August 31, 2004

President Bush Says War on Terror Can't be Won

What a difference a month can make!
"We have a clear vision on how to win the war on terror and bring peace to the world."
-- George W. Bush
July 30th 2004.

"I don’t think you can win [the war on terror]. But I think you can create conditions so that the — those who use terror as a tool are — less acceptable in parts of the world."
-- George W. Bush
Aug. 29th, 2004.

If it can't be won then what the f are we fighting for?

Bush said retreating from the war on terror "would be a disaster for your children." ... "You cannot show weakness in this world today because the enemy will exploit that weakness," he said. "It will embolden them and make the world a more dangerous place." ... When asked "Can we win?" the war on terror, Bush said, "I don’t think you can win it. But I think you can create conditions so that the — those who use terror as a tool are — less acceptable in parts of the world." source: NY Daily News

Political Literacy Month
National Preparadeness Month = National Scare the Children Month
2004 = 1984
Terrorists to Poison Drugs From Canada = Buy American (and watch the greedy scumbag drug companies suck the blood out of the country)

August 28, 2004

What Scared Me About Google

Google has saved me a ton of time. They have made it cheap for me to market products. Without them I may still have a job, but I would not be as efficient or knowledgable.

I was worried that the Google IPO would perhaps help boost confidence in America and the American system. Normally this idea would be a good thing, but I was worried that this would start to cause an uptick in consumer sentiment right before the election.

Somehow despite their impending recent IPO, advancing technology, and MASSIVE DEBT SPENDING by the government the economy is still growing at a slugish rate.

I was worried that the economy would start booming just in time to get our idiotif fear mongering president reelected, thankfully it is not.

The fact that it is not is just one more indication of how flawed the presidents weezle like manipulative leadership style and plans are.

What is Normal?

I just got off the phone with my brother. He and I are on polar opposite poles when it comes to our level of trust of other people.

I think most people are selfish scumbags without social conscience. I therefore use the power of this computer and this network to shield myself from the horrors and flaws of humanity.

My brother has a tendancy to leave himself a bit too far open and tends to trust people too much. And obviously he gets more raw deals than I do...but he experiences more human connection.

Neither of us are "normal" in that aspect and both of us would be a bit better off if we were a bit more like the other in this particular aspect.

Hundreds of people each day search for the phrase "normal" least the Overture search term suggestion tool tells me this. Not sure what they hope to find, but if I pointed enough links at this post they would find it...internet marketing is evil...and yet fun...certainly a fun medium for a person with passive aggressive disorder like me...certainly not something that is normal though.

Some people look for specific normal things

normal blood pressure...255/ are too unhealthy, try these pills
normal blood sugar level...89.6/ snack too much, try these pills
normal cholesterol level...83.5/ have too much fat in your blood, try these pills
normal illinois...68.5/day...I lived near there for a while
normal penis size...59.8/'re too small, try these growth pills
normal weight...35.5/day... you're too fat, try these pills to thin down
normal iq...27.7/'re so stupid you do not even know what a normal IQ must be should be standardized to 100 though...try these pills to make you smarter
normal like you...21.2/day...a band, a marketing angle...we are hip, we are not cool like us
its perfectly normal...17.8/ guide for's not gross (although we will tell you that it is in a few years)
para normal...17.7/day...there is something out there man...something more important than you
normal sex...16.1/day...not that way silly, that's all wrong...don't you know how to do're not lasting long enough...try these pills
normal vaginal discharge...15.8/ are gross...these pills should help you out
normal sperm count...15.7/ are inadequate...try these pills to boost your count
normal girl...15.6/day...not like the ones you know, and you are not one
normal life...14.2/ certainly do not live one
normal testosterone level...13.3/ are an arrogent idiot...try these pills to control your level
dog normal temperature...12.2/day...99 °F to 102.5 °F
normal white blood cell count...12.0/day...4,500-10,000 white blood cells/mcl
standard normal distribution...10.8/day...math is must be dumb to not undertand it
normal bowel movement...10.6/ is not normal to spend half of the day on the toilet filth...but there is no reason to hold it for a week at a are gross...try these pills to get regular
normal hair loss...10.1/day...bald AND stupid...try these pills to stop hair loss
normal skin...9.8/ sure are fleshy...try these pills to fix that thing on your arm
normal weight for height...7.9/ are too short or too fat...these pills will help you get in shape
normal vital sign...7.6/ are not really alive...crack open these pills and snort them, they will make you feel alive!!!!!!!!!!!
normal iron level...7.5/ some more spinach...your diet sucks...these pills can also help you
normal estrogen level...7.5/day...why are you so b.tchy...these pills will smooth out your peaks
normal body temp...7.4/day...37 °C
normal breast...7.3/day...that is too small, and misshaped to boot!...gross...these pills will help you grow
normal creatinine level...7.1/ are so will never be buff...these pills will make you ripped
picture of a normal vagina...6.9/ will never see one in real life...these pills will improve your confidence and improve your chances though
normal menstrual cycle...6.7/day...can't believe she is sooo moody :(
normal wear and tear...6.7/ you really just messed that up

