January 31, 2004

10 Tips to loose those pesky winter pounds

Tips to help you add those pesky winter pounds

  1. Everything is better deep fat fried.
  2. When you go to an all you can eat, make your mother proud.
  3. Never throw away food, one container is one serving (unless its small...then you need many containers)
  4. Always eat a big meal before working out so you have lots of energy.
  5. Never sleep on an empty stomach.
  6. Never eat solid meat, always opt for meat paste.

Getting a Passport Fucking Sucks ASS

In this post I state that I hate Bush and need to get a passport. In this post I state how good the Post Office is and how easy it is to get a passport.

I still think Bush sucks, but it turns out it is not all that easy to get a passport. I was thinking about how easy the process seemed and it seemed a bit suspect to me. Initially I followed the paperwork and the post office worker verified my data. Knowing how large the post office orgainzation is, and that my own mother is a postmaster made me think of how easy it would be to introduce corruption into this system. I would only need to fool (or be in kahoots with) one postal worker.

My initial intuition was right. The paperwork I downloaded off the original site told me what I needed to bring to get my passport and I did. What is shitty is that it was wrong. So now I need to come up with photocopies of at least 3 different identifications and mail them in. What is funny is that on the list they have birth certificate, and my original was mailed into them bastards.

Instead of my passport comming back in one week it took 2 weeks for the notice requesting more information to get back. Now I will not be visiting my artist friend or the president of Greece as I was invited to.

January 29, 2004

Questionable amineptine / tianeptine Post?

I was collecting information for my Tianeptine page when I came across
this post.

It seems to me as an advertisement as much as a caution... "Amineptine (Survector) may be ordered from IAS. See their website: www.antiaging-systems.com No prescription required. Be aware of amineptine's serious abuse potential."

One other amazing thing to note: in France they do not advertise their drugs the way that we do over here in the US. If a person is sick they probably do not need an ad to make them better.

Look for the official tianeptine website and it will be hard to find. Google search: tianeptine. If you search for Prozac, Paxil, or Zoloft you can bet your ass they will be listing at #1 for their names.

January 28, 2004

Journalism and the People Who Own It

Disney, GE, AOL / Time Warner, Viacom, Bertelsmann, and News Corp...those are your general options if you are interested in the freedom of the press...

Online we have a broad selection where even Assholes Like MeTM can say whatever they want.

While I will likely never be featured in the Online Journalism Review, it does not mean that I can not talk about it.

January 27, 2004

Snappy Marketing

I keep forgetting their name so I am leaving this here kinda as a bookmark...Benetton is known for their snappy marketing and their idea to raise public awareness about real causes through the use of Gonzo Marketing.


Are you worried about our great national deficit? Are you unemployed? Is the economy rotten?

Many people want you to be worried about half truth. A person driven by fear is easy to manipulate. If you're worried about where you will get your next meal, then you likely are not going to get what you deserve. My personal philosophy is that everyone has something to offer and something they should focus on.

Back to our eroding economy..."CBO's new figures predict that US government revenues will fall to 15.8 percent of the economy in 2004, the lowest since 1950, according to an analysis by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities."

This means that our government is actually operating somewhat efficiently despite all the horrible things we are doing. We have not yet squeezed all the hope out of my mind, and I have this strange feeling things are going to get way better...and soon.

Dirty Politics

Some people prove you do not need to be smart or honest to be elected. More dirty politics: Judge Says Schwarzenegger Broke Campaign Law

Superbowl Ads and Superbowl Marketing

Just a reminder that as we reflect upon "The Tragedy of the Commons", we shall see that the sheep are our media conglomorates.

This superbowl will have personally sponsered public awareness ads blocked, all the while allowing national drug ads.

In saying national drug ads I do not necissarily mean just the ones provided to feed the war on drugs...no, I am also talking about those ads from pharmecuetical jugronauts.

This superbowl we will have no less than three erectile dysfunction ads from three different companies.

When you think about objective news you are not thinking CBS...and vice versa.

Whos ads will you see?

