October 18, 2006

Am Horney Like Rabbit...

Worked out too hard. Am wayyyyy too horney.

But I guess that is unsurprising given this:

Symptoms of low testosterone are: low sex drive, low confidence, increased bodyfat, and poor outlook on life. In other words if your Testosterone levels are low, you do not feel like having sex, you let people push you around, you are overweight, and you probably think that life is lame. I rather jump off a cliff then live life like that. Forget about prozac and other ways to cover the symptoms. Get to the root cause which could very well be low T levels.

And that same article has this classy line:
Also men, morning erections should be a daily event if your T levels are optimal. If it only happens a few times per week, then your levels are probably okay. Once a week means your levels are bad and if less than that, you are probably not even a man anymore.

Become a man today! Buy ____.

This random thought sponsored by "insert male enhancement product name here".

For now I am categorizing this post under poor form, but maybe it is a sign of good form? I shall see in the morning. hehehe

This guy looks like he is in peak physical shape

Posted at October 18, 2006 10:19 PM

Dip that thing in some ice water.

I wake up with wood every morning, yet I fit into the first group talked about. If I start working out daily I feel sorry for anyone who spends the night.

tribulis is what u need

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