the whole point of normal is to tell you that you are inadequate.

most of the people selling you pills to make you better are driven by greed...most of those normal people do not normally care about helping you.

August 27, 2004

Marking vs Cyberpunk: Doing the Right Thing...

So I got into the web from a marketing angle. What I failed to realize is that most people in marketing are driven by greed, possession, and money.

Marketing is about finding emotion and predicting responses.

So it participatory democracy. Small people like me need to ensure the evil forces of big media conglomorates and corporate control fall flat on their faces.

On that note I hope to start reading more cyberpunk type literature and less about marketing.

I am more interested in causing huge social change than in making money. So at least for a few weeks it is time for me to switch reading gears...

August 26, 2004

Aaron Thinks His Mom...

is cool enough to buy him plane tickets and event tickets to go to Burning Man.

Aaron wonders what his mom is thinking of such an idea?

The theme this year is Vault of Heaven. Mom always said we don't go to church enough ;)

August 25, 2004

Some People Say... (nothing as obvious as motive)

I am often misguided in belief, but frequently read motive in action. After you are a marketer long enough (and especially a marketer on a big social network) I think motive becomes rather apparent.

Most people who are in powerful positions are corupted pieces of crap. Thats why those who are powerful and do not suck seem so is so rare.

Typically positions of power and the idea of being powerful usually attracts scumbags (who have plenty of rich scumbag friends trying to guide or mislead them along the way).

I have been offered a ton of Joint Venture partnerships along the way and am pretty excited to say no. I like helping others and think there are many others who can help me a ton, but do not want to be driven by the wrong ideas.

For Example "Some People Say"

Some people say...that is a way of attributing an idea of your own to some anonymous third party.

Even when writing blog posts I usually say "thanks to fred" and use fred to link to the source. There are two main reasons to do this

1.) Give fred credit for his work.
2.) If fred is wrong then part of that dime is on him and not you.

So even as a "not real" journalist who is heavily opinionated I usually point out the source of just makes good sense.

On the other hand...
Large media corporations have too much financial interest in their own success to be completely honest. News is a bunch of manipulative bullshit.

Tune into Fox news occasionally and you will hear a whole bunch of "some people say" messages. Why not source the news if it is actually honest news??????????????????

Fox News is a voicebox or pundint for right wing propaganda. Take a peak at Fox News or watch Outfoxed to see what "SOME PEOPLE SAY."

Lots of Dumb Stuff

Goes on film...and this girl...well, she will be humiliated for THE REST OF HER LIFE

August 24, 2004

High Blood Pressure & Blueberries

An increasing # of Americans have high blood pressure (up 30% in the last decade or so)

If you are having problems perhaps you just need to eat more blueberries?

August 23, 2004

Advisory Board

Stoked yet again.