January 26, 2004


I have lived at my current location for about a year and a half and just today I found out where the post office is. I just kinda drove and got lost, drove and got lost...then I found my way.

At each of my ends when I traveled a new path I stoped to ask for directions. Perhaps it is only coincidence, but I think it is more that both of the two stoping points were package stores.

Sure the flags waving and neon signs make them easier to see, but it is a real strong staple of our economy when my misdirections lead me to package store after package store.

Perhaps there was a message on a deeper level if I chose to accept it?

Depression, Medical School, And Someone is FULL OF SHIT

So a student or doctor of medicine at UIUonline.org saw my 3 page website on 5 HTP located at 5htp.cc. They decided to tell me I am FULL OF SHIT.

There are shitty workers in any field. A shitty accountant can lose your money. A shitty doctor can kill you. Just because your doctor says something, it is not necessarily true. They may be FULL OF SHIT.

"Youre not a doctor, but why you give out all this medical advice and say its
100% cure to depression and all this other statements? That is just wrong. You should be ashamed of yourself "
(which essentially amounts to "Aaron you are FULL OF SHIT")

I then sent this doctor (or doctor to be) a reply.
view the link
grow up
(which essentially amounts to "Trisin you are FULL OF SHIT")

this doctor (or doctor to be) sent me a reply a reply.
why you tell me to "grow up"?
not only youre not a doctor,
but youre pretty immature.

go to med school first before you
start giving out all these medical
advice. that is just unethical
and wrong.

I am just sharing my opinion.
(which essentially amounts to "Aaron you are FULL OF SHIT")

I then sent this doctor (or doctor to be) a reply
you write an article that is CORRECT and I will promote your opinion free of charge...me being an internet marketer and all... I can make you an important doctor worth way more than your degree :)


how about you try living suicidally depressed for a few years before your degree tells you what medication works
i personally have experienced the effects of prozac, mdma, 5htp and probably know a decent bit more than you would think
bet you did not even read my webpage either
may your degree make you a good person
hope you make the drug companies billions
grow up
(which essentially amounts to "Mr/MRs Ramon you are FULL OF SHIT")

I then got a conclusive reply stating who was FULL OF SHIT.
sorry, didnt read your whole web page.
but then I went over it some
more and did see your mentions
on not being a doctor and your
sorry about that.
well, you take care

good webpage btw.very informative

Now that this doctor has came around I feel better about myself. This should teach us all a lesson though. Because this doctor (or future doctor) has (or will have) a degree they felt compelled to tell me I am FULL OF SHIT with only glancing at my page.

Now that they opened their eyes maybe they will stay that way. There are many bad doctors though. I usually consult reality and nature...then a doctor... as frequently they are FULL OF SHIT.

January 25, 2004

Addiction and The Power of Marketing

Marlboro has a strong brand which is built on selling death. They do not sell death as the product though. They sell "be a rebel," "satisfaction to the end," and other abstract bullshit about individualism.

The level of their customer care is not best described by the number of customers they kill each year. I can do them one better. Why is it that people think I AM MARLBORO because I write their Marlboro Miles phone number down on one of my pages?

Sure the laws have changed how they can market, but its piss poor marketing when I receive an email like this directed to another company because they were not there for them.

Thank you Marlboro for giving my future marketing book some substance.

to whom it may concern,
Hi ! My name is (black lungs) I have smoked your cigarettes sense I was 18....I must say that you produce a fine product I have tried many brands over the years but I keep coming back to Marlboros cause of the great flavor and fulfillment that they give me.. nothing has matched it..... I watch these truth commercials and even though they make a really good valid point I must say that I will be a loyal consumer of your product for as long as I can....
I recall times when I have had people come to me and ask why do I smoke???? I usually look at the and smile replying that nothing satisfy me like the rich taste of a red !!! usually getting a smile out of the other person....Well I'm not going to waist any more of your time, just wanted to write you and thank your company for producing such a fine product

black lungs

Prison Guard Freed in Hostage Crisis

That is how news is titled when it talks about how two prison guards are held hostage by inmates. Now this is going to be a long entry which cites many other entries just to show how biased this news is...

