March 31, 2005

Of Social Significance

Most ideas that are boldly expressed are simply recreations or derivitives of other ideas...often fueled by limited perspective or ignorance. Stuff which touches us closely becomes more important to use than it actually is to the world around us. Yet we all have some small need to feel important and useful, even if generally we are not.

Is society made a better place by each of us overexpressing what is important to us, or is there a way we could organize and balance ideas better? From what I have seen in my own actions and the actions of people I have known well most of our ideas, ideals, and goals are overtly short term.

So how do you create or embrace systems which better respect the balance and good of the world, and not just push what you think is important? How do you push these ideas in a way that is financially viable and psychologically rewarding? Change generally takes a long time. Longer than most of us will live. Technology speeds the process, but also introduces new problems.

Or is it best if we all push what we know?

There has to be a way to balance ideas...but I am not balanced enough and forward looking enough to know it / find it.

I am smart enough to know that this current corporate controlled democracy does not adequately fit what I am looking for. How do you make it better?

Promoting hate or pointing out problems is easy, but how do you promote an underfunded idea and remain financially viable when you are fighting with deep pockets, especially whenthe best ideas often brings the least profits?

March 30, 2005

A Picture is Worth... 300 Billion Dollars

Gotta love the link here in the middle of the content in this article

March 27, 2005

Smell that Smell

my mom flew to Australia. she got back yesterday.

in the row in front of her was 2 girls and a skanky guy. the two girls compained and got moved away from the stink bomb.

guy then requests to sit at the window seat. the seat in front of my mom ;)

he puts his seat way back, and my mom says "oh this is gross"

she had to put her sweater over her nose not to get grossed out from the smell.


On a trip today...

I drove the way there. roomie farted. I said "yuck. did you just fart? roll your window down."

while there ate a huge meal. way to much. gluttony is a sin...

rommie drove on the way back. I farted at a red light. rolled window down. roommate said "did you just fart or something? I couldn't smell anything"

later I burped. rommie said "did you just fart or something"

kielbasa, gravy, and way too much food = bad...


  • I cleaned my room. It was so dirty it was getting unlivable. Now I can find stuff. Cleaned my car too. Note: need more hangers since I recently bought more pants*
  • I finally got my car insurance switched over to this state. Thought they did that when I moved, but they did not.
  • I got an in state license plate. Hoo ray. Was starting to feel a bit bad about that.
  • Rhode Island sent me a paper asking me to pay my 2002 taxes. The one year when I was in the navy where I used the on base free tax preparation stuff. And it screwed me. hehehe. It should be fixed now though.
  • Have been getting lots of financial stuff in order.
  • Fixed my car window.
  • Installed a new car stereo.
  • Worked out for the first time in many moons. Yippie.
  • I guess I could sum up all of this as random acts of responsibility, but I think it was just a spurt which may again fade ;)

Easter Bar Theme

So I went to the bar last night. The night before Easter.

A friend of mine said his girlfriend was getting baptised. He calls her "the skirt." While some might see that name as offensive (as my roommate does) a think it is kinda a fun name and do not think the kid is trying to be sexist.

Many people must have been going to church because the bar was thined out last night. Real thin in fact.

One weird theme (and not sure if this is some sign from God or some shit) was that a bunch of people at the bar - both guys and girls - had crutches.

Is it a hint that those who do not believe are broken? Maybe. Or maybe the cruthes people knew the bar would be thin and felt more comfortable going out and boosing it up last night.

March 26, 2005

Stereotypes, Republicans, Doctors, Dinasaurs, the Law, & things that don't make sense

This land is your land:
German stereotype of US

Cocaine and OxyContin - the "good" illegal drugs, at least until you die from them, right Mr Stevens? way to go MR republican media advisor.

perhaps you gave yourself to show us that we need a stiff drug policy? or perhaps you were a hypocrite

Denver the last dinasaur:
has blood vessels and a whole lot more.

Small government:
and a new bill for ever purpose. hmm. odd that doctors do not even need to see people to diagnose them, right Mr Frist

13 things that do not make sense

March 24, 2005

Boredom Sets In

Licking my chipped teeth
with my cut tounge
estatically empathetic
to a world I do not feel or see
other than through an interface
which guides me and may even make me matter
though its doubtful I care
challenge gives life purpose
but when it is removed
boredom sets in

March 21, 2005

Borders in Communication

So a friend of mine was thinking of moving to China - because it is cheap, and because he kinda likes it there. I mentioned him on one of my websites and the same day he got a great job offer.

Amazing, eh?

Then I go searching around stuff related to my name or product and I can read that people are referencing me, but sometimes do it in another language.

Not really sure what the point of this post is other than there are many borders to communication, and the more of them you can cross the more likely you to do well. Or at least I think that is how it works. And the web makes it way easier than it was a decade ago.

March 18, 2005

The Wrong Ideology

Right winged nut jobs complain about too many liberal teachers (and sound similar to communist China in the process).

