October 13, 2006

Meta Thoughts on Thinking, and Stuff...

Can you miss someone you never met? Just after freshly talking with them, without the chance to forget? Our most recent thoughts are our most vivid ones, and we rewrite our history and memories based upon them. Does that cause us to overevaluate and overappreciate our current state of being? And if so is that a bad thing?

Posted at October 13, 2006 6:26 AM

missing someone has little to do with physical interaction. in my humble opinion, missing someone is mental/emotional. some random guy online wrote the poem below. it is full of emotion:

"Could you miss someone you never met?
Thatís the question Iíve been asking myself for years.
A person you never set eyes on,
You donít know their voice, mannerisms or moods.
Strangely you know they exist.
But how can that be? Or canít it?
Itís the summer breeze thatís doing this to my brain!
Making friends wonder if I am sane!
Iíve always had a characteristic of insanity in me, coming up with the strangest ideas that surprise me, writing this at 4:45am because I canít sleep. The night sky is starting to change color, going from black to purple to blue.
Itís almost light out yet I can see the stars, contemplating on the what ifs, the things that can never be, but can exist in my brain where another story is being written. I wonder if I lived that life for a day would it change anything?
No idea where this drive to write down my ramblings is coming from yet it is here, i'm flowing with it, writing words down as they come out.
The birds will start to sing in a while and I will have to wake up from this dream, this realm, and this dimension.
I go back to the question:-
Can we miss a person we never met?
Never knew existed or can exist?
Yet their presence is felt all around! Itís a strange feeling, I feel an aura round me yet no one is in the room!
I might just be a dreamer in the night; no harm in dreaming hey?"

Wow. You are up early :)

I totally agree w you. I just find it perplexing how well I connect with some people I have never met (perhaps one commenting on this page, for example ;) when it is so hard to connect anywhere near as well with some (maybe any) of the people I have met in person.

This post almost became a poem, but I refrained from my typical ways :)

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