August 18, 2005

Revisiting Fascism

I rarely read newspapers, but recently I was at a conference where my hotel room came with a free newspaper each day.

One day the cover story was something along the line of “Why Terrorist Have Not Yet Struck the US Again” and then it ran through a bunch of bullshit tips and ideas. It almost looked like that cover story was paid for by the Homeland Security office.

A few days later the newspaper cover story said “Bush Does Not Think Leaving Iraq Now is a Good Idea” to which I instantly had to respond “no shit”. I mean, what do these people expect? That guy claims to be driven by God, etc. How the hell is a person like him going to admit that he is wrong after killing thousands of people and spending billions of dollars on a war that was founded on faulty logic and other B/S?

Both sad and positive in different ways, I do not get much of the media which tells me how I am supposed to think. I think my general lack of it makes it more obvious to me than it would otherwise be, which is a good thing with how naïve I am.

It is fairly easy to get discouraged or disappointed in most journalism or media for the overt excessive coverage of the negative, but how do you engineer a society or a system that makes it financially viable to print honest & credible stories which also focus on the brighter sides of life? Must we always be reminded that we should be fucking scared of some random boogey man?

Posted at August 18, 2005 8:51 AM
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