First off I will state there are many companies which have an interest in prison privatization, which will allow them to extract profit off jails. The catch is that they need a growing prison population to make greater returns for shareholders...think how FUCKED UP that is.

I also offer you the fact that a half hour talk with my sister on the phone costs me $50 thanks to the fucking digusting greed driven Consolidated Public Services. They sent me a letter requesting that I authorize my monthly phone fee to be raised above $100. Feel free to curse these greedy fucking pigs out at

I would also like to be charged more to help my sister have minimal enjoyment in her life. Lucky for me the price of cigarettes went up 35% this January. In addition the price of all other items (such as toothpaste and soap) went up 25% this January.

Did you know that due to the negligence of these stupid fucking prison guards many people in jail die. For example read here and here. Those are parts of a few letters that my sister sent me in the last few months.

I also can not visit my sister. My social security card was in Connecticut and I could not see my sister in Illinois because it was not with me. Prior to going out to sea (in support of our country) again I wanted to visit my sister one last time. I cursed them out after they yelled at me. I remember leaving that place crying because I could not visit my sister. I still can't. Feel free to call or send hate mail:
1098 1350th Street
P.O. Box 549
Lincoln, Il 62656
Phone: (217) 735-5411
Tell the warden she sucks!

It gets better though. The reason my sister is in jail is that she was found guilty for a murder she did not commit. There was no physical evidence. The girl who was killed was raped and murdered. They tested all the people that were with my sister and the DNA did not match. We are to believe that my sisters friend had such a bad day that she was raped, dumped by the side of the road, and then later murdered that same day by a group of her friends.

Not only is my sister completely innocent, found guilty on NO PHYSICAL EVIDENCE , but also many of the people in jail are there as non violent drug offenders.

Nevermind the fact that you will likely again see commercials linking drug use to terrorism. Nevermind the fact that there are many (obviously true) statements about Bush being brought up on drug charges while he was a draft dodging deserter from the reserves.

I was attached to the USS Dallas as a nuclear reactor operator. I was defending this same system that was destroying my family and mind and people wondered why I tried "accidentally" killing myself a few times.

If you ask me I think more negligent prison guards should be killed for the torture they place inmates through.

We can look at the cross section of a jail and read the numbers. Where a college once stood we now have jails such as Lincoln Correctional Center. Here are the vital stats
Opened: September 1984
Capacity: 500
Level 4: Medium-Security Female
Average Daily Population: 941
Total Average Daily Population: 941
Average Age: 35
Average Annual Cost Per Inmate: $22,268.00

What you don't see are the lives wasted behind those numbers. You don't get to see me cry thinking about my sister rotting in jail.

Ask yourself what is "correct" about the department of corrections.

All the above news you need not hear. Read the one bullshit news story about how the prisoners are violent and aim to destroy people in this "crisis."

Bullshit news story

Dumb Dumb Dumb

The RIAA was so stupid that they used a pirated version of Kazaa to find file swappers...Where is the irony that these tools were stealing trying to catch someone else stealing.

Kazaa Owner Gets OK to Sue Movie, Record Companies

Peanuts and Outkast Make Me Wanna Holla

Yesterday I bought a shirt for the first time in months...other than my Meatrix shirt I am waiting on....It was a Pig Pen shirt.

If you are creative, goofy, and track info you will see that everything in the world relates to you. Without further adew:

The best things in the world are free. Even if its when the peanuts have Too Much Caffeine.

January 22, 2004

The State of the Union

Good stuff over at Bush Says. Take a peak!

January 20, 2004

Wearing a Mask

In a couple minutes Bush is to appear before the nation to read a scripted speech. I wonder what percentage of people realize someone else wrote it for him? I wonder how many times he will stutter? I wonder how many times he will lie.

I wanted this post to be profound, but in a colorful world I find it easy to paint Bush one of the two colors he paints the world in. Sadly its that color singers write tons of songs about.

