November 11, 2003

Paxil Side Effects - please read

I am not a big fan of the FDA. Bloggers lets band together and let the truth out about Paxil. Please link to this Paxil side effects page using "Paxil side effects" in the link so we can get this message out. Here is an alarming email about Paxil side effects that I was given today.

I started Paxil about 8 weeks ago. After 1 week I started to experience headaches and zapping. Not knowing that it was Paxil, could cause this situation I went to my medical Dr. and he took blood test, UA, and had a Ct Scan/contrast. Everything came back normal. I decided on 10/7/03 to take myself off Paxil, thinking that nothing could be worse than what I was going through.

Well I was wrong; I started going through withdrawal and that is pure hell. I not only still have the headaches and zapping but I am now feeling anxiety, irritable, fatigue, tremors, vertigo, nausea and numerous other symptoms of withdrawal. The nightmares are terrible and so are the hot flashes that I also experienced while taking the medication.

I am furious and discussed that my Psychiatrist put me on such a drug that is so addicting and causing so many problems. I am an Alcohol/Drug counselor and had never been addicted to any Alcohol or drugs before in my life. To seek out help for a stressful time in my life and to be put on such a dangerous drug such as Paxil.

It appears that I am damned if I stay on it and damned if I go off has me feeling outrageous and angry, not only at the company that put this drug out but also for my Dr. not to tell me the effects or that I would have withdrawal symptoms if I came off. Well I am coming off and I will not be weaned off like so many others it will be cold turkey for me. To me to say that you need to be weaned off is no different than giving someone methadone to get them off heroin. Using one drug to offset another or taking less of a drug at a slower pace, one will never be off and only keep going back to help deter the effects of withdrawal. 4 days now for me and I will fight and get back my sanity.

It is now day eight since I took myself off Paxil. I still have the headaches but they are finally easing up. The zapping is getting worse and the whoosh noise is still there. I have been experiencing the following withdrawal symptoms along with the above. Vertigo, tremors so bad I was beating up myself, nightmares when I finally do fall asleep, irritable, insomnia, nausea, diarrhea, lack of concentration, fearful, anxiety, depression, crying uncontrollably, anger, frustration, heart palpitation, dizziness, flu symptoms, weakness, disoriented and chills. I am wondering what is next.

I talked to the FDA today also. Surprising they returned my call. I only wish that I had taped the conversation. The following is part of the conversation I had with them. The person I talked to stated that they don't feel that Paxil is addictive because it doesn't carry the behavior of a person that is dependent on a drug. A person that will go out and steal to obtain their drug of choice or cause harm to another.

I explained since I am an Alcohol/Drug counselor that any drug that will cause a person to have withdrawal symptoms especially the ones I stated above that the drug is defiantly an addictive drug and any other term is not going to satisfy the public. I also stated that any SSRI is used to enhance the seritonin in ones body and that doctors need to test to find out if ones seritonin level is low in which they need to enhance.

If a person does not have a low seritonin level than these drugs can and do cause more problems for an individual. Doctors aren't given all the facts with prescribing these types of meds and need to do some more studies to make sure others aren't harmed like myself and many of you who are writing in. The one thing all can do is get this advertising stopped that Paxil is not addictive or habit forming.

Lets start flooding the lines and start calling the FDA and the dept that handles complaints about advertising Paxil. Please call and tell them your story. The advertising section of FDA is (301) 827-2828. Also fill out the Medwatch form and also call FDA at 1-800-FDA 1088 press 0 or call (301) 443-1240.

Lets ban together and get Glaxo-Smith Kline to admit the truth about these effects and to get them to stop lying that it is not addictive or habit forming. Also do your own memory recall as to any symptoms you felt while being on the Paxil or any SSRI. Tell the people at the FDA if you experienced any zapping, whooshing noise, headaches (And how severe they were, Hot flashes or anything else that you may have experienced while being on Paxil. The FDA is basically only hearing about the withdrawals and nothing about peoples experience on the Paxil.

Lets speak and fight for our rights and the rights of the future.

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I too decided to take myself off of paxil,and did I ever have a rough time of it. I had the zapping of my face mainly, vertigo, nausea, visual disturbances, lack of concentration, nightmares, palpitations and I actually thought that I was having mini seizures. This drug is the most awful thing anyone can do for onself.

I have only been taking Paxil CR for about 4 mths,the only side effect I can say I experinced from taking the drug was excessive yawning and going from having a very healthy sex drive to having none at all. Right before the Christmas Holidays, my precription ran out and I decided not to worry about it because my husband thinks that the drug was effecting our sex life (I have no sex drive anymore) so I told him I would stop taking it to see if it worked and besides I couldnt get it filled because my doctor's office is closed due to the holidays. I have been 4 days without the drug, I have started having real bad headaches, chills (no fever) and feeling dizzy while I am sitting down! Tunnel vision, my whole body itches and the nausea is so bad.. I also found myself getting VERY ANGRY over nothing today, I almost hurt my little boy today! So I decided to go online to see if my NOT taking the paxil was the problem, BOY WAS I AMAZED!! I am so MAD at my doctor for putting me on this drug. The drug actually helped with the problems I was having to cause me to take the drug, angry outburst, road rage, depression, ect. Now I know it is the withdrawels from this drug that is causing me to feel this way, the withdrawels are horriable! From what I have read tonight, I am not so sure if I should quit taking the drug. My symtoms are only going to get worse. I only wish I would have asked more questions about this drug before I started taking it. I am really scared. Please advise me of what I should do, thank you for your time

I am glad I read this. I had very bad side effects while I was taking it and now that I stopped taking it, it is even worse.

the dr put me on effexor i stayed sick could not eat so not he put me on lexapro i have not takin it yet because of all the side aff i was thinkin about paxil what do you think about paxil?

Paxil and most anti-depressants are well known for having withdrawl effects. If you had spoken to your physician about coming off of this drug or any other drug, he/she would have recommended weaning off. Even a pharmacist would do the same. It is bizarre to me that a supposed Alcohol/Drug Counselor would not know this. If a person had been drinking for months or years on end and they suddenly stopped drinking, they would suffer from withdrawl. I am not necessarily a supporter of Paxil, but please also be aware that all drugs have side-effects. And, different people suffer differently.

YouShouldKnow! on February 5, 2004 2:17 AM

I agree with what you say. The problem is that in our society "good drugs" and "bad drugs" are painted in an entirely different light. When you see the end of a Zoloft commercial it states "Zoloft is not habit forming."
There are millions of dollars pushing the sales of Paxil and other drugs like it. SSRIs such as Paxil are known to cause problems.

Now we are also pushing so less fine print needs to be given.

i sure am glad to read your site! i was considering going off paxil-cr due to the sexual side effects, but now i do not know what is worse: having no sexual desire or suffering all the side effects that i just read! i am also very upset that my physician did not mention this to me. i wanted to consider wellbutrin-xl or serzone. i do not know now. thanks for listening...

I had taken paxil 20mg for two years for panic disorder. The only side effects I experienced were dry mouth, throat tightness, and slight weight gain. These subsided after adjusting to this medication. I decided to taper of to 10mg and eventually stop altogether. I felt fine and hadn't experienced a panic attack for a year and a half. Withdrawal was moderate to severe and eventually overcame the malaise after four to five days. I managed fine for six months without paxil, but questioned how long it takes for paxil to completely leave your body. I pondered this because sexually my orgasms were still delayed. Around the six month this delay began to disappear as if I was back to normal sexually. This is when I began to feel chest tightness, tremors, weight loss, fatigue, dizziness, etc... I've continued to feel these symptoms for the past seven months despite normal bloodwork, no STDs, no cancer, no viral infections, etc... My doctor has advised me to start taking Paxil again and I'm willing to try because these symptoms are too much to deal with. Unfortunately, I'm worried that my body is dependent on this medication. I read that it takes up to two years for your body to completely eliminate the residue of these medications because of it's presence in fat cells. Similar to alcohol withdrawal and detoxing. Thanks for reading and good luck to you all!!!


I started taking paxil 3 days ago and I am with james I dont want any part of this I am not taking this anymore. I did not want to take this but my doctor really thought it would help. I do not like anything that changes the brain . how do they know what missing in your brain when they dont test to see.

My daughter who was 14 was on 35mg Paxil last year. while she was on this medicine she started having fainting spells. After being on the meds for 3 months she started having seizures. These seizures were very severe. After having one she would lose her speech and be very tired, and she didn't have any memory as to what happened except that she was exhausted. She was checked for siezures and the neurologist came up empty. The doctors said that Paxil could not cause these type of side effects but I disagree. We weaned her off the meds. and she still had seizures but you could see that they were getting less severe and less often. It took about 5 months to get this out of her system. Do you think that it could have been the Paxil even that the doctors say it wasn't? All I can say is that I am very glad that she isn't on anything and is doing just fine without them and no re-occuring symptoms.

Yeah, I have been of paxil for a year now, and I can still remember how awful those first months off were. I had only taken it for around 2 months maybe less, when my mother ran out of money for the medication, or to even see the doctor anymore. I as forced to quit completely cold turkey. After the first 2 months, the extreme headaches stopped, also I had "night terrors" as I have seen them called, pretty much, when I tryed to sleep it would feel like I was in a coma, unable to make any body part for a long period of time and unable to even scream for help, I was 14 at the time, and that extreme fear was alot to deal with. As I have said it is now 2 years later, it still always feels like my heart is running in a race, I still have random feeling that people and objects dont seem real and that I am looking in on the world from a 3rd person view, I still have trouble sleeping, nothing has gotten better, and I have begun to think it never will.

i have been on this drug for over a year, adn have tried weening off it, tried doing it cold turkey. and no matter waht i still end up back on the drug. i rememeber when i first went cold turkey it was as though i was on the worst trip of my life,, i never thought hey this is addicting ,, until i started to smoke. no i have tried quittign smoking a couple of times and have had mediocre success,, both of these drugs are very similar, . and i think if we were all to quit drinking pepsi or consuming caffeen we would kinda feel a similar affect of withdrawl and emptiness of a surtain space. now, i can rememebr the days when i was on paxil coooked upstairs in my room stayign away from every one i could and i remebr the days on paxil when i would be completely free of any problems and i think that this was more of an area found wihtin myself bymyslef , i agree with whoever said people ottta be scanned for the levels of seritonin in there head before they take a drug that fucks wiht it. i was feelign depressed and like rat shit casue i was on accutane before and that dint screw with the seratonin levels, or atleast it isnt supposed to. anyways,, i would declare to the head FDA somebody that this is a very addicting drug,, becuase the withdrawl symptoms are severe and in some cases extreme,, i know if it wasnt addicting i wouldnt still be taking it to get rid of the tingling and the bad trip element. if anyone feels like contacting me on anyfurther info about this drug , im shure i can shed my two cents of info for free, id be more htan glad. please to meet u.

I was researching Paxil because though I don't often drink, I had a marquerita last night at a party and my husband cautioned me about taking a drink while on Paxil so this morning I was doing research on the net and came across your comments. There are many drugs on the market that caution you against stopping abruptly. I didi that once with hormones and wound up in the emergency room one night and thought I was having a heart attack, it was getting off the hormones cold turkey. I take Paxil for a severe sleep disorder and must tell you that Paxil has given me my life back. I have never felt so good! I am 54 years old and have't slept well since college. I have had no side effects from Paxil and feel it is the most wonderful drug ever invented. I am rested, calm, and plan to take this drug for the rest of my life. I am sorry so many have experienced problems, but, I think it is just as with many other medications, not everyone can take the same drugs. I am allergic to codeine and penecillin, wonderful drugs, but they are a problem for me. Just thought you might like another opinion.

Yeah.... I think I am with James and Amy, I have been in Paxil CR for 3 days but, I am not going to take it anymore. I am so glad I found this site.

I have been on Paxil for 5 months. The first week I was on 1/2 pill. Shortly after I began taking a full pill (20mg). The next day, I became very sick. I had terrible sinus build up. infection and pain in my ear and a swollen gland.I made no connection with the paxil because I never dreamed a medication could cause sinus infection.
I went to the Dr. who gave me anti-biotics for my infection. It did not clear up. He put me on them for a second week but symptoms did not go away. I began having muscle spasms or jerking reflexes in my legs, arms and head, similar to when something startles you. This would occur when I would get very relaxed or close to falling asleep. The first week I was on the full dose, I would get zaps or bursts of energy in my head over and over again which I thought were mini seizures. It scared me not knowing what was happening to me.
The mini seizures stopped after a couple of weeks but the jerking reflex continued as well as the sinus and ear infection. Here I am five months later,it finally dawned on me that just possibly this infection was due to the paxil. Last night, I took only a half a pill to see if my symptoms would go away. I am amazed...this is the first morning in 5 months that I have not had a heavy sinus filled head and no ear ache or swollen gland. I will continue taking the half pill and watch my symptoms. The positive thing that paxil has done for me is that I sleep so sound and I am so calm and patient. The problems have been too severe however, to continue taking it, unless the lower dosage continues to alleviate my symptoms. I am absolutely sure because of the timing that my symptoms were the product of paxil. I suggest if anone is having similar problems, see your Dr. about cutting down on your dose.

I have been taking Paxil since June of 2003. I just started today to stop taking it - I have had such a severe migraine all day from it. My doctor is "weaning" me to everyother day for one week (taking 37.5 mg) then next week going three days without taking it. Today with my headache, I felt like calling the FDA and screaming at them to start putting more information out about Paxil cr, the side effects - especially after you stop taking it. How long does this go on? And they say it's non-addictive - what a load of crap!

My sister has been taking Paxil for 2 days and has uncontrollable chills - the pharmacist said this is not due to Paxil. I believe it is and am wondering if she will ever get over this side effect.

I have been on Paxil for 3 years due to panic attacks. It has been a life savor in regards to my panic diorder. I noticed that I was a lot more angry and aggressive on it, and had no feeling and no sex drive. 6 days ago I cut my dose in half in order to get off this shit and I feel like hell. All the dizziness and nightmares and feeling of uncontrolible angre. I am going crazy but I am determend to get of the shit. Thanks FDA Love yah.

Ive been on paxil since 1999 following the birth of my child. Paxil did improve my mood and helped with the everyday stress of life. My doctor thought this drug would also help me with my epilepsy since I could not take my seziure meds during the day due to severe fatigue. In June of 2003 I went from 10mg down to 5mg for a coulpe of weeks and Oh, my god did my body go completly out of wack. My seziure activity increased, crying spells, the headache, flu symptoms, nausea, the weired feeling of if I weren't in my body was so terrible I had to go back to taking the 10mg. Again, This past weekend (March 25th, 2004) I tried to wean myself down to 5mg. Oh, what a terrible time. I felt as if I were going to die. Felt like I was on a never-ending tea cup ride that was out of control. I was on 5mg for a couple of days and by Sunday March 28th, 2004 I had to finally up my dosage back to 10mg. Today is March 29th, 2004 and I still feel like crap. As a matter of fact I cant even go into work tonite. There is no way I can concentrate like this. I still feel sick,and dizzy. I can't beleive that my body/my mind is addicted to this medication. What the hell am I taking here. It makes me extremely mad that drug makers would not warn the public and educate doctors about the side effects when decreasing the dosage and or discontinuing this drug. I feel sorry for alot of people out there who have no idea what their in for when the side effects hit you like a ton of bricks. It's unbearable. Will your brain, body and mind ever return to a normal state? And how long will it take? Now I honestly know how drug abusers must feel when they come off of there drug. Ive never been a drug user and never done drugs in my life. I wish I had never taken paxil. I wonder if paxil will have a long term effect on the body and or brain? Not only do I have to worry and suffer about the side effects of trying to wean myself off my paxil but I have to worry about what the side effects are going to do to my epilepsy and my seziure activity. Thats very scary.

Angela R. Bailey on March 29, 2004 4:18 PM

I started taking Paxil about a year and a half ago. My mother put me on it, but failed to look up the side-effects. I recently did so and discovered that it was just as addictive as herion, banned in over 5 countries (including England) and not acceptable for people under 18 to take. I'm only 15. After I realized how horrible the drug was, I began trying to take myself off of it. I experienced every symtom you had after only 3 days of being off of it. The fourth night, I woke up screaming, my whole bed was wet with sweat. I realized that I need to take my pill and when I got up to take it, I couldn't walk hardley at all. I felt as though I were drunk. I can't quit, I'm completly addicted and I feel ashamed that I don't have enought will power to stop. This drug has beaten me down.

I stopped taking paxil about a week and a half ago. I have not experienced any really bad headaches, just mild ones. The zaps are about to drive me insane, though. I also threw up all night two days ago. I started taking paxil because I have panic disorder and it has helped this but I lost all of my emotions. I stopped caring about anything and I continually hurt my friends and family often with my harsh "I do not care attitude). I would rather have panic attacks a couple of times a month then hurt anyone. The withdrawals have been quite miserable. the zaps, nightmares, insomnia, and night sweats are terrible. I would not suggest anyone take this crap. It is definately addictive because I almost want to start taking it again to get rid of all these withdrawals. Hopefully, these feelings will subside soon. I am miserable. I need a feel night's sleep soon or I will be crazy. Let's all ban together and convince the FDA of these horrible affects. Thanks for having this great post so that I do not feel so alone through this. Feel free to contact me through email if anyone would like to discuss this further or just vent. I would love to know what the FDA is telling everyone.

I will also add that I thought my allergies were acting up but apparently sinusitis and flu-like symptoms are all part of this. I am also suffering from a very bad cough since I stopped taking this shit. Please, everyone let's get the message out and get this drug off the market. It is worse than coming off a two year cocaine addiction and that was pretty f-ing hard. The nightmares are definatly worse that that.

I was on Paxil for a few weeks and hated how it made me feel - like I wasn't really living and just going through life's motions as if I was detached. I'd rather feel depressed then numb so I quit taking it and withdrawl is bad but I won't go back on it. I've got BAD headaches, malaise, dizzyness, depression (worse then before), and an impulsiveness I never had before. I ransacked my boyfriend's gun cabnet looking for a hand gun to use over a very small issue. (Good or Bad - he'd sold it). I have a feeling I'll be rehospitalized because of this drug.

I have been on Paxil for 2mos now, and I decided that I would wean myself off of this crappy drug and I thought I was doing good until last night, I hadn't taken a pill since Wednesday and I was irritable but I attributed that to PMS. Then last night we were driving home and my baby is in the back seat crying b/c he is fighting sleep and I am in the front seat literally wringing my hands, I almost started to cry with him, then I though I would just start screaming ....finally we get out of the car and I pick up my baby and I felt like I was going to fall to the ground,,,that Paxil makes me so diizy if I miss taking it, but this was the longest that I have been able to not take a pill and I really felt like I was going to lose my mind so I had to take one b/c I have a baby that I love to pieces and do not want to start screaming at him for being a baby who crys when he's hungry, sleepy, etc.... I have no sex drive with this drug, after missing it for a few days I actually got my sex drive back. I am determined to get off this drug it would be easier if I did not work b/c I could get my mom to watch the baby while I went through withdrawls....I am really going to let my Ob-gyn have it when I go back there is a few days....I was only having anxiety b/c I was going through a rough few months, I wasn't depressed or even having anxiety attacks but I just wanted to have something to help me get through that rough patch, I didn't want something that I would need to be weaned off Dr acted like this drug was so great and would make me feel so much better blah blah , I hate Paxil!

The Dr gave me sample packs of Paxil CR yesterday. I have suffered with sleepless highs, tears-for-no-reason lows and some minor compulsions for several years...after coming across this site I am glad I decided to hold off on taking the *samples* until I did my research! I have a few more tests coming up...I'm looking at the big picture here taking nutrition and natural alternatives into consideration.

I hate this drug and seem unable to get off of it. It just makes you so dependant. My doctor says it is like food it replaces a missing serotin level . What bullshit

I started to take Paxil over 3 years ago. I was started on the maintenance dose of 20mg. Because of the emotional state I was in when I started the drug, it was hard for me to figure out what was side effects and what was my own emotional issues. I was prescribed this by my family doctor. Eventually, it became obvious that the Paxil wasn't working. Or so at least I thought. I never seemed to get passed my emotions. I asked for further help from the mental health office in town. I thought that counseling would help, as well as having a psychiatrist taking care of my medication. They increased my dosage to 30mg, and when the side effects increased, the dosage was put up to 40mg. Finally, after constantly complaining of nightmares, insomnia, confusion, feeling not attached to my body, etc, etc. I was told to decrease to 30mg for 3 weeks, and then go down to 20mg. After another 3 weeks, down to 10mg, until I was off the drug. I have to say that the two worst decisions I ever made was to first of all, take Paxil, and secondly, to try to stop taking it. I have never been suicidal until now. I am in the middle of the withdrawal right now. Having been a former smoker, I thought nothing could be worse. I am sleeping about 2 - 3 hours every 3 days. And when I do sleep,the dreams are frightening. I wake up sweating, screaming and crying. The electric zaps are uncontrollable. My mood is way up and then way down. I go for days when I can't get dressed. I could go on and on, but you get the idea. I am so glad I found this site and realized that it isn't me going crazy. Instead, the crazy ones are the doctors who prescribe it, the company that manufactures it, and the FDA for ever thinking that it isn't addictive. I hate every day that I am awake right now, and I am hoping that my hell will soon be over.

My mother took Paxil (12.5) for several months. She has had a time of trying to deal with the loss of my father and not been able to sleep well at night. She is also very uncomfortable around strangers. Upon taking the medication she had felt calmer and able to fall asleep easier, slept throughout the night. She still had the same feelings towards stranger, though. She had to stop getting the medication for several months and experienced absolutely no withdrawal symptoms. Oh when first taking the medication she did experience a little dizziness but that subsided fairly quickly after her body got used to the medication. As for me, I also have been taking Paxil. I do feel abit calmer around people and able to joke around with the best of them at work. There are still also times when I find myself quiet and off to myself. I began taking 12.5 Paxil for several months and increased the dosage to 20. I do have body aches and a couple of bad episodes with cramping of my legs. One time I could hardly bear it. I am tired a lot sometimes get mild headaches. As far as sex, I havent noticed much of a change. But then again I am approaching 50 and working in a factory and not eating well. I don't know if its medication related or just plain ole aches and pains of getting older! now I am wondering if I am on the medication for a long period of time and try to get off I too might suffer those horrid withdrawal symptoms some of you have experienced. I am confused! Knowing my mother's experience with the drug, and reading all your comments.....I continue taking the meds until I can reach a decision..

I have been taking paxil for a while now and i have had some sexual side effects but with a little help from my husband it has come back. people are too quick to blame paxil for their problems. For one it takes a while for paxil to work. i find myself happier and less frightened than if i am not on it. my kids even see the difference in me. I think that taking paxil was the best thing I ever did. I sleep with fewer nightmares than before i was on it. I do not cry for no reason anymore. Sure i still feel sad sometimes but not everyone can be happy all the time. I just want to say that paxil might not be for everyone. You need to find what is right for you. For me it is paxil.

I was on Lexapro for a while until I started having panic attacks that wound me up in the hostpial, sedated. I'm 17, no kid should have to deal with that. I was switched to Paxil by the hospital without any real knowledge of the drug. I've been on Paxil for almost a year and now I'm starting to go off of it. I was forced cold turkey a few times because of missed perscription refills,

I had horrible shocks that started in my calvs and zapped me up in the head so hard that i would pass out. i threw up, didn't eat, cried for no reason, felt the room spinning, saw things that weren't there, extreme headache and exhaustion.

i am currently trying to go off of the drug and i've been feeling the effects of the minor withdrawal towards the evening when it wears off. if anyone has any advice on natural remedies that help with the withdrawals, please email me at THANKS!

Hi everyone:
It has been very helpful for me to read all the stories about what Paxil has done for you all. I have been paxil for a year and a half and now I want my life back. I am weaning myself off of the drug with the help of my doctor and my husband has a close eye on me. I have noticed alreay that I get angry faster and am real emotional. I also feel very tired and have dreams that seem so real. My body aches and I have had muscle cramps.When I was on the med, I was even in my emotions and I missed my competitiveness and some of the feelings emotionally. I am going to beat these withdrawl symptoms. I feel good one day and then the next tired and weepy. My drive to workout is gone and I just want to hang at home or in my car and not go anywhere. Does anyone else feel that way? I feel ugly and fat and like everyone is looking at me. Let me know if you feel like that. Well, this is my 3rd week of taking 1/2 of a dose which is 20mg and then tomorrow I will take 1/2 a pill for two days and then no pill for one day and do that for 2 weeks. I am also getting body massages once a week to get the toxins I am trying and hope I will succeed.

I have been taking paxil CR for a month now. I must say that the nervous, anxious, and panic feelings have passed since taking this medicine, the only side effect I have (that i know of) is sexual side effects. Which I heard could be dealt with if you mix wellbutrin with paxil. Anyway, im scheduled to stay on paxil for 5 months, and then gradually quit. I will deal with the withdrawl syptoms as long as they dont last, as long as my anxiety stays gone, it will be well worth it

My name is Lisa. 0ne year ago, after having troubles maintianing employement and suffering from stress of working at McDondals, I decided to get tested to see what was wrong with me. For years I had moments of Aggerisviness, sadness, anixety, and irratiblity. I was also in Special Ed up untill grade 12 because I was told that I had a learning disablity. Anywase on April 1st 2003 I went to the Human Recourses off in Red Deer, AB, Canada and spent a hole day being tested for leaning and emontial disavantages. 3 weeks later on April 31st, my mother and I went back to Human Rescourses and was told by this neumorologist that I had what was known as Organic Brain Syndrome which is associated with Depression. At this time I was also suffering from severe headaches, chest pains, and Insomia. The doctor told me that I would need to be put on medication right away and that I would need to see a counsilor regualy. After hearing this I started crying my eyes out and feared for my future. I was also told that if I wanted to go to college, I would need to take this program called Transitional Vocational Program (which I am now in). 1 year of trying to obtain my high school diploma (which I got in 2002) had just gone down the drain and I would need to quit my job at Mcdondals. So one month later I was put on Paxil. After being on the drug for a few weeks in May of 2003 I noticed a lot of things. I was tired, had stomach aches, Nausous, terrible heades, and still was sad.... but I stayed on it; untill December when I noticed I was running low on my prescription. So I missed the pill for 3 days and guess what happened? I had a crying spell that was so bad that my doctor forcesed me to spend the weekend in the hospital. But I never allowed that to happen. Instead I phoned my mom, and stayed with her and my step-father at their place all weekend. I also got my prescription re-filled and started taking again.

Now here we are on April 16th 2003 and in the Red Deer College libary after having an appointment with the psychologist and feeling confused and worried about going off the drug again and onto a new drug called effexor. Oh what am I to do? I don't want to go to the psych ward...ever. I want my life back. Already I'm lonely and having thoughts again of sucidie... But I would never go though with it. I have any advice... email me at

I have been taking paxil cr for about two months now. I was told that I would not feel anything for about a week. Within 30 minutes after taking it I was really really high. This went on for three days. After that the next two nights I was up puking. Then after that passed I started having really bad dreams. Yes it did help with my stress and panic. But it seems like as soon as one syptom is over another starts. Now after reading this I want to stop taking it asap. I will talk to my doctor cuase i would rather be nervous then not be me.

I stopped in to read about paxil out of curiosity. I have been on 20mg since Summer 1998, prior to that my life was restricted to familiar places, no going out to eat, no trips, headaches, nasea, terrible dreams, sleep walking , halucinations, lack of appitite, new phobias, trouble concentrating. I was locked in a depressed 'box' from ages 3 to 28, I missed out as the world passed me by. I take paxil daily and wouldnt dream of going off of it. I am finally normal, the only side effects I can think of is a decreased labido, minor........\
After reading all these horor stories, perhaps paxil and the other drugs like it are being over-perscribed, or maybe I am just one of the lucky ones. Nonetheless, I am moving to quickly forward, am not looking back,,,,,

I took paxil for over 2 years. I was numb for 2 years. I didn't care about anything, I couldn't feel any emotion (good or bad) and I had absolutely no sex drive. I was severely depressed the last 6 months I was on the drug. I quit it cold turkey which was a big mistake. My skin felt like it was crawling and I felt a shocking sensation almost continuously for about a week. After that, I started taking 10mg for several days to wein myself off it. On about the 3rd day of that I attempted suicide. Needless to say, I'm off paxil now. My dr. now has me taking effexor xr and has just started me on wellbutrin as well. So far this has worked out well for me. The wellbutrin makes my skin itch and I have terrible hot flashes but the depression is under control and the mood swings are at a minimum.

I started Paxil three days ago, and last night I ended up in the emergency room. I didnt know what was wrong with me, I felt like I was going to die. I started falling asleep and awoke myself almost choking and gasping for air. I crawled out of bed and when I stood up I felt like I was going to pass out. I started this drug to help for minor symptoms of fatigue. It was only 12.5 mg. I felt a hot flush through my body. I called a neighbor to take me to the hospital. My children were in bed so she took them to her house. When I got to the hospital and I told them that I was on paxil they immediately knew what was wrong. I immediately went into a panic/anxiety attack. They gave me a drug to counter act the paxil. All I want to do is sleep. I was ordered to go off of the paxil immediately. So now I decided to look up side effects and found this site. I am very angry that there is a drug like this that can harm people the way it did me. Not only was I scared for my life, but I was also scared for my children's life. I honestly thought that I was going to die. I would never recommed anyone taking this drug. I urge anyone to AVOID paxil!!!

I took Paxil for over 4 years. I was extremely depressed at the time when I was prescribed 20mg to start with. I was seeing a therapist at the time. It worked well in the beginning but my depression came back. My dosage was increased up to 50mg before long. again, that worked for a while then the CR came out. I switched to that, and yet again it seemed to help. While on the medication, I attempted suicide and was hospitalized for a short period of time. I was put on other medications as well and went home thinking everything was going to be okay. time went on and things didn't get better. I eventually took myself off all of the medication and slowly weaned myself off of the paxil. I knew what the withdrawal was like previously when my insurance was inactive and i was without it for almost a month. I have now been off it for about 3-4 months, and things are starting to go to hell again. I get so angry and want to lash out sometimes, I even scare myself. I am suicidal again and don't know know how I am going to fight it. I don't know if this is because i took and now don't take the paxil I once did. I am going back to the doctor to find out what's going on before I lose it and end up trying to succeed again at my failed attempt last year. If anyone can give me suggestions of any kind please e-mail me at Thank you

My father was prescribed this drug while in a nursing home recoevring from surgery. He had been taking it for only 2 days when he was discharged. The next day he took his life with a gunshot to his head. This happened a week ago. He complained of being very cold, a loss of energy and sleeplessness. I had no idea this drug was so dangerous and believe it caused him to take his life. Why is this drug still on the market?

I took Paxil a few yrs ago with success and had no side effects and
had a few days of feeling a bit ill when I went off it.
Several months ago I started it
again for sleep. I have been
having terrible bouts of sweating
and have had blurred vision in
the central part of my visual
field. I went to my ophthalmologist who told me I had
(drusen) spots on the retina,
which make me predisposed to macular degeneration. I am going
off of Paxil (only 10 mg per day)
over the next week. I will report
what happens.

Virginia Karwoski on May 1, 2004 1:17 PM

I have been taking Paxil for about 7 years now for a depressive/anxiety disorder. Before I started taking this drug, I lived pretty much in a black hell. This drug, for me, has been a godsend. I did suffer with symptoms the first 31 days and then they were gone for the most part. This drug is a new type of anti depressants that can leave one jittery and with side affects; but most of the anti depressants have the same affects. The affects are different on different people. Not ALL people suffer these as the comments above. If it were not for Paxil, I doubt I would be a functional person. It is wise to remember that doctors, even though they prescribe medications, cannot keep up with all the side affects of everything that they prescribe. Consult a pharmacist or your medical guide BEFORE embarking on a journey with any drug. If you read 99% of all anti depressant side affects, they will list pretty much the same thing with exceptions. It is true, one should NEVER stop a drug cold turkey. Paxil and other anti dpressants change your brain chemestry, that is just what they do. The affects will be different for different people. If it affects you and makes you ill - talk to your doctor and find the best appraoch to stop taking the drug. For others like me, who lives for 30 years with anxiety and panic attacks; and black depression, I am happy, at present with the help of this drug.

I recently was prescribed Paxil, but didn't take it right away. I was on Prozac a few years ago and knew how that caused me to wind up in the hospital 7 or 8 times. After returning home from a trip, I decided to begin taking Paxil. The first day I could feel results in myself. By day 2 my husband and family were telling me how different and pleasant I was. Today is my 6th day and I feel terrible. I can't sleep .. don't eat ..feel completely emotionless and have absolutely no sex drive(unable to orgasm). I also wake up abruptly once I do fall asleep...sometimes to nightmares and other times for no explained reason. It's hard for me to even get my days started...I feel like staying in bed. I used to abuse street drugs..and thought this would help me stay away from all of that...but I feel it is making it worse. I am not sure what to do. Is it hopeless to even consider stopping now? I am afraid of all the side effects of stopping. Good luck to everyone else who is having troubles with this drug.

Jenna, you should stick with it, it usually takes awhile for the drug to begin working. Its rough at first, stay strong. If you arent feeling better within 4 or 5 weeks, then you should talk with your doctor. Ive been on paxil for about 6 weeks now and I think its getting better every day. I still have a hard time reaching orgasm, but atleast I dont panic everytime I go out.

I am so thankful for comming across this site!! I was just prescribed Paxil for my anxiety/panic disorder a couple of days ago. It's funny because I am one of those 'scary berries' that do not try anything controversial.

I read some of the side effects from the leaflet that came with the drug and realized that it was contraindictory to the symptoms of anxiety. If I am already feeling nervous and shaky, why would I want to take a pill that would have nervousness and jittery as side effects? So I have not yet taken them.

I was also prescribed Buspirone for the actual panick attacks and am iffy about those too. All of your comments have helped me in my decision to not take them. I understand that to some, it has helped, but I cannot take the chance.

I have been living with anxiety disorder for the last 6 years now. The first couple of years were terrible but eventually the symptoms tapered off. It is now 6 years later, I am 24, and the only time I feel panicky is at work when it gets too busy. I work in a gaming industry which doesn't help. I even told my doctor that I get anxiety only when I work. I guess you could call this agoraphobia which is what happens when anxiety is left untreated. Your anxiety is reduced to places you fear you will panick and avoid those situations.

I wish there was an answer for us that suffer these disorders that everyone else just can't seem to understand. I have taken Kava Kava (a natural calming herbal pill) a couple of times before I go to work but sometimes they make my heart palpitate.

I have even thought about taking other natural herbal medicine that can help with panicks. Is there anything out there that can help with anxiety/panic that will help rather than hurt us?? I really would like to know because this is a debilitating disease. I am now afraid that I cannot go back to work. Then I will suffer both mentally and physically of not being able to support my family.

I was in paxil for two years. I have now been off of it for two weeks. I weaned myself off of it as instructed by my doctor. Unfortunately, I still feel like shit. I agree with a lot of people who have posted previously, somedays are worse than others. On good days I just feel dizzy and nauseous. On bad days, like today, I can't concentrate on anything. I am dizzy, I feel like I am experiencing things third person, I am nauseous, I am itchy, I don't want to leave my house, I cry for no apparent reason, I can't sleep, I feel disgusting about myself. This just generally sucks. When I read about how it takes years to get it out of my system, it makes me want to puke. I seriously hope that it leaves me sooner than that. I am in college, I should be enjoying myself, not trying to get off an addicting drug. I am very angry that my doctor didn't tell me about the side effects, or the withdrawals. That is just not right.

I recently got into a relatively major car accident, and have been experiencing [what I'm told is] post-concussive syndrome and post-traumatic stress disorder. I have been experiencing anxiety attacks, am extremely depressed, irate, and short-tempered, I feel detached from everyone, and I don't feel like anything in my life is significant anymore. My GP prescribed Paxil for me today, and I'm obviously apprehensive about it to say the least... After reading the remarks in this forum, I don't know what to do. Do I continue living like a shadow of a person I once was (I am not even living anymore; I'm simply "being"), or do I risk all the side-effects for an attempt at the restoration of my sanity? I've never even taken so much as a Tylenol, let alone any prescription drug. I'm scared, worried, and torn. What to do?

[moderator comment: one of the best things to do right after something bad happens is to minimize how often you think about that specific event. the problem with remembering tragic events is that each time we remember something we re remember it creating a new brain impression. often times this flags the fear driven chemical responses that originally is as if the bad thing is happening all over again.

i always recommend trying natural alternatives first, because (as you have read) it is not always easy to get off these types of drugs if they are mis prescribed. I use 5 HTP when I feel bad, but I nave never been diagnosed with PTSD or anything like that.
best o luck

Jane, some people have great success with paxil cr and mild symptoms, the only one I have now is sexual side affects. I say give it a try, you dont want to live as you are, do you? I dont know why so many people on this board are having problems, everyone is negative here. This other board I visit, almost everyone has had success with paxil. Its best to take lower dosage and work your way up to 20mg a day. well Good Luck

Helpful site. The best info is before a dr. starts a pt. on Paxil, serotonin levels should be measured--but they never are.

I have been on Paxil for several years and recently have become a vegan and decided to quit gradually. I am now down to 1/2 pill every other day and am beginning to feel more myself--connected and not so spacey.

Thanks for this site--it's hard to find.

To anybody wondering if they should start any kind of antidepr. my advice is don`t. Ihave gotten my life completly ruined from paxil. It was bad when I was on it , no sexdrive no emotions, terrible migraines,flulikesymt. etc. When I missed a dose I was very nauseous and dizzy. Had to spend one year tapering the dosage. The worse was yet to come - one month without, and I got this terrible adrenalinkick,euforish, and a very bad anxiaty attack. Today two years later I am not able to sleep at all,cannot work and my heart is pounding 24/7. Iwas before paxil this very calm, harmonic person, and I know I would have gotten over a sudden depr.(set on by the death of my parent) without med. ;but this was 10 years ago, and I was told it had no sideeffects. Bullshit It is a lot better to be severly depressed than this. A depr passes and leaves you stronger when you get over it. My advice is seeing a classical acupuncturist, they do wonders and no sideeffects.Good luck. Srrimed. permanently changes the brainchemistry and makes you dependent, I know I`ve been there, not the doctor who is brainwashed by the industry. The doc`s should try to take it for a year if it is as harmless as they claim. Very bad drug, not only paxil but all the other antidepr. I have resurched as well. It is not a healing drug, all it does is put a lid on your emotions.

annejensen on May 15, 2004 12:30 PM

wow people,
I took myself off this*&%$ paxil 6 days ago and I cannot believe what I have gone throughI'm going to see my Doc in 5 min. to give let himknow how bad this really is.Great site I'm glad I found it and I'll report back when i hae more time

Thanks Gregg

I was diagnosed with anxiety disorder 2 1/2 weeks ago and my doctor prescribed to me both paxil and another drug. Although my anxiety has vanished in a few aspects I continually have severe headaches whenever I bend over or when my head is not still (most of the time). I am extremely concerned and wondering if anybody else had these same side effects after beginning with paxil.
thanks alot

I myself am just beginning high school and worried sick. I have missed the entire month so far and its ruining my life (both paxil and the anxiety). My side effects are urinary problem, terrible migraine/headache where it feels like liquid in my head, pain in neck glands. increased heart rate, loss of sex drive, tingling sensations. I have only been on paxil for 6 days, 10 mg per day. Its a small dose and yet i am feeling the effects. Help me please!!

I am so glad that I looked at this sight and I am not alone. I was taking paxil cr for about 4 weeks, It felt like it made me feel worse, so I stopped taking it. It has been 2 1/2 weeks and I have been going through pure hell. I have been sweating really bad, I have the worst nightmares, I am very jumpy, very, very dizzy, nauseated, shaky, and my mood is up and down without any reason. One minute I will be happy and the next I will be crying and yelling at someone. If I would have never went to this sight I would not have known that these symptoms were coming from paxil. I was just thinking the other night that either I am dying or I am going crazy! I was even contemplating suicide because I have been so emotional and moody. This is scary! They should take paxil off of the market.

Wow, after reading all of the emails above I am concerned. I starting taking Paxil at least 6 years ago for panic attacks. I had suffered on and off again with panic attacks for twenty years when 6 years ago they hit with an intensity that threatened my ability to work and care for my family. After seeking council and medical advice I was sent to a doctor who perscribed the Paxil. I initially worked up to a dosage of 30 mg but after a period of time I went down to 20mg with absolutly no negative effects. I have been at this level for 5 1/2 years and I must say it has saved my everyday life. I have been panic attack free and have gained a stability and confidence in life that I had not possessed since my early twenties. While I have only praise for Paxil I did start a search tonight to see if there was a connection between Paxil and weight gain. That has been the only potential side effect from the drug over the years. At least until finding this site, I had pretty much thought that I would take Paxil forever. Now I am concerned and am not sure what to think. If it works so well for me with no negative reactions, is there any reason for me to attempt to get off of it?

I started taking Paxil CR about 3 months ago because I was going through a very stressfull time in my life. I recently decided I would prefer addressing my stress in other ways besides medication and have decided to go off of it. I went from 25 mg to 12.5; I have been taking 12.5mg for 5 days and I can't believe how bad my withdrawal symptoms are. I have sweats (they feel like hot flashes) and I have been nauseas. I just had a dizzy spell, that's when I started digging through the internet for some more information on stopping Paxil CR. I first looked through the Paxil CR website, but couldn't find anything (big surprise) and then I found this website. I'm going to stick to the 12.5 mg for at least the next 3 weeks, then I'm going to quit completely. I can't imagine what my withdrawal symptoms would be like if I were to stop cold turkey since I'm having all these horrible symptoms just from weaning myself off!

I started taking Paxil CR about 3 months ago because I was going through a very stressfull time in my life. I recently decided I would prefer addressing my stress in other ways besides medication and have decided to go off of it. I went from 25 mg to 12.5; I have been taking 12.5mg for 5 days and I can't believe how bad my withdrawal symptoms are. I have sweats (they feel like hot flashes) and I have been nauseas. I just had a dizzy spell, that's when I started digging through the internet for some more information on stopping Paxil CR. I first looked through the Paxil CR website, but couldn't find anything (big surprise) and then I found this website. I'm going to stick to the 12.5 mg for at least the next 3 weeks, then I'm going to quit completely. I can't imagine what my withdrawal symptoms would be like if I were to stop cold turkey since I'm having all these horrible symptoms just from weaning myself off!

I have been taking paxil CR 12.5 mg for 1 1/2 years. after my mother died. after going on line and reading about all the symptoms of withdrawal I got really concerned. I have been having throat tightness diarrhea and other wierd symptoms no sexual drive, no mitavation to do anything, weeight gain 20 LBS.... I felt I couldnt stay on the drug and felt I couldnt get off the drug I immediately became so scared. Called my Doctor. on vacation. so I put myself on a every other day withdrawal schedual myself. then I stopped. After 5 days without paxil at all, I immediately feel more motivation even cleaning my home ...I feel like walking I feel more clear in my head. I have some minor flu like symptoms and some monor zapping when I move my eyes or turn my head suddenly but this small imporvemnet in how I feel makes me realize how much of life i have been missing. I drink lots of water and that helps alot to flush out the drug. I read some where that the drug remains in your fat cells for 2 years that is ridiculous. I feel immediately better. granted I am NOT on a large dose so Im sure that it is harder to go off a large dose. I will never jepardize my cognitive self again. Susan

I am not sure what to do. My Doctor put me on Paxil for Anxiety and i am on day 6. It seems that with each day that gos buy i feel worse then when i started. Now reading all this stuff i am not sure if i should wean myself off of this stuf iam on 20 mg.

Brad Jansen on June 10, 2004 4:11 PM

this letter is for lisa. hi my name is mary. i am also taking paxil have been for 4 months now. I have suffered from side effects but now they almost all gone the only problem i have now is that i am tired all the time i also have stomack ackes and am nauseous most of the time.I do not want to eat and have battling depression for the last week i am going to the doctor in a couple of weeks to see what he suggests,my co-worker had the same problems and they switched her to zoloft, maybe you need to find a better pill to go on but do not go off it becauses taking the right pill is better than dealing with depression. I also have trouble keeping my thoughts straight

I take Paxil and am trying to wean off of it...can somebody describe to me exactly what the whooshing and zapping feeling are and what they feel like??

I am on day 22 of taking paxil cr 12.5 for panic attacks that I had once every couple weeks or once a month if that. Also for a quick temper and unhappiness. I have experienced daily panic attacks since starting while driving, everyday since I started. I start drivng and get dizzy while driving than panicky and have had to pull off of the freeway. My dr.s nurse told me to give it 3-4 weeks and it should go away. Has anyone had this happen??? please comment.

Hi just thought i would add to all the terrible comments and side affects of paxil. I have been on paxil for 3 years now, ive been talking suicide lots, My fiance wants me to see a shrink cause she thinks i have problems, she also said i was never like this before we have been going out for 14 years now but in the last three years i almost lost everything. Im depressed, why i dont know, too many people in one room gives me anxiety, It also does not help me when i drink i like to have a couple on the weekend but it just screws me right up, not nowing what i have done the night before and thats is only having 6 drinks. I used to drink lots before so i know its the pills, I get very angry at the fiance, which she is such a hard worker, and sometimes i dont know how she puts up with me, and u know the doctors dont even try to wean me off or change to something with a little less side affects i wake up in the morning cold sweat, that does not feel well at all

been taking paxil for 6 months, tried to stop, boy was that a mistake. I turned into a babbling, sobbing, shaking, sweating, dizzy, trembling, worthless human being. Went to another doctor who gave me weaning advice. After 2 weeks at 10mg I stopped. i was dizzy. i had zaps, my eyes hurt, and i forgot a lot. now its been five days and the side effects are slowly deminishing. I am praying for complete escape from these vicious side effects. i dont know which nightmare was worse before the paxil or trying to get off of paxil.

I have been taking paxcil cr 12.5mg for about 1 yr. and have no problems. Until June 25,2004 around 7:30 pm in NC, I'm an over the road truck driver one minute I was in my lane and the next thing I knew I was up against the guard rail, i'm not sure but I think I blacked out, has any one else experencied this while taking this drug?

Stanley Kendrick,Jr. on June 27, 2004 10:05 PM

been taking paxil for 6 months, tried to stop, boy was that a mistake. I turned into a babbling, sobbing, shaking, sweating, dizzy, trembling, worthless human being. Went to another doctor who gave me weaning advice. After 2 weeks at 10mg I stopped. i was dizzy. i had zaps, my eyes hurt, and i forgot a lot. now its been five days and the side effects are slowly deminishing. I am praying for complete escape from these vicious side effects. i dont know which nightmare was worse before the paxil or trying to get off of paxil. Oh did I mention the heartbeats that flutter. I felt like my heart was not beating properly. I was very afraid

been taking paxil for 6 months, tried to stop, boy was that a mistake. I turned into a babbling, sobbing, shaking, sweating, dizzy, trembling, worthless human being. Went to another doctor who gave me weaning advice. After 2 weeks at 10mg I stopped. i was dizzy. i had zaps, my eyes hurt, and i forgot a lot. now its been five days and the side effects are slowly deminishing. I am praying for complete escape from these vicious side effects. i dont know which nightmare was worse before the paxil or trying to get off of paxil. Oh did I mention the heartbeats that flutter. I felt like my heart was not beating properly. I was very afraid.

I keep trying to get a link to my e mail address and it doesnt work, so i will add my email address here. I have been taking paxil for 6 months, tried to stop, boy was that a mistake. I turned into a babbling, sobbing, shaking, sweating, dizzy, trembling, worthless human being. Went to another doctor who gave me weaning advice. After 2 weeks at 10mg I stopped. i was dizzy. i had zaps, my eyes hurt, and i forgot a lot. now its been five days and the side effects are slowly deminishing. I am praying for complete escape from these vicious side effects. i dont know which nightmare was worse before the paxil or trying to get off of paxil. Oh did I mention the heartbeats that flutter. I felt like my heart was not beating properly. I was very afraid

Thanks for this site....I've been on Paxil 12.5mg for 5 1/2 months now and I'm starting to have sweats and I'm extremely tired all of the i'm going to wean myself off....I'm going to start taking one everyother day, If anyone would like to join me in this weaning let me know....I also think we should band together and start a class action lawsuit....though we may not get very much, we may just help some people save themselves from this miserable drug.
feel free to write me...

I have used Paxil for the past year and, have not tried to stop because it help s me a great deal. Although I am interested in this site due to most of you having side effects. I t has not happen to me but I started on 10mg after 5 months I thought it wasn't working anymore I asked the Dr. if this can be raised and he did raise it to 20mg 1 time each day. I feel better than I did before starting it. This seems like a life saver to me, but now I am worried where to find more info on this drug Paxil they all tell me it's not additive. I have never been addicted to anything. I am a 49 year old woman who needed some calming due to family issues thats all and I thought all this time this has been good for me.

Hi, I have been weaning myself with the help of my Dr...It is terribly difficult...Started Paxil in 1998 and I am "zapping" as I write...Went from 30 mgs. to 12.5 CR and the first few days were AWFUL...Late to work due to mental fatigue, intense dreams, and sadness...Sex drive immediately went UP yet, the other withdrawal sx's are entirely mixing me up...confusion and sadness are lingering...It has gotten better lately...and I find running on the treadmill greatly helps...I am afraid that I will feel this way forever...Paxil helped with LONG bout of panic disorder and depression from PTSD. Paxil helped me achieve a great just seemed that the minute I missed a dose, I was thrown into this frenzied state so that is what caused me to want to wean far I have been off Paxil entirely for 5 days now...I have a prescription for Zoloft but am REAL hesitant to go, I will try hard to stay focused and not go back to SSRI's...I am nervous about the future but desperately want to be free...IF only the ZAPS would stop I think I would be fine...they are the worst...

Can you tell me what ZAPS are??

zaps are shocking sensations (often times painful) you feel in your brain.

Zaps are the shocks that start what feels like behind my eyeballs only to echo down to towards my ears and back of my neck...It is the most troubling sx of withdrawal. I am VERY happy to report that so far the withdrawals have subsided...the ZAPs are less intense everyday.
I feel HOPE!! I have worked out my entire life and cannot stress anymore how that has helped with the frustrations of both having a mental illness and having these withdrawal sx's. I am so far not experiencing the panic/anxiety/depression I had long long struggles with...Today is a day to celebrate~

I started reading all the info on this site as my husband has been taking paxil for the past 4 years. He also has alot of other medical problems and was feeling depressed after having to go on a disability pension... For the past two years he has been having major spasms of his whole body and at first we really thought it was because of his diabetes , however over the last 6 months i beleive all the symptoms he has are related to the paxil... He has difficulty sleeping and then can go days on end in bed not able to get up. He has this swoosh sound in his ears and knows that the sweating and spasing is going to start. Last night he got such a bad headache that he thought that he was going to have a stroke... His neck was tight and his whole upper body was spasing...

Now his doctor tell him it's probable because of the drugs he took close to 30 years ago... My husband knows what addiction is all about and has overcome this in his life... he was a supervisor for a detox for years and i am a nurse and counsellor ... after reading all the articles I'm more sure than ever that he needs to get off the paxil..... Yes it will be a very slow process and a difficult one but it has to be done.... My 24 year old daugther has been taking this drug for 2 months and we have began looking into her getting off it also... I cant say that the paxil didn't help in the beginning .. but now even our MD has a hard time agreeing that this is why my hubby has all these seems like the medical professional listen and then forget about the problems we have .. if anyone can help ... or if you have the same problems all I can tell you is that we really need to hold on to our faith as it sure has been one heck of a ride,,,, thanks for listening

I started reading all the info on this site as my husband has been taking paxil for the past 4 years. He also has alot of other medical problems and was feeling depressed after having to go on a disability pension... For the past two years he has been having major spasms of his whole body and at first we really thought it was because of his diabetes , however over the last 6 months i beleive all the symptoms he has are related to the paxil... He has difficulty sleeping and then can go days on end in bed not able to get up. He has this swoosh sound in his ears and knows that the sweating and spasing is going to start. Last night he got such a bad headache that he thought that he was going to have a stroke... His neck was tight and his whole upper body was spasing...

Now his doctor tell him it's probable because of the drugs he took close to 30 years ago... My husband knows what addiction is all about and has overcome this in his life... he was a supervisor for a detox for years and i am a nurse and counsellor ... after reading all the articles I'm more sure than ever that he needs to get off the paxil..... Yes it will be a very slow process and a difficult one but it has to be done.... My 24 year old daugther has been taking this drug for 2 months and we have began looking into her getting off it also... I cant say that the paxil didn't help in the beginning .. but now even our MD has a hard time agreeing that this is why my hubby has all these seems like the medical professional listen and then forget about the problems we have .. if anyone can help ... or if you have the same problems all I can tell you is that we really need to hold on to our faith as it sure has been one heck of a ride,,,, thanks for listening

I have been on Paxil for about 6 months on 10 mg. I deceided to ween myself off with the instruction of my doctor of taking it 1 another day for 2 weeks. After a week of being completely off of it I had these weird sensations in my leg that wouldn't let me sleep and was very uncomfortable. I called the hospital, on-call dr told me it was most likely Restless Leg Syndrome, probably from paxil withdrawal. I'm a bit scared, and worried and wondering if anyone else has the same problem that I do? And if they do, any encouragement or advice on alleviation? Thanks! : )

I have been on Paxil 20mg for six months due to a pannic attack. I stopped taking Paxil 4 days ago and the dreams and the zaps are hard to deal with. I have not had to bad of headaches but the zaps and the bad attitude I have are hard to deal with. If anyone has been taking this for about six months and can help me know how long this will last and the best way to deal with the side effects that I am having, please let me know what to do. I would appreciate anyones comments, work is difficult and my wife thinks that I am crazy and that I am only suffering because I have read what other people are going through. Please let me know anything and how long this will last.

