September 16, 2005 ILS Corp ...Garbage Junk Mail?

So there are ton of middlemen in the interent industry & business community who try to charge you a fee / tax for your ignorance, or service fee that is IMHO hard to justify.

I remember a long time ago I got a spam mail bill looking thing for $35 from

I guess this company sends mail to people who register domains, offering domain submission to search engines (which is done naturally if you just get some quality links pointing at your site).

I find it funny that they sent this mail to me for a domain name about search must be nearly 100% automated.

I don't see how they can justify the fee or what exactly the 8 keywords / phrases submission deal is. Seems like uncolicited marketing and probably worth staying away from in my opinion.

What makes it seem even sketchier is that a similar operation with similar page copy (but a different address) comes from Listing Corp -

Posted at September 16, 2005 5:06 PM

Hello, I am new to all this and used this service last year. Was told I needed to nail down for another business site I am involved in... Hate to impose upon you, but is there a better way to do this. Is it a bogus company and/or service??
Your time and any help would be appreciated....Thanx Bob

Bob Sorenson on October 11, 2005 9:32 PM

I got a scam letter from today. I think that sending mail that looks like an invoice for a "service" like this should be illegal.

i tried to scam my mate dan out of 65 notes because of these bloody fuckers

I have also received a 'Renewal Invoice' from for an immediate renewal of my domain name 190 for three years which is 20 times what I paid UKReg.
Also the current term doesn't expire for another 26 months.
I have notified UKReg so that they can pursue this scam outfit.
Is there an industry regulator this can be refered to ?

I got many of these, but don't have a problem with them. Idiots that actually send the money and they ought to learn how to read properly. We get ripped of here in Britain all the time, if its not someone on the phone - then its somebody kidding on they need change for the telephone.

I just got one of these fake invoices from ILSCorp - amazingly brazen.

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