April 22, 2004

Behind the Bars, More from Dwight Correctional Center

A little bit of another letter from my sissy.

Well I had an officer here one day tell me about what you had put on the internet about here. I didn't know you had put my actual letter on there. But it's cool with me. Two weeks ago "crush" team came here to shake down two unts just because. (Thank God it wasn't the unit I am on) It was Rita's unit though. It was extremely horrible! They hand cuffed the whole unit and walked them to the visiting room / gym while they were marching with there sticks out. The made them stand with their foreheads to the wall and they couldn't takee it off, move or talk for 5 hours, then stripped them, and made them take a piss test. While everyone (the inmates) were going through that shit they were on their unit tearing it up. Rita's room was so fucked up! It took them several hours to get their rooms back in order. They were yelling at em with those sticks out and they had those helmets and shields & shit. I felt so bad for everyone on those 2 units. Several were crying and a few fell out within those 5 hours of having their foreheads glued to the damn wall.

Posted at April 22, 2004 5:44 PM

How come only one unit was shook down? did they get in trouble? if so, what did they do.

How is Patricia Columbo?

Does she have email?

I would like to find out how I can get in touch with Patricia Columbo. Does anyone have any information on how I can do this?

people in jail usually do not have email from what I know...not sure how you can contact her

I know Trish Columbo. I was in another unit watching the part of the monster shake down we could see from C-10.
It was just your usual prison Nazi bullshit that they do for training and when they are bored or need to waste some more State of Illinois money...because the prison grapes was that some drugs had been found on that unit (C-14) but to try to keep people guessing they also shook down C-3. It's all Gestapo disinformation propaganda and prison administration loves to cause confusion and terror becuase it helps keep the inmates off balance and controllable and manipulated.
No people in prison most definitely do not have access to email. Thats seg action. (Doesn't anyone remember all the Vo-tech flap caused when Richard Speck got ahold of some tech equipment and made a movie which got leaked to the press and tv somehow and embarrassed the hell out of I.D.O.C.?) so no email in prison...judging by the post of Aaron Wall, Trish probably has someone on the outside posting this info for her.
Gabrielle, I know how to reach Trish Columbo but I will probably not tell you how. The girl has had enuf hell in her life and oftentimes people doing time do wish they had a chance to go back and make different decisions...And remember, there but for the grace of God go you.
this is afterdark signing off.

Thank you very much for your response. Really appreciate you taking the time to let me in on how the system works there. I don't mean to be ignorant about how things work and the limitations or potential upset that i might cause Trish by making attempts to contact her. Like many women, I can relate to a few things in her past and felt that she may be interested in corresponding with someone like me, with the emphasise being in the present and future, not so much the past at all. I've heard of projects called "Prison Pals" and thought maybe she might be interested in corresponding with someone as a matter of interest for her.
So anyway, thanks again.
PS - couldn't help but see that you said, "..probably not tell you how to contact her..." any further chance or am I grasping at straws?

Anyone know Irene Romainiak (sp?) in there?

Dear Gab,
like i said, probably not.

Penny @ afterdark on February 8, 2005 12:03 PM

You can write to Trish Columbo at the following address. Make sure you include her IDOC # near her name and your return address must include your full name and address. If you do not, your mail will be refused before she ever gets it.

Patricia Columbo #C77200
c/o Dwight Correctional Center
23813 E. 3200 North Road
Dwight, Il 60420

Hello Dan,
Thanks for the info.

For those who know Patricia Columbo..I am her cousin. I have been writing a book and willhave it published by May 2005. If the above is true and I don't doubt it, it explains why she was so nervous at her parole hearing last June 2004. I did not realize that the prisons would do those kindof things to inmates. I do care about "Trish" as she wants to be called,even though she murdered my Aunt Mary,Uncle Frank and cousin Michael. I am 8 years older than her. It explains a lot about how secretive and protective she is. If anyone would like to write please feel free.

Shirley Andrews on February 13, 2005 8:42 PM

I read the book that was written about patricia columbo and I thought it was great. There is so much more that I have wanted to know about her so I am looking forward to yours. Please let me know what the title is and I will buy it. Thanks

I was just curious about the book that Shirley is writing. I just finished reading Mom Dad Mike and Patty and would like to read it. what is the title and where is it available. i tried looking online for it but couldn't find any information. If anyone can provide any info i'd appreciate it. Thanks.

By accident I came across your post, "behind the bars, more from Dwight Correctional Center." I was amazed when I saw Rita's name. Your sister writes about Rita, an inmate in C-3 at the Dwight Correctional Center. Rita is the subject of my book, "The Rita Nitz Story: A Life Without Parole," which will be released October 1, 2005. Rita now uses Brookmyer as her last name. I can relate to your sister's letter and to her struggle. If you want to read something about my book you can go to www.larrylfranklin.com

You have the wrong Rita there Larry

Really? That's interesting. The Rita I know lives at C3-2-6. Prior to this year, she went by Rita Jo Brookmyer-Nitz. Now she goes by Rita Jo Brookmyer. Well, I thought we had something in common. Sorry if I was a bother.

