August 22, 2006

And a Few Words From Our Sponsor

I think the hard part is realizing that in our own unique ways at all times we are all commercials, marketers, actors, etc.

And if I wasn't selling so much would I live a happier life?

Because I am ok at self preservation it does not mean I have reached anything near my potential.
Quite shameful really.
Spirituality needed.
But I rely on commerce.

Buying. Selling. Hoping. Dreaming. Dying.

And because we are all emotional humans there is great waste associated with that cycle.

Everyone else wants to draw the line for you. But if you draw your own, you get to be Picasso.

I so need an artistic outlet!

Happy Bday to the trose.

August 21, 2006

Self Analysis

An analysis of self analysis
has caused me to think
self analysis
is often an excuse

the reasoning is a reason
but the reason is an excuse
so self analysis = excuse

does it matter if or why someone likes you
and even if they told you
would you believe them
trust them
and understand them

please do not analyze
my self analysis
using the word analysis
in your comment

analysis contains anal
which is uptight
and is a popular type of porn
which I had to block from being posted to my blog

August 17, 2006

Just Say No

skewed studies
find the funding
was effective
and the results
were as expected

her brain is bleeding
and his mind is melting
a 93.4% chance of going to hell, drain bramaged

pass the law
start a war
cage that man
build a business
quick, while nobody is looking

productivy measured
in units of exploitation
most are in debt,
but why? and to who?

if I can live on a dollar a day
does it mean I am poor
or that I value different things

work longer. work harder.
getting ahead
by selling myself short
one day at a time
hollowed from the inside out

schools funded by sugar water
books wrote by big business
my lotto ticket is a winner

of age to die
but not of age to try
a junky
a conspiracy theorist
addicted to sugar :(

standards and measures
based on fraud
funders keepers
losers weepers

August 15, 2006

Fixing Green Lines on a Flat Screen Monitor

Many flat screen monitors are designed to work with certain width and height settings, and if your monitor has a different setting it may end up showing some random green junk on it.

August 10, 2006

Over Easy


the chicken fought the egg
and broke the yoke

August 3, 2006

Have You the Time?

In a rush?
Is your primal brain engaged?
Looking for THE Time?
No clocks
Just a screen
Decorated with Your flag
And flashing yellow text
It reads
*Heightened Security*
If you see any unusual activity
or unattended bags, report
it immediately using a white
courtesy phone.

And yet I have sat in restricted areas
and forgot my bags
for long periods of time
on accident, maybe

but nobody ever mentioned it as suspicious

Indeed, that message is only there
in an environment that is institutionally late
so close to the time
by terrorists and reptiles
to work fears of terrorism
into the reptilian parts of your mind
we are all one

30% Club

It will only ever be
30% of what it could have been
It is largely at fault for its failures
And for those of society
Because it refused to let go
And forget the past
And it believed false stats

I Don't Know Why You Say Goodbye (Hopeless Romantic)

How are you doing.
Great, and you.
Same here.
What's up.

Hey I got to go. I will call you back.

No call.
No point.
No priority.
No purpose.

Opportunity wasted?
Or was it ever there?

Consistantly inconsistant.
It's hard to read.
Hard to speak.
A language I loved.
But never learned.

August 2, 2006

The Federal Reserve

You or I must die
though neither of us know why
some call it pride

fight for those who protect
those who would destroy the world
to not change their ways

they are just getting paid
and deserve the world
because you are dumb enough to give it to them

who cares if the currency is fiat
or oil
or blood
or the melting ice
that will flood your home

every change is just another inefficiency
which can be exploited
for profit
for power

one day society
will base your worth
on your humanity
but it will be long after
this economy has died

The Spare

Who speaks for me
Or the resources I waste
From day to day

I am not eloquent enough
to say what I think
or think what I say

But yet I think
from time to time
that I know some divine way

The day
it was so great
and surprisingly
I never forgot
what I was saying
or thinking

But maybe I should have
and maybe a hammer
needs to strike my face
for me to change my ways
or the way I am or think

Action and inaction
Always all waste
from day to day
in spite of what others say
so much more I could be
I could do

but I never change my ways
and in spite of happiness
It is at best fake
even if it tastes great
just for the day

The sun will rise
and eventually I will die
sure there are excuses
for the things I have done
but like I
they are fake
I was born and remain a mistake

August 1, 2006


A genius
An Asshole
A bit of both

The good with the bad
But which is which
And does it scale


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