March 18, 2005

The Wrong Ideology

Right winged nut jobs complain about too many liberal teachers (and sound similar to communist China in the process).

Oh wait, running congeress, appointing the court, and having the president all on the same party and these people still want to attack. Its not just about oil anymore.

Why you ask?

While we are worried about petty arbitrary fights about ideology people are looting the country.

You run all three branches of the country. And you are about to bankrupt it. For some reason that is not enough though.

  • How is destroying the system in place in any way conservative?
  • How is bleeding the country and looting its funds conservative?
  • How many congressmen have kids in Iraq?
  • How many congressmen have children that are chearing because their jobs got outsourced?
  • How is bitching about having a variety of voices part of democracy?

ANY system or ideology needs to have a counter view which off sets it to keep the world in balance.

What is important to you probably is not all that important to me. That is how individuality works. Unless the nutters get control of all the educational institutions too...

I believe that the university should check into [professor] David Gibbs. He is an anti-American communist who hates America and is trying to brainwash young people into thinking America sucks. He needs to go and live in a Third World country to appreciate what he has here. Have him investigated by the FBI. FBI has been contacted.

You are either with us or against us... if what you are doing now is what you stand for then there is no way I will promote it in any form or fashion.

One party actually is making hate, judgement, and fear fundamental units of their party ticket.

Why the fuck would anyone want to live in perpetual fear?

Do what you want. But have the decency to call it what it is. Bullshit. <-- look folks, it's a red state!!!

Posted at March 18, 2005 11:32 PM

Interesting post. I do take issue with the comment "Right winged nut jobs complain about too many liberal teachers (and sound similar to communist China in the process)" -- hehe, as you know, I am a Sinophile. I do think that the Chinese government takes an undue amount of flak.

Yes it's had many problems. Yes there have been human rights abuses. But before we point to them as a "bad apple" it would be good to remember

-our own country has tolerated and instigated many known instances of human rights abuses, including enslaving entire races less than two centuries ago

-our own countrymen have committed disgusting war crimes (including torture) THIS YEAR

-their communist system rose to power in part because Western countries' actions (motivated by greed of course) corrupted and weakened the old system - but did not of course work to replace it with a better system, but instead left it with a void. It did this after it milked the already poor country's treasury dry and promoted a large segment of the population's addiction to opium

I would also ask anyone this question: How would YOU go about governing over a billion people (4 times as many as the US has) with less than a 4th of the US's money??

Aside from that, one thing should be cleared up... "Red China" (meaning, the country of China not including Taiwan) is NOT communist. Trust me, I was just there, and you will never see a more pure expression of capitalism than you'll see in the streets of Shanghai. What with Medicare etc. I think the US is probably more communist or socialist than is the China of today.


>I do think that the Chinese government takes an undue amount of flak.

Right, and if any wing of our political sphere is trying to make the minority party sound bad for being like some arbitrary example it should be pointed out that they might be being a bit bogus in their comparison.


Not saying that I know all the answers, or that I better understand the current state of China better than you, but I was meerly pointing out that any system left to its own idealism without a challenging voice will lead to a system which is pushed primarily to exploit the general populous for the gain of a few.

Also with that 4X the people with 1/4th the wealth... I do not think the absolute wealth of a country can be looked at without looking at how the associated system encourages distribution of that wealth.

As there are millionaires in the US there are also ghetos. What is our country trying to do to encourage wealth redistribution right now?

good point

actually our gini coefficient (wealth distr. curve), having been a model for 'relative equality in a market economy' in the past, has gotten much, much worse in the past 20 years. good for capitalists like me and you. bad for avg. joe.

andy hagans on March 23, 2005 4:50 PM
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