Fade to Black - Rolling Stones
Black - Pearl Jam
there are lots of other good songs, but I am in a rush. Must critque his every word.


Cool to see MOBY has his own blog. In addition I appreciate the fact that he points out some of the remarks from vial disgusting right wing fundamental scumbags when they pick on his friend.

I would shoot myself and my mother before I would vote for Bush :)

Cool Blog W Nice Layout

need to get my ass in gear, focus, and create a new layout...this site is good stuff
low culture

A bookmark for later

I just recently finished Rebecca Blood's "The Weblog Handbook." While looking at the 2004 Bloggie awards I noticed her site was listed. On her site she listed this link as the weblogers manifesto...I will read it later. IV. Essays. Self-Reliance. 1841. Emerson, Ralph Waldo. 1909-14. Essays and English Traits. The Harvard Classics

January 19, 2004

#9733; Search Engine SERPS Results Pages

A late unannounced SERPs entry into the SERPS contest. Many people who look at the SERPs in Google are wondering about the SERPs. Some of the earliest SERPs with the highest SERPs ratings in the SERPs are Serps.blogspot.com and http://homepage.ntlworld.com/ooar123/search-engine-optimization/serps.html.

I am not sure when the SERPs contest is over, but may the best SERPs list #1 for SERPs. Generally I am using SERPs way too much on this SERPs page as I think there is no SERPs filter and no SERPs local community link structure for the word SERPs.

January 18, 2004

The Football Playoffs

The Eagles once again destroyed my roommate Bob with lousy NFC championship game play. He still made cheesesteaks though :)

When the Patriots won one of their players started off with that "I would like to think The Lord Savior Jesus Christ And The Holy Spirit" bullshit that I find offensive. How stupid is it to think that the omnipotent being is specifically rooting for your team. In a world this fucked up I would be pissed if my God gave two shits about professional sports.

January 17, 2004

Erosion of Human Rights

FAST to RIAA: look, we suck too!!!
UK to US: look, we are fucked up too!!!

FAST threatens jail for 'misusing software'

"Civil law has its advantages, but in the current business climate, when budgets are under pressure, it simply isn't working. Figures show that in 2002, software piracy levels rose for the first time since 1994."

Who creates the business climate other than the businesses themselves? These people are dumb.

January 16, 2004

Passport + Post Office is Cool

I had to get a passport in a rush and it turns out that you can get one in less than a week for $185. That's not cheap, but it is quick.

While I was at the post office I observed that both the counter workers were delightful (perhaps because they were not in the blistering chill of the Noreaster outside). The Post Office gets a bad rap, but I have seen some real assholes walk in and demand excellent service and that the counter worker do something they couldn't.

Stupid people bitching about how they want their part of their refund for closing a box that was in someone elses name. And they want the money today.

I am not certain if it is just because my mom is a postmaster, or just because I recognize they do not get much credit for doing a good job...I have a bunch of respect for postal workers though.

Its No Good!

Bush Superbowl ad blocked by CBS. Here is the ad they blocked
"Child's Pay" by Charlie Fisher

and here is my personal favorite of all the entries.
"Imagine" by Mark Vicente

Wasting Money on Weed

"Drug war extremists are trying to ban private marijuana reform advertising on public transportation. Worse still, the same bill spends $145 million in taxpayer money on anti-marijuana government propaganda. Congress wants to run these ads with your tax money, while at the same time banning you from using your own money to run ads in support of reform. Fax your Senators! "
Wasting money on weed

January 15, 2004

When its Bullshit

The war on terrorism is highly focused on small things. I find it fascinating that ICANN needs to ask the US gov to back up is name servers.
Government Computer News (GCN) daily news -- federal, state and local government technology; ICANN calls for redundant Internet name servers

Also here are the 13 worldwide root servers

Coffee Break

Can't get enough Starbucks in your mouth? Shove some in your rear!!! Coffee Enemas

All the drugs fit to spam!!!

Jeremy Zawodny's blog: Cheap Viagra, Vicodin, Xanax, Prescription Drugs, and Penis Enlargement Pills!!!

