December 31, 2003


FBI Issues Alert Against Almanac Carriers - Only 1 score off. Not bad Mr Orwell...

December 30, 2003

About Ebooks

What is it about Ebooks that makes people want to spend more if they see a physical picture of a book that does not exist?

I ask this question because I recently wrote an eBook. I have got nothing but amazing feedback so far, but now I have to revise it, format it, and throw a price on it.

December 29, 2003

Bringing Guns to School

I actually went to school in Goose Creek, South Carolina...recently I am reminded of my schooling by the story of how Armed police officers stormed the school

two words...make that three


I need to get a passport

Not only am I going to be going away for a little bit, some scumbags are making me not want to come back. I think Bush is a SHITHEAD

Call Me Crazy

While many will want to call me crazy, I have a goal to make a directory of most of the major directories in the world. My original list was at my search engine marketing website, but now I am crafting Directory Archives .com

Aaron = The Meat

So today I finished my favorite book ever (The Tipping Point). It covers how small changes can have huge effects. Of course I feel ok, but not great. The book was uplifting though.

In the past few months I have probably bought close to 100 books. Now as I look at some of them I realize they will not get read. Picking out my next book I was unsure if I wanted "The Peruit of Wow," "Power Reading," "Crossing the Chasm," "Cascading Style Sheets," "Information Aritechture for the World Wide Web," or one of my Noam Chomsky books.

So of course I settled on "Awaken the Giant Within." With small changes having big effects and this book having over 500 pages...I am almost scared at what I could do.

Recently a friend told me about a theory a guy off the boat had. There is this animal that will be created called "the meat." Basically this animal will just be a spinal cord that takes whatever flavoring you feed it until the day you decide to eat it.

Its kinda sad how much I view myself and most the meat. More than we would like we are products of our environment. Yet in some weird way we have absolute control over our actions.

A few pages in I am forced to pause. I am at "How to Create Lasting Change," and I am not certain that I want it. When things are fucked up and I have something to complain about things make sense.

As I look at the smile on the cover, as I look at Anthony Robbins, I wonder if I wish to change the flavor of my spinal cord...I wonder if I ever honestly want to smile...

December 28, 2003

Top Ten Signs of Spam 2003

10 random punctuation in the middle of words
9 here are my pics
8 parris hilton
7 low fixed mortgage
6 size does matter
5 wipe your credit history
4 latest security updates
3 free
2 the email is in a language you do not know
1 the phrase used by turkish rug dealers "my friend"


Its a sad state that earthquakes can occur and kill thousands of people and I keep myself so isolated that I do not even realize until days later... - Aid flows to Iran in quake's aftermath - Dec. 27, 2003

December 27, 2003

Bush finds another way to suck

Bush just appointed 12 people to serve in government positions while congress is in break. It should only make sense that no HONESTLY elected official should have any input in who serves in top civil servant positions. For example, see how Justice Scalia is a great man.

December 26, 2003

The Tipping Point

So I am reading more of the Tipping Point and am fascinated by the book. I want to be a marketer, but I want to learn psychology, but I want to be an author, but I want to make a difference.

What is cool about this book is that it is all encompassing, Malcolm Gladwell talks about everything I want to study...everything I want to be.

Fundamental Attribution Error, general psychology, prison, crime, drugs, marketing, child psychology, the role of environment, the spread of disease, learning in general... all of these topics can be covered using the spread of ideas as a model.

Before I die I hope to contribute something as cool as this book.

Kill Kill Kill

“I have just returned home from "Operation Iraqi Freedom". I spent 5 months in Baghdad, and a total of 3 years in the U.S. Army. I was recently discharged with Honorable valor and returned to the States only to be horrified by what I've seen my country turn into. I'm now 22 years old and have discovered America is such a complicated place to live, and moreover, Americans are almost oblivious to what's been happening to their country. America has become "1984." Homeland security is teaching us to spy on one another and forcing us to become anti-social. Americans are willingly sacrificing our freedoms in the name of security, the same Freedoms I was willing to put my life on the line for. The constitution is in jeopardy. As Gen. Tommy Franks said, (broken down of course) One more terrorist attack and the constitution will hold no meaning.”

More than a few soldiers who do not believe in the war have sent letters from Iraq


If you fail to realize the power of the internet just take a peak at this post and read how people traded their shares in for an ethical company based on an article from a person they may not have even know days prior... Pandagon: Costco's Plight and the State of American Capitalism

December 25, 2003

Like Family

When I was 13 my siblings all went to jail. When I was 17 I joined the FUCKING Navy. The holidays are not usually real swell because I do not usually feel like I got to talk to my mom, sister, and brother though.

For at least a small bit of time things kinda seem somewhat normal...I am sure it won't last, but it feels good right now :)

Now I know my mom will read this, and she will be mad at much of what I say (or how I say it). In all honesty though I can't let others control my actions, thoughts, or expressions...thats how I end up finding self destruction. Tomorrow I will pretend that today I did not find out that my mother found this.

Why My Brother is Not a Good Person

another narcissistic post

So my brother recently got back on his feet again. He needed some help financially. Instead of looking anywhere else he asked me first. I told him to look elsewhere. He then got some help and asked me for the remainder. I sent him cash in an envelope and a small letter that basically said "be a human being."

I tried to say it in a nice way, but its a hard message to send nicely. He called three times while he wanted the money and while it was on its way. First time I spoke with him in a long time. Today is Christmas and he has not called.

When I feel like I am doing something wrong, when I feel like I am being a bad person, he at least gives me a standard to gauge myself. If that is the only good I find in him perhaps that is my own negative attitude...

