November 29, 2007

Be a Part of History for $152.50 or was it $160?

I wish they would have gave me a link in this trivia post. And Ryan thinks I am a conservative! Doah

But oh well, at least I still have the poster. :)

October 29, 2007

Some People Lie & Get Away With It...

though the practice was more common before YouTube remixes. The question is, can the neoconservative war hawks destroy this country before the people take it back from them and throw them in jail where they belong?

October 25, 2007

Iraq War to Cost $2.4 Trillion

Bush estimated $50 billion...but add up a trillion here and a trillion there, and suddenly you are talking real money.

October 4, 2007

Democracy is Our #2 Export (Right Behind Bombs)

To keep our way of living, we want to move away from free trade:

Six in 10 Republicans in the poll agreed with a statement that free trade has been bad for the U.S. and said they would agree with a Republican candidate who favored tougher regulations to limit foreign imports. That represents a challenge for Republican candidates who generally echo Mr. Bush's calls for continued trade expansion, and reflects a substantial shift in sentiment from eight years ago.

Kinda makes you appreciate how hollow the free market meme is.

But those in power want you in financial ruin so you cede more control to them. Unless you are doing something creative or something with passion someone will program a computer to do what you are doing or someone in the third world will do it for $3 to $40 a day. Get ready of those living standards to get equalized across the borders. Welcome to freedom and free markets.

September 16, 2007

August 23, 2007

What is Wrong in Iraq: the United States

We put a brutal dictator in charge of Iraq, and then hung him for being the person we knew he was. We knew who he was when we put him in charge and when we were giving him biological weapons he used on his own people.

Now we made the country unstable, and under-promoted a local government there which is struggling to rule the chaotic lands. And now we are questioning their ability to rule.

The one recurring theme in the problems in Iraq is US involvement.

August 22, 2007

Iraq VS Iran

The only difference is a letter, a few years, and a few bombs.

June 30, 2007

Terrorists Use SUVs

If you buy an SUV the gas you are using goes directly toward making the world less stable, warmer, and funds terrorism.

No longer able to hide the SUV relationship, terrorists have started letting the public know by crashing a flaming SUV into the Glasgow airport. Buy a flag and a Hummer today to show your support for terrorism.

June 25, 2007

Tax Payers Lose Free Speech, Subsidize Popular Religions

Church and state is out the window, apparently. From the WSJ's article titled Court Loosens Campaign Ad Law, Tightens Student Speech Freedoms

In four opinions, the court's four conservatives and conservative-leaning Justice Anthony Kennedy, diluted a key part of federal campaign finance laws, limited student free speech rights, threw out a challenge to President Bush's religious initiatives office and sided with builders and the White House in a dispute over federal endangered species laws.

When fictitious entities (corporations and Gods we created) have more rights than people you know stuff is broken. How much more corrosive can our government get?

June 23, 2007

June 13, 2007

Objective Media

The media reports Presedent Bush's job approval ratings have fallen to 29%. That's approaching the most pessimistic mood in the history of the WSJ/NBC poll.

The same media helped put the scumbag in power. A friend recently mentioned this

I had someone tell me once years ago...

That the one person you DO NOT want to vote for, no matter what party they belong too, is the one person that gets most all of the "free" and positive main stream media coverage...

Anyone remember the Presidential Political campaigns of 2004 or 2000?

According to information gathered from several media watch sites like and, G.W. Bush received an average of 8 to 1 in "Free" positive mentions by the major Television Networks over ALL other political opponents combined (Democrat and Republican) during both of those political campaigns.

I think that says a lot about bias in the main stream media.

Also worth reading are How the Liberal Media Myth is Created and defining Mandate, but the big story on the media is here: TV news is dominated by 5 corporations.
NBC, CNBC, MSNBC are owned by GE. When I worked at MNSBC, some of the constraints imposed on the "Donahue" show were the result of GE ownership and a conservative NBC boss who'd come out of GE Financial and GE's plastics division.

Fox News is owned by the right-wing Rupert Murdoch (and News Corporation), and does Murdoch's ideological bidding.

ABC is owned by Disney. You'll remember that CEO Michael Eisner said that Disney wouldn't distribute "Fahrenheit 911" because Disney "didn't want to be in the middle of a politically-oriented film during an election year." Eisner's comment was allowed to pass only because so few people realize that Disney is one of the biggest purveyors of political opinion this election year and every recent election year -- almost all of it right-wing political opinion. Each day in major radio markets nationwide, Disney radio stations serve up hour after hour of Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, Laura Ingraham, Matt Drudge, etc. etc.

CBS News, owned by Viacom, got taken in by forged documents -- and then censored accurate reporting critical of Bush, apparently at the behest of Viacom's CEO, Sumner Redstone. Six weeks before the election Redstone endorsed Bush on behalf of Viacom: "From a Viacom standpoint, the election of a Republican administration is a better deal. Because the Republican administration has stood for many things we believe in, deregulation and so on."

Media is amoral and apolitical. But they are addicted to profits. Thus they use their authority to push their own agenda.

The reason right wing is in flavor now is because faith based voters are easy to manipulate. As media creation and consumption gets more decentralized and more personalized I wouldn't be surprised to see left wing news to be much more in demand.

May 21, 2007

How to Overthrow a Country

Election Fraud Abroad:

With the intention of ousting an undesirable regime, the U.S. government dedicates itself to strengthening and uniting opposition to the government. This includes funding opposition political parties, and creating non-governmental organizations dedicated to toppling the regime in power. On top of this, the U.S. might contract political consultants and polling agencies to help their favored candidate win at the ballot box. But in the event they cannot win the election, fake polls cast doubt on the official electoral results, and the opposition claims fraud. Massive protests and media attention put pressure on the regime to step down, or to give in to opposition demands. [2]

As implausible as it might sound, it was exactly this strategy that toppled Slobodan Milosevic in Serbia in 2000. After the war in Kosovo and NATO bombing had failed to produce regime change, the United States worked to strengthen Milosevic’s internal opponents by uniting them behind one candidate, Vojislav Kostunica, and pumping about $40 million into his election campaign. [3] U.S.-funded NGO’s and electoral consultants helped create a propaganda campaign surrounding the elections, and worked behind the scenes to help organize mass resistance to the Milosevic regime. [4] U.S.-trained “election helpers” were deployed around the country on election day to monitor results. The U.S. even provided young activists with thousands of cans of spray paint and campaign stickers to cover the country with anti-Milosevic slogans. [5]

According to official results of the first round elections neither candidate had won a majority of the vote, and so it would require a second round run-off. But U.S. consultants published their own “exit polls” giving Kostunica a huge victory and Milosevic refused to recognize them. [6] The opposition claimed fraud and U.S.-backed groups staged acts of non-violent resistance to put pressure on the government. Armed groups stormed the Federal Assembly and the state television headquarters. [7] Massive protests and rebellion forced Milosevic to step down. There would be no second round election, and Washington’s candidate Vojislav Kostunica took power. The strategy had worked.

2000 US Election Fraud

While the heavily scrutinized touch-screen voting machines seemed to produce results in which the registered Democrat/Republican ratios largely matched the Kerry/Bush vote, in Florida's counties using results from optically scanned paper ballots - fed into a central tabulator PC and thus vulnerable to hacking – the results seem to contain substantial anomalies.

In Baker County, for example, with 12,887 registered voters, 69.3% of them Democrats and 24.3% of them Republicans, the vote was only 2,180 for Kerry and 7,738 for Bush, the opposite of what is seen everywhere else in the country where registered Democrats largely voted for Kerry.

2004 US Election Fraud

Speaking of statistics, perhaps the juiciest analytical morsel comes from Steven F. Freeman, PhD, of the University of Pennsylvania, who thoroughly examined discrepancies between reported results and exit poll data, with particular emphasis on the crucial states of Ohio, Florida, and Pennsylvania. Specifically, Ohio's reported results gave Bush a 6.7% premium over exit polls in 2004, Florida gave him an extra 5%, and Pennsylvania boosted him by 6.5%.

Freeman calculates the combined statistical probability of these three discrepancies occurring in 2004, is one in 250 million. In 10 of the 11 so-called "battleground" states, he observes, "the tallied margin differs from the predicted margin, and in every one, the shift favors Bush."

But what are exit polls, and how accurate are they? Basically, they ask people leaving a polling area how they voted. And, as for precision, even Republican consultant Dick Morris gives them high marks. "Exit polls are almost never wrong," he wrote in a November 2004 article. "So reliable are the surveys that actually tap voters as they leave the polling places, that they are used as guides to the relative honesty of elections in Third World countries."

Note, too, that exit poll discrepancies in Ukraine's run-off leadership election of Nov. 21, 2004, similar in magnitude to Bush's three sixes in Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania, were enough within days to bring hundreds of thousands of protestors into the streets of Kiev.

The exit poll data for Freeman's own analysis of the 2004 election came from the National Election Pool, a consortium of major television networks and the Associated Press, and are collected by two respected polling firms, Edison Media Research and Mitofsky International. Freeman notes that in Germany, where it takes a week or more to tally an election, the German people nevertheless know the results the night the polls close "because the news media's exit polls, for two generations, have never been more than a tenth of a percent off."

It is cheaper, faster, and more profitable to change public perception and doctor the results than to give people what they want...if you were an amoral business or politician why wouldn't you invest in voter fraud?

May 6, 2007

Jews For Peace

Today I went to the farmers market and saw some bizarre Jews for peace people spreading their message of hate and intolerance. One guy has Israel on the map forever sign, while the next one is holding their flag next to a US one, and the next has a Israel for Peace sign.

If something is created out of brute force, violence, and murder, and is maintained by the same, how can you say you support it and peace? What a joke.

So I walked behind the people, and while I was walking past them I told my girlfriend "while I was in the Army I killed 14 Muslims, for peace." Some of them turned their heads and looked at me. I wonder if any of them realized that my comment was no less absurd than their signs.

April 21, 2007

Its All for Sale

In an article about Gregory Nickerson, Harpers notes how the US tax code is for sale:

Supporters of the American Jobs Creation Act had argued that with all their tax savings, the companies that benefited would rush out and hire lots of new workers. But it didn't turn out that way. “One thing is clear,” Business Week reported in August of 2005. “The money piling in from abroad as the result of the Jobs Creation Act has done little to actually spur hiring. In fact, six of the 10 companies repatriating the biggest totals are axing workers in the U.S. They include HP [Hewlett Packard], which announced July 19 that it would cut its head count by 14,500 in the U.S.”

The absurdity of the $140 billion corporate tax break titled the American Jobs Creation Act is not just that it had the exact opposite effect of its name, the true absurdity stems from the fact that it lobbyists only had to pay politicians about $50,000 to push the bogus bill through congress.

April 16, 2007

Its all a game

I get frustrated when it comes time to pay taxes. Not because I believe that I am above paying them, but because it reminds me of

  • how gamed everything is (leading radio companies use payola, the WSJ sells advertorials, and colleges bogusly recommend best loan providers for kickbacks)
  • how people go to jail without cause (non violent drug users, and people like my sister)
  • that I am writing checks to drop bombs on people to kill them so we increase the profit margins of oil companies and defense contractors

And it all makes me feel a little bit ill.

March 13, 2007

What Does it Mean to Take Responsibility?

We can learn a thing or two from our leaders:

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales acknowledged that mistakes were made and accepted responsibility Tuesday for the way eight federal prosecutors were fired.

At a news conference Tuesday, Mr. Gonzales said he would find out what went wrong but said he would not resign. "I acknowledge that mistakes were made here. I accept that responsibility," Mr. Gonzales said amid growing calls for his own termination.

If you honestly accept responsibility you don't just say those let the axe fall on you.

March 11, 2007

January 8, 2007

Happy Holidays

in between Christmas and the hope for peace a new year brings he was hung
the timing of events is rarely accidental when leaders are involved
it was deplorable and we hope lessons are learned, so they claim
but those lessons are that murder should never be seen or it is harder to sell

while everyone is still consumed with fear of liquids
talk sanely about using nuclear weapons to spread peace
not to worry though, these ones are small, and there is a new round of safer nuclear weapons
we have candy for the kids and contractors

if you can't get enough bodies to agree with what you are doing you have four options

  • jail or kill them
  • undermine the economy and shift power elsewhere
  • public relations
  • bring back the dead

If they care so little as to not even notice they killed you maybe you died fighting for a lost (or bogus) cause. But their sloppiness indicates both their lack of respect for human life and how fragile and short lived their crumbling control is.

December 6, 2006

Big Oil Enjoying Free Markets

$10 billion dollars a quarter is not enough for some big oil companies, as it turns out. Not only do we roll back environmental protection via things like the Clear Skies Act, but, as it turns out, the government has not even been collecting BILLIONS of dollars of taxes due from these oil companies.

Think about that for a second. They already have BILLIONS of dollars and are not paying their taxes, and yet the government has to freeze money in my friend's bank account under a false presumption of a certain income level.

Each time I pay them, I actually feel unethical for paying taxes because I know how wrong the system is.

I actually believe that I am probably more free market oriented than any major political ideology, political party, or part of the governemnt is. But the thing is, I still pay taxes when the billionaires don't. If you want to make it fair and talk up free markets start by abolishing the Federal Reserve and killing income tax.

October 27, 2006

George Bush Speech Generator

If you just change the order of a few words the clarity and honesty drastically improve. For example:

and may God continue against Iraqs neighbours and all foreign nationals and kill thousands of innocent people and we are prepared to do so.

easy to link at

October 14, 2006

There is Nothing Conservative...

About giving some opulent asshole nearly endless trust and authority without any checks and balances. Especially if those opulent assholes have interests that represent a rich minority which cares not about the state of most citizens (and are typically well aligned against the interests of the common man).

Although I have more money than most people do, I wish all the money in the world was destroyed, or that we had a value system which placed a higher value on freedom and human life than our current one does.

Unchecked power ultimately will destroy any society, be it capitalistic / socialistic / fascist. It just took us a bit longer to fall apart than the Soviet Union because we had greater natural resources and our system was SLIGHTLY less flawed.

October 2, 2006

A Man Named Muhammad in the Middle East

Is apparently quite hard to send money to via Western Union due to racial profiling, etc.

Realistically if someone was a terrorist or whatever and sending money through Western Union wouldn't they have a fake ID or alias? And wouldn't they be getting more than a few hundred at a time?

September 17, 2006

What If...

God didn't need to be pissed at people?

If religion was generally more about compassion and understanding, and less about judgement and fearmongering, would power sources still push it so hard?

Or do they only push it because it teaches people not to think for themselves?

September 12, 2006

July 24, 2006

AMERICA: Freedom To Fascism

Is the US's IRS Collecting Income Tax Legal?

Related: The Money Masters

And a quote from the president who was sucker enough to create The Federal Reserve:

I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated governments in the civilized world - no longer a government by free opinion, no longer a government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men. - Woodrow Wilson

Fascism is capitalism in decline.

July 18, 2006

First Veto

Wow. The president is going to do his first presidential veto ever, vetoing against increased funding for embryonic stem-cell research. From the WSJ

"The simple answer is he thinks murder's wrong," said White House spokesman Tony Snow. "The president is not going to get on the slippery slope of taking something living and making it dead for the purposes of scientific research."

If he doesn't believe in murder then
  • why did he have no problem with it as a Texas governor?
  • why start all the wars?
  • why claim the existence of a neverending war?

Oh, I forgot, it is not murder if God is on Our Side.

July 15, 2006

July 3, 2006

Nothing Was Ever Lost

Noam Chomsky on how the US never was a democracy:

That's the way the country was founded. It was founded on the principal explained by Madison in the Constitutional Convention that the primary role of the government is to protect the minority of the opulent against the majority. And then the constitution was designed to sorta ensure that.

On personal motivation and balance

and Noam Chomsky on The Charlie Rose Show, talking about democratic deficit

part 2

On the need for creativity

part 2

Our own versions of humanity and human ideals are limited by our own flaws and our own sets of experiences, but it doesn't mean that we should just accept things as they are or feel powerless to change them.

I still have a lot to change to do internally to become the person I should have been many years ago, but if the whole rulebook or set framework is wrong then one should look to change it, as best they can.

So much of it comes down to controlling public perception. Why, for example, are there so many conditions for recycling. Why does the local recycling guide not accept many things that they should? Why does the recycling tips information page look like a legalspeak long set of rules when the process should be simple and easy? It is because there is more profit in discouraging people and making them not care. The more we consume the more profit there is. We can worry about the trash later, when there are business models that (hopefully) come about which are profitable on that issue.

Of course eventually they will come about and be profitable, but there is too much money tied up in exploiting current energy supplies and making people not care. Only when people notice the problem will there be enough mindshare to divert appropriate resources to that issue.

There are tons of other issues too, but why is it that we have to operate on such a reactive level if we are so advanced? Why can't there be more investment in fixing problems before they get out of control?

I find it absurd that I stood a couple feet from him and that he emailed my old roommate and autographed my roommate's copy of Manufacturing Consent.

Tubes - it's ALL Tubes

Alaskan Senator Ted Stevens - a vote against evolution

Internet started with the concept of tubes.

He has no problem spending $223 million for a bridge that services an island of 50 people and wants to put control of the web into a couple telecom monopolies with legacy business models.

Free market enterprise really smells like shit when people like Stevens have an opinion that matters. Don't get me wrong, I think everyone should be free to voice their opinions, I just don't think his should count any more than mine. Especially on issues related to the WWW.

If the voting machines work, jim crow laws don't appear, and individuals can inspire others to be non apathetic maybe that sort of scum will be removed from congress.

How can this man be considered anything but a hypocritical scumbag?

July 2, 2006

Violate the Geneva Conventions

It is pretty bad when you stack the deck and still lose. But Bush's reputation precedes him.

One does not need to join the military to realize just how slanted military courtrooms are. I was stupid enough to learn the slant the hard way. My lawyer (when I was in the military) was actually verbally reprimanded for actually trying to defend the defendants. He was getting out of the military the day after he participated in my case. He not only tried to defend me, but he and I also played word games during the joke court session :) Those courts really are a joke.

Of course the president is still hints at guilt on the locked up parties, as though the court cases have already occurred

President Bush said he would "look seriously" at the case, adding: "The ruling, as I understand it, won't cause killers to be put out on the street."

I just hope someday that Bush winds up in jail. Maybe that would lead to a resurgence in spirituality for this country.