On another note, I got in touch with Frank DeLuca...his comments about Patricia were very interesting...I only wrote him once because his reply to me gave me chills....but what was I to expect!

I have just finished reading a book on Patricia Columbo. It really got me and it helped me understand how somebody could get in to this situation. She was an unlucky young girl who was taken advantage of by very sick men. My heart goes out to her.

I read the book "Love's Blood" about Patricia Columbo and found alot of intrest in her.I was an inmate at cook county jail for 11 months and was writing Patricia Columbo letters while I sat 6 of those months in segration. I eventually went to stateville prison and lost contact w/ her but I plan to to get back in touch w/ her very in the very near future

Does anyone know how is Latasha Pulliam?

I just finished reading Love's Blood...good book. But I feel that Trish is right where she belongs. How convenient that she doesn't remember what happened (she was in the bathroom during the shots and she's hazy about her brother michael). She could have stopped this from happening but she chose not to. Let's not forget she was the one who pursued DeLuca-she practically threw herself at him! He didn't even know she was underage. It was all about HER-what she wanted. If anything, I believe she is the one who talked DeLuca into it, made him do the dirty work for her (or at least most of it).

Most inmates can be found on the net. Check the doc in the state your looking for and you have the address and doc number.
good luck

Lets not forget that Trish was the one who did all of the multiple stabbings while Deluca did the shootings


scott c kolarik on February 19, 2006 12:40 AM

You guys are nuts talking about liking a murderer. Your SICK

I just finished reading "Love's blood" (Amantes Sangrientos in spanish), and i'm shocked. The book really touched me, because of the gravity of the case, and because of the mind of Patricia, and how she must feel, or how her mind has erase moments because they are too painful to handle. I finished the book in 2 days, and it's ironic that I've never heard of that murder until a couple of days...probably because I live in Chile, in south america so it obviously took much time to get here....but still, can you see how this kind of things can go beyond your country and shock people in other continents?. It just made me think, I definitly would want to write Patricia, but I don't know if I'll ever be able to do it...
Well, take care...

I am curious.... what would you say to Trish? After reading the book, do you feel as though the killings were not her fault?

Does anyone know if Trish Colombo address is still:
Patricia Columbo #C77200
c/o Dwight Correctional Center
23813 E. 3200 North Road
Dwight, Il 60420
If it has change can someone please give me the new one.

No, she has been moved to another state. She began being manipulative again...I heard she is in Idaho. She is noone to send fan mail to. She is evil

She is definitely no one to send fan mail to. And "Love's Blood" is a book written mostly on the word of a girl who planned and participated in the murder of her whole family. Very biased. I would recommend "Mom, Dad, Mike and Patti", if you want a more fact based book. As they say, once a manipulative sociopath, always... they never change. She wasn't the center of daddy's attention, so found Frank to manipulate. Any kind of attention you throw at that evil thing, is exactly what she wanted when she committed those gruesome murders. So shame on any of you that accomodates her. There are alot of women in the prison system that are only in there because they fell for some deviant man's charms and would follow them to the end of the earth if they were asked by him, but Patti isn't one of them. She was the leader in this murderous duo, and if either deserves to rot in a cell it's "Patti".

all you guys and your books, it is what it is, two crazy peolpe thta turned ELK GROVE VILLAGE upside down, thta case still gives my grandfather the creep's, thye are in jail, next HELL.

SCOTT C KOLARIK on March 13, 2006 9:55 PM


SCOTT C KOLARIK on March 13, 2006 10:00 PM

Scott, how did they quote your grandfather without actually interviewing him?
Sounds like lies to me.

I was unfortunately a prisoner at Dwight was in C-3 and got to know many of the people mentioned in your blog. I only had to serve a relatively short time but while I was there I found too many tragic situations and was amazed by the many kind people I encountered there. Some days the sadness was so overwhelming that I swear the walls were built with tears. I still have nightmares about the big shake down and other ugliness I encountered there. I got to know Trish Columbo and while she was most pleasant to me, I found her to be very manipulative and caluculating. She believes herself to be one of the staff. She has a lot of dirt on the officers and uses it to get her way. Whenever Trish got wind of move,she would request her desired corner(biggest)room and the roommate she wanted-and got it. At Christmas she gave some of us gifts, Bath & Body Works products, leftovers from gifts that were purchased from Inmate Fund monies set aside for Christmas. She had an employee, who was her boss, buy creamer and coffee for her. She dressed in sweats instead of blues and whites and ate breakfast with the staff at the CDR. For a short time she encountered a warden who didn't see her as an equal and Trish ended up in seg after a individual shake down revealed violations. But she and her friend contacted Ch. 5 and were out in a jiffy. People on the outside should be aware of how they can be taken in by sob stories. I pray for all the ladies at Dwight, I hope that justice will be served and the innocent freed. I don't know if the system made Trish so cold and calculating or if she was there because she was that way to begin with.

