December 17, 2006

Personal Resource Management

Are people generally good natured? Sure. But capitalism is broken. And, in general, most people are not the ones that will give you your dreams. The world has too much opportunity and we are far too selfish for that.

The average person will not make you rich or poor. They won't be the ones doing your marketing for you. And they won't be the ones helping you create ideas worth spreading. Capitalism treats most people like a bug waiting to be stepped on.

Most are in debt to a ponzi scheme so large that nobody considers it. And those who do must have something wrong with them. But for some reason it is the flavor of the moment value system. A measuring stick for how hollow your products are and how far you depart from your ideals.

To be successful you either need to treat some people like shit or need an enclave to hide in. Daily I get fake charity requests, refund requests, and people trying to goad me into giving them my work for free ... from people who proved they don't respect either me, my work, or themselves based on their communication.

And if you ever change the pieces with which people identify, many will try to destroy your sense of identity rather than changing their own or move on to other things. Life is too short to spend time shoring up the emotional stability of possessive people trying to manipulate you, unless you want to buy into their value systems, which put you at the bottom of the ladder.

Posted at December 17, 2006 3:05 AM

Hey Aaron. Just found your blog and wanted to say Hey!

How goes the traveling? Did SF pan out the way you had hoped?

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