May 23, 2004

reading the news...

It's all fun and games until somebody gets hurt.

I feel green as thinking of the world falling apart due to greed fucking disgusts me, but why not throw fuel on the fire. Look out though, as it is possible to be too green.

Not unlike lettuce or a cucumber...

Eat your sugars, but not too much.

Watch your diet just like you should...

Watch the best movies and the best singers keep us busy.

While it is not fair to watch the wrong things try not to think or act in groups, or people will be forced to watch you esspecially if you aim to fly a mile high...

May 20, 2004

What exactly is the objective?

``Obviously much of the attitude for our citizens is being shaped by what they see on their TV screens from Iraq,'' Bush said. ``It's a tough time for us. On the other hand, I'm very optimistic that we've got a good strategy and we will achieve the objective.'' source

What exactly is the objective?

Why I would rather invest in me

Well I was using strong funds before the Navy screw job almost bankrupted me. Now I am financially fine and can not recommend the navy or strong funds.

May 18, 2004

Oil at All Time High Prices

So the bombing of an Iraq leader has helped bost oil to an all time high price.

When we speak of these all time high prices on oil and we fail to mention some extremely basic things.

  • We fail to mention how our curency has lost about 40% of it's value in the past few years due to piss poor foreign policy.
  • We fail to mention that $40 in 1980 is worth a hell of a lot more than $40 today.

historic oil prices

May 16, 2004

Fatty Weight Loss

So at my fatest point ever I was 230 lbs. Yesterday I weighed myself and was 222 lbs. that is gross gross gross.

too much computer

I am going to start exercizing a bunch more.

Currently I have what one might refer to as large hocks. you know...the area above the rump of a pig. This is going to be the opening post for my upcoming Fatty Weight Loss blog. This is going to be a narcisistic blog about how to lose weight. The real challenge will not be losing 30 lbs, but optimizing the site to rank well.

I am a search engine marketer and list at #1 for search marketing (on Google & Yahoo!), and also am in the top 10 for search engine marketing on both engines. My seo book site is about to rank in the top 10 for seo in about a month. It will also rank up there for search engine optimization.

Weight loss will be my target term and I hope it ranks # 1 on Google by the time I am done with my diet / exercise experiment.

15 May 2004
Just got my copy of "Bringing Your Talents to the Web,"
but I realize I need to take a step away from it.

I have had too much McDonald's and tooo much monitor.
Not enough heartrate.

Today I tipped the scales at 222 and now that I am disguisted it's time to lose 30 lbs in 2 months.
Here is how I will do it.

it will take a couple days for the fatty weight loss site to be up, but after it is I will vigoursly lose weight and gain rankings.
I will have my friend take a before picture right now.

If nothing else the fact that I am blogging each day about my exercise and the crap I eat will ensure I take notice of it. No "3 McChick No Let" - my usuall McDonalds order that occurs 1 - 2 times a day.

May 14, 2004

Powell Full of Shit

"were this interim government to say to us, `We really think we can handle this on our own; it would be better if you were to leave,' we would leave."

src NYT

Do you think we would appoint, approve, or honor (oops) I mean listen to a government that does not do exactly what we tell them to do honor freedom and democracy?

You, Mr Powell
are full of shit.
- aaron

Sleeping Weird Hours

Could use some energy. Luckily the doors, windows, and walls are protecting me from the big bad world.

Finding Customers at a Rave

It is kinda absurd, but at the end of the first night of Coachella I saw these people in a huge techno tent where it was kinda like a rave. I only talked to one group of people while I was there.

They called me yesterday and want to hire me over a huge SEO firm they are using right now. It should almost be illegal...finding cool customers at multiday music festivals.

I think I am ready for more "time off"... :)

May 10, 2004

May 5, 2004

An Amazingly Intertwined World

So I just got back from Coachella.

We flew out of Harrisburg, PA (home of three mile island). Three mile island was a power plant that had an accident. I was a nuclear reactor operator.

We flew on a plane which had many planes on the wings. This last line only makes sense if you understant that my roommate said that he liked watching the p-l-a-n-e-s on the wings. Literally spelling it out to make me feel stupid until he realized he was wearing the crown.

We flew into Chicago, the windy city, only to have one of the more rough landings I have ever had. The plane was yawing extremely bad due to cross winds. We then flew to LAX after about an hour layover.

We rented a car from thrifty (who was anything but thrifty). They charged us for the gas and my roommate was not sure if his insurance covered rentals and I was too young to rent it and my roommate had inadequate cash in his check card account since there is some stupid federal limit and he spent a bunch getting his car fixed earlier last month and they did not have the vehicle we reserved and wanted to offer us a damn Kia calling it an equivalent car. I intentially paid a small amount more than the Kia costed to get a mid level car. They were out of it and after all the upgrades and screw jobs the $74 rental costed $368.

My roommate had this great idea to go north to San Fransico or sout to Tijuana. I said whatever and south we went. We stopped by the world famous in n out burger and it was good. As we got near the border he was affraid to get stuck in another country so we stayed in San Diego.

On our way to San Diego we saw a bunch of the sothern California coastal communities. Laguna beach specifically (as well as many of the other towns) had a real Mediteranian look to it. One thing I thought was weird is that there were a ton of oil wells where oil was being pumped within 50 feet of the sandy beach.

I saw one of the worst live bands ever while in San Diego and went to another dance club to act goofy like I am, though the Sushi was making my tummy feel weird. After our night in San Diego (where I clogged the toilet within 5 minutes of arrival) we drove through the mountains and desert to Indio (home of Coachella). Cool swervy ride. Amazing landscape. We also stopped for gas at a gas station that looked like it was from another country.