June 23, 2006

Nice Quotes

"To announce that there must be no criticism of the president ... right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public." - Teddy Roosevelt (Republican), 1918

"Political language . . . is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind." - George Orwell

"Loss of freedom seldom happens overnight. Oppression doesn't stand on the doorstep with toothbrush moustache and swastika armband -- it creeps up insidiously... step by step, and all of a sudden the unfortunate citizen realizes that it is gone." - Baron Lane

June 12, 2006

Homeland Security: a True Scam on Every Level

Last week a scumbag Army recruiter knocked on my door. The same week I was notified by the department of veteran affairs that some of my personal data was likely stolen. Lovely.

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has recently learned that an employee took home electronic data from the VA, which he was not authorized to do and was in violation of established policies. The employee's home was burglarized and this data was stolen. The data contained identifying information including names, social security numbers, and dates of birth for up to 26.5 million verterans and some spouses, as well as some disability rating.

This week a "friend" told me that he started marketing the US Army website. He then argued that all Muslims were terrorists that wanted to kill us. He is a Jew who supports ethnic cleansing.

I kept asking for his address to send him a 'Hitler was right' t-shirt, but he was disinterested in realizing or expressing his own hypocrisy.

If you are a Jew who is fond of ethnic cleansing you are a fucking scumbag that does not deserve to be alive.

CNN just published an article stating that the Homeland Security accepts fake IDs:

A man using a fake identification card was able to enter the Department of Homeland Security headquarters in Washington, even though the type of Mexican-issued "matricula consular" card he used is not recognized as valid by the United States government.

Homeland security would be more aptly named homeland scam. If they can't keep my data safe or their own building safe they have no business protecting anyone and they should all lose their jobs.

In other (un)related news, you have to smirk at this headline: Bush reviews Iraq plan, says oil is key. It is a shame none of the media realized that point until now, and even now they are still getting it wrong.

In other (un)related news, Violent crime in the U.S. is on the rise, posting its biggest one-year increase since 1991. Surely that can't be caused from bleeding the poor, sucking out the middle class, and teaching everyone that violence is appropriate.

May 28, 2006

Human Destiny, Capitalism, The Controlling Elite, Antimarket Behavior, The Tragedy of the Commons, & Public Deception

The question is weather privledged elites should dominate mass communication, and should use this power as they tell us they must. Namely to impose necissary illusions to manipulate and decieve the stupid majority and remove them from the public arena.

The question in brief is weather democracy and freedom are values to be preserved or threats to be avoided. In this possibly terminal phase of human existance democracy and freedom are more than values to be treasured. They may well be essential to survival.

This is another reason I have a distaste for the word evil and for organized religious institutions in general. Largely because many popular religions teach people to be guided by fear and not question things. Manipulative leaders cater their manipulative efforts to those large markets.

I have allowed myself to remain far too ignorant on far too many issues for far too long. I don't think I have the linguistic skills or broad worldview necessary to be one who has any large lasting effect on humanity, but I can support the things I believe in and make sure I chip away at the things I do not.

My (somewhat limited) understanding of modern search technology and the web allows me to spread any message I believe in cheaply, even if I was not smart enough to think up the idea and am only marketing someone else's message.

The Tragedy of the Commons is a good read about the problem with capitalism in a finite world.

I know many people play up the importance of Google too much (and I give them lots of crap when they screw up), but I think they are one of the few company structures with enough power to eventually change or undermine many of the broken patterns in society. The would probably be the only company I would ever want to work at, although I doubt I would be smart enough to get hired there, and I still want to roam from topic to topic on my own for a while.

May 9, 2006

Colbert Report on President Bush

Brilliant stuff. And even funnier that he was able to do it live.

May 2, 2006

When is it Ok to Lie to Someone You Love?

What if you didn't like feeling pushed, even if you knew the person pushing you in a direction cares for you and was doing so to try to help you? What if they didn't realize that in spite of you respecting them greatly that pushing you just frustrates you and causes unnecessary friction?

In these cases is it best to just be straight up? Or when does it make sense to lie?

Many issues are not ones where there is only one truth, and many issues are irrational in nature. Not saying my path is correct or whatever, but what if there are multiple ways to a goal. How do you make a person respect your opinion on issues where many people are typically irrational? Take religion, as an example.

May 1, 2006

Why Civil Disobedience is Important

Describing the fall of the Alexandria library Carl Sagan said:

“there is no record, in the entire history of the Library, that any of its illustrious scientists and scholars ever seriously challenged the political, economic and religious assumptions of their society. The permanence of the stars was questioned; the justice of slavery was not.”

April 17, 2006

I am so Glad I Believe in...

Amazing! I can't believe how many bloggers have mentioned that they are glad they believe in ________ over _________ and _________ after referencing an ill blogger that allegedly chopped up some little girl.

Here is a tip for you Mr ultra religious ______ wing better than whoever nut job blogger: if God is true and so omnipotent then he chose to make the person that chopped up that little girl AND he chose to make it happen AND he chose to have you blog about it as if it was a function of athiesm even though ALL OF IT was HIS CHOICE.

I am not going to post my religious beliefs here, but anyone who thinks the wrongs of the world are created by a lack of religious beliefs needs to ask themselves why the all powerful creator created many of the shitty things that occur on Earth.

I am sick of people who just want to divide the world and state that every thing good is me and everything bad is not me. The best and worst parts of all people who ever lived are in all of us. We are all far more connected than we would ever know, and the attempts to come together usually revolve around tearing something else apart.

To be honest I am usually most motivated when I or people I know experience injustice, but I don't think it needs to be that way. And I am going to be a way better person when I am more motivated by good things than by stopping bad things. You have understand what drives people and you have to create alternatives if you want to change the world.

Some people due stupid shit for the rush, and then as they do one thing that is slightly abnormal it is easier to do something else that is more abnormal. I think killing people is shitty, but we do that each day we pay taxes for bombs that land on small 3rd world villiages.

You can't stop humans from having fundamental human flaws, you can only do your best to learn about the world and yourself to reach your full potential and then with a bit of luck maybe help set up a framework that hopefully makes it easier for others to do well.

Many religious systems teach people not to question things. And even if the religions were completely pure that single feature (large groups of people not questioning things) means that corrupt scumbag individuals will gravitate toward certain religions just because they have an easy prey to market their message to.

most things that are sold as right and good limit your potential and / or destroy the lives of people who follow that route. Your path should - to the best of your ability - be chose by you.

March 18, 2006

Profound Thoughts

I sometimes wish I had profoundly useful things to say. I usually don't, but I have become more observant of when I hear them.

Via World Changing

March 8, 2006

Liars Caught on Tape

homeland security at work:

In dramatic and sometimes agonizing terms, federal disaster officials warned President Bush and his homeland security chief before Hurricane Katrina struck that the storm could breach levees, put lives at risk in New Orleans' Superdome and overwhelm rescuers, according to confidential video footage.

Bush didn't ask a single question during the final briefing before Katrina struck on Aug. 29, but he assured soon-to-be-battered state officials: "We are fully prepared."

Bush declared four days after the storm, "I don't think anybody anticipated the breach of the levees"

A president precluded from being honest in ANY aspect of life. Well at least he didn't think it was a bird.

February 25, 2006

WOW...South Dakota Bans Abortion

South Dakota lawmakers approved a ban on nearly all abortions yesterday, setting up a deliberate frontal assault on Roe v. Wade at a time when some activists see the U.S. Supreme Court as more willing than ever to overturn the 33-year-old decision.

Republican Gov. Mike Rounds said he was inclined to sign the bill, which would make it a crime for doctors to perform an abortion unless it was necessary to save the woman’s life. The measure would make no exception in cases of rape or incest.

- from

I don't understand the drive to make people live - if even under horrible circumstances - when generally I do not think most people and organizations of power give a shit about humanity.

What are the odds that crime rates sharply increase with more unwanted children joining society?

Arabs in Our Ports!!!!

Why are arabs working in the port a big deal?

  • It is harder for us to hate and misunderstand a group of people that we come in contact with and learn anything about.
  • Why not remind everyone of the bullshit terrorism meme.

February 20, 2006

Someone to Blame

Grabbing lines from the New York Times:

Glazer, Moynihan and, later, Glenn Loury argued that ambitious efforts to seek social justice often left societies worse off than before because they either required massive state intervention that disrupted pre-existing social relations (for example, forced busing) or else produced unanticipated consequences (like an increase in single-parent families as a result of welfare).

The way the cold war ended shaped the thinking of supporters of the Iraq war, including younger neoconservatives like William Kristol and Robert Kagan, in two ways. First, it seems to have created an expectation that all totalitarian regimes were hollow at the core and would crumble with a small push from outside.

The [Iraq] war's supporters seemed to think that democracy was a kind of default condition to which societies reverted once the heavy lifting of coercive regime change occurred, rather than a long-term process of institution-building and reform.

Even benevolent hegemons sometimes have to act ruthlessly, and they need a staying power that does not come easily to people who are reasonably content with their own lives and society.

By definition, outsiders can't "impose" democracy on a country that doesn't want it; demand for democracy and reform must be domestic.

I think that hits so many points that are hard to argue with. Generally though I think it could be summed up as:

The above quote comes from a NYT article which comes from a part of a book named America at the Crossroads: Democracy, Power, and the Neoconservative Legacy

February 16, 2006

VC Citizen Scare Fund

Is the bird flue protection seriously needed, or are the VC's creating a $200 million fund for it simply exploiting fears in the average citizen?

Pure Pantload

Some congressmen talk about how search engines enable dictatorships and other shit like that.

It is there. Often it is there because our country feels we can exploit the other countries for greater profit. Placing blame on the search engines is such bullshit that I can't even think of an angle where that seems reasonable.

Here at home the DOJ blocks search spiders from the archive of their site and yet wants the rest of the world to be totally open. What a pantload.

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February 8, 2006

The Most Corrupt Countries

Ever notice that the countries listed in slideshows like this one

are always far away from here?

Ever wonder if we are on their slideshows of most corrupt countries?

February 1, 2006

I Love Blogs

I don't read good blogs as often as I used to, but I love this post

What was once in the foreground is moving into the background, and vice versa. Our world is being continuously rearranged around us in deceptively small increments. Though we like to pretend that the emerging new order is "normal," that daily life proceeds much as it always did, with a few small novel inconveniences, we keep on bumping uncomfortably into the furniture.

who pointed at that? Radiohead

some of the great comments on that page:

There is no "war on terror." The war is on the idea of a free-thinking society with merely a "threatening" harmless third world country to justify it.


Iraq had the political nuance to refuse to use the currency of a nation which was so obviously hostile to them and insisted that all transactions under the oil for food program would be conducted in Eurodollars. Now when other nations followed suit (Iran, North Korea etc - axis of evil just a coincidence?) the noble and righteous US of A decided to take action and in the manner of a playground bully beat the ten bells out of the weak kid lest anyone else get any clever ideas about refusing to hand over their lunch money. IF the abandonment of the US dollar had proceeded it would hae most certainly led to a major currency collapse and economic depression not seen since the Wall Street Crash.

and a quote from Joho:

I think that's also why so many of us are so invested in the Internet. That's the fresh start we've been looking for. It's a world that's more connected, more creative and more fair than the real world.

January 28, 2006

Heading Toward Another Dark Age?

Sleezeball politicians are trying to silence scientists. Something they did a good job of that led the world into the dark ages.

Here is yet another reason I don't believe in many things I am told to believe:

The top climate scientist at NASA says the Bush administration has tried to stop him from speaking out since he gave a lecture last month calling for prompt reductions in emissions of greenhouse gases linked to global warming.

The scientist, James E. Hansen, longtime director of the agency's Goddard Institute for Space Studies, said in an interview that officials at NASA headquarters had ordered the public affairs staff to review his coming lectures, papers, postings on the Goddard Web site and requests for interviews from journalists.

Dr. Hansen said he would ignore the restrictions. "They feel their job is to be this censor of information going out to the public," he said.

Pretty sad shit, really.

January 22, 2006

January 21, 2006

My Own Prison

Always bad to title posts after the name of a Creed song, but I really have few cool points to lose, so I am sure it will not hurt me that much.

Did you know that the federal discretionary spending on military is greater than the discretionary spending on everything else combined?

And that the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 is being pushed through with another tax cut. The net effect is $30 billion dollars more deficit. No real cut there.

Here is the full text of another Bin Laden tape.

Many things that are sold as good act to confine and manipulate those which they help until at some point they must drastically alter course. I am both a bit scared and excited to see what the next few decades may bring, although I think it would probably be best for worldwide peace, humanity and prosperity if our country soon failed miserably and was forced to restructure. I am almost certain it will happen. I just wonder how the world will fair.

Will there be any dominate countries? Will the only superpowers become corporate entities? Or will those fail hard too?

You know stuff is going wrong when the patent office may infringe a patent to create a system that organizes patents.

December 19, 2005

Politics: the Program

The atmosphere is shitty, but the economy is doing well, sort of.

I wonder if Bush will get impeached for spying on US citizens, ie: the program. If he is I hope they put him in jail so he is kept safe from the terrorists...the scumbag.

December 1, 2005

Bush concern at Iraq 'propaganda'

Bush concern at Iraq 'propaganda'

that has to be the funniest article title I have read in at least a month.

November 30, 2005

Fucking Scumbag Republicans...

Question: What is the point of a huge defecit?

Answer: Carve out the soul of the country. Kill social programs and make education unaffordable to most. The more we kill off options and the more people who are dirt fucking poor the cheaper we can exploit those people to make them die in a bullshit war aimed at doing nothing more than driving up the stockprice of dirtbag companies that sell weapons to the government.

Fuck education:

The House deficit reduction bill, which passed by a close vote of 217—215, reduces spending on federal student loan programs by $14.3 billion over the next five years. The Senate bill, which passed by a vote of 52-47, reduces student loan spending by $9.7 billion over the same period. The bills lower subsidies to private lenders that provide student loans and increase borrowing costs for students.

According to the United States Student Association, the House bill will cost the average student borrower an additional $5,800 in loan payments. On average, students currently borrow about $17,500 for college.

Both bills also reduce spending on entitlement programs and include changes to Medicaid, food stamps, farm subsidies, and other programs. However, the specifics of the bills differ substantially, and the House and Senate will have to compromise on a final version of the bill.

The House bill will decrease total spending by $50 billion, while the Senate bill will decrease spending by $36 billion. These are the first cuts to mandatory programs since 1997.

Question: What is the purpose of the war on terror?

Answer: To keep people perpetually in a state of fear against an unknown enemy so that you can exploit them.

We need to cut college loans by 20% so that we can keep defense spending growing at least 10 to 20 billion dollars a year. Fucking disgusting.

The House Armed Services Committee completed its markup of H.R. 1815, the FY’06 Defense Authorization bill, on May 19. The bill includes $441.6 billion for the Department of Defense and the nuclear weapons activities of the Department of Energy. This is $19.5 billion above the amount authorized for FY’05.

If we treated other people with just a morsel of respect then there would be way less war. But of course that isn't profitable for defense contractors or their shareholders.

The amount spent on national defense has increased from approximately $288.8 billion in 2000 to $420.7 billion in 2005. The 420.7 billion does not include other items such as money for the Afghan and Iraq wars ($49.1 billion for Fiscal Year 2006), or Homeland Security funding ($41.1 billion for Fiscal Year 2006), for example.)

November 23, 2005

Padia Charged in Attempt to Block Supreme Court's Opinion

Globe and Mail on the Padia case

Yesterday, in a stunning climbdown, the Bush administration indicted Mr. Padilla, thereby short-circuiting the Supreme Court's plan to examine the legality of the President's move to jail an American citizen indefinitely without charge by declaring him an enemy combatant.

It was only the latest in a series of legal retreats by the administration, which has given ground on several fronts from its open-ended incarceration of hundreds of detainees in Guantanamo Bay to compromises on some of the more Draconian aspects of the Patriot Act.

Land of freedom, etc.

Keep in mind that what happens in the court room has nothing to do with what happens in truth or the real world. Hard to imagine a person or company that can afford to waste more money loading up a case and creating fake evidence than the US government.

Although the foreign press should be careful with what they write, lest their news cause the need for US bombing threats. Shady.

October 9, 2005

Questioning the Divine Word?

Catholic Church no longer swears by truth of the Bible

THE hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church has published a teaching document instructing the faithful that some parts of the Bible are not actually true.

The Catholic bishops of England, Wales and Scotland are warning their five million worshippers, as well as any others drawn to the study of scripture, that they should not expect “total accuracy” from the Bible.

Well, at least the president still believes.

October 6, 2005

Bush Loves Religion Enough to Kill for It

God told me to fucking blow up that country - says Bush

why stop at countries? why not launch a war on science?

I still am disappointed in evolution for letting that thing get in that position.

September 29, 2005

Bill Miller Questionable on Economics 101?

Forex Blog posts about how Bill Miller of Legg Mason did not see the deficit as a big deal, citing the Financial Times, which states:

But Mr Miller argues that the stock of US assets, currently about $50,000bn, is growing at about 5 per cent, or $2,500bn a year, in nominal terms, broadly in line with GDP. If the US needs to borrow $600bn a year to facilitate that, “that certainly sounds sustainable to me”, he said.
That quote shows ignorance to the social illness caused by the whole paying for the consolidation and growth of wealth for a few. Eventually that breeds political corruption & other social diseases.

In other, unrelated related news, Tom Delay was indited on campaign finance charges:

DeLay was indicted for one count of criminal conspiracy for some unethical, and possibly illegal, campaign activities. If this indictment sets the bar for what constitutes criminal conspiracy, it's time we take a good, long look at the actions of the current administration.

We could start by looking at the recount in Florida. In 2000, five Republican appointees on the Supreme Court conspired to end the recount and effectively put George W. Bush in office. Was their conspiracy criminal? Probably not. Was it motivated by partisan politics, and was their decision handed down on shaky legal grounds? Yes.

After Bush made it into the Oval Office, though, the conspiracies could really get started. Take, for example, the prelude to the war in Iraq. The Bush administration put forth a concerted effort to convince the American people and the world that Saddam Hussein had nuclear weapons and ties to al-Qaeda. George Bush told the American people that "a dictator is building and hiding weapons that could enable him to dominate the Middle East and intimidate the civilized world." Colin Powell presented "airtight" evidence for the U.N. General Assembly. Dissenters -- experts within the government who disagreed with the administration's conclusions -- were silenced. Only after we had fought a costly war did the Downing Street Memo emerge as an indictment of the Bush Administration for misleading the American public. A conspiracy to get us into war? Certainly. Criminal? Two thousand American dead, uncounted Iraqi dead, and $200 billion sure makes Tom DeLay's $190,000 check seem like chump change.