Oh wait, running congeress, appointing the court, and having the president all on the same party and these people still want to attack. Its not just about oil anymore.

Why you ask?

While we are worried about petty arbitrary fights about ideology people are looting the country.

You run all three branches of the country. And you are about to bankrupt it. For some reason that is not enough though.

  • How is destroying the system in place in any way conservative?
  • How is bleeding the country and looting its funds conservative?
  • How many congressmen have kids in Iraq?
  • How many congressmen have children that are chearing because their jobs got outsourced?
  • How is bitching about having a variety of voices part of democracy?

ANY system or ideology needs to have a counter view which off sets it to keep the world in balance.

What is important to you probably is not all that important to me. That is how individuality works. Unless the nutters get control of all the educational institutions too...

I believe that the university should check into [professor] David Gibbs. He is an anti-American communist who hates America and is trying to brainwash young people into thinking America sucks. He needs to go and live in a Third World country to appreciate what he has here. Have him investigated by the FBI. FBI has been contacted.

You are either with us or against us... if what you are doing now is what you stand for then there is no way I will promote it in any form or fashion.

One party actually is making hate, judgement, and fear fundamental units of their party ticket.

Why the fuck would anyone want to live in perpetual fear?

Do what you want. But have the decency to call it what it is. Bullshit. <-- look folks, it's a red state!!!

On Being Naive - Debt, Politics, & Drugs

When I was younger I thought that I would make lots of money to help pay down the national debt. That was before I grew up and realized that politicians were generally puppets of greedy corporations looking to bleed the average citizen dry.

I just got this feedback on my depression blog from a person who recently tried an antidepressant which they think is making it hard for them to breath

You would think, wouldn't you, that in year 2005, the sciences would have sufficiently explored the endocrine system, brain chemistry, etc. enough to have more suitable drugs available. I would hate to think that something has been developed but it would work too well, and perhaps be too inexpensive, for it to be on the market. But that sort of thinking is either paranoic, or way too politically involved to be helpful to any of us.

The fact that people go on drugs that are supposed to help them...drugs that I believe increase the background noise activity in the brain...and still think these types of thoughts really makes you appreciate how many scams there are in the world and how few people there are who actually appreciate helping others.

Even if this drug would have helped this person now it will not because they have no faith in it.

It is amazing how quickly doctors prescribe shit without fully listening through the situation. I don't even have to know their doctor to know that he or she probably sucks. Feedback from the drug should probably be shared with the doctor. The relationship should be built to inspire trust with the doctor, and clearly the doc scored about a 0 out of 10 in this situation.

The fact that within the first week of being prescribed a drug my website is an outlet for communication for the patient likely means that they probably should have did a bit more research before taking it, and that their doctor should be actively soliciting more feedback.

But what do I know, I am just an internet marketer...

March 16, 2005

Vice President

Intellectual sloth is a vice for a president. - Al Franken

March 15, 2005

More on Drugs

So recently I was up typing at 3 am. and got hungry. need to type on a clear mind

i went and bought 3 bags of chips...some for now and some for the morning. was not sure if i wanted 1 or 2 now

at the gas station I hear:

damn hungry

reply: yup

I hear: trees

reply: nope

in two words the guy pitched drugs to me in passing. at that point in time I realized how many of my actions parallel those of a person who is high. who goes out and grabs 3 bags of chips at 3 am

March 11, 2005

March 7, 2005

The Other Side of Aaron


just so my mom remembers what I do...

from email...

I read your comments on niche ppc. I also read at several places that
interest in them increases since ppc prices in the main keywords in google
and overture are so expensive.

I am not sure I understood your comments about bad and good businesses ?

bridalclicks would be an example of perhaps a more prequalified higher
quality visitor who is further along the buying cycle.

most niche PPC search engines are hunks of crap though. I have many
many many inqueries from people who think you spend $100 on a script
and then just start making free money.

most people running the PPC sites do not generate enough legititmate
traffic to justify the time wasted on setting up an account.

there are some diamonds in the rough, but the way I look at business
in general is that if your product can not compete on any of the
larger networks why settle for grabbing little bits of distribution
here or there? Wouldn't it be easier to change your marketing strategy
or pricing model so that you can dominate in the large and small
networks alike?

I do not think vertical search is going away, just that a good
business model should be able to be successful across many channels,
and that most things claiming to be vertical search add little value
and are poorly marketed.

this guy has good info here about vertical search

March 5, 2005

You Can't Change Human Behavior...

or at least you can not do it on a grand scale. not quickly anyway.

I was at the SearchEngineStrategies conference in NYC last week. As you get closer to New York City you notice more flags on overpasses. And you notice more "Fines Doubled" signs (even though most of them specify no reason).

Nonetheless I seriously doubt those fines doubled signs slow people down. I still went faster than what was legal. I doubt those flags make people care more about the concept of pride in our country.

I think as time passes more and more people are realizing what a sham (word of the day) the whole September 11 incident was. How we are using that event to manipulate people into trying to make it sound like the government is actually trying to serve the people when we spend most of our money on debt and military spending and loot social security to do our bests to throw a little more wealth into defense stocks.

