September 24, 2004

Why Ben and Jerry's Sucks

So while in London I noticed that they had Ben and Jerry's. No big deal.

Then I took a closer look...they had a flavor called Carmel Chew Chew...which is extremely similar to Tripple Caramel Chunck.

Tripple Caramel Chunk is my favorite flavor...and it is retired. Over here we have shitty flavors like Vanilla for a change, Coffee for a change, and Chocolate for a change.

That change is destroying my brand experience and the brand in my mind...eventually the corporate profits will dip...then perhaps they will see what they are doing to their brand...for a change.

Posted at September 24, 2004 7:16 PM

whoever wrote that thing about Ben and Jerry's ice cream hiding flavors from him is so god damn stupid. Why would you care enough about ice cream to put it on the internet to express you criticism... about FUCKING ice cream!!! I realize me writing this is somewhat hippocritical because of me taking time out of my day to have some words with Pr. Peanut Butter, and trust me, I do have better things to do with my life. I just thought it was appropriate to humiliate this stupid fuck as much as I could for a few minutes. On that note I should go, but ice cream dude... I think you need to meet a girl, soon.

Hi Rob

>about FUCKING ice cream

The post was not about hiding flavors, ben and jerry's, or ice was about the general cycle in which corporations and ideas start off pure and then eventually get corrupted by the profit element / shareholder.

>I realize me writing this is somewhat hippocritical because of me taking time out of my day to have some words with Pr. Peanut Butter, and trust me, I do have better things to do with my life.

you really just made me laugh. it is not your fault for finding it though...when evil bloggers like me (hat tip Daniel Brandt) write keyword rich post titles the pages tend to rank well.

if you search Google for:
ben and jerry sucks or
ben and jerry's sucks
this is currently the #1 ranking page

Yahoo! is currently ranking the food / drug category page of this site at #1 for:
ben and jerry sucks or
ben and jerry's sucks

for what it is worth, this post is consumer feedback ben and jerry's should be interested in hearing. to you ben and jerry's is just ice cream, but to some other people they are much more.

> I just thought it was appropriate to humiliate this stupid fuck as much as I could for a few minutes.

well thanks for humiliating him ;-)

>On that note I should go, but ice cream dude... I think you need to meet a girl, soon.

I have been told this before...

Don't you dare think that just because you can't get some of our flavors in the U.S., it won't taste as good. Europeans pay us more to make special flavors, so we listen to them. We don't need kids like you criticizing our values of money. Go suck on your moms contraceptive devices and go to hell.

How was my molestig?

I'd love to see you take advantage of your #1 spot for Google search "Ben & Jerrys Suck". Like pointing out what Unilever is doing, and how Ben & Jerry's are now a part of the machinery that essentially robs from communities ~ then very publically gives a portion back to the community and pats thenmselves on the back.

Annual sales of approx 46 BILLION

Some other fun facts about Unilever:

In 1988 UNILVER locked out 3800 striking workers from their plant in Bombay in India who struggled for their salarys and their jobs.

In March 2001, residents of Kodaikanal, India, caught UNILEVER red-handed when they uncovered a dumpsite with toxic mercury-laced waste from a thermometer factory run by their Indian subsidiary Hindustan Lever. The 7.4 tons of crushed mercury-containing glass was found in torn sacks, spilling onto the ground in a busy scrap yard located near a school. More than 400 residents marched to the factory gates joined by Greenpeace, marking the beginning of an ongoing saga of dishonesty and botched cover-up efforts by UNILEVER. Mercury accumulates in the liver, kidneys, brain and blood and can cause birth defects and serious disorders of the nervous system and kidneys.

The Products:
SLIM-FAST: As the names suggest, these products capitalize on the fact that Americans eat far too much -- Ben & Jerry's ice cream. On 3 August 2000, Slim-Fast recalled more than two million milk-based shakes, saying they may present a low risk of temporary gastrointestinal sickness.

