February 23, 2004

Stupid Website

Ryder trucks offers two options. Local and One Way. If you chose one way this is the screen you get. Why do they offer an option that does not exist? How does this solve any problems?

One way rentals (pickup and drop off at different locations) are currently not offered by Ryder. Please follow this link to make a reservation for a local rental.

Return Home

February 17, 2004


When you are a search engine marketer you get emails from everyone.

Including people interested in Polygamy

February 16, 2004

Hooked on Phonics

You're Hooked on Phonics,
I'm Hooked on Crack.

That is just one of my stupid T shirt ideas.

Last night the cops took my prints, picture, searched my car, and searched my room...of course I will make a grand post about it soon.

"The right way is the only way." - bullshit slogan on desk

The Importance of a Site Map

Search engine spiders have trouble navigating through some programming languages such as javascript. Thus you need to use a sitemap to help them along.

February 14, 2004

February 12, 2004

Ebook Cover Generator Software

So I have looked at an extensive # of ebook cover generators for my new SEO Book. I think I am going with the Armand Morin's e cover generator software.

The cool thing about buy ebook cover generator software is that it works for an unlimited amount of ebooks. After you make one great ebook you can then make another and generate a new cover with minimal effort or expense.

Let you know what I thik in a day or two.

Don Lapre, Me & Greed

So I just finished my review of Google Cash (which I think is a great ebook) and then I found this interesting page about Don Lapre.

Money, like anything else, in excess is a bad thing. I do like Google Cash though and as long as I stick to my core values and promote things I believe in then I will be more of a solution than a problem.

February 10, 2004

James Daugherty

So earlier I made an evil post about my brother after he pissed me off. He made a small quick website and wants to rank well for his name. Here is my offer of help James Daugherty.

February 7, 2004

Low Carb Diet Ben and Jerry's

There is a difference between being bought and selling out. This weekend I see that Ben and Jerry's unfortunatenly sold out.

While at a gas station I saw low carb Ben and Jerry's. What the hell are people thinking eating low carb Ben and Jerry's? What in the hell ever happened to my Tripple Caramel Chunk?

Racism & Corrupt Cops

I am a white male, 24 years in age. Due to personal choices or environmental factors I have been highly isolated from society.

This weekend driving home I felt what it was like to see racism and ignorance at work.

I normally drive rather fast. I was driving slow, only because I was right behind a semi. A car in the on ramp did not use its blinker and did not yield. The car just cut me off. Its ok though, because it was a cop.

At the end of the road it divides into 4 lanes. The cop slowed down and cut over 3 lanes to get behind me. I immediately turned into the gas station because that seemed like a very fucked up move by the cop. Sure enough he turned his lights on and followed me.

He asked me if I had a problem with my high beams. I asked him what he was talking about. He stated that I had my high beams on the whole way. I turned my lights on to show him what he saw and what my high beams were.

He even pulled me out of the car and patted me down as well as search random parts of my car. The asshole even opened my gas cap to see that I did not have a cap.

Eventually after he asked me if the car had been in a wreck I stated that the front end just got banged up a bit. I was lying to make his small mind feel correct in his own mind.

He wasted over a half hour of my life that I will never get back. He also did a good job of lowering my respect for all police officers.

I could not imagine what it would be like to see that kind of bullshit almost daily.

February 5, 2004


So I feel exceptionally good right now. I know there is no reason for this feeling considering all the following have happened in the last 2 weeks

  • I got my letter back that I sent to my sister. She could not have it because she is rotting in jail and they can't have stickers there.
  • One of my best clients got ran over yesterday.
  • One of my best friends from the submarine just got his second DUI when he hit a parked car at 35 miles an hour.
  • The passport agency screwed me over and I did not get to go visit one of my best clients in his career moment.
  • My roommates girlfriend just got her rabbit in better shap. It lost a few pounds and was projected to live a few years longer. NOPE, it just died of kindey failure.

I am hating the idea of going to sleep as I know when I wake I will feel the flip side. I am sure I will feel it hard too.

Alpha Males

Why do alpha males exist?

These people have small hearts and even smaller minds. They have no purpose other than to erode Earth. Evolution still has some work to do.

Last Saturday night I was dancing in a club and this girl threw herself on me. I backed away, but she continued to chase me down. This was kinda wierd. From my backside an uncoordinated person came up and walked right into me pouring his bear all over himself. He was then pissed at me.

Later in the night he was sitting stupid and boring. I was still dancing around and he threw something at me. When I went over to ask him what he did he immediatly wanted to fight me. What a loser.

As big of a dirtball as he was, I do not see why he brought her to that club so he could sit around angry. What is even more shocking to me it the fact that girls stick with these losers. What the hell do they see in them?

A long time ago a kid put a choke hold on me because his girlfriend was flirting with me. I just do not understand these people.

Last Saturday did get more fun though.

So I went to another club, which was closed. I met 3 random people and were walking with them to a party. Less than a block after I started walking with them the guy fell over on the ice and knocked himself out.

Police were nearby and immediatly called 911. We got him up though. We went walking and a block later we were the only 4 white people in a Nigerian birthday party where most of the people were in Nigerian dress including cool hats. I was not in the best state of affair, but it seemed a rather special place to be. I loved the culture that was there, just wish I would have known a little more about it.

Buy Em Out

Another game of gluttony

When at the grocery store buy all of anything you like. I do not mean you need to buy all the yogurt, but you should buy all the Blueberry Columbo yogurt.

I do not mean you should buy all the juice, but you should buy all 60 cans of dole pineapple juice.

This is how I shopped last time (and specifically I did the above two items.) This falls in line well with our greedy centric attitudes.

It's really fun too, because the people at the store could never prepare for these types of shoppers.

Hit, Hit, Bust... Reality TV Show Idea

So there are many stupid reality TV shows out there. Many times a small hoax is grand as different people have different value systems.

I have an idea that a show making millions in ad revenue should be able to loose a fortune and still make money. Thus I have the idea

Hit Hit Bust

You play blackjack and ALWAYS take a hit up to 21. When you bust get just a small amount angy and then just say "I'll get him next time."

When someone wants to tell you how to play refuse advice and when they ask what the hell you are doing you wink at them and then say "I took a course."

February 2, 2004

CBS Boobs - Janet Jackson Super Bowl Boob Scandal

Janet Jackson Shows her Boobs during Super Bowl halftime show.

In a Super Bowl halftime show that promised shocking moments, I was shocked to see what I saw. Janet's boob was showing on television.

What Happened?

Justin Timberlake pulled off part of Janet Jackson's shirt. With no bra on underneath her boob was showing.

The Naked Truth

The Super Bowl is one of the most watched television events. A broad cross section of society tunes in to watch the Super Bowl. Little childeren were exposed to this incident.

CBS will not air certain commercials because they may contain socially unacceptable material. What the hell were they doing showing Janet Jackson's boobs on the air for?

Other Naked Super Bowl people

Mark Roberts, who has done over 300 streaks, did a referee uniform dressed semi naked riverdance type show just after the halftime show.


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