September 3, 2004

One Hour to Waste...

Bush at RNC...

"When I said those words 4 years ago none of us could have envisioned what these years would bring."
how about the CIA? Certainly you displayed your lack of vision when you ignored them.

"If America shows weakness or uncertainty in this decade the world will drift toward tragedy. THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN ON MY WATCH."
Already did asshole...

"To make healthcare more affordable and more accessible (sp?) we must pass medical liability reform now."
1.) why didn't we do it in the last 4 years? I saw you giving this same speech (sp?) years ago there bud.
2.) Neat concept there, mimimize how much people can get for malpractice or drugs that destroy their lives.

If we are interested in making healthcare affordable then wy do we state that we think Al Queda is going to attack Canadian drug supply while helping the ten biggest drug companies make more than the other 490 companies combined in the S&P 500?

"In this time of change government must take the side of families."
Does that explain the tax cuts on dividends?

I actually got physically ill at 20 minutes and could watch no more of the presidents speech.

Posted at September 3, 2004 6:56 PM
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