July 1, 2006

It's Always Discouraging...

to find out that your own family members have become radicalized, and compare other groups of people to multiplying rats that should be shot on sight, without questioning weather or not there are faults to that philosophy, or if that philosophy is what is causing the multiplication of the "rats".

Maybe it is.

Saudi and Israeli studies show that most foreign fighters were not terrorists before Iraq war.

Let someone kill some of my family and see if I don't send some of that pain right back where it came from. If I did that, would I be reduced to a "rat" status? What is the difference between a rat and an exterminator? The country they come from? Or the scale of murder that is permissible and just?

Hitler was a fairly successful exterminator. Not sure why any human alive today would want to fall into that same group though (unless they fell for brainwashing false patriotic bullshit used to exploit them for votes and/or corporate profits).

Yet another reason I will never believe in any mainstream organized religious institution that teaches people to become radicalized hypocrites.

Because we are human we all have errors and are all hypocritical, but to think that you should be the judge and jury on the worthiness of living of another human you know little about is at best ignorant. It certainly is not something you should teach your children.

Where the hell is the tolerance in that? What religious book did that shot on sight just extermination philosophy come from? I would love to read that section of your Bible / Koran / etc so I could debunk it.

Posted at July 1, 2006 9:46 PM
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