Another Narcissistic Post

All future narcissistic posts will be left in the extended entry so that people are not forced into my psychotic world...

I just peeled the price tag off of a cool stuffed dog my mother bought me. As much as I think the dog is cool...peeling the tag off makes me think of some kid in China in a sweat shop...working to make my dog.

I didn't buy any presents...I am not sure if I ever will again. Today I got a great compliment and started reading one of the best books I have ever read.

Again I find myself thinking lowly about me. In general as much as these keystrokes could ever be for anyone else, they are for me.

I know that when I type my name...its because I feel like shit. When I type about something else...its because I am learning and happy. The problem is when I am learning and I still want to type my name.

Everything I have read, everything I have learned has taught me that I am unstable...that I have low serotonin levels.

Thinking back of even the way I eat people can see a pattern which I am destined to live with until I die.

I would make an amazing case study for any psychologist that I did not make want to kill themselves...

December 24, 2003

Eat Beef

I remember reading somewhere that mad cow disease can't be killed. They burn the cow and then where it once remained...those ashes...they find their way back into the food chain eventually.

Also today I was reading the Tipping Point (already a great book) talks about how small changes have huge effects. It also talks about how things evolve over time.

"Between June of 1955 and July of 1958, 81 infants in the Sweedish barrack came down with PCP and 24 died." He states how professor Goudsmit thought this was an early outbreak of the AIDS epidemic.

"The truly strange thing about this story, of course, is that not all of the children died. Only a third did. The others did what today would seem almost impossible. They defeated HIV, purged it from their bodies, and went on to live healthy lives. In other words, the strains of HIV that were circulating back in the 1950s were a lot different from the strains of HIV that circulate today."

So as greedy Agricorp rages onward...and you desire to eat beef...again I remind you of the Meatrix, and that we should stop refeeding these animals to themselves.

Quit Smoking Water

Is it not apparent how artificial we are trying to live when we craft drug filled water to help people quit smoking. The nicotine-laced water is as powerful as two cigarettes and is completely legal for a child to drink.

I am not the only Scrooge

Apparently Seth is getting frustated by Christmas Card Spam.

December 23, 2003

Maniac Twitch in Eye

So I am wondering when the twitch in my eye will go away. Its been pretty fucked for a couple days now... Christmas is coming... feel like shit and am not sure why... one of the largest marketing firms on the web wanted to call and talk to me... but never did... Ironically a guy I am helping is in the hospital getting eye surgery right now... I am loosing what sanity I have left... I can see my monitor and the world in at 80 Hz.

From what I gather the twiching eye is most likely due to my excessive computer viewing coupled with my current mental state. Many of the top people listing well for terms related to eye twitching or like terms are spamming. I saw a google aided deep search and a refresh with the two pages I actually looked at. Needless to say I am going to sleep disguisted with both the world and myself tonight.

[update: found this great eye twitching resource. it explains it all!]

MovableType supports Atom

MovableType has begun supporting Atom data distribution. While I do not know a lot about it, I know that Atom is to be a universal data agregation standard so the creative minds behind all blog software can work together.... Finally Atom

Also bloglines allows you to subscribe to blog updates without the need of installing any stuff!

December 22, 2003

US Media Bias

Essentially in our democratic society propaganda has taken the place of violence to control the population. If you want unbiased US news your best bet is to look outside the country. Print Article: We got him: Kurds say they caught Saddam

Wal Mart Christmas Gifts

So I just went to Walmart to buy Christmas gifts. As I looked around I started to think of what would be the perfect gift...what would define me. I didn't have to search long to find the answer.

I was swimming in the mindless sea of greed and commerce...but I found the ocean disinteresting... I abandonded my cart in the middle of the store.
I bought cards and that was it. I think its the first year I decided that I was not going to show fake love by buying a buch of bullshit people do not want.
I think I am sold on Christmas for the rest of my life. Three interesting notes of the journey.
1.) some guy was too dumb to use self checkout, but he insisted anyway
2.) Wal Mart is now selling stuff that is normally sold at Spensers
3.) Though they spell wal my last name is wall. Just for the hell of it I searched for and got a 404 error page. I wonder if they realize how much money is being wasted throwing away this traffic

Hollywood Bollywood Hindi Indian Movies

random post...

So I have friends who are into foreign movies. One porn freek loves him some hentai. Another one of my friends has a fascination with Indian Movies.

Evidentally they refer to indian movies as Bollywood, Hindi and a bunch of other terms.

I searched Google to define: Bollywood, but Princeton was the only place with a definition...and it was rather generic "the film industry of India." I am told Bollywood is a spin off Hollywood, I just wanted to know what it means.

As I searched I realize I am not the only one perplexed by the name.

December 21, 2003

Black Hat SEO

As a person who practices SEO for a living I thought it would be fun to craft a directory of how not to do things. Just about anything that winds up in this directory is bad stuff in my eyes. Black Hat SEO

My idea has gotten mixed reviews, but now if anyone ever searches for black hat SEO...guess who has the example ready for them?

This means that an entire industry has to change its definition of worst practices, or that for less than $10 per year I get to be the official spokesperson...Thats good marketing in my eyes!

Capitalism at its best

I am not certain that I have ever seen a cartoon I was in such agreement with. Look to the right side of the page at Stung Eye

Terrorist Attack on US

A recent top story has been noted by that there is Terror Threats to U.S. Cities Reported.

From this we learn "Senior officials from the Department of Homeland Security, intelligence and law enforcement have a planned meeting Monday to evaluate the recent surge in information related to possible terror threats."

If there were some dire urgent pressing need why in the fuck would we take the weekend off. If it smells like bullshit that is only because it is. I honestly think conguring up these stories not only adversely effects our lives and attitudes, but also makes the spoken outcome more likely.

