March 29, 2006


I started doing well on the web as I sharpened my focus. I am still doing well, but the focus has broadened (perhaps there isn't much at this point...or at least relatively there is not much). I find that a bit concerning after reading one of my favorite articles ever. Way back in 1945 focus was stated as an important element of success. Yet today with increasing competition and increasingly complex and quicker evolving search systems I still find myself dabbling outside of that realm quite often.

Posted at March 29, 2006 9:01 PM

I have recently been intrigued by some of the stories of some of the women that are currently incarcerated at Dwight, i.e. Trisha Columbo, Rita Nitz and your sister. You say she is wrongfully in jail and I am not doubting it. Many of the women in there ARE wrongfully incarcerated. What happened with her? What is her story? giving a shallow answer is no good, and me delving deeply at answering that question would probably not only cause me to lose focus, but might even make my mother mad at me.

Maybe in a couple months ping me...but for now I am just too busy.

Well, you taught me almost all I know about working on the web, so I hesitate to answer...

I think the answer is that it's always best to focus on just one thing, but that's always the riskiest path to take, as if that path doesn't work, you're left with nothing. This risk is really heightened on the web where sites can do well and then virtually overnight something will happen - rankings fall dramatically, business model no longer makes sense, etc.

The increased risk means it makes business sense to diversify. Also, as an intelligent person, it's natural to be curious and want to experiment with different things. As well, there's a "the grass is always greener..." effect in that you think if you had devoted the same effort to a different business model you'd be way ahead.

You are right Aaron. God knows...that's what is most important.

On another note,you have always enjoyed trying new things. You usually thrived on challenges. I enjoy listening to all you are juggling. You amaze me.

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