon him

beyond the shadow of a doubt
there is a shadow
of another doubt

and so it continues

June 24, 2006


that word
its meaning

but it's a nice campaign
for personal gain
a true shame
for those driven insane

just from a word
just today
but it is all just
just for today

the profit are great
with great margins
though we never look
at what's left in the margins
until it is blended into the background
then history reminds us it has always been that way

1280 x 1024

I suck at poetry, but need more outlets. Many of them should be off the web, but I am 99% + convinced that I will only find what I want off the web if my activities on the web somehow lead me to stumble over it. Ideally, it will hit me in the face harder than the table and brick that knocked out a few of my spare front teeth.

never enough time
and it is all I have
until I will never have it again

quicker smaller faster
more efficient
energy is all around me

i should dream
but i blink
i should sleep
but i eat

excessive gluttony
rich in calories, with insufficient funds

pixilated and digitized
memorized and mezmorized
passionately hollow

the sun is coming
in a few minutes
i will go on a trip
but i will never leave
it's not in my destiny

May 20, 2006

Best Man

I would hope that
if you wrote this to me
that I would be understanding
of the world you see

I may have been with a guy or two
but I was never gay
it was a phase
they were attracted to me

as for steve
he is a lot of fun
he and I made out a time or two
but I was never into him

he is just a friend
it is all it has ever been
best friends
without benefits

he hates women
his mom beat him
so anything he does wrong is ok
though he is 30 I still feel for him

he wants me
he thinks I am exotic looking
and will make lots of money
so I can get rich and take care of him

when he was living wrong
fucking a half dozen people
he told me to be with him
and leave you behind

when he was living wrong
fucking a half dozen people
I told him what I thought
and he called me insensitive

when I lost you
he told me I deserved better
fly home
and be with him

when I told him we were engaged
all he could say is no
and that it was too soon
I didn't know what I was doing

he said I should get you to buy me something expensive
then spit in your face and say thanks
or maybe do one better and
decide to never talk to you again

when I brought you over to his house
and you went to the bathroom
he tried to make out with me
no biggie... we are just friends

I hope you understand
I am getting better at choosing my friends

October 1, 2005

So Yesterday

I forgot
what I did
but everybody told me
it wasn't good

or was that last week
or the month before
or last year
I am really not sure
but it happened

September 25, 2005

Punched in the Face

a spoiled child
a spoild adult
no change
no surprise

no idea
of the frustrations
following larger footsteps
looking to make your own

needing to be right
50% of the time
and you punch me in the face
accidents accidents

September 9, 2005

The Ugly State (of Being)

I hurt
help me
I can't breath
I need
I want
please be fair
I deserve
lets go
lets go
and yet again
everyone in here is ugly
ok, lets leave

October 12, 2004

How do you know

pretty ugly
when beauty is only skin deep

but appreciated
by those who read
the things typed on my screen

they took a grinder
to my teeth
and my jaw
nearly stopped popping

I killed the sugar
but still eat junk
inactivity feeds me
but activity makes me happy

electrons are life
but only if we feel
them in an
array of ways
and help others feel them
in new ways

but when you don't see
how can you know
when you don't trust what you read
how can you know
when you don't trust what you write
how can you know
when you can't hear
how can you know


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