December 20, 2003

Join the Navy...See the Brig

from a navy site
we have quotes like "I was tested three times first in boot camp, then at Corps School and here, said a NMCP sailor who wishes to remain anonymous. It's like the lottery, you never know when you are going to get picked," he added. "It's weird because you go from an average person to someone who is in the spotlight and you have to wear a restriction badge around the whole time," he said. "Now that I have gone through everything I see that I'm losing out on so many things. I wanted to go to college, but now I will have pay for it on my own. I lost my GI bill everything," he added.

Notice the incorrect quoting by the moronic official voices of the navy. If they want to make it seem correct they could at least make the qoutes correctly.

The navy is all about selling an two cents say this image is bullshit.

Later we read that "The tests are 99.5 percent accurate."

This indicates that only 1 out of 200 people found guilty and put through thus torture are completely innocent. And you and I both know that 99.5% figure is likely a highball estimate. Consider that after years of hard work you can be punished for bullshit drug testing.


The other side of the coin.

Because the navy tried to destroy me I learned about the internet and how to become an internet marketer. People I do not even know take comfort in giving me hundreds or thousands of dollars to do things they do not even understand.

Within a few months I will personally meet the president of a European country because of my work. Not bad for getting kicked out of the navy about a year ago.

For those wanting a good book about submarines in a few years I will be releasing "ECSTASY UNDER THE SEA: Holes in My Mind and Holes in the Story."

December 19, 2003

Survey of the Internet

I have joined the Internet Society and just filled out my first survey about THE WORLD SUMMIT ON THE INFORMATION SOCIETY.

Most responses from people were in strong agreement with the ideas given with the exception of:

1.)Expaning the role of the UN in shaping the internet
2.)Giving governments more control of DNS and domains

I suppose this survey does a good job of showing what intelectuals think of their governments. Left alone the internet will take care of itself. Government involvement would inhibit the fundamental basis of why I love the internet: freedom of speech

Buy PC 2100 Ram Online...Good Marketing

As marketing advances and consumers get smarter the marketing moves away from the company and into the hands of consumers.

me: is this good
me: PC2100 DDR 512MB DDR - 2.5v ,184PIN DIMM (266MHZ BUS Details: 184 PIN DDR DIMM 2.5V Unbuffered NonECC - Instock
friend: yep that's fine
me: i dont need to get a memory heatsink right
friend: no
me: all these damn companies on pricewatch are ram at one price and sell the ram at another
friend: that's for overclocking
me: ram is pretty much ram
me: right
me: $70 at crucial
me: $43 elsewhere
friend: don't be cheap fucker
me: i am asking
friend: you get what you pay for
me: k
me: get from crucial then?
friend: crucial won't rip you off...and they sell quality stuff
friend: and they make it easy to figure out what you need

From the recomendation of one friend I was willing to buy ram for nearly double the price of ram elsewhere. His otaku for computer parts and for ram makes me value his opinion that much (after all, he built my computer!)

Mean Bitch

So last night my friend came over and woke me up. As usual we went out to a club. He found these two girls who were incredible assholes, but funny ones.

They were cute and they knew it. They REALLY enjoyed fucking with people. I know I am an alright dancer and that I look ok, but these girls thought they were awesome.

We would kinda dance with them, and when we would move away they would follow us. They were crazy...walking around pinching everyones nipples...crazy.

The more aggressive and psychotic of the two girls threw her ass on me and so I started to dance with her. She then looked at me as if I had done something wrong.

She said "your lucky my friend thinks your so cool." Later she was flipping me off and just acting stupid. I kept screwing with her and provoking her (something I am sure she is not used to).

Eventually she threw her drink on me for what in my mind was "absolutely no reason at all." Afterwards she kept dancing with me, which should state something about her estranged mental state.

How you say something is WAY MORE IMPORTANT than anything you may ever have to say. Before I left at the end of the night I went over to say goodbye to her.

I have the ability to sound like a super insecure timid gay guy who is getting picked on. I also have the ability to soud like an alpha male. I told her "talk to you later. . . AND YOU SUCK."

She lost it like a dog, but I was already walking away... I loved it :)


Lots of things go on beyond the scenes of paradise. I have been to Hawaii in the past, and it was amazingly fun. Never at the time did I think I would ever work as a travel agent (well sort of anyway)...

So I have been learning search engine marketing and playing on a few people's websites. A guy from paradise has bad vision and would like for me to help improve his rankings for phrases such as Maui Condos, Maui Activities, Hawaiian Tropic Suntan Lotion, Maui Golf, and Maui Weddings.

He is still rather young and his eyes are shot. The irony of it is that my eyes will eventually fade in a big way. Thinking of it makes me want to cry.

His eyes went bad from starring at a computer screen. As I stare at my computer screen I think of the facts

he is blind
I was nearly legally blind years ago
I sometimes sleep with my contact lenses in
I am starring at a fucking computer screen

People wonder why I like to drink heavily and act like a goof. I always have a way of piecing together raw deals in my mind. I then destroy myself until they come true. I hope everyone enjoys paradise :)

What's in a Million

Many people make a big deal about being a millionaire. The numbers are just numbers though. Its just math. When you start talking about people the numbers matter.

So as some ponder the Cost of War in Iraq a few exciting numbers thusfar are

5.4 million children will not be able to attend a year of head start
16 million childeren will not be able to afford healthcare
close to a million teachers will not be hired
close to a million students will not be getting their four year scholarships
over a half million public housing units will not be built

As I said earlier, a million means nothing.