Michael Boone on July 19, 2004 9:50 AM

Been on paxil for about 5 weeks and let me tell you I feel prety good before when I used to visite my daughters away fgrom home when I left to come home I was sad for about a week now I feel good still miss them but a diferent way I take 10mg per day at night at first it felt funny but know its all right

i am 63 year old female.about 5 years ago iwent through a divorce and had been having anxiety attacks before that for a number of years. i went on paxil 10 mg. for a year and had no side effects going off it, as i went down to 5mg for a week, and then 5 every other day for a few weeks and then down to one a week. then because i had to go back into the work force and there was a great deal of stress-i went back on it and have been on it ever since. i take a 20 mg tablet, cut it in half and take it every other day, or 5 mg a day. it has been an absolute life saver for me. it has calmed my down 100% and i have had no more anxiety attacks.
6 days ago i started a generic, apotex, and the first few days i had a headache, dizziness and nausea--just as i did when i 1st started paxil. by the 3rd day a had a mild anxiety attack. it is the 6th day and i just called my dr. to get me back on the regular paxil. i really don't want the paxil cr--timed release-as you shouldn't cut it in half unless the pill is scored.
i am having a panic attack just reading this sight.
this site seems rather one sided as i do feel it has helped millions of people with anxiety disorder--i'd rather be dead than to feel what i felt for 5 years or so before going on paxil. i am hoping the key to this is being on as little as possible. after reading this i may try and take it every 3rd day instead of 5 mg. every other.
i feel such sympathy for all the people that are having these side effects. i am afraid it might be a little late for me, so i am going to hope i never have to go off it because i think i might go nuts. thank you for this site.

I was on paxil for 8 months for depression/mood swings. On Only 20mg I experienced sexual side effects that left me feeling more depressed than before. 8 months later I had horrible chest pains so I went to the emergency room. They told me that I had a large blood clot in my lung and that it was very dangerous. I was hospitalized for 6 days and had to stay on blood thinning medication for 6 months. They couldn't understand why someone my age would have that. Well it turns out that it's a RARE side effect of paxil that no one even bothered to mention. It could have cost me my life. So my dr took me off the paxil and switched me to Zoloft. Zoloft was not good. I felt depressed the whole time. Moody. I decided that I didn't want to take medication anymore because all of the side effect and ups and downs were just too much. It's been about 6 days and the withdrawals are horrible. I have a really bad swooshing happening all the time. It's hard to focus on one thing. I feel the electrical zaps and sometimes it feels like things are happening in slow motion. If I had it to do over I would of stayed away from paxil and Zoloft. It just wasn't worth what I had to go through and the effects that I am feeling now.

I started on paxil two 1/2 months ago and had been off paxil for two weeks and during those two weeks experienced the worst withdrawals I could ever imagine. I'm a recovering drug addict and have struggled to find the correct drug to help with depression/anxiety and obsessive/compulsive behavior. I know full well the effects of coming off alcohol, pain pill, etc. and they do not hold a candle to coming off paxil. Just within the last four days, the worst of the worst started happening to my body. From what felt like an overdose of I don't know what but feelings of shocking thru my body, my face and lips would felt like there were pins being stuck in them, nausea, abdominal pain, etc. I also had the jitters, my speech was funny and mixed up, and I couldn't keep one thought in my head before another would come blasting in. And my behavior was brutal. As an addict, the behavior was all so very familiar. I was in a rage one minute, and would break down crying the next, extremely irritable and felt like there were bugs climbing all over me. When reading up on this drug, I found this article. My doctor has put me back on 25mg of paxil just today and he has told me that is the only way to stop these withdrawals and we'll have to slowly slowly take you off paxil in the future. I have been so bloody miserable that I am at a point of no return. Last night I felt like there was no reason to live and couldn't think of one thing to do to pull myself out of the funk I was in. My husband and I have a 2 year old daughter and my behavior towards both of them (as very very hard as I tried) was not nice. The thing is, I have really really struggled to stay clean and was going on what I thought was a really hopeful road and during the time I was on this horrible drug, I did relapse, and I relapsed hard. I'm scared and not sure of what's next. I'm just staying close to my support system of people who can help and pray alot. I hope they do something soon regarding taking this poison off the market. I dread for anyone to go thru what I've read about thus far and experienced myself. Thanks for listening - Deb

Debbie Shelton on August 2, 2004 7:13 PM

I was prescribed Paxil for sleeping disorder I had a few months ago. I was started on 10mg, then slowly worked my way up to 40mg with no success. I didn't experience severe side effects from the paxil, but I drank at least a six pack a night, and was comfortable with it. I really didn't give a flippity fluff-nutter about anything while on Paxil. My sleeping problem did't improve. My sex drive diminished after I realized that "getting-off" was impossible. I got fed up with the stuff and decided to quit cold turkey from the 40mg. That was a bad mistake. I started to experience the same symptoms listed above and I agree, they are hell. I started back on 20mg for a week and then reduced myself to 10mg. Taking a small 40mg pill and smashing it up a few times and eating what I thought was 10mg of powder was a real trick. I could not forget to take the crap w/ plenty of water, because it really tore up my stomach if I did not flush it down. It has been 5 days now, and the zaps, whooshing, crazy dreams when I do sleep, 3rd person feeling, and anger are still there. I get real sick of the zaps. It feels like a low voltage shock going through my whole body. Just typing this I get jolted when moving my eyes around. Sometimes it seems a little less each morning I get up, but it will hit me hard when I least expect it. It feels almost like I am going to pass out at times when I am walking along. I feel better knowing that I am not the only one that is experiencing these effects. I just hope somebody will read this before taking Paxil and that the FDA will do something about this crap. Good luck to all.

I started taking Paxil June 03 for panic Disorder and sleep disorder,anxiety and also most important to me my family, I found myself losing control of my angey that scared me to death.i needed something to come me down. So i went to my doctor for a ckeck up and also told her about what was going on inside my mind.She started me on paxil (12.5mg)
it took about a month for me to see the diffenice in myself it was a good feeling to have some of control of my life back. i did see some of my sex drive decreace but i was stillable to get up hahahah. The frist sign i did see was when i forgot to take it one day, I got dizzy spells i know that was a side effect from the get go,So i blew it off and took the paxil the next day.Then around Oct of 03 . For some reason i stop taking the drug. I was ok for a wire then i started to get headaches ,dizzy spells,sleep disorder came back,Anxiety.I delt with it. Until two days Ago when i when back to the doctors and got back on it.Maybe a good choices or maybe not. Time will
tell. I feel now i need this .

Barry Gentile on August 5, 2004 9:07 AM

I have been taking paxil for over 10 years! I was taking it for a couple of years, and decided I didn't need it anymore, so I quit cold turkey. At that time, we didn't know about the side effects of this drug. After being off of it for about a week, I was having vertigo so bad that I couldn't hold my head up. My husband took me to the emergency room to see what was wrong with me, and they came to the conclusion that it was withdrawl from the paxil. So rather than suffer any longer, I just started taking it again. At one point I tried weening myself off of it. It took me three months to go from a 20ml pill to 1/8 of that same pill, taking a little off of it every day. By then my nerves were shot, I was drinking heavily, and considered suicide. So, my doctor put me back on paxil, but instead of 20ml a day, he upped it to 40ml a day. It has been about a year since that happened, and I am still taking 40ml a day, but I have severe vertigo, my head makes this swishing noise when I move, and my nerves are shot. I have also come to wonder about some other symptoms I am having. I have extreme itching that no doctor has been able to diagnose, so they just give me claritin for it. I also have extreme muscle twitching, usually at night. The doctor said is is restless leg syndrome, but if that is what it is, then why does my back, arms, hips, neck, and legs twitch? Sometimes I twitch soo much it feels like I am having a seizure. Could these be due to the paxil as well? All of this is happening while I am taking paxil, not from coming off of it, and now I may have to up my dosage, because it is not working for me!

i've been on regular paxil mainly tried cr i have severe panic/anxiety/depression with agriphobia which causes me to be unable to function pretty much at all without medicinal help...when i started taking it i yawned alot, slept alot, hand numbness and in my jaw, and major weight gain in less than 1 year(80 lbs), no sexual feelings at all and when i was with my husband i either get extremely dried out really fast or i can't orgasm, causing serious marital disfunction (thank god for a loving husband)if you can find a better way such as prozac or welbutrin please please please do so the side effects of paxil are not worth a life time of pain!!!! the drug was great while i was on it for the first 3 years, then it just stopped working...not completely but i started getting minor panic attacks again (nothing alittle xanax couldn't cure) i tried the paxil cr and it did nothing for that i'm weening off the paxil i feel like i'm going to die, if you knew the side effects of coming off you would probably never start it...

my coming off side effects:
feeling worthless, eye foaters, irritability, nonstop headaches, tremors, insomnia or sleeping too much, zapping sensations, lack of concentration, depressed and crying for no reason, heart palpitations and racing, dizziness, leg pains and cramping, disorientation, chills/sweats, weakness in entire body, ringing in ears, studdering, drunkeness feeling, nausea, nightmares, black outs/fainting, and sore throat

it's only been 1 day since my last step down dose i was on 40 mg/day for almost 5 years i went down 10 mg a day for 7 days each, this is the scariest thing i've ever experienced and i've had some serious panic attacks that have landed me in the ER daily (this is worse than all of that)...if you are considering it weigh every pro and con and decide if you can handle the effects during and after...which is more important to you!!!

if you have any questions or just need a friend to talk to that's been thru it email me at i'll answer any and all questions or just be a shoulder to cry on!!!

I started taking Paxcil in dec 2003. I was on Celexa which seemed to be working for me. The reason I was on it was because the week before my period I was moody and depressed and cried all the time. The celexa was great,Then in in the fall I started not being able to sleep and picking at my arms really bad...Nervous habit that got worse. So I was put on Paxcil cr 10mg and later 25,
Since the 15th of July 2004 I have had a constant
headache, heart palpitations, no sleep,no sex,whoosh feeling,dizzy sometimes,zapping feeling,sweating..high blood pressure.I have had soem of these before July. But One day I ran out of pills and money.I got so depressed I cried constantly I was out for 3 days and I crashed!!!
My heart beats so hard in my throat, my throat is tight. I went to the ER one night and they did a EGK...nothing, Blood test.....nothing.....I sat there for 8 hrs....nothing....they told me to go off my birth control pills becasue they were probably causing the high blood pressure. (the only good thing that helped my periods) and gave me blood pressure pills. I have an MRI schedule for this rule out anything else that might be wrong....But I go to the doc next week I want off these things.....I want to crawl in a hole and stay there. ...The things I love to do I have stopped ..I dont care anymore....I WANT TO CARE! AND I AM GOING TO WIN THIS BATTLE...... its 3:15 in the morning and I am still awake!

I literally came back an hour ago with 3 weeks supply of trail Paxil. I wanted to attempt adderall considering my problems with concentration as of late, but was told there was not enough info out there on it and to try Paxil, "It's a great drug". After reading this, there is no way I'm touching this stuff. All these stories scare the hell out of me. I definitley don't need anymore problems, why does my doc think I was gonna try Paxil in the first place.
Good luck to you all and thank you for your stories. You've saved many people I'm sure.

I too am experiencing the side effects or should I say the withdrawal symptoms of this so called wonder drug.
I have been on Paxil for 5 years. It all started with a divorce and a dose of 20mg to start. About 2 years ago I cut myself back to a 10mg and last year I cut it down to 5mg. I started alternating it every other day, not realizing that I was reducing the benefits of this drug, but feeling the side effects. In June of this year I decided to stop cold turkey, I wound up at my doctor with severe withdrawal symptoms including dizziness, ear pressure, blurred vision, no appetite, and feeling out of my person. My doctor put me back on it and upped the dose, which in turn made me feel even worse.
I wound up in the ER twice, thinking I was going to stroke out. I have been out of work for weeks. Lucky for me I found a new family doctor who is helping to wean me off. He told me that I will probably remain out of work for a few more weeks until I feel human again.

I am now at the stage that I am not taking it anymore, but when will this pass. Some days are good and others are bad, I am still dizzy, feel out of sorts, have hot flashes, no appetite, no interest in life in general. I could be content to sit and stare at the walls all day. It has ruined my life and I wish I never started taking it.

I will update on my progess, I am relieved that I am not crazy, and that others are experiencing the same symptoms. Perhaps a class action lawsuit is needed.

I have been taking Paxil for a week now. I am finally able to function like a normal person throughout the day. I am not constantly worrying over everything. However, at night I have EXTREME headaches. All I can do when I get home is TRY to eat supper and go straight to sleep. Migraines are nothing new to me. But I think this medication might be triggering them now. I went from having about 2-3 migraines a month to a migraine every night for the past week. I have called my doctor this morning. I will keep you posted on how things are going. I AM NOT GOING TO STOP TAKING PAXIL because it has helped me in my personal and social life. Just have to figure out to get rid of the headaches.

I have been taking paxil for over two years,I started taking it to deal with severe social anxiety disorder and depression. I have had more negative side effects than positive effects. I began sleep walking within two months of treatment with this drug, I have no previous history of sleep walking prior to taking paxil. On august 12th of this year I sleep walked into a window in my apartment and required 15 stitches to reattach a portion of my forehead and scalp.I am going to get of this drug in the next few weeks, a process that I am not looking forward to. This drug should be withdrawn.

owen o donnell on August 29, 2004 11:58 PM

I have been taking 50mg of paxil for 4 years. It really worked for my depression and mood swings. It however has not worked for my anxietys and obsessions. I decided that I could deal with somethings on my own and let the paxil do what it could.
When the zapping in my head started I was scared and thought something was seriously wrong with my brain. It was not listed as a symptom and no one seemed to understand what was happinging to me.
My most severe attacks are the withdraws. Not taking my medicine for just one day can send me into a fury. I suffer from angry mood swings , crying, severe depression, Dizziness, head zapping and have even had a suicide attempt .
Pretty scary to think if I miss my pill one day I might not live to take it again.

I was unaware of the severe side effects of paxil .
Not knowing has cost me my life.I am a slave to paxil.

addicted to paxil on September 9, 2004 11:28 AM

ive been on paxil for six years to treat migraines, anxiety/panic, and depression.Im trying to get off it completely again for the second time. The first attempt withdrawls were so bad they put me back on it and doubled the dose. i went from 20mg to 40mg. Over the past two years ive slowly weened myself down to 6mg and just finally stopped taking it completely on monday. Its been hell...nausea dizziness, vertigo, hot flashes, shooting pains, zaps, severe aching in my head neck, spine, and extremities, chills, tingling, rash like itchiness, heavy chest, heart palpitations, a paralysis like feeling...etc. Aside from all the other withdrawl symptoms that have been noted has anyone else had sharp abdominal pains that move around and a feeling of extreme bloatedness? ive been to the doctor and they dont seem to see anything else that could be causing it.

It is nice for me to see that I am not alone in my problems with Paxil. At this point, anything nice is a really good thing, because I truly believe I am going insane.

I have been on Paxil for Eight years (and I’m only 22 years old - do the math). 7 years on 20mg and this last year on 40mg. I was diagnosed with OCD when I was about 12. I took Anafranil for a year (what ever you do, stay away from that stuff, worse than Paxil) then I was switched to Paxil because the anafranil had so many side effects with no results. I will say that I believe the paxil did serve me well through my puberty years (contrary to the resent press on Paxil). For the last few years though (probably more now that I think about it), I feel that the Paxil has now become stagnet in my system. I feel that my whole body itself has become stagnet. I take the Paxil to get my "fix" just so I won't break down in tears at work and spend the rest of the day thinking about killing myself.

I told my Dr this and guess what his answer was, increase the dosage. So, I went to 40mg for a year. Same problem still, so again what was the Dr's answer - increase the dosage. Some how I do not feel comfortable taking 60mg a day, for an indefinite period of time.

Down to the point I promise, my prescription has expired. I refuse to see that Dr again, like a junky to his dealer. I have never even had a physical exam from this guy. No tests, nothing. Coiming off this stuff is Hell and I don't know if I'm going to make it. I will however gladly accept this as my penance, for never questioning a solution that was obviously wrong. I may have been a scared kid when I walked in that office, but the day I turned 18 I should have thrown that bottle away and never looked back.

Any one who reads this post, please prey for myself and the others. Show this site to anyone who you may think will benefit from it, because I wish I would have known...

Well, it's good to know I'm not alone. I was on paxil for a year and a half and recently completed my 'tapering off' of the drug. As I decreased the paxil dosage, I added in a bit of prozac to fight the side affects (doctor recommended). I battled through the withdrawl and it took about three months to completely get off everything. I was so excited to have finally freed myself from the addiction but rather than feeling better, I feel terrible. It's been a couple weeks now without any pills and I can honestly say that the withdrawl symptoms have gotten worse! It seriously feels like someone has hit me in the face with a baseball bat. I'm a complete mess at work, I can't focus, I'm dizzy, my balance is out of whack, I'm getting the zaps constantly and my anxiety and worrying are back worse than ever. The list goes on and on. I'd usually be out with my friends tonight but I feel too weird and I'm too tired (but not sleepy) so instead I'm searching the web for people who feel like crap like me. All I can think about is how good I felt on the paxil. I'd get back on it but it had some terrible side effects. You probably know what I'm talking about... no sex drive etc... I guess I'm glad I'm off but I just wish I knew when the withdrawls would go away. For anyone thinking about trying Paxil... don't. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy.
Feel free to reply.


I've been on 25mg of Paxil CR for almost a year now and it has been helpful, but the drowsiness and fatigue has been a real pain in the rear. I have tried several times to come off of it but the withdrawals are worse than the fatigue! After about 4 days of not taking it, the zaps would start and get so bad that I felt like I was going to fall to the ground. So of course I'd get to where I couldn't stand it anymore and ended up going back on my med. just to stop the zaps. Guess I'll be on it forever........

"I'm coming down, on the very last train from town."
- the WHO had it right before there was Paxil. I just drove home 3 hours late to avoid traffic and hope my third week of Paxil-free will somehow start getting better. Whoosh, Whoosh Whoosh in the back of my head all the way home - it reminded me of taking too much Nitrous Oxide at a baloon party when I was young and foolish. Four different periods of uncontrollable crying while driving on the Highway from Hell (doesn't every city have one?) I feel like every night when I go to bed is going to be my last. I stay up til I can't take it, then whoosh whoosh whoosh again. All the old sad songs I used to listen to in order to practice 'getting over things', got sadder, there are some songs on the radio that I'll start crying when I hear the intro! Turn on the news, and it sure looks bad - they still won't give peace a chance - it was a dream some of us had. So how did a 55 yr old male, like myself, start taking it in the first place? Pressure! Can't admit that I can't handle it, I found myself crying in the bathtub, thinking of ways to end it all - when I said "what the?" So I went to the Doctor and do you think he said - "put the lime in the cocoanut, and drink it all up"? NOPE - Paxil. The worst thing about it, was that the only reason I think it helped in the beginning was, I was so depressed - it didn't help watching the Pentagon burn outside my window on 9/11 - some said it might be a form of post traumatic syndrome - maybe it was. Then listening to the assholes that want to 'run' the country. I fought I Vietnam! vs I did my part in the National Guard. Well, I did my part too - I protested then and am protesting now.
I will never support any WAR and now I will never support Paxil or other 'stress-reducing' drugs. WHo is getting rich over the expensive Paxil anyways? It's the same people supporting the guys who want to run the country, and continue to make us feel "guilty" on protesting the other poorly run war! Yeah that's right - keep adding stress to us Baby Boomers, make them (us) pay for it, screw them (us) out of reasonable cost health care , let the banks fail and make us try to figure out the stupid stockmarket (where did all the ENRON money go? anyways). Hey maybe stopping the Paxil will get be back to my job - stopping the rich from getting richer. If any of this made sense, then maybe I just need more time for teh Paxil to wear off - meanwhile whoosh, whoosh, whoosh in the back of my head again. Good luck all - not sure if I'll wake up this time! again.

Hi:) I was on paxil regular 20 mlg for 9 years and went off to wellbutrin, which didnt do a thing, but make me cry alot, i am going back on paxil tommrow 20 mg, because i know i am addicted to it...even on wellbutrin, have night sweats, high anxiety, even though i am on 6 mgs klonopin, i have other side effects simular to this forum, but want some quality of life, if i need to be on meds all my life so be it, rather feel in control then out of control, i had no side effects from the 20 mgs, headaches though which my doctor will help with imitrex, peace all...

Well I read the article and I have to say you guys had it easy, I too was prescribed paxil and was on it for a little over ac year the effects while on the drug were wonderfull almost a miracle pill. I was taking 60 mg untill i laid off from my job, anyone taking paxil knows how expensive it can be so I ended up coming off cold turkey. Not to knock the writers idea of being weaned off but it would probably have been a better way in the first few days I experianced all the common symptoms;

the as you call it zapping
mood swings, if calling them that gives it justice

then about the second week things got really interesting I tried killing myself for the first time... yes there where multiple time that I experianced suicidal and homocidal tendancies by week 3 the spins and physical effects were wearing off but I was a changed person yet could do nothing about it. After several months my wife who had bravely stood beside me left saying she couldnt take it any more I ended up homless for a few months and then decided it wasnt worth it anymore and that I would rather be a slave to paxil than an empty man. For the first time in my life I cared nothing about myself or others and became a mugger for lack of better words, I then went to Mexico where I could buy paxil and have csince found a new job that pays even better, got my wife back and we make bi-monthly trips to Mexico for more paxil. I am happy now but still a slave to this drug.
Any rate thats my story I felt it to hold particular relevance as in the writers story the FDA said it was not a drug because people did not steal for it well I did. If I knew the people I mugged in the past I would apologize return there money and tell them why I did it, but I doubt I will ever get the chance and perhaps it is for the best as it is somthing I would like to forget and I'm sure they never want to see me again.

Ive just started taking 20 mgs of paxil last week for ocd/depression, i am already having feelings of blanking out, lack of emotion and cant sleep for more then two hrs at a time, im exausted and its really scary i dont know how bad withdrawal will be since ive only been taking it 6 days, but the longer I wait the worse it will probobly get, I want to stop right now but im so afraid of the side effects, if anyone knows anything that can help please email me,, id really apperciate it, or if anyone has been only taking it a week is the withdrawal still that bad?

i've been on paxil cr for four weeks for social anxiety and i've had no side effects except for mild sleepiness sometimes and weird dreams.......i don't know what all the fuss is's helped me so much already

Well, it is grim, but I began my paxil tonight. As of right now I am relaxed.

I am in recovery and used to be strung out on Xanax. Reading your posts and the withdrawels has me alert.

The worse withdrawels I ever went through is when I went off Xanax. That was pure hell.

I will keep people posted, and thanks. (Oh I am coming up on 2 years clean) I go to 12 step meetings etc. The one thing I do know about withdrawals, is that they will pass!

Good luck everyone, and thanks for the tips.

forgot to post the above due to drowsiness. it is morning now, I have a slight headache, and do feel a bit jittery.

I am hoping this works though. THansk for letting me post about this.

My doctor prescibed it to me without explanation, but when I went to the pharmacy to pick it up, in the package it tells you the side effects. After reading the side effects (which I always do on any medication) I returned the perscription to my pharmacist.

Never tried it never will. When you pick this drug up they tell you that it is a serious drug. Take heed to those warnings.

Oh yeah, THE ZAPS sound like an absolute nightmare! I really feel for you!

Hey, can someone please tell me how long these side affects of quitting Paxil will last????? I have only stopped taking Paxil for almost a week. Please tell me that these side affects won't last months or even years. I someone could shel the light on how long I am going to suffer these side affects, please e-mail me at:

TO all of you out there:
I am so glad to see that others out there are feeling the same way with withdrawls, I thought I was alone. My back ground is being a Paramedic and Registered Nurse for the past 8 years. I have been on Paxil for almost 4 years, have seen the ups and downs with the orginal Paxil, and not the More recent Paxil CR. I have tried like many of you to try and quit cold turkey, with some tapering of the medication., and now am going for the past month from going to 25mg twice a day CR to now just taking 12.5mg. My god the headahces, Vertigo, dizziness, nausea, and God awfull nightmares are terrbile. I truelly believe that there is something the FDA needs to do with this medication. Alas most of us are experiencing what has been described to me by fellow healthcare proffesionals MD's and other providers is whats called a Seritonin storm, the body is craving so much for the synthetic levels that SSRI's like Paxil cause that the vertigo, nausea are the most common side effect,, but also that worries me are the emotional issues that occurs,
Some of us are having intense rebounds of feelings, anxiety, OCD, nightmares,Gods speed that we all hang in there.
A couple of recomendations that I could see to mention to your doctor to help with things are.
For the Vertigo,dizziness, and nausea, Over the counter Meclizine HCL 25mg to 50mg every 12 hours, or You may try Benadryl 25 to 50mg every 4-6 hours as needed. And it was also discussed for the Severe Anxiety, Xanax, 0.5mg to 1mg every 8 hours as needed. Stay Tuned

Nurse Medic Billy on September 30, 2004 8:17 AM

Well I think it has been about 2 weeks that I have been on it, and I am having 2nd thoughts. I accidently forgot to take it yesterday, and I went through mini withdrawels, but I have been totally drained of energy the past 2 days and had to crawl out of bed (it's midafternnon here!) I don't know what to do.

I forgot to mention that I had an extremely disturbing dream last night, it was a hideous nightmare.

I got off paxil over a year ago and i still have these wierd "shocks" . I have never experianced anything like it. It feels like im unconcious for thats split second. Its almost like a sever twitch. It only lasts seconds. I strongly recommend to not take paxil. You will be better off trust me. Its supposed to uncomplicate things yet look how bad things are now thank to this drug!!

I am so glad to have found this site I thought I was going crazy. it's been almost a year that I have been taking paxil cr (increased and decreased doses) it was/is doing me no justice. it didnt work for the anxiety i was having and it sure as shit isnt helping me while i am trying to discontinue use. i personally was not found of taking meds and was shocked at how quickly it was distributed to me (after a visit) like some kind of quick fix. I dont do drugs or alcohol so have this virgin body so to say bc i have never had to take crazy meds for even a cold. this shit fucked me up. the headaches are crazy i am trying to go "cold turkey" but his makes me very very ill to the point where its hard to function. I told my dr. that I want off weaning it or whatever she stated that it isnt thAat simple. WELL she should have told me that when I asked a year ago. I have been off for three days and plan on staying off completely but the nausea is the feeling that kills me. If anyone has any suggestions i would appreciate it. thanks for being here I really thought i was losing it until i read all of the similar stories. it like i wrote some of the above myself.

I started taking Paxil a few weeks ago. Shrink started me at 10mg. I feel much better than I did before. I don't like being stressed out. The only side effects I've noticed are thirstiness and lack of appetite. I have skipped a few days here and there, and I felt no withdrawal symptoms at all. I didn't know that I skipped until the next morning when I would get the pill and remember "Hey! You skipped yesterday!"

I don't plan to take it forever, just until this funk is over.

I Feel Better on October 6, 2004 7:12 PM

Been taking Paxil off and on for about 6 years. First MD recommended Prozac b/c I started having crying jags (was actually peri-menopausal, but MD refused to do testing b/c HE said I was too young - 35, but post-hysterectomy). Refused medications at that time and pushed for testing that proved I was indeed in menopause! Imagine that, a patient who knows their own body.

At any rate eventually tried Paxil in 98 secondary trying to deal problems when hit with going to nursing school to get BSN with an alcoholic spouse who decided to start drinking again after I went back to school, on top of dealing with death of incestious father who died just before finals my third semester. Took for a short time, till I felt more in control, then stopped. Afterwards, went through periods where I would totally "lost it" and act out of character -hollering, yelling, throwing stuff. Put all this down to stress of dealing with life. Eventually, went back on Paxil to "cope". Unfortunately, I now believe while it did help me cope on some levels, I totally lost it on others. I emotionally isolated myself from SOs in my life. I believe the "out-of-character" "OOC" behavior got worse b/c my multiple personality disorder,MDP, which I had been able to contain for years was re-triggered, as crazy as it sounds - without MY awareness at the time. I eventually moved out of the family home, leaving behind my two late-teens daughters. One of who was just months shy of graduating High School. Again, totally OOC for me.

While back on Paxil I created so much stress for others. I would become fixated on MY feelings, MY needs, and felt no restraint in making sure EVERYONE knew exactly what I felt. I started drinking (something I hadn't done in over 11 years) about 9 months after starting back on Paxil and things went from worse to Hell. Starting having terrible confrontations with my girls. Apparently tried to do the dirty deed, ie suicide, after one such confrontation, even though "I" never even think about it. "I" was horrified when people told "me" everything later. "I" could not believe it was "me" they were talking about. I had to enter counselling afterwards and the well-meaning MD changed "me" from Paxil, 40 mg, to Paxil CR, 50 mg. Things were great, at first, of course. "I" was numb baby, numb. Numb felt good!!! Unfortunately, numb did not last. Impulsive became "my" middle name. And drink, I found I could drink like a freaking fish breaths water. Problem was, once "I" reached a certain stage of intoxication, all "my" inhibitions were down and "others" took advantage and came out to play. "I" said and did things of which "I" have no recollection. The only reason "I" can attribute these things to "others" is b/c "they" made "themselves" known to people with whom they came in contact. "KAT" was pulled for possible DUI, but passed. "KAT" went to a local pub to have some fun, but caused a scene when it was time to go home, "Baby" just collapsed and cried her heart out and "Demon Boy" screamed obsenities, begged to go to jail and when police would not arrest "him", slapped the biggest cop at the scene. "We" ended up with a busted up lip, 3 chipped teeth, and a should that may never be the same again. This from someone who rarely ever spanked "her" children and simply does not scream at other people. Other things happened after that. Nothing "I" will go into detail about, but enough that "I" knew "we" needed to get the hell off SSRIs and, of course, not drink. That is where "we" are now. "I'll" write more about the withdrawal process later. right now "I" am very tired and need to go. Thank you so much for this forum and letting "us" unload. Peace and Love.

I began taking Paxil about 2 months ago due to anxity not depression. I also went from a GREAT sex life with my husband, I'm talking 4-5 times a week to maybe 3 times a month. Note: Not of my choice but I think to keep my husband. I am still taking Paxil under the advise of my doctor but I believe Paxil is hurting me. I am now yawning, crying, have shortness of breath, can't stay in one place, jumping from one thought to the next, confused, smoking 2 packs a day & sad to say thinking of commiting suicide. This is not me I have never been depressed or thought of taking my own life but today I do. I have a wonderful husband & two beautiful children. I shake all day. I bite the inside of my mouth out of pure nervousness. When I first started Paxil I lost 18 pounds & felt like a winner. Now when I eat it feels like it just sits in my chest for hours. I drink now, never did before. I too can drink like a "freaking fish". I'm tired of feeling like this. I'm glad there are people who understand what I'm going through. I'm sorry for all of you.
Maybe oneday the Paxil will make me numb enough to go through with suicide so this all goes away. I'm tired & I'm too tired to fell anything else but this. Thank you for reading my story.

My wife passed away last December; I was left the task of raising my 2 daughters alone (thank God we all get along with a close bond). I was prescribed Paxil 20mg from my doctor after being diagnosed with anxiety (more than I normally have). Once I received this medication I found this site on the side effects (scared?...YES!), but I proceeded to take the drug anyways. I've been on this medication for 8 weeks now. The only side effect I received was thirst (but at least my kidney's are being flushed out with the gallon of water I drink every day!). I never got the "zaps" or sleepless nights. As a matter of fact, I sleep alot better since I took the drug; my heart doesn't "race" as much anymore; and no nightmares...only dreams I have are of pretty women (I know, time to get a girlfriend, right?). All in all, it worked for me: I went from being on the verge of having a heart attack due to everyday stressors, to a person who is not carefree, but free from worrying about everything that is going on in this demented world. Life is truly too short to live nervously, worried, and spazzy. My wife was 41; she worried herself sick!
For me - - PAXIL FOR LIFE! (or at least til they recall it.)


Paxil almost ruined my life. While golfing, I mentioned to my doctor/friend that I was getting nervous during meetings at work. He suggested that I try Paxil - he said it was harmless and wrote a prescription. After several weeks on the drug: (1) I could not have an orgasm (2) I found myself having alcohol cravings (I have never had a problem with alcohol) (3) I was sleepy all day and was so tired that I was forced to sneak naps in my office and the parking lot in my car (4) I would sleep until 6 PM Saturday and Sunday (5) I lost desire and motivation to do ANYTHING... even pleasurable things (6) I

ALL of these things are completely abnormal for me and resolved after I stopped taking Paxil. Of course, I suffered serious consequences in both my professional life and personal life.

Luckily, I recognized the problem and quit after 2 1/2 months. It was very difficult to stop taking this drug because of serious withdrawal symptoms.

After over a year, I still don't feel 100% normal again. It seems like my memory and motivation are not quite as good as they used to be.


well I don't know what to feel about the experience. My options were limited as far as medications are concerned. I have liver disease and my doctor only feels safe with this drug over others for my problem, so I came into this open minded. (read my above posts)

I have been off the pill for a few days and had somewhat of a violent rage within me today, it sucked and I feel terrible about it, but I am going through the skin crawling and extreme agitation. I don't usually act the way i acted today. I will get over this though.

My daughter got off Paxil in 2000. She weeded herself off carefully. But was having a lot of dizziness, so she ask her Dr. for help. She would go back on and off. She was put on it because her OBGYN thought that because she was still having pain after a hysterectomy that maybe this would help. Since getting off Paxil she has had dizziness. She developed blurred vision and vestibular problems (vertigo and gait) that has progress over the last 4 years. Now she has found out the damage that has been done to her brain. These dizzy spells are seizures caused by an insult to her brain. She has had 2 EEG's only to both be abnormal. Her MRI's are normal. Other symtoms include sentiviity to light, glare, comprehension difficulty, attention difficulties, memory problems, binocular vision problems, sharp zaps to the brain causing severe dizziness, coordination problems, she feels like she at times exists outside her body, hypersensitivity to motion, sounds, smells. heart palpitations and chest pain, numbness in left arm and face , grinding teeth, and times that she can't remember to swallow for a couple of seconds. We just started looking at Paxil as a reason for all this. My daughter is 34 and has 3 kids. She is about to loose her job. She started seizure medication yesterday. I pray that this helps her get her life back. Even her neuropsychological test showed cognitive disorder, probably etiology involving drug intoxication.

I'm married to a man that has been on paxil for 5 years. He has gradually become more and more aggressive and has outbursts of rage. His personality is changing and he seems more and more out of touch with reality. The kids and I are sometimes frightened of him. He doesn't admit to himself or to anyone that he's behaving badly. Is this at all common with long tern use of this drug?

I just started taking Paxil 8 days ago, only 12.5mg a day. My psychiatrist said this was to calm down my limbic system. I started seeing him for ADD and am on Dexedrine for the ADD. I've struggled with mild depression and anxiety which they believe is a result of dealing with the ADD for so many years w/o treatment. So far, the Paxil is making me tired and not wanting to do anything. I'm yawning a lot and coughing a lot. My vision seems to be getting worse. The most annoying side effect so far is an increase in sinus drainage and clogged throat. Anyone else with ADD, depression, and anxiety. Anyone taking a combination of ADD medicine and Paxil?

I have been on 20 mg Paxil for 6 yrs. I thought it was a miracle drug until the side effects caused me to lose two high paying jobs and now I can't get off of it. My initial psychological symptoms don't occur anymore now that I am divorced.

I'm tappered down to 5 mg per day and experience severe withdrawel symptoms when I try to go lower. The only thing that greatly releaves these symptoms for me is marijuana. I gave up weed a while ago and really want to stay off it, but I have to get off the Paxil so I can keep a job and avoid financial disaster.

Has anyone had any experience with using pot to get off paxil?
Are there any people who have gotten off Paxil, without going on another SSRI, and their withdrawel symptoms have stopped? I ask this because I have heard a lot about the withdrawel symptoms causing people to go back to Paxil, but have not heard about anyone who has really gotten off Paxil and SSRI's and is not experiencing withdrawel symptoms anymore.

before taking this drug PLEASE READ THIS:
I was on Paxil for 3 years 10mg and just came off of it 3 months ago. Although I took a while to come off it (I had 5mg every other day, then 2.5 etc) and I didn't have too many immediate side effects, I'm really paying for it now.
I have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism and have tremors in the head. Aside from that I have gained 30lbs. I have no motivation to do anything and during (and still) taking this medication have started drinking way too much alcohol. The reason I started taking paxil was for my panic attacs. Since I have been off the pill they haven't (yet) reoccured. Although the panic attacs were bad nothing compares to all the health problems I am going through now.
PLEASE think before you take this drug. It's easy for a doctor to prescibe it (they are drug pushers anyway). It may help you for the time being but the long term effects - the ones we see and the ones we have yet to learn about are very serious. I know it may seem like the only way out but, trust me, it's hell. The fact that there is a big legal suit against this drug company is for a reason. Please do whatever else you can. I know that yoga, excercise and relaxation sounds like BS when you're feeling the way you do, but, trust me, paxil should never be the answer.
As I'm going through all this, I wish everyone who is going through the same thing all the best. Take care of your bodies and don't poison them. You only have one life to live. Don't let these M.F. doctors or drug companies make money off you.


I started using paxil for panic disorder when I was in my early twenties. I changed prescriptions to effexor after two years of living like a zombie and gaining 70 pounds. I find that effexor has a few slight side effects, however, myself, friends & family have noticed a huge improvement and my weight gradually dropped back to normal levels. I have been taking effexor close to four years now. Hope this helps in some way.


I have been taking paxil for 2 years. While on it, I experienced zapping, but only if I forgot to take one day. Soon after taking it, they would cease. I experienced increased irritable bowel syndrome, excessive fatigue, and more recently, nausea. I never related these effects to taking paxil until I decided to abrubptly stop taking it only 2 days ago. And until then, I thought this drug was fantastic. I believe this drug to be extremely addictive. I have since then, been experiencing these things abnormally frequent. I have zapping that is almost constant all day long. My nausea is as bad as having morning sickness (for those of you who know what that is like). Today for the first time I experienced uncontrollable crying, more so of the fear of my symptoms rather than because of depression. I am still experiencing these effects and it is utterly terrifying. I thought I was going to die. I have increased diarrhea, and headaches. I have very few side effects, but those that I do have are reason for me to never want to take this drug or any like it again in my lifetime. My husband and I have been married for 3 years and we thought, after my long battle with depression amplified by post-partum depression after the birth of our first daughter, that this drug was a fix to our problem. Our daughter is 2 now and we want to have another baby, this is why I quit taking it. I am tearful writing this because I so desperately want another child, but question if it is worth feeling this way. I never intended to be on this medication for the rest of my life, but I never expected to feel this way. How long will this last? Please feel free to contact me, any information will be welcomed, and appreciated.

After reading some of the other posts, it makes me wonder if more of the "normal" things I have been feeling in the last 2 years aren't contributed to this drug. I never had a very sensitive gag reflex, or weak stomach, until the last two years. I have trouble watching things on tv, or smelling things, or chewing, things like this without having nausea or gagging. I never had motion sickness either until on this drug. To Steve at November 20, 2004 03:06 AM, at this point I would be willing to try anything to be rid of these awful feelings, but I can't use illegal drugs because the school I am attending randomly drug tests. But should I continue to have them after I graduate college, it would definitely be something worth trying. Anything to stop the zapping. And to Shell at September 23, 2004 04:07 PM, I too, always read the warnings and all the information enclosed with any medication I receive, whether it be OTC or prescription but the information I received, NEVER said anything about the zapping. Nor did it say anything about the withdrawl symptoms I am experiencing now. I agree with other posts that mention this drug should not be allowed to be distributed. It should be pulled.

I've been on 20mg of Paxil for 3 months now. After reading all the posts several times, it seems that the main side effects users are experiencing are: nervousness, sleeplessness, dizzyness, nausea, vertigo, the zaps, and headaches. Except for the zaps, I have had ALL of these BEFORE taking Paxil. Now I don't; it seems as though my body NEEDS this type drug. I truly feel sorry for all of you with these side effects, but like I said - I know what it's like...I've been there. Also, I noticed alot of people claim that they "drink like a fish". If it's alcohol your talking about, the first warning on the container says: DO NOT DRINK ALCOHOL WHILE TAKING THIS MEDICATION. Maybe your excessive drinking is having a negative interaction with this drug?!

I took paxil not even a week anf felt extremely crazy, like I wanted to kill myself it is now 5 1/2 years later and I stll don't feel right I feel very disconnected from the world, and I question if I really know who people are like my family who I once was very close to and felt safe. I also question life why we are here and I have very bad anxiety don't like going places because I feel crazy. Please consider a natural approach before taking this. I once was a person who loved life an denjoyed being around people now I am scared of everything almost. If any one has experience anything similar please let me know and also if I will ever feel normal again and is their anything I can do to feel normal again.

i am 16 and have been feeling depressed alot recently so a friend of mine gave me a weeks supply of her paxcil to try out. i took two 25 mg over two days and already i am experiencing the bad side of this. it didnt make me feel any better but instead i have had a headache for 2 days, supressed appitite, shaky and feverish feeling w/out the temperature and very tired. the headache is the worst though it woulnt go away and i am dizzy all the time. i think that it is really bad that i only was 'on' paxcil for 2 days with all of these wierd symptoms. i didnt take it today; i would rather be slightly depressed than have a heacache and be so dizzy and tired. there has to be a more natural way to stop being depressed-i guess now i'll try medical marijuana!

Been on Paxil twice, 1st time I stopped, I was arrested for battery 3 weeks later, after that, started taking it again, but got tired of the gain of weight and nite sweats and headaches, then stopped again and after 5 months, got arrested again for battery of my girlfriend. This drug has ruined my life...

"I also stated that any SSRI is used to enhance the seritonin in ones body and that doctors need to test to find out if ones seritonin level is low in which they need to enhance. If a person does not have a low seritonin level than these drugs can and do cause more problems for an individual."

Such a test doesnt exist. Well it exists but it can only be done to a person after they die. It invlves cutting the brain into slices. Even then we do not know how accurate it is because neurtransmitters like seratonin may be at different levels after death.

The "chemical imbalance" model is based soley on conjecture. Patients are diagnosed purely by the description of their symptoms. ITs not like,for instance, diabetes where you know the actual levels of insulin you lack.

The chemical imbalance model became popular when doctors notuiced the chemcial effect that drugs (like LSD) had on the brain on people (and animals which is how they found out it increases seratonin and that eratonin seems to be low in many depressives).

Is it the chicken or the egg? Are you depressed because you have low seratonin or do you have low seratonin because you are depressed?

So very little real science is involved in all this that its disgusting. Psychiatry borders on psuedo-science.

I want to get off Paxil.. I'm going to the Dr. as soon as I can for advice on how to stop taking it. I'm a type 1 diabetic and my A1C averages have gone up after a long period of them going down. I'm tired all the time even though I sleep a lot. It just feels like I don't want to do anything else but sleep anymore. My sugar levels are just too inconsistant anymore and my cholesterol was just tested the other week and it came back very high. My vision seems weird like its hard to focus.. I don't have that great of vision to start with but it seems like I'm using my glasses more and more. I've gotten off other drugs cold turkey before without much problems.. but after reading this blog I'm going to do it correctly this time. I agree.. a class action lawsuit would be great.. I really don't want any money but I've been telling my Drs. about what's happening and not one of them said anything about the paxil causing these things. I've also noticed that my sex drive is really down too. I really have no desire to go out with girls anymore and sorry to be a little graphic but I just watched a "sexual film" and I got very little sensation from it, where a few months ago that would not have been a problem. I really hate what my body is going through and for someone who is trying to stop being depressed, its having some depressing results on my body. I think lately its gotten really bad because I broke down and cried the other day because I got my dad mad at me (we get mad at each other all the time.. just a normal son and father thing.. not serious at all) and I would have never gotten that upset before. I'm really glad I found this blog because I'm certain now that paxil is cauing these things. I know what I have to do now.

I don't know how long "replies" should be to total and complete strangers, so you can stop reading this at any time:).
I've always been frustrated by this "lab rat" syndrome that most Pdoc's seem to have with their patients. Sitting there with pen in hand and a let's try this attitude towards 3564457 billions of concoctions they've contrived to make YOU the patient feel "better". My field trips turned drug trips to the shrinks started when I was fifteen, now that I'm old enough to decide for myself they're few and far between depending on my homicidal tendancies.
I recently went through some anxiety/depression inducing moments in my life, in which I fell back on Paxil which is a drug I've known well for many years. I've always hated chemical dependency, I would have much rather self medicated in my youth, and boy did I.
Blah Blah Blah, long story short....
I'd taken my Paxil religiously for about four months, the choppy water had smothed into glass so I didn't put as much "stress" on taking it consistently. I'd also gotten into a serious relationship in which sexual contact had become an "issue". So orgasmicly, I stopped taking my medicine not recalling any serious problems in the past.
Within the past couple of weeks, I have drank and smoked my ADULT EDUCATED WELL EMPLOYED rear end into oblivion.
I've wanted to kill everyone and anyone. I got in a fight over a christmas tree, and I cried--after I left the sprint store because...well WHO THE HELL knows why.
I felt naseous, I took three pregnancy tests.
I felt like I was completely knocked out of my body and then back into it about three thousand times a second.
I couldn't bring myself to get out of bed--ever.
I ate--everything--anything--at all times.
I feel stuck.....I have to take it, I can't afford to not take it. Even weening myself off the medication will result in those horrible chills and those RANCID head shakes....I'm frustrated that things like this have to exist, I hate that I, and millions of other people have to deal with this for just simple sane pieces of mind. I'm sorry for all of you that have gone through this exact thing, I can empathize.
Especially those of you whom are married or in relationships--it's strange how much of a "major" part medication seems to play, physically and emotionally. I'm glad I found this site, Glad to know I'm not the only one that went off the deep end when this stuff wasn't in my system.
I wish there was something I could do.....
Take care, all of you.

have been on paxil three weeks for anxiety/ ocd. Began having panic attacks at age 15, but they stoped after I found out what they were and quit caffine. Now 25. Its very strange to be comfortable in social situations i could not tolerate before. I feared my anxiety, not the situations so i chose, after years of hesitation, to just try paxil. The last resort. Counseling wasnt working for me. I noticed the first day it was more dificult to think, before i couldnt control my thoughts, then i felt high like huffing glue, for four days. Also no emotion, no sex drive, no desire to make art which was my psychological savior. I am now a zombie, cog in the machine, able to go to work(I couldnt due to anxiety before). I didnt know how bad withdawl could be. Im worried about it (or i would be if i could feel anything) but im going to quit. Its not worth it. To live to work, unable to feel love, desire, gut instincts. Unable to express saddness and create beautiful things. There is a reason so many people are suffering from anxiety these days, and if everyone is doped up, we can never find the problems. I dont recomend paxil, especially to artists.

I've been on paxil cr for 2 months now (37.5 mg). It was alright at treating the anxiety, but like many people I got very complacent, and stopped being the person that so many people knew and loved. Well, this is my 7th day of...let's call it "sobriety". Wow, having done drugs in high school and drinking heavily in college I can say this is by far the worst detox I've ever gone through. But I have to count myself lucky, I can still function for the most part, I just feel like crap all day and don't sleep at night. My only feeling at this point is whether or not this will ever end.

I have been on 20 mg. paxil for 16 months. I have had a 20 pound weight gain that I cannot contribute to my diet, but maybe due to lack of energy and activity. The main side effects that I have had are dry mouth. When you are feeling depressed or anxious to start with, it is hard to blame a drug for alot of the feelings that are posted as people having as a side effect. I had trouble swallowing, shaking, fatigue, etc. before taking paxil, as these where the symptoms that lead me to take it. I have been on prozac before and felt it did nothing for me. I have taken paxil before, gotten off of it by slow weaning, and don't remember having any side effects. If you are trying to go off of it and are feeling emotionally upset, perhaps it is because the problems that you had before taking it are still there and you still need to take something and go for some counselling. I would never recommend anyone go off any drug cold turkey unless under the advise of a physician. If you really feel you want to get off of it, and are having problems, I have heard of people switching to another antidepressant that is easier to go off of and then quitting it. Remember, there was a reason that you went on this drug in the first place, and it must have been a good reason if you were feeling so crappy that you went to the Dr about it.

I have been taking Paxil CR for about 3 years now, and decided to go off b/c of several side effects such as tiredness and sweating. Boy, I wish I knew what I was in for!!! I'm feeling worse than I did before starting. It's been about a week since i started weaning myself off (per a visit to the dr.), I feel like i'm actually dying. It's not fun!!! I have a fever everyday (for the past 5 days), high fevers too, vertigo like crazy..nonstop dizzyness, sweating profously (i've had to change clothes throughout the day), headache, neck ache, back ache, muscle pains, shocks throughout my body randomly, random black and blue marks, actually i feel like i have black and blues all over when i go to put lotion on, everything hurts... i feel like i'm living outside of myself, all of my senses are out of whack, bad memory, can't concentrate.... do i need to go on? Does anyone know how to fix this or at least how long i should expect to experience it for??? PLEAAASSEEE Give me some kind of heads up! I can't live like this... I just want to feel like myself again...which hasn't been since before i started taking this crap. F paxil!! I'd rather have an anxiety attack.... It's seriously easier to deal with than this craziness. Everyone, I feel your pain!

hello, my name is johnna and i have been on paxil for about 2 years and i want to get off of it but am having a very hard time. i so sick with headaches and dizziness. i want to be weined off the medication. i am very scared.

hello, my name is johnna and i have been on paxil for about 2 years and i want to get off of it but am having a very hard time. i so sick with headaches and dizziness. i want to be weined off the medication. i am very scared.

Can anyone comment about how long it takes to be completely symptom free of Paxil after going off of it? Also, can anyone state what worked best for them. I have a 13 year old - obsessive compulsive son who appears to be more suicidal since he's been on it for 1 1/2 years. He will miss a couple of doses (only takes 20mg) and he can't function if he tries to go off all at once.

Betty....a warning has been issued for children taking this medication, i hope for your sake, and his, you take him off of it immediately...i am an adult and this medication made me feel great when i was on it, but when i came off of it, i felt like i was dying. i went through about 2 weeks of heavy withdrawl...and now, a month later, i am still feeling symptoms. Although not as significant, they are still noticible. i drank over the new year and the next day, it felt like i was feeling those intense symptoms of withdrawl all over again. So i am assuming it will be a permanent thing, after all, it is hard to reverse effects pertaining to the brain. so if you are intent on him taking medication...get him on something else. it has been public for sometime now that young adults or adolescent or even kids should not be taking this drug...some of them do die...from their own will, do not let him be a statistic for another uncaring incompetent drug company. I would suggest telling his doctor you demand him be on something else. Best of luck to you.

Stay off this stuff. I switched from Celexa to Paxil for anxiety issues and have decided to get off of the Paxil now after about 6 months. The weight gain was horrible and I did not want to rely on meds the rest of my life. If you choose to get off this medicine be VERY VERY careful. I have been waking up in pools of sweat on a nightly basis, but the worst part is, the way it has made my head/eyes feel. It literally feels like electrical impulses are shooting through my head everytime I move my eyes. It's, form what I understand, called "zapping" and it's no joke. I have been off of it for 8 days now and it seems to be getting worse. My recommendation: try all of the natural stuff like: exercising, dieting and any other stress relievers before you choose to go this route. Coming off of it is HELL!

I have been On paxil for 3 months. I have missed 2 pills due to forgeting to go pick up my pills. I feel CRAZY!!! Sheer nuts.. I can't control my thoughts and feel very dizzy and mean. Reading ths site makes me very scared to stop but, I do not want to continue something that makes me feel bananas if I miss a dose. I started the meds because I got a large client at work and was having trouble dealing with the stress.. How can I stop this!

Amazing that i found this site, i love it, whoever started it, thank you. I have learned so much the past few days about myself that i have even learned that paxil was alot of the fault of my divorce in 1999. I Started taking paxil again a few mos ago because im depressed over bills. I have recently discovered that its made me very angry. I also decided to ween myself off after discovering this drug was destroying my life & today im still feeling very sick. I was not sure why until i found this site & understand it all now. Im done with this garbage, no more nightmares, no more treating my 5 yr old boy like crap, no more chasing women out of my life & i have contacted the FDA. Thank you for all the info you have shared on here !