We went shopping, got our $4 tarp, and set up our tent. My roommate also got a random call from a friend and we went ove and hung out with them that night.

The next morning we woke up early (the sun makes you wake up when you are in the desert) and we were drinking at 10 in the morning. Something about the desert which makes drinking make you tired yet not drunk...

Once we got in the concert we sat near trees near a fence to be in the shade for most of the early afternoon. We got up to see a few bands and made sure we made our way over to Beck. Beck's last song was "Nothing In This World Can Stop Me Worrin' Bout That Girl" by the Kinks. He had tamborine players come up. They were so stoked that they could not even keep a beat.

Later in the day we saw the Pixies, Radiohead, and Kraftwerk. The Pixies made me feel super good (cause they are crazy), Radiohead nearly made me cry (because they are happy or sad - I'm not sure which one) and Kraftwerk confused me as I have not heard their music much in the past. It sounded really cool, but they also had one song which was antinuclear which kept showing the magenta trifoil and naming off cities such as Hiroshema and Harrisburg. It reminded me of how much power people who control the media have. Good or bad, thousands of people now are at least a small bit more scared of nuclear power. The Flaming Lips also gave a bit of a political speach (as did Sparta).

I only talked to one group of people while I was watching Kraftwerk and they turned out to have a website and need website marketing done. They were obviously high when I gave them my #, but they did write it down...

I then went back to the campgrounds and hung out with other random people and then went to the tent.

I woke up somewhat lobster feeling (sunburnt) the next morning with absolutely no desire to drink or anything. Luckily I had my lobster t shirt to wear. I was not hung over at all, but I just did not feel like drinking, I should have had a hang over though...

My roommate and I went to our rental car and turned on the AC. We sat in it for what had to have been at least 4 hours until we were in the deep afternoon. Since I didn't feel like drinking my poor roommate had to drink a bunch of rum and coke. There was a really cool radio station on.

A guy came up and started talking to us. He was a Krisna and he wanted to know if we were having a session. My roommate said yes, not knowing what a session is. Later on the guy asked us if we had any weed and we said no. This confused the guy but by that point he had determined that we were cool. He gave us a pass to go visit his temple in LA the next day.

Soon my friend and I went to the concert. I was fairly certain that the second day would not be very good since it seemed like the first day was overly good. I was thinking in error.

We saw Air, which is an amazingly mellow trancelike band. When they were done we went over to see The Crystal Method, which is one of the better techno bands ever. I got to hear the song "there is hope" live, and it was amazing. We went and took a wiz only to find out that Black Rebel Motorcycle Club was playing (also very cool).

What I thought was rediculous was how good the band Basement Jaxx was. Their videos are just goofy and I never in a million years would have thought they would be that good live.

We also got a glimpse of the Flaming Lips and I went over to watch Paul Van Dyke. He was amazingly cool and had a good message. In his screen displays he had "Knowledge: that's life." I really agree with that as when you stop learning you are already dead. One thing that sucked about him was that his screens frequently flashed Motorolla messages, which is complete crap, or something that I just do not understand.

I went to bed (tent) and woke bright and early the next morning. We were fully packed within 24 minutes. We drove back to LA. On our way back there was a wreck and people were stopped in the road. My roommate was looking at a Hustler billboard and was close to getting in a wreck if I did not say something to him. He thought they were advertising the porn website on the highway :)

As we continued on our path we saw tons and tons of wind driven electrical generators. That was the first time I have seen any of them. We started talking about nuclear power again. We got into LA and the Mamas and the Papas came on the radio. "I'd be safe and warm if I was in LA...stopped into a church I passed along the way."

We were planning on going to the Krisna temple while we were there, but were too tired. We drove throught Hollywood (highly overrated) and found a hotel back near the airpoirt. We both went for siesta and then we went out to look around again. We saw the stars on the sidewalk and they seemed as though they were not very exclusive. We ate a pretty darn large pizza and went back. On our way back we decided to drive down Mullholland Avenue and it was completely amazing looking.

We woke the next morning and returned the car. We went to the airport and I read one of the books the guy gave us.

"Hare Krisna Hare Krisna Krisna Krisna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare"

I wonder if my mom knows what that means?

On our ride home from Harrisburg I had a cool talk with my roomie about religious stuff and then we got back. I had tons of mail and was sure to have way more email. That night my computer was not working but I still went to bed feeling good.

I woke again and on Cinco de Mayo everything was working good and I went through my evil email.


Means absolutely nothing to me right now. I just went to a concert at the other end of the country only to come back to find out that I am over a grand ahead of where I was before I went out on that trip (I even ate sushi while I was gone). I did no work while I was on that trip.

Perhaps I should go on vacation more often - time to pay off another credit card :)

thank you navy for almost destroying my life / mind - scumbags

Compared to Another

I just got back from a concert and saw how little effort people like Beck looked like they were using on stage. They did what they were doing, and they did it well.

The reason it looked somewhat easy is because for him it is somewhat easy. He tried using a freaking gameboy on stage in a tent that people were ripping down to try to get in.

His music was not so much game like though. It was awesome. How was he compared to someone else? It doesn't matter.

You see, only stupid people who are too lazy to find their calling in lives need standards and comparisons to guide them. I felt happy to understand that perhaps I knew what Radiohead meant when they sang "I lost myself."

Once you stop comparing yourself to others and start following your interests things tend to fall in line.

Competitive Advantage

My competitive advantage is that I have no competitive advantage. I am completely open, I hold no secrets, and do not work for a greedy company. blissfully open as I had no need to hold my hand over the cell phone before takeoff on an airplane. - but please don't tell anyone


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