July 5, 2007

The Hollow American Dream

get a loan go to school
get a job to pay off your debts
get a second job to start saving
get a 30 year mortgage. don't lose that job!

to collect to get don't forget
you are the lucky one with toys abound
95% will fail in one way or another, falling through the cracks
but it is (almost) moral legal, fortunes await your future

the psycho homeless guy asked to live on the street
the uninsured who died should not have got sick. his will was weak
the person who reverse mortgaged their home wanted to leave with and leave nothing
you are responsible for everything that happens to you

Posted at July 5, 2007 3:56 AM

This is about paxil which i took for three weeks and had been to every doctor because i had urinary problems and vaginal problems all kinds of tests thank goodness i was told i was ok but i still had the aches.Looked on a web sight that givs the side effects that doctors dont tell you about and found out that paxil can give you these problems that i was having bladder problems and vaginal swelling i will never,never take this drug again i have suffered for three weeks with pain.

Gee Charlene, thanks. FYI, we'd rather hear more interesting things about your vagina. Glad to hear you are ok though... Aaron, nice 'poem'...the dream's not hollow... Problem is you likely have too much talent and need focus and direction...and need to take risk of commitment?

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