I found this site today and I am so glad I am not the only one experiencing this. I have been on Paxil about six years and have tried to come off several times without success. Recently after noticing that my hair was starting to get a little thin (I am a 35 year old woman,I did some research and found that one of the long-term side effects of some anti-depressants can be thinning of the hair. Not wanting to have thin hair, I decided once again that I would get myself off of Paxil once and for all. Like all of the other comments I have read, I have never been addicted to any drug except Paxil. I have been weaning myself off for about four weeks and have been totally off now for about a week. My personality has completely changed. I am irritable, dizzy, lifeless, have uncontrolable shaking when upset, nauseated at times, and have been crying daily. I have even had several confrontations with co-workers this week which is very out of character for me. I have no patience for my children. My mother can't stand me right now. I don't know what to do. I hate myself like this. I finally put a call into my doctor and have an appointment to see her on Monday. I know exactly what she will do. She will either advise me to go back on the Paxil or have me try something else. I feel like a wacko. My life was not this out of control before I started Paxil, but I guess the drug company got what they wanted. I am hooked. I don't know if I can be normal now without it. I guess I will wait 'til Monday and see what the doctor says. I wish I would have never started this drug. If you are reading this, I hope you will think twice before starting this medication.

It appears to me that no one did any research into the drug before they started it. Don't get me wrong, the FDA is at fault here, but so are the people that just started taking a drug they knew nothing about. I did plenty of research before I originally got my prescription filled and I decided the benefits outweighed the risks. I also noticed that some people like to make it sound like you just live with perpetual withdrawl after yo come off. I was on it for almost 3 years, and I only had severe withdrawl for about 2 weeks, mmils symptoms for another 2, then I was fine. Eventually my original symptoms resurfaced and I had to go back on the drug. I think it's quite possible that people aren't experiencing withdrwal, just their original probblems recurring.

I have been on paxil for over a year i have really bad anxiety attacks. I have gained 25 pounds i have no sex drive what so ever
so i have decided to go off of it. At first I tried to wean my self off like the docter said but the day that i was supposed to take it i would feel worse. so now im trying cold turkey i was not feeling any side effects until the 5th day of not taking it now im feeling really tired ,headaches,numbing and tingling in my hands
i feel very dizzy some anxiety but i think thats from feeling a these other weird things. well i hope the side effects don't last to much longer.
This drug is nasty

I started taking Paxil in 1998 and was on until 2002. I had a very rough time with this medication. If I were to miss a day my whole world went upside down!! I couldn't concentrate, very irritable, head tremors ( as I called them) and so on. I also experienced night sweats and insomnia when taking the meds. Due to a financial situation I swithched my self over to prosac. ( you shouldn't do this without a doctor, but my step father took the med and it was free) It is a very rough transition. It took about two months before I was felling better. About 1 year ago I asked my doctor to put on something other Paxil ( for anxiety) I then started Zoloft it worked great acept for the sexual side effects. After a year of that I decided that I didn't want to deal with not having a labido anymore so I once again swithched to Welbutrin XL. Oh my god talk about a tough switch!!! I had all of the same symptoms as Paxil. I truly believe that it is the anti-anxiety meds. in all of these pills that cause the reactions or withdraws. I did not have a problem swithing from prozac to Zoloft. (prozac is not for anxiety it for depression only) I have tried 2 times to wien off and 1 time cold turkey. It sucks!!! I am not able to do it. I have a job to keep and family to think about. It is just to hard to stop. If a doctor wants put you on any anti-depressents or anxiety meds. ask lots of questions and know that there is a possiblity you will never get off of them. They do help but they all have bad things assocciated with them.

I have been taking paxil cr for about 3 mnths. I have to say that this drug was made for me. I am back to my old self and I feel bad that all of you people have had so many problems...Good Luck to all of you in finding the right med!

I took Paxil for two years for panic attacks.It really helped my attacks disappear..but I also gained thirty pounds! No matter how healthy I ate or how much I exercised,I could not lose it.I decided to cut my pills in half and started losing wieght immediatly...until I became pregnant and decided to stop altogether(the doctors actually wanted me to stay on them).The only withdrawel I had was severe itching.I recommend using liquid Kava only when you are experiencing an attack.Man made drugs are just way to risky and unhealthy.

I just cold turkeyed paxil jan 1st, this is my 4th time cold turkeying it, this time I will beat it, just nice to see that the withdrawls are normal. Why don't the Dr's take the drugs before they prescribe this shit to us :( instead they tell us its not addictive. They don't say anything about the zaps. I was on it for Anxiety, and took it for 3 years.

I was on paxil for a little over a year. I stopped taking paxil 5 days ago. I have never been addicted to anything in my life until now. The withdrawals are terrible. I can't concentrate at work, I am dizzy, bad headaches, blurred vision, and I don't even feel comfortable driving. To beat it all, the reason I started taking paxil was for Irretible Bowel Syndrome. My doctor said it would help with stress. I recently went for a check-up, and started doing some research on my on, and decided this addictive drug didn't need to be in my body. My wife works for a doctors office, and she didn't know about the many withdrawal problems of the drug. Anyone with info on how to beat the withdrawal, feel free to email me. I hope they stop soon. It is about to drive me crazy!!!!!!!!!!

My boyfriend of seven months has been on and off of paxil, he changes due to the sexual side effect it has. He has a bad day and his Doctor switches his medication back to paxil. I know when the change has been made, he turns into a diffrent person. I have never witness a perscribe medication that takes control of a persons life like paxel does. If a person goes to the Doctor and say's I've been feeling down and not sleeping or I'm stressing out BEWARE you just may get paxil. It effects your judgement and decision making one that you may deeply regret one day

I was on Paxil (20mg) for a few months for depression in 2003. I was in the midst of finishing a masters degree, a business training certification and a major job realignment (with very little internal support). The stress and anxiety were just too much and I hit a burn-out point and became depressed. I've always dealt with depression on some level but not like this. I was sleeping maybe 1-2 hours a day at most and didn't want to leave the house. I started counseling and was immediately prescribed Paxil. It didn't help much and I noticed I began feeling disconnected from my surroundings and that's when the slide began. I began to notice that the depression got worse...much worse. It gave way to utter total despair and hopelessness to the point of being suicidal and chronically depressed most of the time. I had to slowly get myself off of the medication because I tried "cold turkey" and the headaches, twitches, etc. were horrific.

The problem is that the depression is more pervasive now than it was 2 years ago. It never went away. I became emotionally disconnected in order to live. I am able to function for periods of time but it is such an EFFORT that it makes me very tired. I am afraid to try another medication and other counseling has not been much help either. I have had some success with B vitamins and St. John's Wort but it sure is not a cure. Exercise helps too when I'm abel to get myself up to going.

I cannot find any info that Paxil can have that effect for so long or if it can or did trigger deeper depression until I recently heard of it triggering a manic state in someone who was pre-disposed to bi-polar disorder. Now they are bi-polar after being prescribed Paxil for headaches. My confidence in medication/drugs is next to nothing. I feel I would have been better off dealing with it without this drug. At this point, I am almost to the point of trying something else which shows my desperation. As for Paxil, I'm glad it may help some but my life has never been the same. I HATE IT.

I was having a problem eating, had body aches, etc. before Paxil CR. Doctor put me on CR 37.5 and it really helped this situation. I thought that this was no longer needed and started to wean off after 6 months, 25mg for a few weeks, 12.5 for 3 weeks, and now none for 5 days. First I was having rage for few days, dizziness and nausea followed. Now am having some tremors, plugged ears and sinus problems. Anyone else experience this, and how long did they last?

I am so glad that I found this site. I too, like so many who have posted before me, was prescribed Paxil CR for Panic disorder. I really can't say its helped. I've had a 12 history of on again off again panic attacks- always occuring during a time of life change (moving, having baby, getting married) with each period of panic subsiding when stress was over. I have taken Celexa in the past- worked well very few side effects when disconinuing I can't remember one. Now I've been taking Paxil and it was hell for the first two months. During that time I had some counseling for the Paxil and read an excellent book on Stopping the Panic. I begin with 12.5mg and about a month ago my doctor told me to double during PMS. That was not good. DIZZINESS. I'm a dental hygienist and its not easy to clean someone's teeth with a sharp instrument when your dizzy. Not to mention the visual weirdness. I've been having periodic night sweating which is horrible. I'm 31 and a little young for menopause problems- so reading that others have had this and it was from the Paxil has really made me feel better. I'm going to ge weaning myself starting today after talking with my doc. I agree with a person earlier who said why would I want to take a drug that had anxiety, depression, etc as side effects if I already deal with Panic. As a person who tends to obsess about physical ailments worrying they may be something wrong with me it doesn't help that the doctors aren't aware of some of these adverse effects. I talked to a pharmacist and they had not heard of such extremes. And to the person questioning if the withdrawal ever stops, I think for the majority they will stop- otherwise we'd be reading a lot more entries of people saying its been 4 month, or 2 years, or 5 years and I'm still dealing with it. The fact that people are able to move on with their life and don't need to come back to this site is promising.
And to the person considering Suicide. I know its hell, and I know it feels like when you're in your deepest darkess hole your alone. You're not- call out to the man upstairs, he'll hear you. Life is precious even when it seems unbearable. We've all wondered "why me". I used to struggle a lot with dark days, until I realized that my purpose was to help others with the same type of afflictions. You've got a purpose and you have people who want to help.

My wife has been on this horrid drug for about three years now. It has been a nightmare ever since. She wants to think that this is helping her, and she is clearly addicted to it, but it is not helping in the least. She feels a need to take a nap every day because she is continually tired, and she is moodier now that ever before. She is no longer the fun person she once was. We've been married for 18 years now, and I'll do what I can to help her and be the good understanding husband, but let's face it: aside from everything else this drug has done to change her for the worse, how long am I supposed to put up with her lack of a sex drive? I know this isn't the end all, but is important, at least to me. AmI supposed to settle for a few times a year if I'm lucky? At 45, how many years do I have left? I'm not going to leave her and the chance. But what this drug has done is ruin MY life and made ME depressed and disgusted with life! Maybe that's what the makers are wanting...for this drug to drive loved ones to depression, so that they'll be prescribed this terrible drug. Sure enough, two years ago, my doctor gave me a prescription for Paxil. I politely told him to take the prescription and toss it in the garbage can.
I recently went through the worst time in my life, where I lost my 25 year old sister to a lung disease, I lost my job because they went the cheaper route by going overseas, could not find work, almost lost everything I owned due to financial problems, and when I needed my wife the most to lean on, she was having her own problems dealing with this drug that didn't improve her. I felt like I was on my own.
Despite it all, I overcame the problems, got a great job, and though I still grive two years later for my sister, I deal with it, as I realize life goes on. But the one thing I didn't get back was my wife...and I truely miss the old her more than just about anything else I had lost during that difficult time in my life.
Sorry, just rambling...but bottom line: Paxil has ruined my life, and I'm not even the one taking it.

I'm scared and feeling really emotionally "wacked". I am 46 and occasionally had stress related anxiety. There were many changes going on in my life and I needed help coping. My doctor suggested Paxil. I started taking it and soon felt calmer, the ups and downs were less intense and less frequent. The side effects I had while taking it were zaps (I didn't know what they were until I read this blog...) the feeling that someone is driving a intensly cold spike into your brain, and virtually zero sex drive -- I didn't even want to be touched, and some dry mouth. My first clue as to how bad this drug was changing my brain came this Christmas when I ran out and had to wait 2 days to get the new prescription because of an insurance change...(The new one didn't kick in until Jan 1) I had an outburst that freaked my family out and I was driving the car and had to pull over and after yelling really loudly at everyone I got out and walked around the street telling myself I should be dead, or I wanted to die. After that I looked it up and found that they had just released the side effect to teens using this drug that if they "interrupt the use abruptly" they may have suicidal tendencies! This was the first major clue that this was an intense drug. I decided that eventually I would ween myself off of it.
It has been one week since I have begun the process of weening myself from this drug. My symptoms started the first night when I took only half a dose (I was on 20mg per day and cut the pill in half for 10mg per day). My dreams were wild and intense. They were about losing my baby son and cataclysmic natural disasters... weirder than I can explain... Then the headache came 4 days into the weening. Now, for the last two days I have had insomnia, dizziness, mood swings (cry, laugh, euphoric, some sexual energy but not sustained enough to act on). Last night I didn't take the pill at all. Today my dizziness is so bad I had to call the doctor and I decided to look up on the web to see what some side-effects might be. I found this blog.

It has given me horror as well as comfort, knowing that I'm not alone in this. I hope all here find peace. Especially the young people. How could doctors put these kids on this drug? I'm so upset about this.
Thanks for this website.

I just talked to the doctor's nurse, she said it took her 4 years to get off of Paxil and that she had to take another drug with it in order to curb the side-effects long enough to get off of it. I go in tomorrow at 11. I hope there's hope.


Intresting information on this page.

I have been on paxil for about 4 years.
Suffering/ed on extrem Social Phobia. And I mean Extream Social Phobia. No Social contact in years before i started to take Paxil. This Drug completly changed my life. Started to take 10mg in one week then over om 20mg and I made my first step out of my apartment in day light in years. It was so wounderful that i thougt i was in heven. I was only able to get out of my apartment in the nights before when the streets were empty of pepole.
#The first 4-5 months on Paxil#
I was suffering some strange side effects in my ears like i was haveing my ears pluged and like a bell ring in them some times. And some difficults with my balance.
Tireness was a very big problem also.

#To day on Paxil#
Some elctrical shocks am I still felling if I dont take the drug in for about two days. And losinig contact with my body. "Like a short panic attact." This is very horrible to feel especialy when you know it is the lose of drug thats doing it.

To day i´m up to 40mg of this drug. I found an combinantion of this electrical shocks If i take 20mg of paxil then I can be off paxil for one day befor the shocks stands in. 40mg it will last for about two and a half day befor the shocks stands in. Nicotine seams to increase the electrical shocks for me.
To quit Paxil seams to be very difficult this electrical shocks is not to play with.

I feel very sorry when reading all this side effects on this page.

I think for me this drug is very good. I thank Glaxo Smith Kline for Paxil.
To quit Paxil is like quit Heroin. Everyone needs to know this before staring taking it. I did´t know but i have no life without Paxil so i dont realy know what to say... It´s like beeing a legal heroin user whitout knowing it.

But to keep this side efeects to them selfe thats a horrible behavior to make money on.

I give Paxil five stars for Social Phobia.
But pepole realy need to be aware of the painful side effects especially when trying to quit Paxil.

best regards

It has been very interesting reading all these reviews of Paxil you guys have posted. I started taking it about three years ago when I went through a period of intense anxiety and depression on account of some crappy life situations(girlfriend LOL). It really saved my life, and got me out of that spiral of depression and anxiety However, three years later I have not been able to get myself off the drug. Every time I try I'm good for about four days. On about the fifth day I get really frustrated and angry with everything and everyone. I feel like I want to beat up everyone. Then I start getting the "zaps" you guys talked about. The "zaps" feel like someone is touching my brain with a 12 volt battery. I get disoriented and unable to concentrate on anything. I also get extremely depressed and overly emotional. My sex drive also comes flooding back. I think paxil might stop you from feeling emotions. When you get off the drug they all come flooding back at once. I just don't have time to take a month (or more) off my life and suffer through that crap. So right now I take one 12.5mg pill every 4-5 days. It helped before, but now it's just a financial drain. It's frustrating to be addicted to a drug that can have such a significant effect on the quality of life. A NOTE TO EVERYONE.....PAXIL IS ADDICTIVE!!!

I have been on an anti-depressant for 11 yrs. My MD stopped me cold turkey 2 days ago.. I'm so scared. I'm going to kill myself now.

p.s. Dan, you're a good man.

Woah...vanna...I hope that wasn't serious. Send me an e-mail at I'll give you my number and you can call me...I hope that was a joke!

Paxil is one of the most dangerous drugs out there. Just to let everyone know where i'm comming from and hopfully share my experiences with anyone to avoid people to make the same mistakes as i have unfortunately gone through. I started taking paxil in university because i was depressed. I realised now that my depression was more to do with me not having a healthy lifestyle i.e. eating pizza's and craft dinner, rather then wholesome foods which contain nutrients and vitamins to maintain a healthy nervous system. After going to the doctor and explainig to him what kinds of emotions i was feeling, the doctor was quick to prescribe me on paxil at 20mg 3x day. After a few months i felt better, but i had sexual side effects i.e. couldn't get an errection. I also felt that my eyes were also dialated which apparently is a serious side effect when i got light blindness. Anyways, i hate that f***ing doctor for prescribing the drugs to me rather then informing me on my options. Those guys are real drug dealers and are only interested in the bottom line profits which make other people suicidal. I do get spouts of depression now and then (1 year later), especially after i've been drinking the night before. But i realised that taking quality vitamins i.e. omega 3 vitamins, green wheatgrass formula, etc. does actually make a great difference in cleansing the body and maintains a healthy nervous system. My goal is to educate as many people as i can about getting away from the drugs... remember whole foods are what makes the body stronger- not drugs.

I have taken paxil for two years for a mild case of social anxiety. Had I known how I would feel when I quit taking this med I would have never started. I did 12mg and last week started everyother day and now have gone cold turkey. The awful dizziness, weakness in my legs, sweats, fever, nausea, chills, strange dreams, and a numbing feeling in my mouth started when I missed a few times. So I wanted off it after a few days of everyother day my symptons started. Now cold turkey and with all the withdrawl symptoms I just want this medicine to be out of my body and feel normal again. I have noticed I have more energy since stopping paxil but I don't feel like using it because i am so nauseous. I am going to the doctor today to find out if their is something for the dizziness. I can deal with the rest. Warn anyone thinking about taking this, It may be okay while you are on it but, getting off it is hell.

I was on Paxil for about a month without being informed about the side affects. When I asked about them, I was told by my DR that she was not going to tell them to me so I don't get "focused" on just that. After that month I was in a way loosing control. I became more depressed, and suicidal, not only that but I was diagnosed as narcisitic after being admitted to a chemical dependancy ward due to the side affects and suicidal tendancies. When I was released from the ward I was taken off of Paxil "cold turkey". Not long after that I waqs having halucinations, my anger was worse and I felt everyone was out to get me. I had the zapping headaches (and still have them occasionally to this day), naseau and it almost ruined my marraige. I believe the side affects last a little longer than they let on considering that I still have the occasional "flashbacks".

I hate to be the bearer of even more bad new about Paxil, but I'm not sure that the withdrawl symptoms ever go away completely. I quit taking Paxil about 2 years ago. Cold turkey....God, I still remember what a nightmare that was. Literally.....the memories seem almost dreamlike.
Anyway, the bad news. The past couple of nights I've not been able to sleep due to the hot flashes and "zaps" in my legs. This is the first time that I've experienced the zaps since withdrawl. Looking back over the last two years, there have been times when I experienced other withdrawl symptoms, but I've never related them to the paxil. The "zaps", however are unmistakably Paxil. I just can't figure out what would trigger them again. Obviously this drug stays in your body indefinitely. But where? Nervous system....liver....fat cells...where? And what would trigger it's effects? I did take Benadryl for 2 day prior. (P.S. I never had sinus or allergy problems before taking Paxil either) Maybe it was the catalyst.
All I know is that I don't want this shit in my body any longer. I also had a bout of furunculosis while on Paxil. (sort of a severe cystic acne like infection on my face) Well.....that has begun to re-emerge as well. This is crazy!! It's even more insane that Doctors are still prescribing Paxil to patients. But then long as the FDA keeps it on the market, and the pharacutical companies keep paying the doctors......paxil will remain alive and well. Even if people are slowly dying from it.
Some good least a possible light anyway. There is a holistic company that has come out with an herbal "oral chelation" product, that claims to be able to remove heavy metals and such from the body. Even the fat cells. Whether or not Paxil falls into these catagories or not, I don't know. But it's worth a shot to me. The company is called Extreme Health. Just type the name in the search engine. They also have a product called "liver support". Since the liver is the body's foremost's makes sense that it would retain chemicals and such that our body could not process.
Anyway....I've not tried it yet, so I don't have any feedback. I will keep you all posted though.
Good luck and God bless!

I have been quiting for two months i never felt so bad in My life so i inquire about side effects quitting. This medicine should be forbidden today ;the lab respponsible sued and the docttors prescribing it and FDA officials too.
My depression was a mild sickness and had a real causse like father and Mother decease and a divorse but I whish I had never visited the doctor to take this medicine .Now I'm selling my bussines i can't deal whith public not at least till my syntoms are gone

Marcelo Buchbinder on February 21, 2005 6:25 PM

i once saw a show on paxil and one side effect was gambling. Has anyone heard or experencied this.They were going to put gambling as a side effect on the label please email me at

I suffered from SEROTONIN SYNDROME five years ago as a result of poorly prescribed medications (Zoloft,several drugs, etc, etc etc) I appreciate finding this website and reading about the side effects that others are suffering from Paxell and related drugs. When I was initially hospitalized, I wondered if I would live and then if I would ever walk again or live a normal life. When they discharged me in a wheelchair, they weakly told me that the drug company says Serotonin Syndrome only lasts for 48 hours. WRONG AND STILL WRONG FIVE YEARS LATER. I experienced every symtom of Serotonin Syndrome except "death". The hospital pharmacist came to my room and warned me about my future,(at the risk of losing his job). He knew what was wrong immediately and told me that the doctors would come to that same conclusion in three or four days. He told me NEVER take another related drug, Paxell, Zoloft, Prozac etc again or it would bring about my death. He also warned me to never take any cold or allergy meds or weight losing drugs. He told me they would tell me to see a psychiatrist because the symtoms would not stop after the 48 hour duration claimed by the drug manufacturer. He told me that nobody would want to be my doctor because the very acknowledgement that Serotonin Syndrome Symtoms continue after 48 hours, would make the doctor liable in a suite should another of his patients develop SS. Sure enough no doctors would take my case except a couple psychiatrists that insisted I begin taking some other related drug. (Thanks to the pharmacist for his warning or I wouldn't be here.) "Hope" that suddenly all of this would be behind me, helped me to keep going. My son, who is an MD found some natural rememdies to help me to cope with the side effects that continue to be with me even five years later. I take Lemon Balm (also known as Melissa)and Valarian Root. These herbs in capsule form, act almost like Valium to calm the symtoms down to a level of tolerance. They are not habit forming. Sometimes during the day I will only need to take one capsule of each to just calm down the strange symtoms I may be experiencing. If one isn't enough, I might take two. I take two or three of each at night about 45 minutes before I go to bed. 90% of the time, I sleep very calmly, deep, restful sleep without troubled dreams. I also became aware of an amino acid that is available at healthfood stores called "L-Tryptophan". I started taking that at night before bed and it helps me relax and go to sleep. I take another amino acid called, "L-Tyrosine". Both amino acids help your brain to produce serotonin. In just a month of taking the L-Tyrosine, I can feel less of a strain on my brain when I try to concentrate. I am encouraged!!! I read about these two amino acids in a book Nutritional Healing. You all have my sympathy in your suffering. I have five years of experience, living with Serotonin Syndrome symtoms.These are much the same withdrawal symtoms many of you have. I have found ways to deal with some and would appreciate knowing about any remedies that others might have found helpful. Please contact me if I can help you or you have suggestions for me.

I have been on 20 MG of paxil a day for over 6 years due to severe anxiety several years ago. NOW I am hearing how bad Paxil is. Has anyone tried to get off Paxil after this long?

I have been on Paxil for 10 months now. I started last year when I became very lazy. I had little concern about anything in my life, school work was extremely difficult. Days and days went by, where I simply bummed around in my room, floating from Kitchen to couch, from bathroom to internet. Nothing really got done, I wasn't happy, I wasn't depressed, I simply had little motivation to do anything at all. Opportunity was certainly there, I just chose to watch the world pass by. My school work was dramatically suffering, so I began to borrow friends Adderall. The drug did wonders for my study habbits. All of a sudden I was Mr. Productivity. Grocery Shopping, Bank, gas in the car, laundry folded, clean the kitchen - in 1 hour - sure no problem. I then proceeded to get a prescription for Adderall, and prescription for Paxil quickly followed. Why be on just 1 drug, 2 will surely make me feel better... More or less, I was looking for stimulation... a kick in the butt, to wake up and start living. 2 weeks into the prescription plan, I considered myself superman. Nothing could stop me. The drug combo did wonders for my personal motivation. I went from doing 1 thing a day, to doing 100 things a day. I felt alive, the sun came out. Now, 10 months later I realize how fake I feel. I have come to realize these meds are numbing me. I get sick a lot, since I went on the meds, and I do know these meds provide artificial energy, and artificial positive emotions. So I have slipped myself off of these meds. It was not difficult, it was a healthy positive experience. First, I took advantage of getting the Flu, and cut my Paxil dose in 1/2 for those 2 weeks. As I got over the flu, I didn't even notice the drop in the med dose. Next, before completely quitting, I went to a wholistic doctor. He quickly told me several foods I should not be eating, based on muscle testing. He also put me on some natural enzymes. I started eating extremely healthy - fruits, legumes, veggies, nuts, flaxseed oil - all organic. I started to cut the adderall in half, but added a single caffeine pill (or coffee) when I felt sluggish. I started substituting caffeinated tea for coffee. Yerba Mate tea is my favorite, it is from the rain forest and gives the body a healthy energy. Focusing on the healthy diet, and good exercise. I casually missed doses of paxil, until I just forgot about it. All my focus and time was on obtaining natural health, I didn't think about the paxil. I am off it now, completely, and I didn't notice it at all. But I also didn't question myself, I was so into the nutrition. I remain on half doses of adderall (5 mg) which I am comfortable with until I complete my undergrad degree. I strongly recommend resorting to natural remedies and diet when going off paxil. Positive changes in nutrition and natural supplements can really help with depression and other related conditions (anxiety, OCD..). It worked as a nice transition in my case. and I plan to maintain my healthy diet for life. I don't regret the Paxil, it did what it needed to do.

The big dogs in the FDA, and the big dogs at leading pharmaceutical companies are pals. They ride yachts together.

I was on paxil for approx. 5 years for anxiety attacks. I suffered from many of the same side effects as everyone else, zaps, sweats, suicidal thoughts, I felt unattatched from my life. Things seemed to happen around me that I was unable to deal with and once I got off the drug I wasn't sure if it really happened or was a dream. During that time I lost my Mother and Father and started the process of separation from my wife but I wasn't able to really process what was going on. The paxil lost effeciveness for my anxiety and i was now suffering from depression so the Dr. put me on Wellbutrin. The side effects from this was just as bad as the paxil and I couldn't take it anymore. I took myself off of everything and it was miserable. Now I wonder if i'll ever get back to my old self. I've been off of everything for about nine months and I still have trouble keeping my train of thought. I feel that I have gone through the worst of it. The headaches and most of the other withdrawl symptoms are almost completly gone. I have noticed that exercise and a well balanced diet have helped. Don't give up. You can get through it too. To those of you just getting on it or thinking about taking it, really think about if it is worth it. You need to consider if what you will be getting out of it is worth the longterm effects. For some it maybe but for me it wasn't. Good luck to you all.

I am 28 years old and have been suffering from extreme anxiety attacks for 6 years. A year and 6 months ago my doctor put me on paxcil cr after trying a number of other drugs. At first I thought this was great and that things where getting better. I was finally able to leave my house again. (which is a very sad thing in the fact that I have a 4 and 6 year old) This lasted for several months. I experienced dizziness, mild blur vision and breathing problems. When I brought it up to my doctor he said that it wass all in my head and to work through these feelings. Well at my last Dr. visit I finally told him that I wanted off this medication it is not doing a thing for me. So we decided to wing me off of it I was taking 20mg a day for the past year and a half, now I am taking 10mg and working my way down. I have only been doing this for 3 days. I started experiencing hot flashes and chills and extreme tiredness. I decided to look at the side affects of coming off of this. In a sence I was very happy to find this web sight on the other hand now I am more scared then ever.

I have been dealing with anxiety disorders my whole life. There are even times I can look back and remember having them as a very young child about 5 years old. I'm 21 years old now, I was put on Paxil when I was about 12 because the attacks were so severe that I couldn't go to school. I was on it for 4 years when I became pregnant. I decided to discontinue the medication because I wasn't sure of the effects it would have on the baby. I becamse very sick at that time. For 2 weeks straight I could not get out of bed and was violently ill. At the time I just thought I was all a part of morning sickness but I now relize that getting off the Paxil had a part to do with it. I got back on the Paxil a few months after I had the baby. During this time I would notice that if I didn't take Paxil for 2 days in a row I would start getting flu like symptoms.

About 2 and a half years of being on Paxil I decided I had felt I was ready to get off of it. I started by reducing my dosage. I started by taking half of a 20mg pill [so 10mg] for about a month. I then started taking only 5mg a day I did that for about another month when I thought I should be ready to quit completly. I couldn't though. If I went more than 2 days of not taking even such a low dosage of 5mg a day I became sick.

I ended up getting the flu last year and saw it as a great oppertunity to get off the medication because I was already sick that what more could getting off Paxil do to me. I ended up having the flu/withdrawls for over a week and lost 7 pounds from it all.

I didn't really notice a change in my mood because I started exercising more, eating healthy, and found a lot of inner peace by doing yoga. All was going great execpt I was dealing with chronic neck pain. 2 months of being off the paxil and dealing with my neck problems I went to the doctor. He wanted to put me on Paxil again for my neck because I guess getting off of it does something to your nerves that can cause problems like these.

Its been a year now since I've been off Paxil. I didn't experience any attacks up until about 3 months ago. I have gone through a complete lifestyle change that has caused a lot of stress. I have been having bad panic attacks for the past 3 months now. I went to the doctor and they perscribed me paxil again. I've had my persciption filled for over a month now and still have not started taking it because of how hard it was for me to get off of it and how I never want to go through it again. However the attacks are taking control of my life. I did take a pill last night thinking that I would get back on it for a little bit but after reading all these stories I know I've done the right thing by not taking it. I relize now that I need to find the strength within myself, get back on a healthy diet, exercise a little more, and with that I can heal myself. I'm now getting into meditation and I find it very relaxing and theraputic. I belive that doing these things and not getting on the medication I will be able to beat this disorder

my brother, who is 31, what put on paxil 2 1\2 weeks ago is experiencing horrible nightmares, headaches, suicide, very fearful, tremors, wakeing up suddenly and being really scared, i was so scared for him, hes never ever been on any drugs, hes never experienced anything like this before, i thought i was going to lose him. we called his doctor about it, and he acted as if he didn't care, i was so appalled by his condensending attitude, this is a seriously dangerous drug, the FDA need to put a ban on this drug.

Hello my name is Lisa I have been on paxcil now for 8 months, I have gained weight taking paxcil, my side effects being on this drug is always tierd I can sleep for 18 hours, when I do wake up I feel like I have not slept, I spend more times in my appartment, I was prescrbed paxcil for depression, my doctor put me on 10 ml, I started to ween myself off them by decreasing them to 5 ml, I have a bit of side effects but not alot, I went to see my doctor about taking myself off them because I have nothice that I am hurting myself I chew my skin on my fingers till they bleed, all my doctor told me is that the paxcil was not stron enough and he wanted me to take 20 ml, before I was on pacil I was on celecia which is another brand of a antidepressents I was takeing 80 ml, while taking celexca I got pregnant so that is when my doctor put me on paxcil because he said that it was safer to take while being pregnant, so I went from 80 ml on celecia and went on paxcil taking 10 ml, after being switched from one drug to another I ended up haveing a miscarrage I was 7 weeks preganant and I am so sure that all these drugs that the doctors prescribes to people can do more harm to the body not just the brain, my emuine system is so low that I am always sick or catching colds, I really think that the doctors do this just because every drug they give they get a good pay check, because before I was put on this drug my health other then the depression I was good, I use to walk alot, but now it is like a chore for me toeven get out of bed in the mornings, my life being on this drug is so horrible, I get mood swings, first minute I feel like I dont want to live, next minute I feel like crying for no reason, next minute I just want to scream, myself estem has gotten worse because I have gained so much weight from being switched from one drug to antoher that it has screwed my ststem bad, I am planning on going off them soon, but will ween myself off, and hopefully I can deal with life without taking drugs, yes some on here say that paxcil was the best thing that could of happened to them, but all they are doing is taking something that can haorm thier bodys inside, I would love to talk to people that are trying to ween themselfs off paxci because we all need support from ones who are going through alot to get back to normal, thanx, Lisa my email address is plz I would love to hear your expereinces.

I have been taking Paxil since 1995, because of some depression after an automobile accident, and the reoccurance of the accident haunting my sleep night after night, and the results of a brian injury from the accident. At first I started feeling fine and had no problems. I started out on 10 mg. and ended up on 20 mg. In 2004, I ran out of my prescription and was over a week with out any of the medication. I became angry, crying all the time, disgusted with everyone around me, vertigo, and a lot of the symtoms in the above letters. The day I decided to go back on Paxil was the day I tried to ram my truck head on with a huge tree, why? I don't know, it seemed right at that time. 2005 Feb. I ran out of my prescription and my dr gave me some 12.5 samples and told me to take 2 everynight, till my meds came in the mail. Well, for 2 weeks I have taken the 12.5 - Xs 2 everynight, and all hell has broke loose. I started with a slight case of Vertigo, which led to other terrible things, My body became so cold, and then so hot, the shakes are horrible, my heart started racing like I was having a heart attack, my bottom lip became tinglely, I experience the worst hallucinations imaginable. I sleep all the time, and so sick to my stomach, and the headaches were unbearable. I did not know what was going on. I started looking up on the Internet for side effects or just something to help me figure this out. No logical reasons. I had always thought that PAxil was an okay drug, but now my dr states that I will never be able to dis-continue taking Paxil, due to the addiction. I have never done drugs or alcohol. But now I'm wondering if I should list on my medical history, ADDICTED DRUG USER, "PAXIL". Has anyone else experienced these symptons with long term use and why are the terrible things happening now? I will be glad to hear from anyone, who can maybe put a finger on what is going on. Thank you

hi i have been on paxil for about a year and just recently stopped using it i was taking it because of my anxiety. before using this drug i had never been depressed before a couple months of taking the drug i had gone into deep depression which was very bad. i was told it wasnt because of paxil but i knew it had to be because i had never been the type to be depressed ever. i had another side affect that i think made this situation even worse i would get angry for no reason and have total mood swings. now to the symptoms of quitting. i got the usual brain zaps but now my mood swings gave rise like no other. i had gotten into huge confrontations with friends family and some i dont know if i will ever talk to again because of the confrontations. overall it did help my anxiety but was it worth it to me no because i lost friends and family to it. thank you paxil

Hi, i was on this drug about 4 years ago. I also stopped cold turkey. WHICH i found out was the worst thing I could do. I started getting this tingling feeling thru out my body.....light headedness.....blurry vision.....Headaches....I called my doctor he said it is NOT from Paxil....I KNEW it was....I didnt take ANY form of drugs other then smoking a cigg. My partner and family all thought i was just being a HYPOCONDRAIC, but I knew my body was different!

I have been taking 20 mg dosage of Paxil for about 2 years now. This drug has really enhanced the quality of my life- rid me of my problems with depression and anxiety. I am also now a sociable person where before I couldn't even answer the door to pay the pizza delivery guy. My friends and family have noticed a huge difference and I am able to handle the stress of my job really well.
However, there have been side effects... no sex drive, weight gain (30 lbs!!!). Now I have problems with short term memory loss. I have had such bad short term memory loss in the past three months, that is really affecting my job. The people at work must think I am a total idiot and I have got to resolve this problem.
Is short term memory loss a side effect of the Paxil? Has anyone else had this problem? Please post I am desperate for answers...

I took paxil for 2 and a half weeks. It was part of one of those free medical experiments they have in the paper... I called in one night because the depression/schizophrenia was so bad I was near suicidal and desperate for anything to help.

I had been afraid of these kinds of drugs for a long time because I write music and I didn't want it to cut off my creativity (my friends had made it sound like these drugs were a lobotomy or something). But I had reached a point where I couldn't function anymore, couldn't finish a song, couldn't work a job, didn't want to see my friends. I almost forgot how to talk at all. After escorting for money I had run away to a town where I didn't know anyone just so I could be alone and people wouldn't have to watch my rapid decline into becoming some crazy bum on the street. And I used to run a business for chrissake. Maybe this is what happens when you watch your own government's airplanes dive into gigantic towers that fall to the ground before your very eyes. Ever since being there in NY I keep running cuz I keep getting these feelings that something horrible is going to happen.

Anyway fastforward 3 years to anywhere usa where i found a nice little cave to either die or find some way back to sanity. Then one night in a drunken desperation the phone was closer than the gun and probably easier than blowing my head off so I called in to volunteer my body and soul for this little 'scientific experiment'. The doc was happy to paxify my situation.

The first week was a half-dose of 12.5mg. Despite nausea and kind of feeling stoned, it seemed to help me relax a little bit and not feel like the world was coming to an end. But this could have been a placebo effect because I was so hopeful that I was actually going to get better.
I think I actually applied for a couple of jobs that week.

The second week I started the 25 mg. I did feel some contentment and even called a couple friends to say I was 'back'. I actually even felt a little bit of jaw-clenching like when you're on ecstasy.

But then I began to sleep more... at first I was happy that I was sleeping more. Hey, at least it's helping with the insomnia, right?

But then it got to the point that I couldn't stay awake... I would wake up at like 2pm and it would take a great deal of willpower just to get up and go get a cup of coffee. I'd sit at the coffeeshop attempting to read or write and would just get sleepier and sleepier... I kept feeling like my head was going to float off or something, or that my brain particles would disintegrate... I was afraid to look at anyone, because what if they talked to me and i suddenly went catatonic or my brain started leaking out of my skull? And sitting there I would start feeling more and more fragmented until I realized I better go back home before someone would have to wheel me away...

so i would go back into my cave and back to sleep... in the middle of the day... At first I was like, well, just deal with it this is probably just a passing side effect or something... but i started to feel like i was in a coma. i was losing track of time all together, i didn't know what was night and day. just sleep sleep sleeeeeeeeep, the bed was the most scrumptious thing in the world... i remember one of the jobs called me for an interview but there was no way that was going to happen.

After a week of that i was like i can't keep taking this shit. I also still had a lot of nausea and bloatedness and nothing tasted good. I went on the internet to find out if the sleeping thing was normal and came across sites like this. Then I was really pissed at myself for ever starting the damn stuff. Luckily I hadn't been taking it too long, so I weaned myself off of it in a few days. I did get some zaps while coming off, but they were more of a curiosity than a painful thing. (you know, the curious wonderment as to exactly which brain cells are being fried. ;-)

However, that was several weeks ago but my bodyclock is still totally whack. I'll sleep for 14 or 16 hours and then be awake for 20 or 30. Every day starts at a different time. Before, I knew I had lost my mind. But now I'm in this whole other realm of weirdness. Often my days start at 9pm and i spend the whole night shuffling tarot cards. (the tarot thing is a new development, at least its better than twiddling my thumbs when i'm sick of hunching over a computer and have lost all inspiration and motivation for everything else.)

I feel like I need to go to preschool or something just to learn how to be a person again. The thought of being in a mental institution is actually appealing. Except they're probably expensive.

After just one panic attack in my whole life, my doctor put me on Zoloft. I was switched to Paxil at some point for the SSE's, and have gone from 12 mgs or something to where now, two years later, I'm taking 62 mgs of the stuff every day! Over this period of time, I have experienced what I thought was some bad inner ear infections, to the point that I was sent to a neurologist, even had a brain MRI!...just for no doctor to find a thing wrong with me. I didn't even THINK of it until this last, most drastic time that it was Paxil withdrawal. When I had the MRI, it was when I had simply decided to stop taking the Paxil, not having a CLUE of there being ANY possible side effects! Now, I don't even take Paxil because I have a problem, I take it because if I DON'T take it, I have MAJOR problems. Like thinking I'm growing a tumor in my head, or like biting the heads off all of my family members and not even caring.
I see that some people here suffered with terrible problems for years and Paxil helps them. Well, I guess if it helps them that much, and they're okay with taking it forever, then it may be a drug that is good for those people. However, to think that I'm now addicted to a medication because of a one-time thing that I may never have experienced again for all I know...
About a year ago, I was diagnosed with adhd, and I'm turning 40 years old this year!? I'm taking 54 mgs/day of Concerta and 62 mgs/day of Paxil, and I'm beginning to wonder if I started needing the adhd meds because of the Paxil in the first place! I started with low dosages of both, and now I'm maxed out on both, and I'm wondering if I really need ANY of them! The bad thing is, I'm not seeing lot of people here very successful at getting off the Paxil... I'm going to talk to my doctor about it, just before I slug her, and see what she says.
The biggest trouble is, I've been in trouble at work in the last year because of errors caused by lack of concentration/focus... and I'm just now getting all that back on track, error-free for months now since I've been so faithful in taking both of my huge med doses! Work-wise, this is no time to even think about messing around with getting off these.
Any opinions/ideas for me?

I started Paxil in October 2004 for migraines. Since then I have had nothing but problems and the only thing I think of is the Paxil (although every doctor tells me no). I am on 10mg a day. I get wicked hot flashes at night, my heart has slowed down for some unknown reason. I have had every cardio test done with all negative results. I woke out of my sleep in February and passed out still in bed. Since then my blood pressure does not want to stay in the normal range. I am wondering if this has happened to anyone else? I have also had lots of stomach problems since starting this drug. My husband swears that the Paxil is making my heart and blood pressure drop at night. Also, my sex drive is now a minus 10!

I have been o Paxil for almost four years and I have found that it helps my mood swings and depressed state but if I miss a dose I feel like I am going to die. Two days ago I fell asleep early and didn't take my daily dose. The next day I awoke, took my pill, too late. I spent the day in pure hell. I actually felt like dying. My head zapped all day, swished around, I was dizzy, cryed for insane reasons, and my self esteem went from being Okay the day before to every little thing being my fault. It is day two, I took my pill last night and I still have some minor side effects from not taking it. I could never imagine a human being feeling this way. Last night I just laid on the couch in a vegetable state not being able to think, cook, care for my children and it really disturbs my work and life that HAVE to function because of my family. I am scared to get off of it and scared to stay on it.

I started taking paxil one year ago, the Dr. put me on it for the sole purpose of being tired alot, because all the tests I had done came back negative he said it was just depression and paxil would make me feel great. I asked him how long I would need to take it, he said when you have more energy and everything is going well in your life. It never did take the tiredness away. I did notice that things that once would upset me, did'nt anymore. That wasn't a good thing, because I started to not care about anything anymore. So I tried to go off of it cold turkey, and almost ended up in the hospital. I never had been so scared in my life. I didn't know what was happening to me. When I finally got a hold of my Dr. he told me to start taking it right away, so I did and it took two weeks before I could stop shaking and feeling so irate. The past 4 months of my life have been great, I met a wonderful man (through eharmony):) He is moving out by me and my daughter and buying a new house for all of us. I know the "old" me would be on cloud 9 right now. But for some reason I have noticed feeling so depressed for no reason at all, as if someone has died. I also started feeling so tired, like never before, and so hungry like when I was pregnant, I gained 20 lbs. which is very unlike me. I found out I was not pregnant. Last month I called my Dr. to ask how to wean off of paxil, I was so scared after what happened to me going off cold turkey. He told me I shouldn't go off of it, I said, why not it has never helped for my tiredness, the reason you put me on this. I told him how I was feeling worse, and things were going great in my life. So he told me how to wean off. For ten days I had to take my original dose of 37.5 mg, which by the way I had to keep going up in mgs. because I would get so shaky and call the Dr. and he said "Oh you just need to take more!!" I had to take that for 10 days, then 25 mg. for ten days, towards the end of those 10 days, I was nauseous, shaky, had horrible nightmares everynight, and felt very irritated at the slightest thing. Now was time to take 12.5 mg. for 10 days, I had all those same side effects, but worse, and the headaches were worse than migraines. I continued to wean off because I was, despite the horrible side effects, starting to feel awake again, happier, my normal appetite back, etc. I have now been completely off of paxil for 6 days. I have all the same side effects, but the headaches are now "zapping" in my head. It feels like electric shocks to my brain, it hurts like hell. Today it is happening but not as bad as yesterday, I had it all day and could barely function. I have also been very dizzy, so bad I can't walk sometimes without falling over. I called my Dr. for help, he told me all I could do is go back on paxil!! Is he insane! I am disgusted that my Dr. put me on such an addictive drug, without informing me of these horrible side effects. Had I have been informed properly, I would never have taken this, maybe that's the whole idea!? I read that some of you said paxil has won. Don't let it. I know that dealing with being tired more than the average person was alot better than what paxil has done to me. While taking it, it covered up who I really am. It took me a year to figure out how much damage it was and is still doing to me. Now that I am off of it I feel "alive" again. I am finally starting to enjoy things I should've been enjoying months ago! The only problem is that now that I am feeling happy again, it is extremely hard to enjoy, with all these side effects. At the present with all the zapping in my head, I feel best when I'm sleeping, until I wake up in a sweat from horrible nightmares. I just want this to be over, but I refuse to go back on such a horrible drug. I will suffer and go through this struggle until this crap leaves my system. As for how long it will take, I don't know. I read that some of you say months later you are experiencing side effects. I asked my Dr. and he said it should only be 2 weeks, but 4 weeks at the most! Dr. said it isn't possible to be in your system more than 4 weeks, but it's hard to believe anything he tells me since he obviously wasn't very honest from the start. There were some things, like the weight gain he wasn't even aware of with this drug. I think these Dr.'s need to learn more about a drug before handing it out to patients and claiming how wonderful it is. I want to thank all of you who took the time to write in this web site. If I wouldn't have found this, I would be going to the hospital for a brain scan, because I feel like I have a brain tumor or something. Thanks to reading all of this I know I'm not going crazy!! GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

I started taking paxil one year ago, the Dr. put me on it for the sole purpose of being tired alot, because all the tests I had done came back negative he said it was just depression and paxil would make me feel great. I asked him how long I would need to take it, he said when you have more energy and everything is going well in your life. It never did take the tiredness away. I did notice that things that once would upset me, did'nt anymore. That wasn't a good thing, because I started to not care about anything anymore. So I tried to go off of it cold turkey, and almost ended up in the hospital. I never had been so scared in my life. I didn't know what was happening to me. When I finally got a hold of my Dr. he told me to start taking it right away, so I did and it took two weeks before I could stop shaking and feeling so irate. The past 4 months of my life have been great, I met a wonderful man (through eharmony):) He is moving out by me and my daughter and buying a new house for all of us. I know the "old" me would be on cloud 9 right now. But for some reason I have noticed feeling so depressed for no reason at all, as if someone has died. I also started feeling so tired, like never before, and so hungry like when I was pregnant, I gained 20 lbs. which is very unlike me. I found out I was not pregnant. Last month I called my Dr. to ask how to wean off of paxil, I was so scared after what happened to me going off cold turkey. He told me I shouldn't go off of it, I said, why not it has never helped for my tiredness, the reason you put me on this. I told him how I was feeling worse, and things were going great in my life. So he told me how to wean off. For ten days I had to take my original dose of 37.5 mg, which by the way I had to keep going up in mgs. because I would get so shaky and call the Dr. and he said "Oh you just need to take more!!" I had to take that for 10 days, then 25 mg. for ten days, towards the end of those 10 days, I was nauseous, shaky, had horrible nightmares everynight, and felt very irritated at the slightest thing. Now was time to take 12.5 mg. for 10 days, I had all those same side effects, but worse, and the headaches were worse than migraines. I continued to wean off because I was, despite the horrible side effects, starting to feel awake again, happier, my normal appetite back, etc. I have now been completely off of paxil for 6 days. I have all the same side effects, but the headaches are now "zapping" in my head. It feels like electric shocks to my brain, it hurts like hell. Today it is happening but not as bad as yesterday, I had it all day and could barely function. I have also been very dizzy, so bad I can't walk sometimes without falling over. I called my Dr. for help, he told me all I could do is go back on paxil!! Is he insane! I am disgusted that my Dr. put me on such an addictive drug, without informing me of these horrible side effects. Had I have been informed properly, I would never have taken this, maybe that's the whole idea!? I read that some of you said paxil has won. Don't let it. I know that dealing with being tired more than the average person was alot better than what paxil has done to me. While taking it, it covered up who I really am. It took me a year to figure out how much damage it was and is still doing to me. Now that I am off of it I feel "alive" again. I am finally starting to enjoy things I should've been enjoying months ago! The only problem is that now that I am feeling happy again, it is extremely hard to enjoy, with all these side effects. At the present with all the zapping in my head, I feel best when I'm sleeping, until I wake up in a sweat from horrible nightmares. I just want this to be over, but I refuse to go back on such a horrible drug. I will suffer and go through this struggle until this crap leaves my system. As for how long it will take, I don't know. I read that some of you say months later you are experiencing side effects. I asked my Dr. and he said it should only be 2 weeks, but 4 weeks at the most! Dr. said it isn't possible to be in your system more than 4 weeks, but it's hard to believe anything he tells me since he obviously wasn't very honest from the start. There were some things, like the weight gain he wasn't even aware of with this drug. I think these Dr.'s need to learn more about a drug before handing it out to patients and claiming how wonderful it is. I want to thank all of you who took the time to write in this web site. If I wouldn't have found this, I would be going to the hospital for a brain scan, because I feel like I have a brain tumor or something. Thanks to reading all of this I know I'm not going crazy!! GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

I have been on paxil cr for over two years. I have tried getting off of it before but never did due to the side effects. I am now on a lower does and finished my last pill. Now what? I am feeling dizzy, nausea, feel tired, feel like crying. Because I am so dizzy when I walk I feel like I need to hang on to the wall to get me to where I have to be. One side of my face feels like it is getting pulled to the side becuase I am spinning. My eyes seem to roam around as if I'm haveing a seizer and am unable to focus. This is horriable and I am not waiting for my Dr's nurse to return my call since I finished my last pill yesterday. Now what? If I go a couple days with this paxil cr I feel all of the above mentioned.

patricia peters on March 29, 2005 4:21 PM

I have been on Paxil for 5 months to the day almost. I today just started cutting my 20mg. dosage in half. I went on the drug because my doctor felt it best at the time. I had just been part of a 14 year relationship that ended due to infidelity. It was devastating and at a time like that you are not thinking straight. I realize now I should have asked more questions about this drug from my doctor. I was taking it in good faith that I would feel better and go off eventually. I was told over and over to get off the drug by family and friends. I said the doctor would not have prescribed me something that would either hurt me or do me no good. Well here I am reading up on this drug and come across a site like this. I was dumb-founded. I can't believe we are being given a drug this serious and not realizing what it is doing to us now...Let alone long term. And I mean down the road in years after not being on it. I am going off of it permanently. Once I have weaned myself off of it I am done. I have read that some people have a new lease on life with this drug. That is great and all the best to them. But I have learned a hard lesson and will question any medication I am ever prescribed the rest of my life. Do not put all your faith into your doctor. Look out for your best interests. No one else will...Good luck!!!


I have been on Paxil for about 4 years now. I had many side affects to start, but that is expected when starting a new medication. Things have evened out after time and there are minimal side effects now as long as I keep taking it. I will admit there was weight gain but it was 10lbs and over several years so I couldn't say for sure that's why it was gained. I will admit that if you forget to take a pill (specially 2 days in a row) there are very severe affects. I've had the zapping, dizziness, anger, crying....all that stuff..but they warn you to NEVER stop taking it without consulting a doctor. I was advised from the start about the side affects such as it being addictive and hard to come off as well as the sexual side affects. I still chose to go on it because with the way my life was headed I was willing to do anything. I'll admit after reading your above articles I was a little scared should the day come I decide to go off. I had planned on staying on it forever but I am getting married this year and the sexual side effects are becoming an issue. I don't think I'll ever go off meds all together though, I think they do help, I think the problem in what I've read above is that your doctors have not informed you very well about what you were getting yourself into. If you had read up on Paxil, none of these side effects would of surprised you and you would of known how hard it is to come off from. I think some of these people ranting and raving about how bad the medication is, are probably more pissed they didn't do their homework before taking it. I know it can be frustrating and emotional as I have felt that when I have forgotten to take the pill....but what do you expect when you are taking a pill that effects you chemically and directly to the brain? To those that just got on the meds or were considering your research, find out how necessary the meds are for you and if its worth any side effects. I was told in the beginning that most people that go on this med will stay on it forever, I was fine with that. The reason for taking it to begin with is because you need the chemical to balance you out...personally I fell if I need to balance me now..whats going to change that I would need it later? To me taking it life long is acceptable. Anyways, I am sorry that some of you are so upset and frustrated and outraged...but you should be directing this to your doctors...not to the meds. They did not do their jobs, the meds did.
Good luck!

I am on Paxil and this site has been an eye opener for me. I have some chronic brain damage from a self abusive condition that is in my Bipolar/PTSD. Flashback/bipolar rages would cause me to instantly smash myself in the forhead and that has happened for over 30 years. The dizzy spells were mild and coughing seizures started a couple years ago. But now that I have been on Paxil, its worse. Tremors, super sweats, night sweats, cold sweats, confusion, worse coughing seizures than before and tons and tons of dizziness and "zapping" as you all call it. I am looking for class action lawsuits. I may not ever be able to stop taking Paxil because of my condition and what has been set in motion, but I tell ya what, when I go, my family will be taken care of! You can contact me if you are in a class action suit! Come to my site and tell me about it! THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS SITE!

