April 28, 2005

James McBrearty

That is the name of the guy I met. I genuinely think that name belongs to a good human being.

You know the rule, GOD does make some good people. James McBrearty was one of them.

Charles Dale Sykora

That is the name of the guy I met. I genuinely think that name belongs to a horrible human being.

You know the rule, GOD does make some accidents. Charles Dale Sykora was one of them.

April 25, 2005

Mike Has a Blog

a friend of mine...prolly a supergenius and computer guru


Believe in God?

When I was 3 months old I was sick...until I was 2 years old. I had a fever so high that I went into convulsions. 205 degrees I am told.

My mom said she prayed for me and then I got better.

If nothing else it makes me feel sad for some of the fucked up things I have done.

April 19, 2005

A Friend....

Has a blog about the new pope, Pope Benedict XVI

Tom Delay

Congress of US Governemnt Tom Delay Official Site US House of Representatives.

April 17, 2005

November 14, 2004

one step closer to the end of the world. the one-two combo of corporate greed and organized religion apparently proved to be too much for reason, sanity and compassion.

it's a sad and shameful day to be an american
- trent reznor

wonder if he believes that or if that just helps him sell more records?

April 16, 2005

All Aboard Amtrack, Republicans aim to block Filibuster

Underfunding Car Alternatives:
Amtrak scrambles to find trains to cover Acela Express schedule

Brake problems forced the beleaguered passenger railroad on Friday to suspend high-speed service in the Northeast at least through Wednesday and probably for more than two months.

That ought to be good for the stability of oil prices and the economy.

Your Either Against Us or You are an Idiot:
Meathead nut job right wing senators want to axe the voice of the minority party. Even John McCain realizes how stupid they are:

"Someday there will be a liberal Democrat president and a liberal Democrat Congress," Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., told MSNBC last week. "Do we want a bunch of liberal judges approved by the Senate of the United States with 51 votes if Democrats are in the majority?"

I think both parties need to realize that they are ran off idealistic scams and that if either side completely got their way the world would be a worse place.

April 14, 2005

Shall I Court You

So I just picked up another client. Court related. A girl. hehehe

She seems really nice. But actually thats all a coincidence. The point of this post is the theory of girls worth marrying. My roommate was losing sleep for a long time. Like four months thinking of a girl he liked. One of his teachers.

And on the web now my other friend is talking to a girl he met. And loves. And of course has a boyfriend.

Now I am trying to give him relationship advice and explaining the randomness of him crossing the girl he liked. Just like the randomness of us meeting from being in the stupid navy on a submarine. Just like the randomness of him getting me into the web. And me getting into the web ONLY because I was kicked out of the military.

Generally I think most things worth having are probably not usually possessions but relationships. A large # of people excell in this manner. In one way or anther we are all good at certain types of relationships. I do ok on the web. Some people do well with sexual relationships. Some people do well with biz, etc.

The generally point of this post is that most girls worth having as girlfriends or more always are taken. They just go from boyfriend to boyfriend. It makes sense that the pattern would often be that since girls have a stronger need for emotional comfort.

I generally am socially and certainly sexually numb. But I have this computer to type at. hehehe

My friend said two things that hit home hard

1.) like I'm getting to the age where sitting alone in my room isn't going to cut it when it comes to being emotionally happy

2.)it's like...sometimes I get burnt out here...having a hard time fitting in...and having a shitty time with this girl...but then I remember where I came from and it's like...hahahaha...life is fucking awesome

I should think of those more often. maybe just maybe I can then start to think of how to think of myself and what to do with myself. BTW I still think marriage is a scam and most relationships of love are fake ;)

April 12, 2005

Stupid Salesmen

So I bought that rather expensive bed today and the salesman completely missed what I was going for. I probably spent more than I needed to because I wanted to overspend. I wanted to overcare about the issue / concept / purchase.

When I asked him if they sold sheets he told me that he usually refers people to Wal Mart. WTF is that? I mean after you spend a couple grand on a bed they think you want $9 sheets?

He spoke good game when talking about how to sell the bed, but when he was so off the mark on the bed sheets issue it lessened his credibility on the whole. And how hard would it be as a bed salesmen to sell referals to a place that sells sheets and linen? Why Wal Mart?

Business 101...

The Lies We Tell Ourselves

So I have been sleeping on a $40 bed for a long time. A long time. I think psychologyically I use it as a statement of being frugal...in that I live intentionally cheap.

The problem is that it is quite litterally destroying my back. So today I said screw it and dropped a few grand on a Tempur Pedic memory foam bed. Yippie.

Also my computer is infected with spyware and that pisses me off. I said screw that too. And I spent a grand buying another computer.

Now the $1,000 will probably be quickly recouped in about a month by me being more productive.

The $2,000 will take a bit longer to recoup, but what price should you put on your health?

I still do not think that I am some lavish living fool as I still live in a house that cost less than what I paid in taxes last year.

I also believe or economy is going to fold somewhat soon anyway so really the money doesn't matter. But then again that could be just another lie I am telling myself.

April 8, 2005

eBaycom - Free Registration

Want to tap into the power of the world's largest marketplace?

Join eBaycom today to find deals or sell your stuff in a hurry.

eBay is the #1 internet auction site and a top 10 web property.

April 7, 2005

The Shortest Winter

Ever since I was about 13 winters were generally a time of misery, isolation, and depression. Other than shortly living in Orlando, where it was warm, most of my winters have always been longer than the last. The end of each year was unimaginably more misserable and longer than the prior.

I got out of the navy 2 years ago and had no business model or skills and the like. Thus that winter sucked as much as the ones in the navy. Arbitrarily stressing over bullshit that doesn't matter. A waste, just like the navy nuclear power program.