Would love to see papers intertwine these types of stories a bit more often.

How ironic / fucked up / Orwellian is it that the "small government" party can create mounds and mounds of national debt while saying the social programs supported by the other side will make the country poor?

September 28, 2005

Religion Linked to Dysfunctional Societies

Times Online has part of the reason I remain not religious:

RELIGIOUS belief can cause damage to a society, contributing towards high murder rates, abortion, sexual promiscuity and suicide, according to research published today.

hat tip for link

It is not that I think there is anything wrong with religion, just that I think the hucksters and scammers use religion to lead the sheep so that they may exploit them for personal gain.

Put another way, if you were God would you require people to acnowledge your existance to grant them eternal peace? If I were God I would weigh the good and the bad, and if there is any sort of afterlife I would determine the outcome based on the sum of the pieces. Good people should still generally be good people even if they do not have some overbeing controlling them through fear.

Why the fuck are more religious societies so damaged when compared to less religious ones? Is it that people in need are more likely to ask for it so they are more religious? If that is the case they why don't they get what they need?

The answer is IMHO, at least in part, that scumbags use religion to exploit the country and leave people with shells of their former selves looking elsewhere for mystical answers when nonmystical answers lie within.

September 24, 2005

Another High Ranked Government Official Resigns Under Bush

FDA Commissioner Lester M. Crawford resigned unexpectedly Friday

geez, how many high level government employees have resigned in the last 6 years? If everyone you appoint around you is all fucked up and deserves to be fired (or more politically correct, chooses to resign) shouldn't you as a leader feel at least a bit guilty for having no gumption picking the people and / or for generally being incompatible and / or dishonest with society?

Sometimes the resignations are due to age or similar, but there have been more than enough resignations to call it a flat out suspicious pattern. Quiting after only a two month tenure as FDA Commissioner sure sounds suspicious.

Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, the chairman of the Senate Finance Committee and a fierce FDA critic, said the agency had grown too close to the drug industry during Crawford's tenure.

"In recent years, the FDA has demonstrated a too-cozy relationship with the pharmaceutical industry and an attitude of shielding rather than disclosing information," Grassley said Friday. "... Now is the time to reform the FDA's culture and reassert that the agency's top priority is what's good for John Q. Public."

So instead of actually solving the problems with the system or helping society out with it's needs we just recycle government agency workers. Makes sense.

Brownie, you are doing a heckova job.

September 20, 2005

Buying Spin...Why Are They Spinning

So the left side of the isle has been spinning the whole New Orleans was a total fuckup issue. I have been just as guilty as anyone at doing that as well, and feel a bit disappointed in myself for being a sucker and eating up the spin. Sure pieces of it were fucked, but some of the response was pretty quick for how big of a problem that hurricane caused.

For a great deal of time some on the right side failed to comment, and then out of nowhere the president said "I take responsibility". What does it mean for him to say I take responsibility? Well I don't see him or Brownie or anyone going to jail over fucking up, so it is not the type of responsibility they expect 1 in 138 Americans to face...the kind that requires them to be behind bars right now. No, it is something entirely different.

By saying the system is at fault, and not placing blame on any individual, it means that they can say that the system is broke and needs these xyz fixes. What is required to make those fixes?

Government contracts & carpetbagging.
Consolidation of wealth.
Leeching of rights.
Exploiting the common american & those who are down.
Fucking disgusting.

September 14, 2005

Bush Says I'll Take Responsibility

I'll take all the blame
aqua seafoam shame

Bush says he takes responsibility, but what the fuck does it mean to say that you take responsibility? does it mean you ended your vacation or went to the scene of the problem when it occured? no. It means you did nothing while people died and a city drowned by your sloppy push military and screw society politics. Is that really taking responsibility? How so?

In the past I used to be fairly liberal with the give people a chance stuff. I still am, but probably not as much as I once was. But if you send the free money the other way it is no better. I do not think it was appropriate to cut the levee budget for military spending.

Sure some people may be lazy and bleed the profits from society, but what makes it better / more correct if money goes to defense contractors and other people who depend on murder to profit instead of working to fix the broken pieces of our own society?

While sad, I think it is only fitting that some of the poor were shooting at rescue helicopters. Keep administrations like the current one in office and sooner or later people will know nothing but violence. If I were George W. Bush I would resign. Then I would feel that my "I'll take responsibility" words meant something.

September 13, 2005

US Desires to Use Preemptive Nuclear Weapons?

Pentagon Revises Nuclear Strike Plan

The Pentagon has drafted a revised doctrine for the use of nuclear weapons that envisions commanders requesting presidential approval to use them to preempt an attack by a nation or a terrorist group using weapons of mass destruction. The draft also includes the option of using nuclear arms to destroy known enemy stockpiles of nuclear, biological or chemical weapons.

The document, written by the Pentagon's Joint Chiefs staff but not yet finally approved by Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld, would update rules and procedures governing use of nuclear weapons to reflect a preemption strategy first announced by the Bush White House in December 2002. The strategy was outlined in more detail at the time in classified national security directives.

Questions about the state of the nation's preparedness were discussed at a conference entitled Examining Lessons from 9/11 and Katrina
Questions about the state of the nation's preparedness were discussed at a conference entitled "Terrorism, Security, and America's Purpose," a national policy forum in Washington, D.C. on Sept. 6 and 7. Among the speakers were Senator Joseph Biden (D-Del.), Academic and Author Francis Fukuyama, and Juan Zarate, the Deputy National Security Advisor for Combating Terrorism. Washington Post Reporter Walter Pincus also caught up with former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright.


At a White House briefing that year, a spokesman said the United States would "respond with overwhelming force" to the use of weapons of mass destruction against the United States, its forces or allies, and said "all options" would be available to the president.

How sick is that shit? It takes us over a week to attempt to sort out our own, and we use that as an excuse to shift more attention to national defense, when it is clear our government does not give a shit about it's people.

With a 4 day advanced warning with Katrina I can't imagine that our leaders could have fucked that up any worse than they did. How can we trust the same people with preemptive use of nuclear weapons?

The next time something like an unknown explosion occurs (like the Tunguska event) does that mean we have the right to blow our world up? Just in case? Who the fuck is deciding that for us? Why?

Al Queda, US Government, & the Attention Economy

So the US generally does not take care of it's poor very well. In that same vein they take the resources that could fix those problems and waste it on an invisible boogie man. Then they tell the mainstream press their talking points and to market the hell out fo that boggie man.

If people feel they are neglected and without a voice some will crave attention. Those in Al Queda probably get all the attention they could ever want. Of course, the US government would not want the US populous to realize that large portions of Al Queda are probably created out of a self fulfilling prophecy, because that might undermine the defense budget.

September 6, 2005

Well At Least We Still Have National Security*

A few months back I was in New Orleans. On my flight out I sat on the plane next to a person who tested the quality of oil for refinery companies.

I am fairly left wing and he was fairly right wing. That was obvious from the word go, and it didn't matter what or where our worldviews were. I realized neither of us were going to change in that regard.

I questioned him about the motives for the war in Iraq, and threw the oil card out there. He of course denied that.

The guy on the plane said he did not think extracting oil was the biggest problem facing the US, but that he thought the number and shape of oil refineries in the US was the big problem.

Greedy corporations like to be efficient as well, so why not operate near full capacity to maximize shareholder value? From the Dallas Federal Reserve bank website:

Since early 2003, gasoline prices have risen about $1.20 per gallon, with 60 cents of that increase coming in the last three months (Chart 1). Distillate oil (heating oil/diesel fuel) has increased by nearly as much as gasoline in the past two years. Rising crude oil prices and U.S. refineries operating near full capacity account for the gains in prices for both commodities.

There was an extended period of lower profit in refining oil. In recent years the profit per barrel increased 6 fold from $5 to $30, and investers have taken note:

Over the last year, decidedly old-economy oil refining has proved more attractive for investors than internet search.

Shares in Valero (NYSE:VLO), the largest independent US refiner, are up 226 per cent, compared with Google's 186 per cent.

Interesting to note that, because the recent hurricane knocked out many of the refineries:

"Some refineries likely (will be) able to restart their operations within the next 1 to 2 weeks, while others will likely be down for a more extended period, possibly several months," the Energy Information Administration said.

The Energy Department's analytical arm said nine major oil refineries in Louisiana and Mississippi remained shut from the hurricane. Those refineries account for about 11 percent of total U.S. refining capacity.

"Unlike 2004's Hurricane Ivan, which affected oil production facilities and had a lasting impact on crude oil production in the Gulf of Mexico, it appears that Hurricane Katrina may have a more lasting impact on refinery production and the distribution system," the EIA said in its most recent update on the effects of the hurricane on the energy sector.

Refinery supply is not going to get better soon. Why? The perception of scarcity increases profit margins:

Despite all the gas-guzzling SUVs that Americans have bought in recent years, current petrol prices should eat into demand. Yet on the supply side there is unlikely to be a rush to build new refining capacity. After so many years of poor returns, the industry is not about to flood the market with an investment splurge.

Hmm. So 1,000,000 people are homeless and the country is entering a deep energy crisis. Surely this is a national tradgedy and nobody is to blame, or...

With New Orleans under water and much of the Gulf Coast in ruins, President Bush is promising to do all he can to help. But just 48 days ago, his administration was actively opposing attempts to shore up the coastline where Hurricane Katrina made landfall. from Salon

Interesting to also note that the Homeland Security Department bled dollars from emergency response:

"FEMA had to compete and had to help finance the creation of the Department of Homeland Security," Tolbert, who now works for PBS&J, a private contractor, said Thursday morning. "They were taking chunks of money out of the budget. We always referred to it as taxes."

Last summer, for instance, Tolbert said FEMA staged a "tabletop exercise" in Baton Rouge, La., to gauge how well it would respond if a Category 3 hurricane hit New Orleans. Officials learned a lot from the role-play, says Tolbert, and then returned to their offices to create a new plan to respond to an actual disaster in the region. "Unfortunately, we were not able to finish the plan," Tolbert said. The funding for it ran out.

Is the Homeland Security Department a joke? Newt thinks so:

"I think it puts into question all of the Homeland Security and Northern Command planning for the last four years, because if we can't respond faster than this to an event we saw coming across the Gulf for days, then why do we think we're prepared to respond to a nuclear or biological attack?" said former House Speaker Newt Gingrich

Generally, stuff works better if you treat people humanely and do not lead them through fear, but when tradgedy strikes not everyone suffers the same. Not everyone wants everyone to do well. All sorts of fundamentalists believe they are entitled to what they have and that those who are doing worse than they are deserve what they get.

There are maps of the damage in aggregate, but that does not show the whole picture. It does not show people swimming away from their flooeded houses in poisoned oil rich water, the dead acting as alligator MRE's, or the babies just waiting to die.

Is this a national security issue? Well it was, but now New Orleans is under water.

It appears that the money has been moved in the president’s budget to handle homeland security and the war in Iraq, and I suppose that’s the price we pay. Nobody locally is happy that the levees can’t be finished, and we are doing everything we can to make the case that this is a security issue for us.

-- Walter Maestri, emergency management chief for Jefferson Parish, Louisiana; New Orleans Times-Picayune, June 8, 2004.

I guess that still does not stop other Americans from turning away those in need and the military from needing to shoot people.

Should the Homeland Security department more properly be named citizen exploitation and war mongering department?

This president is not my president. Louisiana is not a city. Unfortunately, going forward, the same may be true for what was once New Orleans.

August 18, 2005

Revisiting Fascism

I rarely read newspapers, but recently I was at a conference where my hotel room came with a free newspaper each day.

One day the cover story was something along the line of “Why Terrorist Have Not Yet Struck the US Again” and then it ran through a bunch of bullshit tips and ideas. It almost looked like that cover story was paid for by the Homeland Security office.

A few days later the newspaper cover story said “Bush Does Not Think Leaving Iraq Now is a Good Idea” to which I instantly had to respond “no shit”. I mean, what do these people expect? That guy claims to be driven by God, etc. How the hell is a person like him going to admit that he is wrong after killing thousands of people and spending billions of dollars on a war that was founded on faulty logic and other B/S?

Both sad and positive in different ways, I do not get much of the media which tells me how I am supposed to think. I think my general lack of it makes it more obvious to me than it would otherwise be, which is a good thing with how naïve I am.

It is fairly easy to get discouraged or disappointed in most journalism or media for the overt excessive coverage of the negative, but how do you engineer a society or a system that makes it financially viable to print honest & credible stories which also focus on the brighter sides of life? Must we always be reminded that we should be fucking scared of some random boogey man?

August 6, 2005

Bob Dylan Lyrics - My Back Pages

For the longest time Lennon's Imagine was #1 but this is probably my favorite song right now:

Crimson flames tied through my ears
Rollin' high and mighty traps
Pounced with fire on flaming roads
Using ideas as my maps
"We'll meet on edges, soon," said I
Proud 'neath heated brow.
Ah, but I was so much older then,
I'm younger than that now.

Half-wracked prejudice leaped forth
"Rip down all hate," I screamed
Lies that life is black and white
Spoke from my skull. I dreamed
Romantic facts of musketeers
Foundationed deep, somehow.
Ah, but I was so much older then,
I'm younger than that now.

Girls' faces formed the forward path
From phony jealousy
To memorizing politics
Of ancient history
Flung down by corpse evangelists
Unthought of, though, somehow.
Ah, but I was so much older then,
I'm younger than that now.

A self-ordained professor's tongue
Too serious to fool
Spouted out that liberty
Is just equality in school
"Equality," I spoke the word
As if a wedding vow.
Ah, but I was so much older then,
I'm younger than that now.

In a soldier's stance, I aimed my hand
At the mongrel dogs who teach
Fearing not that I'd become my enemy
In the instant that I preach
My pathway led by confusion boats
Mutiny from stern to bow.
Ah, but I was so much older then,
I'm younger than that now.

Yes, my guard stood hard when abstract threats
Too noble to neglect
Deceived me into thinking
I had something to protect
Good and bad, I define these terms
Quite clear, no doubt, somehow.
Ah, but I was so much older then,
I'm younger than that now.

So much of life is spent unlearning the bullshit others try to teach you.

Anything can be taken out of context and put in a new one to grant it another meaning. Those that aim to control the context or meaning of words often have ambitious goals which place themselves ahead of others, and require society pay the price for being sucker enough to listen.

I am not ashamed to admit that words have hurt me, but as I live more I aim to make them hurt less. Of course, you should find your own definitions that don't include me, as there might be hidden messages in the lyrics of this song or the keys I am typing right now.

What is the Purpose of the US National Debt?

In my opinion the main purpose of the United States national debt is to segregate financial and social classes.

When I was younger I was so naive that I cared about the national debt and wanted to help pay it down. On their website it says where you can send a check to:

P O BOX 2188
PARKERSBURG, WV 26106-2188

But our government cuts taxes on the rich and then pays them interest for loaning money they should have paid in anyway.

How does the debt segregate social classes?

  • It teaches people that it is ok to spend more than they have.
  • It gives the government an arbitrary excuse to cut social programs or things related to humanity and attempts at equality.
  • It also guarantees that our richest people and companies will earn money back off the country as a whole, and that those who want to rise above that problem have further to dig uphill.

July 31, 2005

RFID Stocks: Investing in the United States Police State

So it has been stated that 1 in 138 US citizens are locked in jail. (which makes me wonder if so many people are criminals then shouldn't the laws be changed? but hey, that is another post...)

To help keep shareholders safe (read making lots of money), and keep the general populous scared (read giving them a reason to give government money to give to shareholders) we need to fight global terrorism (by dropping bombs on weddings and the like) and track everybody and their dog.

Radio frequency identification (RFID) is a somewhat new technology, and recently it was announced that the government wants to use it to help Homeland Security by tracking those who enter the country via the US VISIT program.

I am not sure who is sell the government these RFID components, but if you cross reference large political donations to the republican party and current RFID companies you will probably find a rather safe stock pick if you believe the US can keep it's citizens scared and the current set of clowns stay in control.

IBM, EDS, 3M, VeriSign, and Philips Electronics are a few of the larger companies with some RFID exposure. There are many smaller RFID companies as well, but odds are most of the smaller RFID companies will fail with the exception that a few of them might get bought out by bigger corporations.

Read about the US Government spinning RFID.

Fascism & the United States

Are we a fascist country? In some respects it certainly would be hard to argue no.

Reading a good bit of the Wikipedia about various political is interesting to note that:

  • many political leaders switch political parties back and forth
  • many were somehow tied to the press (ie: used to write or have relatives who are reporters)
  • many of them tie their beliefs to the most popular religion in their region at the time (ie: Bush talking about God telling him what to do and his christianity stuff)
  • many times they have political roots

If you know what it takes to shape popular opinion and have ties with friends who write to a broad reach of people for a living it is easier to get the public to agree with your great ideas.

A family history makes it easy to learn on someone elses dime and can start you off in the in group.

It seems many of them are driven by some sort of idealism or the need for power.

July 29, 2005

US Still More Powerful than China, for Now

China's CNOOC Ltd. may abandon its $18.5 billion bid for Unocal Corp. as early as next week because management believes political pressure in the U.S. makes the takeover impossible, according to a media report Thursday.

China also recently revalued the Yuan

July 21, 2005

Wealth Statification

In my humble opinion I think our government cares more about stratifying wealth than building it.

Why? Limited worldwide resources. If they are limited and only the richest people and companies really deserve the oil it is better to slow overall growth down to slow down overall usage and consolidate wealth.

The government is controlled by the scumbag corporations. The richest want to ensure they get more than their fair share.

July 11, 2005

God, Religious Ideology, & the Legitimate Fall of Al Qaeda

So Al Queda claimed the recent subway bombings in London.

With the IRA and WWII London saw more bombings than most people could ever imagine, so it took London no time at all to recover from the recent terrorist bombing. There are already we are not afraid websites promoting worldwide peace.

Interesting to note that the effects in London were not of much note the next day over there, yet it is a reason for everyone in the United States to BE VERY AFRAID:

Code orange indicates a high risk of attack, and in the U.S. system is the second-highest terror alert behind red. The lowest level is green, followed by blue and then yellow. Chertoff is considering changing the system amid complaints that it is to vague and confuses the public.