Military spending is driving the country near bankruptcy so we must cut things like education. That is real fucking brilliant investing into the future. Why not encourage alternative energy sources and lower our dependance on foreign energy?

The deficit spending erodes the value of our currency and so the price of oil goes up and then we demand higher oil production to lower oil costs. Or else fucking what?

As seen my the continued fighting in Iraq there are people there who do not want us there. Could you imagine if on accident your house was blown up and your parents were killed. I know if that happened to me I would be inclined to express myself on that issue (most likely in a violent way too).

Imagine how many soldiers die from the stupid fucking war. And then think of the greater number who will live with post traumatic stress disorder for the rest of their lives. Have nightmares when they sleep. Dream of death until one day they shoot their head off with a shotgun. Imagine what that does to their children. and their children.

Then you look at jail. Another huge fucking sham. I can't visit my sister to this day because one of the people who ran one of the jails was a bitch. My sister is still being punished 5 years later by not being able to see me. Worse yet she is in jail because our legal system is a hunk of shit.

Then if people in jail want to call to talk to their family the calls are about $30 - $50 per half hour. You take people away from the social bonds they made. You take most their freedoms. And then you lock them up with other people who for one reason or another were deemed as criminals by some segment of society.

Either they are guilty or they were fucked by the system, either way there is nothing which actively encourages change in behaviour from within. And I cant imagine that pulling a person out of society for a decade makes them a more functional member of society.

We prescribe people drugs. They go numb or forget their problems or maybe the problems build until they kill them. Maybe the same things that caused people problems were the same things that brought them the greatest joy in their lives.

The one drug is good because it can be prescribed and the other is bad because it is hard to regulate and may be used recreationally. So we say a problem exists with people importing the drug. Supply will ALWAYS find its way to demand.

How do you eradicate the demand of another? How do you force your views onto the world?

Sure you can manipulate some people with fear. But what is the purpose. If you fuck over the lives of millions of others to get your way what the fuck does that prove? That you are the worst humanity has to offer?

I am prettymuch about 99.83% anti authoritarian because I see almost everything that is supposed to be official and good for you as a hoax or scam. And when people dig deep enough the outcome is frequently similar.

All systems and ideas can be improved and few things will ever show the same return on investment as investing in yourself. Though most days many people are rushed for time...and bring bullshit stress upon themselves...and eat bad food...and sacrifice themselves and their family for this arbitrary idea called business or money or getting ahead.

While in NYC I got to look over into the near by buildings at 8PM and watch real life reality TV (which appeared far more interesting that the shit they stream on TV). I also was a bit amazed at thinking how such a city can spring up. How concrete can live organically like a person does.

When I get too drunk sometimes I talk to bums because many of them have interesting stories to tell. I try to do what I can to lift up their spirits. But I doubt I ever do much to change any of them.

I cant.

Maybe they dont want to change. If they are happy then they may not want to change. And it may not be easy either.

The only way for a system or person to change longterm is if it does so internally. You can't take one variable from one system and inject it into another closed system and make a functional algorithm out of it.

That idea was one which was strongly expressed by an information retrieval scientist I chatted with at the NYC conference.

Few systems in the world work well across cultural boundaries, in large cities, and in small towns.

Search engines try to do that though. And because they are so scalable and granular in nature they are wildly profitable too.

It is possible to eradicate homelessness and hunger amongst many of those who want to be helped. It is also possible to help curb worldwide disease and lower infant mortality rate.

Anyone can publish their thoughts and ideas can spread so fast that some governments are already thinking about taxing the ability to link to certain sites. Tell me that is an idea with free speech and fairness in mind.

How ironic is it that campaign finance reform wants to esentially cut off the single largest income stream for most third party canidates. What the fuck kind of reform is that.

It seems way to often we justify our state of being or our actions by saying that others are worse off. We then overemphasize whatever we feel is important to do our best to bring that topic adequate coverage.

Many times this involves plugging some arbitrary force into another system and as long as we solve symptoms with expensive patches there will always be work to do the next day. Perhaps this is a part of the reasoning behind our actions, to always ensure that we have more to do the next day.

Sure we are imperfect, but some days are we extra imperfect to ensure that we will be able to have the same drive / motivation / mindset when we wake the next morning?

Too often though it seems that we wish to change how others think or how others act when typically the largest worldly change any person sees is one that occurs within their own mind. But then again if you can change the thoughts of others maybe you can also learn to change your own?

Warning: GlaxoSmithKline Making Bad Paxil CR & Avandamet Drugs

according to the FDA made a couple large drug seizures from plants ran by the substandard GlaxoSmithKline corporation.

A Huge Fucking Sham

Did you know that over half of federal tax spending goes on debt interest and military spending.

If we wanted to cut the real cancer out of this society perhaps we should

  • figure out ways to destroy the financial solvency of greedy war hungry defence contractors
  • require congressmen to send their own children to "fight for the country" if they vote for the war


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