January 30, 2007

Text is Too Boring...

images and videos coming soon.

January 25, 2007


My last post may have sounded negative, but I am just really self critical. Am pretty happy right now.

Still up at 6am from last night. Too hard to sleep as is. Just passing time until I see you again.

Just Add Water

the upside is right in front of you
but you don't have enough time to enjoy it
projects and deadlines and a better life
it is all working out

you gave me freedom
and you destroyed my life
and you can't believe what you read
you have manipulated far too much

reading about the hypocricy
and writing about the hypocricy
a plesant surprise to once again find your fan club
where giving to libraries is a crime

one dies and another takes his place
given time and you will rise in rank
you are inferior, I think
who frequently asks for your advice

but at least it is (re)packaged well
oh the shiny packaging
that is all anything is
packaging, and the stuff that don't matter

repackage your ideas
and attach a price
do it before someone else does
sell it twice

comprimised art
fights pure ignorance
for minds and hearts
it is all a comprimise

request for a refund
after the chargeback is complete
i don't want my money back
if only you can make me richer than i am lazy

i just want 100 hours of your time
i won't listen
i won't care
i just want your time

nothing is impossible to do
if you think really hard
or can just forget everything
but is this relevant

it is all self promotion
but along the way
do you help people along
or do you just get in the way

have you time for a chat or interview
what's one more hurt
already did three today
I hope this one pays

Help Me Rise Above


January 24, 2007

Werty, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Interpol...

will all be at Coachella this year. Rumor has it, anyways.

January 20, 2007

Verizon Customer Support Being Sleazy - Surprise Surprise

So I went to cancel my old Verizon account. Each time I called their phone number for support they reminded me that they were providing quality services:

To ensure quality services your call may be monitored.

but each and every time I followed the automated prompt and let it know that I wanted to cancel my account I got:
Thank you for calling Verizon. Due to heavy call volume your call can not be answered at this time.

Then, when I lied to the automated prompt, and said I wanted to transfer my account, I got right through. A shame that the business models are structured such that you have to lie to machines to get a person or cancel your account.

People who talk about free markets forget that government tax subsidies granted many of these companies their market positions that they currently enjoy abusing.

January 15, 2007



I got told to pick up my glasses and when I went they said they were broken and reordered. Lovely.

Pulling away from not getting glasses, I backed out my new car slowly and straightly (parked closely next to a tall vehical that probably was not a compact car) while this other car like 2 or 3 spots over backed out quickly and at a huge curve and almost backed into me. Then the lady started cursing as though she wasn't the careless person rushing and nearly wrecking my new car. I had to flip her off on principal.

I was supposed to get my contact lenses delivered via Fedex. They said they would deliver them today and did not. By the time I called to ask why they were not delivered today (as promised yesterday that they would be today) the spot to pick them up was already closed.

People using bad grammar criticise how hard my book is to translate due to poor grammar. Why are they translating my ebook anyway?

An asshole from the UK (they seem to try to be more direct and ruder over there) requested a refund for buying my ebook. In addition to being too stupid or lazy and not reading that my book was an ebook he bitched about that and said my book was not for professionals, yet it has been used as college course text and one of the top 5 book publishers in the world offered to publish my book.

Some idiot created a list of sites to hack and included my site on it.

A guy created a blogspot blog for doling out outdated versions of my blog.

Some idiot stole my about page then tried to pawn the move off as smart marketing. What a desperate loser.

As SEO has gone mainstream my interactions with customers and others have been less positive recently. Lots of other rants I could post, but the good news is I am still really happy right now.

January 8, 2007

Happy Holidays

in between Christmas and the hope for peace a new year brings he was hung
the timing of events is rarely accidental when leaders are involved
it was deplorable and we hope lessons are learned, so they claim
but those lessons are that murder should never be seen or it is harder to sell

while everyone is still consumed with fear of liquids
talk sanely about using nuclear weapons to spread peace
not to worry though, these ones are small, and there is a new round of safer nuclear weapons
we have candy for the kids and contractors

if you can't get enough bodies to agree with what you are doing you have four options

  • jail or kill them
  • undermine the economy and shift power elsewhere
  • public relations
  • bring back the dead

If they care so little as to not even notice they killed you maybe you died fighting for a lost (or bogus) cause. But their sloppiness indicates both their lack of respect for human life and how fragile and short lived their crumbling control is.

Blissful Smiles

and all she needed was fresh air
and a short break
convinced she was crazy
they locked her away

rehabilitated in a cage
you will get better soon
just hope and pray
and pray

fake boobs and a fancy car
materialism will make you whole
one day you will be a consumer
and it will consume you

but, for now, check your pride at the door
don't try to tuck it away
you are naked
and we do full cavity searches

speaking of cavities
what is up with your teeth
they are the first indication of rust
and the cold winter wears on those bones

nevermind that osteoperosis
brittle bones break
and maybe that will be your big break
hoping it comes together after it all falls apart

worst come to worst better luck next life
you will fit in
half way there
almost ready for a half way house

want to call home?
that love will cost you more than they can get
a perver to pay for phone sex
a dollar a minute is just too cheap

but if you don't exploit the weak
you don't believe in capitalism
if you don't believe in capitalism
you are going to hell

when everything is hollow
how can i smile
when I owe the world
so much more than a smile


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