I not only emailed back and forth with a really cool guy yesterday, but today I got offered a position on an advisory board (and a bunch of shares) in a company which is founded on amazing ideas. The company is about to undergo heavy promotion in the next few months.

More on that later of course. Since nothing is official I have no official remarks or whatever. All I can say is wow!!!

Good things have been happening closer and closer to one another.

Web Revival

grisley alcoholics...
a bear drinks all the bear

the web, again?
Web 2.0

and what will come of it???
Extreme Democracy? Maybe...

August 21, 2004

Success, Greed, AND Congrats to Me!!!

That title is intended to be a bit sad and humorous at the same time.

I just got done reading this awesome report (PDF).

Many of the people who are highly successful in this country think they are successful exclusively because their own hard work and their own actions. WELL THAT'S FUCKING STUPID.

Growing up I perhaps did not have great financial or social bonus that many of the truely successful greed mongers did.

I deeply discount most of my childhood exeriences as having little value because I was for the most part withdrawn from society - a large part of that due to perhaps evil siblings that never skiped an opportunity to rip apart what little self esteem I had.

Now that I am kinda doing ok it would be easy for me to say that my success was do to my work alone. My friend Jason from Florida says I am a self made man.

that is not true thogh. Any success I have came across thusfar is primarily based upon:

  • The fact that being a nuclear reactor operator in the navy on a fast attack submarine is probably worse than never living at all. The shitty organization that the US Navy is gave me the drive to never want to work for anyone else again. <--- eventually I aim to cause MAJOR REFORM of this organization.
  • Tim Berners-Lee created the World Wide Web for me to play on.
  • The US Government funded a large part of the internet.
  • The internet allowed me to ask people for free passes to conferences that cost thousands of dollars where I started learning about search engine marketing stuff.
  • The web helped me find people like Seth Godin. It helped me also to learn faster than any school could have possibly taught me.
  • The roadways and travel systems of this country allowed me to meet people like Seth in person.
  • My mom taught me to work hard and to put others before yourself.
  • My dad taught me to live cheap.
  • The web gives me a sense of purpose and allows me to reach other people and creates the marketing networks I can do well on.

It would be entirely easy for me to be overly bitter about the navy and just say fuck this county. There are many things that are good about this country though.

What works well in growing humanity is when one generation reinvests into the next. Sadly things such as war or the cold war are sometimes needed to inspire reinvestment.

Now it seems as though we are in a period of confusion where

  • despite the fact we are fighting many wars few people are exactly sure why.
  • we are spending huge amounts of money on arbitrary narrow wealth generation systems - which are costing lives daily.
  • while cutting taxes we are also cutting education funding, thereby further narrowing the wealth funnel on multiple fronts - making it harder for this land to be a land of opportunity.
  • we are guided day to day by arbitrary fear concerns that have little sound logic - which prevent us from focusing on our true purpose.
  • if life has absolutely no other purpose at the bare minimum children should be offered a better chance to find their true purpose than their parents were.
  • progress is not based upon capital or influence unless you are narcissistic.
  • the world as a whole works better when more people have an opportunity to dream and to achieve those dreams.
  • in submation, if you vote for the current president you are too ignorant to deserve the life you have been given.

good or bad environment, luck, and timing have more to do with the results of life than most people give credit for.

as a funny side note, I was unsure how to spell "narcissistic" and any of my writing profits will partially be due to spell check <--- thank you from the bottom of my heart

and also while searching for that word I found guaranteed a fix for my narcissistic problem they noticed while I was at the psych ward.
Narcissistic ad.
whatever that linden method is, it costs $83...certainly plenty of profit margin in healing that pain there. but who said greed is a bad thing.

August 17, 2004

Overall a Good Day

Well I did not do a bunch. Slept the afternoon away.

Talked to my brother and a few clients.
I sold about a half dozen ebooks, which is good. Mo money, yo...
A client hooked me up with more cash. or as Tony would say, he flowed...
I paid off some bills that were surprisingly lower than I remembered them being.
Recently partnered up with (and may make future partnerships with) Brad Fallon of Instant SEO
.com. He is a good talker, smart marketer, and seems to be doing some things in the right direction.

