December 31, 2006

Consider the Source

He knew he was misguided when scalpers gave him tips on romance and etiquette.

Professional Liar

you don't have to own a market to control it
and you don't have to control it to influence it
if your influence is proper people will praise it
unaware of anything beyond the tip of their nose

as long as they remain blind
push your wedge
with interest, make them pay for their own self destruction
if anyone understands it too well, kill them for their own good

buy the media
make local monopolies
claim it's death, and
auction it off amongst yourself

amateurs and market manipulators are evil
push professionalism
etiquette and ethics first
right after your self-serving agenda

it should come as no surprise
bankers could never have enough money
no matter how benevolent they are
it is all done in the name of charity

put a man in charge
until you can charge him for being a man
make him a murderer
then hang him for it

select the pieces that fit
change the story
request assistance
and when I don't agree I am a terrorist

sell the story
keep everyone safe
read me my rights
lock me away

pedal your influence
to find the next target
select the next target
and pedal your influence

no surprise he would lie, cheat, & kill for a few scraps
after all, it is what they do at the top
and, for reasons I can't explain, we need them
without debt life is without purpose

Where's the Beef?

There is a reason God created cloning

December 28, 2006

Green Tea is Yummie

I recently ordered some sweet green tea from should be coming in in a couple days. I can't wait to taste it. :)

December 27, 2006

At Auction

the filling is anything but
the feeling is anything but
and he knew all he could do
was type

he was the type who thought it mattered
disillusioned by thoughts of grandeur
everything comes down to market timing, and sex
somewhere somebody is getting fucked right now

his ignorance was purer than the powder that powered him
sold and sold once again
he found himself at auction
brought by a friend

but he too was a good salesman
who knows his role
if he gets undersold
others will certainly know

December 26, 2006

IRS Fraud

A friend of mine recently told me that the Freedom to Fascism video was available online for free on Google Video.

If you care at all about humanity please watch that video, send that link to a dozen friends, blog it, and get involved in whatever offline demonstrations you can to help destroy the fradulent federal reserve.

I believe fiat currencies can work, as noted in the Money Masters, but outside of the belief that a currency needs to be backed by something I believe Freedom to Fascism is one of the best videos about the Federal Reserve in existance.

Do You Hear What I Hear?

A child, a child shivers in the cold
Let us bring him silver and gold
Let us bring him silver and gold
but gold is just a raw metal - cold

believe in someone
someone's value system
and you will be incomplete
in debt, collecting rust

to keep subscribers
they need disease
to keep subscribers
they need wants to be needs

to keep pushing
they need money
to keep pushing
they need blood

you don't need credit
you don't need God
you don't need society
to be in love

Living in Peace

how many died
to show you peace
if you need a salesman
what is the price?

what is wrong
with science
or subjective reality
why must we use evil?

but ideas
ideas live
longer than people

maybe one day
someone will read this
and not realize how flawed
I was when I wrote it

Blind Faith (I Believe in You)

put it into words
the craft of our profession
the religion of marketing
the marketing of religion

thousands of years
of refining your pitch
and still endless conflict
a need for faith

there is nothing wrong
with the message
just the unjust justice
found in blind faith

Spare Change

as long as they pull your strings
you sin when you pay taxes
giving nickels and dimes
won't cause real change

live meagerly with materials
but not with your mind
but not with your dreams
if you wish to be more than a sheep

The Guru

the cracks in your identity
turn to crutches
break your back
and work it off

it is easy to say
what you would do
if you were stuck
wearing my shoes

can you gain influence
without it influencing you?

One of the Smart Ones

Who believes in an elite ruling class while also believing that they themselves are one of the dumb ones in need of help?

The World Turns

the sky is falling
the sky is falling in
or maybe
the world is turning

do the math
prop it up
take out a loan
pull in the earth as though you own it

December 24, 2006

What's Borken

Of your flaws, and the flaws common to those around you, what percent of those flaws do you think are a function of inherant human nature? And what percent of those are due to business entities and powerful social structures trying to force their view of the world onto it?

December 21, 2006

Third Person

Many of the things I write in third person are about me and from me. Many of the things I write in first person are not about me or from me.

