October 29, 2007

Some People Lie & Get Away With It...

though the practice was more common before YouTube remixes. The question is, can the neoconservative war hawks destroy this country before the people take it back from them and throw them in jail where they belong?


the format was old and dry
and it had all been said before
mix it up and see what happens
you only stay stale if you want to

the future is yours, and hers
the future will soon be the past
do you want to carry great memories to your grave
or are you consumed by the past?

October 25, 2007

Iraq War to Cost $2.4 Trillion

Bush estimated $50 billion...but add up a trillion here and a trillion there, and suddenly you are talking real money.

October 19, 2007

Barking at Mean Dogs

From a third floor balcony I saw two wolf-like dogs go up to another dog and start barking at it point blank. I then spit downward near them and scared the crap out of them to where they left the other dog alone.

They parted ways and started walking away. Then after about a minute they started moving nearer the dog they were growling at so I growled and scared the shit out of them and they left the poor little dog alone.

How often do we see such things but ignore them because the dogs are not ours and they are of no concern to us?

Scary Stuff

one in a million sounds so rare
but if you add up all the ones
scarcity grows scare
being number 1 doesn't make you lucky

so many words
so little wisdom
and amongst the millions
only four mattered

many have died
for the opportunity you had
for which you now stare at
with blind eyes and a broken heart

I should have known it was you all along
here I was blaming myself
and now I am just scared

October 4, 2007

Democracy is Our #2 Export (Right Behind Bombs)

To keep our way of living, we want to move away from free trade:

Six in 10 Republicans in the poll agreed with a statement that free trade has been bad for the U.S. and said they would agree with a Republican candidate who favored tougher regulations to limit foreign imports. That represents a challenge for Republican candidates who generally echo Mr. Bush's calls for continued trade expansion, and reflects a substantial shift in sentiment from eight years ago.

Kinda makes you appreciate how hollow the free market meme is.

But those in power want you in financial ruin so you cede more control to them. Unless you are doing something creative or something with passion someone will program a computer to do what you are doing or someone in the third world will do it for $3 to $40 a day. Get ready of those living standards to get equalized across the borders. Welcome to freedom and free markets.


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