June 11, 2007

Firm Massage

My girlfriend and I went to get massages recently. The person giving me mine asked if firm was Ok and I said sure. They then commenced walking on me for nearly a half hour. When I got up I found it hard to walk for a few minutes.

February 19, 2007

Awall19 Goes Kayaking

My girlfriend has viewed awall19 as being more of a legend alter-ego than an actual person. Slowly but surely I am revealing the true awall19.

We played tennis and awall19 served so hard he threw his back out.
We played golf and awall19 hit 180 yards with a 6 iron...using Happy Gillmore style form.
We played table tennis and awall19 slams hard and looks quite Asian.
We went kayaking and awall19 nearly got ran over by a boat, and fell in the drink avoiding it.

February 13, 2007

The Trifecta

Yesterday I ran into 3-4 jerk situations in a row...comment worthy.

We go to get a prescription and they lose it...they try giving us the wrong prescription, and then the one hour guarantee takes a couple.

In spite of standing there for over an hour they tell us to excuse them while they take another guy who was not standing in line goes.

Then some lady with like 30 items checks out at the pharmacy.

Then we are driving away. Two blocks later I was totally cut off. If I had not been paying pretty close attention we would have wrecked.

Then a block later a guy was j walking across the street, a fairly major street. At about 3 miles an hour for the first half the road, then 1 mile an hour as he nears our car. We have to come to a complete stop from ~ 40 miles per hour. Then the guy slows down even more...like literally walking a half mile per hour...1/6th normal speed... almost to show off. Then I honk to say like WTF. Then the guy then sprints to the side of the car and taps the window and says I am walking here. Then as I pull away (both after being awake for over a day straight and in some sort of shock from the absurdity of the situation) the guy says the word chink.

And I regret not doing anything to the guy because going forward he will be more of an egotistical asshole until someone curbs his attitude or curbs him.

I just hope that when someone gets rear ended from that guy being an asshole that they get rear ended hard enough that it breaks his legs.

February 12, 2007

Aaron Goes Golfing

So I have hit golf balls 4 days ever. Twice long ago. Twice recently. A few weeks ago I hit about 140 yards right handed. Yesterday I think I did over 180 yards left handed with a 6 iron...all while using my POOR FORM.

January 25, 2007

Help Me Rise Above


October 31, 2006

Meeting Me...

George, who is fighting consumerism:

Lately I have thought as christmas as a pretty bloated holiday that kind of gets on my nerves…this year a new button was pushed… it is not even Halloween yet and there are ads in the paper pushing Christmas decoration and gifts. When did our lives become so empty that our only redemption comes from a bullshit holiday that comes once a year?

and recently got on the program, explained me to myself...

Aaron: i think people have to like me before they meet me to offset my craziness

George: I do not think that is true

aaron: hehehe

George: a good conversation, and if you were a little more mellow(less nervous??) would go a long way

aaron: well i think you think more of me than i do. yeah... i am too shaky. plus another thing...i am so used to being actively engaged that if a persons interests are not well aligned with mine i get bored easy.

George: you are a like a sports car with a shifty gas pedal...idle or redline

October 18, 2006

Am Horney Like Rabbit...

Worked out too hard. Am wayyyyy too horney.

But I guess that is unsurprising given this:

Symptoms of low testosterone are: low sex drive, low confidence, increased bodyfat, and poor outlook on life. In other words if your Testosterone levels are low, you do not feel like having sex, you let people push you around, you are overweight, and you probably think that life is lame. I rather jump off a cliff then live life like that. Forget about prozac and other ways to cover the symptoms. Get to the root cause which could very well be low T levels.

And that same article has this classy line:
Also men, morning erections should be a daily event if your T levels are optimal. If it only happens a few times per week, then your levels are probably okay. Once a week means your levels are bad and if less than that, you are probably not even a man anymore.

Become a man today! Buy ____.

This random thought sponsored by "insert male enhancement product name here".

For now I am categorizing this post under poor form, but maybe it is a sign of good form? I shall see in the morning. hehehe

This guy looks like he is in peak physical shape

October 13, 2006

14 Inch Meatball Submarine

Yesterday I was up at 8 am and had to be up by 10:30 am. After only sleeping for 2 hours, not eating much most of the day, and not working out last night I gave in to the God (or devil maybe?) of meatball submarines.

Well, one more for the poor form category.

October 4, 2006

Soy Sauce Haus

So I have been eating quite a bit healthier than in the past. But I still sometimes am like ... ok so let me snack on this near the computer. Today I tried that once again with California mini rolls, and unsurprisingly my bed decided to share in eating my soy sauce with me (rude of it since I didn't even ask it).

I try that have a snack or meal stuff near the computer once or twice a month and like at least 30% of the time I end up flashing my lack of coordination. :)

Save a minute and spend an hour cleaning it up. Doh. One more post for the poor form category!

September 12, 2006


Owned --> Pwn3d --> Prawned

So I ordered seafood linguini in Amsterdam and the shrimp still had their shells on them (in the linguini dish). I didn't realize at first and tasted a bit of crunch and was like WTF. Then I thought maybe I just bit back to far and bit not so far back ... still crunch. Then I realized what was going on. Poor form. Poor show by me.

I was prawned.

Owned --> Pwn3d --> Prawned


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