January 15, 2004

Marketing and Politics

Mosley Braun drops out and endorses Dean.

I, being a marketer, am more interested in the inline article Google AdSense block on the page. Howard Dean, John Kerry, and Bill Wyatt are all there. I actually met Bill Wyatt (the republican presidential canidate you have never been told about) when he was giving out T shirts up in Boston during the Democratic rock the vote debate...he did not have any of my size left by the time I got to seeing him. Initially I was more concern with the likes of Vermin Supreme and the Massachusetts Anti Coorporate Clearinghouse.

Anyway, back to the marketing...I logged into my AdWords account to see how much those ads pay. Braun has a price estimate of $1.04 a click off the start!


In all actuality thats really cheap marketing for politics...I wonder how many of the canidates are smart enough to have an Iowa targeted complex AdWords campaign running? If I were a canidate I would be spending over $1000 a day on AdWords right now. I would not even direct people to my own site either. I would direct them toward third party sites of people who were giving me rave reviews.

I would target the states with the earliest primaries too. After those states many people just follow because they want to go with a winner...

That is good cheap psychographic advertising right there...If I had a spare $20,000 (that is certainly much less than the companies are spending on Bush) I could seriously single handedly strongly effect the outcome of the national election. If things go well in the next year you can count on me spending about $20,000 "helping" Bush.

Posted at January 15, 2004 1:20 AM

Actually i`m working on a project of marketing in politics.It`s so doubtful the confusion which is generated by the opinion polls .If marketers would get a better use of their marketing and advertising ideas the election candidates would get a better comunication with their electors.

Abstract: Offers a preliminary assessment of electronic commerce. Rarely has the retail and consumer services sector been faced with a strategic challenge of such significant complexity and uncertainty that is growing so rapidly. Suggests that the academic world is lagging behind the world of practice in terms of supplying rigorous analysis of the topic. Deals with four discrete areas of the new economy as it affects retailers. Explores the extent to which the emergence of new electronic channels to market has led to distinctive means of business differentiation, with particular reference to branding and pricing. Secondly, looks at how business-to-business companies can use electronic channels to improve supply chain and productivity requirements. Thirdly, assesses how far we understand some of the organisational change issues. Finally considers the future of eCommerce.

MIRI TROKA on June 9, 2005 2:05 PM
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