Become the biggest beast with your pleasant Prozac and use your voracious Viagra!

Posted at 3:17 AM

When Stupid Ideas Haunt You

Using the Iraqi most wanted cards seemed gross to me. Must we come out with cards every time we go to war? There is another individual like me out there though, and they aim to place this great marketing back in the lap of George Bush.

Marketing and Politics

Mosley Braun drops out and endorses Dean.

I, being a marketer, am more interested in the inline article Google AdSense block on the page. Howard Dean, John Kerry, and Bill Wyatt are all there. I actually met Bill Wyatt (the republican presidential canidate you have never been told about) when he was giving out T shirts up in Boston during the Democratic rock the vote debate...he did not have any of my size left by the time I got to seeing him. Initially I was more concern with the likes of Vermin Supreme and the Massachusetts Anti Coorporate Clearinghouse.

Anyway, back to the marketing...I logged into my AdWords account to see how much those ads pay. Braun has a price estimate of $1.04 a click off the start!


In all actuality thats really cheap marketing for politics...I wonder how many of the canidates are smart enough to have an Iowa targeted complex AdWords campaign running? If I were a canidate I would be spending over $1000 a day on AdWords right now. I would not even direct people to my own site either. I would direct them toward third party sites of people who were giving me rave reviews.

I would target the states with the earliest primaries too. After those states many people just follow because they want to go with a winner...

That is good cheap psychographic advertising right there...If I had a spare $20,000 (that is certainly much less than the companies are spending on Bush) I could seriously single handedly strongly effect the outcome of the national election. If things go well in the next year you can count on me spending about $20,000 "helping" Bush.

January 14, 2004

Changing Faces

As you learn more about the internet you learn to adapt to more functional business models. Off the start a person who works to apend emails (Digital Harvest) may eventually shift to a general internet marketer and website developement firm (Digital Harvest Media).

See the difference :) He got to where he is now though because he started off in a niche and then expanded.

Going to Greece

So I met the abstract artist Christeas over the internet when I helped him out with his headshots website. Now he is having his art on display in Greece and wants me to be there...cool stuff...I get to go hang out with the president of another country!

Who says the world is not crazy?

On my trip to Greece I will start off near Block Island, call Tom (though I do not know who he is), get my fake id card, get my itinerary, and jet off across the ocean. On my flight back perhaps I will go for some fly in fishing... I shall stay away from the Ouza though!

Future of the Internet

I predict that the future of the internet will not contain so many huge resources as it does super small niche specific websites. My search marketing info website has so much information on it that its hard to update, hard to navigate, and generally more than people want. I predict the future will be more filled with smaller, simpler websites that are direct to the point such as Banner Ad Bootcamp, Business Email Lists, Ice Cream Profits, and my upcoming domain site Plain Jane Domain.

People will also use more mobile and more interactive devices and software. Things such as Dragon Naturally Speaking will be common on many operating systems within a few years.

January 13, 2004

US Army Critical of George W Bush

When even the US army publishes reports of how WRONG our current war on terrorism is, perhaps the administration should listen!

Big Time Branding

So I am just about done reading "The Revenge of Brand X" and for some reason I had to glance at Rob Frankel's website. I did a backlink check and saw that I was one of his top incoming links...thats funny how the internet is socially structured to where this site is more powerful in the eyes of Google than his is...

I also glanced at Jaclyn Easton's website and read her free ebook.
Some of her more interesting topics included

(these are kinda notes for me so i remember)
freeconferencecall.com prweb.com
Chase's calender of events
Free sticky.com
universalclass and virtualuniveristy

other than prospecting for expired domains I agreed with just about everything she said.

Stars, Squares, and Arrows

I made a post on how to get them to show up in the serp over on my seo blog.

January 12, 2004

Wrong Number?

Hi Honey
Hi Honey
Hi, Who is this?
I'm Looking for Danny
This is deffinately not Danny.
oh, ok...

Installing a RSS feed

Over at ResearchBUZZ they cover how to quick and easily install an RSS feed on your website using feedrole (http://www.feedroll.com.)

