October 3, 2004

I Love You

Starting to hear a bunch more of that recently...but perhaps my definition of the phrase is different than most who use it?

I mean a girl who I liked a ton used that phrase recently on the phone...and all I could think was at times I felt the same way, but at times you made me feel like shit... I acted as if the phrase never left her lips...but what does that phrase actually mean?

How many people settle for people who kinda like them? Over half of marriages end in divorice, so I am a bit stingy with the phrase "I love you."

Posted at October 3, 2004 3:31 AM

After being told "i love you" for 20 years by my stbx, he finally took the time to clarify that he loved me, "but not like that. You know, the way someone loves someone to be married to them!?" Whatever the hell that is suppose to mean. I, too, have become more stingy with the "I love you"s and desire others to do the same for me.

Read some of your other posts and have come to the conclusion that there are alot of folks who simply don't understand that much of what you post are either your own opinions/experience or information you obtained elsewhere and then posted a link to or posted the information here itself. In other words you do not claim to be an expert in all things. You simple express your own thoughts on a topic and provide a way for them to obtain more information elsewhere. You are not trying think for them or tell them what to think or do, just trying circulate more information. It is up to the individual to read/research further on their own. Thanks.

while I do not know you,
I love your post :)

exactly, I am not forcing others to be like me. I express my opinion (which may often be out to lunch). everyone should have a blog.

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