March 28, 2007

Chemical Biggotry

I think I read that phrase in a Disinformation book of some sort. Anyhow, in spite of alchohol being so much worse than most illegal drugs, the bogus war on drugs pushes onward:
Salvia Divinorum

Related news:

March 13, 2007

What Does it Mean to Take Responsibility?

We can learn a thing or two from our leaders:

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales acknowledged that mistakes were made and accepted responsibility Tuesday for the way eight federal prosecutors were fired.

At a news conference Tuesday, Mr. Gonzales said he would find out what went wrong but said he would not resign. "I acknowledge that mistakes were made here. I accept that responsibility," Mr. Gonzales said amid growing calls for his own termination.

If you honestly accept responsibility you don't just say those let the axe fall on you.

March 11, 2007

Golfer Guy or Driver Dude?

My girlfriend loves going golfing, so I am taking to it. I bought a beginner set of clubs today. Hurt my back. Was on too good of a roll there and probably deserved a bit of slowing down.

Before I whacked my back I hit a 9 iron with killer loft, straight as an arrow, for a sweet 175 yard swing. I think many professional golfers do not have that kind of range with a 9 iron.

I am sure my short game hopefully I will learn that quick.

Rocky Road

a rock is nothing but stand
still they stand firm
floating in space
which is made of nothing

unaware of the scars and bruises
they dig a bit deeper
endless beauty
but she only has so much energy

by the time we learn
to say I'm sorry
will it be too late
for her to believe our story


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