January 11, 2004

January 10, 2004

Never Eat 48 Comtrex

A friend of mine told me of a time a few years back when he ate 48 Comtrex. He said it felt like the high of his life for a real short while, and then for the next 48 hours he wanted someone to help him. He sat next to the toilet hugging it. He was wishing someone would come in and bash his skull with a sledge hammer.

While this story has little to do with me and my little world, other teenagers are trying similar things now. ABC news just recently wrote an article about Coricidin.

Generally speaking from self experience I believe that the more our immediate environment is fucked up the more likely we are to try to self destruct. Navy submarine = bad environment (for example).

As far as the war on drugs go, there is another plant at the edge of imagination. Did you know that people can visit their local Home Depot and by the cacti necissary to make mescaline?

If our bogus leaders would quit preaching war then perhaps we would have no need to destroy ourselves. Vote Bush!

US Dollar Drops, Bush Sucks

While unemployment is high during holiday shopping we still seek out more cheap labor to further erode the middle class. Good job Bush!!!

PS: much of our expanding economy is only government debt in the military industry (Colin Powell admits there is no real link between Saddam and al-Qa'ida).... I believe last year alone Bush put the average citizen in an additional debt load of over $7,000.

US Dollar Drops on Weak Job Data, which halted the stock market recovery and is increasing bond interest rates on the US government debt. This is a good deal if you are one of the few rich people who are owed this money.

Despite the general erosion of all that is good, Bush is back on his Texas ranch less than a week after he returned from his most recent 9 day vacation there.

Vote Bush!

January 9, 2004

Joining the Mafia

So out of nowhere yesterday I subscribed to waste some of my time on a subscription with a doubious site.

This was a bad move on many levels.
1.) The streaming quality was poor.
2.) I have an active imagination and have no need.
3.) I am really fucking busy.
4.) Unsubscribing is not easy.

I did however read the unsubscribe instructions before I subscribed, and saved the unsubscribe page as one of my favorites.

Where the problem comes is that they send the account details via email. Sometimes they do not send them, and other times they send them to a box littered with porn spam.

I did not get my email, so the other option was to call the 800 support number. Generally they figure that people will just get stuck with these bills and not know how to get rid of them.

I had no shame and the page was saved in my favorites. In addition I remembered which payment processing agent it was...it really was rather quick and painless.

Obviously this post indicates that I have no shame, and thus it was no big deal for me to call customer support. I talked to the guy and less than a minute later I had my unsubscribe email. I kinda thought that cycle was going to be like joining the mafia, but it was rather easy to get out...now I have to unsubscribe from my ATT dialup account...lets see how hard that is compared to the quitting the mafia!

January 8, 2004

I am Speculating Here

So I just got an email from one of my esteemed UK customers.

"Just on the news: found out that if anyone from the UK wants to visit the US they must go in person to the American Embassy for an 60 ($100) interview for each family member. So for example a family of four from Plymouth will have to pay an extra 400 ($660) after train fairs to London etc. Might be bad for tourism especially as it will end last minute bookings."

If this is statement is true then the US government is honestly trying to destroy the United States or does not think of effect, only cause...but thats ok as long as they jail those who disagree...

January 7, 2004

Proliferation of WMD Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons

I just did a Google Search to define proliferation. Its a sad state that even these unbiased machines are typically learning that "rapid reproduction or replication" is closely tied with nuclear weapons and weapons of mass distruction.

I could pretend that everthing is fine, but consider that some wanted to hire me to be a caretaker of chemical weapons for the US army...I am digusted at least for today.

Bush Says.com

Just so all know I do not want to post to much George Bush here....that will go to BushSays.com

Bush Says

Economic View of the World

Though there are some biases in the data recording, it actually ties in very well if you look at worldwide economics and registered urls. GeoURL Maps


This post has nothing to do with aaronwall.com

this post has everything to do with aaron wall

if you want to know how to create a powerful newsfeed of your select contents which you can use via rss...well here it is

and here is some motivation

Mastering Media

now go use it

January 6, 2004

Vote Bush

Bush in 30 Seconds

My personal favorites is "Imagine."