keep my name out of it on March 22, 2006 4:25 PM

I retired a year ago from Dwight. I have seen many Wardens come and go, I can tell you the Warden and current Deputy Director really are trying to clean up the system. Trish is being watched closer than you think. I have kept in touch with my friends and found out that not only are unruly inmates being held accountable, they are walking out BAD staff every day. Any staff that gets involved with an inmate has always been dirt in our eyes. Trish is known to manipulate staff, if she continues, I will bet the new Warden will ship her to another state. GOOD REFORMS are coming for Dwight, I am sure of it.

the lies are in these book's, some true, some not, you figure it out, cause I can't,but if someone has a problem with my family or me, especially with my grandfather and how he put two pieces of shit behind fuckin bar's to spend the rest fo there lives in prison, please let me know and we can solve your problem, my grandfather is a very easy going laid back guy, me, no,

scott c kolarik on March 26, 2006 2:45 AM

I read the book, "Love's Blood" in 1993 and was so taken by the account that I wrote Patricia Columbo a few times. Even sent her a few things like some books of poems and cards. I did receive a letter from her as well asking for more info on me...and my interests. I never did write her back though. I am still undecided on her cicumstances and am unsure if she is as evil as what is portrayed by the charges she was convicted of. I feel her circumstances are a tragedy that may not have happened if she didn't meet Frank DeLuca (I believe his and her combination produced a deadly and evil result).

Bernie Burawski on March 31, 2006 10:41 PM

It is interesting to see how easily people judge others, especially when all facts are not known. Trish's so-called manipulations come from her strong sense of self-survival. Why doesn't anyone mention all of the women she has helped and encouraged to pursue an education while at Dwight? I guess that isn't as interesting.

Helping women puruse an education pales to the horrific murders she committed against HER OWN FAMILY. Especially the gruesome way she killed her own BROTHER. Let's not forget the facts, she had her own BROTHER's blood on her hands. No amount of service to others can erase the evils of her past. She deserves to live her life out in prison, a much more humane way to die than her family. You people need to get a grip.

She probably will live her life out in prison. And, since you recently retired from Dwight, you know first-hand that life there is punishment in and of itself, especially with no end in sight. I certainly hope that you are right and that good reforms are coming to Dwight! Most of the inmates there will one day be free, and a lot of them can't let go of their Dwight experience.

As well they shouldn't ...prisons aren't designed to help people let GO...they should be a deterrant. I do not advocate anything but a safe environment for the women. From what I hear, they are cleaning house at Dwight and getting rid of the "bad" apples. New programs have begun and OPRAH has even taken an interest. Don't be fooled though, punishment includes segregating the offender from society--prisons breed contempt and will never be a "bed of roses." Oh, and Dwight is being run by 3 FEMALE WARDENS.....first time in History and some of the "old boys" are having a hard time swallowing that.

I'm obsessed with the Patricia Columbo story, I wrote her and I am waiting for a response, I want to marry her.....

you guys are all sick ... she is a murderer for crying out loud. get over yourselves - all of you!

Wow I just did a google search after reading the sun-times article and I know nothin about this case! However I will go as far to say-

Self preservation is a powerful thing but is it powerful enough to kill your family?

As for my self if someone was to hold a gun to my head and say shoot your mom, or dad, or sister etc. I could not do it.

Usualy when a young girl has affairs with a man 20 years older -Im gonna go out on a limb and say that its probably not gonna end up to well.

It seems that both Patricia and DeLuca point the finger at the other, my guess is it was probably an idea they both activly persued.

Trish is where she should be and where she'll stay if justice prevails. Treating her like a psuedo celebrity is sickening. This is a woman who stabbed her brother repeatedly and kept stabbing after he was already dead. This is not an act of anyone that's sane. I don't buy her story that she doesn't remember. I hope every night of her miserable life she's haunted by the eyes and faces of her own flesh and blood as she maimed and killed them.

Yeah - nobody here should be glorifying her like she's some big victim here. I live in Itasca, which is a hop, skip, and jump from Elk Grove Village and while the Sun-Times story was a good read and all, it just conjures up bad memories for folks who live there. They even give the exact address of the house and now there's probably people who want to drive by it just like people do at the house in Amityville, Long Islnad, NY. Like the neighbors really need that going on. However, people do get intrigued by true crime stories. The Amityville Horror scared the shit out of me when I was a kid. In retrospect, that whole story is probably a hoax. Not the murders, but the demonic shit afterwards that George and Cathy Lutz claimed happened. Funny thing is nothing has happened to the families who have lived there since. Nothing about Columbo and DeLuca is a hoax. They're where they belong and they need to rot.

