October 8, 2004

Is Bush Wired During Presidential Debates?

Though I can't see the faces I am listening to the second presidential debate.

How Google is an Efficient Portal
I wanted to see when the debate was. I looked at Google news and it was on the front page. I then searched for the debate on Google. The top ad was NPR coverage. Beautiful AdWords usage by NPR.

Conspiracy Theory
conspiracy theory...politicians are puppets? Is Bush Wired

Frames in the Speeches

Bushed use the marriage penalty frame.

Saw Kerry used the "Wouldn't we be better off if we had a president who had a plan to secure the peace before we rush off to war?" <--- beautiful.

Bush avoided the question about how we were going to get people abroad to like us.
Started talking about Reagan's principals and values.

Kerry talked about kids being killed in Iraq.

Bush took his own weakspot and made it sound strong by saying "that answer almost made me want to scowl."

I heard there are rumors on the internets. <--- makes the web sound not credible.

Kerry states: short rotations and stoploss = backdoor draft. also compares his actions to Regan. beautiful

Bush could not control himself and cut off the announcer...tell bla we are going alone <--- what a jackass. If I were Kerry I would have stated that during times of war we need a stable president.

Tax cut over homeland security. <--- kerry

war is a long long war...what a jackass. <--- bush

Awesome question...Mr President:
why have you blocked the importation of safer drugs from Canada that would cut 40 - 60% of costs?

Kerry called Bush out for lying for blocking that type of bill.

Another fun framing...Kerry sated that Bush added more debt to the national debt than George Washington to Regan. The time frame concept inaccurately accounts for the growth of value in currency and ignores the fact that Regan bombed the economy with his spending.

Can't believe that Kerry said he supports tort reform <--- bogus shit there.

compasionate conservative ... what does that mean
cutting (I forgot the number) of kids school stuff
running up the biggest deficit in the history of the country
mr president you are 0 for 2...to relate something to baseball makes it american and to bat 0 for 2 makes it bad.

another good question from the audience "You have not vetoed a single spending bill from congress."

He cut taxes during a war. Rosevelt, Truman, those before him knew how to lead.

refund check to Enron ... wrong priorities.

Kerry stated John McCain...energy bill the no lobbiest left behind act... nice

Bush stated they did not name Kerry the most liberal because he did not show up (slid that in there), but because he has voted to raise taxes.

Bush said:
healthy forrests & clean air acts <--- names are the opposite of what they do.
common sense policy <--- means we do not need expert

Kerry: (reframing)
labels don't mean anything. talks about Orwellian names of clean air act. and stated that the EPA leader for air quality for Bush resigned and protested. talks about no child left behind leaves lots of children behind.

Kerry said..."when you talk about waffling"
and then started articulately stating how Bush previous statement walked a shady line.

bush used the partial birth abortion statement

Keep up with the Polls...
Electoral Vote <-- this guy is a smart muther fucker. he is going to have a powerful role in the remaining future elections in his lifetime.

More Coverage:
The type of stuff I type does not matter that much here because few people will read it. Many of the amazing political bloggers will not directly matter a ton since their bias will predefine their audience. It is hard to get the messages specifically to undecided voters.

By the end of the campaign I was not paying a ton of attention...the web is so interactive and I am so used to node jumping that 1.5 hrs straight of just sucking in media spewed at me is hard...I even usually fall asleep at movies now.

I sometimes am good at focusing in on small points and sometimes at focusing on the big picture. It is exceptionally important to be creative, have a good sense of pattern recognition, and to be able to find sources which interest you, and to be able to spread those messages.

I meant to type another chunk of text here but am too tired.

I am getting kinda tired, but here is some recent interesting debate and other coverage:

Talking Points Memo


at the debate the only mistake Bush could identify when asked to identify three were a snide remark about some of the appointments he has made. Perhaps he should look at his resume. see him in action or view past mixed messages.

Posted at October 8, 2004 9:11 PM
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