February 24, 2007


Late night at Denny's a security guard told a kissing couple "you need to cut that out. this is a family restaurant." I didn't know most family restaurants had security guards.

Yesterday two kids came over to ask me if I wanted to play basketball, but they were also trying to intimidate me by not talking. Hint...you can't walk over to others and ask them to "play a game" with you while being silent and still look intimidating.

In Iran they are now allowing girls to wear new costumes. From the AP:

Parts of Iranian beaches are reserved for women, where they can remove their headscarves and wear swimming costumes.

If you were a dirty man, what better location could you have than a girl only tourist island of scantly clad women? I wonder how long it will take before a man is found on the new Women only tourist island. And when he is found there, will he get in trouble, or will a woman be blamed for tempting him into it.

It is hard to make self sufficient tourist locations that create significant economic activity without someone really trying to get rooted into it. And one of the last things they would want would be to show that women may not need men. That would screw up their social structure pretty bad.

February 21, 2007

Paper Money

How bad is it when a friend tells you a stock you once held is up 25% on the day and you don't care too much, then you log in and realize you still had a few hundred shares of it anyway? Eeek.

I am way too careless and spread so thin that I don't even know what I am doing sometimes.

Which makes it easy and hard...

  • it makes it hard to do everything that I want to do because ideas keep coming at me, and I can't do all of them and I have to shift some of the things I do to the more productive and profitable ideas
  • it makes it easy to SEEM as though I know what I am doing because the reinforcing effects of networks and there are so many opportunities

When I first got on the web I had to fight for opportunities, but now virtually everything I have been doing has been fairly successful (outside of maybe 1 or 2 projects).

But money is just paper and I am saving up for tax payments. Last year's taxes is probably going to be more than I made a couple years ago.

February 19, 2007

Awall19 Goes Kayaking

My girlfriend has viewed awall19 as being more of a legend alter-ego than an actual person. Slowly but surely I am revealing the true awall19.

We played tennis and awall19 served so hard he threw his back out.
We played golf and awall19 hit 180 yards with a 6 iron...using Happy Gillmore style form.
We played table tennis and awall19 slams hard and looks quite Asian.
We went kayaking and awall19 nearly got ran over by a boat, and fell in the drink avoiding it.

Spinning Snowfakes

a cartoon character pulls the rug from under his feet
the crowd goes wild and yells what a feat
the police don't mind the crowds
they have already been paid for

the savvy consumer
learned his daily trivia
and now that its his knowledge
its no longer just trivia

rug sales double
so do hospital visits
and political donations
the media eats it up

could you put this in bold
and delete that line
spin the story
that is where salvation lies

and these bloggers
they do nothing but lie
check their angenda
the fact is they hate patriotism

protect the children
save their minds
our business model is fucked
if they read those blogs

February 13, 2007

The Trifecta

Yesterday I ran into 3-4 jerk situations in a row...comment worthy.

We go to get a prescription and they lose it...they try giving us the wrong prescription, and then the one hour guarantee takes a couple.

In spite of standing there for over an hour they tell us to excuse them while they take another guy who was not standing in line goes.

Then some lady with like 30 items checks out at the pharmacy.

Then we are driving away. Two blocks later I was totally cut off. If I had not been paying pretty close attention we would have wrecked.

Then a block later a guy was j walking across the street, a fairly major street. At about 3 miles an hour for the first half the road, then 1 mile an hour as he nears our car. We have to come to a complete stop from ~ 40 miles per hour. Then the guy slows down even more...like literally walking a half mile per hour...1/6th normal speed... almost to show off. Then I honk to say like WTF. Then the guy then sprints to the side of the car and taps the window and says I am walking here. Then as I pull away (both after being awake for over a day straight and in some sort of shock from the absurdity of the situation) the guy says the word chink.

And I regret not doing anything to the guy because going forward he will be more of an egotistical asshole until someone curbs his attitude or curbs him.

I just hope that when someone gets rear ended from that guy being an asshole that they get rear ended hard enough that it breaks his legs.

February 12, 2007

Aaron Goes Golfing

So I have hit golf balls 4 days ever. Twice long ago. Twice recently. A few weeks ago I hit about 140 yards right handed. Yesterday I think I did over 180 yards left handed with a 6 iron...all while using my POOR FORM.

February 7, 2007

Drivel, etc.

connect connect connect
the bigger your footprint
the more you connect

correct correct correct
the more errors you make
the faster you learn

filter filter filter
turn out the noise
listen to love

February 6, 2007

Real Conversation With Western Union Agent

The transaction was denied.

My account should have plenty of money in it.

Your bank didn't decline the transaction. Western Union declined it.


I am not sure why.

Does anyone there know why?

No. Once the computer has made its mind up there is nothing I can do.

So the computers are smarter than the people.

The people are slaves to the computer.

February 3, 2007

None of Your Business

it sold out
but so did he
no longer the underdog
just a mut

meet and great
eat the meat
how did it taste
what did you eat

the fragil ego
trips on itself
hear my life story
its not just a story

build it up
business and profits
friendship and profits
kinship and loss

make new connections
help old friends connect
but there's always a cost
a disconnect, soon you will be dead

take the edge off
drink the poison
relax and save the night
sleep, sleep the day

her warmth he couldn't describe
using words and other arbitrary lables
a night in hell he felt for making her cry
he had no business acting as though it was right


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