August 5, 2005

If I Were a Russian Submariner

there is a pretty good chance I would have died.

On one of my first underways a friend told me he thought we were going to die when we had a problem on the boat. That thought stuck in my head much of the time we were underway.

Also I was on a submarine that had a rescue vehicle on it when Russia's Kursk sank, but Russia was a bunch of scumbags and did not want any foreigners helping them and let their submariners die.

Not surprising to see some of their scumbag military leaders downplaying the current incident:

Captain Alexander Kosolapov, another naval spokesman, played down the incident's seriousness. "The situation is unusual," he said. "But it's not worth dramatising."

Their country has had a long line of having zero respect for human life, wasting military lives doing things like human wave attacks in WWII.

Posted at August 5, 2005 8:23 PM

Fellow nuke on the Big Dick. Two deaths so far on the Reagan. One nuke was burn real bad working on the dirty drain system. Supposed to be at atmospheric conditions. He walked to medical on his own and died in flight to a hospital. I guess treatment for shock is excessive in Navy medical. Critique placed the blame entirely on him. No one dies in nuclear power. They are just random suicides I'm sure. I would love the navy to release a total tally of these accidents. I think it would open alot of eyes to safety concerns. You know of coarse they never will the bastrads!

Well, Google messed up the relevancy of this page

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