November 30, 2005

Fucking Scumbag Republicans...

Question: What is the point of a huge defecit?

Answer: Carve out the soul of the country. Kill social programs and make education unaffordable to most. The more we kill off options and the more people who are dirt fucking poor the cheaper we can exploit those people to make them die in a bullshit war aimed at doing nothing more than driving up the stockprice of dirtbag companies that sell weapons to the government.

Fuck education:

The House deficit reduction bill, which passed by a close vote of 217—215, reduces spending on federal student loan programs by $14.3 billion over the next five years. The Senate bill, which passed by a vote of 52-47, reduces student loan spending by $9.7 billion over the same period. The bills lower subsidies to private lenders that provide student loans and increase borrowing costs for students.

According to the United States Student Association, the House bill will cost the average student borrower an additional $5,800 in loan payments. On average, students currently borrow about $17,500 for college.

Both bills also reduce spending on entitlement programs and include changes to Medicaid, food stamps, farm subsidies, and other programs. However, the specifics of the bills differ substantially, and the House and Senate will have to compromise on a final version of the bill.

The House bill will decrease total spending by $50 billion, while the Senate bill will decrease spending by $36 billion. These are the first cuts to mandatory programs since 1997.

Question: What is the purpose of the war on terror?

Answer: To keep people perpetually in a state of fear against an unknown enemy so that you can exploit them.

We need to cut college loans by 20% so that we can keep defense spending growing at least 10 to 20 billion dollars a year. Fucking disgusting.

The House Armed Services Committee completed its markup of H.R. 1815, the FY’06 Defense Authorization bill, on May 19. The bill includes $441.6 billion for the Department of Defense and the nuclear weapons activities of the Department of Energy. This is $19.5 billion above the amount authorized for FY’05.

If we treated other people with just a morsel of respect then there would be way less war. But of course that isn't profitable for defense contractors or their shareholders.

The amount spent on national defense has increased from approximately $288.8 billion in 2000 to $420.7 billion in 2005. The 420.7 billion does not include other items such as money for the Afghan and Iraq wars ($49.1 billion for Fiscal Year 2006), or Homeland Security funding ($41.1 billion for Fiscal Year 2006), for example.)

November 29, 2005

Gambling on Gambling...

I am fairly poor, but feel pretty rich in spirits. Even if I had lots of money I would just give it away or waste it somehow.

Having said all that, I like watching numbers and trends and the math behind stuff. What is cool about the web is that you can look back and not only see how your own ideas played out, but see how things played out for others.

The World Poker Tour is a publicly traded company (wpte). By buying or selling it you are gambling on gambling. With a regular casino on each individual bet anything can happen, but in aggregate the house wins.

The poker tour announced that they were partnering online with a huge poker social network, and there has got to be a way to monetize that.

When I was eating with some of the reps at a major search engine they talked about how they loved online poker and then started giving me all the inside baseball. When to play, how to get past data from other users, etc. etc. etc.

When I was home I think my step dad loved watching poker on TV too.

So is a bet for the stock of a poker tour a good bet?

here it is "oversold, nice volume"

but then again earlier this year (on July 11th) at over $20 a share it was

"pump and dump....good enough for insiders to unload..happens all the time..nasdq does little to stop this schannigan from happening."


"when they don't let you short is usually another sign of out below.."

good call insideinfo. sure enough the poker shares are now around $7.

insideinfo is long on atari...and hey thats a cool game too!

Something draws people toward market uncertainty. Online I can almost guarantee that I know enough about the publishing, marketing and information retrieval business models to be able to build a huge fortune while likely working far less than I currently do, but I am more interested in the off chance one shot stuff because certainty is boring. eventually I will probably be pissed at myself for that, but live and learn.

what sort of gambling are you addicted to? what kinds of gambles do you wrongfully avoid?

November 28, 2005

Talked to My Laywer

Feel a good bit better about things now...sometimes a simple chat makes things better.

New Site Logo...

I really need to learn graphics sometime so I could stop using the lame logo software I have been using :)

Logo for da bro

So I made my brother a no means great...but I still suck at the art of logos

I don't think he liked it though

Secret Admirer? WTF? a few posts ago someone said they were a secret admirer.

Last time I remember someone writing that to me was when I was in seventh grade. The letters started out sorta normal (but a bit weird) and then progressively got weirder and weired...until eventually the person started writing really sexual stuff and then said they were gay.

I am fairly certain it was people screwing me (as I really doubt there were too many sexually aggressive 7th grade gay boys at my school back then).

I always wonder why people admire others. I usually do not admire others for long periods of time. I could explain that later in another post sometime.

The Un-Thankless Bastard

I meant to post this earlier, but hey I didn't...

So I feel less like a thankless bastard I thought I would state things that I am thankful for:

  • the web, which prevents me from from having to be some sort of shitty corporate yes man
  • Tim Berners-Lee for creating the web
  • Tim Berners-Lee for creating the web
  • the Wall Street Journal. Not only for posting about me, but for doing a follow up about Matt Marlon: "Mr. Marlon, 61 years old, filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy-court protection in 1996. In 1997, Mr. Marlon was indicted on charges of conspiracy to manufacture a controlled substance. He later pleaded guilty to a lesser charge, related to possession of a chemical used to make methamphetamine, and was sentenced to three years of probation, including six months of home confinement. The court record for his drug offense said he also had an alias, 'Jimmy Ray Houts.'"
  • My mom. She has gotten a ton nicer recently. And without the stubbornness I inherited from her I would have never been successful in any way.
  • The navy. For teaching me that the more something is sold as being good the less likely it really is any good. And for forcing me to believe less in others and more in myself.
  • Nuclear power. For teaching me that things that sound exciting or interesting don't have to be so.
  • MDMA. Although I have not done it in forever, for a while it was really fun <-- gotta bet mom will like that one being on the list :)
  • Serotonin. Why MDMA was so good.
  • Sunlight. Feels. So. Good. Need to make sure I get lots of it...especially in the winter.
  • The Care Bears. More specifically Good Luck Bear. When I was a kid they ruled. Also one girl who knew I liked the Care Bears gave me her Good Luck Bear when I slept out on her couch. I was fairly certain she liked me many ways when she did that, and, well, she is really cool in many ways.
  • Dogs...always fun to play frisbee with unless they run you over.
  • My roommate. Taught me so much about culture while remaining totally counter culture. I am certain he has taught me far more than I could ever teach him.
  • Carl Sagan. Cosmos. Kicks Ass.
  • The peanut. You are the bearer of peanut butter.
  • Tennis shoes. Make sports so much more doable.
  • Starved Rock State Park. I still am really happy when I go there. Even if I go by myself. I will post pictures soon on one of my sites. I think.
  • Music. Like free energy.

Fake Smiles - Smiling Too Hard

Not sure if I have posted about this before, but hey it's random and it's me.

When I was a little kid I used to try to smile really hard. The truth to a smile is in the eyes though, not the facial muscles. I think that is a large part of the reason most of my pictures of me smiling when I was younger looked a bit weird to me.

Right now I am probably in just about the worst physical shape I have ever been in, am chuck full of uncertainty, and my smile does not look as bad as it did when I was a little kid because now I know the smile is in the eyes.

November 25, 2005

Marketing takes all kinds

got a great instant message today

Hello,,well my name is peggy from US, 5'0fth tall single heart broken.i help a friend who is a wedding planner.i lost my mom in a car accident 2yrs ago while i was in usa two years ago..came to gerogia after i lost my mom.i have a sis she is in Last Vegas but a drug you like to know about the recently heart broken that i had I am sorry to tell you that really you sound so caring and i believe if we work in hand things are gon get on fine beetween us. but as i have said about my heart broken recently. it as brought me in sadness i cry everyday praying that one day i will get overthis.Thanks for contacting me and showing some intrest in me.when i went through ur profile i really liked it and found both of us %99 compatible,the only %1 missing is that right now am not stucked

November 23, 2005

Padia Charged in Attempt to Block Supreme Court's Opinion

Globe and Mail on the Padia case

Yesterday, in a stunning climbdown, the Bush administration indicted Mr. Padilla, thereby short-circuiting the Supreme Court's plan to examine the legality of the President's move to jail an American citizen indefinitely without charge by declaring him an enemy combatant.

It was only the latest in a series of legal retreats by the administration, which has given ground on several fronts from its open-ended incarceration of hundreds of detainees in Guantanamo Bay to compromises on some of the more Draconian aspects of the Patriot Act.

Land of freedom, etc.

Keep in mind that what happens in the court room has nothing to do with what happens in truth or the real world. Hard to imagine a person or company that can afford to waste more money loading up a case and creating fake evidence than the US government.

Although the foreign press should be careful with what they write, lest their news cause the need for US bombing threats. Shady.

November 21, 2005

You Have to Love Automated Workers

> I manage new quality web sites, I would like to offer you
> link exchange with your web site:

My Reply
links added fucktwit

and his reply back

Please send me URL where I can find my link.

Best regards,
James Wood

Military Attacked for Invasive Marketing

Military Attacked for Invasive Marketing...not really a surprise there, but it is annoying knowing that by not leaving and paying taxes I support that shit.

Am thinking it would be cool to move to another country. Spain or New Zealand are at the top of my list. Hmm...

November 17, 2005

Shaddy Cabbies in Las Vegas

It goes without saying that some of the cabbies in Las Vegas are shady, but I met a shady one ;)

My friends and I got in the cab and the cabbie instantly asked us if we wanted to go to a strip club (at about 6 PM), rattling off over a dozen of them before we got dropped off. He said that the strip clubs give the cabbies $30 - $70 for each head dropped off at the club. He offered to give us a free ride to a strip club and buy our first lap dances if we let him drop us off.

He also said he could send a girl up to our room and he would get a cut on the action.

He also said make sure you call me as he handed my friend his number before we got out of his shademobile. We never did, but I can't believe how forward that cabbie was.

I liked far more the one who thought I made peanut butter.

Dinner With MSN

Wow...that was cool. I got to eat dinner with some of the people from MSN AdCenter and a couple SEO buddies.

I always love getting to sit next to a search engineer and chat for a hour or two. Just the underlying concepts and the way things are makes you learn and appreciate stuff so much more. Including how my market timing was oh so lucky.

I also feel like I am luckier than I deserve to be, but then again at times I was less lucky than I deserve...I guess it sorta just goes in waves. No point putting to much effort in trying to understand all the little ups and downs...just accept them as they come, and always remember to ask for a link ;)

November 8, 2005

NYC Cabbie Tips - to Get a Cab

In NYC everyone is an alpha male...or at least everyone looking to get a cab (even girls).

I saw one guy threaten to kick the shit out of a girl who scooped his cab as the cabbie was driving away with her in it.

Half of the cabbies leave their lights on even when they are out of service.

After waiting for a cab a while (feeling a bit rejected) on my way in I thought something needed changing. A lady said I was best off if I was on the other side of the block where the traffic was coming from so I could get cabbies from that corner before they crossed the street full of passengers. I quickly scored a cab and that was that.

Later on...At late night time if you are in Manhattan late at night it is nearly impossible to get a cab to Brooklyn unless you get a bunch of people to jump in the cab before you tell the cabbie where you are going.

Breaded Chicken Bones

Apparently breaded chicken bones passed for Chinese at a place my roommate took me in NYC.


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