July 3, 2006

Nothing Was Ever Lost

Noam Chomsky on how the US never was a democracy:

That's the way the country was founded. It was founded on the principal explained by Madison in the Constitutional Convention that the primary role of the government is to protect the minority of the opulent against the majority. And then the constitution was designed to sorta ensure that.

On personal motivation and balance

and Noam Chomsky on The Charlie Rose Show, talking about democratic deficit

part 2

On the need for creativity

part 2

Our own versions of humanity and human ideals are limited by our own flaws and our own sets of experiences, but it doesn't mean that we should just accept things as they are or feel powerless to change them.

I still have a lot to change to do internally to become the person I should have been many years ago, but if the whole rulebook or set framework is wrong then one should look to change it, as best they can.

So much of it comes down to controlling public perception. Why, for example, are there so many conditions for recycling. Why does the local recycling guide not accept many things that they should? Why does the recycling tips information page look like a legalspeak long set of rules when the process should be simple and easy? It is because there is more profit in discouraging people and making them not care. The more we consume the more profit there is. We can worry about the trash later, when there are business models that (hopefully) come about which are profitable on that issue.

Of course eventually they will come about and be profitable, but there is too much money tied up in exploiting current energy supplies and making people not care. Only when people notice the problem will there be enough mindshare to divert appropriate resources to that issue.

There are tons of other issues too, but why is it that we have to operate on such a reactive level if we are so advanced? Why can't there be more investment in fixing problems before they get out of control?

I find it absurd that I stood a couple feet from him and that he emailed my old roommate and autographed my roommate's copy of Manufacturing Consent.

Posted at July 3, 2006 7:19 AM

"I find it absurd that I stood a couple feet from him"

Crazy! When did that happen?

Also on our chat earlier today and in regards to the Chomsky Vs Michel movies, I agree that his theory is quite interesting, Imagine what the world/us/state/town/etc would be like if that were the case. The place would have a magical aura around it.

I think it would be quite difficult to pull off, but I like his attitude about laying a loose roadmap for it so that you know what the goal is and then adapt as needed, rather then just saying it is pointless or impossible.

I actually think Michel reinforced Chomsky's points when he made his first reply, which I do not think was his intent...

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