June 20, 2004

This Day in Aaron's Life (Refining my Narcisism...)

So I have been getting the whole day vs night thing backwards again. In the last 24 hours I researched and published a website aiming to help people with depression. I also began promoting the idea in a viral way (only time will tell what will happen with it).

The early outcome is looking good since the first two places I placed ads offered me more advertising for free. (Yet another reason it is better to work for individuals vice companies). My ad spend, hosting and all that jazz costed me less than $300.

I also helped support the open software movement by making a donation.

I also promoted my site some more by doing more link building.

I also bought a ton of links promoting a customers site.

I also rewrote a part of my ebook.

I also bought an old school video game off eBay...can't wait to play it again.

I also posted a bunch in forums and mowed the yard.

I also sold a bunch of my ebooks and emailed back and forth with a few customers.

I also help feed a couple kids from Africa.

I am also going to advertise in another major publication with big distribution numbers. Everything on the net is just a drive to make it to a marginably profitable level. After you get there you really can destroy any and all competition by reinvesting to create faster feedback loops. I think I am at that reinvesting type point in time. :)

Also if you haven't checked it out in a bit, the Fatty Weight Loss Blog now has a cool new logo.

It is all about learning and having fun and I think I am doing at least a little bit of each of those. :)

Posted at June 20, 2004 7:33 AM


Although some of the comments you make are extreme and you have every reason to feel this way...I have a few things to say...(from someone that knows him)

I want to let you know how proud I am of you...you have taken a crappy situation and focused on the positive side and helped others in the process. You are an utterly unique and extremely intelligent individual. I value the time we got to know each other and share many, many laughs.

So in short...I am proud to know you and better for having listened to your views (some I actually agree with :-). So please keep up your blogs as we read them frequently...

Not quite family (but almost),

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