December 17, 2006

Personal Resource Management

Are people generally good natured? Sure. But capitalism is broken. And, in general, most people are not the ones that will give you your dreams. The world has too much opportunity and we are far too selfish for that.

The average person will not make you rich or poor. They won't be the ones doing your marketing for you. And they won't be the ones helping you create ideas worth spreading. Capitalism treats most people like a bug waiting to be stepped on.

Most are in debt to a ponzi scheme so large that nobody considers it. And those who do must have something wrong with them. But for some reason it is the flavor of the moment value system. A measuring stick for how hollow your products are and how far you depart from your ideals.

To be successful you either need to treat some people like shit or need an enclave to hide in. Daily I get fake charity requests, refund requests, and people trying to goad me into giving them my work for free ... from people who proved they don't respect either me, my work, or themselves based on their communication.

And if you ever change the pieces with which people identify, many will try to destroy your sense of identity rather than changing their own or move on to other things. Life is too short to spend time shoring up the emotional stability of possessive people trying to manipulate you, unless you want to buy into their value systems, which put you at the bottom of the ladder.

Moving On

she came there
the world was serene
while packing his shoes he forgot
what he was running away from

at arms length
a thousand miles away
the sum
doesn't add up

hoping for a clean break
he knew it
his mind was broken
and nothing was ever clean

childish or childlike?
a guru of self loathing and self destruction
types about his crafty types
in an immature market

he deserved jailtime
she deserved better than him
toworrow is already here
he cried, hoping it was for the right reasons

knowing all too well
what would happen
if he
didn't have her

December 16, 2006

I Hate You...

and if you are not like me
you can't love me
and I hate you

for being fake
for lying
for being untrue

your change of pace
your change of identity
killed a piece of me

you make too many plans
and do too much
slow down

you are too easy to love
and I can't let go
I can't let go

when you play
some get sick of the game
and I don't understand good bye

December 12, 2006

I am...

too shallow
too short
too self-absorbed
arrogent and

I need to start leveraging my assets better. Take care of the brand equity you built Aaron. Don't waste it just because you can. Stream of conscience bullshit is just that. Use subheaders. Structure your thoughts. Write often. Aim early in the learning cycle. Don't just what if. Start doing. Proactive not reactive. Use consistant formats. Be emotional. Make people laugh and smile. Be remarkable.

Papers Please

print paper
to make a mailer
to print more paper

interested in interest
forever in debt
full of regret

what to do
we all understand
i owe you

the paper we read
and the oxygen we breathe
please love the trees

December 10, 2006

Breathe Deep

neon fades into the background
as the background fades into nothingness
you pull it in just long enough to exhale
and then it is gone
breathe deep

Free Market Forces

and the numbers keep growing
because they should
if you question them
you must not understand how important they are

a couple hundred thousand down
a few billion up
couldn't you just print it
without needing to kill?

oil spills

and a different world
is once again the same
but now we react
almost as a pre-act

the laws must change
to keep everything the same
the laws must change
to conserve power

actors lean on one another
both bought by brilliant businessesmen
both hoping to sell
both selling hope

political support
erodes quickly
a leaked paper
says we are not Utopian

democracy, patriotism, pride
how many died?
i paid my taxes
who did i kill

free the market using force
make them see
free markets are unjust
they are just too free

December 9, 2006


kissing a phone
waving at a computer
they always said he was crazy
but he just loved technology


left alone with words
one day someone will find them
and understand they mean nothing
until they are shared

then they will make up
a vocabulary nobody knows
and pretend it means nothing
while they laugh and cry

December 8, 2006

Friendly Email

email I wrote to a friend today...

good morning buddy

you got me feeling shitty about all the web2.0 hype... it is the new
email spamming or 300 page long sales letter. lets hope it has a short
shelf life, but I am not certain it will

my identity is quite confused at the moment too. I recently got a
girlfriend who loves me to bits and, well, I find it all so confusing
how pure it all seems when I am generally sooooo pescimistic. and how do
I justify being such a shithead for so long when people can be so
beautiful and things can be so pure?

trying to do too much, and change too quick, to. and at the last
pubcon there were like fans of me... which also fucked up my sense of
identity quite a lot.

December 7, 2006

Fly Me to The Moon



Bellagio, again

and to this my sweet girlfriend commented
"I just realized how salty my tears are after watching the videos. Despite that fact, Im still smiling."

