January 31, 2004

Getting a Passport Fucking Sucks ASS

In this post I state that I hate Bush and need to get a passport. In this post I state how good the Post Office is and how easy it is to get a passport.

I still think Bush sucks, but it turns out it is not all that easy to get a passport. I was thinking about how easy the process seemed and it seemed a bit suspect to me. Initially I followed the paperwork and the post office worker verified my data. Knowing how large the post office orgainzation is, and that my own mother is a postmaster made me think of how easy it would be to introduce corruption into this system. I would only need to fool (or be in kahoots with) one postal worker.

My initial intuition was right. The paperwork I downloaded off the original site told me what I needed to bring to get my passport and I did. What is shitty is that it was wrong. So now I need to come up with photocopies of at least 3 different identifications and mail them in. What is funny is that on the list they have birth certificate, and my original was mailed into them bastards.

Instead of my passport comming back in one week it took 2 weeks for the notice requesting more information to get back. Now I will not be visiting my artist friend or the president of Greece as I was invited to.

Posted at January 31, 2004 1:41 PM

Geeze, a passport is easy to get. I don't know why you had such a hard time. Go to any other place BUT the post office - like a passport service. Do you go to KFC for burgers? If not, then why go to the post office for a passport instead of a place that specializes in passports? That was your mistake. I got mine in about 30 days, but that was a few years ago. Some places are promising much faster processing.

BTW, I just came back from Greece...had a great time. Try it again, and all they need for a birth certificate is one with a raised/embossed seal - you can get them from your city hall for like five bucks, and the state department does accept them, but they wouldn't accept my original.

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