No Parole on May 9, 2006 5:33 PM

What was her motive to commit such heinous crimes abainst her family? her own brother? does anyone have more details other than what was mentioned in the suntimes this past Sunday and Monday?

A number of years ago I was a Correctional Officer at DCC. Patricia Columbo had been there for maybe a year. Although she had only been there a short time she knew the ropes for sure. She manipulated very well anyone that she could. Many staff people did seem to treat her differently than alot of the other prisoners. Though we will never REALLY know what all took place that night that she and her boyfriend killed her family without mercy I truly believe that she is in the right place and should remain there. Why should she be able to walk the earth freely after she took that away from her parents that brought her into this world and to her little brother who at 13 had his whole life ahead of him only to have it torn away from him. I do believe that there are cases where a person should not spend the rest of their life in prison for murder. Such cases would be for example killing someone to save your life in self defense or an abused person killing the abuser in severe cases. BUT to take three lives in the horrible manner that these two people carried this murder out, they in my eyes lost the right to walk the face of the earth free EVER again. People have posted how terrible the conditions at DCC are?? With over 2000 inmates and growing all the time they have to have rules there. The rules were not very hard to follow there and could be followed with little processing of the brain. If your life in prison is tough it is because they make it tough on their own. No one sent them an invitation to the place people. And I do want to add that I do not feel that all people in prison are evil or bad people. Not all are guilty. There are exceptions. But people like Patricia Columbo and her boyfriend belong there and should remain. Just my thoughts on the subject.

Nobody Special on May 9, 2006 10:11 PM

She did it, he did it, they did it! It doesn't matter.... No wait. It does matter but no matter how much we may wonder & bitch & put down, judge becuz of it, etc. There r 3 lives that were taken. 2 lives locked up becuz of it. What a shame! We aren't anyone to judge, wish another human in hell, or the sort. We aren't perfect, nobody is. I am not saying what was done was a mistake, NOT HARDLY! It was a unthinkable act for anyone to think of, little lone do. Who r we to say who lives or dies? I'm not really sure what it is I'm trying to say here but I do know that theres alot more ot it all then meets the eye.

I read the book a number of years ago. This is a story you don't forget. I just found this article on line as well.

1976 A young woman and her married lover kill her family

Patricia Columbo and Frank de Luca are arrested for the brutal slaying of Columbo's parents and brother in Elk Grove, Illinois. Twenty-year-old Columbo had left her family home two years earlier to live with de Luca, a 36-year-old married man. The pair later killed Frank, Mary, and Michael Columbo in order to receive the family inheritance, unaware that the Columbos had written Patricia out of their wills years earlier.

As a 16-year-old, Patricia worked in a suburban coffee shop where she met pharmacist Frank de Luca, who owned the shop next door. He soon hired her to work in his store and the two began an unusual sexual relationship; Patricia showed classmates pictures of her having sex with de Luca's dog.

In April 1974, de Luca brought Patricia to stay in his own home, despite the fact that he still lived with his wife and five kids. Her parents were relieved when she later told them she was going to move into her own apartment, and even provided her with money. However, they soon learned that de Luca had left his wife and moved in with their daughter, prompting Columbo's father to beat de Luca severely.

Meanwhile, de Luca and Patricia began incorporating strangers into their sexual routine, often keeping a film and photographic record of their exploits. When Patricia asked a couple of men to kill her family in return for sex, they agreed. For several months, Patricia serviced the men's (including their friends) sexual needs but finally stopped when it became apparent that the men never intended to follow through with the murders.

On May 4, 1976, Patricia Columbo and Frank de Luca decided to carry out the plan themselves. They crept into the Columbo family home and shot Patricia's parents. They then bludgeoned Mike with a bowling trophy and stabbed him nearly 100 times with scissors. Police questioned Patricia but had no reason to suspect her until the following week.

Inspired by the promise of reward money, a friend led police to the men who had discussed killing the Columbo family with Patricia. Detectives then found a handprint with a missing finger. This was a damning piece of evidence against de Luca, since he had lost a digit in a skydiving accident.

After the couple was arrested, de Luca's employees revealed that they had seen him washing and burning bloodstained clothes on the day after the murders. Apparently, he had kept them silent by threatening their families. While in jail, de Luca attempted to have these witnesses killed by a cellmate, but another inmate thwarted the plan by telling the police.

