March 7, 2005

The Other Side of Aaron


just so my mom remembers what I do...

from email...

I read your comments on niche ppc. I also read at several places that
interest in them increases since ppc prices in the main keywords in google
and overture are so expensive.

I am not sure I understood your comments about bad and good businesses ?

bridalclicks would be an example of perhaps a more prequalified higher
quality visitor who is further along the buying cycle.

most niche PPC search engines are hunks of crap though. I have many
many many inqueries from people who think you spend $100 on a script
and then just start making free money.

most people running the PPC sites do not generate enough legititmate
traffic to justify the time wasted on setting up an account.

there are some diamonds in the rough, but the way I look at business
in general is that if your product can not compete on any of the
larger networks why settle for grabbing little bits of distribution
here or there? Wouldn't it be easier to change your marketing strategy
or pricing model so that you can dominate in the large and small
networks alike?

I do not think vertical search is going away, just that a good
business model should be able to be successful across many channels,
and that most things claiming to be vertical search add little value
and are poorly marketed.

this guy has good info here about vertical search

Posted at March 7, 2005 1:30 AM
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