December 18, 2003

Buy Origami Online

As long as it is original it can sell online. Look how dumb this site is. This guy crumples paper and sells it to you...or you can pay him to throw it in his own trash. Origami Boulder Company -- Original Origami

"VERY IMPORTANT. You not get anything in mail when you order Performance Art option. Artist truly create artwork and throw in wastebasket and email when finished. You pay for this art performance, not physical art that come in mail."

Since I know the owner of JustPaperRoses I was looking for other origami websites to trade links with, I think its absurd that this Colorado Boulder guy has one of the top ten origami websites on the internet.

Of course if you look at other top ten origami websites your eyes will run into stuff like origami sex models...what in the hell

Internet Piracy

Huge lesson here in PR to anyone who wants to cut corners. Recently Nick Denton (internet icon and owner of Gawker, Fleshbot, Moreover...) recently made a deal with Leaves Rustled to make a free css stylesheet for Fleshbot.
Nick then reused the code on other sites without payment or permission.

I wrote an article called "why every webmaster should have a blog" and the basic idea behind it is that blogs make it very easy to spread ideas quickly. So when a famous blogger wrongs blog designers...things get ugly quick. It is always bad when your name appears on Pirated Sites.

December 17, 2003

Bush Says

Bush Says He Would Support Gay Marriage Ban, which leads me to purchase the domain ""
will be hosted in a couple days :)

Tis the season

I typically have a rather poor attitude, but this is probably one of the most inspiring posts I can thank of for the holiday season.

In all the bleak stuff I have seen I have been fortunate to have ran across some of the people I have. Sifry's Alerts: Giving Thanks (a very abbreviated list)

Buy Prescription Drugs

Help drug companies further erode our prescription drugs!

"Currently, taxpayers fund more than 36% of all medical R&D through the NIH, with much of that R&D given to the pharmaceutical industry. At the same time, drug companies are permitted to sell those products at any price they see fit."

Prescription review by Cong. Bernard Sanders

Corporate Greed

In life we are taught that money is everything. If we just gave a bit more, worked a bit harder...

The key is to realize corporate greed for what it is. Its all FUCKING BULLSHIT.

The corporate ideal is that we can work hard enough and long enough that we are too tired to think for ourselves outside of work.

Families deteriorate and people never reach their potential because of this destructive greed.

Math is simple logic and simple numbers. Work for yourself. Learn for yourself. Do what you enjoy. The sooner you learn to think for yourself, spend the extra money to get what you want, and persue your dreams...the better you are.

In my estimation joining the US navy is the worste mistake I will ever make. I will no longer live as a lab rat.

Enron Corporate Greed

December 16, 2003

Sticky Subject

Earlier this year Bush was seen signing an anti abortion bill with about thirty males and no females in the room. While I believe in choice, the FDA Debates Sale of Morning-After Pill

wetting the whistle

"Blocking the activity of the neurotransmitter neuropeptide Y (NPY) may help reduce alcohol consumption" Dampening the Desire to Drink

Stroke Linked to Alzheimer's

While it may be true that Stroke Is Linked to Alzheimer’s, it is also true that many studies concerning the disease have only taken place because of Regan.

I also believe from my limited knowledge of neurochemistry that enhancing serotonin levels may stop degrigation and help promote brain cell regeneration. I am a big fan of 5 HTP

Marketing House Arrest

The power of the internet is in its ability to combine groups and spread ideas. Amazingly some off the web companies are smart enough to attempt to reach their user base on a one to one political level. A Nelson Mandela for the MTV Generation

December 15, 2003

New Medicare Bill Passed

"But you can have too much of a good thing. Medicare has now become so large and so costly that it is literally destroying the social and economic structure that supports it. " Prescription for AARP goes way beyond pills

Gross Fucking Dolls

So I searched Google for Saddam Captured and was disturbed by the ad I saw off to the right side of the page. It was interesting enough that I had to take a peak. The dirtbag who owns sells hand painted and crafted dolls, including images of the shot up son Uday


As a side marketing note, it is amazing that
1.) only one person was using Google AdWords to market "Saddam Captured"
2.) one of the three ads on Google for "Saddam" was for a penis enlargement patch.
3.) last month there were litterally tens of thousands of searches for Saddam that were not funded by any ads.

Posted at 4:22 AM

Preaching War

Though they claim to be Americans for Jobs, Healthcare & Progressive Values... I clearly think they are full of shit. Recently they just threw a few hundred thousand dollars at manipulative media aimed at getting Bush elected again. View their film in which they paint Howard Dean as a moron in the foreign policy category.

In the Washington Post they point out that this new progressive bullshit organization has "Values that don't include letting voters know who's footing the bill. The group has spent $230,000 for the first week of ads, but it won't say where the money is coming from. "

If we are at war with multiple countries, drugs, abstract ideas, and are economically eroding I think we would be better off to evaluate our foreign policies. Bush believes "go it alone" is good foreign policy. If he gets elected again I will allow him to by moving to another country.

If you have to kill to live in comfort were you ever even alive?

Saddam Captured

Saddam Captured though some argue it does not matter.

Recently I have seen Noam Chomsky and have talked with a mother of a soldier who was there when they killed Saddam's sons.

While I may be glad for what Iraqis have been punished by Saddam, hearing this news scares me as it makes me believe that people may now be more interested in electing Bush again.

If Bush is reelected I am likely moving to another country, as I will have lost faith in this one. I think Canada would be too cold and most the countries south of here in this hemisphere are exceptionally corrupt (from what little I have read).

I also do not think I would be interested in Africa as it is not technologically advanced as I would like. Japan seems like it is too hustle and bustle for my taste. There is also a ton of crazy stuff in Asia and the middle east if memory serves.

