November 4, 2006

Thank(s) God...

If people who have played influential rolls in your life change to believe in things you never could believe in what does that do to the relationship? Should you ignore the conflict? Should you avoid bringing it up? What do you do if they keep pushing it on you relentlessly and have no respect for your view on the issue?

I am used to telling people to screw off or back off (or much worse) if they push stuff on me, but it is a bit harder and a bit less cool if the person doing it has been a close friend for many years.

Posted at November 4, 2006 10:59 AM

I'm experience a similar situation it seems. At this point I've told the person how I felt about their decision and they attentively listened but didn't try to argue for the decision they made (the person probably knew that they could be wrong in the eyes of some people). At this point it seems this particular issue I'm dealing with is so serious that it appears we may have to part ways

Friend for many years???? Should you avoid telling them??...why of course not....better to tell your sister and everyone else around you. Perhaps you will just have to do as Tony and part ways.

I know this post is 2 years old now haha but my 2 cents - people go through phases, if you have enough respect / love for the person it might be worth letting it slide.

If they keep pushing tell them you're not interested in talking about it and if you feel you need to change their minds do it subtly, through actions and not words.

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