February 13, 2007

The Trifecta

Yesterday I ran into 3-4 jerk situations in a row...comment worthy.

We go to get a prescription and they lose it...they try giving us the wrong prescription, and then the one hour guarantee takes a couple.

In spite of standing there for over an hour they tell us to excuse them while they take another guy who was not standing in line goes.

Then some lady with like 30 items checks out at the pharmacy.

Then we are driving away. Two blocks later I was totally cut off. If I had not been paying pretty close attention we would have wrecked.

Then a block later a guy was j walking across the street, a fairly major street. At about 3 miles an hour for the first half the road, then 1 mile an hour as he nears our car. We have to come to a complete stop from ~ 40 miles per hour. Then the guy slows down even more...like literally walking a half mile per hour...1/6th normal speed... almost to show off. Then I honk to say like WTF. Then the guy then sprints to the side of the car and taps the window and says I am walking here. Then as I pull away (both after being awake for over a day straight and in some sort of shock from the absurdity of the situation) the guy says the word chink.

And I regret not doing anything to the guy because going forward he will be more of an egotistical asshole until someone curbs his attitude or curbs him.

I just hope that when someone gets rear ended from that guy being an asshole that they get rear ended hard enough that it breaks his legs.

Posted at February 13, 2007 5:21 AM
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