That leaves Australia and Europe as vital options... and perhaps some small tropical islands if they have broadband internet access.


Narcissistic Post ... a Near Death Experience

So yet again I nearly killed myself last night. Not intentional...or so I say. The girl I was going to go to the concert with did not go...and I was pissed off. She said she had to go into work. Even if she did, it is of my humble opinion that friends are better people if they do not break plans or are just not friends.

I went by myself. Trey Anistasio was awesome, as was Tim Reynolds and Dave Mathews.

The problem is that when I start drinking at 5 pm and do not come home until 7 am and I hang out in the absolute wrong environments...that is a setup for real trouble.

I was talking to a friend today about it...

me: my biggest problem though is my hyper loyalty couple with my own self destructive behavior when others do not act like me...and most do not

friend: your problem is your disheveled appearance and wacky behavior attract the wrong kind of people

me: ouch. perhaps that is why i can be successful on the internet. nobody has to see me.

friend: most people who don't care how they look and act like they are mentally unstable (like you do)...aren't really good people on the inside (like you are) that respect you are somewhat unique

me: i respect that analysis, i have never once looked at it that way. its true that my own actions scare off people

friend: yeah what can I say...I was trapped on a submarine with you...I had to get to know the real you...I had no choice...

I guess the point of this post is that there is value in everything and that no matter whatever shit we find in our lives, it is usually us who place it there. Though at points last night I gave myself at least 2 to 1 odds otherwise, my heart and mind are still somehow functional...and somehow for my pains I have yet again got necissary feedback to improve myself...though I am sure some unknown organ damage had to have occured.

December 14, 2003

December 12, 2003


A friend of mine from California has recently taken up kiteboarding. Evidenetally kiteboarding is using a huge kite while you are on something somewhat similar to a boogie board.

He says kiteboarding is rather new and the top kiteboarding experts can go up to 50 feet in the air with no waves. Sounds like crazy fun!

Killing Boredom

Is work boring? I got something you can do for a while... - How Long Can You Hold It?

December 11, 2003

DEA posts billboard(S) for the capture of Mexican Drug lord

How ironic is it that we fund the largest drug lords in Columbia (indirectly of course) and then post billboards about how bad some Mexican ones are on our public highways? News from DEA, Domestic Field Divisions, Phoenix News Releases, 10/22/03

If you are going to loose - at least help out the others

I think most recognize that Dennis Kucinich 2004 has no chance in the election. That is why I find it refreshing that he does the right thing and attacks Bush with this ad!

Diebold Voting Machines Smell Like Fish

I am a big fan of the Electronic Frontier Foundation. When you get money out of a Diebold ATM it leaves a paper trail. Same with their checkout machines, ticket machines, and building access machines...not voting machines though, why?

EFF: ISP Rejects Diebold Copyright Claims Against News Website

Future Trends In Marketing

Marketing and product placement are past tense. Using the internet the world will pick a couple great gurus on each topic. Each one of these people will point out what is good and thus it will be.

The more I read and learn about marketing, the more I see it is an illusion. Some people are only sucessful because others think they are. As some offer to pay me large sums of money just to talk to me...I realize they view me as a success. Because of them I suppose I may be.

In the future fast feedback networks will be able to crush companies worth billions of dollars if they are dishonest. For that reason people who are highly driven, highly intelligent, and creative will be able to shape the world with their own two hands.

In less than a year on the internet I have already changed hundreds or thousands of lives for the better. What will happen in the future. What trends will I cause as I learn about marketing.

If I were a person thinking about fucking me over, I would either kill me or think twice before I acted. While my words may stand with no meaning today, in the future I think they may! I wonder if another domain for my over the top commentary of this specific nature is in the works?

Thanks for destroying my work records and sending me to the psych ward US navy. Thanks for trying to reform me. checkmate!

ps: go navy, go FDA... :)

December 10, 2003

Are You Gay?

I have probably had as many guys hit on me as girls.

So today another girl asked me if I am gay. That makes...literally a ton (over two thousand of pounds of girls who have asked this). Now many of these same girls that ask me this ask after they make out with me and after they tell me I am the best kisser they have ever met.

I think the problem is that the male of the species is genetically designed to be sexually aggressive. I am not. I am not sure why, perhaps because

1.) I grew up usually without a father
2.) I have a brother with the worlds worst STD
3.) I generally waller in self loath - and perhaps I enjoy it

does the whole world know something I do not?

Ozzy Screwed Up By Drugs

I have to lick my chops wondering what this reality TV could do to people if they opened their minds to reality...a reality where lab rats often walk on only the hind legs...with shoes on.

Its not what you think...all of the harsh street drugs from the past are not his problem. His current overprescribed state of conscience was.

He is off most of the drugs and no longer slurs his speech. He no longer mindlessly stumbles around.

Yahoo! News - Report: Osbourne Blames Doctor for Drugs

December 9, 2003

IQ report purchase is a sure sign of stupidity

Understanding the scientific methodology behind an IQ test, could I honestly consider it intelligent to trust the results from a random popup that wants to sell me these results for $14.95? They do not even mention time as a factor. I did not prepare for it and just randomly did it. This could make me appear smarter or dumber than I am. Buying the full report would obviously make me the second of the two.

Later I noticed they have dating popups too. I bet they offer a wonderul report for sale too! Perhaps we should all live life by survey...its at least a step above reality TV! eMode

Right now I know myself to have elevated levels of Serotonin in my mind. As I can even control the levels of my different neurotransmitters I should recognize this test does not account for me, but just for me in my current mood at my current location at the current point in time...and it has errors, as nothing is perfect.

