May 28, 2006

Human Destiny, Capitalism, The Controlling Elite, Antimarket Behavior, The Tragedy of the Commons, & Public Deception

The question is weather privledged elites should dominate mass communication, and should use this power as they tell us they must. Namely to impose necissary illusions to manipulate and decieve the stupid majority and remove them from the public arena.

The question in brief is weather democracy and freedom are values to be preserved or threats to be avoided. In this possibly terminal phase of human existance democracy and freedom are more than values to be treasured. They may well be essential to survival.

This is another reason I have a distaste for the word evil and for organized religious institutions in general. Largely because many popular religions teach people to be guided by fear and not question things. Manipulative leaders cater their manipulative efforts to those large markets.

I have allowed myself to remain far too ignorant on far too many issues for far too long. I don't think I have the linguistic skills or broad worldview necessary to be one who has any large lasting effect on humanity, but I can support the things I believe in and make sure I chip away at the things I do not.

My (somewhat limited) understanding of modern search technology and the web allows me to spread any message I believe in cheaply, even if I was not smart enough to think up the idea and am only marketing someone else's message.

The Tragedy of the Commons is a good read about the problem with capitalism in a finite world.

I know many people play up the importance of Google too much (and I give them lots of crap when they screw up), but I think they are one of the few company structures with enough power to eventually change or undermine many of the broken patterns in society. The would probably be the only company I would ever want to work at, although I doubt I would be smart enough to get hired there, and I still want to roam from topic to topic on my own for a while.

Posted at May 28, 2006 6:18 PM

I think that you missed the point. The point is that capitalism is ok, the problem is the government. The government is the problem because it has too much control. That is a problem because corporations can manipulate the government, therefore gain more power then what they would ideally have were government to not have so much power. And so, in an ironic way, libertarianism, and anarchism (I'm not talking about the socialist flavor) will "free" the corporations explicitly, but implicitly they will loose much of their power.

In so doing, responsibility ensues. Total feedback not only for corporations, but also individuals. It's actually quite comparable to an individual american human becoming mature enough to live on their own. Make their own decisions, and mistakes.

What will of course happen is that corporations could double in size. Absolute monopolies. That's actually not true though. After a certain size, companies become much less effiecent then if they were to stay smaller.

There are finer angles to these arguments, but the overall ideal government is and forever will be wu wei.

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