I love you Giovanna

December 6, 2006

Big Oil Enjoying Free Markets

$10 billion dollars a quarter is not enough for some big oil companies, as it turns out. Not only do we roll back environmental protection via things like the Clear Skies Act, but, as it turns out, the government has not even been collecting BILLIONS of dollars of taxes due from these oil companies.

Think about that for a second. They already have BILLIONS of dollars and are not paying their taxes, and yet the government has to freeze money in my friend's bank account under a false presumption of a certain income level.

Each time I pay them, I actually feel unethical for paying taxes because I know how wrong the system is.

I actually believe that I am probably more free market oriented than any major political ideology, political party, or part of the governemnt is. But the thing is, I still pay taxes when the billionaires don't. If you want to make it fair and talk up free markets start by abolishing the Federal Reserve and killing income tax.

December 5, 2006

P to E?

i don't recall
with a sheepish grin
he cashed the check
and dropped the bomb

he never killed anyone
a true patriot
he just did his job
he just did his job

wasting no words
verbosely saying exactly nothing
his speech was crafted for that day
proving justice fraud

the answer he questioned
did not answer the question
indeed he knew nothing
why should he

Where to Invest

Sold 1,000 shares of JUPM at $6.86 today. Not sure where I should be invested in at the moment, but am all cash...which is brutal given the brutal value of the dollar.

A couple absurd points...

When the federal debt ceiling was lifted to $9 billion this year many people were bitching about Bush, as though the clown was anything more than a front man for the circuis which is our federal government.

The increased debt ceiling was an increase of $781 billion.

For some people saying Google is overpriced, the debt ceiling was increased by over 5 Googles (and the debt is now 60 Googles)...which is a lot!

Some people are wondering if we should discard the penny because it costs more to make than it is worth...yet nobody thinks anything of money that is worth more than it costs to make and the fact that most of it is made not by the government.

And how uncomfortable should it make you that the CEO of Nasdaq stated on record that he had no idea how to calculate gross profit margin? Is he ignorant to business? Or is our langague or legal system so screwed up that you can't admit to knowing anything?

Peter Thiel is a total bad ass investor. His current macroeconomic predictions:

Three Wagers - One is that the price of 30-year U.S. Treasury bonds will rise as the U.S. economy slows and deflation sets in. Another is that the dollar will strengthen against the euro as investors scale back investments in emerging markets funded by borrowing dollars. And the third is that energy stocks will keep climbing along with the price of crude as world oil production reaches its zenith.

And he puts his money where his mouth is:
Thiel has even more riding on Clarium than most of his clients. He says he's invested his entire liquid net worth in his fund. Unlike most hedge fund managers, Thiel doesn't charge his customers an annual management fee. Instead, he pockets 25 percent of Clarium's trading gains.

what is his philosophy? he is a libertarian who questions the abuse of authority and believes demand is inherited based upon the demands of others
Thiel's view of human behavior -- and the markets -- was shaped by French literary critic Rene Girard. Girard, now a Stanford professor emeritus, maintains that people essentially borrow their desires from others. To Girard, our longing for a certain object is provoked by the desire of another person for this same object. Girard calls this ``mimetic desire.''

I swear I read / wrote that sort of line of thinking somewhere before...maybe a past post on this sweet blog (though I can't find it at the moment)

December 4, 2006

If You Were an International Banker...

If you were an international banker perhaps you would realize that a world with limited fear would likely be a world where the most absolute wealth was created, but there are a few major issues which prevent the bankers from wanting the maximum amount of absolute wealth creation:

  • wartime spending tends to be quite excessive, perhaps almost without regard to the value of the underlying currency (and the lives destroyed during and after the wars)
  • that debt, being financed through arbitrary authority systems which force the government to borrow money from people who create it from nothing, allow those who control the printing of money to accumulate wealth and power
  • if the minds of most men were controlled more by hopes and dreams than debt and fears it would be harder to exploit most men, and thus it would be harder to get them to buy into arbitrary value systems, and extract wealth and power from them
  • when you have more money than you know what to do with, and really do just about no real work to maintain your position, RELATIVE wealth matters much than absolute wealth
  • by cycling currency supply and interest rates bankers can create false hope and crush it, buying up over-invested bankrupt properties and ideas for pennies on the dollar

Before 1913 there was no such thing as income tax. It was only created to allow the Federal Reserve (created the same year as a private for profit company) to suck wealth from the citizens for providing no real value in return. Not long after the creation of the Federal Reserve did the Great Depression occur. And I think you would have to be a naive idiot to think of them as nothing more than a coincidence. And now war time debt and military spending account for over half of all US federal discretionary spending.

