January 16, 2006

Bolthouse Farms - yummy

I have not looked into if they do any shady corporate farming activities yet, but the Green Goodness from Bolthouse Farms is just plain yummy.

Who would of thought a drink with broccoli, garlic, artichoke, wheat grass, and spinach would taste good?

Posted at January 16, 2006 7:04 PM

It's good, but nothing like real veggie juicing. As you can see on their ingredients, apple juice is at the top. You can mix all kinds of shit with apple juice and make it taste great. I use bolthouse for when I'm too lazy to make my own juice.

I don't know what the criteria is for "shady corporate farming." I have a huge problem with them harvesting camu camu fruit, paying the locals $100 dollars a month to harvest this fruit from the rainforest of Brazil. This is all documented information from our local newspaper where this corporate giants main headquarters are located. On their website they brag about the carrot juice being harvested, juiced, and bottled within 24 hours. For the most part this is false advertising or downright consumer fraud. I can see their carrot trucks from where I live and they sit there waitng to be taken to process for 48 hours. They couldn't give me these juices!

Bolthouse Perftly Protein was Perfect. WAS. The re-formulated product is nutritionally inferior: slimey, hard to digest, too sweat . . . it is just BAD BUSINESS.
The biggest mistakes companies do is this: They find a nich and introduce a good product, they build a devoted client base . . . and then, the product suddenly changes somehow. The change is rarley for the better. Companies think they might as well bleed their clientele by offering a 'similar' re-formulated product. Reformulated for what? For lower cost, of course, which results in reduced quality. Do they think clients will just go on buying just because they did so in the past? Who do they think they are kidding! People start consuming when they discover something good. They stop when that goodness is gone. I'm sure the same will happen with all other Bolthouse juices . . . Bye bye Bolthouse, your appeal was in your quality. No quality, no appeal . . . too bad, bye bye

I agree with Paddy 100%!

Bolthouse Perftly Protein was Perfect. . . .WAS.
The re-formulated product is nutritionally inferior: slimey, hard to digest, too sweat . . . it's just BAD BUSINESS.

The worst mistake a company could make is also the most common: They find a niche, introduce a good product, build a devoted client base . . . then . . . the product changes without obvious notice.
The change is rarley for the better. Companies try to milk their golden cows by offering 'similar' re-formulated product in the guise of the original packaging.
Reformulated for what? For lower cost, of course, which typically results in reduced quality.
Do they think clients will go on blindly buying a product, just because it was once worth it? Marketers, where are their heads? What is wrong with offering a quality product? People will pay more for quality or uniqueness(within reason). People stick to what is good and works. Sadly, chances are other Bolthouse farms products will follow the re-formulation campaign of creaing inferior products. Bolthouse, your appeal was in your quality. No quality, no appeal . . . too bad, bye bye

Paddy before shooting your mouth off, consider other reasons the company chooses to reformulate. Perhaps they weren't meeting gov't regulations with their previous formulation.

New formulation? I think some people got the wrong information. I actually work for Bolthouse. I'm not a BH crazed employee, who is blinded by my company, and will be straight up with people; But Perfectly Protein has not been re-formulated, at least not in the last 2 years (the time I have worked for them). As Far as the Carrot juice being produced in 24 hours...I have no clue...Thatís what they say, but I have no way to make sure that is the truth. Bolthouse is also not paying for cheap labor. They are actually building schools in South America where they harvest fruits so the children who work there can go to school and not have to work in the fields. They also pay more than what the average person gets paid in the South American Countries. I made sure of this at our last meeting because I was worried about that. As far as any other stuff you want to know ask and I will tell you. Daniel was right it is better to juice your own stuff, but this is the best way for lazy people. I love it when people spout off stuff that they have no clue about...and The News is Bias...they need ratings.

My wife and I discovered this blog in an internet search for Bolthouse Juices to see if we could get them shipped direct to us (we can't). We just discovered this product and love it. We are your average 9-5 couple with kids, activities, and busy lives. Who has time to buy fruit and juice it themselves? These juices are a perfectly good way to get your daily intake of fruit and veggies, without them, I know mine for one would be almost zero. The fiance wants to add that she can't believe people take the time to sit at a computer and so passionately put down a freakin fruit juice company. She thinks it's funny and you people need to get a life. Bye!

How did all of you negative people get so angry? I'm with Mark, where did this negative passion come from? What did Bolthouse farms ever do to you?

So there is no way to get Bolthouse shipped direct? I was looking for the exact same thing and came upon this site. Thats too bad. I wonder if they sell them at Sams Club?

I love BoltHouse drinks. I was at a training class and seen this girl drinking something green. I thought it looked weird so I asked about it and then bought it and liked them ever since. I just bought 4 cases the other day. YOU GO BOLTHOUSE!!!

Rose on June 21, 2006 @ 10:40 a.m.