Last year was profitable. Not tons of money, but profitable nonetheless. In that I got to pay off debts and focus on learning things that interest me. I still am somewhat isolated in real life, although I have a good number of strong connections on the web.

I also went to a couple conferences around last winter so that too helped break it up.

As you live longer you have more life to compare each unit of time agains. That combined with taking care of finance and business and meeting people at conferences and knowing a good number of people on the web made last year the shortest winter I can remember.

I still am fat and see little purpose in life, but winter is getting shorter, and that is a good sign. Next thing you know I might start eating vegetables. hehehe

Happily Losing Money


So I met an accountant yesterday. I got to write off $3,000 in tax losses this year from internet stocks I bought while in the Navy (a bleak period of my life).

A few observations:

  • there is little reason to gamble. the stock market is a much better gamble. if you lose you get to claim up to $3,000 of losses per year.
  • what the fuck was I thinking. I mean back then I was only making like $10,000 to $12,000 a year in pay. how in the hell could I afford $3,000 of stocks? (I think my total losses probably comes a bit closer to the $5,000 to $6,000 dollar range)...I lost that much on stocks on top of giving money to charity and sending money to my sister.
  • some of the companies (or ideas) I was buying in back then were spot on. the timing, execution, and business models were just piss poor. for example I had stock in Inktomi, which was then the webs largest search service - but one with a piss poor business model. Today Google is a better version of what they were back then, but with contextually relevant ads.
  • It took a while for people to see the value of targeted leads. back in the day DoubleClick was one of the leading online advertising companies. (had some of their stock too...as well it went to shit). Now that some people are tracking and Google has created such a large demand engine there is a ton of money in online advertising. already internet ad spend has trumped radio ad spend in the UK. again, spot on idea, with piss poor timing and execution.
  • If I would have known then what I know now I would have been less inclined to buy Inktomi stock and more inclined to spam their search results, but oh well. hehehe
  • again, like a schmuck, I am an owner of a few web stocks. this time more to give me added excuse and reason to view at greater depth the economics, legalities, and social implications surrounding search services - which thus makes my other weblog, and hopefully my business products better offerings.
  • me owning some stocks might be a conflict of interest to some, but I have an exceptionally small stake in them and own stocks across the search industry to where it is not going to be something that makes me inclined to selfishly promote some companies and try to beat down the stocks of others. If I think a company is overtly horrible I would not buy their stock. my limited reach and small positions also means that I have little to gain in promoting any companies.

Legalize Drugs

Much of the best art in the world is created under the influence of drugs. Our #1 power might be the military, but only because it is funded. The profits need to come from somewhere and we consume far more than we create. Hence the importance of exporting culture and art.

I used a good bit of drugs for a while. It was not because I wanted drugs so much as that I didn't care if I died so long as it looked accidental. By legalizing drugs you pull that stigma away from it and make drug usage less appealing to many.

Drug prices are somewhat inelastic. The higher you drive costs of illegal drugs by increasing risk at the street level the more layers of protection a kingpen can afford and more profits you give kingpens to bribe people if they ever get caught.

Ignoring the social effects and direct and inderect costs of fighting the war on drugs that whole war on drugs B/S also funds the other side of the B/S war on terrorism.

I am not very eloquent, but the A VC blog pointed me at these links:

The Failure of the War on Drugs
The War on Drugs
Response on Legalizing Drugs
The War on Drugs

Some good quotes from the articles:

The political source of the war on drugs is mysterious if, as I am inclined to believe, there is a legal substitute for every one of the illegal drugs: selective serotonin uptake reinhibitors (e.g., Prozac, Paxil, Zoloft) and other antidepressive drugs for cocaine, liquor and tranquillizers for heroin, cigarettes for marijuana, caffeine and steroids for “uppers.” Obviously these are not perfect substitutes; and some of the illegal drugs may be more potent or addictive or physically or psychologically injurious than the legal ones. But it is apparent that our society has no general policy against the consumption of mind-altering substances, and there seems to be a certain arbitrariness in the choice of the subset to prohibit.

Change is internal unless you are a close minded bully, in which case for some reason you think you can make others do whatever you want them to, but of course that really isn't what freedom is all about is it?

April 5, 2005

Harvest Moon

Teens OK with oral

Neil Young suffers brain aneurysm hope he is ok :(

"If OPEC acts quicker, prices would come off," she said. pretty soon it will not matter what they do and the world will cave into recession. Meanwhile megacorp oil corp forms: ChevronTexaco Corp., the nation's second-largest oil company, is buying smaller rival Unocal Corp. for about $16.4 billion

Citizens waste time protecting border because the fuckwits in charge of the country don't enforce the laws.

Bush uses Pope Death to Push Agendas:
The Bush White House was aggressively trying to appeal at the time to Catholics, who split their vote almost equally between Bush and Democrat Al Gore in the 2000 presidential election.

He continues this move by being the first president to attend a papal funeral. though when referencing Bush''s prison scandal the pope had this to say

"In the past few weeks, other deplorable events have come to light, which have troubled the civic and religious conscience of all and made more difficult a serene and resolute commitment to shared human values."

April 2, 2005

Land of Opportunity

So I just had a nock on the door. I live in a trailer that is a bit secluded from the main road so the knocks are rather rare.

I answered the door and a 60 year old guy wanted to know if I was employed and if he could offer me some xyz employment opportunity.

Now you got to wonder, how good could the job offer possibly be if a 60 year old guy is going door to door in a trailer park at 730 pm on a Saturday night.


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November 14, 2004
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