July 27, 2008

When Votes Lie

The housing bailout bill passed the Senate in a 72-13 vote. President Bush, who won 2 elections through voter fraud, said that he would vote against the bill before deciding to vote for it.

In the House of Representatives, where elections are coming up soon, most Republicans backed away from voting for the proposal, with the NYT stating:

Republicans said they would not support a bill that puts taxpayer money at risk while potentially bailing out irresponsible borrowers and greedy lenders.

Sorry but if that is a quote tied to the entire Republican party then the entire political party is scum. Especially when you consider that they wasted trillions on a war started under false pretense, pushed market deregulation, turned a blind eye to rampant fraud, and are now engaging is socialism for the rich (with privatized gains and socialized losses).

Republicans may not raise taxes, but if they eat your wealth with increased debt and inflation how is that any better? I remember when 82 cents bought a Euro. Now the dollar is worth .63 Euro! Take out increased national debt, military spending, and real estate fraud, and the economy has never recovered from the 2001 recession.

Don't get me wrong - I think both political parties are blue and red shadows of their former selves - packaged fraud sold to the uninformed. Its just that the Republicans seem a bit more aggressive stealing your money, while telling you that you are too stupid to realize what they are doing.


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