The jury convicted Patricia Columbo and Frank de Luca, and they were each sentenced to 250 years in prison. But Patricia managed to keep herself in the spotlight: In 1979, it was reported that she had assisted in organizing sex orgies involving guards and wardens at her prison in Dwight, Illinois. High-ranking officials at the prison, including the warden, were forced to resign in the wake of the scandal.

does anybodt no anything on deluca or what prison he,s in i think the pair need to be locked up forever no parole

I live in Des Plaines, just a few miles away from Elk Grove Village. This is in response to the post about rubberneckers driving by the Columbo's former home. I drove by the house a few weeks ago, after reading the ST article and re-reading my copy of "Mom, Dad, Mike & Patti" to find the address.

The morning my friend and I drove by the house, the street wasn't filled with a parade of cars driving by. The case has always interested me and I wanted to see the house for itself.

The house was nicely landscaped and the people who live there obviously care about the home the same way Frank and Mary took care of it. It's just a house, nothing scary about it, and looks like millions of other homes in suburbs througout the nation.

I was surprised that the house stil had the same address, because it's my understanding that addresses are often changed on homes where murders have occurred.

I have another friend who bought a home where two, older, gay gentlemen were killed in Des Plaines. He has done a beautiful job remodeling and updating the house. It's just a damn house. No ghosts, no strange noises, no bad juju. He gave me some bulbs that he dug up from the garden. I've planted them in my own yard in memory of these two gentlemen.

you can see either of the monsters at their current institution on this web site:


marco polo on May 30, 2006 8:47 AM

I think she should get out. She has made a lot of accomplishments in her life behind bars.

None of your business on June 29, 2006 2:36 PM

Hearing was today. Poor pitiful Patty had no family there to support her, only family to say let her ROT IN DWIGHT


JUST BEING NOISEY on July 8, 2006 10:40 AM

Any of you who would like to join us on the Court TV message board with your comments re: Patricia Columbo, please do so.

You can find us under the heading of, "Current Crimes & Old/Cold Cases" and then look for "Patrica Columbo Murder Case."

Has anyone hurd any information on Frank Deluca wanting to set the record straight by takeing a polygraph test and has been asking for one for quite awhile, but no-one seems to care about giveing him one...makes one wonder what the truth really is. I for one would love to see him and Patrica Columbo take this test. Who really did what to whom!

Things that make you go hummm.....
Seems to me Patrica Columbo has a history of useing sex to get her ways. Being Frank Deluca was a marryed man w/children, perhaps Columbo seen Deluca as an easy target! Shes very good at getting people to belive her, after all even some of the parole board are being fooled! Are they not the professional? Sex was just another one of her weapons, now she is getting old and sex dont work for her anymore, therefore she turns to God! Please!!! A snake is never changing, it only sheds.
Someone tell me, WHAT good deeds can she NOW do to make up for ALL the pain she has caused so many people..... She is only looking out for #1, and in her eyes, #1 isnt God or others, its is and always will be HER.
Maybe the parole board members who want to set her free should buy her a house right next door to them! Because I surely dont want her being my nabor. Do you?
EVERYONE needs to write a letter to the parole board in IL. as her cousin Shirly Andrews suggested, only express where she should really spend the rest of her life. The nuts really dont fall far from the tree do they.....
Things that make you go hummm.....

something to ponder on August 12, 2006 11:17 AM

I read the book "Love's Blood" and I thought it was quite tragic. I still have nightmares about seeing that poor family slain to death in their own home by their own Daughter and some man that is very evil and manipulative. De Luca is a piece of shit. Patricia is just as much to blame as he is. I don't give a damn if she got a college degree in prison. She can rot in hell for what she did.

I read the book "Love's Blood" and I thought it was quite tragic. I still have nightmares about seeing that poor family slain to death in their own home by their own Daughter and some man that is very evil and manipulative. De Luca is a piece of shit. Patricia is just as much to blame as he is. I don't give a damn if she got a college degree in prison. She can rot in hell for what she did.

We have all the answers all of you have been asking lately regarding Patricia Columbo. Read my above post!

are there any movies or documentaries out there about this yet? I just heard of it a few weeks ago when I saw and read the book, "Mom, Dad, Mike and Pattie". It's chilling. Sorry, but no matter what "good" either of them are supposed to be doing now, they need to pay for what they did. People don't get out of prison for that kind of thing. Triple murders!!!!!!! Helloooooo???????????? Something is bad wrong with any parole board who would even CONSIDER parole for these demons. They would just kill again, as a means to their ends. They should be forced to register as offenders if they (God forbid) ever did get out. Repeat Homicide Offenders. These people are sick. Why anyone would wish to contact these people is beyond understanding. They are just as bad as Charles Manson and his gang.


Just a short documentary on the Discovery Channel for the Columbo murders.

From what I understand, the crime scenes were so horrific, that they couldn't use them in the documentary.

How does one "reform" while in prison? Does anyone have the answer to this question?? How can you tell me that this woman can slaughter her own family members, and ONLY 30 years later, we are suppose to believe she is "reformed??"