FAIR & LOVELY: The largest selling Skin Care Product in India; now exported to over 30 countries. Promoted as a "fairness face cream" that will lighten your dark skin. Wonderful. We need to spread the message that a light skin is better than a dark skin.

From reports of animal torture, to ruthless monopolizing of food distribution channels, to violations as the largest coffee plantation owner in Africa, Unilever acts exactly like you would expect a gigantic global mprofit machione would: Nice work Ben. Good job, Jerry. No wonder the hippy movement was such a flash in the pan. You guys want to make a difference? Be one of the first companies to stand up to the machinery. Pull out of Unilver, and go back to being a private company.

scott kennedy on December 28, 2005 1:53 PM

It is very clear that none of you have done even a minutes worth of actual research on the subject of Ben & Jerry's, Unilever or their commitment to corporate social responsibility. At least start at, then google Ben & Jerry and Corporate Social responsibility..then perhaps check out Business in the goes on and on...happy enlightenment...

Hi Elizabeth,
well there are a few resources that would question how Ben and Jerrys owner Unilever exercises it's corporate responsibility.

This page sorta makes it sound like Unilever sucks.

thanks for the post

Hey Arron,

It's not just the lack of interesting flavors that bothers me. Have you noticed that the quality of the product has taken nose dive as well? It's not as dense as it was. Which in my opinion is why Ben and Jerry were so successful to begin with. It's all light and fluffy, pumped up with air. It's also sweeter now, you taste the sugar way before you taste what ever flavor it's supposed to be. And, probably worst of all, it's now loaded with carrageenan, a Vaseline like product you get from seaweed. When you eat ice cram that has carrageenan in it, your mouth gets a nice oily coat of nastiness. It also gives some people stomach aches.

It's all about Haagen-Dazs for me now. It's not as good as B&J at it's best, but it's far better than the slop that carries that branding now. It's not as dense as the B&J of old, but it's less sweet and contains no carrageenan.

I'm glad to see other people have noticed it slipping as well.


I know Im late getting in on this conversation, but you guys should know B&J was acquired by Unilever. No way Ben and Jerry would have sold out to such a huge corporation. Vermont dairy farmers sold out underneath them. But they maintained their entire board of directors (an unprecedented manuveur in an aquisition). They still have control of the flavors and recipes. So those bitching about the new flavors should come up with their own at

First I am art major grammar and spelling does not apply!
Now that that is out of the way lets begin. So I just read the book “The Inside Scoop”. What kept coming into my mind was, where are these guys now? Anybody that could come up with Peace Pops cannot just be sitting idle and staring at the wall. I mean for an administration to come up and say yes lets roll out a national campaign and use the term “No Child Left Behind” is just pure _. That was not the original idea of no child left behind instituted by the Ben and Jerry Foundation. (How did that happen!) Where are they now? They got out. It never was the idea to start a company that would lead a social and economical revolution. It was never the Che Guevera company. It was let’s do ice cream because bagels are a saturated market. Then they worked hard to get a profitable buisness! Then they realized this is getting really big and we are really tired. We as the society at large are in need of things that this company has supplied. We see it every day on the bad news. (5 o’clock news) We see it every time a BMW with a bumper sticker that says. “I have mine stay away IMIGRANTS” drives by. Every time we see a lake on a map and say lets go there and spend the day soaking up the rays. Only to find when we get to the lake that the people with money have bought all the property around the lake and there is no public access. These types of things are happening all around the nation. A total disregard for people as a whole. At least Ben and Jerry had a five to one income ratio in place, and gave 7% of profits to help fund social programs. Now we all have different abilities and different comfort levels. It is harder to go down the economic scale than it is to go up. Were does that leave us. Well we cannot really put a finger on it but here is the original bill of rights. Followed by another scale. Remember Al Gore and the 2000 elections and him sitting in the senate waiting for one person to stand up to the system, just one. Yeah, do what you can.

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