And what is even more absurd is that under the current system the debt can't be paid off, and that if the government printed its own money there would be no debt.

Some people say that the government can't be trusted to maintain the value of its currency, but if they can't be trusted to maintain the value of that then what the hell are they doing trying to legislate moral values? How do they have any credibility at all?

Given that money is just paper that is printed in quantities that come and go to provide for certain agendas (the accumulation of wealth and power), how long would you prop up any given country before pulling the rug out from it and moving onto the next?

I wouldn't be surprised if the Euro was the default world reserve currency inside of 10 years. And if it is, the US economy is going to go to shit.

It matters not to a rich international banker which country is doing well. They trade the power of the countries and cut up political systems like a child trades baseball cards. And when a player retires so does their value. It happened to Russia and will happen to the US soon enough. So long as there is change it is easy to accumulate power and wealth on the way up AND on the way down.

How is it possible that almost nobody cares or talks about this issue? Maybe because most people usually think what they are told to. And maybe rich international bankers have significant stakes in the most powerful media companies.

So sure it is the terrorists, the christians, the druggies, the bums, the unemployed, the elderly, the new generation, the muslims, the jews, the immigrants, the niggers, the gays, the chinks, the rednecks, the arrogant racist white men who write posts like this one, and a host of other people that are destroying society.

Or maybe it is the framework which requires us to be occupied by a sense of hate toward some group without legitimate reason. I told my mom that my girlfriend was asian, and my mom said that it was fine as long as she wasn't Japanese. What is that?

Why is everyone in debt? Because we allow ourselves to buy into arbitrary value systems. But one day we will get out of debt. If we don't destroy ourselves first.

Funny How Busy I am


got heating oil
getting heater fixed
paid bills
bought and sent a christmas gift
wrote a letter
paid rent
fixed the contact and order interfaces on a site
wrote numerous blog posts
kept up with email
catching up with another email account
minor link building for a site
working with copywriter on getting new salesletter on site
found Ipod charger cord

need to...
work out
finish redesigning a site
do a bit more link building
finish catching up on corporate email account
close a lead or two
buy cord for charging cell phone

you know you are too busy when...
you have to put eating on your to do list.

I wish I could send someone I love one of these sweeeeet pillows...but I don't think they are on the market yet.

I Love You (Enough to go Blind)

I think my mistake
is your mistake
please dont make it again
please dont

I learned this for you
so you dont have to
please dont learn it again
please dont

I dont trust her motive
because I dont trust mine
please dont trust her
please dont

but your wounds and scars are yours
context. please dont take it out of
please dont

December 2, 2006

Another Example of Why Central Privatized Banks Need Destroyed

So a friend of mine started a business in the middle of 2004. They paid taxes in 2004 for $x. Because they were new at business and had yet to build up a client base x was not a large number.

Today that friend got a letter in the mail telling them that 120x was being frozen in their bank account to pay for 2004 taxes. The reasoning is because

  • H&R Block screwed up my friend's SSN when doing their taxes that year and the government did not notice that
  • the government just assumed that my friend was making as much as the average person in my friend's field with a decade of experience, in spite of their newness to the field

Think how shady that is. No questions, just a large cash freeze. If people can just freeze your assets based on the assumption of wrongdoing without any proof on any level is their any value to those assets?

And if that is not screwed up enough, imagine that income taxes never existed until the Federal Reserve (a private for profit bank) destroyed the economic stability of the world under the guise helping control interest.

Many centralized authorities are based on fraud and are not needed to stabilize markets.

My passions include staying healthy and happy and helping others. But right at the top of the list is going to be spreading awareness of the fraud which is the Federal Reserve, and doing everything within my power to lead to the demise of that sleazy organization.


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