July 5, 2007

Life Lesson: Never User Speakerphone

Today I made the mistake of using speakerphone. Even if nobody means harm it is really easy for speakerphone to spiral out of control.

October 24, 2006

What it Would be Like...

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to _______?

Yes and no, but it really depends on what you mean by that. To me most words associated with human interaction are heavily mutilated because our experience sets are so different, and there are so many commercial interests in creating and maintaining certain fixed stereotypes that we can identify with. And people are constantly trying to strongly associate brands with emotions.

Beyond the word friend what words that indicate social relationships or social actions have much value? Words may not only help you express your emotions, but some of them hold people back, especially if they lack experience or understanding of the meaning of the word or associate it with examples of poor usage in their history.

So who cares what titles or labels you apply to yourself or others so long as you and others are not hurting anyone and are happy to be able to call one another anything at all? Especially if you know your friends listen and care about you...

I don't think the best friendships come out of doing what you are supposed to do...they come out of doing the unexpected, and developing meanings for words / ideas / experiences that are unique and memorable.

The less most people can understand what you are tying to say the more the people who identify with your words will appreciate your efforts. I think :)


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