One thing I will note is that all of these different mental tests tell me that I am a dreamer or visionary philosopher...they mention nothing about drugs, alcohol, or self destruction...

Which is the chicken and which is the egg?

just for fun I want to do another one and get every question wrong :)

Congratulations, aaron!
Your IQ score is 133

This number is the result of a formula based on how many questions you answered correctly on Emode's Ultimate IQ test. Your IQ score is scientifically accurate; to read more about the science behind our IQ test, click here.

During the test, you answered four different types of questions — mathematical, visual-spatial, linguistic and logical. We analyzed how you did on each of those questions which reveals how your brain uniquely works.

We also compared your answers with others who have taken the test. According to the sorts of questions you got correct, we can tell your Intellectual Type is a Visionary Philosopher.

This means you are highly intelligent and have a powerful mix of skills and insight that can be applied in a variety of different ways. Like Plato, your exceptional math and verbal skills make you very adept at explaining things to others — and at anticipating and predicting patterns. And that's just some of what we know about you from your IQ results.

Find out more about your unique intellectual strengths in your personalized 15-page IQ report. It's ready right now!

Finding Your Target Audience

So a person who has been working on the web since my early teen years does not like my newsletter. You can not target something for everyone. If all my newsletters are compelling only to advanced web designers then I am missing the big picture. While feedback is important, it should be taken in context!

Unsubscribing reader: "Advice: if you have no news - don't produce a newsletter."

My reply: I removed you from my newsletter. I could write more advanced analytical stuff, but my target audience is not always web design companies that have been on the internet since the mid 90s (I have been on the web less than a year myself). I wrote another article earlier in the week that many people said they enjoyed.

Sorry to have offended you, but I am sure my simplistic tips helped more people than my 1 super advanced seo strategy secret of the week would - at least that is what I saw from all the sites I had seen this week. I am sure you know more about the internet than I, but learning is a process!

Under the Bridge

I listened to the song over and over
I have read the lyrics and it was not enough
I went to the concert
and danced as if there was no tommorrow
but there was

I have been to the worlds largest parties
flown over the largest oceans
and rode underneath them
hell I even free based just for the fuck of it

If you are really fucked up its REALLY hard to change. In the last year I have went from being suicidal depressed introvert to a person who has learned enough about the internet to:

make lifelong friends
watch a new friend open in a new york city play
help people create functional businesses out of ideas
being quoted by top internet experts in their chosen field
being told that my information was better than that provided by the American Marketing Association from people I do not even know
having hundreds subscribe to my personal newsletter
single handedly support my sisters sanity
brought enjoyment to faces of many at work
hired people who may have never got a chance
helped people stay off the street
quit working for anyone other than those I want to
have a famous artist want me to be his only lifelong marketer (Christeas)
have helped people recapture their sanity when they were lost and stuck on drugs and having them tell me I am a god send over and over again

I am in the richest country in the world...with the greatest freedoms? (USA)
I also have seen many of the best musicians in the world (red hot chili peppers, staind, stone temple pilots, seether, linkin park, static x, badfish, white stripes, tool, incubus, queens of the stone age, audio slave...and a bunch of others)
I have went to the office to chat with (probably) the best marketer in the world (Seth Godin)
the face of marketing on one of the worlds largest networks changed overnight, (Google Florida Update) and I was one of the first to write about it
one of my friends thanked me for dragging him out of his depression
less than a week ago I saw one of the worlds greatest humanitarians (where my best friend was able to get Noam's autograph)
in less than a week I will be going to see one of the worlds greatest live musicians (Dave Mathews) with a girl that I like more than all others (Erica L Hamilton)

and despite all the above I feel a failure. Sadness without explanation.
If you are really fucked up its REALLY hard to change.

I have never used heroin because that at least gives me something to look forward to. I have never been in love because that at least gives me something to look forward to. When the sun rises again perhaps I can pretend that I wish to face the day.

Sometimes expression justifies thought while simultaneously clearing it - perhaps as usual, I am full of shit! I think I already feel better...sorry for that my loyal 3 readers!

December 8, 2003

Children Will Play

NY Post Article"Did I expect George Bush to f - - - it up as badly as he did? I don't think anybody did" - John Kerry

I did :)

Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.

science project submarine

I picked the title of science project submarine so that some young kid interested in the navy may find this post. This post is about a person by the name of Hoa Huynn.

He joined the navy about a year after I did. I was the workhorse of our division, but I was not very militant. Essentially the submarine made me feel like I should kill myself, so I joked around a bunch.

Hoa Huynn received favorable evaluation reviews to me despite not having my skill level. Being on submarines is just like a science project. You see, it does not matter what your goals or aspirations are in life, you are just a toy.

Hoa Huynn was firmly against being part of the submarine shipboard survivability exercise. They locked a bunch of people in the submarine to see how they would react after a couple days of no fresh atmosphere.

Since Hoa hated the idea of being around a bunch of stinky people his chain of command though he stunk. He messed up performing maintenance. They wanted to send him to captain's mass. He refused and wanted to go to court martial.

Since they had painted him with such rosey remarks in the past they had nothing to really get him on for court martial. Some people on the boat started rumors saying they kicked him out of the navy and made him repay the $45,000 reenlistment bonus they paid him in the past. He is still fighting to stay in, but this clearly shows that they only use the evaluation system to fuck people, and that there are not legitimate feedback routes, only examples to be made.

