July 3, 2005

Chief Groover - The Navy and the "Real World"

Got this gem of a feedback today, oddly enough the email was titled The Navy and the "Real World"

We are all where we are by choice YOU chose to raise your right hand, there was no gun held to your head. If you are having a "bad experience" with the Navy and really want out just have a 1.0 on your next eval and make damn certain that you are not recommended for retention. Bottom line is it not for everyone, but those who CHOSE to make the best of it are the ones not bitching and complaining that just happen to excel because it is their CHOICE. See the pattern here!! The "real world" does not provide you with a housing allowance in your paycheck or a clothing allowance or provide you with a roof over your crybaby ass. So the next time you go to the ATM or bank or any other financial institution think about that.
In closing ALWAYS remember this for everyone of you that have this negative disposition your shipmates and fellow SeaBees are counting on you to do your job when the time comes and if you don't then the very life and liberty, you enjoy as an American, is at risk. Somewhere some crazyass radical extremist is thinking if we can break the infrastructure of the US military then we can take these freedoms and priviledges away from them and take over the US.

I love it when navy people talk about the real world like they know what the fuck it even is.

Stealing the line from a friend, I replied to Chief Groover with the following:

look, the navy isn't all roses, some people are satisfied driving a geo metro to work after 20 years. I, however, am not.

What I really wanted to tell him was:
I am not trying to break infistructure. did you read my whole site. Please do and then feel free to appoligize for that ignorant email you sent me.

Happy independance day BTW, I am doing far better since I became independant of the military. I make far more money than the military paid (6 figures now), have no boss, and work whenever I like.

The navy taught me a few important life lessons, the first and most important of which is that the navy is shit.

Posted at July 3, 2005 2:32 PM

Dude you are a funny mother. I could of used an RO like you to pass the time with.

I'm a Lead Smag about to be honorably separated for medical reasons after about 10 years of faithful service. No complaints really. Why? Cause I was lucky enough to find my way into ELT land before a SPU tour and Trident duty.

I feel for all you fast boaties. Much respect for those cruises.

I guess my only beef is clinic Navy medicine. After being prescribed Motrin for 5 months it was determined I had ruptured a disc and caused nerve damage. Go figure. I think on my last day before terminal leave I will punch that PA in the lower back for not allowing me an MRI. I guess 2 trips to the ER proved it was more than a pulled muscle. After that I received the best medical care in the world. Seriously.

PA Lescher, NAS Jacksonville Brance Medical, Fuck You. Never take the final word from a PA or Corpsman. In Med world, be a squeaky wheel.

I agree the navy is a bag of you know what. Some of the people that depend on the navy and it's pay check (because most of its members are members because of the benefits not because they truely believe in fighting for America's freedoms)are people who settle for whatever they can get in life most are not ambitious in anyway. I was told by a command master chief that when I get out of the navy in 5 years i could get a job driving a fork lift at home depot all because of the navy. Now mind you, I was teaching fitness courses at Eastern Michigan University before being bambozzled by a recruiter to join the active duty component of the navy .. Now I just want out of thi living Hell.

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