Some of my peers gave my ebook good reviews. I know a bunch of those guys know way more than me and find it amazing that they like my ebook, or think it would likely be good enough to want to purchase it.

I also recently noticed this kick ass review of my ebook by Jarrod Hundt.
Text Link Brokers review of SEO Book.

I got an email back today from Tim Berners-Lee (guy who made the World Wide Web). Kinda gonna be stoked for a week or two.

The fact that he still has the time to email me is at the very least somewhat inspiring. The email back was cool, but what was really cool is that I know he got the email I sent him too :)

So far I have emailed back and forth with the creator of Slashdot, the co creator of FireFox, and the creator of the web...neato

on a cool email side note: a while ago my roomie got an email from Noam Chomsky

August 16, 2004

Wow, This Blog Still Exists

Not sure the last time I posted. I be doing other thiniemabobbers and whatnot.

Convention is only 2 weeks away. time to throw people in jail to raise the social concern for terrorism.

after all, if bullshit is your official party line then you need to lay it on thick to try to make it work.

in other news, corporate profits are up...and so is the frequency of brain disease

Brain diseases have been on a steady increase over the past two decades and researchers believe they have found a link between these diseases and the environment.

Researchers indicate that higher levels of pesticides, industrial effluents, car exhausts, domestic waste and other pollutants are responsible for increases in Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease and motor neurone disease. source

yet another day I am ashamed to be human...

hint, capitalism is pretty fucked up. there has to be something better. perhaps I should study political science, sociology and stuff like that??? not that I would be the one with the answers, but it would be nice to be able to contribute to the world in a positive way.

I have always maintained that ENVIRONMENT IS ONE OF THE MOST POWERFUL DRUGS IN THE WORLD. If I learned nothing else from the navy I learned that in a real way.

August 9, 2004

Pushing My Voice

I give my ebook away to charities for free. Sometimes I get ebook requests from charities that are completely against most everything I believe in. It puts me in a hard situation because if I comply I am helping spread messages I do not believe in. If I do not comply I am filtering information and who is to say my opinions are correct?

Another thing that sucks is if you do a really good job with writing articles you can help improve the legitimacy of a publication. They then can advertise things you totally do not agree with. And there you have it. To be successful on the web you need to make partnerships and you need to have other people push your messages. Most other people are exceedingly financially driven so its hard to partner with people.

Shall I make my own pure network? But then again who is to say my own thoughts and opinions are pure or correct?

August 8, 2004

Prozac in the Water Supply

Ha ha. Wake up society, YOUR BEING FUCKED!!!

Prozac found contaminating water in Britain

Signs that the drug companies are perhaps outgrowing the economic development and breeding habits of humans?

Not to worry. The government is there to ensure you that this Prozac finding is no big deal.

Exact amounts of Prozac detected in British waters have not been specified but the government’s Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) said it was likely that the drug has been found in such diluted concentrations that health risks involved will be minimal.

If only people would look at the larger issue at hand.

Did you know...?

That the prescriptions for Prozac went up from 9 million to 24 million from 1991 to 2001? ...

That about 60 million people live in the UK source? ...

The original Prozac patent was set to expire in 2001? ...

They extended out that patent to 2017 by coating the pills in something similar to what asprin is coated in and calling the pills extended release? ...

I would hate to be a share holder in big drug companies. While they are raping and pillaging profits and mental stability from the land this little thing called the internet is giving people like me a voice. There are many people like me.

The entire economic system that works in the US right now is based on me eventually selling out. Me giving in to my corporate sponsor. I will not. As I get better at marketing I will market more and more and more for these big drug companies until the day that their CEOs perhaps commit suicide from emotional numbness due to being prescribed the same shit ass drugs that they pushed on to millions of other people. Then perhaps I could crap on their graves. Stupid, selfish, greedy fucks.