In my division of the people who came to the boat with me, before me, or just after me here is what happened
guy 0 (before me): his back fell apart
guy 1 (before me): got married and wife cheated on him
guy 2 (came with me): sent to another boat, was not trusted to stand watch, treated aweful, was viewed as piece of shit
guy 3 (came just after me): went to mass
guy 4 (came just after guy 3): Hoa Huynn
guy 5 (came just after guy 4): wife cheated on him - got divoriced
guy 6 (came just after guy 5): literally ripped a hole in his ass (and nearly died from it)

These are the results of 7 individuals who all joined the navy with good intentions. Of the above only 1 has got out mentally physically and financially well. Conclusion: study a little more about submarines before you become a science project.

Disclaimer: I am not one of the subjects listed above, but when I got out of the navy I was
1.) pissing blood
2.) in debt
3.) suicidally depressed

Navy Meeting Quota

So I am at the house of a friend right now. He is on the phone complaining to his mother of the lack of efficiency in the navy. He is currently going to a force protection school which costs thousands of dollars per person. The Marines that are attending the school are admitting that the school is better than what they were offered during training. My friend stands a watch that is unarmed and will never be using the knowledge from this course to benefit the navy in any way. For my friend to use a weapon it will require that he abandons his post as the single supervisor of a nuclear reactor - a highly unlikely scenario. With his completion of this school the boat will be closer to meeting quota though.

In addition he just spoke of the $587,000 pump that was ordered incorrectly. When you break the price down by horsepower it is under $60,000 per horsepower - just barely though.

Prior to me leaving the navy our drug counciler told me that about 10% of the crew got kicked out of the navy for using drugs in the prior year. As history repeats itself we yet again find that the navy finds a new way of meeting quota.

Good businesses have feedback loops vice quotas.

Spam Solutions

"Known as the Can Spam Act, the new federal legislation authorizes, but does not require, the Federal Trade Commission to set up a Do Not E-mail registry similar to the proposed federal Do Not Call list, which is now caught up in litigation. It also carries criminal penalties of up to five years in prison for violators. “With this bill Congress is saying that if you’re a spammer you could wind up in the slammer,” said Sen. Charles Schumer, (D.-N.Y.) a supporter of the legislation, which has passed through both houses of Congress and is expected to be signed by President Bush." - from Knowledge @ Wharton

My problem with federal legislation is that I know all too well that interpretation of fact is frequently determined by financial resources used to prove determination.

Realize that any legal system has errors and I am not implying guilt on OJ.
FACT: if OJ was poor he would probably be in jail today.
FACT: if my sister were rich she would probably not be in jail today for a murder I know she did not do.

My solution to the spam: combine technology with education.

Technology: bayesian spam filter

Education: Just as we teach basic sex education (I am still learning), we can teach junior high school children a 1 hour course on marketing and spam...which will save them many hours of their life in the future.

Also create an online website which offers free educational material and a quick streaming video which covers the same topics. With as much coverage as the current legislation is getting, we must realize that an education based free program would get tons of free coverage.

Have the government sponser a $10,000,000 advertising program for the website (spend ~ 00.00001% of what we are spending to escalate terrorism via "THE WAR ON TERROR").

Sites displaying Google AdSense can provide free distribution and advertising on the pages which do not contain adequate content to display targeted ads. If the site fit my ideas of it I would link to it from all of my websites, as many others would do.

Payment Structure:

Time wasted is money lost. Much of the efficiency which the internet has granted business has been at the expense of consumers. I have thought long and hard about tons of different great financial ideas.

The problem is that in some way any or all systems can be avoided or taken advantage of. Even if all funds that were collected went to 3rd party charities or businesses associated with improving the fundamental technology there would be problems.

Charity: who decides what is worthwhile? What is pure? Our Food For Peace program undermines the stabilitiy of commodities in 3rd world countries causing mass murder and starvation.

Any selection process would have to be rigerous to prevent fraud. Attaching any charity with something as frequently used as email will give it economic advantages which are unparalleled by its competitors, this type of move would also likely destroy the core goals of the charity and undermine any efficiency the organization may of at one time had.

Even non profit organizations have employees they must pay and contracts they must hand out. What little I learned about government spending while attached to navy nuclear power scares me when thinking of the idea of attaching these same ideas to a method of communication as basic as email.

Improving technology fund: if the workers did a really good job they would kill off spam. It would not be in their best interest to do their best work as they would soon loose their jobs.

The desire to attach legislation and finance to the problem are simple in that they further control public opinion and limit human voice in a way which seems pure, but can land me in jail.

Just recently we began to regulate phone calls (after the technology has been around for how long?) The internet has been an amazing success in the spread of humanity. Why suddenly should those who know little about its technology or the internet control it in any way?

Q and A

Hello stranger
are you straight?
no, well maybe yes
is it curiosity,
or is there offer in your prose
if it is something different
then it is true only once
after which the boredom will again appear
only slightly stronger
with a bit less purpose
and with one less day
will I carry anything but shame?

This poem is one of discovery. If you have ever hung around shady crowds you would know that the drug dealers are actually looking for the opposite answer of your current reality when they ask "are you straight?"

Some people are gay. Some use drugs. Some belong to both groups. In society we are taught to fear the unknown and offer great shame to those who are different than us.

Some argue that using drugs expands your horizons. Some argue that they immediatly close off your mind. I tend to agree more with the first of the two.

One of the most fucked up thing with our society is that the laws absolutely agree with the second. Tons of people use drugs, and I think the shame we attempt to paint on those who do is rather shameful itself.

Those who get in trouble for using drugs are typically trying to hurt themselves anyway. If the drugs were not available there would be another technique which is used.

For us to punish others for differences we do not understand shows how committed we are to "immediatly close off our minds."