I have been on paxil for 2 years and decided to ween myself off by going from 20 mi to 10 mi, well it's been a week now and I have expirenced a few lucid dreams and dizziness. The dizziness occures when I get up from a chair or turn to quickly. I plan to keep taking the half pill a day and then going to a half pill every other day, and then spacing it out from there. But i'll tell ya after reading some of this shit, I'm pretty freaked out about what people have gone thru. I hope we can all get through this. I decided to take myself off of paxil because I needed to learn how to see the world for what it is...."A bunch of freaks and clowns." I regret taking this crap; two years ago insted of taking paxil for my anxiety I should have sought the help from a guru, and meditated, or just started to go to church, maybe sit down with a pastor or whatever. I know that everyone is diffrent and has their own indiviual problems but ya know what! we are all the same inside. Wish me luck. I will be thinking of you all

i have been on paxil 8 years and like everybody else was told not addicting etc. i havnt had any problems until recently. while shopping i had some wierd visual disturbance in my left eye took 2 asprin and felt a little better. about an hour later i couldnt form the right words while trying to talk (scared the hell out of me) went to drs office and she has me scheduled for an mri. when i got home i relized i had forgotten to take my 20 mg paxil. i took it and felt better after a while. since then i decided to research paxil and am wondering if in fact i too am a paxil junkie. can a body get too much? not enough? All these wierd side effects you are all talking about, i also have many of them the one i have the most trouble with is dingieness. i have always had a good memory and now it is shot, if i dont wright it down, its gone. i am so scared that this is possibly all caused from a drug that isn't habit forming but if i forget for one day funny things start happening. i have night sweats, trenors, spaciness, lack of concentration, yawning lethargy big time and all this while still on paxil, what hell it must be to go off!!! dr said if i had that severe of a reaction by missing my dose by 5 hours that just shows her that i do need this drug. i'm so confused please, has anyone else experienced anything like this while still on paxil?

Paxil Victim..I missed a pill once and didnt realize it would make me sick, it caused my brain to throb (but not hurt)dizziness was terrible. it felt like i was gonna pass out and my brain explode....but no pain,.im scared.oh and everyone thinks im crazy...i dont wanna do anything.i barely make it to work....

I swear if I stopped my 37.5 mgs of paxil today, I would die.....any comments on the brain throbbing?

I respect all the problems that people have had with Paxil, and will not deny that they happened, but it seems a recurring theme of all these posts is lack of knowledge about the drug on the part of you, the patient. I also know that the drug can have adverse effects and is not for everyone. That being said Paxil is a drug that alters the brain--OF COURSE it's going to have difficult side effects! However, before arguing with the FDA and trying to take it off the market, perhaps you should consider and respect those who educated themselves on the side effects BEFORE ingesting the drug and were POSITIVELY benefitted. All of you made posts online, you obviously have access to the internet. Besides the LARGE BOOKLET about the drug that comes with the prescription, the lists of side effects are all over the internet and easily accessible. WITHDRAWL is the NUMBER ONE side effect of Paxil. Yes it is habit forming, because it is ALTERING THE BRAIN and you cannot abruptly remove a BRAIN ALTERING SUBSTANCE and expect nothing to happen! I am sorry for your problems, but really, educate yourself! It was not your doctor's fault, ownly your own. If you feel the drug is not right in your situation, then consult your doctor with the next path to take and go off it slowly.
I am a Paxil success story, thus am defensive of the drug that basically saved my life... I was getting frequent panic attacks that caused me to vomit uncontrolably for literally weeks at a time. I was emaciated, looking close to a skeleton in junior high, a very sensitive and self concious phase of life. I was left with no energy because I could not keep down water, neverless food. I was hospitalized and enveloped with desperation when the Paxil was prescribed to curb the panic attacks, thus allowing my abdomen to rest and muscles to relax, and letting me eat. Keeping the Paxil down at first was a challenge, but I am in college now, an honors student excelling with a 4.0 studying Psychology with aspirations to help others like me with GAD and Panic Disorders. Drugs would be the last resort for my patients, but there are people like me who drugs like this helped, and convincing them to alter it or take it off the market would devistate those who it is helping.


all i needed to know was if anyone experienced the throbbing (not painful) throbbing of the brain.....WHICH IS NOT A SIDE EFFECT LISTED ANYWHERE...its not for one to say,u should reAD UP ON IT FIRST...HELL THE SIDE EFFECTS STATED R USUALLY HOW U FEEL NORMALLY...LOL


If you are stupid enough to take yourself of medication without consulting you doctor first, you deserve what happens to you!

I think that might have been certain kinds or for a certain while due to sketchy sub-par production standards in some facilities. I do not think it is a perminant recall as they make too much money off Paxil to want to do that.

Hi Julie
others may live under different socioeconomic conditions than you, and your statement was nothing short of rude. to say anyone deserves what some people have described on this page makes you a horrible human being.

some people are forced to stop due to not having enough money, going unemployed, etc.

please give useful feedback about what Paxil does or does not do for you and people you know. please do not make personal attacks at others.

If you start from the top of the board and read the comments, you will see the reasons they recalled paxil cr, i went for my refill today and the pharmacist said,"they recalled paxil"....releasing dosage to going to regular paxil and just wean off, because any pill you miss just 1 dose of shouldnt caue you to have dizzy spells headache "zaps"...I'm just glad I learned my more antidepressants for me..OH, AND NONE EVER ANSWERED MY QUESTION..LOL.IT'S FUNNY HOW THEY TAKE UR POSTS WRONG

Hi there. It's Donna I posted on March 30th as well. I am now on 5 mgs. of Paxil. I had a prescription for 20 mgs. I have weaned myself down to 5 mgs starting today. I did inform my doctor of my intentions as well. I think the big thing we need to realize is we are all on Paxil for many many different reasons. I found my worst side affect to be no sleep. I went months and months with 2 to 3 hours broken sleep every night. Now I am also sleeping much better. But that could also be due to feeling much better. As I said before I was put on Paxil because of my nerves at the time. A broken relationship that is over and I'm much better for it now. The one thing I think with all this Paxil talk is we are put on it for a reason. It's awesome to have this site to read up on. But the one thing I did realize is we are all different. Not all of us experience the same side affects. Or we all don't have the same problems of weaning ourselves off, or trying to wean ourselves off...I guess what I'm trying to say is what I learned is to research what I am going to be prescribed by a doctor now. The tough part about that is likely for the most part when we all went to the doctor we really needed some help. And for myself all I was concerned about was trying to feel better. Taking my doctor's word this would help and that's all that mattered. I didn't research it, it would have been the last thing on my mind at that time. I do look back and know my doctor did what he thought was best for me at the time. I do believe Paxil helped me through a very difficult time in my life. I also know that I will be off of it hopefully for good in the next few weeks. Although I would hope to not ever take it again. We do have to realize it has helped alot of people. By what I have read on this site it has gave some people a new lease on life. That is amazing. Then there are others who have had their own problems, myself being one. I had side affects...zapping, night sweats, sleepless nights...Some people are going to need to be on this drug likely the rest of their lives. It's not fair to personally attack someone because of their chemical make up. I hope there comes a time where we do here this drug was a very good thing, and helped alot of us. I believe it has already, but like every other drug it has its downfalls. I think I have improved greatly do to it. But my mind is also in a very different place then it was months ago. I believe that helps. Time does heal. I hope that something I said does help someone out there. If not thanks for letting me ramble on and help myself. Good luck!!!


Can anyone email me the alternatives to paxil, or the best way to get off of it. My girlfriend is on it for social anxiety disorder, she's been on it for 4 years now and really i don't think she needs it, i'm probably to most anit-pill person you'll ever meet though.Sometimes it seems as though i can tell when She's talking and when "Paxil" is talking. it's really screwed up.

I haven't had the time to read all the responses, so this might be duplicating, but, anyway: I have had an astoundingly positive experience with Paxil. As I gradually increased the dosage to 80mg, I had a sudden, experiential, visceral, physical experience. I physically felt, and brain felt, anxiety melt out of my system. It was a shock to experience this. It changed my world!! I have to leave in a minute, so I can't say more, but boy I wish I could. AND, I started having zings in my head, as I see many of you did too. They were scary. I felt like it was some little seizure. I would sag, and not have control over my body. But then it passed. My psychiatrist initially prescribed Neurontin, which seemed to control the symptoms, more or less. HOWEVER: In the process of getting all the neurological tests done (finding no damage of any kind), my neurologist suggesting trying something for migraines. I had had them as a young adult, the "classic" migraine which would put me to sleep for a day and then I was fine. Come to find out, even though I hadn't had migraines for at least 15 years, as you get older (I'm 48), migraines may return, but disguised by the symptoms and course. You've probably guessed what I'm going to say, but he put me on verapamil, and and all the buzzy/zingy/staggering stopped completely and immediately! I hope others can find their way to trying this with a doctor. AND! Just recently I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, which I suspect had started at least 2 years ago. My main observation is that, like in my case, there were 4 layers of symptoms overlaying themselves. All the symptoms were strange and painful. But we can't attribute symptoms to one drug without ruling out other physical problems. And, really, be cautious, because you may not be able to tease them out into the right diagnose(s). For me, the diabetes and migraines were completely invisible.

hey I just sat and read all of these comments on paxil. Granted it realy sucks when you stop cold turkey. I am 31 years old almost thirty two, I have been on paxil cr for almost 1 year. Last year I had my only panic attack on my way home from work, I thought I was having a heart attack! When I was 12 I was staying the night at my grandmothers like I did when ever I could, and she had a heart attack,we were alone and I knew cpr from school,so I did what I was supposed to do. Unfortunatly she passed away. You can imagine what this did to a 12 year old kid. Back then people and parents just thought shit happens and they'll get over it. Well I guess I didn't,cuase every since then I thought I was having a heart attack my self. I would lay in bed at night trying to fall asleep but was just listening to my heart, worried that it sounded funny or was beating weird! I would always check my pulse to make sure it was still there! I spent 4 years in the navy and it still continued, I got out and fell in love with a great women! We got married and still the obsession with my heart was there. It wasn't all the time but more so than not. Well last year my wifes mother had a quaddruple heart by pass and came to visit us for a while after. I never told any body about my obsession. One day my mother in law was telling us about her symtoms before she went to the hospital,guess what this did to me! I went to work at a metal stamping shop and drank 3 mountain dews and took two pain relievers that were filled with caffine. On my way home my heart was racing and skiped a beat or two, and I assumend the worse. Being 1 in the morning and out in the middle of BFE with no help arround this made it a full blown panic attack! I finaly found a gas station and had them call an ambulance. The perimedics told me my heart was fine, but my blood pressure and heart rate were sky high. The tests at the hospital said I was fine, actually the doctor read my test results and said they were text book perfect. So my family doctor put me on paxil. I felt dizzy for about 1 week but then I was fine. I never worried about my heart, never laid in bed listening to it, didn't check my pulse every 5 minutes, life was great. I never had any side affects other than sexual, I am always horny its just a matter of putting my wife through 2 hours of sex because its hard to "finish". So last week I ran out of lexapro, cause of the paxil hold Im on lexapro, so I thought I would try to quit, the withdrals are a bitch, but after reading all of the comments I have changed my mind. Not because of the bad withdrawls or anything to do with side affects, but because I realized paxil worked for me! So I have a problem "finishing" during sex, big f#$king deal. I was very happy not thinking I was having a heart attack all the time! I was quite happy while I was on paxil. I am/was a biker, my whole family rode harleys together, but I sold mine for finacial reasons, but now we have two great horses and my wife and daughter love to spend time with them and so do I. So instead of worring about my heart Im going to stay on paxil and enjoy life!!!!!!!!! For those of you that have read these comments and have decided not to take it, your making a mistake! The side affects wear off in a week or two, if they don't then paxil just isn't the right med for you, find the one that is! Cause living your life like you do is not living! Just thought I would share my story! Thanks for making me realize what a mistake I almost made. Josh

hey's Maria again...i am still on paxil 30mg..i am feeling great my oldself....i am going back to work next monday on a partime basis for a couple of weeks and then back up to full time per my doctor's orders. i can finally go out and have a great time with my family and friends...a couple of months ago i really could not see the light at the end of the tunnel and i FINALLY see it now...thank god....i thought i was never going to get over my anxiety and depression...i have been off from work since the end of January...i could not bring myself to get out of bed, i could not eat, i had nooooooo desired to do anything...all i wanted to do was sleep and cry...i thank the lord for paxil because i was on Zoloft 220 mg and it was not helping....paxil started to work by the 3rd week and i kept getting better and better....everyone is different and not everyone will experience the same side effects....i am even going to run in the chicago 1/2 marathon in September to raise money for the leukemia and lymphoma society..i just feel great....guys, i wish you all the best .take care .....Maria

I've been on Paxil cr for about 3 yrs now. I recently switched to Paxil 20mg. I was told the cr was not available due to manufacturing problems. Is that true or was it pulled off the market? Anyway while on the cr I had only mild side effects that graduelly went away, but since i've been on the paxil i've been feeling the so called zaps and they really scare me. I thought I was having a stroke or something. Now after reading all the terrible side effects from coming off the meds I don't know what to do. Some one please let me know what happened to the Paxil cr. Thanks and good luck to everyone.

I believe one of the types of Paxil products had problems with the manufacturing process.

I have recently decided to get off paxil. I have been on it for 4 years. I have tried several times to stop and each time, due to the withdrawals as spoken above, I kept staying on it. I, again, am trying to get the hell off of it and I am scared to death now. I didn't realize there were soooo many symptoms of withdrawal. I started experiencing dizziness, mood swings, depression, crazy dreams, etc... I am fearful that I will lose my job. I think my boss thinks I am nuts. I have been crying alot and have asked for a medical leave of absence to get through this. Not sure if I will still have a job and I am terrified of what I am about to experience with these withdrawals. I am glad i found this site, so I know what to possibly expect.

Has anyone experienced paxil tolerance?

I just started taking Paxil 2 days ago, and it seems to be working great. I actually felt the affects of the drug minutes after putting in my mouth. Right now I am only taking 10 mg. It is amazing how small dose could affect you in a large way. I was thinking about not taking it anymore after reading this board. The reason why I am taking it is because, I was having extremely aniexty from a relationship not going well. I was trying to avoid the depression and aniexty of a failed relationship. I went through a pretty rough time time with a previous relationship break up, and I beleive the aniexty stemed from thinking that same drepression was going to happen with this recent failed relationship. I think if I was not on Paxil, I still not would be able to eat. Prior to taking paxil, I was not really able to eat nor sleep for two days. I had aniexty that my current (no previous) relationship was going to end. And it did 2 days ago. I am afriad that if I stop taking the drug, I will slip back into depression and aniexty. I live alone in a tiny 1 bdrm apt, and I know that does not help. I am currently looking for a roomate to share a large place.

I am really wondering if any of you out there have any advice for me, regarding getting of this drug, or taking something else. These side
affects listed on this website are tripping me out.

After taking Paxil since 2001, I'm in the process of weaning off. My doctor has been great working with me in finding which dose reductions work best to avoid withdrawal symptoms. I decided to try to go Paxil-free for two reasons; 1) I'm in a much better place than I was when I first started taking Paxil and 2) I've gained weight in spite of always working out and eating well. My question is: Once I'm completly off the Paxil and continuing to exercise and eat right, will the weight come off?

TO JULIE WHO WROTE: "If you are stupid enough to take yourself of medication without consulting you doctor first, you deserve what happens to you!
Posted by: Julie at April 15, 2005 12:58 PM "

Number 1: Most doctors are NOT aware of sie affects! My doctor told me to cut down my dosage by half for ONE week and then stop completely after that. I got horrible side effects. I had to research this drug MYSELF! Other Paxil victims suggested using liquid Paxil which I used for months.

Number 2: Even with the terribly slow weening process...I STILL was not feeling up to par. One year after quitting I STILL feel dizzy!

Please don't post comments like this because people who are having these issues feel hopeless and are looking for comfort.

If anyone needs any advice, contact me.


Any advice or personal stories on side effects occuring one year or more after quitting?

Reply to my email..thanks so much.

I have just started reducing my Paxil dosage by 10 mg per day. I am doing this because i am soooo complacent that hardly nothing bothers me; this really isn't good because I have no incentive toward goals now. Can anyone tell me if my incentive will return when I'm off the drug? Catherine

Ok, I have weened myself off the paxil completely for 4 days now. The doctor put me on welbutrin for the depression. I have had 1 panic attack and I am feeling dizzy all the time..not sure if it is the paxil coming out of my system or the welbutrin. The welbutrin has helped alot for the depression, but now I hope I don't get "addicted" to that. God, when will I have my mind back?

I've been on Paxil or Seroxat as it is called in England (it is not banned in England as one poster claims). I asked my doctor for a percription while I was in Boston studying for my MBA. Although socially I had little anxiety, my coursework involved a great deal of public speaking and presentation work which made me uncomfortable and anxious. As a result I was not enjoying the experience or getting full value from the course.

I found the results excellent. I was and continue to be even more socially confident. I even enjoyed the public speaking element of my course, which is why I decided to continue to take it.Both my doctor in the States and in England warned me fully of stopping the medication abruptly.

The only side effects I have noticed are a inconsistent dry, tickly cough and more recently difficulty in ejaculating and lowered sex drive(this only after upping my dosage to 20mg because 10mg pills are not available in England and I could n't be bothered to cut the pills in half).

I have on occassion missed my daily dose and have not experienced any of the symptoms described by others above.

I came, no pun intended, to this site to research the libido problem I am having. In real terms this is not such a bad problem for me as I think I have an abnormally high sex drive. Now I feel I have a normal sex drive. The inability to climax does bother me, even though I still enjoy sex,but as one person commented not everyone enjoys marathon 3 hour sex.

I can say that these posts have caused me concern. I plan to experiment with my dosage and to stop altogether for a week to see if any symptoms manifest. I will post the results. As of now, I feel, as some others have mentionned that many of you had serious pre-existing conditions which may well have heighten your withdrawal symptoms, especially in panic or anxiety related conditions which are often self-fueling.

This is not to say that I do not believe you experienced them, or that they are serious, only that this may have been an inappropriate drug for you to have been perscribed.


I haave been on paxil on and off since I was 17.
The doctors adminstered no blood tests on me before they prescribed it. Proir to paxil I was on the drug Buspar, from a creep of a doctor and I was mad like a witch flying around on a broom sstick. I ent from sweet and shy girl, to a rowdy, cusing, fighting, bully in detention all the time. I was miserable, went back to the doctor and they gave me paxil. I had no side effects from coming off the buspar. While on the paxil, I experienced dry mouth, low sex and masterbation drive. But I felt great and really happy, I was never sick but often experienced vivid dreams. One year I decided to join the U.S Air Force, and they wouldn't accept me until I weaned off the drug. They sent my chart to the Air force psychiarist and he approved by file, after an investigation and under the condition that I under go another blood test to check that the paxil is out of my blood. Well during the time of the investigation I changed my mind and went back to college to pursue a degree in child psycology. I entered my fall semester in college will simotaneosly remaining off the paxiz. I felt it my like was steady growing darker and darker. I would wake up in the moring with sharp chest pains in my chest about 3 weeks off the drug. It was like plumitting down hill in a terriable roller coaster ride. I would over react to little things in life. I chased my dog around the house for begging for bacon, I would break dishes and swing at my brother for saying I gained weight. I was tired and fatiued all the time, I was fired from my job and had to drop out of school because I could not cope enough with the slightest little things or set backs in life in order to function. Next I moved to Memphis, TN with my family and this was 4 months after being weened off the paxil, I got worse. I could here voices screaming in my head when I tried to exercise, I would write ugly notes on the bathroom mirror with red lip stick for my brother telling me to shut up. I went back to suffering from panic attacks and I was violent, hostile and in physical pain. I experienced only intense moods only black and white very few grey areas. The docotrs now beleive that I am bipolor and claim this has nothing to do with paxil withdrawl. I now take paxil and depacote every day, because I am afraid of getting off paxil again, but am now researching and plan to do so soon.

I had taken paxil for 3 year and have now been off for about 2 1/2 years. I have noticed over those years that my memory is not as sharp as before, and I have a difficult time remembering the simplist things. Has anyone else experienced the same thing?

To everyone suffering the pangs of Paxil withdrawl, I feel for you. I was in full blown withdrawl for 7 months before I began to feel better. GSK can kiss my ass, and so can the retarded general practitioner who gave me the crap that nearly killed me and ruined my career and marriage. Paxil is poison, and I imagine just as difficult if not more so than kicking heroin.
Three years later I have no home, I'm still on SSI, I have a monsterous tic that causes my entire body to lurch forward, and I've developed a studder. My original diagnosis of Panic Disorder has become Agoriphobia and I've recently been diagnosed with Bi-Polar disorder. I'm certain Paxil has cost me lifetime brain damage. Paxil murdered my brain. To all those in pain, make yourself feel a bit better and join a class action lawsuit.

I've been on Paxil for over 2 years after going thru practically all of the other anti-depressants. I'm going to try weaning myself off again because I'm fed up with all of the side effects like pretty much everyone else here.
I don't think I should of ever started on anti-depressants in the first place. Then maybe I wouldn't be so fucked up now.
It all started back in "96 when my husband was working for a psychiatrist who also did a weight lose program. I wanted to lose some weight before we went to the Bahamas in the spring, so he agreed to put me on Adipex to help me lose weight. And he would usually pair it up with Prozac to act as a booster to the Adipex. But since I was wanting to start trying to get pregnant once we left for the Bahamas, he put me on Zoloft instead so it would get out of my system faster incase I got pregnant.
I couldn't believe how good I felt on Zoloft. I never thought I had a problem with depression before that, but I noticed Zoloft cut out all of the negative thoughts I had. I don't remember any real side effects from it at that time except some real vivid dreams.
Then when I went off of it to try and get pregnant I started having really bad PMS symptoms. I was very emotional and would get upset over the dumbest things. My husband couldn't wait for me to be back on the Zoloft. But then I finally got pregnant in July and my mood did not improve much at all. I was working at a very busy job in a pharmacy that just moved into a bigger building and we were short handed often ect. I couldn't wait to have the baby and get back on Zoloft.
After about 6 weeks post delivery, I went back on Adipex and Zoloft and lost the 50lbs I had gained during pregnancy. But as soon as I was taken off the Adipex, I started gaining the weight back .
My husband went to work for a different doctor and I started having REALLY vivid, intense dreams that would wake me up frequently. So without even seeing me, my husband's boss decided to change me to Prozac. I had already started to go thru depression, but it was 8 months after having my son, so I don't think it was Post Partum Depression. But the Prozac made me feel worse in just a week and it was the first time I started thinking of suicide.
So the doctor then gave me some Celexa that a patient had given back to him because it didn't work for her. I felt fine on it, but continued to gain weight, and wanted something that wouldn't make me gain so much. So he switched me to Effexor. As far as I remember it was ok. But then the doctor decided to test me for ADD since he specializes in it and literally tries to put every person he knows on Ritalin.
So he originally put me on Concerta, but since that was brand name, it cost me more on my insurance, so he switched me to Ritalin. He never did any testing on me besides a little 10-15 question survey. Ritalin was great at first because it great having all of this energy to get my work done. But then on the weekends I wouldn't take it and my body would crash big time. I would drink more caffeine while I was on it to keep my energy buzz going.
But then I started getting these awful headaches among other side effects and kept thinking of suicide until one day after Christmas of 2001 while I was on my lunch break at work I just couldn't take anymore of the headaches. I had a voice in me telling me to just "get it over with" and I sat in my car and swallowed a whole bottle of Ritalin SR 20mg tablets. I figured if God wanted me to live, he would send someone out to my car to stop me. He didn't, but I panicked and changed my mind. I drove all the way home, which is a 20 minute drive, all the while forcing myself not to blackout because my heart was working so hard from the 59 pills I swallowed.
Anyway, I was hospitalized for a few days and the quack who put me on this stuff decided I was bi-polar due to my rapid cycling of moods while I had this shit in my system. He put me on Depakote and then told me I should get a different doctor.
Depakote made me so doped up I couldn't function at work. I could barely move. I quit taking it and my husband got me samples of Wellbutrin to help me until I could get a new doctor.
So it was a few months before I got into our local facility for mental health to see a doctor. And I was put on Paxil 10mg, then 20mg, then 37.5 CR.
I don't remember much from the period I was on Ritalin but have found out it has a known side effect of causing some suicidal. My behavior was so unlike me. My marriage was falling apart and I almost cheated on my husband with an ex-boyfriend because I was just feeling so alone.

Things have improved since I got Ritalin out of my life and started taking Paxil. But I have tried weaning off of it with the help of my doctor and would get very irritable, angry, jittery, and couldn't shut the noise out of my brain at night when I tried to sleep.
So he put me back up to my regular dose. But now that the CR was recalled and I had to go to the regular 30mg I feel crappy again. I was laid off in November and haven't been able to find a job since. I don't want to get out of bed most mornings, but it takes me forever to fall asleep at night, so it's not like I'm getting alot of sleep. I'm just lying down all the time. My headaches are constant and I have sharp abdominal pains in my lower abdomen daily. I thought they were scar tissue left over from a hysterectomy from 2001, but I had surgery in January to clear it out, and they found none. So I had no idea what could be causing it until I read in here that others are having the same problem. The doctor tried telling me it was probably just phantom pain and won't let me take Vicodin any longer for it. I try meditating and telling my body its healing and the pain is leaving and that helps sometime...but not always.
My skin would be crawling and itching all the time when I was on the Vicodin, but now I get it sporadically even when I'm not taking it, so now I know Paxil causes that also.
The light headedness and nausea happen so much, that I don't know what it would feel like not to have them constantly with these headaches. And I guess I have those "zaps" too. Out of nowhere I feel lightning strikes in my head, but they aren't too often yet.
I'm trying to wean myself off now so I can get this shit out of me.
When I was interviewing for a job, I met this pyschotherapist that was telling me about a program she does with people to get them off of synthetic medications like SSRI's. She gives them a urinalyses and it tells what nutrients the person's body is lacking.
For those of us with low Serontonin levels, she puts them on a high quality SAM-E vitamin supplement that hasn't been highly processed and refined. She is a big believer in eating whole foods instead of all of the over processed chemical laden foods that we ingest everyday. After I have read some books like "Fast Food Nation", "Sugar Blues", and "Fit for Life" I believe her. She says she has gotten many people off of their meds and on to a better diet and vitamin supplements and they feel so much better and don't need their meds anymore.
I think we Americans especially have gotten so dependent on chemically enhanced and refined foods that we have messed up our brain chemistry and that is why we end up needing some sort of pill to try and fix our problems. And the same assholes who tried to tell us that tobacco was PhillipMorris...are also the owners of Kraft Foods...the biggest grocery developer of processed, chemically altered foods. Gee, they wouldn't lie to us and put our health at risk would they?
And the big pharmaceutical companies are making huge ass profits off of us all having something wrong with ourselves. Is it so surprising then that they make pills like Paxil that make us chemically addicted to it? Do you think they want us to get better and not need their drugs? Hell no! That would be a huge profit lose for them if we all were to wise up and start eating whole healthy foods such as fresh veggies, fruits, grains, and beans.
I would like to eat healthier, but a life time of bad eating is hard to change. And here in the cold Midwest, buying fresh veggies and fruit thru the winter is harder to do then down south and in other places it's warm and easier to keep produce fresh.
But I'm trying little by little to make changes. I've also been a lifelong Pepsi addict. I also contribute the many many years of drinking all of that sugar and chemicals to my imbalance. I'm now drinking diet soda as much as I can and more water and other sugar free drinks.
I know I've rambled on for a very long time, but I just want to let others be aware of what's happening to us.
Please change your eating habits and do what you can to get away from these drugs. They are not good for us.
Some have had great results from using them, but many more have been damaged in one way or another.
So please take care of yourself...not the food and drug companies.

I've noticed my memory has been very limited for the past few years. But I don't know how much of that is due to all of the different meds I've been on and how much is natural due to aging. I'm 33 now, so I don't know how well my memory should be. I've been told after having kids, you begin to lose it anyway. :)
I took only half of my 30mg Paxil yesterday, and none today. I'm definately feeling the side effects of that now. I'm having the hot/cold flashes, right now I'm sweating just sitting here. I had been having problems with sweating for so long, I thought it was because of having a hysterectomy 4 years ago, but I thought I would of outgrown that by I know it's probably the Paxil causing it too. I don't like exercising because of the excessive sweating.
I'll take another half pill tomorrow and hopefully that will help.
I wonder if I should get one of those body flushing drinks at the health store to help?

my wife has been on paxil for four months i finally took her off of it and boy it was bad experience i went to this lady and she recommended she should take natural herbal medicine she has been fine getting better thank god she also recommeended to get out of the house toget some fresh air everyday go to the park relax outdoors and exercise and herbal medicine is the key to have a new life my life with my wife has been better. please try it really works!!!!!!!!!!!!

hey,i just wanted to let the people who are still on paxil and are trying to get off that it isnt that bad for everyone so dont trip. i was on paxil for six months 40mg and i got pregnant and i decided that i didnt want to take it while pregnant. i quit no problem. the biggest side effect i had was feeling a little weird not like myself. it wasnt as bad for me as others. after having my son i had bad post pardom and decided to get back on it. took it for 4 months and now i think i dont need it anymore been off for 10 days not that bad am actually feeling ok. i think it effects people differently. feel free to email me if u would like to talk.

Chasity is right. The withdrawal isn't as bad as everyone else has gone thru here. I'm on day 6 of being totally off and feel better each day. I did have the flu like symptoms the first 2 days, and my sinus headaches ect. But am doing so much better, I'm glad I decided to get off of it.
My MIL was also on it for awhile and said she had no problems getting off of Paxil.


I've never taken Paxil but my husband has. He's been taking it for a few months and he's acting crazy. He's loud and thinks he's king of the world. He's recently been fired from his job of over 15 years because of the way he's acting. I hate the drug, and that's what it is, a drug, for ruining my husband and our lives. He's now unemployed and almost without a wife. Thank you to the makers of Paxil. I really appreciate all your help.

My mom is currently on paxil and i agree. The makers of paxil have succeded with a drug that not only "FUCKS YOUR HEAD RIGHT UP" But make a shit load of money CONGRATS YOU FUCKING ASSHOLES
My mom has not been the same person since ingesting your worthless mind altering drug

Christopher on June 15, 2005 11:09 PM

Some Paxil lot numbers have been recalled do you know if you have the recalled paxil if so gety rid of it ask you pharmacist for the numbers it has been recalled in the last 6 mothd

I first started taking Paxil when I was in the military. I started having panic attacks at least 3-5 times a day, with generalized anxiety. My first panic attack.... I thought I was dying or something. I thought maybe I had an allergic reaction. But, then, the second time it happened to me, it landed me in the emergency room. The Doctor knew what was wrong with me, and after a few minutes of me talking to a doctor, I felt calm...much better. And he didn't even do anything! This started the never ending cycle of always having to be near a hospital in order for my panic to go away. I became an Agoraphobic. Couldn't fly, couldn't go on road trips....nothing! I had problems leaving the house! I'd have panic attacks in Restaurants, stores, amusement parks.. you name it, I had one there! Paxil has saved me. However, not with out a price. The military docs didn't know about the "weaning" process because it was a fairly new drug. So, once I started feeling "normal" again and great, I stopped it. I didn't need it anymore. Well.. that was a mistake. After a week of not taking the drug...I was out and about one day, and all of a sudden I felt ill. I started sweating so bad, it looked like I had just been hosed down. I ran to the bathroom and threw up. FOR 2 DAYS straight! Plus, the horrible stomach cramps, diarrhea... I finally went to the emergency room and they had to give me something to stop the stomach cramps. Of course, they asked me "are you taking any drugs"? I said no (cuz I had stopped taking the paxil). So, they told me.."well, you have a gastrointestional virus. It has to take it's course." (I was in and out of the hospital the next week!) You know, the way I found out it was the Paxil that did that to me.... The Intarweb!!! (Internet) :) Thanks to everyone who has posted their stories. We'll def. be able to help some other lonely victim out there realize the cause of their problems....... Good Luck to you all!

It's me again :) I forgot to mention that I have been on Paxil (again) since May of 2002. During those 5 years of not being on the drug... My anxiety and Panic problems actually caused alot of problems with my relationships with people. I went through a divorce, and when I started dating someone new... I had problems. My problems really affected my relationship. And, its really hard for people on the "outside" to look "in". They don't know what is wrong with you, and they don't know how to deal. It took everything I had (and a panic attack!) to slide that little pill down my throat again... but, I love life right now. I was able to finish school, have a wonderful relationship, a good job... I WILL be on it for the rest of my life. Between that and therepy. THEREPY IS WONDERFUL!!! I have my liver monitored every 6 months, and I have never slept better at night... no side effects! Remember, if Paxil isn't right for you, you don't have to go through the withdrawl symptoms, just get on something else. The doctors can switch you right away. Try some other SSRI's. Don't live life in misery. Email me if you have an questions....

Paxil has made me gain 30 lbs in 3 years, and it has given me some memory loss, and made it hard some times to get the right words out when trying to converse with people. hopefully it doesn't get worse!

I was surfin' around and ended up here. Unlike most posters, I have a positive Paxil story to share.

A couple of years ago, I was in a bad patch with no job and a lot of stress. I was feeling VERY low. I had some suicidal thoughts, but perhaps worse, on a daily basis I was a huge grouch to my poor wife. Small things would infuriate me and I would not relax for HOURS once I became angry. (I had always kind of been like that, but it got worse as I got older and stress compounded the problem.)

I discussed things with my doc and decided to try Paxil.

The bottom line: I settled on a 10mg dose and have noticed a dramatic improvement in my mood. I now only rarely get unreasonably irritable. My side effects are minor... occasional minor dizziness and perhaps a slightly reduced sex drive. Then again, I am an old man of 34 now so that could be natural. :)

We affectionately call the Paxil my "Crazy Pills." I am glad I found them. My life is pretty stress-free right now, but I am not going off the crazy pills... they do a good job at keeping me on an even keel. If I miss a couple of days, I can sure tell.

I am sorry that more people here have not found this kind of success. Brains are complicated though, and one man's poison can be another man's medicine.

Yeah, I've been known to call them my crazy pills too. :)

I am coming off paxil and I can't hardly type this comment. I have been on so many antdepressants that I think I've run the gamit. Paxil CR gave me such severe butt ittching I couldn't stand it. Then they took it off the market. Then the Dr. put me on regular paxil and oops bad news there. Terrible anxiety and other problems so he started weaning me off. After 3 weeks I'm off and started Celexa. I am having such a bad time coming off paxil. Crying all the time. Can't pay my bills on time. Tripping over nothing on the floor. Sick to my stomach and ready to just end it all... BAD NEWS... wHAT is the matter with our doctors that they can't find out about the drugs they perscribe before they put us on them? We are just ginnypigs to them..
yep, having a bad time......

Paxil is the worst drug I have been on in my whole life, anti-depressant or otherwise. I took it for a year and tried four times to get off of it with such HORRIBLE withdrawal that I began taking it again. I had hot flashes, major dizziness, and nausea while trying to get off of it - and guess what? I had those SAME symptoms the whole time I was on it, too, but was convinced it was something else because I had never heard of anyone else experiencing the same thing. Also, though working out for MONTHS at least four times a week, I gained 55 pounds while on Paxil (CR and regular). Now I'm off Paxil - as of last week when I found out that I'm pregnant. Getting off of it was, as expected, horrible. Every time I started to take Paxil or tried to stop taking it, I had severe menstrual like cramps. Another thing is that I had spotting last week when I was getting off Paxil - though that can be normal during pregnancy, I strongly believe it was because of the Paxil, partly because of the fact that I didn't have spotting during my first pregnancy. Now today I find out that I have normally rising hcg levels but a declining progesterone level (which didn't happen during my last pregnancy, either) - and I wonder, just wonder, is Paxil the culprit YET AGAIN?

I've been on Paxil and Wellbutrin for 3.5 years now. Before this current drug combo, I'd tried (at different times) Effexor, Serzone, Zoloft, Prozac, and Celexa. I have suffered from severe depression since age 19 and I am now 34. I'm also a registered nurse and administer these drugs to patients on a regular basis.
Paxil has saved my life. There have been times when I have ran out due to procrastination and suffered horrible withdrawal effects just like everyone else listing here has. Without Paxil I feel constant anxiety, RAGE--MAJOR anger over petty things, paranoia, black depression and utter hopelessness. I've also went through the parasthesias...the "zapping" feelings in my head and on my face, the nausea, sweating, malaise/tiredness, fear and horrible headaches of withdrawing from Paxil. I've even had visual "trails" when I move my head really fast.
I've tried several times to wean myself off Paxil by cutting my dosage but I never feel as "normal" off of Paxil as I do when taking my full dose regularly.
I used to think I was a monster with a really terrible personality...always feeling angry, taking petty things personally, disliking people for no apparent reasons, never wanting to go out unless I HAD to, always thinking and expecting the worst, etc.,...and Paxil covered all that up.
But now I think Paxil allows me to be the person I really am...the person I was way back in my early teens...before the depression and all its problems gripped me.
Yes there have been negatives with Paxil: I have gained weight, it makes me have hot flashes with sweats, sex drive is low but still there, and as another lister mentioned, I often forget common words for things or have trouble getting out the right words during a simple conversation at times. Its almost a "scanning speech" sort of problem and is pretty scary when it happens. My memory is not as good as it used to be and I have trouble focussing on content sometimes.
But compared to my concentration level OFF of Paxil, taking Paxil is the best choice for me.
The Wellbutrin seems to have an energizing effect for me without making me nervous. The combo has worked a miracle in my life. Paxil is not for everyone. Its withdrawal is unpleasant and can be lengthy. Its also important to note that treating depression is not easy or fast. Sometimes a person requires many months of treatment. If one is still depressed AND stops Paxil, of course the bad withdrawal effects will be magnified.
Without Paxil I could not even hold a steady job. I'd mouth off to co-workers, call in sick excessively, feel angry all the time, have periods of feeling I could not leave the house to even go to work. Paxil changed all that and I am grateful for this drug.
It should be prescribed only to those who sincerely need it, however, because it is THE most potent of the SSRI's. For most people without recurrent depression or mixed mood-disorders, Paxil is not the first line defense...other weaker SSRI's, like Zoloft and Prozac, should be tried first.
That's my opinion. Nothing I've said is intended as medical advice. I'm not a doctor, just a nurse AND a patient who takes Paxil. Just remember ALL drugs have side effects and many drugs HAVE to be tapered to stop dosage to avoid withdrawal and catastrophic consequences...for example, steroids are tapered, lots of synthetic hormones are tapered, and of course antidepressants are tapered.

Im 22. I've been on meds since I was 12. I've on so many meds I can't remember. Currently take serequil and paxil. For the last week my script ran out. My therapist quit on me and the mental helth center wont let have anymore until they asign me a new one. My head hurts . I have problems sleeping. I cant remeber things .I cant concentrate. My body hurts and jerks.Stupid stuff makes me cry. I feel like shit. I need my pills. I will not try anyother medicaton. I have been through hell changing my meds . I can some what deal with the meds . I've been on this combo of pills since I was 15. im not as compulsive about germs when I take the paxil and I dont see stuff as much when I take the serequil .. I cannot stop taking these pills I'm scared of what will happen to me .

I started taking Paxil on Feb. 16, 2000. Since the age of 3 I have experienced anxiety and depression. I was diagnosed with GAD w/major depression on the same day I was given Paxil. Paxil truly changed my life for the better. The only complaints I have are the weight gain, the lack of libido, and the attitude that everything can wait until tomorrow (I was a perfectionist until I started the Paxil). About 8 months ago I noticed that the depression was returning and getting more severe again. The bad days were more frequent than the good ones. Because of past experiences with withdrawal symptoms (HORRIBLE!) I never considered not taking Paxil. About 2 months ago the 'brain zaps' started. They weren't as severe as with the withdrawals but they were annoying. I found myself having crying jags for no reason and feeling sad and angry at myself and others. The panic attacks also returned. (Again, not as severe as before but noticeable.) I decided that the Paxil was no longer working as well and rather than up the dose I decided to wean off. Fortunately (?) I refused to take a higher dose than 20 mg. for the 5+ years I've been on Paxil. Yes, there were a few times that my doc upped the dose to 40 mg. for more stressful times, but I always went right back to 20 mg. when things calmed down. I'm going through the withdrawal/weaning phase now. It's been almost 2 weeks and I'm happy (and relieved) to say that I haven't had any major problems. I'm taking it VERY SLOWLY though. I started by cutting my dose to 15 mg. then 10 mg. I have no problem accepting that I may have to cut that pill into a million pieces if necessary!

Reading the posts here proves the theory that Paxil is a serious drug. Of course, mental problems/anxiety are serious conditions. I agree that patients should be warned of all the possible side effects of SSRIs BEFORE being given the medication. I was told nothing. When I complained to my doctor about symptoms and side effects I was told that it could not be the Paxil. Everything I've learned about SSRIs I found by researching. I have a website at MSN that I began 3 years ago for those who suffer from anxiety/depression disorders. I share every symptom and my daily journey to ending my personal relationship with Paxil. I wish you all the very best in your own journey!

I took paxil for 7 days....20 down to 10 and now nothing for 3 days......diarrhea...unable to walk and rushed to outpatients and hyperventilating...fuck all the doctors....i am off the stuff.....have felt great over the last two days...usaed prozac 15 years ago for a few days and trash all of it...just eat well and exercise and train our body doctor wants me to take one tomorrow but guess what thanks......they do not really realize the side effects for some people.........i will wait and deal with the effects...i got throuhg my most stressful moments and feel on the mend but time will tell...

I have been on Paxil since i was 19 yrs old and now im 29. At first Paxil seemed to be the long lived answer ive been looking for, now, i realize im in hell. My dosage in the beginning was 20 mgs a day, and soon moved up to 40 mgs a day. Now, im battling 80 mgs a day and am having a horrible time getting off Paxil. The withdrawls are the worse. The same as the first submission of this, neck and back ache, leg ache, vertigo, electrical serges in my head, ringing in my ears, sick upset stomach, extreme mood changes including boughts of irate anger, sadness and crying, suicidal thoughts, up and down. Then recently, changed to a generic form Paroxitene, which seems to be the worse than ever! Due to killing myself over the prices of 80 mgs a month, i switched thinking of the cheaper side. Well, it seems now that the generic form are all different with each pill. One pill may be higher dose and another lower. I know this because on the last presciption refill, the pharmacist may have accidently told me something she shouldnt, she admitted there was a recall on paxil at the local pharmacy, and that the dosages may be mixed up and messed up. I took my daily dosage the other day and i honestly believe nearly over dosed me. I thought i was going crazy. I admitted myself to the hospital because i thought i was having a heart attack due to chest pains, and found out that it was the Paxil. Glaxo owes me big. Not just money, i was an answer. Why did you people nearly distroy my life? Please hit me up anyone, My name is John and this is my story.

I have been on Paxil CR 40mg for 4 years and this past year I started feeling it wasnt helping me also my Tenncare was stopped so I couldn't afford it anymore so I took myself off. I have did this before but it worse this time around. I honestly wish I would just die to keep from feeling this way. No one should have to suffer like this.

If anyone knows what I can do it easy this feeling please email me. I have 2 small kids and I dont like yelling at them or crying in front of them. They ask me what's wrong and I dont know how to explain it. They wouldnt understand.

I guess I've had panic attacks all my life, but they were considered small.I got married and was very happy and then one night I went out of town with a bunch of friends and got drunk. I guess I tried to pick up a woman. Now this has never been like me before. I love my wife and would usually never even consider something like that.I kind of remember the night but having OCD at the time(and not knowing I had it)I really felt horrible guilt. My friends all told me nothing happened, but I didn't believe them. I came home and told my wife and thankfully she was good about it. That was 1986! Since then I had terrible guilt feelings, anxiousness,panic. It took 10 years and different medications and different doctors to finally realize I have OCD. I have been on Paxil for 10 years now and life couldn't be better. No suicidal thoughts, no guilt(unless I'm guilty of something) no panic attacks. Sure it took a while but I don't have to worry about withdrawl because I don't plan on ever going off it. I'll take the side effects if means having my life back. My doctor did try to wean me off a couple of times and the withdrawl was absolutely horrible! My attacks and guilt over senseless things all came back. My doctor realized if I want to live a normal life I would have to stay on Paxil. I don't want to stay on it but being happily married for 25 years and 2 boys in college,I've been one of the lucky ones. Hang in there everybody, Paxil takes time.

I'm seventeen years old, and i've currently been taking 60mg of regular paxil for about six months. The past two nights i've gone out with friends and when i've came home, i've accidentally fallen asleep and have not taken my meds. I currently feel the symptoms many others have felt. After knowing a great friend but made an awful choice of using drugs, and hearing about his withdrawl symptoms... i honestly feel the same way. Last night when i was trying to fall asleep, something in my body just felt very wrong and i was almost afraid to fall asleep. This morning when i woke up i felt somewhat dazed and dizzy. I thought maybe i had low blood sugar so i tried eating something, but then i began to be very nauseated and sick. Any time i move my head i feel like i am in slow motion and i've just been crying any time i talk to anyone today. I also feel like I'm having an irregular heartbeat and intense tremors in my hands along with extreme headaches, pain in my eyes and "zaps". This so awful, but even though it was purely and accident, im glad it happened because now i realize im honestly addicted to this medication, hopefully things get better because these meds have honestly helped me deal with my depression, anxiety, and ocd. But i just have that underlying i going to be a slave to this the rest of my life? I'm going to get a letter put together to the FDA and GSK company to ask about their explainations for these side effects and/or withdrawl symptoms. Too me this is amlost and additive to keep the user's who depend on this medication for mental stability to now have it for a physical stability as well.... this is not fair, nor is it too anyone else.

ashley ellen on August 26, 2005 3:02 PM

I was on Paxil for about 5 years before I got a job with no insurance and couldn't afford it. I will admit that if you miss even two days the withdrawl symptoms are horrible. However, when I was on my regular schedule I didn't have any problems. It helped me out a lot. I know others who suffered from various side effects of this drug, so I am not saying they do not exsist. I am saying that different drugs react different ways with people. I am planning on getting back on Paxil CR when I new insurance kicks in, so please don't try to have the FDA ban it, becuase there are people that it helps.
thank you.

I was given 20mg of paxil for panic attacks, I took one in the morning, and right away ( 10 min ) I was high as a kite...

I took another one at night for some reason, I was very "out of it" and when I was driving everything felt like I was in water.

that night I woke up to HORRIBLE panic attack where the whole room was melting, and my whole body felt like it was on fire...

I didnt feel that much physical angsiety because the paxil was stopping me from feeling anything, but I have never been so scared in my life!!!

I also could not climax ( after 1 pill!!! ) and felt alot of burping gas, and has jolts of "zaps" down my arms and legs

PLEASE stay away from this drug... there are better alternatives

I am shocked that this is allowed to be sold... it is banned in most other 1st world contries... shame on your USA Gov for being bought out

I began to take Paxil about 9months ago and thought it was great for a while. After gaining weight, walking around like a zombie all the time I decided it was time to quit. Well I'm on like day 7 now and I'm still having dizzy spells, shocks down my arms and some nausea. As the days go by I feel as though I will never get better. When the side effects started I went to the Chiropractor thinking I had a disk out of place. Well that didn't do anything but put my bank account $30 bucks lower. I feel that the way it sounds in all of our cases that our doctors were negligent and not very forthcoming in being honest about the symptoms, withdrawal and addictions that accompany this medication. I feel that the FDA should take another look at this medication and maybe just visit this site to see what AMERICANS really think of this medication instead of a bunch of politically persuaded dumbass's (FDA) think. This medication is HIGHLY ADDICTIVE HIGHLY ADDICTIVE-DO NOT TAKE PAXIL IN ANY FORM-IS VERY HABIT FORMING AND WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS CAN BE VERY SEVERE WITH HORRIBLE PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS AS WELL-DO NOT TAKE PAXIL-DO NOT TAKE PAXIL-VERY ADDICTIVE!!!

At the risk of sounding simplisitic, there is sometimes a simple to solution to many medical problems that physicians tend to over look. Neurotransmitters in your brain control your mood. If you take an SSRI to increase the neurotransmitter serotonin, then you are unnaturally blocking the process by which the serotonin breaks down and is re-assimilated.
Neurotransmitters are produced naturally by our body largely out of amino acids, B vitamins and minerals. Taking the right amino acids and vitamins increases the production of these neurotransmitters. If taking foods/herbs/vitamins is of interest to you, do
some research in this area...I think you might be
surprised what you find out. Good Luck!

K. Woods

I had a baby few months ago and since I have had more and more difficulty coping with all the hard work and concentration of beeing with the baby 24/7, I started feeling more and more out of control and was scared not to be able to look after my baby and myself. I was loosing my mind over little things and I was getting angry and impatient a lot, which is not like me at all. So here I went to my doc, he precribed me Paxil.... te next day I starting having a mild headake, then nausea, then tingling, hot flashes, on the 5th day, that was it for me, I started to get blurry vision, thenI started to get parasthesia in my head, face, mouth, chest, arms and pelvic area.... I felt like I was burning and dying. Then started hyperventilating, and getting paranoiac over my symptoms, in about 10 minutes I felt like I was going to faint... Not even half hour later the ambulance was there and off I went to the hospital. Basically, I was having almost all the bad side effects of Paxil and I was having panic attacks on top of them, which is a side effect of Paxil as well... I have been off Paxil for 3 days and still am dizzy, blurry vision, my mood is down, more than ever, I lost my appetite and I still feel like I am getting paranoiac over the little things of still side effects I am having.
I feel worse now than before beeing on Paxil, and I should not!!!
Hopefully, the side effects I am still having will go away really soon, this is ridiculous.

i was on paxil for 2 years for my depression anxiety, with ocd.i was 31 years old. my husband was over seas in iraq for the first year.the paxil seemed to help my o.c.d in the first couple months. then i began to feel like i was outside of myself and felt like nothing mattered.i was numb and was having symptoms of miny strokes seizers.i have bad memory loss like i have alziemers.i get confussed as if i dont know what im doing,driving is hard, like im not in my body. the shocks,zaps are killing me.they start at my feet and end on my lips.and numbs my face.i have this ulcer like spot on my lip that will not heal and the zaps seem to end on this spot on my lip.i continued taking paxil for another year. finally in june i decided to cut my dose and see if the reason i felt so bad was because of this paxil. now i cant even stand to wake up. the zaps are horrible and i have moments where i think i am having a stroke or seizer. like one day i was walking to my neighbors and my leg wouldnt work. my body said move but my brain couldnt make it move. does that make sence? its been 3 months since the last pill and i dont think these shocks,zaps,seizers, stroke, out of body, numbness.will ever stop. does anyone else have a sore that is the point of the zaps. im going crazy. if so write me

I have been on and off paxil for 5 years, I just recently went up to 40mg. I moved and lost my medicine for 2 weeks. I felt like I was in hell, the hotflashes,nausea, headaches and overall feeling of disorientation. I cant believe that the medical establishment does not better inform people of the addiction. I dont drink and dont do drugs, this is the first addiction i have ever experienced and I hate it!!!!! WHY DONT THEY BE HONEST WITH US BEFORE SLAPPING DRUGS IN OUR HANDS.I will be calling the FDA and doing so regularly till they decide to listen to all os us that experience this most horrible feeling.

Hey all. I have been on this stupid drug for a year now. I feel worse on it than ever. I tried several times stopping cold turkey and the symptoms have gotton worse. I have been some many medicene's for my disorder that I felt comfortable with zoloft and clonipaizm. But like the rest of yas my doctor told me that I wasnt doing well on them. My husband wants to leave me cause he cant take my mood swings, outlashes, my attitude towards him and my 3 kids. There r days I want to just kill myself and my kids cause I cant take it nomore. I feel like my bones r jumping out of my skin and I cant sit still, I sweat then im hot and i get very nervous and dont want to b around anybody. I lock my self in a room and wish that my life was over. I know when i dont take my pills I cant be around nobody cause ill be harsh and aggresive. I yelled at his mother the other day cause i cant stand to see her everyday anymore. I feel this way about my kids even. I tell them to go play in the street and to leave and never return home. I always say im leaving but i never do. I cant even go to the store without worring that someone is watching me. I cant watch certain shows that i use to watch before cause i then think thats its going to happen to me. I dont know what more to do anymore. My doctors sayings that im ok on paxil but i never felt this way when i was on other pills. After reading what everyone wrote about paxil and telling my husband how others r on them im not taking mine anymore. I want to b myself again and not someone im not.Thanks to this i feel more better knowing that im not the only one with problems. If anyone would like to talk just email me. I would really like to hear from u. I feel somewhat better that i got to speak out.