By whom? A bunch of parole board members who would certainly think differently if these murders had occured in THEIR families!.

Somebody posted that if Columbo should be released on parole, she'd probably hit the book and talk circuit to talk about the murders, her college degrees, and how she was abused as a child. As disgusting as that may sound, I'm sure there will be people out there willing to give up some big bucks to hear this murderer talk.
College degrees! Puhleeze! What else was she going to do while in prison? Count the holes in the prison ceiling?

If anyone is interested in signing a petition to DENY PATRICIA COLUMBO parole, please email me.

Thank you,


I just finished reading the book "Loves Blood", I did not realize there were other books as noted in the above blogs. I am torn between the sadness I feel for the young impressionable child she was (and where is that freaking Uncle Gus now?) and the teen who was crying out for help. I do not think she is innocent in the murders of her family at - she could have warned them, called police, share her story with the boss from the cafe ..anything and she didn't but guess what people...Neither did DeLuca. That lowlife scum. He used her and abused her and disrespected his profession and his own family. He lured her into a world she knew nothing about. Did yall actuall READ the entire book or just select chapters? She is guilty. She is where she belongs. In a safe place to ponder her misguiding actions EVERY DAY. Near the end of the book Loves Blood, it is mentioned that DeLuca may be getting off on parole...why isn't anyone on this blog trying to keep his petafile butt in prison. He is the manipulate DOG that should be tamed by bars and no release.

Baffledbyitall on October 30, 2006 9:08 PM

DeLuca will never see the light of day again, so no worries. He was the shooter but NOT...I repeat this, NOT the manipulator that Columbo would like you to believe. Love's Blood was written from Columbo's point of view.

Another HIGHLY recommended book is, "Mom, Dad, Mike, and Patty" by Bonnie Remberg. Patricia is the one who planned the murders. She manipulated DeLuca just as much as he first used her.
As for this "Uncle Gus," well...he cannot speak for himself as Patricia accused him of the sexual abuse AFTER the man was DEAD.

I am in contact with both the Columbo relatives as well as the police detective, (now chief) regarding these murders, so if anyone wants the REAL truth, join me on the court board.


For those of you who would like to make a difference in the Columbo case, I ask all of you to write to the parole board members and express your desire to keep Columbo behind bars.

the DOC is accepting parole protests at this address:

Prison Review Board
319 E. Madison Street
Suite A
Springfield, Ill 62701
Att: Nikki


I've read with interest the comments made here. Being a Correctional Officer in Florida I especially liked the biased comments about the cell searches. You wouldn't believe the things that turn up in a formal search. There should be more of them. Obviously Columbo and DeLuca have learned how to manipulate the system as well as the people around them. Tell just enough of the truth to make it sound real and pass the blame. To bad all states don't or didn't have death penalty. And don't get me started about all the damn appeals a conficted killer gets. Their victims didn't get to appeal before they were cut down.

I just finished reading Love's Blood. It took me two days. I found the story to be absolutely horrifying!! Yet, at the same time I felt that I had to find out more about Patricia Columbo. It's strange, but I do really feel that she is where she belongs. Prison for the rest of her natural life. Deluca too!!

I cannot begin to understand the utter depravity of these murders. Patricide, matricide and fratricide are too much for me to swallow or ever justify for many reasons. Patricia Columbo's unrelenting pursuit in murdering her family failed when sought by other hands so she used her lover's and her own. Even if the ultimate acts were initiated by her paramour, she willingly and without hesitation took part in them. If they were so much in love, why didn't they leave her family alone and live their own lives.

FRANK STROTHER on June 20, 2007 2:33 PM

My mother worked at Walgreens and I knew Frank Deluca and Patty very well. I was more closer to Frank, since my mom worked for him. I think It is very scary, some of you people can think she was takin advantage of! Her and Frank took advantage of each other. She always used sex to get her way. frand is just as gulity! I still gives me nightmares because he was in my home and used to buy me presents.W hat they did is and was unforgivable.Patty had a boyfriend named Lary and I wonder if it is the Larry that I see in these blogs?? he had married Nancy. You should all pray they never gets out. Patty has admitted that she would kill again. Patty, while working for Walgreens stole my aunts credit cards right out of her purse! That is why she was fired form Walgreens. if you read the book the Coloumbo family and you lived through as I did, it will give you shivers and make you Ill, There was a woman by the name of Joy that was with Frank first and she ALWAYS knew they were going to kill her family and after they had Frank told everyone at Walgreens about what he had done!I pray for Franks Coloumbo family and Marys sisters. Mrs Delucla I am not sure , she stayed by his side through the whole thing. Joy if you ever read this, there is blood on your hands as well as Bert Greens as well. You both could of stoped this family from being murdered! Where is she now and where is Frank Deluca? Did his wife Marilynn move?