“I’d love to say we’re going to see green in our lifetime,” Chertoff told NBC’s “Meet the Press.” “It’s kind of an aspirational state, but I can’t tell you in the foreseeable future we’re going to be below yellow.”

And there in rests the truth. Our terrorism rainbow will never go away. Al Qaeda is just a marketing tool.

If you are afraid there is ALWAYS a military budget where the government selects which companies to pay from your pocketbook based on the best bid prices, the best value, past performance, who knows who, where the defense contractor is located, who donated to finance the political campaigns, and how many shares the politicians and their friends own in any given company.

In the real world murder is real. It happens. Terrorism happens, and even in the wonderful United States 1 in 138 US citizens are in prison for one reason or another.

We seem to have a short memory about when we blow up other countries airplanes, but it's no real secret that it happens too. Even admirals in the military admit to some of the lies:

Three years after the incident, Admiral William Crowe admitted on Nightline that the Vincennes was inside Iranian territorial waters at the time of the shoot down. This directly contradicted the official Navy claims of the previous years.

Sometimes we are even so kind to drop in on a wedding with bombs. Of course when we do it it is only an accident.

The biggest problem associated with terrorism is fear. Fear prevents people from focusing on things they believe in and also promotes a misallocation of assets. The media is trying to help remind us that we really do need to be afraid, but it would be hard to picture a functional government which had any more debt and spent more money on national defense against invisible enemies. US military spending is around $400,000,000,000.00 annually.

I sorta agree with Benjamin Franklin's & Abraham Lincoln's philosophy on freedom and military spending:

  • "Those who are willing to trade freedom for security deserve neither freedom nor security." - Ben
  • "Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves." - Abe

If smaller countries were stable in the longrun it would cost less because we would not have so many expensive conflicts. Additionally if smaller less stable countries became more stable they could help advance technology, which would give us competition and help us advance more quickly as well.

Sure that will mean we would have to balance limited resources sooner rather than later, but wouldn't improving technology help that along?

Gas prices are still going up. The additional oil burned due to military consumption does nothing to make us less dependant on foreign oil. China and India are still growing fast. China is trying to buy US oil companies.

The oil demand will outstrip supply. While we want to control the middle east and are trying to use religious idealologies to get their oil, it is not a practical solution because it only solves the symptoms. If there is not enough oil in the world then bad shit will happen, no matter who controls the oil. Instead of looking forward and leveraging our current position the twits in the US government are (and I will use their own words back at them) "risking national security" by ignoring reality and letting rich oil companies leverage their postion to make money for international oil companies.

Rather than try to look at our problems and how to make our society future proof our government is pampering us with short term fixes and projecting blame for all that is wrong on some arbitrary group in a far away place based on some religious ideals other than the most common religions here.

Brute force is the act of a reptilian thinking tool. We can't keep forcing our way, because that just escalates more reptilian thinking. For example:

"If the Americans draw their missiles and position-guided ammunition onto the target zone on China's territory, I think we will have to respond with nuclear weapons," Maj Gen Zhu told an official briefing for foreign reporters. source

I appreciate many things in life, but I am ashamed of any God that could have created someone like Bush, and put him in his current position. The love, respect, and understand is supposed to be a two way street there, at least with MY God. I am not sure who they are, but you probably will not read about them in any of the most popular religious books, especially any of the books Bush would read.

July 4, 2005

Ignorant Bullies and Name Calling - I Know You Are But What am I

Today I got this great feedback:

You are just too close minded and conservative to have an honest conversation about this. Perhaps if you open your mind to new ideas and become more liberal with your thought process, we can discuss it further in another area.
Wow... first time I have EVER been called THAT dirty word

a crazy world in which we live...

July 1, 2005

President George W. Bush's Social Security Reform Policy

President Bush's worst numbers came on the issue of Social Security. He clocked in at 31% approval and 64% disapproval.

(I'd actually be curious to hear from pollsters out there what the lowest ratings for a president has ever been on any significant issue. I mean, how much lower than thirty percent does it go? With the possible exception of Nixon at the very end of Watergate, how often has a president been under, say, 25% on any issue of significance?)

from TPM

June 26, 2005

Parental Leadership & Small Government

So all the government should not mess with my life right wing nutters should be screaming and yelling at this one:

Local officials, not federal judges, know best in deciding whether a development project will benefit the community, justices said.

from High court OKs personal property seizures

No doubt a cool idea, right up until your home is traded in for tax revenue. WTF is that.

Shop Wal Mart... China, Oil, & Superpowers

So recently I was over in Nottingham, UK, visiting my mentor. We cut through a grocery store on our way through to eat at a small pastry shop.

He said that grocery store used to be his own little hidden gem, up until Wal Mart bought it. He no longer shops there.

He believes that at the end of the day eventually Wal Mart, and all the efficiencies it brings, will end up killing the US, one community at a time. Value is created in large part based on where people place it.

The one thing that might screw Wal Mart is the rising costs of oil and heating looming trade wars between China and the US.

Recently the Chinese Bid for Unocal.

From that article:

Economic growth has continued at a healthy pace, while consumer price inflation has been tame for items other than food and energy.
I always find it fascinating how economists pull out whatever items are increasing in price to say inflation is not a problem.

But the economy is not a stable as some believe. I mean, after all, there has to be some reason the president is campaigning nationwide to fuck millions of people out of their retirements. At the same time the consolidation of wealth does not balance the country any further because companies like Wal Mart are all about slashing costs and paying the minimum possible.

As our government gives more power to corporations we may soon find that capitalism crosses borders, and is soon crushed by communism 2.0. The bid to control oil companies signifies much more than owning a company, it is about controlling the most limited and needed resource.

On a flight yesterday I sat next to an oil purity tester who stated he believed that the oil supply was not necissarily the problem, but that it would cost increasing amounts to get at, and that we would be in a world of hurt if we did not start making more refineries soon.

With China being behind the curve on the refineries front it makes sense that they want to own oil contracts and companies with good refinery technologies.

June 4, 2005

US Health Care System - When a Voice Changes

So I called my mom using a random weird voice. I usually do that just to play around. My mom was angry. As it turns out my brother is really sick and his voice was not good. My mother had just spoke to him and told me he was doing bad. Its like stuff was going too good and so some bad shit had to happen :(

He could hardly breathe, and the hospital would not help him because the greedy scumbag American health care system dictates that being able to breathe is not important unless you have money in your bank account.

Meanwhile scumbag corporations push the government to create stuff like the Clear Skies act to poison the atmosphere for profits.

We all die. As short as life is, is it worth being a fucking scumbag for a few extra dollars.

May 23, 2005

What Does The Flag Mean?

The flag belongs to the country, not to the government. And it reminds me that it's not un-American to think that war -- except in self-defense -- is a failure of moral imagination, political nerve, and diplomacy. Come to think of it, standing up to your government can mean standing up for your country.
Bill Moyers

May 11, 2005

Nationwide ID Cards: Scaring the Citizens...

President Bush (...) is expected to sign the bill into law this month. Its backers, including the Bush administration, say it's needed to stop illegal immigrants from obtaining drivers' licenses. When the act's mandates take effect in May 2008, Americans will be required to obtain federally approved ID cards with "machine readable technology" that abides by Department of Homeland Security specifications. Anyone without such an ID card will be effectively prohibited from traveling by air or Amtrak, opening a bank account, or entering federal buildings.

Critics, such as the American Civil Liberties Union, say lawmakers slipped the Real ID Act into the relatively uncontroversial spending bill in order to avoid a congressional debate over the ID measure.

US National ID Card Scam...a reality :(

They are being so overt about this type of shit (fucking citizens and privacy under the guise of security) that I am questioning whether or not they are trying to drive intelligent people out of the country.

I can write my words and thoughts, and thats all great, until I become 1 of the 138.

May 10, 2005

Hot Prison Stocks - CXW, GGI, & CRN

Corrections Corp. of America (CXW), The Geo Group (GGI) and Cornell Cos. (CRN) are all well known prison stocks. Kinda sick that there is such a thing, eh?

Since September 11th prison stocks have warmed up.
Mass dententions push up prison stocks

and from the scumbag investor point of view, Don Hodges, president of Hodges Capital Management, has a quote:
"As long as the industry continues to improve, which we think it will, these companies will be thought of as hotel companies," he added. "Because that's really what they do."

hopefully that tool gets to spend a bit of time at a few hotels.

May 8, 2005

US Prison Population Exploded

If everyone is a criminal then how the fuck do the laws reflect social norms?

Growing at a rate of about 900 inmates each week between mid-2003 and mid-2004, the nation's prisons and jails held 2.1 million people, or one in every 138 U.S. residents the government reported Sunday.

The government is a bunch of scumbags, and I appoligize to my fellow citizens for ever supporting them by joining the military in the past. I even feel guilty for paying my taxes, and really need to work on moving somewhere else soon.

May 3, 2005

Republican Party Email Spamming from Iran? WTF is That!

I just got this in my inbox

I'm an Iranian boy in XYZ. We have only I of the Internet in here :) this may be ridiculous for you but our dictatorship government has filtered over 90% of the web and it's growing everyday! We don't have any free newspapers, free television channels, even we're not allowed to have free relationship with girls, Mullas say you must obey Islam's instructions but Iranian people want to obey global instructions. We are very thirsty for freedom, I think M.r president George W. Bush and his cabinet and U.S allies will do somthing to terminate Islamic Republic very very soon.
thank you...

president George W. Bush has said:
Today, America speaks anew to the peoples of the world:
Eventually, the call of freedom comes to every mind and every soul. We do not accept the existence of permanent tyranny because we do not accept the possibility of permanent slavery. Liberty will come to those who love it. The rulers of outlaw regimes can know that we still believe as Abraham Lincoln did: "Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves; and, under the rule of a just God, cannot long retain it." All who live in tyranny and hopelessness can know: the United States will not ignore your oppression, or excuse your oppressors. When you stand for your liberty, we will stand with you. We are led, by events and common sense, to one conclusion: The survival of liberty in our land increasingly depends on the success of liberty in other lands. The best hope for peace in our world is the expansion of freedom in all the world. There is only one force of history that can break the reign of hatred and resentment, and expose the pretensions of tyrants, and re!
ward the hopes of the decent and tolerant, and that is the force of human freedom. Our goal instead is to help others find their own voice, attain their own freedom, and make their own way. All the allies of the United States can know: we honor your friendship, we rely on your counsel, and we depend on your help.By our efforts, we have lit a fire as well - a fire in the minds of men. It warms those who feel its power, it burns those who fight its progress, and one day this untamed fire of freedom will reach the darkest corners of our world. Freedom, by its nature, must be chosen, and defended by citizens, and sustained by the rule of law and the protection of minorities.
God bless the United States of America.

based on our relationship with Saudi Arabia, do we actually want to spread democracy, or are we interested in the growing need for defense work and oil?

April 19, 2005

Tom Delay

Congress of US Governemnt Tom Delay Official Site US House of Representatives.

April 17, 2005

November 14, 2004

one step closer to the end of the world. the one-two combo of corporate greed and organized religion apparently proved to be too much for reason, sanity and compassion.

it's a sad and shameful day to be an american
- trent reznor

wonder if he believes that or if that just helps him sell more records?

April 16, 2005

All Aboard Amtrack, Republicans aim to block Filibuster

Underfunding Car Alternatives:
Amtrak scrambles to find trains to cover Acela Express schedule

Brake problems forced the beleaguered passenger railroad on Friday to suspend high-speed service in the Northeast at least through Wednesday and probably for more than two months.

That ought to be good for the stability of oil prices and the economy.

Your Either Against Us or You are an Idiot:
Meathead nut job right wing senators want to axe the voice of the minority party. Even John McCain realizes how stupid they are:

"Someday there will be a liberal Democrat president and a liberal Democrat Congress," Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., told MSNBC last week. "Do we want a bunch of liberal judges approved by the Senate of the United States with 51 votes if Democrats are in the majority?"

I think both parties need to realize that they are ran off idealistic scams and that if either side completely got their way the world would be a worse place.

April 5, 2005

Harvest Moon

Teens OK with oral

Neil Young suffers brain aneurysm hope he is ok :(

"If OPEC acts quicker, prices would come off," she said. pretty soon it will not matter what they do and the world will cave into recession. Meanwhile megacorp oil corp forms: ChevronTexaco Corp., the nation's second-largest oil company, is buying smaller rival Unocal Corp. for about $16.4 billion

Citizens waste time protecting border because the fuckwits in charge of the country don't enforce the laws.

Bush uses Pope Death to Push Agendas:
The Bush White House was aggressively trying to appeal at the time to Catholics, who split their vote almost equally between Bush and Democrat Al Gore in the 2000 presidential election.

He continues this move by being the first president to attend a papal funeral. though when referencing Bush''s prison scandal the pope had this to say

"In the past few weeks, other deplorable events have come to light, which have troubled the civic and religious conscience of all and made more difficult a serene and resolute commitment to shared human values."

March 26, 2005

Stereotypes, Republicans, Doctors, Dinasaurs, the Law, & things that don't make sense

This land is your land:
German stereotype of US

Cocaine and OxyContin - the "good" illegal drugs, at least until you die from them, right Mr Stevens? way to go MR republican media advisor.

perhaps you gave yourself to show us that we need a stiff drug policy? or perhaps you were a hypocrite

Denver the last dinasaur:
has blood vessels and a whole lot more.

Small government:
and a new bill for ever purpose. hmm. odd that doctors do not even need to see people to diagnose them, right Mr Frist

13 things that do not make sense

March 18, 2005

The Wrong Ideology

Right winged nut jobs complain about too many liberal teachers (and sound similar to communist China in the process).

Oh wait, running congeress, appointing the court, and having the president all on the same party and these people still want to attack. Its not just about oil anymore.

Why you ask?

While we are worried about petty arbitrary fights about ideology people are looting the country.

You run all three branches of the country. And you are about to bankrupt it. For some reason that is not enough though.

  • How is destroying the system in place in any way conservative?
  • How is bleeding the country and looting its funds conservative?
  • How many congressmen have kids in Iraq?
  • How many congressmen have children that are chearing because their jobs got outsourced?
  • How is bitching about having a variety of voices part of democracy?

ANY system or ideology needs to have a counter view which off sets it to keep the world in balance.

What is important to you probably is not all that important to me. That is how individuality works. Unless the nutters get control of all the educational institutions too...

I believe that the university should check into [professor] David Gibbs. He is an anti-American communist who hates America and is trying to brainwash young people into thinking America sucks. He needs to go and live in a Third World country to appreciate what he has here. Have him investigated by the FBI. FBI has been contacted.

You are either with us or against us... if what you are doing now is what you stand for then there is no way I will promote it in any form or fashion.

One party actually is making hate, judgement, and fear fundamental units of their party ticket.

Why the fuck would anyone want to live in perpetual fear?

Do what you want. But have the decency to call it what it is. Bullshit. <-- look folks, it's a red state!!!

On Being Naive - Debt, Politics, & Drugs

When I was younger I thought that I would make lots of money to help pay down the national debt. That was before I grew up and realized that politicians were generally puppets of greedy corporations looking to bleed the average citizen dry.

I just got this feedback on my depression blog from a person who recently tried an antidepressant which they think is making it hard for them to breath

You would think, wouldn't you, that in year 2005, the sciences would have sufficiently explored the endocrine system, brain chemistry, etc. enough to have more suitable drugs available. I would hate to think that something has been developed but it would work too well, and perhaps be too inexpensive, for it to be on the market. But that sort of thinking is either paranoic, or way too politically involved to be helpful to any of us.

The fact that people go on drugs that are supposed to help them...drugs that I believe increase the background noise activity in the brain...and still think these types of thoughts really makes you appreciate how many scams there are in the world and how few people there are who actually appreciate helping others.

Even if this drug would have helped this person now it will not because they have no faith in it.

It is amazing how quickly doctors prescribe shit without fully listening through the situation. I don't even have to know their doctor to know that he or she probably sucks. Feedback from the drug should probably be shared with the doctor. The relationship should be built to inspire trust with the doctor, and clearly the doc scored about a 0 out of 10 in this situation.

The fact that within the first week of being prescribed a drug my website is an outlet for communication for the patient likely means that they probably should have did a bit more research before taking it, and that their doctor should be actively soliciting more feedback.

But what do I know, I am just an internet marketer...

March 16, 2005

Vice President

Intellectual sloth is a vice for a president. - Al Franken

March 7, 2005

March 5, 2005

You Can't Change Human Behavior...

or at least you can not do it on a grand scale. not quickly anyway.

I was at the SearchEngineStrategies conference in NYC last week. As you get closer to New York City you notice more flags on overpasses. And you notice more "Fines Doubled" signs (even though most of them specify no reason).

Nonetheless I seriously doubt those fines doubled signs slow people down. I still went faster than what was legal. I doubt those flags make people care more about the concept of pride in our country.

I think as time passes more and more people are realizing what a sham (word of the day) the whole September 11 incident was. How we are using that event to manipulate people into trying to make it sound like the government is actually trying to serve the people when we spend most of our money on debt and military spending and loot social security to do our bests to throw a little more wealth into defense stocks.

Military spending is driving the country near bankruptcy so we must cut things like education. That is real fucking brilliant investing into the future. Why not encourage alternative energy sources and lower our dependance on foreign energy?

The deficit spending erodes the value of our currency and so the price of oil goes up and then we demand higher oil production to lower oil costs. Or else fucking what?

As seen my the continued fighting in Iraq there are people there who do not want us there. Could you imagine if on accident your house was blown up and your parents were killed. I know if that happened to me I would be inclined to express myself on that issue (most likely in a violent way too).

Imagine how many soldiers die from the stupid fucking war. And then think of the greater number who will live with post traumatic stress disorder for the rest of their lives. Have nightmares when they sleep. Dream of death until one day they shoot their head off with a shotgun. Imagine what that does to their children. and their children.

Then you look at jail. Another huge fucking sham. I can't visit my sister to this day because one of the people who ran one of the jails was a bitch. My sister is still being punished 5 years later by not being able to see me. Worse yet she is in jail because our legal system is a hunk of shit.

Then if people in jail want to call to talk to their family the calls are about $30 - $50 per half hour. You take people away from the social bonds they made. You take most their freedoms. And then you lock them up with other people who for one reason or another were deemed as criminals by some segment of society.

Either they are guilty or they were fucked by the system, either way there is nothing which actively encourages change in behaviour from within. And I cant imagine that pulling a person out of society for a decade makes them a more functional member of society.