Well, here's one for the books! I was on Paxil for six months when I began having a flat affect (no emotion, unable to force an inflection into my voice, and plain did not notice anyting going on around me). So, I decided to go off it cold turkey after reading about how so many had done the same. I figured a week or two of hellish headaches and nightmares was a small price to pay for having my mind back. About five days into withdrawal, my brain began to swell and I had a minor stroke. My boyfriend rushed me to the hospital where they found a blood clot the size of a golf ball in my head. The next day they removed the clot and things began to return to normal, but not until I refused to take the SSRI's that the neurologist prescribed during my recovery! That idiot doctor told me that he thought the drug would ease my symptoms and help me recover quicker. Oh, and then he tried to give me Celebrex for pain. This was right after Vioxx had been pulled from the market by the FDA. The lesson I took from this is that we must take our health into our own hands and never, ever allow doctors to take control. Treat them like the hired help they are and demand complete disclosure before you agree to swallow one pill, take one injection, or submit to a singe test. The reason doctors have a 'practice' is because that is just what they are doing, practicing. They know very little and guess at most everything, expecially when it comes to drugs. If you want to confirm this, the next time you have a test run (any test will do) ask the doctor whether they 'think' it means this or that or they 'know'. You'll be surprised at how little they actually 'know'. And educate yourself before you let them experiment on you. It's your body and your mind.

I can't believe all that I have been reading. My husband had been on Paxil for a year. He needed to take it to counteract the Pegasus and co-Pegasus symptoms. He was on Pegasus (Interferon) because he was diagnosed with Hepatitis C from a blood transfusion he had when he was 10 years old. He finished his year’s worth of treatment and thought the hell was finally over. He mistakenly stopped the Paxil with the other meds. Tonight I couldn’t take his crying and other symptoms and found this site. Thank God we know now it is not in his head. For the last two weeks he has been complaining about being dizzy for no reason. He is having horrible nightmares. All day today he has been crying for no reason. I gave him one of my xanax a little while ago and now I totally regret it, he doesn’t need another addictive drug in his body but he just wanted to sleep. What is the answer here? I need help, should he just keep fighting the symptoms or go back on a lower dose and start weaning? I’m calling the doctor first thing tomorrow morning and giving him a piece of my mind. These doctors get cut backs for passing this garbage out, this crap needs to be banned and I will help anyone that wants to do it. I’m also considering a class action suit against them.

Heres a positive note about Paxil.

I was about to kill myself 1 year ago. Serious. Awful depression after 10 years as a workahoolic entrepreneur. I started counseling with a psychologist, and my doc finally gave me Paxil.

Right now my life has coimpletely changed. I stopped doing stuff i hated doing but was too insecure to quit. I launched my own small biz that already pays me lots more than my previous "secure" job. And on top of this, i resumed doing photography, which was one of my passions before i got serious and only think about work.

Yes I will have to quit Paxil within approx. 1 year. I already lowered my dose by half without problems. Yes i had sides such as weight gain and dizzyness, but when i remember how bad Life was before, it was WELL worth it. I am a happy man.

Drugs work differently for everyone.


please tell me if you have had no problems getting off Paxil . Let me know if it is possible to ever get off this drug. My husband has been on this drug for 7 years and is getting off of it. Is it possible to take another drug then start getting off the Paxil without side effects?

I was on Paxil off and on from 1997 to 2002. I did not have any withdrawal problems because I was usually on a pretty low dose and I weaned myself off very gradually. My daily dose varied over the course of almost five years from 10mg to 40mg. (The level depended largely on my bank account and whether or not I had health insurance, it's an expensive drug.)
While I was on the drug, I lost a dangerous amount of weight. I also noticed immediately that I needed to sleep a LOT. I was in graduate school when I started and eventually ended up dropping out because I couldn't get out of bed to go the class or do my homework. I think it was a combination of the fatigue caused by Paxil and the fact that my health was so compromised from not eating that made me sleep so much. Paxil reduced my appetite to the point where I wasn't eating enough to be healthy. People thought I had anorexia, but I didn't. I just looked like it.
So, two years after I completely quit the drug, I started having seizures. Full-on, grand mal, tonic-clonic seizures. Now I've been diagnosed with epilepsy. The doctors don't know why and just sort of say, "Sorry, you're just unlucky." I have to take anti-convulsants now or else I will have very bad tonic-clonic seizures.
I can't help but wonder if my experience with Paxil and ancillary health problems had anything to do with this mysterious on-set of epilepsy. I've looked and looked, but I can't find any information associating the two. If anybody knows anything, will you please post it? I will appreciate any information or links you can provide.

Good luck to everybody. Treating depression is tricky and can be frustrating and I hope everybody finds some sort of relief some day.

Hey guys and gals.
Was perscribed Paxil 10mg about 5yrs ago for panic/anxiety disorder associated with PTSD. It worked great with only mild side-effects. Came off of it after about 6mos and just started back yesterday.
I do get the swimmy head thing some...light headaches...and yeah, the sexual side-effects too.
I have to tell ya though, I can't imagine how much worse a nightmare could be than the ones I had before Paxil. To wake up in the middle of the night screaming for help...soaked in sweat...the wife worried sick...the baby crying...Jesus...glad I started back. Slept a full 8hrs last night...first time in years! Unless of course I was drunk on my ass passed out.
Don't have any desire for alcohol right now or during my previous stint on Paxil. I just feel damn good all over...inside and out.
Good luck to all of you...I'll keep ya posted

hi there iam 39 years old and i have been having some anxiety lately due to be away from my family, i started on paxil 2 days ago, so far it feels ok i dont worry too much but i just can not go to sleep.
i have taken only 2 12mg pills. i would like to know if it is too late to get off this medicine.

Sorry i forgot to say that somebody recommended LORAZEPAM, does anybody know is this somehow better or it is the same as paxil (and same withdrawal effects)
thanks in advance

Dear All,
After reading the posts above about negative effects of Paxil, I wanted to point out that antidepressants are not for everyone.

If you developed serious side effects from taking Paxil (some of your described visits to the Emergency Room, or extreme attacks of panic and aggression), you were most likely misdiagnosed before you started on Paxil.

There are several conditions that actually worsen when the patient is prescribed antidepressants.
People w/Bipolar Disorder will actually experience more severe mania (elated state) when on medicines like Paxil.

When reading this, please do not assume Paxil is harmful in general. A great deal of people get misdiagnosed every day. Instead of experimenting by taking yourself off of Paxil, please take your time to educate yourself about your specific condition and ask your doctor for help.

Good luck to all of you!

ive been on this medication for 2 days now. on the first day i had a up-set stomach and couldnt sleep, i slept for 4 hrs only. on two 2, WOW! i felt much worse. cold chills though my body, my stomach was hurting, i was really hyper and so tired. paxil did take away the anxiety, but ITS NOT WORTH IT. i was on accutane, it thought that was hell...paxil beats accutane for a long shot.

I have been on 100mg of zoloft now for almost 2 years for panic and anxiety. Lately I have been getting very depressed and i was wondering if switching meds would be a good idea or not? anyone have any suggestions?

I have been on Paxil for two years. I developed tardive dyskinesia two years ago. My psychiatrist denied it. Now, two years later, the symptoms are even more pronounced. Lesson-trust yourself, get a second opinion.

I have been taking paxil now for over 5 years and was on prozac before that.
I recently discovered that the paxil which I was taking while pregnant (I didn't want to get off of it because I was emotional enough hormone-wise and wanted to be a good mom to my other 2 children) most likely caused the heart defects my now 4-year-old daughter has. She was supposed to have heart surgery as soon as she was born but now may not need it until she is in her teen years.
So after finding this out I am sick over it and not taking paxil anymore. Today I flew into a rage with my 8 year old daughter who did not want to go to school. I am ashamed that I even hit her with a hairbrush a few times and I am not a parent who spanks for discipline.
I beg of you if you are thinking of taking this drug, find something else. If you have depression as I do, the drug companies have you where they want you. My life was not rosy before I started taking paxil, but in the long run it has made it much worse. I am now seeking natural remedies and looking at my diet. (I have eaten only one meal a day for years and have still been putting on weight with paxil).

Tony: LORAZEPAM is a benzo, similar to a Xanax. I tried lorazepam once and it seemed to be more potent than xanax. I was on xanax for over a year and had to stop cold turkey. Benzo withdraws are nothing compared to Paxil withdraws from what I've been reading on here and many other forums. The only withdraws I experienced were occasional twitching, slight irritability, and mild anxiety. All of which subsided after a few days.
I took Paxil (10mg I think) one time a while back and it made me extremely lazy, so lazy I could only lay down. I also had uncontrollable yawning and everything seemed foggy. Glad I only took it once.

Is there anyone out there who can recommend to me how they sucessfully came off of Paxil?
My husband was on Paxil for several years and has tried to come off several times but has never had success. He has sporadic and chronic dizziness. He has tried going back on Paxil and it does not work. He is currently on Amino Acid therapy to increase neuro transmission (Neuroreplete). This also does not seem to be working.
Has anyone had any success?
Has anyone ever used Nue-BeCalm - we are thinking of trying that next.
We are beside ourselves.
If you can respond - plse send me an email and put Paxil in the heading for quick filtering.
Thank you so much and God bless.

My boyfriend is currently on Paxil. I began to notice changes in his behavior so I decided to do some research when I stubbled across this website. I am so shocked! Some of the stories I have read make my stomache turn! Then it hit me... there was about a 4 day period where he didn't have his medication. He was extremely irritable and very angry. It seemed like the smallest things got him upset. He would raise his voice at me, which is something he has never done before. He was just miserable and hard to be around. Something was just not right. I will bring this website to his attention RIGHT AWAY! This could potentially be a very serious problem the further he gets into it. Thank you so much for listening>>>

I have recently been diagnosed with a brain disorder call dystonia. I have been told by my doctor that it is almost impossible to determine the cause of dystonia. This disorder causes involuntary muscle contractions in my neck giving me an unnatural posture as my head is almost constantly tilted to the left. This is caused by "bad signals from the brain". After reading all the comments made by people who are suffering from adverse side effects from Paxil I am now curious if this could also be the cause of my brain disorder as I too was prescribed Paxil about 8 years ago. I took it for about 1 year. Like many I tried quitting cold turkey and was unsuccessful. After starting over and then gradually stopping everything seemed to be ok. Since then I have had progressive problems with the left side of my head and neck which have been misdiagnosed time and again until this year when it was finally discovered to be dystonia. I am now being treated with Botox injections which will not cure the disorder but manage the discomfort. After reading everyone else's comments of the side effects of Paxil I am now curious if this might be the source of my problem. Has anyone heard of this?

I wish I would have read this before I started taking Paxil. I began taking it back in 2001 and have been on it ever since. Recommended by a psychologist for fear of riding the elevator with more than 3 people on it...I need my 3 feet of comfortable space, sorry. She said that was social anxiety disorder and got my Primary doctor to prescribe this. Started slow went up to 40mg. I just felt that was too much;slowly got down to 20mg(self medicating is ok sometimes). Got pregnant back in November 2002, my doctor took me off completely. I have never been SO SICK in my life. The zapping is the worst thing ever. My OB said there was not enough testing to show any adverse effects on pregnant mothers. I stayed on it the entire time and weened myself down to 5mg by the time I had my daughter in August 2003. I figured if my withdrwal symptoms were this bad on a 175lb woman then the effects on a 8lb baby would be significant. Got back up to 20mg. Headaches pretty bad. They told me they were migraines after the CT Scan and MRI although they had found a benign cyst in my brain. Hope it is not another side effect of this damn medication. Sexual side effects, terrible. I am slowly weening myself back off and turning to a natural anti-anxiety fix, Magnolia Bark-which is proven to have calmative qualities.

I've been on paxil since I was 18. It really has helped a high school I could not bring myself to talk to people in school because of anxiety and I had always thought I had some form of OCD in addition to the SAD. Paxil made it so I felt so good being around people, but it didn't do all that much for my OCD, I still found myself thinking about numbers and stupid patterns in every movement I made throughout the day. As great as it is to be able to talk to people, I found myself not being able to write like I used to. I didn't feel as creative as I did before taking paxil, and I didn't really get emotional like I used to at good movies. I decided to stop taking it and BOOM, soo many problems. Just two days after coming off paxil cold turkey(probably not a good idea) I started having the CONSTANT WOOSHING whenever I shifted my eyes. I have never talked in my sleep, and my mom said I had a conversation with her about the most random things the other morning when I was asleep. I've heard people talking in their sleep, but apparently I was holding a conversation! Dreams have been more vivid the last couple of days, but like I said, the vertigo and "shocking" are just impossible to deal with, I'm starting to get really nervous around people too. What I'd like to ask people is, has anyone made a successful switch from paxil to zoloft? I've been considering trying to make the switch but can I do it right away or should I be off paxil for a long time before trying Zoloft? I have been ordering paxil from overseas and haven't gotten it from a doctor in two years cause it's MUCH cheaper so I don't really wish to go get a doctor's advice, especially without health insurance.Thanks for any info you can give me

I sometimes wonder about people. My dad was on a 75mg dose a day of Paxil for two years before he came off, the only symptoms were some headaches and thats it. Im currently on a 20mg a day dose for social anxiety and im 21 years old. There have been zero side effects except gaining control of my life back. My sex life is actually better because i have more confidence. This drug is different for everyone, and take into account physical fitness, other meds, and psychological disorders.

Hi Folks
I have been on Paxil for the past year and I truly think that I should be off it. I am a 42/m that suffered from some anxiety attacks. The doctors started me at 12.5 mg and they kept upping the dose to 75mg. WOW In no time I was tired, dizzy and numb like in a Zombie state. Sex life went from orgasms once per day to twice per month. In the last 90 days I have weaned myself back to 25mg of the Paxil CR and it has helped alot. I feel more like myself and not always in a fog. I am so sorry I started this drug because the info I now read says that the withdrawal from Paxil is far worse than Heroin. I BELIEVE IT!.I also take a tranquilizer Lorazapam 2mg which seems to work beter than the paxil. When I feel a bit nervous or anxious, I take the Lorazapam and 20 minutes later, I am relaxed. Please feel free to email me with any info to share. Thanx Rick

I have been on Paxil for over 2 months now. I have always had some social anxiety - always knew it but never talked to anyone about it until my brother died 2 months ago, tragically. My doc said I have severe anxiety and depression. I was on a low dosage and have never felt so good in my life. I felt way more confident and like I had never had any anxiety. The only side effect I had was sexually, which is quite bothersome but weighed out in the other ways. ...
Well, I decided a couple weeks ago to go off because we'd like to try to have a baby. The first symptom I had was nausea & severe motion sickness (riding/driving in the car). Then also, cold chills, night sweats, and a whole week pissed period; I have NEVER been more than a day late. I actually thought I was pregnant and took 7 pregnancy tests(which all came back negative).
So, my advice is: it depends on the person. Some people need a medication, and this one may be the one that works for then BUT... everyone should realize that if/when they are to discontinue the medication, that they most likely WILL have symptoms of withdrawals, like most medications out there, not just Paxil. I have always heard that you cannot go on & off these types of medications, and you need to make sure to take your meds every day and not miss any doses. So, it is all about the process of elimination, and if Paxil works for you then keep taking it and don't go off. And if you want to go off of it someday, remember that it is a drug - and your body is used to it so you will most likely have symptoms and bad side effects with discontinued use. Weigh it out. Or be like me, I will be trying different natural remedies, like Magnolia Bark, and whatever else I come across in research, that seems worth trying ~ after we conceive and after the baby is born! And if it doesn't work out with the others, then I may go back on Paxil because I know it works for me when I am on it, but will be more aware and cautious of possible side effects.

I am so mad at the makers and prescribers of Paxil, that I can't stand it! My husband was prescribed Paxil after cracking his head on a cupboard door. He had very bad headaches after the cupboard door incident and when the Doctors couldn't "find" anything, they put him on Paxil. The side effects he had from taking the drug included; MORE debilitating headaches and extreme fatigue. 8 days ago he decided he was sick of being on the drug, and quit. Until 3 months ago he was on 40mg. After we were devestated by hurricane Katrina, he dropped it to 20mg. The past 8 days have been the WORST days of our lives. He is having constant electrical shocks, malaise like I have never seen, rage for nothing and everything, SEVERE depression and a host of other problems. Today, he was so sick of the pain, he took some Effexor in the hope that it would ease his suffering. Has anyone else tried to switch during the withdrawal to Effexor? I would be interested in hearing from anyone. Oh, and as a side-note that I haven't seen mentioned by anyone else. The electrical zaps that are so common happen also to be a withdrawal symptom when someone stops taking amphetamines.

I have been on Paxil for over a week and I thought it was working very well for my anxiety, but now I am having extreme trouble ejaculating. Talk about ANXIETY!! How can this drug help people if it hurts your body. Screw it I am taking myself off of it immediatly! But I agree with somebody else that said you should probably stop taking it gradually. If you just started,please trust me, a stranger I know, but just stop while you are ahead.

I've taken 10 mg. of Paxil daily for over five years for panic disorder. It has been a lifesaver in curing me of the panic attacks that I suffered for years and that were getting progressively worse. Prior to getting on Paxil I took Prozac for about three years with success but I began to notice some side effects that I call "The Stupids" for the lack of a better term. I was frequently "spacing out", I couldn't concentrate and generally felt like I couldn't learn anything. I mentioned this to my doctor and he suggested that I switch to Paxil. I was originally on 20 mg. daily but almost immediately began having the problems ejaculating that others have mentioned. This is a very common side effect (in fact, my current doc mentioned that Paxil is now being prescribed to men suffering from premature ejaculation) and once I dropped down to 10 mg. daily the problems stopped and my orgasms returned. Other than that I had no adverse side effects from Paxil for years and as I mentioned it was a lifesaver.

I've decided to wean myself off of Paxil because "The Stupids" have returned. I feel like I can't learn like I used to be able to, I can't concentrate like I used to, and I generally feel dumb. Has anybody else experienced this with SSRIs? When I was in the military and in college I was as sharp as the proverbial tack. I learned quickly, I could study for hours without any chemical stimulants, and I graduated from college with honors (of course, I was also suffering from daily panic attacks but I was too proud at the time to go for medical treatment, thinking instead that I could just "tough it out"). Now, I find it increasingly difficult to concentrate at work and tasks that I would have picked up with ease years ago are now taking me longer to grasp (I work in the IT field). I'm 41 years old so I don't know if this is just a function of age or a result of Paxil, but I'm getting off of the meds just in case to see if it makes a difference. I cut my dose to 5 mg. a day for a month, and this month I'm doing 5 mg. every other day. So far I haven't had any of the horrible withdrawal side effects that others mention, maybe because I'm easing off of it so slowly. Next month I'm going drop down to 5 mg. twice a week before quitting completely. Hopefully, the panic attacks won't return and I'll be cured of "The Stupids" and regain some of my former metal agility.

I have been off Paxil for almost four weeks now and still feel awful. One day is good then the next is worse than the day before. The head zaps and dizziness are about to cause me my job as when they hit it's sorta makes you feel so shaky. Then the sweats, dreams and my husband said that I jerked so bad at night that he thought I was going to throw myself out of bed because they were so severe. The zapping is what literally made me think I was losing my mind and then the nausea and dizzies. Can hardly wait to see my Dr face to face as he had always been such a good and caring Dr. but I don't believe any Dr. who has your best interest at heart would even allow the word PAXIL to said in the presence of anyone he cared about. He prescribed xanax to help get me though the withdrawals but I don't want to get on anything else that has any kind of side effect and we all know this drug does. God forbid that anyone take this "NON ADDICTIVE DRUG" Who do they think they are kidding?? This is awful and I'm glad that it helps some people who really need it but God be with them if they ever have to come off of it!!!!

I have been taking PAXIL for about a year off and on. I got off of it after the first 3 months because I didn't feel I needed it anymore. There were no symptoms at all of withdrawal, but I had gone through a terrible breakup and once it was over I took it to get past the darkest of the time.
Although I do remember the first day I took it, I'll never forget it. I felt insane. Like my body was unreal and my heart raced uncontrollably, I was sick to my stomach and feeling very angry and agressive.
Now, it must be told, I am NOT an agressive or angry person, depressed yes, agressive no.
I felt out of my mind and almost felt crazy enough to literally kill someone.
After that I cut down my dosage to half of it and felt totally fine.

About 4months ago I started retaking Paxil again, because although I was fine for a while, I moved to CA from GA and it was a Huge change and being homesick I felt sad..(which might have been from being off the drug for 3 months I don't know).

I have been doing and feeling fine, but just lately, like in the last 3 days I have been irritable, no sex drive at all, my heart is racing so much that I can't sleep without Nyquil to knock me out, and I have been crying all day!
Now, I am premenstral right now, but even so, I really don't feel right at all. I feel otherworldly and hyped up. Wierd so so wierd.

I am very aware of bipolar disorder because my brother has it. I'm almost afraid that it might cause this disorder in me. That's why I make sure I eat and sleep, even if I have to drink Nyquil every night.

This is such a wierd feeling and place. I mean 3 days ago I felt so centered. Even this morning I did yoga and meditated and then had a good breakfast, but after that I took my pill and I've been t weaking ever since.

Now that I've read this site... I realize that I've had many of these symptoms for a while, I just didn't make the correlation.

I am also wondering if anyone has drank alcohol on it, & what they notice becuase of it.
I have never had a problem having the occasional glass of wine, but ever since I've taken this drug, on the rare occasion that I do have a glass, it turns into the bottle or 2 and I've blacked out after my second glass. That is soooooo unlike me. I've never blacked out, or had more than 3 glasses.

So now I have to stay away from ANY drinking because I black out almost immediately.
This has all been within the last year.

So so wierd.

Who woulda thought that this tiny little pill could cause all these big problems.

I am taking the pill for anxiety and depression.

I feel like my anxiety is 100X worse. .. the depressions better though....

I really feel for all you. I am in the same boat. I have been taking this stuff for about a year for anxiety(sucks). I began to develop side effects from it and have decided to wean off of it. I am moving from 40mg to 30, 20 and finally to ten in five day incriments.
I have had really crappy side effects such as tiredness, the oh so known "zapping," dizzyness, a feeling of disconected third person perspective, night sweats, and it fucked up my sex drive. Though the sex drive was rediculous from the beginning. I used to run on 8 cylendars.
Anyway, I think that the side effects will pass and cannot wait to be off of it. I too, like all of you regret being put on it and not warned, but I was having a difficult time and it really did help!
I am not sure if it is worth the cost, but I am not going to give up! I commend all of you. And am also glad to see that I am not the only one with these symptoms. Ohhhh, also, I have unevenly dialated puplis which is really wierd. I had a CT and all that so it musy be the Paxil. Its such a
Anyway, Keep up the struggle, and remember that even though the side effects suck, you probably were grateful for the help you got form it in the beginning. This is just another obstacle. Thats what life is full of.

I've been on Paxil for about 2 years now and it has really helped me. I started having bad anxiety and panic attacks 2 years ago, mostly at work and would get verbally nasty and become a wreck. I would also having crying jags now and then over hearing or seeing sad or bad things and sometimes for no reason. Paxil has really helped me so far, I'm on 20mg a day. The only "bad" side effect for me so far is it's REALLY hard for me to orgasm. Getting an erection is no trouble but orgasming takes forever if it gets there at all. Frustrating as hell.

It effects people differently, I guess I'm lucky so far....


Hey Tom,

Did you see my comments 4 posts up? The no orgasm thing is a common side effect and was completely unacceptable to me. I cut down to 10 mg. and my orgasms returned and I never had a problem since. Why not ask your doc if you can cut down to 10 mg? I did just fine and I suffered from SEVERE, daily panic attacks.

Has anyone taken paxil for headaches, because I was recently prescribed it for my persistant headaches. It sounds to me like majority of you take it for behavioral conditions. Should I take it or is my doctor off?

No, Joe, most people don't take Paxil for "behavioral conditions" (?) but for medical conditions.

on paxil CR but none of these problems.. ya'll are just being pussys about it! or ur allergic who knows but just because ur expierence waz terrible doesnt mean everyone has the same issues.. im not rattin on u guys just giving a little insight to the good this medication can have on some people!

I just recently stopped taking paxil after being on it for 4 months........i was wondering why ive been so sick but now that i found this website i understand why im going through all of this......Thanks to all who have posted things on this now i know why i havent been feelin well!

I stared taking Paxil about a year ago. After i had my second son i went thourgh PPD. I am the type of person who would not even take anything for a headack. I was so depressed i needed something. The fact that the smell or the sound of my baby boy would make me want to end my life was bad. I finally admited that i really need help because i was grasping on to anything to keep me alive. My Doctor put me on Paxil 10mg i would not go on anymore then that because most of the bad stuff i read about Paxil where from people taking more then 10mg to 20mg. My Father and older sister where both on paxil 20mg they never had any problem. I two never had alot of problems. At first i had really bad hot flashes, My hearing increased i know that sound werid but it did. None of these side effects where worse then my depression. Both my father and sister are now off of it and have no problems whats so ever. I think for the ones who have these problem do not belong on this drug and should try another one. I have to ask, why are you guys trying to get off of it? If it helps you and better your life stay with it. And for those that are thinking about taking it or just started it, Don't take more then 10MG and if that does not work don't up it no matter what your doctor say just try a new one. But i'm no doctor just did alot of reading on this stuff. But i can say Paxil better my life and i'm happy they made it. If it was not for this drug i would not be alive for my boy's.

Jenny Ferrari on December 27, 2005 6:21 PM

I'm glad to hear that after reading the past few postings Paxil is FINALLY doing wonders for some people. I've been on 20mg for over a year now and I've never slept so well in my entire life. Also, my anxiety is pretty much gone thanks to this "wonder drug". Those with bad side effects while on this medication obviously should not be on it due to their body rejecting the drug. So try something else because PAXIL IS NOT FOR EVERYONE!

My 17 year old daughter has been on paxil for headaches and anxiety and imitrex. The imitrex has stopped working. The paxil only helps her at night to sleep. Right now shes on it for 7 days then one half to wean off of it. She has nausea, vomiting, cant't eat can't sleep, mood swings sometimes hyperactive. This medication is awful. I would not advise anyone to take it . It is very dangerous. I've been on effexor for 15 years I love it sure if I skip a dose my heart races or flutters my mouth goes numb you cant skip it. I have had to rush my daughter to the hospital because of her heart racing and fluttering. The hosp. told us it was muscle spasms yea! right. they don,t have a clue. They took regluar paxil off the market because it was so bad now they have put paxil cr on the market. It needs to come off too. If my daughter if something happens to her before we get off I will sue her Doctor and the fda.I've known people who have killed thereselves on this stuff. The neorguliost has been on it for 5 years for her headaches she loves it and she was very rude to us when I carried my daughter back about the problems she was having. Needless to say we want go back to her again.I tried to trust her but, I cant anymore not after I've seen what it is doing to my daughter.Theres other anxiety meds. and headache meds.Please dont take paxil or please dont let your children. If I had of known this would happen to my daughter I would have never let this doctor put her on it she has been on it a year.I feel like its my fault for letting her put her such and addicting medication.My husband and I have even wondered if we need to put in a hospital to get her off she thinks when she comes off shes going to die.Paxil needs to be stopped.

I have been on Paxil for 6 years. And honestly It works, yes it has some side effects but consider taking some of the earlier anti-depressnts. I originally took Imipramine which worked well but had some noticeable side effetcs:
-you would have to drink a gallon of coffee a day just to keep from being a sleep.
-It felt like someone dried my mouth out with talcom powder and when I would talk for a while the edges of my mouth would get crispy.
-I would run out of breath immediately so forget about any physical exertion.
-extended use causes male breasts to form

Next I took Prozac so I could go jogging and that seemed to work but had serious sexual side effects

Next I took cerzone because of the sexual thing and that worked OK except for my anxiety level was high all the time and it turns out that extended use causes liver damage and there is some class action lawsuit about it.

Finally I went on Paxil 50mg and I have been great since, But I have to tell you guys that I used to drink quite a bit and while I would like to get a buz on every day or so I could honestly say I felt no side effects. I recently stopped drinking because I was worried about my health. I also wanted to quit smoking because there would be no way for me to quit smoking after I got a buzz on. Funny enough that now I am starting to feel (or maybe notice) some of the effects you all describe, but they are not as magnified. Now a days there are alternatives, but the new drugs are expensive and Generic Paxil is relatively cheap.

I would like to convey that the past is riddled with drugs that have side effects some dangerious in the case of cerzone, but other wise they all have some side effects. Depression can be a very serious condition and side effects of Paxil are not worse then the disease (for me at least). There are better drugs out there, but every one has a different reaction to different people and I am currently not motivated to make any change.

I have been on Paxil for 11 years. About 2 years ago, I noticed uncontrollable tongue movements. I reported it to my psychiatrist. She said it was nothing. (She lied.) The movments have gottten worse. It's tardive dyskenisia, often associated with anti-psychotics. It can be permanent. I am furious with my pscyhiatrist. She lied to me about the side effect and now she won't change my anti-depressant. Beware--many ssris can cause this disfiguring phenomena.

I went on Paxil one time many years ago. I broke up with my boyfriend and I was very upset. After 3 days of being depressed after the break up I went to the doctor and asked him if there was anything he could give me to help with the heart ache of a break up. He gave me Paxil. This was not my regular doctor. I took the medicine for about 3 days than stopped. When I started to take the medicine I became extremely depressed.. more than I was before. When I would try to sleep it was like I was in a movie and I would see flashes of people I knew in my sleep. I was dizzy and felt wierd. I got off of it. The good thing is that Paxil did help me.. It made me SOOOOO extremely depressed while I was taking it that my little heart ache of breaking up with my boyfriend did not seem so bad compaired to how I felt in Paxil. But what I don't understand is why would my doctor perscribe Paxil to me when it was just a little heart ache over my boyfriend. Not a long time depression I had been suffering for months?? This medicine is to help people long term. I was very annoyed at this doctor and never saw him again.

I have been taking paxil for about 7 months now and just had my doesage doubled. I had some symtoms when I first went on it, such as dizzyness, excessive yawning and tremors, an unstable emotional feelings. they evened out and went away after about a week. When the dr. increased my doesage a week ago I had the above symtoms even worse and am at this very second. But here is the thing. WHENEVER I FOLLOW MY DOESAGE INSTRUCTIONS I HAVE NO PROBLEM. I am being treated for depression and PTSD from my combat deployment to Iraq and was having many problems including night terrors(nightmares). Paxel worked wonders and has helped my life increadably. Now when I ran out of the medication yes I went into withdrawls but you with ANYTHING that you take for a long time. How can anyone think that your body wont adjust to any drug you take for a long time, especially one that effect your brain chemistry, is beyond me. My dr told me about the side effects and that I should not stop taking it without being slowly taken off. How about you people follow your dr's instructions, make sure you have refills filled before you run out, and deal with any small side effects you have when properly using the medication. Most of what I have read on here is missuse of paxil and not following the medications instuctions.

I have been taking paxil for about 7 months now and just had my doesage doubled. I had some symtoms when I first went on it, such as dizzyness, excessive yawning and tremors, an unstable emotional feelings. they evened out and went away after about a week. When the dr. increased my doesage a week ago I had the above symtoms even worse and am at this very second. But here is the thing. WHENEVER I FOLLOW MY DOESAGE INSTRUCTIONS I HAVE NO PROBLEM. I am being treated for depression and PTSD from my combat deployment to Iraq and was having many problems including night terrors(nightmares). Paxel worked wonders and has helped my life increadably. Now when I ran out of the medication yes I went into withdrawls but you with ANYTHING that you take for a long time. How can anyone think that your body wont adjust to any drug you take for a long time, especially one that effect your brain chemistry, is beyond me. My dr told me about the side effects and that I should not stop taking it without being slowly taken off. How about you people follow your dr's instructions, make sure you have refills filled before you run out, and deal with any small side effects you have when properly using the medication. Most of what I have read on here is missuse of paxil and not following the medications instuctions.

I was prescibed paxil by my new "1st visit" family doctor, i noticed that someone mentioned way above, commenting to another that it was probably "family practice" prescribing this medication? Would the majority of users say the same as well? Could everyone start posting/WHO(what type of doctor) prescribed the medication to them? My doc, set me up nice with the 10mg. Which after this i will NEVER take now! After I mentioned this to my doc.(my fear of side-effects) I was comforted and told to take a trail period 30 days because & as mentioned NON ADDICTIVE! i find it hard to believe that so many people have had, so many bad-side effects and ALL seem to me, To be withdrawls similar to any addiction? That doctors would continue to try and experiment on people with this stuff? I am very glad i found this site and i read everyones comments, even though i am choosing not to take the med, and i cant say one side or the other, i just wanted to say that this is great info for anyone with concerns. My doc frowned on any knowledge i could have gathered against paxil. I cannot believe this has not yet been investigated and removed from the market. Far more that half the Blogs in here are negative.

so today is my second day on paxil,i took my first pill last night and couldnt sleep. so i decided to start taking it in the morning so it wouldnt keep me up.after about 2 hours i started to feel like i was going crazy, i was pacing back and forth, and couldnt stop my head from rambling and my body felt jittery. I think i was having a anxiety attack. I've never had one befor.can paxil do that????

I have had trouble sleeping since my 10 year relationship was ended 6 mos ago. Considering the shock when it ended, I really think I handled it well. Family told me to get myself on an anti-D asap because they said I would get more depressed and should have anti-D's in my system when I'd need them. I was on prozac in college and took myself off of it because I slept 18 hours a day and had no life. I listened to my cousins and told the family dr. my story and they put me on wellbutrin which made me sooo sick in just a day I couldn't believe it, then another which made me even worse (I would gladly take depression over those symptoms and I dont' think taking 1-2 mos of gettign through those symptoms for less depression would have been worth it, even if that would have been the outcome). Since the breakup I've had some physical problems, probably stress-related, and went to a different family dr. in the same office. His immediate response was that my physical problems are from stress and he wanted to put me on anit-D's. I told him my reservations and concerns, he said he felt it was better for me but would run some blood work first for thyroid and other problems. The bloodwork came by fine, the dr's office just called to tell me, and that they will call in the prescription for Paxil my dr. wanted me on. I dont' want to take it- and especially after reading this board I don't want it in me. I still think I'm messed up in ways from the first bout of Anti-D's 5 mos ago that I still have minor sexual side effects from, and I think it's effected me in other ways too for the short 2 weeks I was on the stuff. I've been seeing an acupuncturist and plan to continue. Everyone is, of course, different and has to do what's safe for them -but I'm going holistic with this. I took up yoga last weekend and plan to do tai-chi and cardio adn weights as well. I just can't see doing this to myself again remembering how it was 5 mos ago - and especially reading everything everyone has written here.


I have been on Paxil for about a year now and i was fine on it but when i try to get off i feel horrible i have the weird i guess you can explain it by saying electrical shock feelings in my head its hard to see my vision is all messed up its just the most horrible feeling. I have a hard time driving and caring for my kids i went back on several times and tried weaning off of it and no suck luck i still get the headaches and i feel miserable i dont think i can make it in that kind of pain for as long as 2 months as some have stated in these blogs. Thats just insane. I have told my doctor about it and all she says is to wait it out who the hell wants to deal wiht that and wait it out i have a life i have to work i have kids how am i supposed to function like that.. I would warn anyone going on the pill to think about the affects of getting off the pill!

yes it is addictive. i have been on it for 3yrs now and it does work for what it was prescribed for, but, the side effects. i have tried to stop taking it at least 3-4 times and end up with virtigo, bad headaches, heart pains, stomach pains. within the last 6-12 months i have noticed the my memory is very poor, i'am always writing downs things that i need to do so i won't forget. i'am only 42 i hate to see what it is going to be like at 60. don't take this will regret it

I have been taking Paxil for at least 6yrs.
I have noticed some of these side effects, but not enough to stop. I find that taking it at night before bed works better for me. That way i can sleep it off, and i feel better in the morning.

I also drink with it and found that it bothers me a little. My sex drive has really gone down.
But if i miss any day without it i have a hard time sleeping. I have been without it for 1week
and was ready to tear off someones head.
I find that it works well enough not to stop.

I have BI-POLAR and this is my life,iT'S LIFE OR DEATH FOR ME!!!!

I am just totally lost about what to do. I've been on paxil for 7 years now. They've put regular paxil on "extended back order" and put me on paxil CR. My muscle twitches have gotten so bad i went to see a neurologist who thought i had multiple sclerosis. I don't know which is worse at this point. My psych is trying to wean me off paxil AGAIN and start me on zoloft another SSRI. I feel trapped and worst of all completely crazy. I've filed reports with the FDA and with Glaxo Smith. I've even contacted lawyers that say they can't take my case because of what the FDA says about paxil being safe, etc. I, too experience the electrical shocks, severe mood swings, twitches, tremors, etc. Is there anything else that we can do??? I heard this morning on the news about a man that killed his twin daughters. They said he hadn't been taking his antideppresants as prescribed. How many people have to die before something is done? All i know is i am twitching like crazy, look and feel crazy and need some kind of help that my psych can't even give me. Anyone?

I'm very concerned, to say the least, for my daughter. She began experiencing depression at the age of 16. At first, I thought that perhaps, she was under high stress to maintain her high GPA/academic progress in H.S.. She is a senior in high school now and carries she a full load with all accellerated courses. She attends Governor's School and is currently receiving college credit for 4 classes and mid-day commutes to her primary H.S. for 3 accellerated classes. She has always been a healthy girl although a bit timid and shy. I've always tried to encourage her to apply herself fully to the best of her ability. Her education has always been high priority, and I am guilty of possibly pressing her a bit too hard.
I miss the daughter I once had, that would laugh about the silliest things in life, had a high stamina and loved life. I love her infinitely, and have her best interest at heart and just want her to have a simpler life than what I have experienced without a college degree. I began teaching her fundamentals at the early age of 10 mos. to say her ABC's and believe it or not, she was singing the ABC song with me by the age of 13 mos. of age...PRETTY INCREDIBLE!!! I have always felt that God truly blessed me with a very intelligent child and I thank God daily for lending this angel to me. I beleive that He has such significant plans for her life, just as He has a plan and purpose for each of our lives. Her chronological dad and I never married, yet she had always seemed to be very stable minded and never used "single parental homes" as a crutch in life. I know she has a void in her heart for the neglect/absence of her dad, however I cannot force him to spend quality time with her or for that matter, ever begin to know the special person that she is. He was forced by the courts to pay child support, however the $$ he pays will never replace the absence and void she feels in her heart.
I have tried to be very active in her life and we have always been able to talk about any and everything. As with most teenagers, this tends to become minimal and I have backed away to let her spread her wings a bit, while monitoring from a distance.
As outlets, she was enrolled in dance lessons and then began taking high interest in band. She speaks three languages fluently and no matter which extracurricular activity she participated in, she excelled.
Three Years ago, we moved to Texas. I, selfishly, didn't do my homework, as well as I had thought. The high school we transferred her to had surpassed her academic level and she was unable to take their exams in a mere 3 weeks with very little preparation. She begged me to allow her to return to Virginia and live with her grandparents and continue her sophomore year. I couldn't imagine the two of us being apart, especially geographically seperated 1,300 miles. I caved and allowed her this request, as I was working 12-16 hours a day and knew she needed to begin a fresh new year as a Junior here in Texas. She parted on a flight back to Virginia, happy and releived that her grades would not be hindered by poor exam grading in TX. My heart and soul mourned for her every day and I worried continually for her, as she is my one and only child. She promised to uphold her grades when she returned to Virginia and our trust in one another. We maintained phone communication, however, as her mother-I felt we needed to be together, but couldn't just quit my job and passion career as a photographer. VA just did not offer the economical opportunity that Texas has. I knew I would need this job to prepare and pay her college tuition, first car and essential needs. My daughter began calling me and for the first time I heard such sadness in her tone. She would play her guitar and flute for me and at times, but I knew there was more going on inside her. She was beginning to experience both anxiety and depression. I asked her to begin writing her thoughts down in a journal and share whatever she wished with me. I encouraged her to write, but never knew she had began writing poetry. She secretly sent in her poems and won a poetry contest, whereas her poem was published internationally and she received a prize certificate accompanying a $$$ reward. When she returned to Texas after completing her sophomore year, she handed me a book of poems she had written. I was truly touched as I read each and every one. No doubt, she has a gift to write and express herself. I could read her mind within her poetry and tears whelled and streamed as I read each poem. Some were happy, but for the most part, many were very sadistic and mournful.
Life soon was back to normal as we then were back together, residing in the same home, the same state. I thanked God, as it was a learning experience for the two of us and we both learned that one day we would have to seperate as this was only healthy for her to grow in life. This was a test which proved we would prevail when the time came and I knew that I wouldn't suffer the empty nest syndrome, as terribly, in the future, (atleast I had prayed I wouldn't, nor would she feel lonely and sad.)
Texas opened our eyes to a much larger world. We had always lived in a small town and then, here we were living in a metropolitan city. We loved all the attractions and soon Texas began to feel normal for us.
My daughter began her Junior year at the very same high school, only this time, she has opportunity to indulge in all subjects taught on her academic level. Her grades were exceptional and never, not even to this day, have I ever had to remind her to do her was a done deal. She was beginning to make new friends, all of which I could not have hand picked better myself. Her choices have always amazed me. There were days that she didn't want to get up and attend school, but I pressed her to do so anyway, especially thinking she wasn't sick, just sleepy.

we would seek professional help together.
She procrastinated much about her change in emotions and felt very uncomfortable talking to phycologists. I didn't force the issue and just tried to lay this issue in God's hands. I made the mistake of plasing my worries for my daughter in God's hands and then taking the worry back into my own possession, (I had lack of faith in God), therefore I am just as guilty, as I even talked myself into believing that all the emotional shifts were coming from peer pressure, school, the great transition of moving from VA to TX, my heavy work schedule and long hours, etc., etc...WHAT MY DAUGHTER NEEDED MOSTLY~ WAS HER MOTHER!!! SHE NEEDED ME TO TALK TO AND YET, I WAS SO BUSY WITH WORK AND WHEN TIME ALLOWED, CLEANING OUR HOME, RUNNING ERRANDS, DOMESTIC-YADDA-YADDA.
Parents out there, please never make the mistake I have made. Yes, education is very important, however, the ultimate decision one must make in life is the choice of whom they will serve and live throughout eternity, GOD, OUR FATHER OR THE FALLEN ANGEL, SATAN, GOD-HEAVEN or SATAN-HELL.
We've rarely attended church together, although at one time, she was part of the AWANA team in our church.
PEACE...what a feeling to have. To know that we don't have to worry about tomorrow. Just take one day at a time.
I have continually reminded my daughter of this.
It has been my belief that God knows and understands all that we think and feel. He doesn't allow us to go through agony, but wants us to rest in Him. In resting in our Father God, all anxiety and depression fades. We have emotions to deal with on a daily basis, but we cannot rely on our emotions solely. None of us are immune towards having bad or downhearted days.
Life is not always a rose garden. It can be tough, and then again, it can be wondrous.
I used to believe that it was my place to pave a perfect yellow brick road for my daughter and I never wanted her to hurt or feel any negative from the world, this was not very rational as a responsible mother. I never let my daughter learn to deal with pain and heartache on her own. I tried to shield her and protect her in every essence possible. I, for a short while, had forgotten that my daughter first belonged to God and HE HAD ALWAYS TAKEN CARE OF HER, IT WAS NEVER ME SHIELDING HER, BUT HIM.
Fast forwarding a bit, as I know I'm going a long route in sharing our experience with Paxil.
(A year has passed and by this time, as never thought, my daughter and I are AGAIN residing in seperate states again). We shared the previous holidays together here in Texas. I had finally come to realize the man of my dreams was right in front of me all along. My daughter knew him well and he humored her easily. She knows he loves and accepts her as his own daughter. He is a godly man and we are blessed to have Gary. She was somewhat happy, it was difficult to tell, when she learned that I had decided to marry him. She was sort of lacking in emotion, period. This was a red flag to me and I thought I would receive much more of a response, but very little was said. Even to this day, when she decides to return my calls, sometimes weeks later...after tons of voice messages left and emails, IM's, you name it...needless to say, the communication we once shared had seemed to almost vanish...My daughter was not the same. She claims she is happy for me, as I had not ever been married before, yet wasn't interested in being a part of the reception. (Hurt in many ways, I suppressed the difference in my daughter's character and personality and instead of a formal wedding, Gary and I eloped in Vegas.)
The wedding was memorable and I had no doubts whatsoever, yet there was one thing lacking at the chapel-my daughter's presence.
I chalked everything up as my daughter was just going through some maturity phases and was dealing with some anger issues.) My daughter was angry with me because she had not known her chronological dad, but this was never verbally expressed to me...instead I found out by going through her bookbag to see just what she had been working on she was reluctant to tell me anything or share anything with me...her grades have even began to suffer since returning to VA for the 2nd time. My daughter had written a cruel document regarding single parent homes and how different she felt she was to everyone else, she vented that she wished she felt more well rounded, same as what all her frinds seemed to be. I attempted to talk to her about this, and I don't think she heard a single word, as she even seems to take joy in insulting me. We have never been so far apart as we are now.
In admittance, I've been so frustrated at times, that I've refrained from calling for a few weeks and I have grown so tired of begging her to phone me. Her grandmother, (my mother), loves and cares much for her grandaughter and makes lame excuses for her and often lies on her behalf and at times, asks my daughter to hide some things from me, such as the cell phone her grandmother gave her. Can you guys just beleive that?!!! WHAT IF THERE WERE AN EMERGENCY??? I DIDN'T EVEN HAVE MY DAUGHTER'S CELL #. Yes, I'm furious about this. I'm also furious that my daughter is not living at her grandmother's home, as agreed, but instead is staying at her best friends home...and the great catch 22 is that her boyfriend happens to be the brother of her best girl friend. THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE TO ME. THE PARENTS ARE RARELY THERE AND I NEVER APPROVED OF THIS. I've calmly (as calm, as a mother could be with the given situation), requested she return to her grandmother's and place her focus on her grades. THIS WAS/IS HER SENIOR YEAR...WHY THROW IT ALL AWAY NOW...ALL HER HARD WORK, SCHOLASTIC ACHIEVEMENTS, GREAT ATTENDANCE ,
My days and years of talking about the perfect daughter I had been blessed with, was now taking a twist. What everyone else thought wasn't of importance, but in talking with my husband, and sharing...we both had thought perhaps she was pregnant. In answer, no. The thoughts even crossed my mind as to whether she was drinking or taking illegal drugs. Thank God, these are ruled out also.
My phone rang early this morning as my duaghter was phoning...she was crying so hard she could barely talk. After confirming what she had eaten/when she had last eaten a well balanced meal and whether she was taking her vitamins, I the asked if she was taking her pill...we decided due to her menstrual cramping it was time to make this decision and I knew she had tried taking Effexor, low mg, and it was far too potent for her...what I didn't know is what had been substituted for the Effexor.
This morning she told me she had been taking a generic form of Paxil! SHOCKED AND SCARED FOR HER, I asked her not ot take any more of the pills and to stay home and I would call and schedule an appt. with her doctor. I phoned and scheduled and she should have been seen today at 2. I asked the receptionist to please have our doctor return my call and to please refill her prescription for acid reflux-called ACIPHEX.
I phoned her school and relayed message that my daughter would be absent today due to the acid reflux symptoms. (They have on record the problems she has had in the past with this illness, but nothing as far as her depression and anxiety.) This was private and between us.
I calmed her a bit this morning and asked her to please eat a slice of dry toast and drink plenty of liquids. I then told her I had planned to surprise her with her own razor phone which Gary and I mailed last evening, overnight to her.
She hasn't phoned me since this morning, her cell phone has been recieved, yet no calls from her or her doctor yet. I'm having a tough time reaching her. I AM WORRIED SICK.
Thanks for your time in reading my post.
I hurt for my daughter and mostly, I am angry with this so-called physician. I, distinctly told him how I had high reservations about Paxil and many other anti-depressants. He will be hearing from me again, as I may be taking a flight back in to VA this week.
I have never heard my daughter complain of the symtoms I've read in each of these posts, yet many of the same symptoms are very apparent.
I know God can help rid her tiny system of this drug and I am trying to place my fears for my daughter in His hands. (NOT TO TAKE THE FEAR BACK INTO MY OWN HANDS). My worst fear is that my daughter has given up on everything and may be contemplating suicide.
I pray I'm overreacting, but taking no chances.

Phoning her grandmother and then others that I can depend to check on how she is doing.
We are trying to set an appt. with another doctor.
The PAXIL HAS MUCH TO DO WITH THE MOOD CHANGES...omg, I even sent her a sweatshirt that has Eeyore on it and is worded "Moody" inappropriate, but I had no clue. Wish I had just sent the cell phone and nothing else in her package.
Guys, if you pray to God, please add us in your prayers. I just want my daughter back and I'm sure if she is dealing with all that you have in symptoms,
she just wants her life back, also.
Much empathy to each and everyone of you. May God guide each and everyone of you and keep you in His loving care. With God, all things are possible...we can beat this. Suicide is NEVER THE ANSWER.

Distant Mother in Texas

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en firm option to either keep the grades up or I would have no choice but to transfer her back to TX and graduate here. THIS IS HARDLY THE TIME TO DO THIS TO HER AND I had been one of my best friends for the past 5 yrs., and when
I am so fearful and trying to pray in Jesus' name for my daughter, as I learned today, (chills running up and down my entire body as I write this), but she phoned me and could barely speak as she was in tears.
I asked her if she had eaten and had she been taking her vitamins, (in the past she had had trouble with acid reflux and it is essential to eat small, frequent meals.) She told me she had been sick for the past three days and hasn't been able to eat. She had been having trouble sleeping and just wasn't feeling well. I asked

The above two posts are poorly written and out of text-subject.
Bear with me, as I am a mother in panic.
My angel should be enjoying her senior year, not battling with horrible degenerating symptoms from the Paxil.
Email me if you need someone to talk to. I usually don't have alot of time on my hands to sit in the office and stay on our pc, but will check for messages from you guys.
If you will just mark the Subject: VA vs. Paxil

Again, thank you and God Bless.


when taking paxil cr, i am very angry alot, sleep all the time, don't have desire in sexual activities. i feel like i really could careless about everything.when i am on my monthly cycle it is worst. i could destore everything. this is crazy.

I have not experienced anything bad from Paxil, only good things for me. It has helped me I feel so good and am content. Life is Good! Thank God for Paxil. Don

It is amazing to me that so many of the above have been on paxil for five, six and even eleven years and are now worried about effects. You're letting these horror stories get to you. Get off this page and continue using paxil. Someone above mentiioned that education on the medication is the answer. Family Practitioners are not equipped to prescribe paxil and many of them get it wrong. To start out with 20 mg. is insane. I started with 5mg. and was on that amount for two months. I went to 10 for two months, twenty for two months and forty for two months. I am now on 80 mg. per day and have never been better. Not a panic attack in three years. That is what paxil is for: PANIC ATTACKS.
If you have never had a panic attack, trust me, you will give up all sex forever and have the dryest mouth in the universe in order to never have one again. Freud had them and called them "Death Anxiety". It is the most horrific feeling ever. I truly would not wish 3 minutes of a panic attack on my worst enemy. Those who REALLY have had an attack know exactly what i'm saying. Another question I have for many of the above writers is, why the hell are you getting off paxil? If anyone is new to paxil please don't let the above stories necessarily keep you from it. Do this: Get referred to a psycharist, start out with extremely low dosage for an extremely long time, and work your way up to the dose you need. Remember, I took one year to get to my current dose. Paxil saved my life.


Sorry bout your luck Kenny but don't say "poor johnny" in conjunction with me. I don't need any paxil to get by. I had my first panic attack in 1976, 30 years ago while overseas in the U.S. Navy. After about 5 minutes I just headed for the infirmary knowing that I was going to die. I pulled thru and went on to have these horrible attacks for five years. A VA psych. put me on Imipramine and they controlled the attacks a bit. Another Psych. then found Anafranil and that controlled them better. I spent the next twenty years trying to raise a family and work while having occasional panic attacks. Three years ago at age 50 I went on the paxil as stated above. I have never even gotten close to a panic attack in that time. I don't need paxil to get by, I am so glad to have a life and I give the credit to God and paxil. I'm sorry for the death of your wife but paxil was not made to control grief or anything else associated with the death of a loved one. IT IS MADE SPECIFICALLY FOR PANIC DISORDER. If a person takes paxil that does not need paxil they will have similar symptoms as you described.

OMG!...THANK YOU THANK YOU for this website. I have been on Paxil for 6 years. I, like many others lost my health insurance and could not afford this medicine. Quit cold turkey and feel like i am truely truely insane. It scares me and i have felt so alone. The rage inside of me for no reason. The crying. The BRAIN ZAPS and SWOOSHING, its just too much. I have thought about going back on somehow. But now that i see other people going thru the same thing, i think i can do this!...It is very scarey but i know im not alone. I too lost ALL sex drive. GONE completely. And when i tried to "wheen" myself off in the past because of that, i always ended up going back to the Paxil because i could not stand the withdrawl. But now i know i WILL beat this. Thank you all so much!...Also, does anyone know an approximate time frame of when you start to feel "normal" again?...I can handle alot of these side effects, but i think the brain zapping and swooshing are what im having the most difficult time with. IF anyone has info on this, please post it or feel free to email it to me at:

Thank you again EVERYONE!

I just started 20mg Paxil a week ago and have been having the zaps as well. I did not know that it was one of the side effects. My Dr said that this was a new med and supposedly good for my "mild' depressive state (recent), but now having read all these stories, it gives me the creeps. I will be making another appointment to take this up with my DR. Thanks for this informative site.

