August 7, 2005

Naval Recruiters - Navy Reserves Posters on the wall

You will excell.

You will be relied upon.

You will make things better.

Those are the words of three different Navy posters I came across today during my travels.

Excell compared to what? Isn't life a series of ups and downs, with the Navy generally being accepted as a down?

Be relied upon. Wow, that also could not sound any more generic. Aren't we all relied upon even at the high school level? If nobody relies upon you in any way then the Navy is not going to be getting too many quality people.

You will make things better, but for whom? The people your ship's precision test missles blow up? Probably not. The shareholders and owners of the company that sold the government that weapon? Probably.

A more accurate join the Navy or join the Naval resereves poster would read "You will be a worthless number."

Posted at August 7, 2005 11:35 PM

How true. I would like to read more on Navy discharges.

My, aren't we a bitter little dirtbag?

You may be Mario, but I am not.

What's wrong with the killing?

myemailaddressrhymes on December 31, 2005 12:08 PM

You are an absolute idiot. Thanks God for the insignificant numbers that fight to allow you to have the right to be a moron.

>You are an absolute idiot.

whereas Rich is the brave honorable person who anonymously posts garbage on websites to protect his own honor, dignity, and idiocy

It's interesting that someone who makes their living dealing in useless numbers would criticize an organization such as the military as being filled with useless numbers. Some people may find their only good chance in life may be a short time or career in the military.

Meanwhile, as I searched the web to find out what Mr. Wall really did for a living, I stumbled across an article describing the black hat SEO tactics employed by Mr. Wall to achieve the oft self-proclaimed six figure salary that he touts.

Where is the honor, courage and committment in what you do Mr. Wall? I ask you that.

It makes sense that you want to defend your life choices as being good and wholesome. If I were you I might try to do the same. For some people the military is the best they could ever do. I am not one of those people though.

Unlike the press secretary, who said "it's just a number" when asked about the death toll in Iraq as it was coming up on 2500, I don't deal in useless numbers. I deal in connecting supply and demand in markets and understanding the human emotions necessary to cause transactions.

I create and review marketing messages that I like and sometimes ones I do not.

You found my opinions. Thousands of others do everyday too. I don't mind people disagreeing with my thoughts. I think it helps me refine the way I think and makes the world a better place.

It is hard to become successful without pissing off at least a few people. Especially if you write things that make people question their own world views or life choices.

I take hate articles written about me as a sign of success, and have tracked sales generated by some of them. I take the fact that I am willing to still take big risks after being successful as a sign of great honor, courage, and commitment.

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