We prescribe people drugs. They go numb or forget their problems or maybe the problems build until they kill them. Maybe the same things that caused people problems were the same things that brought them the greatest joy in their lives.

The one drug is good because it can be prescribed and the other is bad because it is hard to regulate and may be used recreationally. So we say a problem exists with people importing the drug. Supply will ALWAYS find its way to demand.

How do you eradicate the demand of another? How do you force your views onto the world?

Sure you can manipulate some people with fear. But what is the purpose. If you fuck over the lives of millions of others to get your way what the fuck does that prove? That you are the worst humanity has to offer?

I am prettymuch about 99.83% anti authoritarian because I see almost everything that is supposed to be official and good for you as a hoax or scam. And when people dig deep enough the outcome is frequently similar.

All systems and ideas can be improved and few things will ever show the same return on investment as investing in yourself. Though most days many people are rushed for time...and bring bullshit stress upon themselves...and eat bad food...and sacrifice themselves and their family for this arbitrary idea called business or money or getting ahead.

While in NYC I got to look over into the near by buildings at 8PM and watch real life reality TV (which appeared far more interesting that the shit they stream on TV). I also was a bit amazed at thinking how such a city can spring up. How concrete can live organically like a person does.

When I get too drunk sometimes I talk to bums because many of them have interesting stories to tell. I try to do what I can to lift up their spirits. But I doubt I ever do much to change any of them.

I cant.

Maybe they dont want to change. If they are happy then they may not want to change. And it may not be easy either.

The only way for a system or person to change longterm is if it does so internally. You can't take one variable from one system and inject it into another closed system and make a functional algorithm out of it.

That idea was one which was strongly expressed by an information retrieval scientist I chatted with at the NYC conference.

Few systems in the world work well across cultural boundaries, in large cities, and in small towns.

Search engines try to do that though. And because they are so scalable and granular in nature they are wildly profitable too.

It is possible to eradicate homelessness and hunger amongst many of those who want to be helped. It is also possible to help curb worldwide disease and lower infant mortality rate.

Anyone can publish their thoughts and ideas can spread so fast that some governments are already thinking about taxing the ability to link to certain sites. Tell me that is an idea with free speech and fairness in mind.

How ironic is it that campaign finance reform wants to esentially cut off the single largest income stream for most third party canidates. What the fuck kind of reform is that.

It seems way to often we justify our state of being or our actions by saying that others are worse off. We then overemphasize whatever we feel is important to do our best to bring that topic adequate coverage.

Many times this involves plugging some arbitrary force into another system and as long as we solve symptoms with expensive patches there will always be work to do the next day. Perhaps this is a part of the reasoning behind our actions, to always ensure that we have more to do the next day.

Sure we are imperfect, but some days are we extra imperfect to ensure that we will be able to have the same drive / motivation / mindset when we wake the next morning?

Too often though it seems that we wish to change how others think or how others act when typically the largest worldly change any person sees is one that occurs within their own mind. But then again if you can change the thoughts of others maybe you can also learn to change your own?

A Huge Fucking Sham

Did you know that over half of federal tax spending goes on debt interest and military spending.

If we wanted to cut the real cancer out of this society perhaps we should

  • figure out ways to destroy the financial solvency of greedy war hungry defence contractors
  • require congressmen to send their own children to "fight for the country" if they vote for the war

February 17, 2005

Adolf Hitler

"What good fortune for those in power that the people do not think." -- Adolf Hitler

February 14, 2005

Iraq, Iran, Terrorists, Oil & War: US Government Policy Funds ALL Sides

Iraq elections...oops.

ever wonder if the point of the military is just to police the world to ensure unrest exists such that we can justify further military spending?

what value is money to the corporations if they bankrupt the country?

I am not sure, but for some reason we continue to finance BOTH sides of the "war."

February 13, 2005

January 22, 2005

Celebrating Democracy

Look how Fox News Brigitte Quinn melts down when someone questions Bush's inaguration party. Be sure to scroll through the comments to view the reenforcement storm troopers and the riot cops tear gassing the crowd.

January 17, 2005

Secret Weapons Program, Bush Discovers Words have Meaning, Iraq new Terrorist Breading Grounds

Super Ecstacy...Secret Weapons Programs:
can't imagine the fundamentalists could support homosexuality...

THE Pentagon considered developing a host of non-lethal chemical weapons that would disrupt discipline and morale among enemy troops, newly declassified documents reveal.

Most bizarre among the plans was one for the development of an "aphrodisiac" chemical weapon that would make enemy soldiers sexually irresistible to each other. Provoking widespread homosexual behaviour among troops would cause a "distasteful but completely non-lethal" blow to morale, the proposal says.

This just in: Words have meaning...
the president discovers words have meaning. holly shit batman

Entrepreneurial spirit:
Speaker to students: Stripping can be lucrative

Free at Last!
Iraq is the new "terrorist" breeding ground.

January 2, 2005

Declining US Dollar Value

This is the first email I have got like this, but it is a sign of things to come...

Please Paypal.....$130 Canadian! Yes, Aaron, 130 Canadian Dollars!

Would you consider changing currencies? Paypal enables you to make payments
in Canadian Dollars effortlessly.

You will notice no difference in price at the moment. However, if your US
Dollar tanks next year, you will find the price will begin to rise somewhat
bit by bit. When you find the price too expensive, you will leave. And
then, I'll just sell your Ad Space to a European, who will find it
inexpensive. That's the whole reason your government is letting your dollar
fall. The want American businesses like your's to buy only from other
Americans...not foreigners...hence, solve your whopping current account
trade deficit. From my perspective, I can choose to go down with your ship
(loose 10 to 20% of my income), or I can maintain my income by selling to
foreigners.) It's a mean old world!

I really think the dollar is falling because the leaders are negligent self absorbed corporate puppets who want the US government to be weak to help maximize shareholder value. I suppose I need to study economics a bit though...

December 12, 2004

The Myth of Small Government

Searching for a Job:
Mother Russia: are we soon to follow suit? And the sad thing is that it is probably right, and just about nobody cares. Disgusting.

December 2, 2004

Being Gay is Illegal, Evil, and Sinful

even discussing that some people may be gay makes you a bad person. - Viacom

November 24, 2004

Evolution, Economics, Feedback, Cancer, & War

Wow we are stupid:
Almost half of Americans believe God created humans 10,000 years ago
Defying evolution is becoming part of the ciriculum at some schools.

We are about to go into the shitter. Enjoy your tax breaks. Wonder how many of the war mongers are donating some of their war profits to help fund peace?

The Strap on Vets for Truth are reminded to do the right thing: turn your backs on Bush.

With my long streak of social burnout and somewhat less than stellar social relationships I come to expect the worst most of the time. My mom still smokes, and if it ever catches up with her maybe I will learn to appreciate Mom's Cancer.

As it is.

November 8, 2004

US Dollar Sucking, Florida Election Fraud

Canadian Dollar to Pass US Dollar?
the conservative dollar...still falling flat on its face. luckily China does not care about our "benign neglect" of the dollar. oops, they do. look for a fat recession starting mid next year.

Election Fraud
if you had any doubts, read this or look at these charts.

10 by 10

November 3, 2004

Ohio 2004 Election GOP Lawsuits

Let the people run the country, don't let government and lawyers get in the way. Souds like the typical right wing B/S that they sell, but since urban areas have higher voter density and run later lets try to have courts shut down the voting.

Thats American.

I am seriously consider moving to another country as I have a feeling that the United States will soon become a 3rd world armpit. If the Democrats somehow win this election then the Republican spin machine just took a huge hit. If I still live in this country going forward I personally will pour at least $20,000 to $50,000 into each presidential election.

Currently Ohio has Bush ahead by about 100,000 votes, but if you project out the remaining votes it will come out to him leading by perhaps only a few thousands. The absentee ballots from that state will determine the election.

October 17, 2004

Swing State Voters & Voter Suppression

Voter Suppression
is somebody ripping up your voter registration?
sponsored / funded by the RNC

Swing State Voters:
If you are voting for Nader or some other third party canidate pair your vote. I am running AdWords ads for that site in swing states.

Politics & Shareholder Value:
Sinclair Broadcasting recently lost a good bit of shareholder value for airing a Kerry smear show...wonder what my political opinions cost me...certainly not enough to quiet me :)

October 8, 2004

Is Bush Wired During Presidential Debates?

Though I can't see the faces I am listening to the second presidential debate.

How Google is an Efficient Portal
I wanted to see when the debate was. I looked at Google news and it was on the front page. I then searched for the debate on Google. The top ad was NPR coverage. Beautiful AdWords usage by NPR.

Conspiracy Theory
conspiracy theory...politicians are puppets? Is Bush Wired

Frames in the Speeches

Bushed use the marriage penalty frame.

Saw Kerry used the "Wouldn't we be better off if we had a president who had a plan to secure the peace before we rush off to war?" <--- beautiful.

Bush avoided the question about how we were going to get people abroad to like us.
Started talking about Reagan's principals and values.

Kerry talked about kids being killed in Iraq.

Bush took his own weakspot and made it sound strong by saying "that answer almost made me want to scowl."

I heard there are rumors on the internets. <--- makes the web sound not credible.

Kerry states: short rotations and stoploss = backdoor draft. also compares his actions to Regan. beautiful

Bush could not control himself and cut off the announcer...tell bla we are going alone <--- what a jackass. If I were Kerry I would have stated that during times of war we need a stable president.

Tax cut over homeland security. <--- kerry

war is a long long war...what a jackass. <--- bush

Awesome question...Mr President:
why have you blocked the importation of safer drugs from Canada that would cut 40 - 60% of costs?

Kerry called Bush out for lying for blocking that type of bill.

Another fun framing...Kerry sated that Bush added more debt to the national debt than George Washington to Regan. The time frame concept inaccurately accounts for the growth of value in currency and ignores the fact that Regan bombed the economy with his spending.

Can't believe that Kerry said he supports tort reform <--- bogus shit there.

compasionate conservative ... what does that mean
cutting (I forgot the number) of kids school stuff
running up the biggest deficit in the history of the country
mr president you are 0 for relate something to baseball makes it american and to bat 0 for 2 makes it bad.

another good question from the audience "You have not vetoed a single spending bill from congress."

He cut taxes during a war. Rosevelt, Truman, those before him knew how to lead.

refund check to Enron ... wrong priorities.

Kerry stated John bill the no lobbiest left behind act... nice

Bush stated they did not name Kerry the most liberal because he did not show up (slid that in there), but because he has voted to raise taxes.

Bush said:
healthy forrests & clean air acts <--- names are the opposite of what they do.
common sense policy <--- means we do not need expert

Kerry: (reframing)
labels don't mean anything. talks about Orwellian names of clean air act. and stated that the EPA leader for air quality for Bush resigned and protested. talks about no child left behind leaves lots of children behind.

Kerry said..."when you talk about waffling"
and then started articulately stating how Bush previous statement walked a shady line.

bush used the partial birth abortion statement

Keep up with the Polls...
Electoral Vote <-- this guy is a smart muther fucker. he is going to have a powerful role in the remaining future elections in his lifetime.

More Coverage:
The type of stuff I type does not matter that much here because few people will read it. Many of the amazing political bloggers will not directly matter a ton since their bias will predefine their audience. It is hard to get the messages specifically to undecided voters.

By the end of the campaign I was not paying a ton of attention...the web is so interactive and I am so used to node jumping that 1.5 hrs straight of just sucking in media spewed at me is hard...I even usually fall asleep at movies now.

I sometimes am good at focusing in on small points and sometimes at focusing on the big picture. It is exceptionally important to be creative, have a good sense of pattern recognition, and to be able to find sources which interest you, and to be able to spread those messages.

I meant to type another chunk of text here but am too tired.

I am getting kinda tired, but here is some recent interesting debate and other coverage:

Talking Points Memo


at the debate the only mistake Bush could identify when asked to identify three were a snide remark about some of the appointments he has made. Perhaps he should look at his resume. see him in action or view past mixed messages.

October 5, 2004

War is a Drug & Drugs are Cheaper Across the Border or Overseas

This just in: Iraq does not equal Al Queda
Rumsfield states Al Queda - Iraq connection was simply untrue. Interesting to watch the War Pigs slowly slip away from their past bogus statements.

Go Illinois!!!!!!!!!
I am not a fan of huge greedy drug companies, and it is about time we start making it legal to bypass their monopolies.

October 3, 2004

My Conservative Bias...

I can hate too ;-)

Conservative Values: Fuck Everyone! (keep in mind that abortion is inherently evil...)

Watch out...for September 11th

Fox News is Garbage...again

Bush: his hometown newspaper thinks he is a piece of shit (and they endorse Kerry)

Kerry is the better man

Because he is stupid: notes

When in doubt: fuck em over...

Bush is a piece of shit: even 17% of repulicans think so...

Iraq: fucked up

Flip Flop: yet again, Bush is a piece of shit

Once more: Bush is a misguided... piece of shit

Diebold, like Bush... as a company, is a piece of shit

September 27, 2004

Google News Bias

So recently there have been stories going around about how Google News is biased. All news is biased.

If nothing else you learn to read the inaccuracy and biases in news by reading Google news.

a story snippet: "A huge wall collapsed Monday at an unfinished terminal at Dubai's airport, killing at least eight workers and injuring dozens more, witnesses said."
another link to another version of the story: 5 die in Dubai crash

The Three Broken Pieces of Google News

  • Only major stories will usually get enough syndication to find their way into Google news. Smaller stories may get skipped entirely.
  • Web syndication means and natural human bias means that the most opinionated versions of stories will likely become some of the most popular and get cross referenced the most.
  • People can optimize their news to bias the results in the same way that I optimize websites to bias search results.

As I learn more I am beginning to see the world as an extremely shady place...

September 26, 2004

Stern Father vs Nurturing Worldview

Essentially that is the difference between conservatives and liberals.

Most people have both stearn father and nurturing aspects in their lives. The trick is to find the people in the middle, activate the portion of their brain assoicated with the type you want them to vote for, and then carry that thought proccess over from that corner of their mind into politics and the voting booth...while not insulting them or activating defense mechanisms.

Don't Think of an Elephant by George Lakoff is an awesome book about framing that I can not recommend highly enough.

Froogle Search for the book

The Rockridge Institute

September 25, 2004

September 24, 2004

The Purpose of School Testing

School testing is sold as a concept to help keep children and schools up to par. The actual goal of school testing is:

  • Test the schools to see how productive they are.
  • Schools that are behind can be puninshed by having their funding cut to where they are eventually closed.
  • School can more to a voucher system paid for by taxes where rich kids can go to good school and poor kids like me can go to shitty ones.

The Purpose of Tax Cuts

Tax cuts are sold as helping the government operate more smoothly and letting citizens decide how to spend their own money.

The actual goal of tax cuts is to:

  • Allow corporations and rich individuals to keep more of their money...reward them for doing well in the system.
  • Cut social spendinging. Financially aiding people is viewed similarly as feeding parasites. If we help people then they will never grow responsible enough to run their own lives.
  • In cutting social spending it means that progressive organizations need to spread their funds even thinner across more people. These tax cuts overwork these progressive organizations and prevent them from building for the future.
  • Normally operating in a defecit is considered a bad thing...something old time conservatives would be against. Today it is considered the standard because it starves the system, killing off the weak and the poor.

What is Tort Reform?

The goals of tort reform are to:

  • Cap what defendants can get for the wreckless behaviour of corporations. Thus corporations can figure the lower cost of malpractice into running a wreckless business.
  • Additionally this will mean that tort reform lawyers will have their wages significantly lowered.
  • These tort reform lawyers are one of the major contributors to progressive political campaigns that defend our human and environmental rights. If they can't afford to invest in school then your children many not have clean air to breathe.

September 9, 2004

My Sister in Dwight...Moved Just for the Sake of Inhumanity

So my sister is in jail for a long time for a crime I believe she never did. As I grow more financially stable and wealthier you can look for me to pour significant resources into helping reshape the legal system and the lives of those who hooked my sister up.

My sister has a best friend in jail. Today they moved my sisters best friend onto my sisters block and moved my sister off of it. My sister got moved to an entirely new area for no reason other than to make her life miserable. I got to hear my sister cry to me on the phone and other than listening at a rate of over $1 a minute there was nothing I could do. (I wonder what fucking scumbag politicians are getting a kickback on the phone calls).

Worse yet, I can't even visit my sister because the warden of Lincon Correctional Center is a fucking dirtball. I went to visit my sister but they said I could not visit because I did not have my social security card. My social security # was on my military ID but for some reason that was not good and they thought it reasonable for me to drive literally half way across the country to grab my social security card.

Serve the country and get served by shithead idiots. What a wonderful country.

They threatened me and I told them to go fuck themselves. That was years ago and my sister is still being punished for it. I think that shows perfectly that jails are for punishment...absolutely not for any type of rehabilitation.

There are a bunch of deer near Lincoln Correctional Center...hopefully one day one of them finds their way through the warden's windshield.

Because I am pissed off I am sure I do not sound it, but I am prettymuch against violence and prisons. I think any person working for jails who has direct control over the lives of people inside jail cells should spend a little time on the pond...get to know the jail from the inside so they can see the consequences of their own inhumain actions before further destroying the lives of those who are locked up - both the innocent and guilty.

Correctional officers (from my experience) are intillectually limited overbearing petty fucking scumbags.

Thinking about starting a blog for my sister soon. More on that later of course

September 8, 2004

More Fun Stuff

I actually modified the below press release a bit. Its awaiting the September 9th launch and is currently resting here:

I also emailed it to Michael Moore to see if he thinks I should revise it. Not sure if he will read my email or reply, but you would be surprised at just how many people are reachable via email.

The hardest part of that press release was trying to keep it not to drag on about random things.

A few more interesting recent events

Project Censored
NYC political prisoners (some were completely innocent...perfect example of scumbags abusing their power) more & more
Tentacles of Rage: The Republican propaganda mill, a brief history
GirleyMen for Arnold

September 7, 2004

September 11th World Trade Center Tragedy / September 9th National Preparedness Month Press Release

Marketer Uses September 11th World Trade Center Tragedy to Exploit Americans

It is sad that many would use the horrific events that occurred September 11th to market their goods and services. People will though. Last year GI Joe sales increased 47% year over year.

September 11th: World Trade Center Tragedy:

What happened at the World Trade Center was sad. I saw pictures a girlfriend of mine took that day. I saw videos of the plane smashing into the WTC. Though I was not there and do not know the damage it caused first hand, I was nearly deployed to fight an unknown enemy that day.