Johnny first off paxil is not made to treat panic disorder. It is being used to treat anxiety and panic as a default. Its intended to help people with OCD and depression. If you look up the uses for the drug it does list anxiety and panic but that is not its intended purpose. Doctors are giving this in place of Benzodiazapines because drugs like Xanax, Valium, Adivan, and Klonapin are considered easily abused. In my opinion Paxil is more addictive and the withdrawls from it are 100 times worse. If you want a drug that was intended to do one thing and one thing only its Xanax. If listed correctly the only thing you will find its made for is PANIC DISORDER. People use it before flying and other things that may cause anxiety because it is a CNS depressant. Doctors are affraid to give Xanax due to it being "adictive" and they don't want to get a lawsuit. My question is "what is the difference if you take Xanax the rest of your life or Paxil"?
Ok well its something to think about Johnny because you are wrong about Paxils intended use. Look at the side effects of the drug which include ANXIETY. Most people that suffer panic disorder get the attacks from increasing anxiety that turns into an attack. Ok now to give you a little info on my background.

I have panic disorder and genetic anxiety. My father has delt with anxiety/panic for 30 years, both his older brothers are in mental hospitals and have been there since their 20's. My uncles are now nearing 70 years old and are so messed up because of all the harsh drugs. Lithium and shock treatments are included on their list of treatments. Back when they were 20 panic and anxiety attacks were thought to be linked to insanity....they probably would not be where they are now if they could have the treatment of today. Now they are scared to leave their "home" and they constantly feel as if they are dying. My older sister has anxity/panic...and so do I. So obviously you can all see this is a genetic trait and not something that is going to be fixed with counciling.

On to me..I am turning 26 this month and had my first panic attack that sent me to the ER thinking I was dying of heart failure happpened when I was 22. My far the worst feeling a person can experience. It didn't take long for me to figure out what was happening but its obvious what I had after the doctors ruled out heart issues and just about everything else. I went to the doctor and she put me on Paxil claiming its the best method of treatment for my issue. I started on it 20mg per day and kept bumping it up over about 4 months to 60mg per day. The side effects at this point were INSANE! I clenched my jaw all day long, could not keep my feel still, basically jittery all day like I drank a pot of strong coffee, sweating like mad, hot and cold flashes, headaches, tightness in my chest, muscle cramps, couldn't get to sleep, wanted to puke all the time, dizzy, I would walk up stairs and feel like I was going to faint, I couldn't orgasm at first and that turned into not even being able to get an errection, and worst of all I was anxious all day long and ended up with more panic attacks then ever before. Anyways my doctor went on leave to have a baby so I saw the man standing in for her. He weaned me off paxil in about 2 weeks, and in place put me on Xanax .25mg 3 times a day. I did have some withdrawl like feeling lazy, headaches, weakness. I can't recall how long it lasted. What I do know is that the Xanax instantly worked there was no building effect of the drug. 10 minutes after taking it I finally felt calm and good. No anxiety or feeling of panic anymore. At first it made me a little drowsy and that went away within a week and then I just felt NORMAL!! My doc returned and wanted me to get back on an SSRI drug and drop the xanax. So I got a new doctor....that doctor didn't want me on Xanax I had to see a shrink to get the Xanax. The shrink wanted me on 3 different anti-depressants and then take me off the xanax. I have tried almost every SSRI out there and they have all failed. I can honestly say Xanax has left me with ZERO side effects and makes me feel normal.

I just got a new doctor and he put me back on Paxil. I was not interested in this until he said I was on a super high dose before. He thinks I have a sensitive system to seratonin.....well I am on the liquid Paxil and I am only up to 3cc or 6mg of the Paxil and after 4 weeks I am having issues already. The sexual side effects have not returned, but I have been super anxious, restless, feet move all the time, I get the shocking feelings, muscle cramps, tight chest sometimes, and having to increase my Xanax to combat the increased anxiety. The sad thing is the dose I am on is SUPER low. Bottom line is I am going to tell my doctor that I cannot deal with the Paxil anymore. I feel this drug is not safe, and not made for everyone. I am not depressed and probably do not have a seratonin problem. In my mind I am getting these side effects because they are trying to treat something that is non-exsistant. I am going to tell my doctor tomorrow that I will be weaning myself off this drug over the next month. I would STRONGLY suggest to people reading my post to use SSRI drugs as a total last ditch effort, or only if you are depressed. This drug in my opinion is not the best treatment for anxiety or panic. Getting a doctor to give you benzodiazapines may be a challenge but its worth the time and effort. Before going back on Paxil I was actually able to go days and sometimes weeks without needing anything. To avoid addiction I was taking my Xanax on a as needed basis and that was working and after almost two years I was able to use the Xanax very sparingly. I would take it when I felt the onset of a panic attack or when the anxiety would get bad. Since going back on Paxil I now take it in large doses and 3 times a day. I think eventually these SSRI drugs will either get pulled from the market or they will be a LOT more strict about who needs them. Peace and Love people! I hope this blog helps someone. If anyone wants to chat about this please email me at

I have been on Paxil since after having my baby. I always thought I needed something to deal with my anxiety so my doctor suggested Paxil. I was happy to try it not knowing the intense side effects. I am up at 4:00 am looking up side effects because I have abdominal cramping. I have been taking the drug for about 3 months. I felt so relaxed that I thought I finally found something that made me feel normal. I decided to try taking it every other day and then after a couple days like that I started having strange emotional evoking dreams, sweats, and irritability. So, I came online to find out if it could be the drugs and found out it was, but the effects were hard to go through so I started taking it again daily. I never saw this site. So, tonight as I'm trying to find out why I have these cramps I found your site. I feel appalled at all of the people who have the side effects!
I see that no one has cramping, so it must be something else ( I haven't been taking Paxil for about 3 days now and I just had one of those dreams)I'm going to call my doctor and tell her what I have found. If I had found this before I started taking the drugs I never would have done it. Now I am determined NOT to continue. THanks


KAY LANGSTAFF on February 25, 2006 2:55 PM

Well, well, well...taking Paxil for 2 years and now that I'm taking a smaller dose than what I have been taking, I acutally fell normal. 40mg to 5mg.Can you belive that? I thought paxil was to make you feel more like yourself. Well thats the biggest lie I've been fed too. And the worst part about it is that I got suckered right into it. It's actually more depressing to take this medicine because you relize how dumb you are. Plus my doctor is not a doctor but more a human with a pen. Well I don't know what I'm doin than, be a doctor everybody. Get paid awesome and get paid to lie. Um.....sounds like a kickass time. Oh wait put the FDA on that list too. Right along with the weather crew. But thats an entire different subject. Oh don't even get me started on the leaders of the USA. Boy, the end of the world isn't coming soon enough....

Hey all -- my story, I have been on Paxil for over a year, and have been on several drugs before that (Zoloft, Cexela, Lexapro, Wellbutren). I did fine while on all of them, no twitching, zaps, or headaches.... just no sex drive what so ever. Being a married woman that can cause real damage to your marriage, even though my husband understands.

I just recently went to the doctor because my husband and I want to have baby #2. My doctor told me that all of the seretonin drugs have been reclassified. Most were A's or B's (meaning they were safe and relatively nonharmful to babies, and people. etc.) Now most are B's, except Paxil, that is DOWN to a C... meaning there could be harm done to unborn babies.... heart defects mainly. This was discovered by an outside research firm. Once the manufactures heard about this they lowered their classification to deter people from taking it while pregnant. (they are covering their butts from lawsuits)

So... is the manufacture/FDA serious when they say this drug is safe? If it can harm a baby then it sure as hell can harm the person taking it.

So... being that I cannot take this drug during at least the 1st trimester I am weening off of it.

I took 1 pill (20mg) every other day for 1 week. Then I went to 1/2 a pill every other day for 1 week, then 1/2 pill every two days for a week. Then off of it.

Its been about 9 days and my life is hell.... Sure I get weepy and a little depressed... I suffer from mild depression, going off the drug I can understand where I will feel this way.

HOWEVER.... the zapping, swooshing, headaches, diarreah, nauseous, dizziness, sensations that feel like mini seizures.... that is NOT a symptom of depression.... and the problem is, its only getting worse.

I have been trying to talk to my doctor about how long this is supposed to last. I feel like if I had an approximate time then I could deal with it... there would be an end in sight that I could focus on.... but no one has been able to give me that information.

Its just really frustrating. Anyway, if anyone has been fully detoxed from this drug can you email me with an approximate time frame?


Hi everyone,

Wow, I don't know what to say. This is my first time to this site and I am blown away. I also take Paxil 20mg. and have since 1998. It has helped my panic and anxiety true but whenever I have missed a couple of days all the symptoms listed above I have felt. It disgusts me that this drug is still prescribed. I just went to the doctor today and we were discussing my weight. I have really gained alot. I weighed 115lbs at age 26 right before I started taking Paxil. I now weigh 166lbs. My doctor wants me to taper off Paxil and switch to Cymbalta. I am scared to death to quit Paxil. I am 33 years old, married, have a daughter and work full time. How the hell do I have time for withdrawl symptoms. I am so fricken confused and pissed off. This is such crap. Are all our brains just permanently messed up because of Paxil? I have not heard one person say that they have fully recovered and adjusted to not taking the Paxil. Instead I hear how they are still F-up even months to a year after. So does it ever get out of your system without leaving long term detrimental effects. I am sick over this. I wish to god I knew this before I ever started taking this drug. I think dealing with panic attacks sounds better than the withdrawls to this drug. If anyone has had success with going off Paxil please let me know or if there are any good tips for quitting Paxil slowly by weaning off or switching to something less detrimental please let me know. I am concerned about my weight gain and don't want to end up with diabetes because I am taking some stupid drug that causes weight gain and I can't get off of it because it causes hell-like withdrawl symptoms. Please email me at my personal email address
Thank you,

because of paxil, my relationship with my significant other is going downhill. with all my nervousness, anxiety, anger, frustration, i am surprised she didnt break up with me yet. but when i am off paxil guess what? everything is normal. i am just searching for a better alternative

Can a person ever become resistant to Paxil? I have taken 20 mg once a day for 9 years for anxiety. If I miss a dosage I definitely know it. In the last week and a half, however, I feel a mild dizziness even when I've taken the drug. I'm wondering if your body can develop a tolerance to the drug. Until now I've haven't had any complaints about it. Anyone's insight would be appreciated.

HI all, I've read your experiences with this drug.. and thank goodness I now know what the heck is going on with my head... those zaps are nasty and making me nauseaus.. I went on paxil at the beginning of the year and due to the awful weight gain.. geesh.. like turning 40 and being 5' tall isn't struggle but now I've got a pudgy I went off a couple of days ago... figuring it HAD to be the paxil... and go figure.. now I have to deal with this "zapping" going off in my head... AND a pudgy tummy ... (have to extend my workouts I reckon).. anyways.. I am a senior working for my BS in psychology and they tell you NONE of this that you all have talked about. I may have to bring this up in my abnormal psych class and see what others think (without revealing to everyone it is me..:+).. It isn't enough that sometimes life events become more than we can take and the meds becoming appealing that we allow our docs to put us on them.. only to have to deal with this. Fortunately, I've been working on dealing with the events in my life that caused my depression... just needed a boost to bring me out of the dumps.. so I thought (my ex abducted my sons right out of their classroom.. and the shock of going through that... the grief.. was very hard to go through and at times still is tough..).. anyways... know you guys aren't alone.. I saw one post by some lady who said she was going to commit suicide.. I saw it was dated last year... although that is an option.. for all of us.. it is NOT the ONLY option.. if I can ever help.. feel free to email me. anways, thanks for this opportunity to share and learn. God Bless and take care of yourselves!!! mary

My best friend, a female in her thirties, took Paxil. She has been thin, 120 lbs., her whole life.
But Paxil sent her weight up to 185 in a matter of months. Now, three years later, she is still trying to take the weight off. Also, she got really violent and aggressive during taking Paxil. She threatened me with knives and was tempted to do violence to her pet. She wasn't aggressive like this before Paxil. It's not worth it.

Ive been on paxil for about 5yrs now never had a problem unitl recently.I lost a child an started to have depression problems so dr put me on this and now my two other children are suffering due to this drug im tired all the time and i never knew what that feeling was in the brain and now i know after reading this website.really need to get back to normal for my children so if anyone knows how to feel better let me know PLEASE!!!!


check out this site paxilprogress-dot-com Lot's of info from people in similiar situations.

i accidently left a bag with my paxil in it at a hotel & went back to get it only to discover they threw it out. so now i'm back home, still having jolts/zaps for few days now. i didn't know about the flu like symptoms.. i thought i caught a cold while on the trip. anyways, this really sucks cuz i'm not feeling good at all. yes i knew about weaning off but in this case i did not stop intentionally. i'm debating on getting another refill cuz won't that just make this last longer? how long does it take for the withdraw to stop?

i had anxiety so bad when i was 21 that i thought i was going insane and it became to the point where i wouldn't leave my house or have my friends come over to visit...i went and got on paxil and thought i was gonna die the first week and had symptoms way worse then when i originally had before going on the paxil.

here's what worked for me..take half a pill the first 5-7 days then start your full pill...the true secret is take them before you go to bed...always take your paxil before me on this.

also you people have to remember your on this drug for a reason...mainly because your already having these symptoms u blame the drug is giving u...sometimes your just sad,sometimes your real mad, somtimes your super happy...thats life...u can't blame everything on a pill.

i've been on and off paxil probably 10-15 times in the past 6 yrs...i was blown away when i read the side effects from coming off paxil because i never noticed anything when i go off it except for my anxiety comes back after a couple months. the only reason i stop taking it is because i feel so good that i think i kicked anxiety and i don't need the pill anymore...then 2-5 months later i get it will never be as bad as i had it before because i've found ways to deal with it pretty good but i still love paxil. i've been off it for 7 months now but i think i'm gonna go get more.

u still have to do things to help yourself though...workout, socialize, get active, do hobbies...u can't just sit around and be dull and gain weight and blaim the pill...paxil can teach u how your suppose to live life then u can come off it and try it without it if you want...then go back on if you want later...i've never had any effects any of you talk about besides sexual side effects that go away after a couple months.

you have to remember your probably gonna feel weird the first 2-4 weeks but them effects go away. but if u take it before bed you sleep them effects off..thats what i do...i wouldn't recommend getting big doses either...just take the 12.5 or 10 mg and stick with it for atleast 6 weeks. not all drugs are for everyone though, just like people handle alcohol,hard drugs, marijuana, caffiene, and other drugs all differently the same goes for otc or prescription drugs. only u can tell whats good for you but make sure to give them a fair chance to work.

for the people that take it and knows what it does for them will all say that paxil is the best thing they've ever found...and i'm one of them people...i've been so moody, crabby, on edge, can't relax and now anxiety is comin i'll go back on paxil and life will rule again!! can't wait

Hi everyone. This site is scaring me and comforting me at the same time. I just got off paxil two days ago and am having nearly all the symptoms that people talk about, especially the "zaps" in the brain, dizziness, sleep craziness, and nausea. I still can't get a straight answer as to how long this withdrawal takes. I understand it will be different for all people, but it seems that for some it lasts forever!! Is there an end in sight??

I have taken Paxil for about 10 yrs. I started with 10mg twice a day and eventually went up to 20mg twice a day. I have tried quitting cold turkey a couple of times and got very ill with 48-72 hrs, so I have no choice but to stay on it. I'm 3rd generation clinical/physical depression sufferer - chemical imbalance. Probably will be on meds the rest of my life - I'm almost 47, started at age 36 or so. First med was Serzone - nasty stuff - cure was worse than disease - major digestive system upset. The only major effects I have had from taking it is sometimes delayed or inability to ejaculate, which doesn't happen all the time and my doctor said taking an antihistamine would help that. If I ever do decide to try and get off it or reduce the level of medication, I will definitely do it gradually and slowly.

A few of the notes I read above don't ring quite true to me. If anyone who was already suffering from anxiety or similar related symptoms started paxil, I don't think they would be feeling any worse or better the first week. My doctor told me it would take 4-6 weeks until you feel the effects of it.

On another note, I drink a couple of beers once or twice a week and I don't feel any adverse effects mixing with Paxil. It might be different if I drank stronger alcohol, which I very rarely do anymore.

In the past year my son (19) became addicted to pot and has several episodes of binge drinking. Recently he was arrested for under age drinking and as a result, he agreed to go to a rehab clinic to sort out the issues that were causing his substance abuse. The counselors and psychiatrist at the center have recommended he begin treatment with Paxil CR to address social and performance anxiety disorders which they believe are at the root of his substance abuse.

He wants to give it a try, but my wife and I are apprehensive because of having so many people tell us horror stories about Paxil (similar to the posts above).

I would appreciate any positive or negative views. Perhaps some of you may have been/or know someone in a similar situation to that of my son.


Worked fine for my depression/anxiety...if you don't mind the 50lb weight gain, sexual side affects, sleepiness, etc. Getting off of it can be a nightmare. I'd say look into counseling first before letting a 19 year old take it...especially if he already has drug issues.

I've been on Paxil for a little over a year. I have very bad social anxiety. Over the years I've been on and off different meds. It seems like it has gotten worse. I started many years ago with Lithium for two years, didn't do anything for me. I tried a brief stint with Prozac -- awful side effects (headaches, sex, vomiting)... quit that. Years later, I went on Zoloft. At first it made me feel good, but then I turned into a serious raging maniac. I had very bad effects both while on and going off of it -- much like what I read here (headaches, nightmares, zapping, seriously suicidal). I tried Celexa -- bad side effects (bruising), then on to Paxil. It seems to be okay, but the anxiety issues bother me. I am hearing positive things about Lamictal (sp?) but have yet to make connection with doctor. I also supplement my diet with essential fatty acids, but I still eat junk food for lunch so I'm sure I counter any good it does. It doesn't help that insurance companies consult a database so they can maintain information about what you take and jerk you around with higher rates, denying coverage, etc. Drug companies try to lure into taking these things, then suddenly you are high risk by insurance companies.

I have had depression as long as I can remember. I have been on alot of the more well known stuff Prozac, Zoloft, Welbutrin ect.. I never really had any side effects after a year or so on something it stopped working and i would be given something else. I took this for a week. I am a very active healthy person and I had no energy. I became very short tempered and was on edge and felt detached from everyone and everything (when I wasn't sleepwalking). I was not myself at all. So after a week of this I went to the doctor. He told me to stop taking it. I did, things got worse. I started having suicidal thoughts. Durring that 2 weeks I have never been that bad off in my life and I wasn't even aware of it. At the end of the week the suicidal thoughts and depression was so bad I wanted to die, I ran my SUV into a tree. Luckily I am alright the truck took $10,000 in damage. After my Wife found out it was not an accident I ended up in the looney bin for 3 days. I know people who take Paxil and are fine. I would advise anyone starting this or any other anti-depressant to have someone who knows you very well keep an eye on you.
Please......Be Careful

My husband had been taking Paxil for approx. 1 month and committed suicide. I do not recommend this to anyone.

Shawna Sanchez on April 13, 2006 1:20 AM

I couldn't take the zaps, I started taking Paxil again. As soon as I swallowed the pill, the zaps were gone, i knew i was going crazy or had a brain tumor, I I've been on paxil for 6 years, my doctor put me on it after my wife died in an auto accident it was the only thing that worked, zoloft almost worked. I'm afraid I'll never get off it

Hello, I have been talking Paxil CR 12.5 for 5 days, I have already noticed that I am losing emotions, One of the reasons I went on it was b/c my husband left for Basic training, that ontop of my social anxiety was just to much, so my Dr. suggested Paxil. Well, my husband called me last night and instead of being overjoyed that he called, I was more like whatever. Which I know is not how I should have reacted, I still feel that way and I dont want to anymore, I would rather deal with being nervious in social settings then not feeling anything at all. This may sound silly since I have only been on it for 5 days, but I NEVER take any meds, only Tylenol when I have a head ache. SO I am quiting, I dont want to go though the things you guys are describing, especially if after only 5 days I feel the way I do, SO my question is, will I have withdrawls, since its only been 5 day? Email me if anyone has any advice! Thanks, my emil is

I've been on paxil cr25 for about a year. I don't recall any side effects while I was on it, however, I'm not taking it anymore b/c of no insurance. I feel like I'm going crazy. My head is fuzzy, and I feel like I'm going to pass out. I just want to go to sleep, and not wake up. I'm so scared, b/c I have 2 young girls, and I'm afraid I'll not be able to take care of them. I don't think I'll hurt them, but I need help. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what will make this easier?

I have irritable bowel & my Doctor felt that Paxil might help. If I would have researched the drug prior to taking it I would have chosen to try something else. I did have some side effects while on flashes, weight gain, etc. I have since decided to get off the drug. This decision came after I was lazy & didn't have my drug refilled right away...well, the withdrawal symptoms from going cold turkey were a serious eye opener. It now has been a few months later & I felt I was mentally strong enough to stop this drug for real. I no longer wanted this stuff in my system.

The withdrawal symptoms have been tough & I am trying to combat them w/tips that I have learned from other sites. First, I cut my dose in half for a few weeks & then cut it out of my system all together. I had read that taking some Benadryl during the day & an extra dose @ night would help with the god awful dizziness & the freakish nightmares. This has worked for me. I find the dizziness decreased & my nights have been less dreadful (I personally find the nightmares the worse side effect of them all.) I also read to drink a lot of water & this seems to help. But the best thing to do is EXERCISE! It seems nuts since most of us who are in withdrawl are dizzy & have sight perception issues, but I find that when I go on my exercise bike, my symptoms literally go away. I am not an excercise freak, but the silver lining to all this is that I'm enjoying it now! I sit on my bike every night for two hours & ride & ride. It really does fight the withdrawal symptoms...the "high" after exercising seems to void them out for awhile.

However, I really haven't figured out how to fight my irritability & "temper tantrums". Since in withdrawl, I find that controlling my anger is seriously decreased. Granted, the things that I'm angry about are very valid, but my ability to deal with the issues in a rational, non-dramatic way has gone out the window. I did warn my boyfriend to beware of me during the withdrawal stage & I hope he can bear with me. I am going to take him onto some of these sites this weekend so he can understand how serious this stuff is.

In the end, I have learned that I need to research a drug before just popping it into my mouth...also, the more natural the solution the better (unless there are serious mental health issues...then Paxil might be a god-send).'s great to read these posts as support...hang in there everyone.

I have irritable bowel & my Doctor felt that Paxil might help. If I would have researched the drug prior to taking it I would have chosen to try something else. I did have some side effects while on flashes, weight gain, etc. I have since decided to get off the drug. This decision came after I was lazy & didn't have my drug refilled right away...well, the withdrawal symptoms from going cold turkey were a serious eye opener. It now has been a few months later & I felt I was mentally strong enough to stop this drug for real. I no longer wanted this stuff in my system.

The withdrawal symptoms have been tough & I am trying to combat them w/tips that I have learned from other sites. First, I cut my dose in half for a few weeks & then cut it out of my system all together. I had read that taking some Benadryl during the day & an extra dose @ night would help with the god awful dizziness & the freakish nightmares. This has worked for me. I find the dizziness decreased & my nights have been less dreadful (I personally find the nightmares the worse side effect of them all.) I also read to drink a lot of water & this seems to help. But the best thing to do is EXERCISE! It seems nuts since most of us who are in withdrawl are dizzy & have sight perception issues, but I find that when I go on my exercise bike, my symptoms literally go away. I am not an excercise freak, but the silver lining to all this is that I'm enjoying it now! I sit on my bike every night for two hours & ride & ride. It really does fight the withdrawal symptoms...the "high" after exercising seems to void them out for awhile.

However, I really haven't figured out how to fight my irritability & "temper tantrums". Since in withdrawl, I find that controlling my anger is seriously decreased. Granted, the things that I'm angry about are very valid, but my ability to deal with the issues in a rational, non-dramatic way has gone out the window. I did warn my boyfriend to beware of me during the withdrawal stage & I hope he can bear with me. I am going to take him onto some of these sites this weekend so he can understand how serious this stuff is.

In the end, I have learned that I need to research a drug before just popping it into my mouth...also, the more natural the solution the better (unless there are serious mental health issues...then Paxil might be a god-send).'s great to read these posts as support...hang in there everyone.

I have irritable bowel & my Doctor felt that Paxil might help. If I would have researched the drug prior to taking it I would have chosen to try something else. I did have some side effects while on flashes, weight gain, etc. I have since decided to get off the drug. This decision came after I was lazy & didn't have my drug refilled right away...well, the withdrawal symptoms from going cold turkey were a serious eye opener. It now has been a few months later & I felt I was mentally strong enough to stop this drug for real. I no longer wanted this stuff in my system.

The withdrawal symptoms have been tough & I am trying to combat them w/tips that I have learned from other sites. First, I cut my dose in half for a few weeks & then cut it out of my system all together. I had read that taking some Benadryl during the day & an extra dose @ night would help with the god awful dizziness & the freakish nightmares. This has worked for me. I find the dizziness decreased & my nights have been less dreadful (I personally find the nightmares the worse side effect of them all.) I also read to drink a lot of water & this seems to help. But the best thing to do is EXERCISE! It seems nuts since most of us who are in withdrawl are dizzy & have sight perception issues, but I find that when I go on my exercise bike, my symptoms literally go away. I am not an excercise freak, but the silver lining to all this is that I'm enjoying it now! I sit on my bike every night for two hours & ride & ride. It really does fight the withdrawal symptoms...the "high" after exercising seems to void them out for awhile.

However, I really haven't figured out how to fight my irritability & "temper tantrums". Since in withdrawl, I find that controlling my anger is seriously decreased. Granted, the things that I'm angry about are very valid, but my ability to deal with the issues in a rational, non-dramatic way has gone out the window. I did warn my boyfriend to beware of me during the withdrawal stage & I hope he can bear with me. I am going to take him onto some of these sites this weekend so he can understand how serious this stuff is.

In the end, I have learned that I need to research a drug before just popping it into my mouth...also, the more natural the solution the better (unless there are serious mental health issues...then Paxil might be a god-send).'s great to read these posts as support...hang in there everyone.

Sigh..sorry about the repeat postings.

Please whatever you do stop taking this medication, I have been on it for alittle over a year and I have not taking any for 5 days, I have the zaps all through my body, I feel like i am dieing very slowly. Whatever you do DONT TAKE PAXIL!!!

Megan Miller on April 22, 2006 3:59 PM

I am having a break down at this very moment, because I decided to wean myself of of this awful drug. I'm seriously going insane! I'm not happy anymore, I think about why I'm even here if I can't even be happy. This is the most depressed I've ever been. Does anyone think that I will be okay ever? I started paxil four years ago. and gained about 30 lbs. I'm recently losing the weight, and started taking myself off of paxil. My boyfriend says that I'm cranky and moody all the time. But I seriously can't help it. I really don't want to be on this drug. I will gain the weight back, and let paxil defeat me. I need help!
Please, what should I do????

Danger Alert!! My beautiful daughter Nicole (36)
took paxil for 3 weeks and her furneral is 5/2/2006. She loved her family and would not have done this! After being on paxil for 6 days she called me and complained she felt terrible and that the medicine wasn't helping her I told her to get intouch with her doctor. This last week before her death she withdrew from me I had called her 2-3 times a day, She had no emotion in her voice. on 4/28/2006 (early morning Darkness) she went outside next to her home and shot her self. She leaves behind: 2 children 13 & 7, husband,mother,father,4 sisters,1brother,grandmother. I have not got back the autopsy report yet. She was so special and I could go on for days about what a fantastic
daughter,mother,wife,sister,she was. Nicole lived 3 hours from me and I was going to see her later that day she had shot herself.

Geri Schnekenburger on May 2, 2006 2:07 AM

Hi all:

Started taking Paxil about 5 years ago. Must say haven't had any side effects mentioned here. But lately have been suffering from sleeplessnss due to my joints in my legs and arms aching so bad it keeps me awake. A side effect? Have an appointment with the Doctor Thursday, and just wondering if I should even discuss it with him. I was originally put on this for PMS.

Thank you

I started paxil this week. The first two nights I slept hardly none. I felt like I had been injected with caffeine. I have never been on speed but I felt like it. Closing my eyes I saw sparks and flashes, I couldn't be still, and my body felt prickly all over.I have also experienced some tension in my jaws...:-( Doc called in some trazadone to help me sleep which made my hands and feet tingle all day. I am OFF this stuff.(Thank goodness I have only taken four pills. Hopefully I won't have withdrawal symptoms.) I was feeling stressed and a little blue but how I have felt this week has been HELL.

My sympathies to all those who have written above. May you find some solace and peace.

Paxil is the worst thing you can ever take. I am taking myself off after about a month of taking it. It made me so sick I had to quit my job and the drs. are so wrried that they have given me all kinds of tests, imparticular for lyme disease, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis and a sed rate because my symptoms mimik those things. I find out next week if I have any of those things or if it is the paxil. I am throwing the rest away safely where no human or animal may ingest them. I pray for all of you who have also suffered from this drug given so freely by people who don't care what happens to you in the long run.

Delta Dobbins on May 6, 2006 12:10 PM

I went back and read more of these posts. It is apparent that the people who are taking paxil have a depression problem and perhaps panic and other mental issues like me. I was shocked that some people would attack others here. That is really cruel. As far as doing research about things, most of the side effects listed for paxil are listed for very many other drugs too so you can't just read them and decide whether or not to take something that might help you. Not everyone is alike and different things work for different people and people with depression are reaching out for help, not cruelty. I truested my psychiatrist. I was on prozac for six years and I said they were making me feel strange so he took me off and put me on paxil. That paxil is awful. I am quiting everything and I am going to clear my system of all drugs for awhile and just pray that I can cope. Another thing about doing research for the people who atatck some of us here, YOU should do research about how your words can effect people with mental disorders you heartless creeps.

Delta Dobbins on May 6, 2006 3:00 PM

Am I glad I found this site. I Started Paxil 3 days ago for my Panic Attacks, the first night, I could not sleep, 2 days later the Headaches began along with this weird dizziness. I am throwing this stuff away!

Amin Swain on May 10, 2006 10:49 PM

It's been about a week since I last took my Paxil - I ran out and am between Dr's. Currently feeling uncontrollable rage at times, dizziness, tingling in my arms and hands, headaches, nausea, I feel like crying for no reason - not just the teary eyed type of crying, the sobbing uncontrollably type. If you're thinking about taking paxil or are currently on it, definitely talk to your Dr about the withdrawals. I'm not dealing with it very well. I've been having nightmares - that's after I finally fall asleep at about 4 or 5 in the morning. Then I'm tired all day.

Thank you for this blog and all this information about Paxil. I was first prescribed this drug four years ago by well-intentioned doctors concerned about my general "flatness" of mood and depression. Little did I know that it would turn me into a drug addict of sorts. After reading many of accounts posted here, I realize that I should have asked better quesions and was too distracted at the time to do so.

Paxil made me a compliant workhorse with my employer, a supposed calmly and pleasant person, who never gets upset or shows real emotions, who has no sex drive, and plods along in life like an robot. Before Paxil, I was creative and inspired. Now i am a cruising bore.

I have tried to go off of Paxil cold-turkey several times, and have experienced some of symptoms described by others: the electric flashes in the brain, the headaches, spatial disorientation, sight problems, dizziness, sudden irritability and mood swings. This time, I am trying harder and I believe that exercise helps. When I am outside working in the yard, I feel good. I am going to see if I can change to another drug regime, like Zanax. Thank you
Christopher for your insights.

But the overall message of the postings paints a very dim future for most of us. I had no idea that it would rule me and give me a personality as bland as a "Stepford wife."


Hi. I started taking PaxilCR 12.5mg today. I’m taking it for light anxiety problems. I´m going to update this post if something happens.
As far as I understood, it mostly develops side-effects on more serious disturbs and/or high/long-time doses. I’m gonna take it for 3 months, counting the drop-off time, which is needed.
Thank you all for the posts. It’s really nice to know that there’s people like you taking does fucking drugs. See ya!

Bad shouldn't use a drug for "light" anxiety problems. There's a good chance you'll suffer side affects...loss of sex drive, definite weight gain...etc. Once you get on, its hard to get off.

Really think so? I Gotta think about that, while still time then... 2nd day.
I really wasn’t liking about the 1/10 chance of getting my sex drive diminished, I REALLY don’t want that.


I just started taking 20 mg of Paxil today. I took it at 5 a.m this morning and went back to bed til 7 a.m I woke up and felt like I needed more sleep. I had a great sleep though.

I couldn't stop yawning for quite awhile but now it has stopped. I don't really know how to describe it but the best word I can find is ~fuzzy~. I can tell something is different. Not bad though I don't think. I feel good,calm and more relaxed and patient. From 20 mg. Yes I'm sure it will be addictive and hard to break away from but weaning is best I think.

The side effects I'm reading here are kinda scary though. But I need something to cope with everyday. I can't do it. I'm not producing enough serotonin which is why I'm depressed all the time. So which is worse? Take it and, get addicted get the side effects or live the way I have been?

I guess I'll find out and keep you guys posted on my experience.


You should really look into counseling Stephanie. The drug isn't a "cure." It is just masking your problem. I'm sure it will work for a while, but I can almost guarantee you'll get sick of the side effects -- wait til you gain all the weight...that's depressing in itself.

It is very hard to get off of. Even weaning isn't always perfect. I still have some lingering effects.

Good luck!

what the hell was i thinking taking this shit. I knew the fda were drug dealers but dam. I have stopped taking this shit after a month and it feels like my head is spinning all the time. can someone tell me when this shit will end? Anyone reading this listen: if you arnt to the point to where youre going to kill your self because of depression dont take this. I feel that like anything it takes time and effort but we can beat depression. stop eating fast food, work out and believe in yourself. looking back i didnt try these things but i will now. even if im depressed i will know i tried. even writing this i cant focus on the screen for more than ten seconds without a zap or something in my head. please if you are thinking about taking this dont. if you have panic attacks try something else. please. this is what it must feel like coming of of crack. the fda can only do this to me once. i hope all of the people suffering will find some comfort and solace. Stay strong! see you at the gym!!

oh and i forgot about the sexual side effects. if you are a male listen closely. this shit makes it almost impossible to climax. no lie. my girl thinks that because it takes a hour and a half for me to climax that i am cheating or that she dosnt do it for me anymore. thanks fda! i dont want to preach and i know that depression is real and there are people that are worse off than me but please dont be like me and be lazy and depend on something man made. search google for natural remedies. i have found that there is a natural cure for most everything. and without feeling like shit later. (email me anytime)

I have been on Paxil for about three months. I started at 10 MG and have increased to 20 MG. I am meeting with my Dr. Next week to wean me off of it. I haven't gained weight, but have actually lost 20 lbs because I have to force myself to eat. I am never hungry. Once I start eating, it tastes good and I eat well. But the idea of eating is never a priority. I also tend to have continual nervousness and small anxiety attack still. I have to supplement my Paxil with Klonopin to stay even keeled. What's the point in the paxilif I have to take klonopin anyways? My concentration os virtually non-existent unless I specifically focus on the task at hand. As a teacher, I am able to focus on my job while I am there, but find motivation to do anything at home to be gone. In retrospect, I was better off depressed because I still feel depressed half the time anyways. I know there are some people that do well on Paxil. I don't. I need this stuff out of my system, but am afraid to without the help of my doctor. What a mess!!!

Just been prescribed paxil by my new doctor . I have never had it before and have not started taking it yet. Was just trying to find out some of the side effects before starting it. My new doctor says its not addictive and is trying to get me off the xanax I have been prescribed for the past several years. I only have been taking .5mg of xanax 2 times daily. which is not very much at all.. So all of you who are on paxil and or have been changed to paxil from other anxiety medication would you recommend starting it to someone who has never taken it?

This is my first time on Paxil. It has been a tough three months. Overall, I would say I am as depressed now as I was to begin with. THe meds cause me anxiety and nervousness. THink carefully before taking it. What dosage are you starting with? Don't jump into anything.

Paxil helped me a great deal,i've been over a yerar with paxil cr my anxiety problems were reduced greately, i now have a more tranquil life, but the side effects are really bad, i seem to be a god in bed, jut because i have anorgasmia (no orgasms at all) but that sucks cant enjoy sex anymore, i also turn very violent when i mix it with alcohol, and i slept more than 12 hours a day , then when i changed to paxil 20 my sex drive is still the same, the only thing is that now i have insomnia, and green feces lol, also i have wiered impulses, like to smell my own blood and wiered stuff, i greatly recomend paxil, but you have to know how to controll it, well best of luck for you paxil users, and my overall recomendation is NEVER to take more of the indicated dosage, once i did and i was in bed with headaches and tremmors for over 5 days, well brothers of this drug take care and i hope it hepls you as it has helped me.

My daughter was 15 years old when a neuroglist put her on paxcil cr for migraine headaches and depression. Which I had never heard of putting anyone on paxcil for migraine headaches.The doctor said she had been on it herself for 5 years and had never had any side effects.We went to her to get her to take my daughter off of it.She got furious with us. Went as far to tell my daughter she did'nt like the shoes she was wearing. Very unproffesional I think.We will never darken her door again.My daughter who is now 17 skipped 3 days on her paxcil she had all the side effects that all of you had and even more. She had become very hostile and voilent.She hit me in the face cussed me. Went to jail.Amonth later she was abusive with her step-dad.went to jail. Then me again and her 10 year old little sister. This time she had a choice of hosp. or jail. We took her to the hosp. Had her evaulated they sent her to a place called focus by the sea. They keep her for one week. The insurance said since she was doing so good she had to go. Paxcil does not get out of your system in a week she had been on this awful drug for 2 years.She has had the head zaps,night sweats, vomiting,lot of anger etc... This is not my daughter she looks like her but, she does not act like her. I want my daughter back. The fda has never approved it for anyone under the age of 18. So, why can any doctor write your child a script for it. Some how someway someone has to stop these people. Glasco Smith and kline should be closed down. I wonder how many of the drug reps and workers there have ever been on paxcil before. Probably none.I'm trying to decide what I shpuld do about this.I really just don't know where to start and who would believe me.What a nightmare. Please don't let your kids ever take this drug. Can you imagine as an adult how hard it is on you to come off this but, a teenager not knowing how to deal with this. God bless you all. If anyone can give me advise please email me. I just want my daughter back the way she was before this drug runned our lives.My daughter is off of it now but,she is real quick tempered that she can't live at home right now. How lonf will it take for her to get back her normal self?

I am glad I found this website. I find the weight gain and the night sweating to be very annoying. Also after 6 months, I still feel like I am walking around in a complete fog. I think I am going to wean myself off. If I continue to gain weight on the meds, I will be depressed again anyway! Has anyone been able to successfully wean themselves off the paxil???

WOW!!!!!I was on Paxil for 5 days and completely lost my mind. I screemed and cryed everyday just wanting to die.I couldnt remember anything that I did, short term memory lose I guess. Well that was 2 1/2 years ago and Im still in therepy, trying to find a way to get my mind back. I cry, want to commit suicide (but never will). I feel like Im in another world sometimes when Im talking to people, but they never even know it. I hate my life sometimes but ya know Im going to find a way to get my mind back. I would never ever tell anyone to take antidepressants. If anyone ever wants to email me to talk out your feelings you can, I guess there are more people out there with this problem then I ever thought there was. Im here for ya. Its a living HELL. But if you have support of people feeling the same way it helps sometimes.

I have always had a problem with deer in the headlights syndrome. I freak out, and my eyes feel huge. It's a horrible feeling that sometimes corresponds with a shock in the stomach area. It's not good when they both happen. I started taking paxil, and in a few days I really felt better. It was truly amazing/ I felt as if I had a shield over my body, and wasn't affraid of life. It lasted for a very long time, and I met my girlfriend (who's now my ex after 7 years) during a movie shoot, called 'The Legend of Baggervance'. We hit it off right away, and I feel that paxil allowed me to keep calm, and not get those weird stomach feelings. Fast forward a few years, and my dosage is now at 80 mg a day. Keep in mind, I started at 20, and after a while a built a tolerance up to the meds, and I needed more. It was horrible. Not too long after, the CR version came out, and I was able to get off the 80, and on a 20 or 30 something Paxil CR. Well, it was great again for a long time (a few years), and then one day it just stopped working for me, and I found myself in waking up in a hospital bed after trying to kill myself. That wasn't good, and If I would've taken more trylenol, and xanax, I wouldn't be typing here today. I found out later that if I had taken more tylenoyl PM, I'd of had one of the most painful deaths humanly possible. It's something that you can't get your stomach pumped for, and it eats you away from the inside. Damn, am I glad I didn't take enough tylenol to trigger that gruesome death. So then,I started taking Xanax XR, and it worked real well. Now I'm back to the buld up a tolerance thing, and my dosage is through the roof. I hate the fact that you build up a tolerance to these meds,and you need more, just to keep them working. I think the pharmaceutical companies do this on purpose, to get you hooked, and then make you have to spend more money just to get the same effect. Why is it that pot always works, and I never build up a tolerance to it? I hate the FDA and their monopoly on the drug industry. I mean hell, you can get heroin, as long as it's FDA approved. It's such a massive lie, and the FDA needs to die. Now I'm thinking of going back on paxil again, because my deer in the headlights feeloings are becomming too much for me to handle. I guess it's a vicious cycle. Maybe there will be an operation one day, to fix people who are born different, and can't cope with depression and fear.

I have always had a problem with deer in the headlights syndrome. I freak out, and my eyes feel huge. It's a horrible feeling that sometimes corresponds with a shock in the stomach area. It's not good when they both happen. I started taking paxil, and in a few days I really felt better. It was truly amazing/ I felt as if I had a shield over my body, and wasn't affraid of life. It lasted for a very long time, and I met my girlfriend (who's now my ex after 7 years) during a movie shoot, called 'The Legend of Baggervance'. We hit it off right away, and I feel that paxil allowed me to keep calm, and not get those weird stomach feelings. Fast forward a few years, and my dosage is now at 80 mg a day. Keep in mind, I started at 20, and after a while a built a tolerance up to the meds, and I needed more. It was horrible. Not too long after, the CR version came out, and I was able to get off the 80, and on a 20 or 30 something Paxil CR. Well, it was great again for a long time (a few years), and then one day it just stopped working for me, and I found myself in waking up in a hospital bed after trying to kill myself. That wasn't good, and If I would've taken more trylenol, and xanax, I wouldn't be typing here today. I found out later that if I had taken more tylenoyl PM, I'd of had one of the most painful deaths humanly possible. It's something that you can't get your stomach pumped for, and it eats you away from the inside. Damn, am I glad I didn't take enough tylenol to trigger that gruesome death. So then,I started taking Xanax XR, and it worked real well. Now I'm back to the buld up a tolerance thing, and my dosage is through the roof. I hate the fact that you build up a tolerance to these meds,and you need more, just to keep them working. I think the pharmaceutical companies do this on purpose, to get you hooked, and then make you have to spend more money just to get the same effect. Why is it that pot always works, and I never build up a tolerance to it? I hate the FDA and their monopoly on the drug industry. I mean hell, you can get heroin, as long as it's FDA approved. It's such a massive lie, and the FDA needs to die.

hi... im jon i've been taking paxil for 2 years and i gotta say its a wonder drug. for a year and a half ive had no side effects. i started out taking 10 mg then went to 20 mg thinking it would help more with my depression. i stayed with 20 mg for a while until i thought i might as well take 30 mg. after this dose i felt more then great like all my depression was gone forever and my life was back on track. well now im sitting here in my room cooped up with a shitload of side effects. i feel like i'd be better off just bieng depressed after reading this stuff. and after feeling the way i do . my main symtom is this fucken zapping in my face and neck area its so damn annoying it happens every 2 seconds or faster. now im completely misserable and depression free. and i here it takes a couple years for these symptoms to go away . just thinking of having two years of this makes me wanna jump off a bridge. if your new to paxil follow these instructions: 1: throw bottle of meds in garbage. 2: call your docter an asshole for giving to you. 3: if u can find a weaker drug and if your still suffering. dont worry its better that, then 2 years of fucked up side effects. if u follow these instructions you'll do better off. oh ... and these docters and FDA bastards think they know so much about handing out drugs and approving them. there dead wrong they should take a whole bottle and die ...

I have been on this drug for a year it has ruined my life. I have no emotions, or feelings about anything.And thoughts of suicide run through my mind every day. I am gonna quit taking it. The with draw symptoms couldn't be any worse than the ones i have now. Emma

This is the most interesting of threads.

I started taking Paxil (20 mg) about 2001. I had been having panic attacks. I was 50 at the time.

The Paxil was wonderfully calming. I was able to accomplish a variety of thing that had never been possible. For example, I successfully remodeled an old house, including rebuilding from scratch the bathroom.

I found that the Paxil slowed me down too much, so I cut back to 10 mg after a year and took 1/8 a tab of adderall when a report needed to be written.

After 2.5 years, I started getting angry. I was being very productive, but felt my wife and family were taking advantage of me and ordering me around. Additionally, I had gained 30 pounds and disliked the extra weight.

I stopped one weekend. I had run out and simply decided not to get a refill.

The withdrawl symptoms were mild. I did find that alcohol calmed me down and started drinking a shot of gin each night for about 3 months. Then I discovered gaba could do the same thing and quit the alcohol.

I've been off Paxil for 2 years now and found some herbs (phosphatidyl serine+, gaba and magnolia bark) that keep me pretty calm. I feel smarter than those Paxil years, but I am a lot less happy.

A family tragedy is stressing me out, so I'm thinking about going back to Paxil or like medication. I am experiencing some 'death wishes'. These are much more troubling than any I had prior to using Paxil, but don't know if they are not simply a feature of aging.

paxil sucks i lost my man!!! comming off has been a living hell .

shanon patterson on June 22, 2006 8:16 PM

I had written a comment a little while back in here. I look to see what people have to say about their experience with Paxil. I just cant believe what people go through and knowing Im not alone. Everyone has different reactions to different things. I just took it for 5 days and it has made my life a living hell for 2 1/2 years now. I write in a journal to God and to myself which has really helped me, and I go to counciling. I know this isnt a cure for everyone, but for now it helps me to keep my sanity, to a point. Iam going to go see a homeopathic doctor and get massages from a friend of mine to help relieve some of the stress. I know drugs are not going to take this pain away from me so Im grabbing for something eles. My heart goes out to all of you in pain and I hope that you find a way to clear your mind and soul.
and yes I agree, paxil sucks

YOu know what...I was on Paxil about 3 or so years ago and experienced all teh same things aeveryone is talking about on this site. Unfortunately I have some lasting effects still that I am sure are from taking this horrible drug. I say screw trying to call the FDA and Galaxo Kline to get them to admit this....I say we all banned together and sue their asses for making our lives hell for even a day!!!! Perhaps then we can get the acknowledgement we are looking for and warn everyone else who is about to be on it!

I made a remark on Decemeber 27,2005. I have been on Paxil 10MG for about 1 1/2. I am final getting off of it i think my PPD is over with. So far i have been off of it for 6 days now. I feel ok some days i am sick to my stomach and feel alittle dizzy and last night i lept getting hot flashes, Today i feel a little absent minded, but i'm ok. I talk to my father he was on this to. I know i said he got no withdraw from it, i was wrong he said he had them and lasted for about 3 weeks and then he was fine, he said some days where worse hen other but he made it. The reason i have decided to get off of it is because i started noticing that i really did not care about anything any more nothing really was effecting me, which is fine when you are deppressed. This durg i have to say really saved my life and i am greatful for it but now it is time for me to get off. Some people have ask will i get back on it? Yes i would if it ment me not being deppressed, to me being deppressed is the worst feeling in the world and i really feel for people that suffer from mental disorders. I hope all of you can get back to your normal self. Wish me luck

Jenny Ferrari on July 3, 2006 7:25 PM

I have been on Paxil 20mg for about 2 years now. About 2 months ago I started cutting my medication in half (doctor recommendation). So every other day I am taking 10mg. It is working okay for me. The only problem I have is that when I try to not take my medication for more than 2 days I have what feels like a brain flash. I think you described them as zaps. I feel like it is enough to make me a danger on the road or even walking. I told my doctor and he kind of laughed and said he had never heard of brain flashes before. I have tried many times to just go cold turkey but the zaps come so often I'm not able to function normally. I work and go to school full time so I can not just deal with the side effects like your doctor tells you too. I am on a very low dose and it still causes many side effects. I am so moody and emotional if I try not to take my Paxil for more than two days. I also become so compulsive it makes me clean until I'm miserable. I hate Paxil and honestly do not think it has done a thing for me.


Do NOT go COLD TURKEY! There will be major problems. Please wean and do NOT alternate doesage each day (your doc advised you wrong). Take a steady dose each day for about a month and then make another cut (Example: 10mg for a month, then 7.5mg for the next month, then 5mg for a month, etc.) If you don't notice any ill affects from the cut, then you can make another.

Did you stop taking paxil? If so how did you feel and should you not drink at all when you are coming off of it? Did you have side effect from getting off of it?

Have been on celexa seven years for social anxiety and mild depression. It has been a miracle drug for me. My anxiety was limiting my life in work and many other aspects of my existance.I have tried to quit several times before and had rebound anxiety but never as bad as prior to beginning the medication.I have always resumed taking it in the past. I have been off now for 24 days and have had some minor symptoms. Return of sexual function,short moments of vertigo, slight stimulation and excitement and a little teeth grinding. Over all it has been very minor and no rebound of anxiety. Celexa has been extremely beneficial to me but it does cause me to feel sedated emotionally.It feels like I am missing something. The spikes of emotion are reduced and it is hard to really get motivated to do things but for me it used to be well worth the benefits.Social anxiety and panic attacks were miserable for me and I thank god for celexa but I do hope my anxiety continues to remain in check and I can quit celexa. That would be an ideal outcome. If the anxiety comes back I won't hesitate to return to the celexa. Also I am a recovering addict and substance abuse counselor. In my experience the withdrawl from ssri's are nothing compared to withdrawl say from valium or xanax. I don't think the two can be compared in regards to the severity but we all react differently to different medications and don't want to pooh pooh others experience. I hope you all find a comfortable level of mental health.


Yes. I took Paxil for about 15 months, intially it was prescribed for depression/anxiety. I gradually weaned from 10mg to 0 over the course of 4 months. That's the way it has to be done. I no longer felt like I needed the drug and I was sick of some of the annoying side-effects (huge weight gain, sweating, etc.) I have had relatively few withdrawal effects -- some tingling in limbs, insomnia, otherwise its been pretty good. I'm guessing it is because I weaned slowly. Please check out paxilprogress com Great site...more good information.

Thank you!!! Jimmy

My experience with Paxil was extremely terrifying. I went on Paxil because I was having extreme anxiety about the possiblity of contracting a deadly disease (in the end I did not contract a disease just the anxiety). I started on Paxil in Feb '06. It was OK at first. THen after about two weeks on a 20mg/day dose, I started to feel light-headed and fatigued. Then my stomach was cramping every time I ate. After a while it felt like there was a hole near the top of my stomach it felt like there was bile or something dripping out. That describes the sensation. I don't know what actually was happening in my stomach. Other GI issues were continually worsening dry mouth symptoms. I could not sleep two hours at a time without needing water. I also couldn't taste food any more because there was a constant metallic taste in my mouth and burning sensation on my tongue. Between the stomach issues and the dry mouth, I was not eating very much at all. Food gave me no pleasure and in fact caused pain so I consequently lost about 20 pounds in two months. I thought I had seem the worst of it but then the tremors and lack of sensation in my hands and feet started. The numbness in hands/feet alternated with extreme pain, usually at night or in the cold. The tremors and painful feet made it very difficult to sleep so I was getting maybe 3-4 hours of sleep per night despite taking a prescribed sleep medication. I contacted my Dr. about this, and his conclusion was that the Paxil was not helping my anxiety and recommended that I increase my dosage from 20mg to 40mg. I was on this new dose for about a week. I thought things couldn't get worse, but I was wrong. All the above symptoms intensified in addition to constantly sweating hands and feet and armpits. The constant sweating caused the skin on my armpits to begin peeling and become painful. I was becoming increasingly angry, confused and scared. I didn't associate Paxil with any of my symptoms and thought my "deadly disease" was causing my problems despite repeated blood tests that showed I was healthy. I got to the point that I was at suicidal ideation. Thinking of ways that I could end my life, while maintaining the illusion of an accident so that my wife could at least receive my insurance benefits. That was how bad things got. Then, I suddenly, abruptly stopped the Paxil. In about 3 days time, I was able to eat food again and my dry mouth was subsiding. Headaches and dizziness was decreasing and I could cope with work tasks. I thought I was in the clear. Then my body started experiencing what I can only call Paxi withdrawal. Some of the same symptoms that I had reappeared, though not as severe. My feet/hands alternated between being very cold/numb to slightly painful. My dry mouth never completely went away after 3 months. I can say that I am in much better shape than I was 3 months ago and am getting better, through no help from my M.D. He still denies that I could have experienced withdrawal after being on Paxil just two months. I think there needs to be more education on the part of general practice MDs who are prescribing Paxil. Not once was I warned that I should come off Paxil abruptly. Also, after writing down all the symptoms I experienced, I cannot believe my MD dou bled my dosage. I am seriously considering a malpractice lawsuit at this point. I know that Paxil has worked wonders for some people, but made my life a living hell for about 2 months and I am still recovering from it. Maybe I will be healthy again in a few more months. It has been nearly 4 months since I took my last dose of Paxil.