Another Letter From Jail

a poem I just wrote:

A half dozen similar to the original
and without purpose another is strung together
but this one is different
I am convinced
as it can do magic
just long enough to quit
the knot will not break
that which was a mistake

here is part of the letter from my sister which inspired that poem

...Another girl is died. This one committed suicide though. She wasn't even supposed to be placed in a room because she was sill in her blue and whites uniform. She should have been out in a holding cell in the dayroom because she hadn't even been shearched or given a Seg uniform yet. She had been trying to talk to someone the whole day before. It was because people were making fun of her and she was trying to move but they wouldn't let her. So she went to work in the kitchen and cursed out a supervisor so she could go to seg. She was in seg. for 12 minutes and her roommate ended up finding her hanging there and called the c.o. down there. So that was that. She hung herself with her shoe laces. Another memorial service.

December 6, 2003

Falling Dollar due to Miserable Foreign Policy

Here is a great artilce about the real effect fo the falling dollar on worldwide stability.

Falling Dollar, Rising Debt -- Viewpoints | EPI

Here are some select quotes from the article which ring loud and clear.

"Economists at Goldman Sachs predict that if we continue on our current trajectory, our foreign debt will amount to 40 percent of GDP by 2006. "

"Our current account deficit now runs about $400 billion a year, and the Goldman Sachs number crunchers estimate that just to cut that in half, the dollar would have to fall an "astonishing" 43 percent against the currencies of countries we trade with."

"At present, with every 1 percent rise in our national income, our trade deficit grows by 2 percent."

"Our politicians' indifference to an out-of-control foreign debt is in striking contrast to their fretting about projections that the Social Security system might have to start borrowing money 40 years from now. "

"Thus, according to the Washington Consensus, it's better just to wait and hope that the inevitable dollar implosion will occur on someone else's watch. And who knows, maybe the laws of economics and human nature don't apply to America after all. "


please note this may bring up bad pictures if you click on the google search!

A friend of mine is a HUGE porn fan...

While searching for random internet stuff he did the Google Image Search for lesbians

The #1 result is from a page with the words "Jan and Jen share the love." The page has a measly PageRank of 1 and the page has a title of "lesbians," the image and file name shares the same name.

As bad as it would be for your mom to find out about your blog, could you imagine how bad it would be for you to be the #1 resource for "lesbians." Some day the poor girls of the Minnesota Marching Band may face the fact that their mothers find out about their extra cirricular activities.

December 5, 2003

Miserable Failure

Over 1/3 of the inbound links from external sources link to bush using the term miserable failure

his biography includes "Since taking office, President Bush has signed into law bold initiatives to improve public schools by raising standards, requiring accountability, and strengthening local control. He has signed tax relief that provided rebate checks and lower tax rates for everyone who pays income taxes in America. He has increased pay and benefits for America's military and is working to save and strengthen Social Security and Medicare. He is also committed to ushering in a responsibility era in America, and has called on all Americans to be "citizens, not spectators; citizens, not subjects; responsible citizens building communities of service and a Nation of character."

it does not speak of how many of his cabinet memebers are resigning due to his grand ignorance of policy. notice I did not specify any type, just "policy in general!"

we all have to be good at something - even if we are a "miserable failure"

Prohibition Repeal

So this is the 70 year anniversary of the repeal of prohibition and still we have learned little to nothing of our past. I invested hours of my life reading "PROHIBITION: Thirteen Years That Changed America." After reading it I realized there was no real change - perhaps the irony of the title is intentional.

As the war on drugs continues to destroy many lives I summarize the entire book in a few short sentences from page 243: "The American educational system has become highly selective where the teaching of history is concerned. We tend to forget an important lesson: that those who know no history condemn themselves to repeat it, either as tragedy or a farce."

Learn about prohibition:

American Temperance and Prohibition

Alcohol Prohibition Was A Failure

Prohibition: The So-Called War on Drugs, Page One

December 3, 2003

Using Weed as a Parental Prophylactic

Straight from the Surgeon General's Warning on Marijuana we can see that weed "decreased sperm count and sperm motility."

"In the past 20 years, its' use has increased 30-fold" - a sure sign we are starting to think before we act!

cold nights

So its really starting to be winter up here...and its cold as can be. My window has a huge draft comming through, and one of out shutters blew off a couple days ago. Anyone who would like to buy me custom shutters may at DIYshutters

December 2, 2003

Corporate Screw Job

Sometimes companies find it worthwhile to stiff their employees with bills as they leave. For example, my most recent employer left me with a bill for $79 which is now $108 after late fees.

If, after I call them, the decide it is in their best interest to continue to screw me, it will be an error of logic.

I am an internet marketer, and I freely express my opinions about that which has wronged me. If they make no attempt to corrent this situation and make me eat the internet marketer will launch one of their best marketing campaigns ever.

I am a person driven by principal, if you screw me and it is not an accident I will let the world know of your policies.

I always wonder where the threshold for blackmail is. It is not my goal to earn anything from these people, I just simply want them to pay their bill that they stiffed me with.

Details will be displayed in the morning if they make no attempt to clear this issue up.

Google Search: corporate screw job

December 1, 2003

Human Psychopharmacology: Serotonin and the hallucinogens

So I am rather novice at the book aspect of the brain. I am rather experienced through trial and error and environmental factors. I think I would make an excellent lab rat for those interested, though I have not used any illicit substance in a rather long timeframe :)

I do not remember what I searched for to find it, but here is a short article on Serotonin, LSD, and MDMA.
Human Psychopharmacology: Serotonin and the hallucinogens

Talking Teddy Bears

Its amazing what kind of gifts you can get on the web. Though it is such an impersonal environment, it has the ability to break down impersonal barriers and personalize everything we do. Talking Teddy Bears


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