Ever since that sad day many people have been living in fear caused by awful leaders who use fear as an instrument to manipulate social policy for self gain. In fact, this entire month is (in my mind) devoted to that purpose.

Introducing National Preparedness Month...

Politicians are marketers, and many of them are greed driven scumbags.

September is National Preparedness Month. Tom Ridge is waiting until September 9th to make the major announcement. By waiting until September 9th to make the major announcement they ensure they get maximum press coverage and intertwine their message with September 11th anniversary sympathy stories.

The sad tragedy that occurred at the World Trade Center is likely being used to exploit voters.

The official press release is here:

A more candid (and perhaps more honest) look at the story exists here:

The timing of this National Preparedness Month is questionable at best. If it is such an important issue why did we wait 3 years to put it together? Why are we announcing it to be picked up with the September 11th anniversary stories just months before the election?

The True Power of Al Queda:

Politicians and marketers are now using the Al Queda card to manipulate more social policy issues than you or I will ever know.


Drug companies are sucking a ton of blood out of the economy.

"The most startling fact about 2002 is that the combined profits for the ten drug companies in the Fortune 500 ($35.9 billion) were more than the profits for all the other 490 businesses put together ($33.7 billion)." - Marcia Angell

Some Americans want to save money by buying cheaper drugs from Canada. Of course that means Al Queda may want to attack this cheaper drug supply:

"'Cues from chatter' gathered around the world are raising concerns that terrorists might try to attack the domestic food and drug supply, particularly illegally imported prescription drugs." said acting Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Lester M. Crawford.

Political Framing:

Politicians have also been busy framing various socially destructive bills with names that are the exact opposite of what they do. See

The Patriot Act

Healthy Forests Initiative

Bush for the Common Man:

While the average American worker is living in fear and confusion at the Republican National Convention Bush stated "In this time of change, government must take the side of working families."

That is an especially interesting concept since under his administration:

"Commerce Department data on national income trends released on August 27 point toward troubling developments in the current economic recovery. Of greatest concern, wage and salary growth for workers has been exceptionally poor while corporate profits have enjoyed unusually large gains."

"Average CEO compensation at the 50 firms outsourcing the most service jobs increased by 46 percent in 2003, compared to a 9 percent average increase for all CEOs at the 365 large companies surveyed by Business Week. Top outsourcers earned an average of $10.4 million in 2003, 28 percent more than the average CEO compensation of $8.1 million. From 2001 to 2003, the top 50 outsourcing CEOs earned $2.2 billion while sending an estimated 200,000 jobs overseas."

What is the War on Terrorism?

The war on terrorism is an Orwellian mechanism for consolidating wealth and power. Nothing more, nothing less.

Terry Anderson was held hostage for seven years and has forgiven his captors.

No amount of killing will bring people back to life.You can not fight terrorism with terrorism and life lived in fear is not really life at all.

About Aaron Wall: Aaron is a web marketer who believes the web should be used to hold leaders accountable for their actions and help the world live in peace.

September 6, 2004

Bush by the Numbers

Just to clarify, I do not think Bush is just a scumbag. I think his rich friends are scumbags. Bush is perhaps better described as ignorant ass (who also just happens to be a scumbag).

Don't believe the stuff I say though. Look at Bush by the numbers.

September 5, 2004

RNC More Political Goodies...

Zell Miller <--- what a joke...this guy is so dumb he wanted to challenge Chris Matthews to a duel. He is also the same vile scumbag who was "once a proud supporter of racial segregation, a man who lambasted LBJ for selling his soul to the negroes." How can any political party be so stupid as to use this guy as the keynote speaker?

Dick Cheney & Zell Miller <-- read how they play both sides of the fence.

George Bush <-- honorable service

we live in a fucked up world

September 3, 2004

One Hour to Waste...

Bush at RNC...

"When I said those words 4 years ago none of us could have envisioned what these years would bring."
how about the CIA? Certainly you displayed your lack of vision when you ignored them.

"If America shows weakness or uncertainty in this decade the world will drift toward tragedy. THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN ON MY WATCH."
Already did asshole...

"To make healthcare more affordable and more accessible (sp?) we must pass medical liability reform now."
1.) why didn't we do it in the last 4 years? I saw you giving this same speech (sp?) years ago there bud.
2.) Neat concept there, mimimize how much people can get for malpractice or drugs that destroy their lives.

If we are interested in making healthcare affordable then wy do we state that we think Al Queda is going to attack Canadian drug supply while helping the ten biggest drug companies make more than the other 490 companies combined in the S&P 500?

"In this time of change government must take the side of families."
Does that explain the tax cuts on dividends?

I actually got physically ill at 20 minutes and could watch no more of the presidents speech.

September 2, 2004

Fox: Transparent News

It is not hard to see the obvious. Sure some people may want you to spend 10 to see just how bad the problem is with the obvious bias in the Fox News program, but in all reality all you need to do is take a peak at their site.

Fox promotes Bush under a bogus 'you decide' banner.

August 31, 2004

President Bush Says War on Terror Can't be Won

What a difference a month can make!
"We have a clear vision on how to win the war on terror and bring peace to the world."
-- George W. Bush
July 30th 2004.

"I don’t think you can win [the war on terror]. But I think you can create conditions so that the — those who use terror as a tool are — less acceptable in parts of the world."
-- George W. Bush
Aug. 29th, 2004.

If it can't be won then what the f are we fighting for?

Bush said retreating from the war on terror "would be a disaster for your children." ... "You cannot show weakness in this world today because the enemy will exploit that weakness," he said. "It will embolden them and make the world a more dangerous place." ... When asked "Can we win?" the war on terror, Bush said, "I don’t think you can win it. But I think you can create conditions so that the — those who use terror as a tool are — less acceptable in parts of the world." source: NY Daily News

Political Literacy Month
National Preparadeness Month = National Scare the Children Month
2004 = 1984
Terrorists to Poison Drugs From Canada = Buy American (and watch the greedy scumbag drug companies suck the blood out of the country)

August 28, 2004

What Scared Me About Google

Google has saved me a ton of time. They have made it cheap for me to market products. Without them I may still have a job, but I would not be as efficient or knowledgable.

I was worried that the Google IPO would perhaps help boost confidence in America and the American system. Normally this idea would be a good thing, but I was worried that this would start to cause an uptick in consumer sentiment right before the election.

Somehow despite their impending recent IPO, advancing technology, and MASSIVE DEBT SPENDING by the government the economy is still growing at a slugish rate.

I was worried that the economy would start booming just in time to get our idiotif fear mongering president reelected, thankfully it is not.

The fact that it is not is just one more indication of how flawed the presidents weezle like manipulative leadership style and plans are.

August 25, 2004

Some People Say... (nothing as obvious as motive)

I am often misguided in belief, but frequently read motive in action. After you are a marketer long enough (and especially a marketer on a big social network) I think motive becomes rather apparent.

Most people who are in powerful positions are corupted pieces of crap. Thats why those who are powerful and do not suck seem so is so rare.

Typically positions of power and the idea of being powerful usually attracts scumbags (who have plenty of rich scumbag friends trying to guide or mislead them along the way).

I have been offered a ton of Joint Venture partnerships along the way and am pretty excited to say no. I like helping others and think there are many others who can help me a ton, but do not want to be driven by the wrong ideas.

For Example "Some People Say"

Some people say...that is a way of attributing an idea of your own to some anonymous third party.

Even when writing blog posts I usually say "thanks to fred" and use fred to link to the source. There are two main reasons to do this

1.) Give fred credit for his work.
2.) If fred is wrong then part of that dime is on him and not you.

So even as a "not real" journalist who is heavily opinionated I usually point out the source of just makes good sense.

On the other hand...
Large media corporations have too much financial interest in their own success to be completely honest. News is a bunch of manipulative bullshit.

Tune into Fox news occasionally and you will hear a whole bunch of "some people say" messages. Why not source the news if it is actually honest news??????????????????

Fox News is a voicebox or pundint for right wing propaganda. Take a peak at Fox News or watch Outfoxed to see what "SOME PEOPLE SAY."

August 21, 2004

Success, Greed, AND Congrats to Me!!!

That title is intended to be a bit sad and humorous at the same time.

I just got done reading this awesome report (PDF).

Many of the people who are highly successful in this country think they are successful exclusively because their own hard work and their own actions. WELL THAT'S FUCKING STUPID.

Growing up I perhaps did not have great financial or social bonus that many of the truely successful greed mongers did.

I deeply discount most of my childhood exeriences as having little value because I was for the most part withdrawn from society - a large part of that due to perhaps evil siblings that never skiped an opportunity to rip apart what little self esteem I had.

Now that I am kinda doing ok it would be easy for me to say that my success was do to my work alone. My friend Jason from Florida says I am a self made man.

that is not true thogh. Any success I have came across thusfar is primarily based upon:

  • The fact that being a nuclear reactor operator in the navy on a fast attack submarine is probably worse than never living at all. The shitty organization that the US Navy is gave me the drive to never want to work for anyone else again. <--- eventually I aim to cause MAJOR REFORM of this organization.
  • Tim Berners-Lee created the World Wide Web for me to play on.
  • The US Government funded a large part of the internet.
  • The internet allowed me to ask people for free passes to conferences that cost thousands of dollars where I started learning about search engine marketing stuff.
  • The web helped me find people like Seth Godin. It helped me also to learn faster than any school could have possibly taught me.
  • The roadways and travel systems of this country allowed me to meet people like Seth in person.
  • My mom taught me to work hard and to put others before yourself.
  • My dad taught me to live cheap.
  • The web gives me a sense of purpose and allows me to reach other people and creates the marketing networks I can do well on.

It would be entirely easy for me to be overly bitter about the navy and just say fuck this county. There are many things that are good about this country though.

What works well in growing humanity is when one generation reinvests into the next. Sadly things such as war or the cold war are sometimes needed to inspire reinvestment.

Now it seems as though we are in a period of confusion where

  • despite the fact we are fighting many wars few people are exactly sure why.
  • we are spending huge amounts of money on arbitrary narrow wealth generation systems - which are costing lives daily.
  • while cutting taxes we are also cutting education funding, thereby further narrowing the wealth funnel on multiple fronts - making it harder for this land to be a land of opportunity.
  • we are guided day to day by arbitrary fear concerns that have little sound logic - which prevent us from focusing on our true purpose.
  • if life has absolutely no other purpose at the bare minimum children should be offered a better chance to find their true purpose than their parents were.
  • progress is not based upon capital or influence unless you are narcissistic.
  • the world as a whole works better when more people have an opportunity to dream and to achieve those dreams.
  • in submation, if you vote for the current president you are too ignorant to deserve the life you have been given.

good or bad environment, luck, and timing have more to do with the results of life than most people give credit for.

as a funny side note, I was unsure how to spell "narcissistic" and any of my writing profits will partially be due to spell check <--- thank you from the bottom of my heart

and also while searching for that word I found guaranteed a fix for my narcissistic problem they noticed while I was at the psych ward.
Narcissistic ad.
whatever that linden method is, it costs $83...certainly plenty of profit margin in healing that pain there. but who said greed is a bad thing.

August 16, 2004

Wow, This Blog Still Exists

Not sure the last time I posted. I be doing other thiniemabobbers and whatnot.

Convention is only 2 weeks away. time to throw people in jail to raise the social concern for terrorism.

after all, if bullshit is your official party line then you need to lay it on thick to try to make it work.

in other news, corporate profits are up...and so is the frequency of brain disease

Brain diseases have been on a steady increase over the past two decades and researchers believe they have found a link between these diseases and the environment.

Researchers indicate that higher levels of pesticides, industrial effluents, car exhausts, domestic waste and other pollutants are responsible for increases in Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease and motor neurone disease. source

yet another day I am ashamed to be human...

hint, capitalism is pretty fucked up. there has to be something better. perhaps I should study political science, sociology and stuff like that??? not that I would be the one with the answers, but it would be nice to be able to contribute to the world in a positive way.

I have always maintained that ENVIRONMENT IS ONE OF THE MOST POWERFUL DRUGS IN THE WORLD. If I learned nothing else from the navy I learned that in a real way.

July 24, 2004

July 17, 2004

Cutting Corners...

Sloppy in the Surgery Room

War on Terror
winning .... one country at a time

Commedian fired for commenting on low hanging fruit

M is for mistreatment?
no, Martha is not Mendela

Fox viewers are dumb, many are
though some are "Outfoxed"."

says you should watch your "fucking" mouth <--- video

and finally, doing things right
Isometric Pixel Art Tutorial

July 8, 2004

Point of Action Marketing

What is point of action marketing?

Whenever you do anything on the web (or in many places away from the web) people try to influence your ideas or lead you to a beief that helps you along in the process.

Political point of action marketing

This election Bush (and other rich selfish fucking scumbags) want you to be affraid of terrorism on voting day.

What is the point of political point of action marketing?

if you are thinking of the bullshit fake war on terrorism while you are in the voting booth you are more likely to vote for scumbag Bush.

"Ridge Warns of Election Terror Plot" - just like a movie they use the word plot. and the reason is... it is because it is all bullshit. no reason to believe in it.

Bush & Terrorism: Living in Fear - the War on Bullshit

Are you afraid? of what?
Each morning we wake to put on our own reality goggles.

Some people want you to live in fear to help propigate a ruling class and separation of social classes, but I am not buying their bullshit and they can eat my ass.

Thou Shall Not Speak
I have some thoughts I wont type because the word terrorist is becoming synonymous with a person in disagreement with the management or mismanagement of our country.

"Just cause you feel it doesn't mean its there" - Radiohead

The Effect of Years of Lies and Manipulation

I do not do my best work when I am afraid. If I do not know where my next meal will come from I am not worried about how I can improve the world or do greater things. I do not even have time to think of my dreams, let alone chase after them. And thus I sell myself and am sold short, and I die never knowing what life was intended to be.

don't let that happen to you. this is not how it is working for me because the navy taught me a few valueable lessons.

  • because people say it is good does not mean its true or honest information
  • most people are selfish fucking scumbags
  • leaders are often liars, especially government leaders
  • often times leaders are more flawed than people under them because they are not held to any honest standards

You can only live in fear so long before you bankrupt dreams...and when they are gone there is nothing left to live for.

honest terrorism threat = 0

why trade your life worrying about things you can not change? if you do then you have nothing to live for anyway.

this president has also halted my belief in evolution. we simply could not have been around this long and be that fucking stupid.

July 7, 2004

Life Would be Good

The Stock Jail Market: Getting your fair share
Lay indited. Ha Ha fucker. May your dreams be shattered and may your life be lived from behind bars.

hope that asshole goes to jail.

June 21, 2004

On the Beauties of Capitalism

People have sometimes asked me whether I am upset that I have not made a lot of money from the Web. In fact, I made some quite conscious decisions about which way to take my life. These I would not change - though I am making no comment on what I might do in the future. What does distress me, though, is how important a question it seems to be to some. This happens mostly in America, not Europe. What is maddening is the terrible notion that a person's value depends on how important and financially successful they are, and that that is measured in terms of money. That suggest disrespect for the researchers across the globe developing ideas for the next leaps in science and technology. Core in my upbringing was a value system that put monetary gain well in its place, behind things like doing what I really want to do. To use net worth as a criterion by which to judge people is to set our children's sights on cash rather than on things that will actually make them happy.
- from p. 107-108 of Weaving the Web by Tim Berners-Lee

June 18, 2004

Induce - New AntiSpyware Bill - Induce

I am a bit of a vigilante as far as spyware goes. I personally would love to render the arms and legs of the shitheads that feel comfortable stealing portions of my life.

The spyware is no big deal though, after all it is only stealing part of my life. What is really important is copyright protected work. And the fact that sharing it in any way makes you worse than satan himself.

There is a new piracy bill by the name of Induce which aims to make file sharing networks illegal. The Induce Act stands for "Inducement Devolves into Unlawful Child Exploitation Act."

Notice how those fucking ass clowns keep using safty of children as a guise for their bullshit laws.

In 1984 other ass clowns had their bogus law overturned at the Supreme Court level which made VCRs legal.

Please say no to government control of the internet.

June 17, 2004

Iraq Insurgents Damage Major Pipeline

"What you are seeing here is effectively a terrorist war against Iraq's critical infrastructure, including the oil infrastructure," coalition spokesman Dan Senor told CNN. "It is an effort to basically, economically, impoverish the Iraqi people." source

No, what we are seeing is that we are unwelcome and should get the fuck out.

June 13, 2004

Oil Wars

how ironic is it that we burn tons and tons of oil in a war about out and some of the people there fight back by burning the oil.

neat little message we want to send. that is our oil that WE WILL BURN HOWEVER WE WANT TO

When all the oil supply in the world is gone in a few decades what happens then?

June 12, 2004

Refreshing: Reagan is Dead

When Regan died a nation mourned. That is bullshit. Most of us do not give a shit about the stupid financially irresposible overconservative fuck. In fact I am actually glad he is dead and wish for the day that all extremely greedy friends of blood sucking corporate scumTM (which is the GOP's new tagline) are dead.

A few highlights from an article about Regan's death:

This man Reagan was 93 years old and out of it with Alzheimer's for many years and I don't see how anybody can summon grief. They proclaimed it a deep religious ceremony. Which it is not. His whole weeklong funeral is cheap, utterly distasteful American publicity.

The Cold War was won by a long memo written by George Kennan, who worked in the State Department and sent the memo by telegram about the need for a "Policy of Containment" on Russia. Kennan said the contradictions in their system would ruin them. Keep them where they are and they will tear themselves apart. We followed Kennan's policy for over 40 years. The Soviets made it worse on themselves by building a wall in East Berlin. When they had to tear it down and give up their system, Kennan was in Princeton and he sat down to dinner.

his most famous acting line was absolutely stolen

In 1938, a radio show, "Cavalcade of America," had a segment about coach Knute Rockne of Notre Dame and his star back, George Gipp, who was dying of pneumonia and supposedly said to Rockne, "Someday, when the team's up against it, the breaks are beating the boys, ask them to go in there with all they've got! Win one for the Gipper."

and he really did a good job with New York. Remember how Rudi Guliani really cleaned up NYC? Well a large part of that happening was that horrible conditions were there previously. Thanks in part to none other than the great Regan

He was a callous man with a smile who cut taxes in 1981 and left this city and state without funds for such things as help for dependent children. He proudly hurt the boroughs of this city more than anyone before or after him. If you live in Brooklyn, the record shows that Ronald Reagan hated children. The city and state had to raise taxes to make up for money lost because of Reagan's great conservative movement. Reagan then raised taxes six times. He walked off, leaving us an enormous deficit but with a smile on his face that even the Gipper's fakery couldn't help us with.