Wow! These are very interesting comments! I have had severe depression for years and tried just about everything out there in medications - nothing worked for me until Paxil CR. I was living in a constant state of despair, and also racked up lots of debt trying to "buy happiness" I guess. I have been on Paxil for thirteen weeks now and my only side effects are diarrhea and my head sweats excessively, but I am myself again - I can feel happy again - I have a life again! Do some of these horrible side effects not happen for a long time or am I just one of the lucky ones for whom this medication has been a miracle?

Day 1, I took the drug and got an intense headache that night. Day 2 My headache spread to my neck and back -flu-like symptoms. Everything hurts. I will quit this drug now. I can live with the panic attacks, but not with this drug.

Laura, the side effects don't happen to everyone. In fact the most common of all side-effects probably only happens to one in ten people that take Paxil. So you are not unusual. However, I think the side-effects, when they happen, are bad enough to merit warning labels and Dr. vigilance when it comes to following the symptoms. Paxil is prescribed far too often by family-practice docs who don't know all the contra-indications and side-effects or ignore them because they are "rare". Furthermore, some symptoms may only appear or increase when you stop taking Paxil especially when it is abrupt. So you should carefully follow the warnings about abrubpt discontinuation and talk about that with your doctor when/if you want to quit. I didn't do that because I felt like continuing on Paxil was going to kill me and when I told my Doc about symptoms he actually DOUBLED MY DOSE!!!

PS: Why do I always get this message when posting here??? I am not using any foul language, etc...
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I went on Paxil in Feb. 06 for PMDD. Supposedly. Looks, after six months, that it was my thyroid causing the probs. Anywho... the doc gave me the okay to go off Paxil Cr 12.5, I actually went off three days before she said anything. I knew there'd be side effects but knowing and experiencing have shown to be two completely different worlds. Dizzy. Naseaus (sp). Irritable. Zaps (in my gut?) and jimmy leg at night like you wouldn't believe. My biggest fear is losing my job over this. I don't know if my employer is going to understand this...

I was on Paxil for about 10 months (due to post partum depression) after the birth opf my 9 months on the drug I started feeling like the drug was not working, plus i felt numb and was not lossing any weight after my daughters with this I decided to wean mytself off Paxil...I did the weaning about 5 days and then decided not to wean and go "cold" turkey-well hell! The withdrawel symptoms of Paxil arre horrendous...I have 2 babies and cannot even function properly with them...I'll never go on these again-I'd rather excercise like hell to keep my seratonin levels high...
It's a bad drug.....

Hey gang-sorry for all the typos above! I did not do spell check!

I have Panic Attacks and finally went to the doc to get some help because my wife basically made me. Doc prescribed Paxil. I was on it for 2 days and thought I was going to die. I know the side effects will go away after a week or so, but they were so bad I had to stop right away. I was vommitting and I felt stoned. Also had tremors and woke up from sound sleep. My eyes were open, but I was still having my dream. I talked to my doc and she pulled me off it pronto. Thank god I only had this in my systejm for two days....this type of med is no joke and is taken very lightly by docs. IMO

My doctor prescribed Paxil for me because I was waking up in the middle of the night due to some anxiety around some day time projects I was working on. She said I should go on it for 3 months until the project was finished. AFter the 3rd day of Paxi, I experienced panic attacks, anxiety, tremors, muscle tension, no appetite, couldn't taste food. My doctor said the symptoms go away after 2-3 weeks so I took 2 more days (now I am on it 5 days at 12.5 mg.) and I start feeling like I am going to have a nervous breakdown. I called the dr. again!!! and I convince her to let me have an appt., that I am miserable. When she takes my blood pressure it is dangerously high- 200/165. She gave me blood pressure meds which didn't bring my bp down and had to go to the emergency room that night. The er doc gave me a valium which brought the bp down and said Paxil had a paradoxical (opposite) effect on my body. No more meds for me!!! These meds are dangerous- consumer beware- doctors treat all patients alike and, in my case, I had to convince her to take my adverse side effects serously. I actually was on this web site trying to figure out if I should even take Paxil in the first place and read all of the posted comments and still thought it wouldn't happen to me.

Rhonda Glick on July 23, 2006 3:44 PM

I was on and off Paxil 30 mg for years after the birth of my second child. I was experiencing depression and I was having anxiety attacks. You have to slowly come off the drug or you will experience withdrawal symptoms. I had some side effects like dry mouth, tremors, and I had no sex drive either but that did get better with time. It's too bad that so many people have had such effects while being on this drug. I think that I would not be here today if it wasn't for this drug. I think that it truly saved me but then again it doesn't work the same for everybody. Good luck to you all.


Hello All,
It is great that we have this forum to express our experiences(good or bad)because this will help others to make better decision. I must admit before taking paroxetine(generic drug)I had suffered from anxiety for many years without really knowing what it was. I use to think it was shyness but then I found out it was not after seeing a psychiatrist. I was also very irritable before taking paroxetine, I must add. The doctor put me on 12.5 mg then moved me up to 20mg and stayed on that for two years before bumping me up to 30mg two weeks ago (today July 30,2006) to get rid of all my anxiety. So far things have been working nicely. Like a few of the previous comments, this drug makes me feel really good. No kidding. I feel like a real man!! Now I can express myself without having to worry about what others will think. I have more control of myself and feel a bit more focus.
Social anxiety is crippling, and I am very happy I found this drug. I also suffer from migraine and hope the new dose would curb the problem.
It is known that antidepressants decrease migraine frequency and intensity. I too had some stomach problems when I first started taking the drug but my doc encouraged me to stick it out and I am very happy I did! I remember taking Ginger Ale to soothe my stomach which helped a lot. Like some people here, I'm concern when I do decide to get off of this drug that I don't experience what some of you have experienced thus far. I hope I don't have to suffer! My heart goes out to all of you who had or having a difficult time. I wish everyone the best and keep the faith. Everyday you stay off of this drug, you are one day closer to good health. Much love !!






I had some of the same symtoms of numbness .. not really feeling anything .. was on paxil for 2 years and had a similar problem .. ran out of money to go see the doctor. They said they would not refill it.. I was inferiated .. to drive 40 miles to see a doctor for 5 mins just to say hi and pay a few then then goto the HEB to get my prescription .. suggestion I went cold turkey.. the secret .. Niquil the cold medicine took away the symtoms and let me rest easy ;)

I have been taking paxil for one year for depression and anxiety. Two months ago I tried to quit because I just got married and want to start a family soon. I felt so sick, dizzy, angry and sad I could hardly function and went back up to my full dose of 20mg/day. I went to my doctor this past week to tell him I wanted to get off but I had already had an attempt and felt terrible.....he said they are not addictive (yeah right) and that I'm probably not ready. I'm ready. I regret the day I started this medication but i'm gonna try again. I was told by a co-worker that sinus medication can help with symptoms...... I hope it works.... I have a couple of rough months ahead of me and I am so scared. It helps to hear that you are not alone in such a struggle.

I have some advice for those who are attempting to stop taking Paxil/paraxotine. I have been on this drug for four years and am now attempting to wean myself off. I knew from past experiences of trying to quit cold turkey that I was going to need some help. So, I went to a homeopathic practioner who is also a psychiatrist. First, she instructed me to continue taking Paxil for one more month but at a lower dosage. So, I started by breaking my 20 mg. tablets in half and only taking 10 mg. per day for one month. While doing this for a month, the doctor also prescribed liquid magnesium (2 ml./3.82 mg.) twice per day (morning and evening). This comes in litle vials similar to those that hold liquid ginseng. You can mix the magnesium in water, tea, juice, whatever, so it's easy to tolerate. The doctor also prescribed an herbal miture in tablet form that consists of arnica montana, which is often prescribed before surgeries to promote quick healing, and ignatia amara and gelemium sempervir, which are natural sedatives. Magnesium is also considered nature's seditive. The herbal mixture is prescribed for three to five times a day, or more when feeling very anxious or panicked. I have panic attacks, so this is essential for me. This therapy has helped me tremendously. I am also starting accupuncture to relieve anxiety and stress. I still feel the side effects of not taking paxil (it's only been a few weeks) but they are MUCH milder than when I attempted on my own. If anyone has access to a practioner who is also an MD, I highly recommend it. This is my first experience with homeopathy, I used to think it was silly, but I feel so much better!

I hope someone will answer this post because I need the help. I am now on 100 mg of Paxil a day for OCD. Since my dose was raised to 100 from 75 I have been having involuntary muscle contractions, more violent when I am resting or sleeping but happen even when I am awake and active. What are these called, tremors, diskenesia, tics? Has anyone else experienced this? I also shake and have trouble writing in pen. After all that I am cheery, not depressed but the OCD is still bad.

Elizabeth Marie on August 11, 2006 3:16 PM


I think I saw your post on another board. You need to get your dose down. 100mg is extremely high. 60mg is the max recommended. Who knows what 100mg can do to your body? Please reduce to 75mg and then start to wean. Your troubles are the result of your high doesage.

Elizabeth, I know about the shacking, mine is not to bad. But 100 MG is really high, obviously Paxil is not working for you. You should never up it, you need to get on somthing that does work for you. There are so many out there for that.... Please talk to your doctor about giving you another one. I have never heard anything good out of paxil when you go higher then 30mg.

I started taking paxil a year and a half ago in the begining the side effects were horrible but after a month i started feeling better , recently i am feeling really weird, having short term memory lost , numb , lack of concentration, lack of emotions so i planned to cutt it off and since then i am facing hell , dry mouth, zaps, dizzinies , tired all the time , dont feel like going to work , damn this drug is the worst decision i made in my life , i am just worried how long does it take you to get off paxil completly i am worried that i might loose my brain

I've tried Zoloft, Tofranil and now Paxil, and they all do the same to me. So did Provera, and even some antibiotics. They make me worse, they terrify me!
Chills, intense fearfulness, anxiety, shaking, twitching, nightmares, unable to sleep, scared to leave the house, get out of bed! Dry mouth. Also, as feeling in my chest/legs that I've never been able to describe in words except, FEAR.
I am 55 and have had panic attacks and depression my entire life, although from about age 30-50, they weren't so bad. (I have a theory that female hormones are part of my problem.) Now, I decided to give in and try Paxil. I took one half Paxil yesterday at about 4:30 pm and had the night from hell. Finally, around 5:00 this morning I woke up in terror...with the same constellation of symptoms that I always get on certain drugs. I took a Xanax and it helped. It is now 12:30 in the afternoon, the Xanax probably has worn off and I am still feeling very scared and shaky. I will never take this drug again.

I've tried Zoloft, Tofranil and now Paxil, and they all do the same to me. So did Provera, and even some antibiotics. They make me worse, they terrify me!
Chills, intense fearfulness, anxiety, shaking, twitching, nightmares, unable to sleep, scared to leave the house, get out of bed! Dry mouth. Also, as feeling in my chest/legs that I've never been able to describe in words except, FEAR.
I am 55 and have had panic attacks and depression my entire life, although from about age 30-50, they weren't so bad. (I have a theory that female hormones are part of my problem.) Now, I decided to give in and try Paxil. I took one half Paxil yesterday at about 4:30 pm and had the night from hell. Finally, around 5:00 this morning I woke up in terror...with the same constellation of symptoms that I always get on certain drugs. I took a Xanax and it helped. It is now 12:30 in the afternoon, the Xanax probably has worn off and I am still feeling very scared and shaky. I will never take this drug again.

my hubby went to the doctor for some stress issues, when he came out and I saw the prescription I freaked out, I told him that I have heard terrible things about the medication and came online just to comfirm my suspicions, I showed it to my hubby and I told him that he shouldn't take the medication. I told my mother in law about the horrible medicine the doctor gave him and after I hanged up I found out that she was talking to her sister saying that I wanted to kill my husband from stress by not allowing him to take the medicine. What a bitch! That is what you get when you try to get some sense into a ignorant person

I am so glad I found this site before starting to take Paxil. I now after reading all of the post don't want to start to take it. I have anxiety and insomina. But I think I will just deal with them both rather than to go on something I have to take the rest of my life. If anyone has anything good to say about Paxil, I would like to hear it. But I am scared to start to take it. Thanks


I have been on it for over 16 years and am finally getting off it to try Welbutrin.

I have had every withdrawal symptom mentioned here. If you have recently begun taking this drug, I urge you to reconsider.

Paxil saved my life and I experience no side effects. I had "start-up" sides that went away within the first two months. The only side I had after that was "portn star syndrome"--I could get an erection, but never cum. I didn't really mind this though. Over time this goes away too and now I'm back to having orgasms again. To come off of the drug, you must ween off using lower doses. Big deal.

Find the biggest straw you can and suck it up. If Paxil isn't for you, theres a plethora of others out there that might make a better fit.

I just started paxil 3 days ago and it really helped my "head". However, my jaw keeps tremoring like im cold, even when im burning up. I feel like i just need to throw up to feel better, but the feeling is only in my throat, not my stomach. I switched to paxil after my wellbutrin started just killing all my emotions, like a zombie. I cant tell if its withdrawal from wellbutrin, or side effects from paxil, i decided to go a day without it, and the tremors/nausea didnt change. I also went out with some friends and discovered caffine made it all 10 times worse. I love being mentally stable, but these shakes are about to drive me back to crazy!

I really did'nt know how bad this drug is until nearly all the comments talk about the doom and the gloom.

I mainly want to come off this paxil because i have put on 25 pounds in two months and i used to have a great body and love my fitness.

Is there any good news out there any success stories because i'am getting a little worried.

I tried to quit cold turkey a few times but got the nightmares and stuff and my doctor said it was a bad idea...ive been on it for 4 months now but i'am determained i want my old life back and will do whatever it takes can anybody give us some great advice???

I have been on paxil for the past 3 years due to anxiety, and now my Dr. wants to take me off. He said to do 1/2 tablet daily for one week and then 1/2 every other day for a week and then just stop. Well, I got as far as the 1/2 every other day and had to go back on full force. I have vertigo terribly, if I miss a dose and it really sucks badly! I was told by a friend to come to this site and i'm glad I did. I really hope I can get off this drug and still live a normal life! My thoughts are with all of you trying to get off this drug. Good luck to you all!

I just started taking paxil three days ago. After reading all this I am more than a little worries. I have anxiety and stress, but since I started taking it my stomach has been terrible. I take pariet for my ulcers and it has been acting up since the first day I took it.......Does anyone know if there is a drug interaction from this combination?

i've been on paxil for almost a year and a half and i like my "progress"...i used to have times when i cried for no reason for hours, i couldn't concentrate when it came to studying and i could do nothing for hours and not even realise it....the down has been the sex drive, close to none, but its there ... just have to make sure you have a an understanding partner, you just have to see whats important to you the sex or the rest of your life....i did a lot of research before going on it....and its the best decision i've made....

I have 3 strokes and am Speech impaired (for now). But I live each day like "It's my best day ever!"

The only way you can get off of Paxil is to trust God. I suggest Dr. Wayne Dyer books or CDs, or his Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama. Or "A Return to Love" by Marriane Williamson.

Hope that helps.

About 2 years ago I was prescribed paxil for genaralised anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder, OCD, and depression, at the time the medication worked wonders, eventually I reached a point where I tapered off, 15, to, 10, and then 5, being very attentive to changes in the body, and mental state, helped. However...the first time i tried to cold turkey after being on the shit for several months, I thought I was going to freakin die! the "zapp" feeling, eye spasms, SEVERE irratability, aggitation, the works man....I actually think i had a minor seisure one night!!! Unfortunatley this has been the only anti-depressant that has worked thus far, and I have been debating taking it again,after taking one 5mg dose yesterday, it seemed to actually trigger my anxiety! I dont remember that the first time around!! this shit is inconsistent in my book, as i think most anti-depressants are. Doctors, and the FDA, need to research this before handing them out, at least test the individuals before hand, and KNOW the side effects, the zapp thing is something a lot of people complain about AND ITS NOT LISTED ON THE SIDE EFFECTS ON THE DAMNED BOTTLE!!OR THE MEDICATION DESCRIPTION!!! WTF?

I have a HUGE history with antidepressant and anti-anxiety medications. I have been prescribed Effexor, Zoloft, Remeron, Prozac, BuSpahr, Paxil, Serzone, Concerta, Abilify, Xanax, Pamelar, Nortriptinal, Luvox, and medications for bipolar disorder, and the list of medications goes on and on. I really am a kind, generous, loving individual, with above-average intelligence, alcoholism in family both sides. I am extremely sensitive. I have been prescribed 40, 30, 20 mg. of Paxil. I have been on Paxil the longest. I have been to about seven different psychiatrists and most therapists/counselors, who don't know anymore than I do. So many "canned" diagnoses. It is difficult weaning myself off Paxil. It has affected my sexuality (no desire). I have at 40 mg. and 30 mg. ground my front lower teeth to stubs. I have gained about 70 pounds due to craving sweet things. The nightmares when weaning yourself off of Paxil are God-fearing. I have been on antidepressant medication for sooooooo long, I need to look back through my medical files to see how long. I plan to soon go to just my family physician who is a good pharmacologist also to see if there is a better to wean me off of 20 mg. of Paxil. I start getting the bad nightmares and feel like I am "disconnected". I don't know about the zapping or what that is. I am scared as hell after reading all of these testimonials. Please some psychiatrist post some information on this blog so we will know if we are going to die or not from taking this drug too long or what the proper way to wean oneself off if it would be. My doctor always says, "You would need medicine the rest of your life if you were diabetic, so why do you feel like you cannot take an anti-depressant your entire life?" Well, for the most part the horrors and things that happened are history and I have learned to cope now and I don't want my liver damaged because of so much medication my entire life. Please help! Or, are you psychiatrists out there too rich and don't have enough care or concern to post any helpful information to a blog. My God! $200 an hour!!!

Paxil has truly changed my life. I suffer from major depression but since taking Paxil my life has changed me into a different better person. I'm sorry it affects some people negatively but beside a reduced Libido and being tired a lot I have to defend it.

Paxil; thought i'd put my two cents in. I started paxil around the time this post originated in 03. At first (about 2 or 3 weeks) my anxiety/panic worsened but my doctor said it would subside, and it did. I then proceeded to have the best depressionless, panic free time of my life. After a couple of years on it i felt to undepressed to be on it so i weened myself off. The zapping and wooshing were bad but i have a strong will and withstood them. I felt back to "normal" about 1 month after completely stopping. Sex drive returned and i was well. Now about a year after stopping my life kinda was in the dumps and my anxiety and panic attacks came back. So now im getting back on. Paxil isn't all that bad, and everytime i've been prescribed it, the package says dont stop taking w/o talking to your doctor first. But i do agree the doctors should emphasize the negative withdrawals symptoms. However if you ever suffer from anxiety so severe as to have panic attacks nearly every day, paxil and most any side effect can be a welcome vacation. Just wish the sexual side effects didn't exist. Plus drinking isn't fun when on paxil.
my 2cents

Don't complain about the side effects of the drugs---you should have asked about withdrawal symptoms with rapid cessation of this drug. Before you are put on any drug you should consult it's effects with your doctor. He/she is not responsible for telling you every side effect in the book. Rapid cessation of any drug can cause bad withdrawal as is with most other anti-depressant/anxiolytic drug. Don't blame the side effects on your PhD qualified doctor who is trrying to help you. Studies are correct, numbers are in place, and I am one happy Paxil patient who is following my regimen as my doctor perscribed.

Amy hate to break it to you but most docs are not even close to being "PhD qualified." An MD is not even considered post graduate.

As for being informed you are right, patients should be aware of everything out there. I didnt but I am also perplexed as to why I was only told what would happen when I am on the drug - not when I try to get off it.

I am weaning myself off of it right now, electrical shocks down my arms, a perpetual daze, a tendency to feel sad all happen.

While it worked to relieve my anxiety I wish I had stuck to Xanax and never found this drug as sometimes I feel worse off than before.

In the end, I think the drug works and if you need it go for it. On the other hand, people should be very aware of the all consuming side effects.




I'm glad the drug is working for you. It worked well for me and others at first. When you get sick of the weight gain, sleepiness, and sexual side affects and decide to come off, I hope you too have a good withdrawal. We will see what your attitude is like then. You are misinformed if you think all doctors are qualified to prescribe this stuff. Paxil is one of the worst AD's out's not a "routine" drug and the withdrawal affects are much different. You should do some research before you make "misinformed" generalized statements. Just because you are not having problems, does not mean that others deserve them!!!!!!!!!

Yes I too have been on paxil for 2years for sever depression was put on finally 75 mg yes 75mg but couldnt do that much so went back to 50mg on my own. In the time i have been on it have gained get this over 70 lbs and my sex drive has goon i am so mad about this but dont know what to do am trying something now myself going from taking it every day to every other day hope then can go to once every 3 days finally get off this drug pray for me to make it


Please do not alternate taking the drug between days. It will really mess you up. Stay at 50 for a few weeks. Once you are stablized, then cut to 45mg (cut the paxils) and stay there for a few weeks until stabilized. Then cut to 40 mg (etc.) You need to gradually wean off this drug, but you can't alternate or skip doses. It will really mess you up, despite what your doctor says.

Can i get some feedback please about my issue? i've been on Paxil for EIGHT YEARS, and i think i finally see how bad it is for me. lately i've lost ALL coordination, i always feel like i'm going to fall down in public places. My mind constantly blanks out. i sweat even when its freezing out! and i have the worst temper. but if i go off of it my anxiety will come back 100x worse.


I took Paxil for one month and I have never had such mood swings in my intire life. I was happy one minute and then sweating my shirt off the next. Headaches have been the worst and the nightmares since I have come off have been terrible. But be strong people and get yourself off this drug....since taking it I have lost my short term memory and have blank outs. Please take this drug off the market.

It's funny how soem things can be almost the best, and the wrost things in your life. This is paxil for me. Though it helped me for a while when I needed it most, is has messed me up even worse now it seems. I was sick with some sort of virus for several years. When that started to go away I was left will MASSIVE anexiety. I was going to the hospital weekly because I thought I was dying. Filly they decided to get me back on Meds that I had been off of for the past 6 years. I was part of teh medication generation so my parents wanted a ITEM that would fix everything. At 19 I decided enough was enough and I quit. At 26 is when I started taking paxil and I took it for about a year...but because of the sexual side effects...the feeling indifferent to life...the RINGING IN EAR THAT JUST WONT STOP and being a slave to this drug from fear of the zaps and sweats...I decided to quit on my own. I quit for about 3 months, couldn't take the feelings anymore and decided to take it again. A year later I decided that it was time to give quitting another go. After about a month for dealing with the zaps,sweats,headaches,pain,nightmares, and sleepless nights, I finally felt pretty normal. For about 5 months everything was amazing. I laughed, I cried, I got off during sex(bout time). I felt alive again. Then out of no where I had a big anexiety attack adn it's been all down hill from there...but not really with attacks. All these otehr things started to go wrong with me. I feel off all the time, not normal or no quite here. I feel like my equallibrium is off and I have a hard time standing up straight. ALWAYS THE TINITUS THAT KILLS ME>>>>>NEVER QUIET. Feeling kinda light headed a lot sometimes when I am standing but also sometimes when I am sitting. I have done all the test EKG,EEG, cat scans, MRI/MRA, blood tests. I'm about as healthy as you could be except for my cholestoral. And sense I stopped taking paxil, I can't stop loosing weight. I went from 187 to 150 in about 4 months without changing much. I'm starting to wonder if this lose is going to stop. Now I can barely function in society, being dizzish most of the time and stressing out over all this stuff that is happeningto me now has cost me my job and causing me to move. But there si no way that I am going back. I try different things other than Meds to get my life back on track and I have failed so far. I feel that there will be a point that this will all stop and I can go back to a normal life but I'm not sure. Paxil has ruined my life as I know it right now thoguh it did help for a tying yourself together with razor might hold for a while but things will be a lot worse in the end. Email me if you want to knwo more about teh side effects I go thru or if you have any similar things as me and you have found ways to cope. I sure hope that one day we can all get back to a normal life...6 MONTHS OFF AND MORE MESSED UP THAN EVER!!!!

After i had my first panic attack at the airport that lasted forever it seemed. They put me on paxil. Ever since i started i have felt no help. My anxiety is off the wall. i have developed insomnia. I feel like everything is unreal, and ive become so depressed that i dont know if i can take it anymore. When i lay down i feel like i have vertigo.I was freaking out about an hour ago because i thought i was going crazy for a while, so i took two valium to chill me out. The worst of all though is the feeling of unreality, anyone else feel this? Im definitly considering stopping paxil.

Wow so it wasn't in my head! I had/have depression and approx. 7-9 years ago my doctor put me on Paxil. It was a low dose and I can't tell you the exact amount as my memory is very bad. It was not helping my depression at all and I noticed that if I forgot to take it I had tremors! Well, that was very uncomfortable so I decided I should get off Paxil. My doctor told me how to wean myself off of it. OH MY GOD! I know what hell feels like!!! It was the WORST experience of my life. I had a 9 day migraine headache! This is not an overexaggeration! My husband stopped me from going to the ER because he didn't think there was anything the ER could do for me, well, that 9th day I went and thank God I did. They gave me a shot of painkiller...somthing with Visterol in it and I can't remember the other drug. It finally helped me but it took 3 days till I started feeling better after that! So here is my dilemma... I still have depression but am scared to death to even try another drug. That experience has left me so afraid. I had many of the same side effects listed here. Is there a "good" antidepressant out there? Should I just suck it up and deal with the depression and anxiety? I would love some possitive feedback. By-the-way, I just "loved" it when MANY doctors told me that Paxil "couldn't have caused these "side effects" especially such a low dose". What a load of crap!!! I'm not crazy, only a little depressed...

First of all...I am so sorry that so many people are having such a hard time with Paxil.
I know that when taking Paxil, following the directions is EXTREMELY important. Missing one dosage can cause very uncomfortable side effects.
For me taking Paxil has enabled me to get out of bed in the the morning...what I do with the rest of the day is up to me. I still get depressed (but not the "fetal position" kind), I still get angry (but not to the point where I want to hurt people or run over them with my car) and I still have anxiety (but not to the point where I cannot leave the house...and most importantly, I want to live, not die. My sex drive was non-existant for the first 3 months...but before taking Paxil I had no sex drive anyway because I was so chemically unbalanced that I just was not functioning as a human being.
Relying on ANY medication can be scary (not to mention a blow to the pride) and side effects of ANY medication certainly has its drawbacks (i.e:you cannot eat grapefruit while taking BP medicaion)but when I think of life before and life now, I know where I want to be.
I cannot take St. John's Wort because I get severe headaches and nausea from it...that is a herb...100% natural. But for some it works wonderfully.
I am in no hurry to stop Paxil. If I was diabetic, I would take insulin for the rest of my life. My illness is mental rather than physical.
Good luck to you all trying to wean off Paxil. Be careful and let you doctor know what you are doing...believe it or not...they are the expert. And if you have no faith in your doctor...find one that you will trust.
Take Care.

Thanks for your comments Cathy. The way you described Paxil is so true. If I have to be on it the rest of my life, so be it.

hello, im a 31 year old women who is in hell all day long! I started taking paxil 20mg. 6 years ago then the doctor upped the dose to 40mg.
I found out I was going to have a baby I talked to my doctor about it and they put me back down to 20 mg. I started having problems when I would miss a doss. My head would hurt, my brain felt like it was swishing around in my head,I felt dizzy and I would cry. Sinse I was not taking the meds everyday something happened and its been about 3 months sinse ive taken paxil. Im scared all the time to be alone with my kids, I Have always been a great mom but im scared of myself now, I feel sick all the time, I dont want to do anything, my body hurts and I feel like im going crazy! I dont know what to do because my familys my life but I wonder if they are better off without me, I cant keep meds in the house because they scare me and I cant remember anything, my mind is messed up and im afraid. Its scary not remembering alot of your day! can any one help me? I just want to spend the day with my wonderful children and be the mom I once was........I wish I knew for sure that the paxil did this! but thats the only thing I can think of..............

Been on paxil for alomost 2 years, the last 3 months I have a hard time gettting up and my desire to do the things I like has diminished. I try to tell my doctor that I feel impulses of some sort in my head and neck area, she seemed like I was crazy. Now from reading I know the term zapping. I tried to stop cold turckey this week and 5 days I fell of the wagon. I had to take the paxil, and nearly an hour or so, the symtoms stopped. I couldnt take the zapping, headaches, and feeling nauseated. To top it off, the wacked out dreams I am having. Paxil is crap, I would have never gotten on this shit if I would have know it would have caused this. I would rather deal with not sleeping and my PTSD then go on paxil. I go in friday, for eval, does anyone have any suggestion to what I should tell the DOC. I hate this feeling, and to also top if off I gained about 40 pounds. Thats bull shit

Hello, my name is Jessica and I've had really bad anxiety for about 4 years now. I feel like I'm fighting it all day, I took zoloft for a little over a year then about a week ago I stoped taking it because I was feeling just as bad as when I wasn't taking it. My doctor today gave me Paxil 12.5 Mg and I was thinking about taking it then I started reading all the side effects. Alright, Everyone scared me, now what do I do. Anyone have any suggestions on what I should ask my doctor for. I can't feel this way forever, I won't do it. Please someone write back, I don't know anyone who feels like me. I don't have anyone to talk to about, they don't understand.

Hello Jessica
I have been on Paxil for 5 years. The side effects that I had when I started it was not that bad. Just the yawn...I also have gained weight. To be honest It really did help me. I was at the point that I hardly could function. At work I would be sitting there....Needing to go Pee so bad, but for some reason I was scared to get up and go to the bathroom. Really hard to explain. I would lay in bed and just these crazy thoughts would cont to run through my head. I would also twist my hair. I ended up having to get my hair cut short cause I ruined it.
I wouldnt go to Walmart because I had had a really bad panic attack there. I avoid BIG places. That I could not see the exit. Its so strange thinking about it now. Wondering why on the earth I ever did that. But unless you suffer from these conditions you jsut dont understand.
Really for the first 4 years or so I could have been the spokes person for paxil.. It was a miracle drug for me. I did things again that I would have never thought I could do. I had problems woith going to a mall....I ended up working at this mall. I then moved away to VA. After awhile there my cousin passed away.....That was really hard for me....We were VERY VERY CLOSE....Also at that time I did not have father is taking this drug also...I started taking his.......He was on 40 mgs....So I just up my doages...Thinking well if 20 makes me fill good 40 must make me feel 10x better....WRONG thats when it all started.....The brain ZAPS are the worst...If you have know idea what is going on MAN its scarey the first few times...and today its still pretty scary when they happen. I am tired almost all of the time. Weight gain is crazy. I do want to change meds but am scary. I know that i will need to be on some tyope of these drugs for the rest of my life...I am okay with that......
I just hope to find on that will work as good as paxil ldid without the sideeffect.....Sometimes you do have to just see which ones outweigh each other.......As long as the Zaps stay to a few..Im okay witht hat.....
Good luck
You are not alone.

Is it fact or fiction that smoking marijuana while taking paxil is causing the opposite effect

5th day off Paxil prescribed for anxiety with assurance from my Doc, no side effects from coming off of it. Well either he didn't know, or he did, can't decide which one is scarier? Didn't feel like I needed the numbing don't give a shit about anything drug any longer, so I stopped cold turkey. After flu like symptoms, I went back on it. I then read up on it and started weening my self off, 20mg to to 10mg to 5 mg to less than 1/4 tablet. Well after 5 days I fell like hell. NAUSEA is constant, whether I eat or not, any kind of motion, car, plane, and oh my Lord in the back of a large van!! Headaches, sweating, fatique, crying at riduclous things just feeling like shit all together. Remember I started this to help my anxiety. If you care about someone plead with them to take another route, and if your Doc says no side effects, tell em' BULLSHIT, and ask him to prescribe it to someone he you will get a long...........pause. I have never blogged, but if I can prevent one person from starting Pax-Hell, my 10 minutes was well worth it.

I take paxil and have stopped it befoer and don't have any side effects-- but to those who have-- 1st off you have the ability to decide for yourselves to take it or not-- y in the hell would you take soemthing you don't know anything about. That is what the paper from the pharmacy is for adn not to add you obiviously have a computer-- go to yahoo and type in paxil-- you will find all the ionfo on it you'll ever need. One of the most important notes on teh paper from teh pahrmacy is: do not stop taking this med abrubtly-- slowing ween your self off as with any mental med and to the counselor who started this thread-- with your lack of knowing this I hope if I ever need AA NA, Ect-- I hope you are NOT the one helping me!

A Chemical Imbalance

Neither GlaxoSmithKline or the MHRA can give answers as to what constitutes a proper chemical imbalance of serotonin in the brain - weird because Seroxat is prescribed for this 'disorder'

The only thing that I can see is that Seroxat actually causes the chemical imbalance rather than rectifies it - A genius piece of marketing by GSK.

Prescribe a drug

Let the patient get hooked on the drug

Play down the risks by producing clinical trial studies beneficial to GSK

Employ ghost writers and patient support groups to back up the benefits of taking Seroxat

Robustly deny Seroxat causes aggression, suicidal tendancies etc

Always settle out of court for any litigation

Infiltrate the Medicines Regulatory Agency with former employees of GSK

Fund the government

Financially secure to research and market more SSRi type drugs

Credit where it is due, the marketing team at GlaxoSmithKline are without doubt highly skilled at manipulating doctors and the general public.

They don't even klnow how Seroxat works - they are just pleased that it does work. Cases where it hasn't worked - infact quite the reverse, seem to go unoticed - until the invention of the internet that is.

The MHRA are proud of the Yellow Card system - Why?

It is a completely flawed system and they only act on less than half of the Yellow Card reports.

A more robust system would be for the MHRA to employ a person or persons with a basic grasp of internet seaching. Then, they will see the REAL suffering from the REAL people.

Alas, they have ties to GlaxoSmithKline, namely Alistair Breckenridge and Ian Hudson. If they see GlaxoSmithKline have duped the public then they themselves have been duped by messrs Breckenridge and Hudson and that would cast a serious dark shadow on the MHRA's integerity.

They (The MHRA) have been investigating GlaxoSmithKline for nigh on four years now - my guess is they are waiting for a 'busy news day' until they release their findings. This way the story will be pushed to some small article in the tabloids.

It is utterly shameful of any human being to cause human suffering. Both GlaxoSmithKline and The MHRA have continued to deny Seroxat is harmful in the adult population - forget the clever spin 'dangerous in young adults'.

GlaxoSmithKline are currently being sued through the courts both here in the UK and in the United States. It now needs a firm of solicitors with huge balls to sue the MHRA. There is enough evidence I'm sure to successfully bring them to trial.

It will happen


Seroxat Sufferers

BOB FIDDAMAN on May 9, 2007 12:20 PM

After seven years, I'm getting off this stuff. Try not having an orgasm for seven years. I'm 20 now... I want to drink soon.

SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!! READ!!!!!!
Before I got on paxcil for anxiety and depression, I went on the net to see if I could get some opinions from others, or see what the side effects were because I was very WORRIED about that part. I heard all the stories how people became binge drinkers, and became even more depressed than before and all these horror stories about the medicine. I started taking Paxil two months ago and it is a great thing. THOSE PEOPLE WHO HAVE THESE STORIES WERE CRAZIER THAN EVER BEFORE THEY GOT ON PAXIL, NOT JUST A LITTLE DEPRESSED!!!!IT HAS WORKED GREAT, AND I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER. THE ONLY THING I CAN SAY THAT IS TRUE IS THAT I DO HAVE VERY VIVID DREAMS AT NIGHT. AND IT DOES NOT MAKE YOU GAIN TONS OF WEIGHT, GOOD EXCUSE TO LET YOURSELF GET FAT!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOST WEIGHT ON IT...IT WORKS GREAT, DONT BE DISCOURAGED BY THESE PEOPLE WHO NEED MORE THAN A PILL TO BE HELPED, OBVIOUSLY!

I have been on Wellbutrin XL for a month now - it has helped my depression issues but my Doctor thought that I needed something to help with my OCD and anxiety issues. I started Paxil three days ago. I was advised to take the medication at night due to the fact that it may make me sleepy. So, after taking my medicine Thursday night I went to sleep and started having some stuffiness and having a crawling feeling in my scalp. I didn't sleep well that night but got up to go to work the next morning. At work I had some issues with shaking, yawning frequently, continued feeling of a crawling on my scalp and just a feeling of detachment. I was thinking that this we just my body getting used to the medication and it would get better over time.... I was so wrong. Friday night I went to bed after taking my Paxil, I was very tired and fell asleep easily, but I awoke at 1 AM with my heart racing, I couldn't fall back asleep, my scalp was crawling worse than before, I was having severe stomach cramping, my nose was stuffy again, and the shaking was absolutely scary. I came to my computer and started researching side effects to Paxil and was horrified at what I read.
I stopped Paxil immediately! I have felt tired today, a few weird feelings here and there but I am so grateful for finding this website and stopping this sooner than later.
I am fortunate because of the career that I am in to know when something is just not right and knowing that some medicines that may work for others may not work for you. I had a very scary experience with this drug, I have flushed it down the toilet!!!!!! Got a great nights sleep last night! Thanks to all of you for sharing your experiences with Paxil, I am forever grateful!

i started taking paxil around 9 years ago.
i thought it was the best thing that had ever
happend to me.i suffered from o.c.d.,social anexiety and deppression.i felt like i woke up one day and was another person. i loved it,no more stress,nothing seemed to bother me,iwas very happy.besides being tired,i felt great.this lasted
about 2 years.ihad my dosage changed to 30mg from
20,nothing happened.i went from 115 lbs to 175 lbs
sweat terribly,cant sleep without getting up 4 or more times a night.i have also have the crazy dreams and cold chills.i also have had sinus problems.i have tried to go off of it many times,each time i have tried to do it a different
way.i have not had headaches,but those head rushes are awful,i cry,i feel so bad that i have to start taking them again.i dont think a drug
should have such bad side affects if you feel you
no longer need to take them.any suggestions on how
to go off of them,please post it on this site
to 175 lbs

I have been off Paxil for 3 weeks now and want to REPORT THAT THIS IS HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have severe vomiting and nausea every day for more than half the day every day, and the electric zapping shocks are scary as hell! some actually hurt my muscles and i end up punching and kicking things from the sudden jerking of all extremities!! I have had vivid scary nightmares that scare me and hallucinate with the feeling someone is touching me and I also see things that are not there. BAD BAD BAD, I will never go back on this ever again, anyone know of and herbal anti dep?? Thanks, Scott, Port Hope, ON

I have been on Paxil or its generic for years and recently made the decision to stop.THE WITHDRAWLS ARE HORRIBLE!!!! It feels like my brain is periodiclly being shocked. I am done with this...I was not even prescribed this for a mental disorder!My MD gave it for PMI.....I am not a happy person right now. The outbursts,cussing,and screaming at my kids.I also blew up to 280 lbs from about 230......How am I supposed to have sex if i am fat and sweaty all the time???? Please put alot of thought in this before you accept your doctors RX

Pharmaceutical companies in the USA are destroying the mental health of this great nation. I haven't seen "Sicko" yet, but I watch the interview that Larry King had with Michael Moore a few days ago.

It's unbeliavable how medical doctors working for health insurance companies in the USA decline medical coverage for patients that deserve it! , and they cash big bonuses for making the insurance companies save million of dollars!, and they are doctors, suposely to save lives, what a shame!, what a bunch of hypocrates and mercenaries!

Whether is a heart,psyachiatric, cancer related, Parkinson, MS condition, you name it, many people die or become homeless, cripple,commit suicide, etc., because their coverage is denied in a very unfair way.

See it from a capitalistic point of view. If more and more American people are becoming unproductive ($$$)because of the pharmaceutical and health insurance companies on a daily basis, therefore, all of these people can not contribute their dollars into the capitalistic system because they can not work. They not produce, jobs are lost, families and entire communities become spiritually and mentally sick, and the entire country looses.

If the pharmaceutical and health care industry reverses their maquiavelic way of thinking and making billions of dollars by honestly providing ways to make affordable health care to every single American, without using face ($$$), this great country would have millions more of productive ($$$)Americans POURING THEIR EARNED DOLLARS INTO THE CAPITALISTIC SYSTEM AND EVERYBODY WOULD WIN.

It is such a simple concept, why make it so complicated...

I see the mental health devastation of this great nation as the millions of square miles of cultivable land lost to deforestation on a daily basis, plus, the destruction of environmental habitats for a great and rich variety of animals now in extinction.

But I also know, as Michael Moore said in his interview, that this nation is very good in solving its own problems (i.e., women to vote, social security, etc.). There is going to be a day in this country in which someone will stood up and stop this insanity, making healthcare available for every single human being in this nation.

I'm looking forward to see that day before I die.

My fiance has taken this drug only 3 times since it was prescibed for chronic pain and had no preconceived worries about its safety or side effects. (My sister and mother are both on it and have been for quite a while. They swear by it.) The first time she took it, she had mild dizziness. The second time, she was up all night with a severe headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, hot flashes and feelings like "hot blood" rushing through her arms. We went to the ER when she couldn't take it anymore where they did blood work, took urine, said they were both normal and diagnosed her with a stomach virus. Believing this and after feeling a bit better a few days later, she took Paxil again. Guess what, we're on our way to the hospital again.

Hey, this drug might work for some people, but I would rather deal with my anxiety problems in other ways. I don't trust any of these medications. My fiance was prescribed this drug for chronic pain - maybe there are safer alternatives?

There are a lot of reasons to be depressed or anxious with the world and society in its present state. I don't believe that "leveling" yourself out is always the proper road to a solution. How about empowering yourself and taking some action.

Just a thought.

Paxil and 160 + other potent recipes / thousands of chemicals /actives.

At the time, when all levels of society are focusing on Environmental issues, Organizations and Government Agencies are forwarding initiatives to control Toxic Substances, IMPLEMENTING REGULATIONS ADDRESSING Safety of labour force to keep it healthy , productive and competitive in the Global reality/ economy, some corporations are ignoring Laws of the land and all directives.
In 6.5 years of my very dedicated work for Pharmaceutical Corporation I never came to work late or missed a work day with out a good reason. I submitted and implemented significant number of improvements of productivity, capacity, safety and regulatory compliance.
Direct results in a few millions $ in profits.
I supported and promoted company's initiatives.
I took full ownership of assigned projects and Company's property as well regulatory compliance. I triggered and promoted initiatives addressing safety and security of the facility and the products.
I promoted communication of production achievements as stimulus in Departments. I promoted initiatives reassuring preservation of quality of the products and good name of the Company.
I worked in professional and courteous manner and upheld Company's values outside of work.
I utilized capacities, promoted harmonious cooperation, safe work environment, productivity and respect to/for Company's property.
I constantly searched for more profitable business ideas. I believe that teem work is the foundation necessary for Company to achieve global success and become one of the most successful, independent companies.
I was fostering open and consistent two-way communication.
I utilized my strong technical knowledge to help the technicians identify root cause of problems quickly and help train on proper troubleshooting techniques in order to minimize down time and maximize profits.
I took full pride in and ownership of all projects and opportunities which I was responsible for and try to ensure that all tasks are performed "right the first time" and within deadline.

Work was challenging and satisfying.
Two years in to my employment Company started to expend very rapidly.
Expenditure of the infrastructure, at the same time processing/pursuing approval of many new products for US market and big legal problems with brand name companies over ending patents and rights to ownership, manufacture and market of some products effected directly and very negatively internal situation within Company, making work unpleasant and on daily bases hazardous. Company under immense pressure got in to problems on all fronts and started to fight for its very survival. President of the Company and Executive Group imposed strict confidentiality on every thing what was going on with in Company.
On daily bases this situation/request created communication difficulties among people and Departments.
Luck of communication and accountability created fertile environment for many individuals rushing to take advantage of opportunities and engage in unlawful activities and profiteering.
Strict confidentiality leaded to purchases of process equipment which was not designed to handle highly potent active ingredients (products).
It become routine, that by choice Company started to instate in position of power individuals with out any pharmaceutical experience, with out basic knowledge of principles governing functions with in pharmaceutical industry/capacity.
Often individuals in charge of HR and production processes where arrogant, ignorant, in conflict of interest and dangerous in their decisions/actions.
Safety wasn’t a priority any more.
Chase after business, economical and legal issues was on the forefront.
For me and many other employees it become matter of survival to act with in and try to reinforce compliance / enforcement of the Occupational Health and Safety Act and its regulations.
My former Employer was a work place with out Collective Agreement.
Every time I raised safety, conflict of interest or product quality issues individuals in charge of me (with participation of upper management) did threaten, disrespect, intimidate, expose to active product as punishment and at the end dismiss me in very unprofessional/deceiving manner.
For 6.5 years I worked with active ingredients not protected by any safety equipment.
On regular bases I was requesting issuance of such protection and for so long my requests where neglected. Once I was enrolled in training session for respiratory protection, but I never had any hardware issued.
New products were so potent that latex/rubber gloves where dissolving on contact and product use to create horribly painful sores. Many operators worked with those products with out adequate protection and often with out any at all (night shifts).
Process equipment was commissioned in Europe with out reviling recipe/ chemical composition of the product they suppose to process.
As result of it purchased equipment was received and installed, IQ (Installation Qualification) was executed, but due to very potent nature of the product OQ (Operational Qualification) was felling. Every thing what was not out of SS (Stainless Still) or glass the product was dissolving in the process. Every attempt to produce experimental batches for FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and batches to secure Lunch Quantities were failing.
Every attempt to produce ended up with mechanical damage to the equipment, contaminating Isolation Area and Operators. Shortly before Christmas time 2003 I was ordered by supervisor (as he stated – that was direct order of Department’s Manager and Department’s Director) to go and correct mechanical problems on said equipment in isolation area.
Damage occurred during production run on equipment which did not pass OQ (Operational Qualification).
Every time butch of new products was processed, equipment was automatically shutting down during process (destroying expensive batch) because electronic safety system was detecting contamination of manufacturing area exposing operators to the dangerous product.
This time in desperate attempt to produce quantities Company decided to disable electronic safety / warning systems and despite contamination produced few butches.
I have stated that I do not have any protection and I was not trained on this new equipment.
Supervisor responded, that I will report to Manager and Director. A few weeks later, right after New Year 2003/2004 on Jan 07/04 I was called by Manager in to Director’s Office and I was served Letter of immediate Termination. When I asked my Director what is the reason for termination, he replied that this is a business decision.
At the same time I was reassured by HR Rep that this is kind of mutual agreement and Company will assist me in any way it can to secure by me alternative employment if I sign Release Document. Company called in physically owner of the Employment Agency to conform/reassure me that I will have other job in no time.
So I did sign Release Documents. I did sign Release Documents under influence of blend of brain function controlling drugs and antidepressants I worked with. (In 2003, when my skin side effects ( vivid allergic shock reactions to the products) become very visible for prolong periods of time and Company’s production employees started to panic, when my speech become impaired (speech mechanism seemed to be dissected from my consciousness) superiors very progressively started to demand from me more and more sacrifice in sense of dispatching me in to disaster zones (manufacturing /packaging process of very potent products going wrong or equipment failure with product spills etc. ( seamed to me like they were cutely aware of my condition). On on going bases I become stunned by products and despite my awareness of surroundings and ability to perform tasks I was not able to talk.. While employed and on daily bases unprotected exposed to variation of potent products my system developed dependences on/from daily intake of volume of compounds so while/after employment termination I slipped in to state with disastrous consequences which made me profoundly sick and disable. I still can not recover and my condition deteriorates because I have no access nor can I afford the proper medical help due to Corporation’s actions.)

After that, Employment Agency did not show any interest assisting me.
Three weeks later my Record of Employment arrived by mail.
There was indicated reason for termination “M” – Dismissed.
I called HR Manager asking what is going on? -and he told me that he is very sorry about what happened, but he did not know all the facts and he will help me.
Two weeks later he was removed from his post.
In mean time I was trying to secure alternative employment on my own.
Every time I did forward my Resume to potential Employer I was getting positive response.
People interviewing me where looking forward to employ me, but every time when they called former Employer for references my candidacy was dropped and every time I was asked what I did so bad at my former Company that they give me so bad references.
Situation was repeating itself every time until today.
With electronic information transfer and labour market controlled by only a few HR Portfolio Managers, my former Employer managed to effectively make me unemployable by their campaign of slander.
Today, due to stress factor and prolonged exposure to high potent drugs I AM SUFFERING LOSS OF PIGMENT ON MY BODY (discoloration which in cruel manner former Employer is using as one of THE TOOLS to prevent me from getting other job by telling every one calling for references, that I HAVE SOME KIND OF DISEASE ON MY skin), VERY HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE (237/136), SMALL LUNG CAPACITY (as many employees I WAS IDENTIFIED ON Annual tests as employee with lung concern –Company never followed up on further investigation and terminated annual tests of employees). Due to my skin discoloration on my arms I lost skin’s resistance to chemicals (detergents, oils, greases etc.) what yet more severely limits my pool of potential positions.

Company, with its mandate to bring relief / help to people suffering from many medical conditions did make me disable ( work related medical conditions) limiting my professional and personal life, making challenging my social life and in vicious / malicious manner on on going bases is preventing me from enjoying my Constitutional Right to work and be able to provide for myself.
So as for so long I am unemployed. I DID COMMUNICATE MY DIP CONCERNS TO former Employer NUMBER OF TIMES IN HOPE THAT THEY WOULD RECOGNIZE SCOPE OF DAMAGE THEY HAVE DONE TO ME BUT UNFORTUNATELY WITH OUT COMPASSION. Company went for a vindictive reprisal. Company bridged our mutual agreement by indicating dismissal on my record of Employment, deceived me with promises of assistance and made me unemployable besides ruining my health.
For many years as a mandatory requirement on annual bases I was undergoing medical examination to reassure that my health is not effected/deteriorating due to very specific work I performed (environment with direct and massive exposure to cocktail of very potent chemicals including controlled substances/ narcotics).
I never had any health concerns (absence of all other risk factors) until Company neglected its duty to protect me and in secrecy exposed me to harmful ingredients with out any personal protection. Since that time I started to display variety of side effects and my health started to deteriorate rapidly.
I was submitted in to the Hospital on Emergency with very, very high blood pressure (235/135) and associated demobilizing symptoms.
I thought that I am dying.
Three days later I received statement from my cardiologist indicating ,that I am suffering from severe hypertension ( which at the present is out of control ) and due to it my hearth was damaged.

As we know, all Corporations are required to adhere to certain standards of behaviour.
These standards are design to protect them and others.
Failure to meet these standards can cause unnecessary personal injury and is punishable by law.
The Corporation had the legal obligation to behave in a particular manner and had the duty to protect me and others from on the job harm and personal injury.
The Company failed to fulfill this obligation by acting inappropriately and due to legal breech of conduct caused my personal injury.
Company got engaged in intentional malicious conduct violating all statutes with a reckless indifference.
It acted in the face of a perceived risk that its actions will violate all laws.
Company treated me in harsh and humiliating way acting in an especially egregious manner. The evidence proves that alleged facts were true. Evidence is clear and convincing that upper management employees actually participated in the wrongful conduct , conduct that was motivated by actual malice and was done with a willful and wanton disregard to my rights.
They deliberately acted with knowledge of a high degree of probability of harm to me and reckless indifference to the consequences of that act.
They new that serious harm would arise from it.
This is exceptional case. Duration of the wrongful conduct was extraordinary.
These employees to whom the corporation has delegated responsibility to execute its policies in the work place, who set the atmosphere and control the day-to- day operations of the unit (including the power to hire, fire promote, and discipline, to delegated responsibility, to execute the employers policies, to ensure a safe, productive and discrimination – free workplace, selected not only to ignore situation, but also to participate in all of it.. Corporation is liable for the employment decisions of its managerial agents.
The upper management employees not only knew about the wrongful conduct, but also engaged in affirmative acts to accomplish that wrongful conduct.
Upper management did not take any steps after learning of the wrongful conduct to investigate and address the wrongful conduct.
Instead they introduced other aggravating circumstances.

Mental capacity is not generally taken into account when determining if a defendant’s behaviour was reasonable, instead, actual conduct is used to determine negligence.
Luck of intelligence or poor memory cannot be used as a defence.

All evidence shows that the Corporation deviated from the standard of behaviour and that personal injury could have been prevented and that the deviation resulted in my personal injury.
I have witness testimony and circumstantial evidence as well federal and provincional statutes as proof.
Corporation disobeyed all statutes AND WRONGFULY INJURED ME.

The company victimized me and subjected to physical, emotional, mental and financial suffering/damage.

I was fired without just cause because of corporation’s retaliation and Company was wrong to do it, so I was wrongfully terminated. The conduct of the Company is such as to merit condemnation. Company’s misconduct was high – handed, malicious, arbitrary and highly reprehensible that departs to a marked degree from ordinary standards of decent corporate - behaviour.

We have well documented case of breach of fiduciary duty / negligence.