Rose Lavadia on June 21, 2006 1:38 PM

Okay, someone said people were negative here. What has Bolthouse ever done to you? I'm not negative, I'm going to state facts. Only the tip of the iceberg though. Oh let's see. Let me take you back to 1978 when I moved to where I still live. Bolthouse moved to about 1/2 mile away. You got that, 1/2 mile away. Today I can hit the new juice plant by throwing a rock. This company has been allowed to expand to their hearts delight without any curtailed growth by the city planning commission. They take up about 1/2 square mile now. Not quite but real close. Their is still a little property they haven't bought. The worst part is the trucks that scream by 24 hours a day. They claim they ship 35,000 tons of carrot products a month. Well, it all rolls inbound next to families with children who are trying to sleep, 24 hours a day. Hauling their precious commodity. They could use a different route a mile away to the east but they don't. Now I ask you, those who have posted here especially the one's who work for this company. How would you like big rigs screaming about 50 feet from your bed all night long. Seriously think about that. And you ask what has Bolthouse ever done. Their corporate attitude has been, you don't like it we'll buy your land, knock your house down and build on it. All the neighbors who own property around this place were here when this company was still in Michigan. You wouldn't believe what we've seen. The ugly changes that have taken place to beautiful farm land. So enjoy your juice drink you couldn't give it to us.

Can't I purchase Bolthouse on-line, without going to a store. I can not get to a store... Thanks if anyone can help....

Ok, Bolthouse products can't and will not be shipped directly to you. I would not want to drink a very perishable product that has been shipped ground delivery by fedex or UPS. Cold shipping is just too expensive and not worth it for the buyer or the company.

As far as big rigs passing by your house 24hours a day, anyone who lives in an actual urban area can tell you that trucks are a lullaby compared to police sirens, car alarms, drive-bys etc... What makes you special. So get over it.

Perfectly Protein "Vanilla Chai" hasn't been reformulated, but they recently made a Mocha Cappuccino version.

I am a big fan of the company not some, i like the way they market their product and I hope they keep the innovations coming. Its not everyday we have an American company that succeeds. Thank you

Great company on July 13, 2006 9:43 PM

Amazon.com Sells it and they ship.
The Pure Protein is very sweat. What I do is Cut it in half with soy milk.

We americunz don't like quality too much. I suppose them there old-timers, well they liked that there quality stuff, but us today americuns we jus don't have time for all that there.
But everything will be much better if every amerikin would just SUPPORT OUR TROOPS!!!!!

Hi Cletus
Were you trying to be ironic by comparing our economic structure to the one in Animal Farm?

Boy, Ben must be feeling kind of smug with the news about Bolthouse Farms and it's bad luck with the botulism business!

If I ever had the misfortune to become paralized from botulism, I hope it's because I ingested something more delicious than carrot juice!

Ok plain and simple I only want to know if this stuff is healthy enough or not. I just started drinking it about 3 days ago and before the drinks my vegetable/fruit intake consists of Pink Lady Apples, Bannanas, Baby Spinache, Tomatoes and Carrots. So should I spend the money on these drinks or not. Without a doubt it would probably serve me better to make my own juices, but I dont and probably never will. If I dont drink these I will just keep eating the other stuff I saed above. So Yes or No

and Thank You

I am currently a cancer patient, and needing extra protein in my diet, bolthouse drinks have given me that extra boost that I needed in the potients, an great extra advantages. My doctors are pleased and I will continue to drink the bolthose products, frankly they taste good, unlike the chalky products currently available to boost protien intake! Hats off to a great product!

WOW!!! I wanted to look on line and find some information about Bolthouse juice, so thanks for the site! I must say that it amazes me how people will find a reason to trash a company based on their own, narrow minded opinions, but it's America and this is certainly freedom of speech in all it's glory.

I don't mind that people don't like the drink, that's okay I wanted to hear the good and the bad but some of the comments are so far off color that it's just sad. Lauri..Your comment was one of the ones I put the most stock in, thanks for sharing and be blessed on your journey!


Hello there everyone, I came to the site to see about the Bolthouse products and what people thought. I ordinarily purchase only Trader Joes carrot juice and protein with pizzaz for protien but i was at Walmart and discovered the bolthouse product. Without time to go to Trader Joes I picked up the Vanilla Chai and the Mocha Cappacino one. I love the Cappacino and cannot believe how good it is to have all of the nutrients it says. I just want to know if everything that it says is in it is all natural and is actually there. I do love Trader Joes for the protien drink though, it isn't too chalky either. Thanks.

for those who are concerned how healthy the drinks are for you, read "green for life" by victoria boutenko. the amount of greens in 'green goodness' is amazing.i just had my first drink, and probably should have waited until the morning time because i'm completely energized. it's been awhile since i've felt like this :) flash pasteurization is an interesting concept.also, i don't work for the company, though, i wouldn't mind getting a job there to see for myself exactly how things operate...

as for continuing the trolling process.. i have trucks that come by house constantly every night, but i've become accustomed to it. garbage collectors are worse than tractor trailers, but even that's manageable. so, anyway, that's my two cents on a blog that i happened upon.

adios amigos ^.^

I too was just looking up info on this new product that I've been enjoying. I have only been drinking the carrot juice so far but am looking forward to trying other drinks soon.
I hope to keep those noisy free market trucks running strong!

bolthouse is da bomb. who cares if their truck is loud. try hearing nothing but gunshots, police sirens and ambulances all night you greedy wench.

loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove BOLTHOUSE juices!!

Was just hoping to find out a little more about the Bolthouse Juices...have tried a few and love what I have tried...my favorite is the Mocha Cappacino...used to juice but don't have time...am fighting Multiple Myeloma Cancer...what else is good? Healthnut

I've tried the perfectly protein and love it!, but my question is, how long can it keep refrigerated? Due to the fact it is soy can it go bad? Thanks, Pat

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