June 8, 2004


I suppose that title will probably piss off a few people, but I really don't care. This post is aimed to the asshole who keeps referer log spamming me to his christian communication course.

You can have God On Your Side, but I am not interested.

that Dylan song is one of the best ever. also Girl from the North County = super duper good...

June 5, 2004

When Everybody is Fucked Up but Me

Generally a title like that would be attached to a narcissistic post, but this one is for our great president. How many people will resign?

CIA Head George Tenet - GONE
George Mitchell, vice chairman of the new independent commission investigating the September 11 terrorists attacks - GONE
Henry Kissinger, chairman of the September 11 Commission - GONE
Lawrence Lindsey, White House economic adviser - Gone
Paul O'Neil Secretary of the Department of Treasury - GONE
FEMA Director Joe Allbaugh - GONE

Members of the President Bush's Cabinet (and many other high government officials) are not normal people. Usually when everyone else is fucked up then the person who is fucked up is you. In this case that would be George W. Bush, and you should resign.

June 3, 2004

May 23, 2004

reading the news...

It's all fun and games until somebody gets hurt.

I feel green as thinking of the world falling apart due to greed fucking disgusts me, but why not throw fuel on the fire. Look out though, as it is possible to be too green.

Not unlike lettuce or a cucumber...

Eat your sugars, but not too much.

Watch your diet just like you should...

Watch the best movies and the best singers keep us busy.

While it is not fair to watch the wrong things try not to think or act in groups, or people will be forced to watch you esspecially if you aim to fly a mile high...

May 20, 2004

What exactly is the objective?

``Obviously much of the attitude for our citizens is being shaped by what they see on their TV screens from Iraq,'' Bush said. ``It's a tough time for us. On the other hand, I'm very optimistic that we've got a good strategy and we will achieve the objective.'' source

What exactly is the objective?

May 18, 2004

Oil at All Time High Prices

So the bombing of an Iraq leader has helped bost oil to an all time high price.

When we speak of these all time high prices on oil and we fail to mention some extremely basic things.

  • We fail to mention how our curency has lost about 40% of it's value in the past few years due to piss poor foreign policy.
  • We fail to mention that $40 in 1980 is worth a hell of a lot more than $40 today.

historic oil prices

May 14, 2004

Powell Full of Shit

"were this interim government to say to us, `We really think we can handle this on our own; it would be better if you were to leave,' we would leave."

src NYT

Do you think we would appoint, approve, or honor (oops) I mean listen to a government that does not do exactly what we tell them to do honor freedom and democracy?

You, Mr Powell
are full of shit.
- aaron

May 5, 2004

Compared to Another

I just got back from a concert and saw how little effort people like Beck looked like they were using on stage. They did what they were doing, and they did it well.

The reason it looked somewhat easy is because for him it is somewhat easy. He tried using a freaking gameboy on stage in a tent that people were ripping down to try to get in.

His music was not so much game like though. It was awesome. How was he compared to someone else? It doesn't matter.

You see, only stupid people who are too lazy to find their calling in lives need standards and comparisons to guide them. I felt happy to understand that perhaps I knew what Radiohead meant when they sang "I lost myself."

Once you stop comparing yourself to others and start following your interests things tend to fall in line.

April 22, 2004

Behind the Bars, More from Dwight Correctional Center

A little bit of another letter from my sissy.

Well I had an officer here one day tell me about what you had put on the internet about here. I didn't know you had put my actual letter on there. But it's cool with me. Two weeks ago "crush" team came here to shake down two unts just because. (Thank God it wasn't the unit I am on) It was Rita's unit though. It was extremely horrible! They hand cuffed the whole unit and walked them to the visiting room / gym while they were marching with there sticks out. The made them stand with their foreheads to the wall and they couldn't takee it off, move or talk for 5 hours, then stripped them, and made them take a piss test. While everyone (the inmates) were going through that shit they were on their unit tearing it up. Rita's room was so fucked up! It took them several hours to get their rooms back in order. They were yelling at em with those sticks out and they had those helmets and shields & shit. I felt so bad for everyone on those 2 units. Several were crying and a few fell out within those 5 hours of having their foreheads glued to the damn wall.

Reading the news

"The development of a nuclear weapon in Iran is intolerable, and a program is intolerable. . . . Otherwise, they will be dealt with, starting through the United Nations." George W. Bush - don't you like how that statement almost implies the US is a force one level above the United Nations? Source

I don't even need to read this article to be discouraged by it. They found ways to mix female genes to make babies. I am excited to think of the day will be grown like plants, are you?

Article Title: "IMF: Africa poised for best growth in 30 years"
first words of article "It said sub-Saharan Africa should show a significant gain in its rate of economic expansion this year." source: cnn

notice how quickly the article shifted from Africa to sub-Saharan Africa. The real joke is not the article, but more how the IMF and world bank work to keep these countries poor to maximize the wealth extracted from interest and so they can create more wealth for themselves elsewhere.

South Africa is the world's #1 resource for platinum and gold. They have exceptionally high unemployment. how is that so?

April 20, 2004

Support Our Troops

When people say "support our troops" generally they are full of shit. Why should we support our troops? What does support our troops mean?

Wars are the issues. Sure the lives that are killed are important, but saying we support our troops will never bring back lost lives.

I got kicked out of the navy for using drugs. I asked for help before I got in trouble and my chain of command ignored me right up until they had to destroy their own records of my work performance. I couldn't even get a job bagging groceries because I tried to do something most people couldn't. I don't care what they say, you don't know the effects of no sunlight, low food quality, no control, negative environment, abnormal schedule, and low oxygen levels will have upon your mind until the evil people throw you in that environment.

It's nice to know that when you get out people no longer want to support our troops. Now my own story would be a bad example since the military blatently lied about my service to protect their own bogus justice system. This is not the issue at hand.

Let's talk about my friend Mike. He is one of the most intelligent people I have ever met. When he got out of the navy nobody wanted to support our troops. He could not get a job at radio shack or best buy. Being a nuclear reactor operator who knows a ton about electronics does not qualify you for a job working at radio shack or best buy.

I am not saying that he just deserves jobs because he lived through hell. I am stating that the "opportunities" that the navy opens are lies. People do not support our troops. He got nearly a perfect on his SAT's and could not get into the school of his choice. Hopefully somewhere out there someone will want to support our troops. Hopefully he can go to school somewhere.

As far as employment goes, he was unable to find a decent job. I farm work out to him. That is right, this horrible druggie who the navy attempted to destoy has spare work to hand out to others.

Lets take another look at the support for our troops. My roommate today just got the information back that he was not accepted to Penn State based on bad grades he got nearly a decade ago. Think of that for support our troops. He bought a place out here and now the school just says "sorry to be you." Thousands and thousands of students go to school here. Few of them know the horrors of navy nuclear power aboard fast attack submarines.

Right now we are throwing out this bullshit support our troops motto as much as ever. And when you look at reality, there is no real support our troops. It's all bullshit.

It reminds me of my old roommates father. After returning from Vietnam he went right back for a second tour. When he came back here he stepped off the plane to the beautiful breeze of a beer being smashed across the back of his head. How is that for a welcome home?

When you join the service frequently you are viewed as a traitor when you get out. Many people come back to the world from a warped reality unable to fit back in. The suicide rate for vets is higher than the general populus for a reason. Many more die than those who paint the battlefields a vibrant autumn red.

I am going to sleep in disguist tonight. Please support our troops.

April 7, 2004

bush...bla bla bla...shh

Bush aims to push through new censorship bill which makes it illegal for nonprofit organizations to state their opinions about politicians running for reelection.

March 24, 2004

Want to Get Married?

Too bad. Keep waiting. Oregon county had decided ALL MARRIAGE IS ILLEGAL.

March 19, 2004

Reading The News

Got Gas? Prices to go up.
Rock n Roll will Never Die... Courtney Rocks
Drugs are good...for fucking the economy...and early outs on death row (oops)

March 15, 2004

US Government Aims To Repeal First Amendment

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

Why then do we aim to punish ad networks which allow online casinos to advertise? Do I use online casinos? nope. Do they hurt me? nope.

I have seen many billboards on the interstate advertising the poor tax which our lotto system is. Nothing wrong with tax payer money going to advertize the extraction of wealth from the poor though.

Big casinos are making millions of dollars. This is where the problem actually comes from. Casinos like Foxwood are not leveraging their market dominance to expand their brand reach. To protect their profits they are coupling with the religious right wing idiots in our government to try to punish Google and other companies for setting up a good ad network with strong distribution.

Read more about your erosion of civil liberties.

ps: FBI pushing for greater monitoring of internet.

March 14, 2004

The Power of Terrorism & The Reason for Terrorism

Many people think terrorists are these horrible people. In their own eyes many of these terrorists are doing work of love for their god. If we didn't screw people and support Israel then most of this would never happen.

If Al Queda was involved with the terrorist attack on Spain then they got exactly what they wanted out of it. The Spanish government has been overthrown and the United States is loosing support.

Terrorism has effects far beyond who it directly reaches. Proper timing and a few deaths can cause massive irreversable social change. We are close minded in that we fail to recognize the # of people starving to death every day, but we let a bomb that kills a few hundred or few thousand people change our whole way of living.

If Al Queda can not easily directly effect us, then they can make it hard for others to support us. Eventually the greed of our shithead leaders (This is you BUSH) will rot our position unless we replace them.

March 13, 2004

January 31, 2004

Getting a Passport Fucking Sucks ASS

In this post I state that I hate Bush and need to get a passport. In this post I state how good the Post Office is and how easy it is to get a passport.

I still think Bush sucks, but it turns out it is not all that easy to get a passport. I was thinking about how easy the process seemed and it seemed a bit suspect to me. Initially I followed the paperwork and the post office worker verified my data. Knowing how large the post office orgainzation is, and that my own mother is a postmaster made me think of how easy it would be to introduce corruption into this system. I would only need to fool (or be in kahoots with) one postal worker.

My initial intuition was right. The paperwork I downloaded off the original site told me what I needed to bring to get my passport and I did. What is shitty is that it was wrong. So now I need to come up with photocopies of at least 3 different identifications and mail them in. What is funny is that on the list they have birth certificate, and my original was mailed into them bastards.

Instead of my passport comming back in one week it took 2 weeks for the notice requesting more information to get back. Now I will not be visiting my artist friend or the president of Greece as I was invited to.

January 27, 2004


Are you worried about our great national deficit? Are you unemployed? Is the economy rotten?

Many people want you to be worried about half truth. A person driven by fear is easy to manipulate. If you're worried about where you will get your next meal, then you likely are not going to get what you deserve. My personal philosophy is that everyone has something to offer and something they should focus on.

Back to our eroding economy..."CBO's new figures predict that US government revenues will fall to 15.8 percent of the economy in 2004, the lowest since 1950, according to an analysis by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities."

This means that our government is actually operating somewhat efficiently despite all the horrible things we are doing. We have not yet squeezed all the hope out of my mind, and I have this strange feeling things are going to get way better...and soon.

Dirty Politics

Some people prove you do not need to be smart or honest to be elected. More dirty politics: Judge Says Schwarzenegger Broke Campaign Law

January 25, 2004

Prison Guard Freed in Hostage Crisis

That is how news is titled when it talks about how two prison guards are held hostage by inmates. Now this is going to be a long entry which cites many other entries just to show how biased this news is...

First off I will state there are many companies which have an interest in prison privatization, which will allow them to extract profit off jails. The catch is that they need a growing prison population to make greater returns for shareholders...think how FUCKED UP that is.

I also offer you the fact that a half hour talk with my sister on the phone costs me $50 thanks to the fucking digusting greed driven Consolidated Public Services. They sent me a letter requesting that I authorize my monthly phone fee to be raised above $100. Feel free to curse these greedy fucking pigs out at

I would also like to be charged more to help my sister have minimal enjoyment in her life. Lucky for me the price of cigarettes went up 35% this January. In addition the price of all other items (such as toothpaste and soap) went up 25% this January.

Did you know that due to the negligence of these stupid fucking prison guards many people in jail die. For example read here and here. Those are parts of a few letters that my sister sent me in the last few months.

I also can not visit my sister. My social security card was in Connecticut and I could not see my sister in Illinois because it was not with me. Prior to going out to sea (in support of our country) again I wanted to visit my sister one last time. I cursed them out after they yelled at me. I remember leaving that place crying because I could not visit my sister. I still can't. Feel free to call or send hate mail:
1098 1350th Street
P.O. Box 549
Lincoln, Il 62656
Phone: (217) 735-5411
Tell the warden she sucks!

It gets better though. The reason my sister is in jail is that she was found guilty for a murder she did not commit. There was no physical evidence. The girl who was killed was raped and murdered. They tested all the people that were with my sister and the DNA did not match. We are to believe that my sisters friend had such a bad day that she was raped, dumped by the side of the road, and then later murdered that same day by a group of her friends.

Not only is my sister completely innocent, found guilty on NO PHYSICAL EVIDENCE , but also many of the people in jail are there as non violent drug offenders.

Nevermind the fact that you will likely again see commercials linking drug use to terrorism. Nevermind the fact that there are many (obviously true) statements about Bush being brought up on drug charges while he was a draft dodging deserter from the reserves.

I was attached to the USS Dallas as a nuclear reactor operator. I was defending this same system that was destroying my family and mind and people wondered why I tried "accidentally" killing myself a few times.

If you ask me I think more negligent prison guards should be killed for the torture they place inmates through.

We can look at the cross section of a jail and read the numbers. Where a college once stood we now have jails such as Lincoln Correctional Center. Here are the vital stats
Opened: September 1984
Capacity: 500
Level 4: Medium-Security Female
Average Daily Population: 941
Total Average Daily Population: 941
Average Age: 35
Average Annual Cost Per Inmate: $22,268.00

What you don't see are the lives wasted behind those numbers. You don't get to see me cry thinking about my sister rotting in jail.

Ask yourself what is "correct" about the department of corrections.

All the above news you need not hear. Read the one bullshit news story about how the prisoners are violent and aim to destroy people in this "crisis."

Bullshit news story

January 20, 2004

Wearing a Mask

In a couple minutes Bush is to appear before the nation to read a scripted speech. I wonder what percentage of people realize someone else wrote it for him? I wonder how many times he will stutter? I wonder how many times he will lie.

I wanted this post to be profound, but in a colorful world I find it easy to paint Bush one of the two colors he paints the world in. Sadly its that color singers write tons of songs about.

Fade to Black - Rolling Stones
Black - Pearl Jam
there are lots of other good songs, but I am in a rush. Must critque his every word.

January 19, 2004

January 15, 2004

When its Bullshit

The war on terrorism is highly focused on small things. I find it fascinating that ICANN needs to ask the US gov to back up is name servers.
Government Computer News (GCN) daily news -- federal, state and local government technology; ICANN calls for redundant Internet name servers

Also here are the 13 worldwide root servers

When Stupid Ideas Haunt You

Using the Iraqi most wanted cards seemed gross to me. Must we come out with cards every time we go to war? There is another individual like me out there though, and they aim to place this great marketing back in the lap of George Bush.

Marketing and Politics

Mosley Braun drops out and endorses Dean.

I, being a marketer, am more interested in the inline article Google AdSense block on the page. Howard Dean, John Kerry, and Bill Wyatt are all there. I actually met Bill Wyatt (the republican presidential canidate you have never been told about) when he was giving out T shirts up in Boston during the Democratic rock the vote debate...he did not have any of my size left by the time I got to seeing him. Initially I was more concern with the likes of Vermin Supreme and the Massachusetts Anti Coorporate Clearinghouse.

Anyway, back to the marketing...I logged into my AdWords account to see how much those ads pay. Braun has a price estimate of $1.04 a click off the start!


In all actuality thats really cheap marketing for politics...I wonder how many of the canidates are smart enough to have an Iowa targeted complex AdWords campaign running? If I were a canidate I would be spending over $1000 a day on AdWords right now. I would not even direct people to my own site either. I would direct them toward third party sites of people who were giving me rave reviews.

I would target the states with the earliest primaries too. After those states many people just follow because they want to go with a winner...

That is good cheap psychographic advertising right there...If I had a spare $20,000 (that is certainly much less than the companies are spending on Bush) I could seriously single handedly strongly effect the outcome of the national election. If things go well in the next year you can count on me spending about $20,000 "helping" Bush.

January 10, 2004

US Dollar Drops, Bush Sucks

While unemployment is high during holiday shopping we still seek out more cheap labor to further erode the middle class. Good job Bush!!!

PS: much of our expanding economy is only government debt in the military industry (Colin Powell admits there is no real link between Saddam and al-Qa'ida).... I believe last year alone Bush put the average citizen in an additional debt load of over $7,000.

US Dollar Drops on Weak Job Data, which halted the stock market recovery and is increasing bond interest rates on the US government debt. This is a good deal if you are one of the few rich people who are owed this money.

Despite the general erosion of all that is good, Bush is back on his Texas ranch less than a week after he returned from his most recent 9 day vacation there.

Vote Bush!

January 8, 2004

I am Speculating Here

So I just got an email from one of my esteemed UK customers.

"Just on the news: found out that if anyone from the UK wants to visit the US they must go in person to the American Embassy for an £60 ($100) interview for each family member. So for example a family of four from Plymouth will have to pay an extra £400 ($660) after train fairs to London etc. Might be bad for tourism especially as it will end last minute bookings."

If this is statement is true then the US government is honestly trying to destroy the United States or does not think of effect, only cause...but thats ok as long as they jail those who disagree...

January 7, 2004

Proliferation of WMD Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons

I just did a Google Search to define proliferation. Its a sad state that even these unbiased machines are typically learning that "rapid reproduction or replication" is closely tied with nuclear weapons and weapons of mass distruction.

I could pretend that everthing is fine, but consider that some wanted to hire me to be a caretaker of chemical weapons for the US army...I am digusted at least for today.


Just so all know I do not want to post to much George Bush here....that will go to

Bush Says

January 6, 2004

Vote Bush

Bush in 30 Seconds

My personal favorites is "Imagine."

December 31, 2003


FBI Issues Alert Against Almanac Carriers - Only 1 score off. Not bad Mr Orwell...