-Company’s conduct was planned and deliberate,
- Company’s intend and motive was clear,
- The defendant persisted in the outrageous conduct over a lengthily period of time,
- The defendant attempted to conceal and cover up its conduct,
- Defendant was aware that what it was doing was wrong,
- The defendant profited from its misconduct,
- Defendant knew that violation was deeply personal to me (the plaintiff),
- Company understood my financial vulnerability,

So far Company’s misconduct went unpunished.
Wee need to achieve the objectives of retribution, deterrence and denunciation of defendant’s misconduct to deter the defendant and others from similar misconduct in the future and to mark the community’s collective condemnation.

As result of Company’s negligence (exposure to advanced structural composite materials /chemicals used in the manufacturing processes which have been classified as to have a co- carcinogenic and/or synergistic effect) I am suffering skin discoloration, sinuses and respiratory ailments, very high blood pressure, migraine headaches, joints and back pains, nervous system effects, enhanced risk of cancer, and fear of cancer, vision problems (constant presence of a black spot in one eye which may indicate minor stroke effect).
I have serious concerns about the safety of the levels of exposure. My worry is that a toxic build up of the drugs and/or its metabolites can be fatal. Some of the side effects I experience include infections, nausea, diarrhoea, dry mouth, constipation, decreased appetite, sleepiness, dizziness, sexual side effects, nervousness, tremor, yawning, sweating, abnormal vision, weakness, insomnia, including electric shock sensations, abnormal dreams, agitation, anxiety, nausea, mood fluctuations, headache, fatigue, nervousness and sleep disturbances, skin rash, anorexia, leg pain, medication taste, sore throat, also effects include muscle pain, pain in arms and legs, abdominal cramps, vomiting, joint pain, rash, flu-like symptoms.
I experience a feeling of general discomfort and sickness; weakness, trouble breathing, unusual drowsiness, dizziness or lightheadedness; unusual / unexplained stomach upsets , the sudden development of a slow or irregular heartbeat.

I have evidence that Company was committing or authorizing acts of grave offence that could result in injury or loss of life, limb or property,
destruction of the employer’s property and operations as well contamination of the products and personnel exposure to harmful ingredients.
Company acted in willful, malicious and in serious disregard of policies and rules manner.

Sadly, Management did not prevent toxic exposure to controlled substances.

Injures caused by toxic torts often do not surface until years, even decades after exposure.
We are faced with unethical corporation that engaged in illegal production of prohibited products, violated all rules of the corporate system and in the process sacrificed health of own employees and while under legal pressure to be held accountable for illegal activities destroyed pertinent evidence. Defendant is set out to prove that plaintiff is hypochondriac or insane.
Fortunately for me in toxic tort cases victims do not need to prove their cases beyond reasonable doubt. They need to prove only that their claims are more likely to be true then not.
Unfortunately in many cases the effects of toxic torts cannot be reversed.
As result of damages inflicted on me by Pharmaceutical Corporation I am suffering:
- Loss of wages
- Emotional trauma
- Pain and suffer
- Permanent Disability
- Mental anguish
- Present and future income loss
- Medical cost

I am asking some one / any one to investigate my alarming case and reword me with resolution which could allow me to com back to normal live as much as possible.

Work is one of the most fundamental aspects in my life, providing me with a means of financial support and as importantly, a contributory role in society. My employment is an essential component of my sense of identity, self-worth and emotional well-being.

Corporation is limiting the rights of injured EMPLOEES to hold it accountable for their negligence, misdeeds, and other wrongful acts by preventing litigations.
We have case examples showing Company’s blatant hypocrisy which restricts the legal rights of people injured on the job while have unfettered access to our nation's courts as their own private playground.

The cases reveal that Company often files frivolous and anti-competitive lawsuits designed to intimidate or harass is flooding the courts with their own litigation against competitors. This is hypocrisy of the worst kind." In contrast, the cases in which they are defendants demonstrate a cavalier or reckless attitude toward the health and safety of employees.

Corporation have waged a well-organized campaign to prevent me (the injured by products and criminal negligence) from bringing lawsuits against corporate wrongdoings.
Company wants unimpeded access to the courts, but at the same time wants to impose incredible obstacles and arbitrary limits on employees when they file lawsuits to protect their health and safety.
The extraordinarily lucrative pharmaceutical industry has long been driven more by profit, power and policy then pills or concern to Health and Safety.
There is much moral posturing in an industry that is only too well aware, that it capitalizes on a captive market of the desperate and the afflicted.
This is a reason why in the name of higher benefit Corporation selected to ignore Health and Safety regulations and adopted an unrelentingly aggressive stance against me while I expressed concerns in area of Health and Safety and quality of the products.
I trusted in the Company’s generosity, honesty, its willingness to lend support to anyone in trouble.

* Corporation breached / invalidated Release Agreement by their own calculated risk taking.

• Corporation concealed fact that at nights (on my shifts) Company processed dangerous products, which for infrastructure of the facility and equipment were not approved for and I worked with out any protection against contamination.
• Corporation concealed long term adverse side effects/ health problems resulting from exposure to processed actives.
• Corporation ruined my health by not disclosing nature of products I worked with (gag order imposed on operations, removed Safety Data Shits from locations/work stations).

* Corporation breached the Release Agreement by indicating dismissal on my Record of Employment (three weeks after I signed Release Agreement)

*Against terms of Agreement Corporation actively and methodically prevented me from obtaining alternative job, which would provide me with Medical Plan/Benefit and ability / capacity to coup with health issues arising from drug exposure.

* Corporation deceived me with promises of assistance and made me unemployable by campaign of slander,

• Corporation processed my dismissal while I was grieving after loss of my parents and while I was under products influence while in production process.

Corporation is on Public Record as the one destroying lives of private individuals, who are BRAVE ENOUGH TO talk about problems with Corporation’s products or compliance IN THE NAME OF PUBLIC BEST INTEREST.

Labour Board neglected my case and it is catering to the needs of Corporations while in the process endangering Public’s interest and lives. After learning, that Corporation has no evidence to defend itself and I do have evidence of all I allege Labour Board dismissed my case with out a hearing, despite that it was scheduled for a hearing on earlier date. I was given misleading, unprofessional explanation. Board purposely did keep my case for 9 months (last 4 months with out any communication until I did send info about my emergency submission in to hospital).

Many Lawyers stated , that my case has a lot of merit but they would be in conflict of interest to go against my former employer.




-or DEMESTIC TERORIZM (accessory to it)?

-Enemy within ?



• CROSS CONTAMINATION OF THE PRODUCTS ( use of dedicated equipment and direct product contact parts ) FOR MULTI PRODUCT PRODUCTION.



• HUNDREDS OF POUNDS OF POTENT PRESCRIPTION DRUGS DISAPERED AT/OVER THE NIGHT (constant problems with inventory of other controlled materials).

• ALTERING PROCESSES (manual runs of the equipment or subassemblies, recipe are not executed by PLS and installed /down loaded programs/software) BUT BY SHORT WIREING.











Due to Ativan which I am taking twice a day (which makes me drowsy), I forgot to provide information which is very important to my case.
Beside very massive exposure to solid douse products (in bulk and processed) for years I was exposed to fumes of chemicals from processes.
For many years Company melted and boiled chemicals in hundred of pounds at the time in order to challenge existing /valid Patents of Brand Name’s by process ( PAXIL etc.).
Those processes were conducted in /on not approved equipment and in manufacturing area not approved for such operations.
Also I got massive exposure to unidentified product (s ) in / during out of control accident (we did have many accidents) when one of not approved new products proved to be volatile and during process exploded causing inferno, burning/baking for period of time while releasing toxic fumes and causing collateral damage to equipment and infrastructure. As result of it one operator was send on permanent disability.
After accident I was participating (with out any protection) in clean up efforts (area, equipment – collaborate system) and I had to recondition contaminated equipment.

Please forgive me for communicating directly to you my problems, but my situation is being stagnated in administrative jungle and it is life end death situation for me as well big concern for public safety ( since Ministry of Health mandated fill up of drug prescriptions with generic products which as I know are heavily contaminated ).

Whole process contradicts Government’s philosophies/policies.

I can not live by air and I am not getting any assistance from any body.

I would like to know, whether Ontario become safe haven for big Corporations engaged in criminal activities?
How this happened, that private Corporation controls Lawyers, Doctors, Government Agencies etc.?

Corporation was and probably continues to be engages in:



-or/and DEMESTIC TERORIZM (accessory to it)?

Is the Pharmaceutical Corporation the -Enemy within?

Ontario’s Labour Board dismissed my case with out a hearing (after Corporation admitted, that has no evidence to defend itself), despite that it was scheduled for a hearing on earlier date. I was given misleading, unprofessional explanation. Board purposely did keep my case for 9 months (last 4 months with out any communication until I did send info about my emergency submission in to hospital).
Labour Board referred to a case from 20 years ago of a man with alcohol problems from Corporation of City of Mississauga with Collective Bargaining Contract.
My former employer does not have any of these. Why Labour Board did not use its discretion in dealing with my case?
Beside very massive unprotected exposure to solid douse products (in bulk and processed) for years I was exposed to fumes of chemicals from processes.
For many years Company melted and boiled chemicals in hundred of pounds at the time in order to challenge existing /valid Patents of Brand Name’s by process.
Those processes were conducted in /on not approved equipment and in manufacturing area not approved for such operations.
Also I got massive exposure to unidentified product (s ) in / during out of control accident (we did have many accidents as well more then 700 Q- notes –product quality problems at any given time ) when one of not approved new products proved to be volatile and during process exploded causing inferno, burning/baking for period of time while releasing toxic fumes and causing collateral damage to equipment and infrastructure. As result of it one operator was send on permanent disability.
After accident I was participating (with out any protection) in clean up efforts (area, equipment – collaborate system) and I had to recondition contaminated equipment.

I apologize if I do post twice any info but I did paste some of data from my file.

Best Regards,

I'm glad I found this site. It helped me identify with some strange things I was going through.
I too have been on paxil cr for about a year.(25 mg. It really is fascinating how it helped me with some things and hurt me with others. With me, it basically took my emotions, obsesses, drives and other feelings that make us us, and cut them in half and shunted them. Except for my libido. That was turned down about 99%. Even though I did attribute some of the lack of libido to my age (50 now) , which I know now not to be the case.
Now I've always been a horny toad and I kind of missed that. Now my Dr. gave me Viagra and that did help with the erection part, but the intensity, drive and the uninhibited feelings I used to have were just not there.
So I decided to ween myself off the paxil gradually. After a couple of weeks (I may have rushed it a little) my libido not only came back but with some sort of intensified effect. Probably because of a year of deprivation. That part felt good.
Now for the BAAAAD part. I didn't experience any of the zapping or dizziness I read about, but one strange thing did happen to me. I was very emotional. Really emotional, which I am anyway, but not with the excessive sadness and crying that was taking place. I'm in the construction field and crying just doesn't go over too well.
Then I started talking with this gal at work and asked her out a couple of times. Even though she liked me, it just never materialized. You know girls, "now's a bad time, I'll let you know". Now any normal person would have said,"sure". Not in my fragile state. Though I hid it pretty well at work, the tears just wouldn't stop. I was fantasizing that if this gal came running and wanted to marry me, I'd run away with her. That's how alone I felt. That's how obsessed I was . Though this may be hard to understand, I did feel more alive than I had while on the paxil, but I was not in a good state. I had to ween myself back on it and fast! Now with the help of my Doc, I'm alternating 12.5 one day and 25 mg the next. The tears have stopped, I still feel a bit lonely, and the libido has once again stopped.
My last visit to him was basically, "you better think of something by our next visit because I want my life and libido back and this stuff is DANGEROUS.
Maybe not for everybody, but for me , it sort of makes me not me. And the withdrawal REALLY makes me not me.
Right now I feel like I have post traumatic stress. I'm still a bit obsessed with this woman, ( no, I'm not a stalker and I don't follow her home after work)and am rather nervous about things which I'm compensating with 3 to 4 mg of Lorazepam a day.
I'm just amazed. As much as these drugs can help, there are trade-offs. And we each have to set our own priorities of what they are. I am trying to set mine and I don't want Paxil to be part of it, but I'm just not sure what to do.
Amazing, in this day and age, they haven't come up with that magic pill yet. One that could make me feel just good, and an added bonus of making me look like Tom Cruise.
I hope I gave some people a chuckle and some insight and I hope someone may have some insight for me. Thanks. And have a great day. ed

I was wondering if anyone knew the medical effects of using weed while on paxil. I wanted to know because of the behavior my daughter has been showing. She is an adult and is using weed several times a day and taking her paxil. If any one knows I would appreciate the information. Thanks Debbi

When on Paxil for a swallowing prob that I still have after 21 years and geting worse(I can't eat solid food in last 2 months),I felt really odd.Often MORE depressed than before I started taking it.I found myself on the dining room floor crying uncontrollably and I'm a man.I lost my sex drive and my GF at the time was wondering what was going on?.I was zonked most of the time and my band members wondered about my wobbly timekeeping(being a drummer).
After hating the side effects I went cold turkey and wanted off them.I remember driving to Toronto and having a mini seizure on the highway I had to pull over for half an hour.It was really scarey.
it seems all antidepressants that I've tried don't work and make me feel really zonked or tense.Once after Celexa I took one tablet and slept for 2 whole days!
What can't they check our serotonin levels before they prescribe?

thanks for reading and good luck!

I started paxil 7 days ago and after reading this I am going to stop taking it....hopefully I am early enough that I wont get all those aweful side effects. thanks for creating this site. Very informative.

I am going off of Paxil as well. I had been on this for 6 years. They even went as far as to increase my dose to 60 mg. When I told my family doctor that it wasn't helping we lowered the dose and tried other things with the Paxil. As I was going off Paxil the side effects hit me. I was irritable, crying, chills, stomache cramping, dizziness, and night sweats. I cried and was angry that I too was put on such a horrible medicine! It is addictive and this information needs to get out!

i´ve been addicted to paxil for the last 13 years

Just a quick note. I have never been on paxil but on another drug for another problem. The doctors know nothing about the drugs only that they are suppose to be good for what they are listed for. If you talk to your Dr. and ask him did you know this is a side effect he/she will most likely not know.

What I did was go to the pharmisist (sorry I am not a speller) They can look up the information on the computor. With my med. I should have nothing with caffine at all and absolutely no alcohol.

Meds are the pits there are alternitives but it is if you can afford them. And too sometimes you are had if you don't (they take your licence away) or had if you do.

So sorry to hear what you all have gone through I have experiences like many of you too.

I was on Effexor for a few months but didn't like how I was feeling on it. I was constantly out of it. So my Dr switched me to Paxil. Well my side effects werent as bad as some. But I just didn't want to be on this crap anymore. So last week I took myself off. The last few days have been hell. I thought my anger and tears were just a side effect of PMS.. I called my mom screaming today. I am not like that. I know now its the Paxil with drawls. I threw it all out last week so I can't even put myself back on it. But my Dr wants me to go the er. Some one please help. Cause what I am going through can't be normal.. What should I do?

My doctor just put me on paxil and I am having trouble with throat tightness and swallowing. Is this a common side effect and if so, how long does it usually last?

you guys are idiots. you can't stop taking it cold turkey.

Hi All. I've found this site very useful. I too was on Paxil for 7 years due to anxiety attacks while driving, and in fact didn't drive for a few months until I went on Paxil and was gradually able to ease myself back into it. I never was able to go on the freeway cause I was worried that I would have an "attack" while driving at great speeds and end up killing someone. I decided I needed to come off the drug so this past year I decreased my 20 mg daily dose to 10 by breaking the pill in half and somedays didn't take one at all. Last August (2007) I went cold turkey - not planned but was on vacation and forgot to bring them. While I had some symptoms, zapping, whooshing, light headedness etc. it wasn't intolerable. My question to you all is this - did any of you have any personality changes while ON Paxil. I became hooked on gambling and lost my marriage, my RRSP's and am now in the midst of bankruptcy. As I become clearer headed I can't believe this happened to me. I just can't believe I allowed this to happen and now, drug free, I don't even want to go there - was it the Paxil, was it mid life crisis, who knows but I'm curious if anyone else had some sort of dysfuntional, personality change while on this drug. Hope to hear from you soon and everyone hand in there. Like all of you I am furious with my family Dr. for prescribing this crap to me.

Claudia Baxter on October 6, 2007 3:06 PM

"zapping"? you are crazy! i've been on paxil since i quit smoking and it has been a total relationship savor. you people are nuts.

green_meanie on October 9, 2007 7:46 PM

Hi, I have been on Paxil 10mg for panic attacks for a couple of years know. I have not had any panic attacks since I was put on it. For a few months I have had crazy thoughts like of cheating,drugs alcohol and all this is VERY RARE for me as I am not someone who does any of this!! The thoughts of guys I want to cheat with are gross, guys that are thug looking that I would never of been attracted to in the past, when I am a decent mom and wife something is wrong this is not me I feel like it is altering the way I think. I mentioned it to a friend of mine of 20 years and she was shocked she said it is the paxil because this is not you. I Agree. Has anyone ever experienced this. Please Help. I am scared of what it is making me become.

What you have experienced is actually called SSRI-induced mania. Mania is usually only experienced by people with bipolar disorder, but it can actually happen by being put on an SSRI. It actually may be considered Bipolar 3 disorder, but I'm not sure.

Mania is a state of mind when one is more "hyper", impulsive, agitated, nervous or irritable, likely to overindulge in things (whether it be shopping, gambling, sex, etc.), and you could also be TOO happy for little or no reason during a manic state.

Don't be furious with your doctor. It's actually a very good drug, and it saved my life from a living hell (I have OCD and bipolar disorder, and I really needed it). It just wasn't right for you.


Well my DOC just prescribed this mythical drug to me but I hav'nt taken a dose yet. My symtoms are just anxiety but not even attacks just like a tightness of the chest wich the DOC says its anxiety. Well I think I'll pass on this drug man when I drink a beer its fine. So who knows what it could be. I think q I'll go smoke a big fat blunt instead. I'm pretty sure that will relax me even greater so to PAXIL if your reading this shove it up your crack. Thanks to everyone else for this great info and helping keep my freak on the bedroom. PEACE OUT FROM TEXAS yall.

Javier from TX on October 30, 2007 7:07 PM

I have been on Paxil for 8 years for Panic Attacks. I am in a good place in my life and decided to stop using Paxil. I have been weaning myself off it for the last month. It has now been 2 days without it. I feel so sick... brain zaps, dizzy, nausa, hot spells and feel like I am going crazy. I just want it to end and and so tempted to take that pink little pill but I won't let it win. Please give me strengh!!!

I have been reading many of these postings and just wanted to add my own story. I started taking paxil about five years ago. The first year was pure bliss, I thought I had found the miracle drug. I had no anxiety, no depression, I had some social anxiety in the past and this was totally relieved, I never seemed to get mad at anyone, etc. I was also suprised that I did not gain any weight, in fact I seemed to lose weight. Well, after about a year, the pounds started to come on and slowly my body began to take on a whole new shape. I am very small and only used to gain weight in my lower body but I soon turned into a "little line backer". My upper body got really big and my middle just expanded. I worked out almost every day and really watched what I ate but NOTHING worked. I finally decided to go off the med and I have to say it took a long time. I tried 2-3 times with no success and then finally SLOWLY (and I mean REALLY slowly) tapered down to almost nothing (I am now still on 2.5 mg every other day-really nothing just crumbs). The weight did not come off for 2 YEARS!!! I am now finally down to my original weight. Although now I am starting to experience the depression coming back worse than before and also social anxiety much worse than before. Has anyone who has stopped taking it ended up feeling worse than when they began? I do think this medication can help if you are in an awful state but I wish I never started taking it. I am now thinking of trying something else but I am afraid to go down another long road...


I weaned myself of Paxil, slowly, hoping to avoid a lot of side effects. I have not taken any for 3 weeks now. When will these side effects go away? I feel nauseous, lightheaded, ringing in my ears, racing heartbeats at times, and the worst is the night sweats/chills.

i hate paxil! i am a 27 yr old man and i took this shit for a month and every thing got worse,so i quit . my life has been shitty since i was about 15 , i quit school , bounced from job to job never keeping 1 for more than a year,i was beaten as a kid and i guess i picked up some pretty bad habits, i got really violent ,started fights with people that i didnt even know. i put a few in the hospital, i head butted some guy and knocked all his teeth out. then i started the drugs( coke, acid , mushrooms, huffing gas, smoking weed etc)i found weed to be the one i liked so i kept using it. by 18 i was in jail for trashing my parents house and threatening to kill them and to burn their house down , i went to a hospital for an assessment and they told me i had anger managment problems , no shit! they let me out and i met a girl who is now my wife , we had kids , got our own place etc but then i started beating on her, so she wanted to leave me and fucked my best friend. i found out ,he found out i knew and tried to talk his way out of it and i told him either you kill yourself or im coming to do it for you, so thats what he did , he overdosed and died in his sleep. then my wife and i moved to a new house to try to start over . every thing was getting better until 1 cold night our house burnt down while we were in it . i rescued my family from the fire almost losing my 2 yr old daughter in the blaze, i was off work for 5 months suffering burns, cuts, severed tendons, smoke inhallation , frost bite and now post traumatic stress too. after i recovered i went back to work bought a new house, then i end up rescuing 2 senior citizen from a burning gas station in the middle of the night , then a couple months later i tried to pull a guy out of his smoking rolled over jeep and the guy was totally messed up , his neck was so busted it looked like his head was on upside down, his arm was mangled and when i grabbed his other arm and pulled the guy came apart at the seams , pretty gross hey? and then the girl who was living in my basement cleaned out my bank for $8000 , finally i couldnt take any more so i was off work again on stress leave so my doctor put me on paxil , he told me i had to stop smoking pot so i quit about 4 days into my script and it made it way worse , but i stayed off the pot for a couple of weeks just to see if the doc was right and guess what he was wrong. i ended up having these really scary day dream kind of things where it was like i was watching tv in my head for about 10 - 20 seconds at a time i saw myself slitting my kids throats and stabbing my wife in the heart, then i snapped out of it and got so upset i threw up and had to get away from everyone , i started crying and i punched holes in the walls , busted my stereo , put my face through a door then i picked my wife up by her hair a smashed her head off the cupboards knocking her out .THEN SHE LEFT AND TOOK MY KIDS FROM ME. weve talked about whats been happening and we both feel that the paxil made me worse not better , were going to start counselling together and weve seperated for everyones safety im going to go back to the doctors and see if they have any more magical little pills hopefully they make things better if not im going to lose the only thing i have , my family, and without them i might as well be dead . so whom ever reads my life story , ask yourself this , is your life really that bad? stay away from this paxil shit its not worth it! there has to be a better way.

Hello- My sympathy goes out to you. Let me tell you my thing. I married one of the most beautifull girls (29) in Las Vegas. It was not my choice, she wanted me. I am not a millionair or the most handsom of mankind. Things went well, untill her daughter wanted to sleep for the weekend with men 12 years older. I said no and yes they hated me. Our marriage after 6 years exploded. I wanted to jump off a cliff but went to the doctor. He put me on paxill; first 10 then 30 then 40 mg. All was better but not right. I could not get sexual. After 5 years I thought I would try to have a life. I who have never been addicted to anything started to wein myslf off the drug. Wow! No problems untill about day 5. My mind had tremendous electronic clutter allmost to a point of panic. Then came the swooshes, like you were standing at a busy intersection in downtown and turned yourback. This side effect did not go away untill I went on SERTALINE. I am not happy with any of the anti- depresants but this one is good for me. Yes it has side effects but dont they all. lucky... ps this drug will give you bach your sex life. Good Luck

In 1999 I had a heart attack. My X took me back to CAlif. from get a stent implant.I had no ins. there. The Dr. said there was a 35% chance the stent would close in 6 months. He said if it did, being in the LAD artery, I wouldn't make it to the phone,if I was alone I would die. So he agreed to stay with me for 6 mos. Well, 3 days after we got back to Ark. he left. I was so afraid I was going to die that I wound up in the ER. A shrink put me on Paxil. That was almost 9 years ago. I noticed a little change in my personality, and a big change in my sex drive. I have always had a strong sex drive, even as I was getting older.This drug cut it about in half. for the first 5 years, then it went down to nothing. I tried weaning myself off, tried cold turkey, and went on wellbutrin with the Paxil for a week, then just stopped the Paxil. I did this a couple of years ago but about 2 MONTHS AFTER STOPPING THE WELLBUTRIN, I JUST WENT KIND OF NUTS.I went back on the Paxil again. I am trying one more time to use wellbutrin , I am off the Paxil for 11 days now. Tonight I had shocks to my head really bad. I have also had lots of head congestion for a week. I am going to keep trying to get off this addictive crap. I will let you know how it goes. By the way, I am now 72 years old.

I have been on and off paxil for 11 years.I was presribed it uncontrolled itching on my arms. Been off it for 5 weeks now. and I feel terrible,like I have a flu,and my tummy feels turned inside out. I have to beat it this time. W ish me luck..sue

I have been on paxil for about three years, but it has really worked for me! I was suprised to read all these negative comments. When the doctor put me on paxil, i was only 18 very depressed and suicidal. At that point in my life I have lost so much weight that at 5'11 I weighed 90 pounds. My teachers had even contacted the guidance office becuase they were concerned about my weight. I was in an extremely emotional state that I was never hunry and just wouldn't eat. Eventually I stopped going to school because I was trying to avoid the confrontation I was getting there My doctor put me on Paxil and I started feeling much better. Im only on 10mg but it had definitely changed my life around. Since then I gained about 20 pounds, doing really well in university, have a job and a boyfriend. I do admit that when I miss a few days of taking the paxil I go back into a over-emotional state, but nothing is worse than what I was originally going through. If my doctor hadnt put me on Paxil who knows what would have happened.

After, ten years of taking paxil on and off(more on than off) I stummbled across this site. I too went through many of the same side effects/withdrawls and always seem to find myself back on this drug. I am now hoping to get off as one of the most common side effects is pruritis (itching) I have had a problem with this since taking this medication and no one could diagnose the cause. I have criss crossing scars all over my arms from my finger nails. Iwas told several occasion that the unexplained itching was all in my head. Also, fungal infections are common side effects of this medication. I have battled athletes foot and vaginal yeast infections for the better part of the last ten years. Again, no one making the connection to the paxil. Finally a natural remedy has kept those symptoms at bay.(tea tree oil)
I have suffered many of the side effects/withdrawl symptoms (nausea, zapping, flailing of the limbs during early sleep, restless leg syndrom,headache, insomnia, dizziness, fatigue) I had relief of some symptoms on the drug. Initially, I called it my happy pill, but the depression came back because the side effects are so debilitating. And I believe it is addictive because I always seem to go back to it.

The positive results were that I had less social anxiety, depression and compulsion when it comes to food, but it is time for me to get off this drug. I am afraid of possible long term effects, and pray that I haven't done irreparable damage to my body by taking it for so long.
I am looking for something to detox my body, eating healthier, drinking water, excercising, adn trying to mainatain an overall healthier lifestyle.

I am so real when I say this I have been having mild anxiety for about a week. A lady at church that I knew very well sat next to me on New Years Eve night. She died of a massive heart attack the next day.....that mess had my mind set JACKED UP!!! Now I have had anxiety before and this lady was not really close to me but for some reason it did not shake away quickly. So days go by and I teach third grade so noise, the classroom, and other things start to become overwhelming. I am not depressed about anything, I'm broke but who isnt?, not homeless? and yet i'm still pondering why I am having anxiety so bad. I recenttly started exercising and eating out less. On Tuesday I went to the E.R. couldn't get in to see my doc soon enough. They gave me Paxil 20 mg.....I will not crack that damn bottle no matter how bad I get......this has been a real EYE OPENER... all the questions, concerns, when?, and whys? have been answered. I finally broke down today because i had another out-break but am so determined NOT to take the pills i know it's the right thing to do now after discovering this site. I want to say THANK YOU ALL... I have read this from the beggining to end......They can have these hoes i will rather be my own therapy and medicine!!!!!!

Hi everybody,

I am sick as a dog and mad as hell. This generic Paxil shit, Paroxetine, is nasty. I started taking it because I was unemployed, single mom, trying to stay alive, and terrified I could not get a job. First day, it made me so sick and I had such a headache I WISHED I WAS DEAD. Same thing for the next week or so, including the nightmares, completely unable to stay awake during the day, no appetite, so constipated I nearly gave myself hernias and brain aneurisms. Nearly blew my head open trying to shit. Everyone said the side effects will go away. Not weight gain! That gets worse, and I had no ability to feel any sex drive at all. I did feel better, but I could have felt the same just by running every day. And feel nicely horny, too. The constipation NEVER LET UP in 3 MONTHS. Now I have quit taking that nasty chemical, and I get the electric shocks in my arms and hands with every move I make. IT IS FREAKY. I can't eat, I am nearly throwing up nothing, I am dizzy, getting insomnia again, just like in the beginning. I believe the chemicals are some really nasty shit. I read that anti-depressants reduce the production of testosterone, which less production of testosterone increases depression. So we are prescribed anti-depressants in order to increase our depression, so we have to take more anti-depressants. GET A CLUE, WORLD. The pharmaceutical companies are the ones pushing drugs, drugs, drugs. They can help, but what are they helping? Anti-depressants make you feel better about being poor and lonely? So we can feel better about having no friends or family and not earning enough cash to buy a can of corn? Is that the way to fix the problem? No, we need to take the actions that actually make us better. The brain has alot of control over hormones, hormones in turn effect the brain. Just take control of your own metabolism! Take control! Taking a 50 cent pill is so easy. It's the therapy with a good psychologist that is going to change your brain, its just alot more expensive and takes alot more effort. The entire medical establishment wants us to take the pills because it is cheaper than therapy. I would rather not take the pills. At least if I am horny, I make the effort to connect. IT IS THE SOCIAL CONNECTIONS AND BONDS THAT WILL ULTIMATELY SAVE YOUR LIFE, WHETHER WITH A GOOD THERAPIST OR A GOOD LOVER (or better yet, both).

this is what i wrote the FDA,lets see if we together can do anything

I would like to let you know i am taking Paxil, well was. the side effects are very concerning. After 1 week, i was not able to walk down the steps. My legs were trembling so bad. My mouth was sore from being so dry when i slept at night. I was not able to eat for 1 and a half days. i had nausea and was waking up at 1:30am and not being able to get back to sleep. please do something. depression is a real thing and we need help. how can we get help when its driving us crazy?????

A few years ago, my wife had a very bad incident with Bronchitis / asthma. It became so bad that she was put on prednisone. Prednisone is a steriod that helps heal breathing issues like bronchitis per her dr.

After being on prednisone for a few months, my wife went from 118lbs to 160lbs. She tried several things to get rid of the weight that prednisone gave her. She became very emotional about it because nothing worked. It affected her greatly. Because prior to the incident, my wife and I were enjoying a very full sexual life. She was in her sexual prime and we were very happy.

She went to the dr to seek help. Her dr prescribed paxil for her "depression". After a few weeks of taking paxil, she seemed to be in a good place. No more yealing, crying, distant feelings. However, they weight was still not coming off.

After a few years of paxil treatment, I can tell you that any benefit that the person who's taking the medication is offset by the bad effects on their partner's relationship.

There is absolutely NO sexual desire on her behalf. And this has constantly caused relationship issues.

Please, please, please, if you have a choice of whether or not to take it.....DON'T.

This is my story.

I have been on paxil for about 2 months on 20 mg, and then they put me to 40 mg. After a while I forgot to take the pill for few days, and at work I started feeling all these uncommon sweats and just dizziness, I started to become very panicky and all of a sudden my left arm started getting worm and tingly and then it spread through my head and all the way down to my feel. I was feeling like my toes were not even mine, I was so cold that they had to put 5 blankets on me and I was just shacking it was an awful experience. Emergency came in and they started testing my heart because I though that I was having an hart attack it was horrible. They took me to the emergency checked ********** and my heart was racing 150 bpm. They asked me if I was taking anything and I said paxil. After that they never asked if I skipped a dose or they never told me that it could be due to the drug. Well then they mi ativan that calmed me down completely. Then I went to my regular doctor and he gave me 40mg said that dose was too low and that I needed a higher dose. He never told me or even asked me if I missed a dose. He said that I had a panic attack and that I should continue using these stupid pills. I guess I believed him until I saw other peoples comments. Yestrday I forgot to take a pill, and this morning I forgot also, and I was driving to the store and al of a sudden I feel like this lack of functioning, and all these tingling all over my body, and my heart felt so thigh, and just feeling that you are going to completely crash out, or I don’t even know how to explain these stupid feelings. This is affle I would like to get off of this crap and the stupid people who made tame should be sewed because its about peoples health and this is so not good for putting all these people on this drug. I don’t understand but I think that all those doctors who think that they are so smart, and all those crazy pill makers should start taking this pill if they think that’s very good and that is not addicting, well bull shit mother fuckers who have no fucking clue about this mother fucking drug.
So this is for you people out there who are trying to screw up our life , should all go back to school so they can learn some more about paxil since apparently they didn’t.

I've just started taking Paxil about a week ago and decided that i needed to find out what side effects that im having or serious or not. I've been having fine tremors in my hands and excess sweating along with the need to dry heave and headaches. also, I've have one espisode where i burst out in anger for no reason. I'm seriously thinking about not taking it any longer. im glad i found this site. im going to have my doctor read it, for future reference.

About 3.5 years ago I was prescribed Paxil for anxiety. I had some side effects at first but they went away. The only time I had any side effects after my intial ones, was when I missed my medicine. I contiued taking it for about 2 years. I descided to stop taking it cold turkey. It was hell but I expected that. From what I understand, most drugs like that have withdraw effects. It did make me numb and I did not have a sexual drive, but I also did not have anxiety. People with mental illness have to weigh out what is best for them. It sucks, but we have to make that choice. Now, paxil is not right for everyone. That is also an example of weighing out what is best for you. It takes time sometimes to get the right medicine.

I was off paxil for a while and just started back 3 days ago. I am actually anxious to start feeling better again. I will probably feel numb again, but that's better than "feeling too much".

Like I said, Paxil is not for everyone. Doctor's are not pychics. Trying different medicines is the only way. If you choose to take these kind of medicines, educate yourself first so that you will know what to expect.


i dont know what i can say but this pill has changed my life i have a son he is 12
and now it is easy for him to talk to me now that he can talk to me were befor we would yell at each orther all the time i thank god for paxil i doot have any of the side effects you all talked about in you notes but i can say that iam sorry for all of you i sleep so good and i get up at like 6am were befor it was in the after noon and as far as sex go i hate it so i dont know any way hope you all well nancy ann

paxil is one of the worst things that ever happened to me. the side effects are worse than the depression,by far. I can't believe the stuff is legal. The more i read and talk to people , the more i wish i'd never heard of paxil. I quit it cold turkey and suffered. The headaches, nightmares were terrible. After a couple months the nasty side effects slowly faded away. Please do yourself or loved ones a favor and stay away from paxil; its poison. And they give out free samples!

After experiencing panic attacks, mostly when driving or flying, I have been on 10 mg Paxil for 1 1/2 yrs. Contrary to most of these posts, my experience with Paxil has been WONDERFUL. The only side effect has been a weight gain. However, I believe that may have to do with my being stress free therefore I eat more. :>

Four weeks ago I started taking 1/2 dosage to ween off Paxil using my doctor's guidance. I truly have not felt any discomfort and actually feel the same as when I was on a whole Paxil.

I feel that Paxil 'set me free'

I just took myself off of Paxil for the third and last time. I kept going back to it thinking the withdrawl was actually my old feelings coming back(the reason I started taking it in the first place). It was awesome at first the way I felt. Eventually though I started to feel worse then before I started taking it. Now, I feel horrible. I had no idea about the withdrawl until I googled it. I've had stomach cramps, nightmares, sweating, hot flashes, chills, headaches, electric zaps, dizziness, a weird sound in my ears kinda hard to explain. It's been terrible. My only relief is knowing that I am not crazy. I'm done with anti-depressents period. It's been over a week now,anyone have any suggestions to aleviate some of my discomfort. Thanks in advance.

Hi all. I am desperate for some information. I have been on Paxil CR 25mg daily for the past 7 years. I recently, out of the blue, woke up one morning paralyzed on one side of my face. Diagnosed with Bell's Palsy I went home. Two days later woke up blind and deaf on same side. Diagnosed with Ramay Hunt Syndrome and sent home. Four days later I could not balance myself and was dizzy and finally admitted for test. MRI's, CT's, all reveal nothing but cranial nerve swelling or irritation as they called it. Given Prendisone and sent home. It is now a month later and no one knows what is wrong with me. Sight is back, hearing and balance is not. Facial paralysis is better. Could this be a long term side effect of Paxil. This is the only med I have taken other than over the counter Tylenols, Motrins, etc. Someone please help.

Thank God I'm not alone! I was prescribed 40 mg of Paxil when I was 16, and have been taking it now for almost 10 years. Being frustrated with never having any sex drive, my boyfriend urged me to try to wean myself off of it. I agreed and went to see my doctor, who had me reduce the amount of medication I was taking by 10 mg every week. I'm currently taking 10 mg a day, but will be done taking the medication in two days. I have never felt worse. I feel like I'm on an emotional rollercoaster, constantly crying at the drop of a hat. I get mad at myself and my boyfriend for no reason and feel constantly depressed. I feel nauseous and dizzy all the time. I'm not sure what people mean by experiencing "zaps" but when I move my eyes to look around, it feels like they have a delayed reaction. I'm willing to keep giving this a try, but I need to know that eventually I will feel better. Since I've been taking the medication for so many years, I'm scared that it might take years for my body to completely adjust. I don't think I can handle that and would probably end up resorting to going back on the medication full strength. Please, any thoughts or tips?

Ive been taking paxil for litle over a year now. Like Karen above said it was great at first, but as time went on I began noticing side effects, such as mood swings. Like sadness, anger, and hopelessness. Especially weight gain. Not being able to lose it after going to the gym 10 to 15 hours a week was frustrating. Didnt even lose one pound. Where as before I took paxil I would have lost 5 pounds in one week. Ive tried several times before to quit and of course I tried cold terkey which now after reading the comments on this site, it was a bad idea. I experienced the same side effects such as. Headache, zaps, light headedness, anxiety shakyeness, an urge to cry, suicidal thoughts, sweating. The list goes on. Word of advice to anyone who is thinking about taking anti depresants dont. Their is other methods of ridding yourself of anxiety and depression. It is called ATTACKING ANXIETY AND DEPRESSION BY Lucinda Bassett. This program is a four month program. It may sound time consuming, but if you follow thru with it and are patient with the program I gurentee it will be the last thing you will ever have to do. I promise. To know more about this program visit.

Hi, I'k 32 from Arg, been taking paxilfor 2,3 years now, I aslo take rivotril (all with the conscent of my therapist, Seh want me to leave ther paxil, cause she thnks(and I agree) idont need it anymore,

Well man, Im living throu F@cking hell, I an tel you THAT right now.

Feeling ver ver verrrry agressiv
eVertigo, me head XPLODES
CANT SLEEP ,at most 4 hours
Feeling heated (is thatword correct)all the time
Been cryng a LOT with anything

Nomatter what HAT SOAB IS NOT GOING TO WIN ME, I will stick to the end, andI will survive man.

I justhope, this "package"of terrrible thing just end sometime.

My advice only takethis IF YOU DONT HAVE ANOTHER WAY, leaving it is HELL,I REPEAT: LEAVING IT IS H.E.L.L.


I would like to know if anyone has had trouble walking (coordination & gait problems)while taking paxil? Trouble getting out of a chair or weakness? I believe the classic symptons are by far common in most people but have heard more serious side effects were balance and corrdination problems. I know 2 other people on paxil(SSRI's) who have had this problem along with the common side effects, would like to hear from anyone else who has experienced this too. I'm asking for a loved one (Mom) who has notice a negative change in her since on the drug. She is more laid back mentally but has alot of physical symptoms that I believe are coming from this drug. She did not have these problems until put on this.

all i can say is that everyone should research the/any medication: risks, side affects etc....... they are being put on, BEFORE agreeing to it....seems awfully stupid of everyone to just say yes and to agree to something and not know what the fuCk it is, grow up, take responsibility for yourself and shut UP already!

My doctor prescribed me paxil almost a year ago and I am now currently in the process of "weaning" off of it. While on paxil I only had one mood; happy. Not to mention my 30 lb. weight gain. However, while tapering my paxil I have experienced severe nausea and dizziness. The effects of trying to get off paxil seem to be worse than the effects of being on paxil. I feel as if I don't get off paxil now, I will be dependant on it for who knows how long.

When going to my pediatrition (I'm 16) she told me that my headaches, dizziness, and nausea, were completly unrelated to me tapering my paxil. She also informed me that my weight gain was also unrelated me being on paxil. (Considering how I was on a 1200 calorie diet and exercising everyday =\)
What I don't understand is why doctors don't seem to know about the side effects of these drugs.

My advice to anyone out there considering paxil (or any SSRI drug, I guess) is to not take the drug. I feel as though my depression was much less to suffer through than the physical pain I am now enduring.

It's so frustrating seeing kids my age having a good time while I'm laying on the sofa worrying if I am going to throw up. Each night I have to take anti nausea medicine before I go to bed, which only alleiviates the discomfort somewhat.

Does anybody have any suggestions that might help counteract my nausea?


I stopped taking my paxil 5 days ago. I'm miserable - have many of the side effects that have been described. The dizziness, breaking out in a sweat, the weird sound in my ears, the not sleeping but a couple hours a day. Is there anyone that can help me get through this w/out going back on. I thought I was imagining all of this - I'm glad I'm not... Can anyone help me.

ive been on a mind drug since i was 30. zoloft, xanax, clozepam, clodine, valium, the everything but the zoloft was a downer, im now on paxil, give anything a try to beat this fear down. i have a generalized panic disorder, i get shaky for no reason, getting use to paxil takes some skill, im on 40mg, and am getting the weakness, halucinations, probably my dose needs adjusted. but my point is, there are people wheo actually need these drugs, and if take it, you can just about figure this is a life time drug, your brain will not heal or get better, you have a sertonin problem, thats causing your upset moods, even aches and pains. ill deal with the side effects anyday compared to a full blown panic attack.

james miller on June 15, 2008 12:00 AM

I have been on seroxat 20 mg tablets for about 8 weeks. 2 weeks later I started experiencing a rash over most parts of my body. I blamed the hot weather for that. However, it seemed that this rash happened every time I touched or washed my skin or hit it against something. Occasionally I also got light bruises and hot flushes. At the moment I also have a slight fever. Does anyone think this could be the effect of seroxat? I am too scared to go for a blood test.

I also am a frustrated paxil user. I did well on it but the weight gain was frustrating. I would run 4 miles a day and gain weight. I was initially prescribed 20mg. I quit cold turkey 2 years ago and wound up in the er with severe panic attacks and migraines with auras. Horrible. I was so afraid I went back on it. Like I said the initial side effects of getting back on it are all described here, but I did well on it. This year I decided to wean myself off. I went from 20-10-5mg gradually until I thought I could handle it. The first 2 weeks I did pretty well and then it all started again. The horrible panic attacks,headaches, confusion,no emotion..So here I am back on with a little help from Xanax I am experiencing the same goofy symptoms getting back on it. Headaches, confusion, etc.... I hate this drug because I don't think I can ever be free of it.I feel like a drug addict....I hate doctors because I feel they make you feel like your crazy. I would be afraid to go back to the er as for fear they will commit me, so here I go again...back to the viscious circle that I will never be able to end. I also have the ringing in the ears.

I would like to tell everyone about my experience with taking Paxil. I am doing this so that you may make an informed decision should you decide to take this drug. I was not given that option because certain side effects, though known, have not been disclosed to the FDA, physicians, or consumers.
I was prescribed Paxil by my doctor during an especially stressful time in my life. I had no history of mental illness nor was I diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. I took this medicine, actually a very low dose, from 2001 – 2005. When I decided to stop taking it, I cut my dose back gradually and weaned myself off of it entirely.
I began having gastric distress. This began as I was cutting back on the Paxil and continued long after I quit taking it. I had diarrhea every day for 2-1/2 years. Just about everything I ate went right through me. This lasted all day long, every day. From my research, I have since learned that most of the serotonin in your body is located in your intestines, so it makes sense that if you take something that adjusts that serotonin level, then your intestines would be affected.
I will try to tell you how this has changed my life. It affects everything that I do, from what kind of job I have, where I go, vacations, where and what I can eat. I have had many tests run by specialists and there is no other cause for the diarrhea. I can also tell you that there have been some very embarrassing moments because of this.
About 2 months ago, as an experiment, I started taking the Paxil again. And guess what? The diarrhea stopped almost immediately. I found a blog called Paxil Progress, which is a blog for people who are trying to wean off of Paxil and it seems that my story is not unique at all. This drug causes bowel incontinence, bloating, horrible gas and pain along with the chronic diarrhea.
I wish I had known what this drug would do to me before I started taking it. Please do your homework. The doctors will not tell you about the side effects and withdrawal symptoms, nor will GlaxoSmithKline, the makers of Paxil. Can you guess why they don’t tell you? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$

I am A 34 Year old single mom. I had a Horrible panic attack and ended up finding out I have Panic Disorder.The doc gave me Paxil. It will work for anxiety, BUT the side effects are so bad,that I am just dealing with my disorder with no meds at all. I was taking Paxil for 2 years.40mg. I started feeling really crappy and like I had electrical shocks going from my head to my feet.Small ones.I stopped cold turkey and OMG!!!!!!!I had MAJOR shocks through my body and aches and pains, I even ran a low grade fever, Dr. said nothing was wrong on any of the tests. I had so many symptoms.They only lasted about 4 months. Then I had another attack and boom! I have mental confusion, ringing in my ears, dizziness, and I feel like my brain is swollen up inside my head with all the pressure. I now have the pain in my back diagnoised it is a tumor that started coming up right before I stopped taking the Paxil. It has been almost 2 years now.I still have these symptoms that are awful. Can somebody help tell me how long I will have to deal with this? I refuse to go back on this drug but I want to be better for my kids.My e-mail is Please contact me if you have any info.

Wow. I never even thought about Paxil actually being addictive, but it makes sense. For the past few days I've been wondering around trying to figure out why I can't keep anything down & am dizzy. My Dr did not wean me off, she just switched me to a different medicine. That was a week ago. I really hope this nausea crap goes away soon. I wanted to lose the weight that paxil gave me, but not this way.I will NEVER go back on this crap again. The good does not outweigh the bad.

I have been using Paxil on and off again for 15 years for my depression. I had been off for about a year and had to go back on to try and help with the loss of 2 family members. I had never had any side effects except some weight loss and I wasn't going to complain about that at all. Now that I am back on it I'm having tremors and I'm restless. I don't want to go off of it until my emotions are in check. Maybe age has something to do with this new side effect or maybe they have changed the ingrediants from my previous prescriptions.

i have been on paxil for 4 years now and just now stopped a few days ago, i am at the point of being EXTREEMLY freaked out! 4 years and my doc never thought to mention getting off of the med. is worse than anything you will ever feel before you get on it. i'm sure some of you just LOVe your f'in paxil, but its because you have never had to be wihout it for over a week or whatever and if you say you have and didnt have any side effects i'm straight up calling you a liar or a shrink trying to cover up your guilt about just giving this shit out to your patients like candy! Paxil is dangerous and any shrink or doc that gives this to their patient without showing them this web site first is just neglagent! Whatever the FDA says paxil IS addictive, right now i am in constant disorienting pain from the paxil withdrawl, and all of you out there trying your hardest to promote this should be ashamed! kids are reading this to, and as a mother i would NEVER let my children have this so called safe medacine! if you havent taken it yet or you have only been on it for a few days i'm begging you STOP now while your still ahead! the only reason people are saying good things about this is because they have had there fix today, please take the advise of all the people who are going through this shit DONT TAKE PAXIL! IT IS ADDICTIVE

sorry for the rant, i'm only off of paxil for 7 days and rage is just another one of the shitty side affects


I have been taking Paxel for a few years. I was taking another similar drug before but I can't remember the name. I was having mild panic attacks. I have not had any side effects except sexual, that's bad enough. I sometimes forget to take it for a few days at a time. The only thing I have experienced is the zaps or flashes which remind me to take it again. A couple of weeks ago I stopped taking it altogether after forgetfully weaning myself off. I called my doctor for a refill but he won't give me one without a visit which I can't afford so I'm through with Paxel. I guess I'm one of the few who are lucky enough to get away with taking it. I'm sorry for the rest of you.

Anyone who needs assistance getting off of paxil can be helped by a great support group mentioned above. They aren't trying to sell anything, just help those who want off paxil to get off. Some people are able to cold turkey, with no trouble. I don't know why that happens because others have horrendous trouble they never dreamed they could survive through. I'm one of those. Been trying to get off of paxil for 8 years without knowing how to properly taper. And some things that have worked for others have not worked for me.

Also, another website to help those dealing with anxiety is They aren't trying to sell anything either. Just trying to teach a non med alternative to others. Paxil is NOT a life long solution to this problem. It is known to quit working. Did it help me initially? Yes, But I gained almost 70 pounds on it, pretty much quit caring about most things in life. I didn't have the tools that I have now to help me.

I feel for you all. I've been through my own versions of depression, anxiety and withdrawal from paxil. The suicidal thoughts and horrendous physical symptoms associated with it all. I still ahve 7 mgs to go to be off. Don't know how long it will take but SLOW tapering is necessary. NOT in a matter of days or weeks, but taking months to maybe a year to get off is best for most people.

There is help out there. Don't give up. Just look at those sites and learn as much as you can. Docs don't have the proper education about it because the Pharma Company isn't telling the truth. They deny any problems with coming off of paxil. They call it "discontinuation syndrome" and say it only lasts 2 weeks because they didn't follow any one after two weeks in their study. How convenient.

Good luck to you all.



My experance with paxel is hell if you try to get off of it you will have sever head aches. I
call it dope with bad withdraws if I knowed what I
know I would have ask for somthing else. I have ben taking it for 20 years people don't under stand it thanks your just being crankie.I also
have another problem witch is thyroids. Doctors
should tell you paxell withdraws or any other

W Ray Sanderson on November 21, 2008 11:24 PM


RICHARD TANSEY on December 9, 2008 4:01 PM

have you freaks ever hear of easing off a drug. you cold turkey freaks Deserve whay you get.

I've been on Paxil since 1994 and at first it really helped. But recently I started getting withdrawl syptoms while still on it. The doctor put me on Zoloft and it helped for two days and then back to withdrwl syptoms. Headaces, Hurting all over like the flu and brain and body zapps. Why am I getting withdrawl syptoms while on the meds. I own a business and I have to shutdown my business and and lay in bed. This is driving me crazy. My husband has been on it for the past 5 years and can't get off it either. What the hell are the doctors and pharmisist doing to us. All the meds they prescribe to us treat syptoms not the underlying cause. I find this to be very odd that they never treat the cause of anything only the syptoms. Could it be that if they cure you, the money train is over. SOB's

i was prescribed paxil when i was in 4th grade and stayed on it for about a year or so. i try to get off of it the first year and found myself going through hell.imagine a 8 year old girl going through withdrawal of paxil i would never forget that. i missed school for about 3 days. i had a fever my stomach aches were unbearable and my head pounded like a hammer.once i took it because the pain was hell and i could barely move my mom gave me a pill and i ttok it. i fell asleep and wen i woke up i felt better. as if nothing happened. iam now 18 years old and will never forget that experience. its addicting and it shouldnt be prescribed.

REALLY QUICK, I AM NOW PAXIL.....thants what i am..I hate it and have experienced all those discosting symptoms also..I stopped using it about 4 o5 yrs ago and the fucken zapping, vertigo, in my brain are back....I cant take it anymore, I thought it was all gone FOREVER AND AFTER ALL HESE YEARS its back............I filed the Lawsuit and they denied my case, because they said i didnt file on time.

I started taking Paxil a little over a month and a half ago. After about a week i started having unbelievable migraine headaches,these were the worst headaches in my life, so bad I was rendered helpless and was brought down to tears,,I honestly thought I was dieing, after going to the hospital on 2 visits the Dr.s couldnt find out what was wrong. After my 3rd visit they admitted me and put me through the tests. I had neck x-rays a CT Scan and a spinal tap. And still nothing. After 4 days they sent me home, no further ahead. My wife said my headaches started soon after I started to take Paxil, I didnt want to believe her as it made me feel better for depression. So I decided to look it up on the computer and found this blog page,, after reading all this I took myself off it 5 days ago, and today I woke up with no headache, for the first time. Im extremly fatigue but I'm on the mend. Thank you to whoever posted all the comments!!

I've been on Paxil for 2yrs now, I suffered what i thought was a heart attack and after a battery of test found nothing was wrong with my heart. My family doc said that i was having anxiety. She put me on 20mg and low and behold i was better, Did however lose my sex drive, Told my doc on my six month check up and she put me down to 10mg, guess what? Still doing good. She told me that paxil and its like meds work differ in differ people so don't hate paxil if it don't work for you try somthing else. TALK TO YOUR DOC ABOUT EVERY LITTLE DETAIL. They are working for you, if your dead they don't get payed so tell them what your feeling, maybe one med don't work for you but another might.

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