March 31, 2005

Of Social Significance

Most ideas that are boldly expressed are simply recreations or derivitives of other ideas...often fueled by limited perspective or ignorance. Stuff which touches us closely becomes more important to use than it actually is to the world around us. Yet we all have some small need to feel important and useful, even if generally we are not.

Is society made a better place by each of us overexpressing what is important to us, or is there a way we could organize and balance ideas better? From what I have seen in my own actions and the actions of people I have known well most of our ideas, ideals, and goals are overtly short term.

So how do you create or embrace systems which better respect the balance and good of the world, and not just push what you think is important? How do you push these ideas in a way that is financially viable and psychologically rewarding? Change generally takes a long time. Longer than most of us will live. Technology speeds the process, but also introduces new problems.

Or is it best if we all push what we know?

There has to be a way to balance ideas...but I am not balanced enough and forward looking enough to know it / find it.

I am smart enough to know that this current corporate controlled democracy does not adequately fit what I am looking for. How do you make it better?

Promoting hate or pointing out problems is easy, but how do you promote an underfunded idea and remain financially viable when you are fighting with deep pockets, especially whenthe best ideas often brings the least profits?

Posted at March 31, 2005 11:36 PM

Me personally...

I focus on my self. Not that I am trying to be selfish by any means. Focusing on my self is just a way for me to know what is really important and what is not. Sometimes the most important "me thing" to do is for someone or something else.

I often find myself pushing (marketing) the things that I am currently exploring. I find it hard not too. Yet, I know something is wrong because it just doesn't feel right pushing things all the time. Someday, I hope to just do things for the right reasons. This is a huge idealism that probably isn't realistic but who cares. Idealists achieve great things.

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