May 1, 2006

Arrrrg, I Am Fat Again

So I started working for one of the largest websites. Adding that to an already tight schedule meant that I did the wrong thing and threw exercise out the window, having only done it about 3 times in the last 2 months.

Eating a worthless low fat muffin earlier today showed me the error of my ways. It being gross made me realize that it was beautiful outside and I had no business eating low fat muffins, instead I should be exercising. When I went to the mailbox there were two checks in the mail, so I walked downtown to the post office to put them in the post office box. Its like 2.5 miles each way, so that is a decent walk, especially with all the big hills on the way.

After I got back I weighed myself and was 245, which is an exceptionally fat and worthless weight. I then did the right thing, ;) and had a caffeine / weight loss pill and went to the gym for another 5,000 steps on the elliptical trainer.

I know it is probably not the best for you, but I like working out until my lungs feel clearer and I start having visual I like working out really really hard.

I am thinking if I started working out with 2 a days for the next 45 days I might be able to lose about a pound a day and weigh in at 200 for Bonnaroo. Surely not the safest and best way to lose weight, but what is the point in losing 5 or 10 pounds then getting lazy or sick or overworked and gaining em right back?

I weighed around 185 to 190 when I was in killer good shape. I am sneaking up on 30 years old here, so if I don't get serious about losing weight quickly I am destined to be a fat ass forever.

I also came to a wonderful realization a couple nights ago when a bit drunk. I realized that many people get drunk to hook up or whatever, but when I used to get drunk I never really wanted to do that. At times cute girls flirted with me so much and danced on me so much that THEY got kicked out of the clubs, and that is pretty hard for cute girls to do. Also even when I am this fat plenty of cute girls still talk to me or whatever, but I am so used to being actively engaged in something (reading a book, writing on the web, exercising hard, etc etc etc) that I find most people rather boring to talk to.

One thing I really really love about the field of SEO is that so many of the people are super smart bad asses willing to push the borders of normal thinking patters and societal norms. Our jobs are essentially to spot and take advantage of market inefficiencies, and many people in the field are far better than I am at it.

Posted at May 1, 2006 10:18 PM

Aaron, throughout these years of reading your blogs I don't recall you ever mentioning anything about girlfriends or dates. Except you've breifly mentioned something about "erica" but that was a long time ago... So How'z your love life?

To be honest there is not much of one. ;)

I have been too isolated most of the time.

Erica was sorta cool for a while, but I think back when I met her she was probably about as mixed up about life as I was. I still am all mixed up...hence these random blog posts of sorts, but there you have it...

aaron wall on May 2, 2006 1:18 AM

At what point would you really be able to naturally be more social and take better care of yourself on a consistent basis.

I think in you being truly indispensable you will have a challenge being consistent with efforts to take better care of yourself and enjoy more of the world away from WWW. But hey as long as you continue to stay up late and write 3 blog posts a day, it benefits me so keep up the good work fat or not.

We should start a project to measure and track how well you can convert to a more social life away from your computer. Would be fun.

Howard might be onto something - that would be a cool blog series - social makeover... or whatever.

Dude, what's with the fat-ass forever statements? 30 years old is young - I plan on making it to 120...

You are super funny,,, i enjoyed your blog, I am also almost in my dreaded 30's and work all the time, and need to get off my well rounded ass and get a moving. Thanks for the smile:)

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