August 7, 2004

Wow, Stocks Really Fucking Suck!!!

So a long time ago I at one point has some faith in this country and its ideals (that's some real fucking ingorance right there).

While I did not make much money (in fact probably low enough to qualify for some sort of welfare - that is if the military was not my employer).

I spent almost everything I made buying stocks for probably close to a year or so. Sending whole paychecks into the stock market. I also was a fan of technology and the internet. I knew back then that the internet would be huge.

I remember reading the newspaper a week before we were to pull in on one run. I was up thousands of dollars in less than a month. Of course in that last week of the run it eventually eroded :(

As it turns out so did the rest of the stocks I bought. I even had about a grand in Lucent which is now worth enough to go buy a box of Powerbars.

I ended up leaving the navy on less than favorable terms feeling there would be a greater than 90% chance I would commit suicide in the next year.

I just got a letter from one of my brokerage accounts saying that I owed $70 and so I sent them money and closed that account. Got the info to log into the other account and joyfully noticed that it has about $260 in inactivity fees.

The inactivity fees are only caused when your account is inactive AND you have less than $5,000 of capital in the account. I think that is interesting that the fees are only on inactive and poor accounts. Its a neat little trick to help boost the consolidation of wealth in hard times and the fees usually only fuck those who can not afford them.

Oh well I will pay them off.

Again I find myself as an investor into the internet. This time not so much financially, but personally.

Its funny how the navy not only ate over 5 years of my life and threw me into a suicidal sense of self, but that even in doing that it was not enough and they are still costing me interest on my debt I earned due to lack of employment (primarily due to a lack of desire to live) after I got out of their organization.

As I said though I again find myself investing into the internet and feel that I will strugle to repay my debt to the navy. I am going to try hard though. In a couple years after I am a fairly successful and completely financially independat marketer I will write a book about the navy to help them out.

If I had a choice between joining the navy nuclear power program again and smoking crack while shooting up heroin I know I would chose the latter of those two options. It would likely be less destructive on my life and mind.

Random post which is just another reminder of the book I need to eventually write :)

August 5, 2004

What is for Sale

As a marketer over time you learn that nothing is pure and most things are for sale. For example I can make an ok ad to sell me ebook and watch it convert at about 1 - 1.5% all day long. I then can change that ad AND ONLY THAT AD and watch my conversion rate more than double.

Something like

Dominate Search Engine Rankings.
Insiders Guide Packed with Secrets!

works rather well. People are more likely to buy from a strong ad then a weak ad. They see what they want to see and taste what they want to taste.

Stronger presell = greater desire = final sales letter page reads better = more sales.

Call it anything you want, but really good copywriting is just sparking an emotion and exploiting it. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Where does the sale stop though?

I have had to rewrite my ebook to sound more politically correct because of partnerships I intended on making. Still completely honest, just not as blunt.

Fark Sells Content Space as Unlabeled Ads
What the fuck is that? How is that for cutting edge? source

Company Manipulates Own Search Results
Others take this a step further though. Yahoo! is renting text links which will manipulate their own search results. That is extremely sketchy when you consider that they also use human editors to edit their search results.

Marketer makes wedding a Marketing Expo?
Corey Rudl that is just tacky...

August 2, 2004

My Crap Site

So this site is like whatever I do not really maintain it. My random spewings of thoughts or perhaps drunk thoughts often land upon this web page.

I try harder to do a good job with some of my other sites and am exceptionally frustrated when I read the pages. Each time I look at my site I realize just how out to lunch some of the old pages are.

And the cycle repeats.

I have drawn the conclusion here that the reason no search engine marketers have 300 page websites is because its rediculus to keep it up to date and to keep learning other stuff and to work on a bunch of clients websites.

When thinking about the first sites I made all I can think is "bad call awall" :(

Likely I could take 200 pages out of my website to make it less informative and easier to maintain and yet make a ton more profits.

it is a difficult cross roads though as I am not really sure what I want to do. with each growing day I am more and more sure that likely SEO isn't it.


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