April 14, 2005

Shall I Court You

So I just picked up another client. Court related. A girl. hehehe

She seems really nice. But actually thats all a coincidence. The point of this post is the theory of girls worth marrying. My roommate was losing sleep for a long time. Like four months thinking of a girl he liked. One of his teachers.

And on the web now my other friend is talking to a girl he met. And loves. And of course has a boyfriend.

Now I am trying to give him relationship advice and explaining the randomness of him crossing the girl he liked. Just like the randomness of us meeting from being in the stupid navy on a submarine. Just like the randomness of him getting me into the web. And me getting into the web ONLY because I was kicked out of the military.

Generally I think most things worth having are probably not usually possessions but relationships. A large # of people excell in this manner. In one way or anther we are all good at certain types of relationships. I do ok on the web. Some people do well with sexual relationships. Some people do well with biz, etc.

The generally point of this post is that most girls worth having as girlfriends or more always are taken. They just go from boyfriend to boyfriend. It makes sense that the pattern would often be that since girls have a stronger need for emotional comfort.

I generally am socially and certainly sexually numb. But I have this computer to type at. hehehe

My friend said two things that hit home hard

1.) like I'm getting to the age where sitting alone in my room isn't going to cut it when it comes to being emotionally happy

2.)it's like...sometimes I get burnt out here...having a hard time fitting in...and having a shitty time with this girl...but then I remember where I came from and it's like...hahahaha...life is fucking awesome

I should think of those more often. maybe just maybe I can then start to think of how to think of myself and what to do with myself. BTW I still think marriage is a scam and most relationships of love are fake ;)

Posted at April 14, 2005 2:28 AM

Hey Aaron

It's not bad enough that it's Fri April 15th tax day, but Wall St suffered its worse day in 2 years. So, is your portfolio balanced to profit on months like this?

Steph McGreevy

Hi Steph

I don't really consider the stocks I own as investments that much really. I consider them primarily as an added incentive to closly monitor the financials and business ends of the field I work in.

I do not have that much saved in stocks and honestly the bulk of my "portfolio" is simply reinvesting into myself.

Relationships only are harder because of life phase changes. College is the best time to find someone because of the social opportunities. Versus resorting to having friends set you up after college. Depending on where you live you could be meeting a lot of people in the city or trying to break your back to meet a handful of people a year.

The other observation I've made is that both guys and girls don't like people who are desperate to get into a relationship.

On another note if a dude or dudet remains a bachelor/bachelorette long enough, they are bound to meet someone in a nursing home. :)

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