December 29, 2003

Bringing Guns to School

I actually went to school in Goose Creek, South Carolina...recently I am reminded of my schooling by the story of how Armed police officers stormed the school

two words...make that three


I need to get a passport

Not only am I going to be going away for a little bit, some scumbags are making me not want to come back. I think Bush is a SHITHEAD

December 27, 2003

Bush finds another way to suck

Bush just appointed 12 people to serve in government positions while congress is in break. It should only make sense that no HONESTLY elected official should have any input in who serves in top civil servant positions. For example, see how Justice Scalia is a great man.

December 22, 2003

US Media Bias

Essentially in our democratic society propaganda has taken the place of violence to control the population. If you want unbiased US news your best bet is to look outside the country. Print Article: We got him: Kurds say they caught Saddam

December 21, 2003

Capitalism at its best

I am not certain that I have ever seen a cartoon I was in such agreement with. Look to the right side of the page at Stung Eye

Terrorist Attack on US

A recent top story has been noted by that there is Terror Threats to U.S. Cities Reported.

From this we learn "Senior officials from the Department of Homeland Security, intelligence and law enforcement have a planned meeting Monday to evaluate the recent surge in information related to possible terror threats."

If there were some dire urgent pressing need why in the fuck would we take the weekend off. If it smells like bullshit that is only because it is. I honestly think conguring up these stories not only adversely effects our lives and attitudes, but also makes the spoken outcome more likely.

December 19, 2003

What's in a Million

Many people make a big deal about being a millionaire. The numbers are just numbers though. Its just math. When you start talking about people the numbers matter.

So as some ponder the Cost of War in Iraq a few exciting numbers thusfar are

5.4 million children will not be able to attend a year of head start
16 million childeren will not be able to afford healthcare
close to a million teachers will not be hired
close to a million students will not be getting their four year scholarships
over a half million public housing units will not be built

As I said earlier, a million means nothing.

December 17, 2003

Bush Says

Bush Says He Would Support Gay Marriage Ban, which leads me to purchase the domain ""
will be hosted in a couple days :)

December 16, 2003

Sticky Subject

Earlier this year Bush was seen signing an anti abortion bill with about thirty males and no females in the room. While I believe in choice, the FDA Debates Sale of Morning-After Pill

December 15, 2003

Gross Fucking Dolls

So I searched Google for Saddam Captured and was disturbed by the ad I saw off to the right side of the page. It was interesting enough that I had to take a peak. The dirtbag who owns sells hand painted and crafted dolls, including images of the shot up son Uday


As a side marketing note, it is amazing that
1.) only one person was using Google AdWords to market "Saddam Captured"
2.) one of the three ads on Google for "Saddam" was for a penis enlargement patch.
3.) last month there were litterally tens of thousands of searches for Saddam that were not funded by any ads.

Posted at 4:22 AM

Preaching War

Though they claim to be Americans for Jobs, Healthcare & Progressive Values... I clearly think they are full of shit. Recently they just threw a few hundred thousand dollars at manipulative media aimed at getting Bush elected again. View their film in which they paint Howard Dean as a moron in the foreign policy category.

In the Washington Post they point out that this new progressive bullshit organization has "Values that don't include letting voters know who's footing the bill. The group has spent $230,000 for the first week of ads, but it won't say where the money is coming from. "

If we are at war with multiple countries, drugs, abstract ideas, and are economically eroding I think we would be better off to evaluate our foreign policies. Bush believes "go it alone" is good foreign policy. If he gets elected again I will allow him to by moving to another country.

If you have to kill to live in comfort were you ever even alive?

December 11, 2003

If you are going to loose - at least help out the others

I think most recognize that Dennis Kucinich 2004 has no chance in the election. That is why I find it refreshing that he does the right thing and attacks Bush with this ad!

Diebold Voting Machines Smell Like Fish

I am a big fan of the Electronic Frontier Foundation. When you get money out of a Diebold ATM it leaves a paper trail. Same with their checkout machines, ticket machines, and building access machines...not voting machines though, why?

EFF: ISP Rejects Diebold Copyright Claims Against News Website

December 8, 2003

Children Will Play

NY Post Article"Did I expect George Bush to f - - - it up as badly as he did? I don't think anybody did" - John Kerry

I did :)

Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.

Another Letter From Jail

a poem I just wrote:

A half dozen similar to the original
and without purpose another is strung together
but this one is different
I am convinced
as it can do magic
just long enough to quit
the knot will not break
that which was a mistake

here is part of the letter from my sister which inspired that poem

...Another girl is died. This one committed suicide though. She wasn't even supposed to be placed in a room because she was sill in her blue and whites uniform. She should have been out in a holding cell in the dayroom because she hadn't even been shearched or given a Seg uniform yet. She had been trying to talk to someone the whole day before. It was because people were making fun of her and she was trying to move but they wouldn't let her. So she went to work in the kitchen and cursed out a supervisor so she could go to seg. She was in seg. for 12 minutes and her roommate ended up finding her hanging there and called the c.o. down there. So that was that. She hung herself with her shoe laces. Another memorial service.

December 6, 2003

Falling Dollar due to Miserable Foreign Policy

Here is a great artilce about the real effect fo the falling dollar on worldwide stability.

Falling Dollar, Rising Debt -- Viewpoints | EPI

Here are some select quotes from the article which ring loud and clear.

"Economists at Goldman Sachs predict that if we continue on our current trajectory, our foreign debt will amount to 40 percent of GDP by 2006. "

"Our current account deficit now runs about $400 billion a year, and the Goldman Sachs number crunchers estimate that just to cut that in half, the dollar would have to fall an "astonishing" 43 percent against the currencies of countries we trade with."

"At present, with every 1 percent rise in our national income, our trade deficit grows by 2 percent."

"Our politicians' indifference to an out-of-control foreign debt is in striking contrast to their fretting about projections that the Social Security system might have to start borrowing money 40 years from now. "

"Thus, according to the Washington Consensus, it's better just to wait and hope that the inevitable dollar implosion will occur on someone else's watch. And who knows, maybe the laws of economics and human nature don't apply to America after all. "

December 5, 2003

Miserable Failure

Over 1/3 of the inbound links from external sources link to bush using the term miserable failure

his biography includes "Since taking office, President Bush has signed into law bold initiatives to improve public schools by raising standards, requiring accountability, and strengthening local control. He has signed tax relief that provided rebate checks and lower tax rates for everyone who pays income taxes in America. He has increased pay and benefits for America's military and is working to save and strengthen Social Security and Medicare. He is also committed to ushering in a responsibility era in America, and has called on all Americans to be "citizens, not spectators; citizens, not subjects; responsible citizens building communities of service and a Nation of character."

it does not speak of how many of his cabinet memebers are resigning due to his grand ignorance of policy. notice I did not specify any type, just "policy in general!"

we all have to be good at something - even if we are a "miserable failure"

November 24, 2003

Monitor the Election

GoogleRace uses the Google API to allow you to search for where your canidate rates.

I was proud to see Bush at the top of the pack.

the internet is not entirely accurate though as Bush is only #2 for AWOL

Posted at 5:16 PM

Prison Privitization

So when you think of prisons, they want you to think of sheets like thisDwight Correctional Center 2000 Audit.

They want you to think how private institutions are more efficient. My sister is wrongfully in jail for over 20 years. lets examine the letter she sent me today.

Would you call this suicide, death, negligence, or murder?

Dear Aaron
BKA "Bubba"

Hello little baby. How are you? Good I hope! I know it's not time to write you cause I am waiting to hear from you but I've got some grapes to tell you so I'm writing a bit early. About 2 weeks or so this girl that was in seg. here died.
She died on a Wednesday and her out date was on Friday. 2 days. But from what I hear that girls family is on top of it. The girl and her roommate were banging on the door for over an hour and the C.O.s would not go to her room to see what they wanted, and she ended up dying in there.
There have been way too many girls die down here since I've been here. I go to every memorial service they have here. Even if I don't know who they are. I go to pay my respects. I feel so bad because they had to die in here. It's so sad. I just want you to know that if anything ever happens to me down here do not accept what you first hear.
It would be because an officer did not do his / her job and you'd better get paid from these bastards. And some people should loss their jobs. So far from what I hear only one Sgt. has been walked because of this last death. But if anything ever happens, you make sure it is investigated and you sue these people. ok.
Well I finished Computer Tech. today. My graduation isn't until May.
That's really all that's happened on this end. But I had to write you. I miss you! How's your web sites doing? Tell me all about it.
I'm gonna write Grandma and Mom a quick letter. I hate writing too so since I'm already writing, I might as well do it and get it over with.
I love & miss you!

Love Always
Your one & only

Do you have any recent pictures of yourself? I would like one if you do.

November 21, 2003

Screw the Constitution

That is actually the goal. If we can induce another attack on us Gen. Franks Doubts Constitution Will Survive WMD Attack

Posted at 4:45 AM

November 19, 2003

Why Dean?

Off the start I was a fan of Dean for a few simple reasons. As I step back and view the larger picture, I see that I am more of a fan of Dean.
Joho the Blog: Dean on "ReRegulation" and a social contract

Posted at 1:17 PM

November 18, 2003

I am not a Chicken

You are a chick, I am a chickenhawk. BUSH PULLS OUT OF SPEECH TO PARLIAMENT

Posted at 7:51 PM

November 17, 2003

More war and alone, if necessary, says Bush

So I read this less than one page article to find my own mind in conflict with itself. I do not know what stupid Bush quote I should quote.

I am frustrated that no matter what I have to say on the subject, it will be unoriginal. Maybe I should just wake up to the fact that I should be happy others notice?

Taipei Times - archives

Posted at 11:45 PM

Bush: economic genius

I do not know what compelled me to, or how I accidentally did it, but I somehow arrived at the Official Blog.

While there I got to read about the article "Economist Predicts Sustained Growth." In the article it states misleading statements such as "The economy grew in the third quarter at its fastest rate in 19 years." After years of stagnation the numbers worked favorably one quarter, with big tax breaks and balloning national debt...big deal...something to be proud of.

Notice they say "sustained growth". They dare not define how long it will be sustained economic growth, or at what rate. Why?
a.) they have no idea
b.) they are selling an abstract idea
c.) the president had to fire his own lead economist because he disagreed with the harmful tax break

When you look at reality you will see that Bush has a blog. It has articles. These articles are in english, but there is nothing worth reading unless it is to pick it apart.

Of course, Bush is not interested in my feedback, thats why I post my comments here.

I did take away something from his site.

lets do it right this time!PLEASE DO NOT ELECT

Posted at 5:22 AM

November 5, 2003

Vote Bush

If you are this guy:

you should vote Bush. Otherwise, do not!

Posted at 3:37 PM

Rock the Vote (part 3)

If you searched all of Google for rock the vote you may find some interesting things.

You however would rarely find reference to Vermin Supreme or the Massachusetts Anti-Corporate Clearinghouse.

Each of the two made a wild appearance which was generally viewed as a joke. I went to the vermin supreme website, and am convinced that despite all his weird talk of toothpaste, he was a joke. His only link on the home page to his site was broken.

I actually liked the appearance of the Massachusetts Anti-Corporate Clearinghouse. They came with a guy dressed in an amazing pimp outfit. He was a smooth talker and talked about the corporate whores which were running for president. His posse was comprised of a bunch of the canadates in proper attire.

I went to their website to find out they are legitimate. On December 2nd at the Rodgers Center (Merrimack College in North Andover)they have helped organize a speach with Noam Chomsky, quite posibly the worlds greatest humanitarian. I am going.

Many people viewed them as a joke or freak show. In my eyes the joke or freak show was the crowds of people making random slogans and cheering them wildly.

I bet in all honesty I could sit down with over half the people cheering in 10 minute one on one sessions and have them appolizige to me for their lack of understanding of what they are promoting.

Most of these people will never know who Noam Chomsky is, most of these people will never open their eyes and think for themselves. If you are ignorant to the global policies of your country that does not aleviate your civic responsibility to the world. You and I are both part of the problem.

You may never find my views on the "Tele" as the englishman I met last night said, but you will always find my opinions here!

Anyway I took pictures throughout the night, if you want to see them read on. Please note you should have broadband if you want to see them because the files are rather large.

Here is a picture of the Dean supporter circle which surrounded me.

Vermin Supreme

Massachusetts Anti-Coorporate Clearinghouse Pimp

and whores

don't forget to collect your trading cards

a perfect example of the type of misguided fool that can honestly vote for Bush

rock the vote!

Posted at 2:32 PM

Rock the Vote (part 2)

Ok, maybe yesterdays post was ill timed with today being an official rock the vote gathering. Washington Post may be the first to give you live records of the night, but like all other media... it is properly filtered. Transcript: Rock The Vote Democratic Presidential Candidate Forum (

I was there last night and I waited outside since 4 PM. I would say the best part of the night occured before the cameras were rolling. In a couple hours I promise a great post. I am just waiting for my battery to charge up!

Posted at 11:56 AM

November 4, 2003

White House Aims to Hide Secret Data about Iraq

I am an author for the search engine journal. While recently posting an item over there I noticed a link to this alarming document questioning the intentions of the White House in recent attempts to hide statements made about Iraq.


Posted at 9:35 AM

November 3, 2003

Contributions to Dean for America are not deductible for federal income tax purposes.

I just contributed to Dean and once I got that in the reply email I was confused. Don't get me wrong, any price to pay to get rid of Bush is worth it. It just goes to show me how unreasonalby unfair the political game is.

I think the title of this link is fairly clear. Not only do companies sometimes get breaks, but they also get Billions of dollars in contracts for donating to further the cause of slime. Donate to Bush and get contracts - read more

Anyway so I saw...

On Dean's Blog for America there was a cool pin I instantly fell in love with.

Though I am currently unemployed other than what I make here and there off the web, I still had enough to donate money to see the fall of Bush. I can't wait to wear my pin EVERY DAY until Bush is no longer in office.

Get your pin today while they are still available. $31 gets the pin to the first 10,000. An instant collectors item!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

November 1, 2003

At Bay...Where are Your Civil Liberties

Many people are misguided zelots over topics they have little knowledge about.

I was a nuclear reactor operator and realize nuclear power to be exceptionally environmentally friendly relative to coal plants or many other enery resources.

Currently a ship is floating out at sea in the Miami harbor unable to port.

The success of our country has always relied upon people being able to speak their peace though. Thus everyone should be afforded an opportunity to do so.

Recently there has been a shift...

in the way we handle nonviolent demonstrations.

The government has been quick to propose and sign acts such as the VICTORY ACT or the PATRIOT ACT which aim to rob our basic civil liberties. The bill names are conundrums.

The article reports that "The Port of Miami has refused us (the Greenpeace ship MV Esperanza) because John Ashcroft Justice Department is prosecuting us for a protest action last year. The prosecution is unprecedented. Never before in U.S. history has an entire organization been prosecuted for a peaceful protest by its supporters."

The new laws still do not offer the government enough power to do what is needed. An obscure 19th century law is being used to prosecute Greenpeace.

Its only the freedom of speech, what's it really worth anyway?

A People's History of the United States : 1492-Present

AlterNet: Personal Voices: Ashcroft's Attack On Greenpeace

Diverted Attention...Minding Your Porn

George Bush has recently signed a document declairing October 26 through November 1 as "Protection from Pornography Week," asking us to observe his "alleged coke snorting" ideals.

Its not hard for me to observe these details as my porn loving friend is not currently around, and I have been offered free coke multiple time in the past couple months. Coke is an extremely overrated drug.

Protection From Pornography Week, 2003

The internet must be blamed for many social problems, as it is a force not understood by many. The internet is a great scapegoat.

The fact your parents got divoriced and are married to their jobs has nothing to do with your abilitly to love others. We all need to just put in a few more hours at the office. SCREW THAT

Recently on the news I saw a news program talking about how one of their reporters bought "The Same Drugs Rush Limbaugh was on".

If you are creative you can find whatever you want on the web.

Do you really think people are trying to market porn to children who can not purchase it? What purpose would that have? I have yet to see a site I thought was for children that came out to be porn.

In my humble opinion the government is using mission statements like these to try and get a foot in the door to control the internet. They have a big problem. Neither they, nor big business have the control that you or I have.

Since I am such a fan of Bush, and the porn observance week is nearing an end, I would like to give you the information needed to create your own sucessful internet porn store.

You can get 25% payout if you go to

Their porn store has a huge selection and feeds into your site using frames. Please note: you can not upload the files using a WYSIWYG editor. You must use a simple program like NoteTab.

I can verify that pays promptly and that I have yet to market porn "at children."

Protection From Pornography Week, 2003

Posted at 7:51 PM

October 31, 2003


Loosing his hearing did not stop his forward progress. Rush is more of a junkie than I could ever be! Though my other than honorable service defines who I am. Rush only had a disease. I am a drugie.

Anyone know where I can get some baby blues?

look at the comparison between Rush and Courtney

view Shock and Awe: Rush Limbaugh Hearing Loss Timeline

Happy Halloween... Early

The House took a break yesterday when a gun was found on an xray display. The lacidasical guard did not pay enough attention to stop a mass murderer a toy gun from halting the house for a couple hours.

If they care that little about security, then why should you? Halloween Prop Disrupts Workday on Capitol Hill

Posted at 1:28 PM

Did You Pay Your Drug Taxes?

Some states have found new revenue streams to help them through rough economic days. Have you paid your illegal drug tax today?

Kansas Department of Revenue - Personal Tax Types - Drug Tax Stamp

Posted at 1:18 PM

Bush you are a humanitarian

Throughout history has there every been an empire which folded in a single day?

Years and sometimes generations are taken to destroy the worlds strongest empires. Even back in the days of the multiweek parites with the vomitorium and orgitory it still took years to unravel the strongest empires.

Recently it became clear to me that bush is a humaniitarian. He single handedly is preventing the slow decline of our country.

I was reading over at Steven Berlin Johnson's blog that there is going to be TV airtime for winner of an open peir reviewed anti-Bush mob spot.

Thank you George for reorganizing the country...maybe you know what you are doing after all :)

Posted at 4:23 AM

Why Me?

This blog is going to be a personal public blog about all things me. When I am happy, you will know. When I am pissed, you will know. If nothing else this will give me a place to display my open affection for peanut butter.

some of my other websites

Drugs, Depression, and Antidepressant Drugs
Reform Blog
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5 HTP (5 Hydroxytryptophan)
Navy Nuclear Power and Navy Nuclear Submarines

Posted at 3:32 AM

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