January 5, 2004

How Do You Rate?

Take the test


Economic Left/Right: -5.62
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -6.15

Political Compass - Reading List

January 4, 2004

This is Only a Test

Much the same as people buy things for a construction project, websites themselves need to be built. As you think of interfacing systems such as lighting when you place wood you must also check how search engine spiders react to certain pages of a website.

There is no God

That is what some websites would like me to believe. While searching for "Dust in the Wind" by Kansas I came across this website in the search results.

Hot or Not

So I submitted an exceptionally ugly photo to Hot or Not.com...making the ugliest face I possibly could. So far it has been rated an 8. Either people are really high when they vote or they have braille monitors. You can lower my 8 by voting here

I even made my username star69asshole...Yet the first 87 say I am an 8?

I wonder what the band memebers from G Love and Special Sauce would get?

Oddly enough "The Best of G Love and Special Sauce" just came out...but for my money it doesn't get any better than when Michael Bolton sings "When a Man Loves a Woman"

Speaking of music, I bought Lyrics Blog.com and am going to review the lyrics to one song each day.

Spam Hurts

Its a sad day when even Just a Hint no longer sends its free hints. evil I say...

January 3, 2004

(OTH) Other than Honorable Discharge

[update: Hate the military? Are they trying to ruin your life? Debating doing something to get a discharge? If so you may want to look at sites like the GI Rights Hotline, or give them a toll free call at (800) 394-9544.

Getting an other than honorable discharge generally means nothing unless you want it to. If you are on the verge of getting an OTH discharge read the below comments left by hundreds of people to see how common that discharge type is and how many other than honorable people are doing well.

The military tries to make anything other than an honorable discharge sound like a big deal because the military lifestyle is so bad that they need to make alternatives seem bad.

As my honorable friend Mike so eloquently puts it, an OTH discharge is like:

if your life goal was to have a government job and retire on a shitty salary after 20 years of mediocrity: WE FUCKED Ya...otherwise...no biggie

I type this from my home, getting read to go to yet another concert somewhere in the Californian desert. I have no boss and even travel a good bit now. I work when ever I want to. Thanks internet marketing. Thanks to the US Navy for trying to destroy my life.]

Today I got a job offer from a prospective employer. I told him there was no way in hell I was interested in the job, but asked him what it was anyway.

Its funny because the job he wanted to give me was as a civilian Chemical Weapons caretaker in the US Army.

After my recent other than honorable discharge from the US navy I find it rather repulsive that they would still want me for that job.

It just goes to show how slow their feedback loops are and how broken their system is.

A tip for those who feel they achieved an other than honorable discharge in bad faith by their organization. If you know deep down inside that the organization was other than honorable you have absolutely no reason to carry any of that burdon with you and I suggest you just lie about your terms of discharge, as frequently they involve lies about you.

Destroying my work records prior to processing me, for example, was other than honorable.

Feedback to the Learning Young

Hello Alen
Congrats on your strong interest in math. When I was in 5th grade I did so
good on math that I took the college level entry exam. I outscored 3/4
high school graduates who took the test. By 7th grade I was somehow in
slow learners math...by the time I got out of high school I never did
anything beyond pre calculus.

I then joined the navy as a nuclear reactor operator on fast attack
submarines. The lifestyle was so traumatic that I thought it perminentally
destroyed my mind.

After I got kicked out of the navy for using drugs because I wanted to
kill myself I made a site letting the world know what I thought of the
navy. Learning how to promote it made me a professional search engine

Now my friend is getting out of the navy and I am going to move with him.
I might start college paying 100% out of pocket, because people like you
ask me questions that I can not answer, but want to be able to...

If you want to learn some of the more advanced ideas behind search look up
some of the following terms CNRP, VERA, Dublin Core, Semantic Ontologies,

I would love to study mathematics and computer science, but the best
source for your answers is to find the documents referenced at the top of
search engines for the above topics.

may the navy not swallow your life or mind

best of luck


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