Paula Faassen on July 5, 2007 11:08 AM

I have a wife who was adopted in 1970. At birth she was known as no name Columbo from an adoption agency in Illinois. THey said her mom was 14 the dates match up can someone find out who she gave baby to for adoption and the date of birth.

PLease if anyone in Dwight see this please get a message to Pamala Ephraim, Let her know that I love and miss her and she will be getting a letter from me soon.

Thank you very much

Yeah I was looking at what happened in history on my birthday and came across what happened on that day in may 1976. Then I kind of got interested in and i guess a little caught up in it. See I was born on may 15, 1976. Just a little weird that's all.

I am now reaing Love's Blood and despite the obvious need to justify herself she is still manipulating everyone she comes into contact with. Working in the legal field has taught me one thing it has taught me people will say anything, do anything to get what they want. Seems Patty wanted to marry her older lover, and despite her claim she stole checks and credit cards to get "AWAY" from it all..It was just another ploy to get what she wanted reguardless of who she hurt. This is not a poor abused young girl it is a cold calculating individual that used anyone she pleased for personal gratification. Maybe killing her family was not "really" what she wanted..Why did she engage in sexual relations with a man she was not atracted to if she was the victim of such horrendous sexual abuse, seek out an older man who, with very little encouragement, engaged in threesomes and beastiality among other unusual sexual practices. This is not the behavior of an abused child, it is the behavior of a girl doing what she pleased with who she, when she pleased. Like most people that lie, cheat and live the life she has choosen to live, her family found her out, realized she wasn't who she wanted them to believe she was and decided the only way to keep up the game was to get rid of the problems...

I finished Love's Blood two weeks ago and feel that there is a lot that people gloss over and don't take into consideration. If this case were tried today by COMPETENT prosecutors after better forensic investigation, I think that Deluca would be getting all of the attention.

Colimbo was 16, for God's sake, when he started coming on to her. If she knows how to manipulate, it is after he taught her. He had 3 1/2 years to mold her into what he wanted. All that stood between him and her (he thought) was her family, and he hated her brother. She was making amends.

In addition to that, these days, he would be considered a sex offender. Sick bastard. I'm not saying that she was completely innocent of never committing a sin, but I think Deluca killed them and he even admitted telling her, after she saw two bodies, her parents, not her brother's, that she wasn't going to be any good to him that night. She was in shock. Plus do you people know the effects of long-term Valium abuse? It is a poisonous, mood-altering and certainly behavior-altering drug.

I think that if Patty had never met Deluca, her family would be alive and she would have had a normal life. She was going through the ups and downs of adolescence. Deluca was a predator looking for his next "meal". He's the one who should "rot in jail", and its scary that he is conning the parole board.

The inmates get what they deserve. I feel no sorrow for them. They need more punishment.

i would just like to say God bless all the women in dwight. i know alot of people there. i'll keep yall in my prayers.

Latasha Pulliam is a sick, twisted, disgusting excuse for a human being. To blame her crimes on the abuse she herself suffered as a child is like an obese person blaming McDonald's for their weight problem. I'm glad her death sentence was commuted so she can sit and rot with the memories of what she did to those poor, innocent babies. I want to slap the grin right off her face. She's a monster.

Freeze Tag on March 4, 2008 9:16 PM


MAD MOTHA FUQER on March 5, 2008 2:53 PM

I just got done reading the Love's Blood and it was a vey good book it is a shame that 3 people had to die because she was crying out for help getting sexual assualted at a young age really is awful can make you do stpuid things she should be let go and have a fresh start at life god bless her for what she has had to take

Would like to hear from others about Dwight.
I was just released after 2 years and on release date the appealite court found me not guilty.
Want to bring to the public's attention that the women at Dwight are their mothers, sisters, daughters not just numbers, anything you can tell me would be greatly apprectiated.
Thank you, Madeleine

Madeleine Ward on May 3, 2008 4:14 PM

I've read both books and it seems to me they are both biased.I'm not saying one way or the other weather it was her manipulating him or vice versa.But only the people in the house that night truly know what happened 3 of them can't say and the other 2 either won't or can't.Yes it seems convenient that she can't remember but only she knows if that is the truth.It's easy for everyone to sit back and pass judgement.It also seems to me that some of you feel that scumbag was somehow conned into doing this,but he was a predator having sex with a child do you actually believe a 16 yr old came up with taking photos with a dog,and having sex with other men while he watched.None of this excuses what she allowed to happen and possibly participated in,but I'm not the one to judge her without all the facts and niether are any of you.If you believe in God then he will be the one to pass final judgement on Patty and Frank and if they are guilty I'm sure the punishment will fit the crime

doug eller on May 28, 2008 1:14 AM

Seems that if the crime was committed today Deluca and the sleaze godfather would be in jail, she had a part in this but people can change and it looks like she did too....she has done alot, and just think i am sure her parents would want the best for their daughter, Ms. Columbo has served enough time....lets give her a chance and parole her......

how do i send a letter to latasha pulliam... see the address here.. but how do i find an inmates DOC number.. i read that you have t have that or they will not recieve it.. please help...i have many things i want to say to her, of course it will not mak ea difference the little girl cannot be brought back, but as a human being i must tell her how i feel... thank you

Time has come ....lets give her a chance after all I am sure ANY parent would want the best for their child and she is not the same person she was, they would be proud of her today for the help and education she has.

Hi. I want to write to someone how do i do that? female please age 18-35 thanks

I was in 5th grade living in Elk Grove and this still bothers me. Michel was a great kid and this bit*h took away the innocence of a lot of us kids the grew up in Elk Grove Village.I remember going to Walgreens and deluca was a ass.

Chris Carlson on August 21, 2008 10:44 PM

i just read the book. I believe Patty should stay in prison. I do place some of the blame on her mother and how she treated her daughter, and on the sex abuse if it is even true. There is no excuse for these crimes. I have a brother who is 13 myself and i wouldn't dream of hurting him. She is truly sick and so is deluca. what a sex pervert. I hope they both burn in hell.

also gaurds have relations with female inmates .then they send them to seg and put them in there for a year across the board(.if pregnancy happens then dcfs is the next option to a woman that doesnt have any help.in logan the seg was below temp where as freezing to death cud take place..officers sneak drugs in or help w the inmate to recieve it nothing moves unknown.. even though inmates think that ,my aunt is a state officer its camera everywhere ..crime is more indept in jail. and some are forced actions from inmates-officer playn a higher role no one is safe from getting u not even protective custody any one can get u ..police set up shit too..inmates get dirt on cops and use them in hedious ways..ive seen more than that im not saying that everyone is good inside but some people make harsh mistakes and they suffer the rest of there life..20 years is alot of time but that never changes the hurt is causes especially death i got 5 and did 2 1/2 and learned to appreciate my freedom and family..my first case and last.i was young n didnt turn in my sons father for protecting his self so even though i didnt commit the crime i did the time ..he asked me to take him to pick up money from this guy n they had a preconcieved motive that didnt work in there favor (thank god )i cant say i wasnt happy i drove him cuz it saved his life these guys were real dangerous..yeah i did bad stuff coming up never got caught so maybe carma got me so since i didnt turn him in i was 18 i hadnt even been to a station or even n trouble n he told them i didnt no shit that didnt mean shit. so moving rite along get sick & needs meds ur as good as dead ..they give u meds on the med line & if u save something like a asprin for later unless u like getting up a 4am sick ass hell so ne way if they catch w a asprin in ur room 15 days in the hole c grade 3 month thats shoppn on 30 dollars and the food is hell i worked in the kitchen how do u eat i aint said half of what happens..signed real talk good luck in there ladies men u think the county is hell wait to u hit population ..20 years a make anyone crazy 4 years of seg jackie vance she really was crazy ..some people are disturbed and belong in a crazy house for there crimes and some need to be enrolled in programs when incarcerated other than just drug treatment what made them get on drugs bad like that ..hey some good people react poorly and some are just evil people that are dangerous jails give up and let criminals becum more trained to evil...good luck to those who becum institutionalized and use pattern of returning all there lives as a result destroying kids and family.. morality is small to find in places that grow off animalistic behavior.gaurds lose human value and show complacency toward inmates..oyeah i work for a state job in another state.. now cleaned that off my background finished school .i know everyone cant afford exspongment its very expensive too much for some ...so struggling at a 7.50hr job barely surviving is life for someone who already served time ..there still are serving time the system isnt fair ..also so many companys own stock for inmates is cheaper to lock u up work u for ...it use to be like 2 or 3 bucks a day.. they make millions that way cell phone companies,computer ,banks,schools we as people are fucked ..

It doesn't matter if Latasha Pulliam is executed or not - because no matter when she dies, she will spend eternity in hell.

That is all.

I spent 3 years in dwight prison and the women in prison for these horrific murders live in jail like they did no wrong. its gross. does anyone know why erica buckingham is in prison?

Does anyone know how I could contact Pamela Pastorino?

Patty and Frank are both flat out plain guilty. Get over any parole. It just won't happen. Probably just as well, they are both "institutionalized" now anyway. They could not survive on the outside.

I don't minimize what Trish did, but I do think she has paid her debt. A lot of people don't understand what it's like to have your mind/body controlled by a sick fuck & let me tell you it happens & just like with prisoners of abuse your body becomes your prison & you cannot control your actions. What Trish did was wrong but none of it would have ever happened if it had not been for DeLuca. That is the most horrible thing of all... If he had not seduced & abused a 16 year old & contorted her mind with evilness & drugs Trish would be happy with her family.

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